Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e03 Episode Script

Tipping Point

1 Lewis Hamilton wins the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Amazing job.
Losing that first race in Bahrain was just fucking brutal.
But Mercedes are beatable.
They are vulnerable.
Now it's time for us to show Mercedes there's no such thing as a good loser.
Many teams have tried to beat us in the past.
It doesn't make a difference this year against Red Bull.
We've won seven championships in a row.
- Feels good, doesn't it? - Oh, I love it.
I love it.
I believe we will make it eight.
Don't be so grumpy.
It's always good when we get the children together.
- I'm in a stage of having a guinea pig.
- Who can I hear? - Daddy! - Hey! - Ah-ha-ha! - No! - How you doing? - Good.
Yay! Mwah! Uh-uh-uh-uh.
Right, hang on.
Hang on, hang on.
If you blow this, and you blow all the things off, you can make a wish and whatever you wish for will come true.
- Okay? - I don't think my wish will come true.
Well, let's Ready? After three, give it a blow.
One, two, three.
- What did you wish for? - A guinea pig.
- A guinea pig? - I wished for a helicopter! You want a helicopter, you a guinea pig.
What about Max to win the World Championship? - That's your wish.
- Oh! - That's your wish! - It is.
- Watch out! - Whee! I spend a lot of time away from home.
You say to yourself, "It better be worth it.
" Because it hasn't been easy since Bahrain.
Mercedes have completely dominated.
We've finished second in three of the last four races.
It's vitally important for us to strike back in Monaco.
Welcome to Monaco, the jewel in Formula 1's crown, and it's the fifth round of the 2021 World Championship.
- Come on, Mexico.
- Thank you.
- Bonjour.
- Push the bicycle.
Yes, of course.
No worries.
It's a race I've watched since I'm a child, since four years old.
It is a very special track for us drivers.
A very intense one.
No room for mistakes and to be one day winning there will be crazy.
This is the race we've all been waiting for.
The street circuit where anything can happen.
Are you saying Hamilton has been? Did you lose Lewis Hamilton? We're ready to do Lewis, not you.
What's Lewis's question? "How do you feel about leading the World Championship?" Pretty good.
Lewis! It's been a really good start to the year, but it's not my first rodeo.
I've been here a long time.
I know how hard it is to win.
I can't take anything for granted.
This has been Hamilton's strongest ever start to a season.
He sits 14 points ahead of Max Verstappen.
Another win here and he could become the runaway leader in this championship.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you today, sir? - Pretty good.
How are you? Good.
Thank you.
Can you go around the yacht? Go over the waves.
Doesn't matter.
Go flat out.
Go all the way.
Now we're talking.
We know the combination of the best team with the best driver scores the big results.
But we mustn't rest on our laurels, nor have any sense of entitlement.
- You good? - Yes, thanks.
It'll go well? - We hope so.
- Yes, we believe it will! Thank you.
What do you reckon? It'll all be about the driver that gets the lap in qualifying.
In Formula 1, winning championships is about momentum.
Winning becomes easier the more you win.
It becomes part of your DNA.
To get it, you need to focus on every session.
It's a long championship.
Small moments will make the difference in the end.
Flat out.
It's qualifying day and this is the big one.
Arguably the most important qualifying session of the season.
Jack? Who do I need to speak to about the suit? Because it's huge.
- We need to do some measurements.
- Okay.
Hey, man.
Will, did he always complain about the size of his suit when he was with you guys? - Complained about everything.
- More light in the eyes.
You smiling now? Of course.
I always smile.
Their pit stops look sharp.
Let's see what they do.
If we smash one of those out in the race, we'll be okay.
- There was a delay.
- Massive delay.
We'll have a look.
They spend an enormous amount of time looking at what we do.
They're getting worried then.
Prost was telling me a story about your dad.
- Gave him a lift to, uh, the airport.
- Oh yeah? And he scared him so much.
He said, "I made him stop the car because I couldn't cope anymore.
" - Wow.
- Yeah.
Max is a born racer.
He's the only driver on the grid capable of taking on Lewis Hamilton.
He's driving with such confidence, composure, aggression.
But to win here, sometimes all you need is a bit of luck.
I saw Mattia yesterday.
It looked like Ferrari were in the sweet spot.
I spoke to Carlos.
He was like, "Fuck, I had so much front end!" - Yeah.
- They're close.
- Just got to get clean laps.
- Yeah.
Monaco's been a good track for us in previous years, but it's not been a happy hunting ground for Max.
It's one for him to conquer.
Qualifying for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix is underway.
The fastest lap time set in the final 12 minutes will determine who starts at the front tomorrow.
Wanna get out and have some fun.
Monaco is the tightest, twistiest, toughest track of the year.
Of all places, it's Monaco where you need to be at one with the car.
Max Verstappen, looking for his first-ever Monaco pole.
Let's find out what Merc have got when it matters.
To win at Monaco, qualifying is crucial, because it's almost impossible to overtake.
That pole position is so, so vital.
This is the circuit that puts the drivers to the ultimate test.
Lewis Hamilton has to deliver on his final attempt.
How are my sectors? First sector, currently a tenth and a half behind.
We're losing time.
Not really sure what's going on with Hamilton.
It looks as though he's having to really wring the neck of that Mercedes.
Oh, he's in the barriers! Car's damaged.
Okay, copy.
I can't remember the last time we saw Hamilton have a qualifying session this bad.
A quarter of a second off the pace.
Come on! So P7.
- I don't understand, guys.
- It's been a tough day.
This will present a huge opportunity for the rest of the field.
Charles Leclerc starts his flying lap.
- And track is clear.
- Copy.
Ferrari are looking so fast here.
Mode push.
You have fastest second sector.
We need a good last sector.
- And focus.
- Copy.
Leclerc moves fastest overall.
At the moment, you are P1.
He will start at the front tomorrow, unless Verstappen can beat his time before qualifying ends.
Okay, Max.
Let's get stuck into this lap.
Keep up the pace.
Purple sector one.
- A very good first sector.
- Is it ever? This is good, Max.
Let's push.
Verstappen, fastest sector one.
Do another push.
Ferrari now attempting one more lap to see if they can improve on their previous time.
Leclerc is in the wall! Oh no! Red flag, Max.
Red flag.
Leclerc's crash puts an end to today's qualifying session.
Fuck's sake! For fuck's sake, man! - Leclerc's in the wall at 16.
- Fuck off! The Ferrari driver's previous lap time is still the fastest.
He'll start at the front tomorrow.
This would have been the fucking lap! Fucking shit! Verstappen is second, with Hamilton all the way down in seventh.
Leclerc guarantees his own pole position and he guarantees his mechanics an awful lot of work.
Hard luck, mate.
That was on.
Your heart sinks.
Losing that pole is so frustrating.
And you just think, "Oh fuck!" Winning from P2 is now gonna be tremendously difficult.
Fuck's sake! If not impossible.
Fuck! Grande, Charles.
You're number one.
Lewis! Cheers from the fans.
Does that help to lift the spirits a bit at the end of a difficult day? Of course.
Uh Yeah, made the weekend harder for ourselves and, um, it just wasn't one of those days for us.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
We had a bad day.
The car was horrible to drive.
We knew we were in trouble.
This weekend, I've got to work harder.
- Lewis was all over the place.
- Yeah.
We're disappointed with second.
He must be fucking mortified with seventh.
I think we know very well why we've under-performed.
Our car doesn't like twisty, slow corners at all.
Lewis qualifying seventh was a disaster.
This is what amazes me about Monaco.
You've got all the money here, then you've got this guy.
How does he get in? An espresso, an egg and a dark rye bread.
- Yeah sure.
- Pumpernickel or some of that sort.
Do you want to watch this strategy meeting? If you don't mind, yeah.
Looking at a single lap, we had Red Bull come out the quickest.
Not great, no.
Red Bull look to be 3.
5 tenths quicker.
Look at how much faster they are compared to their normal deficit to us.
Our car isn't good.
- Hey, Guenther.
Have a good one.
- How you doing? - Hold up the fucking Mercedes.
- Exactly.
Everyone's out to get Mercedes.
That success, without a doubt, causes a certain resentment, because losing's not nice.
You're ahead of Lewis.
- Yeah, exactly.
- So keep him there.
Okay? What a sizable, significant, seismic day this could be in the Drivers' Championship.
After yesterday's crash, Leclerc will start on pole position for his home Grand Prix.
Max Verstappen had to make do with second on the grid.
And it's only seventh for Lewis Hamilton.
- There's a problem.
- I think Leclerc's gearbox just failed.
It smelt when he came past here.
No! No.
No! Box, box.
We are retiring the car.
We are retiring the car.
Fuck! I'm sorry.
Leclerc's Ferrari has been retired with gearbox issues.
Did that crash yesterday cause more damage than they originally thought? Game over, he's gone.
This means Verstappen will start at the front.
With Ferrari out, all the drivers move up one place.
Bottas is now second for Mercedes and Hamilton starts sixth.
This could have huge repercussions for the championship.
This is the bit of luck we're hoping for.
Suddenly, we've got this opportunity.
It's a clear run to turn one.
We need a good start.
We've gotta make this happen.
We cannot fuck this up.
With Hamilton back in 6th, Mercedes need Bottas to deliver today.
It's lights out on the streets of Monaco.
Bottas got away well.
Verstappen comes over to cover him and does cover off the Mercedes.
Yeah! Come on! Excellent, Max, nice job.
Keep going! Fuck.
- Can see you had to lift.
- Copy.
Otherwise, we'd have been fucked.
Gap ahead is opening to two seconds to Verstappen.
Okay, Lewis, currently P6.
Gasly, 0.
6 ahead.
He's just so slow in front.
Are the guys ahead of him pulling away? So we've got Verstappen at 13 seconds.
Gasly is so slow! So Verstappen, 15.
The gap, two seconds.
Show us how much more pace you got.
Okay, Valtteri, gap to Verstappen, 1.
Verstappen managing more turn three.
There's not that much left in the tire.
Box, box, box.
Bottas and Sainz are pitting this lap.
Start to ramp up the pace.
With Verstappen in first and pushing hard Bottas really needs a quick pit stop here.
Oh fuck! Oh! They can't get the front-right wheel off! This is a disaster! Come on! Guys.
- We have a machined nut.
- Fucking hell! Bottas in the Mercedes is out of the Monaco Grand Prix.
Gasly, 0.
5 ahead.
How am I still behind him, man.
I've got no hope of passing him.
Where's Valtteri? Valtteri out of the race.
Problem at the pit stop.
What has just happened? Bottas, out of the race.
Hamilton, no threat.
What was his lap time? It's almost irrelevant.
Just focus on your fuel for the moment.
This is gonna be his first podium in Monaco.
It's his first win in Monaco! Amazing! Well done, everybody! He-hey! You've won Monaco.
Yes! Lewis Hamilton can only finish seventh.
This turns the tables on the season, there's no doubt about it.
Sorry about that.
A bit of a shit weekend all round.
Need to do an autopsy of this one and learn.
We'll come back stronger.
Uh, super happy with this win.
A masterclass.
You're leading the World Championship.
Well done.
Hey, guys! - Well done! - Oh, well done.
- Ah-ha! He's done it! - Nice job.
- Well done, you so deserve it.
- Thank you, darling.
Thank you.
Must be the first podium without Mercedes for a long time.
- Let's look at the Constructors' - What is it? - One point - One ahead? - Yeah.
- One point ahead! Whoo! Suddenly, we're in the lead of the World Championship for the first time in Max's career, and leading the Constructors' World Championship for the first time since 2013.
It's a big race to win.
You can feel the season coming alive.
After a few laps, you were cruising.
It's been a crazy day really.
- Just got to keep the pressure on now.
- Yeah.
We lacked the pace all weekend.
You have to take it on the chin.
I'm not satisfied with bad performances, and Monaco wasn't good.
That was all right! You know what that feels like.
Valtteri was on course to finish second if we hadn't had the longest pit stop in Formula 1 history.
And Lewis wasn't competitive.
I'm going to look at the data and find out.
I don't want to be an engineer if the boss himself is looking at the data.
You're rarely coming back from a race that you have won saying, "Why the hell did we win?" But if you lose, you go back and say, "Why the hell did we lose?" And you dig deeper.
This is why a tough competitor is also gonna make you better.
In Monaco, I felt so proud of you the other day.
It's the first time Max has ever led a championship.
He's got nothing to lose.
Lewis has got seven World Championships.
- He's got everything to lose.
- Yeah.
Sometimes, you just need to win a race to start to build momentum.
Getting off the line can be the most difficult part of the sport.
Toto, he's got a lot to lose.
This is the first time He's had a little bit of pressure.
Winning Monaco was a massive result.
We have to build on that if we're gonna come out on top.
We have to keep that momentum going from here.
They're on the ropes.
We've just gotta take them down.
After the misery in Monaco, Mercedes have to find a way to bounce back in Baku.
Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.
We got to be measured.
Absolutely agree, Lewis.
Hamilton with wheelspin.
Pérez trying to cut off Hamilton.
And Hamilton goes straight on.
Oh, I'm so sorry, guys.
Okay, Max, that's your man ahead.
With two consecutive wins, can Red Bull make it three in a row for the first time in eight years? Yeah! Max Verstappen wins the French Grand Prix! Well done, mate.
Payback! I'm definitely struggling.
For the fourth race, Red Bull look unstoppable.
Verstappen, 9.
- What time did you say he did? - 9.
Can't match that.
Max Verstappen wins the Styrian Grand Prix.
The car was on fire today.
The Dutch fans came.
They saw.
He conquered.
And that is now five wins in a row for Red Bull as Verstappen crushes the opposition once again at the Red Bull Ring.
- Even better than last week.
- Keep turning that screw.
- How many points did we lose? - 14 point hit.
I don't know what to say, guys.
Today, they were simply in a league of their own.
Our car was so far off the pace of Red Bull.
You have to think if Verstappen wins at Silverstone, it could spell the end of Hamilton's hopes for an eighth world title.
Which one would you like, Jack? The almond or the pain au chocolat? I can take both.
Both?! - Do you know where we're going today? - Where? We're going to - The racetrack.
- The racetrack.
Who are we gonna watch? Papi.
There's gonna be lots of people at the racetrack.
Busy, busy, busy.
Yeah, busy, busy, busy.
- How's your croissant? - Good.
Oh! The most important thing in my life is my family.
But Susie knows I have a responsibility for Mercedes and the 2,000 people that that work in Formula 1.
Who will you be supporting? - Lewis.
- That's the correct answer.
Ten out of ten.
And we have to beat the red ones.
It's gonna be tough to win, Jack.
Losing to Red Bull so many times is a real shocker, but it is not the end.
History proves that multiple world champions must never give up.
Welcome to sunny England where Formula 1 fans are back in full force for round ten of the World Championship.
And what a weekend they have in store.
They are seeing a titanic battle for Formula 1 supremacy.
- Can I get a picture? - Sure.
Hurry up.
It's my turn next.
Would you mind signing this? I've got some hand sanitizer if it helps.
She was prepared.
Is it busy or not? Yeah, so we should have fans in the grandstand.
- About time, eh? - Yeah, I know.
C'mon, Roscoe.
Going straight to engineering? - Yeah.
You taking Roscoe? - Yeah.
This year, the British Grand Prix is the biggest race of the season because it's the first full capacity crowd at an F1 race since the start of the pandemic.
And it's the first time we've had fans here for two years.
Lewis is gunning for an eighth World Championship.
Home turf for him.
But Red Bull have turned this season around.
Lewis is going to need everything these fans can give him.
- There's 140,000 this weekend.
- Something like that.
That's fantastic.
I hope Lewis will win again.
I hope he will.
Toto is is incredible, how he just soaks up pressure.
The more pressure and the more stress, the more focus he gets.
He has a strength within him which he can find in the toughest of moments.
He just never stops fighting.
I'm gonna have to speak to Fiona to meet me outside like this.
- See.
I give the VIP treatment.
- The VIP treatment.
Coming into Silverstone weekend, we are absolutely right in this championship.
We're 44 points ahead in the Constructors', and 33 ahead in the Drivers'.
For Mercedes, this race is critical.
Is your greatest challenge if you can come back from this? What's tough is that It's been the first time really in eight years where you're just lacking the pace.
But in any case, this fight is far from over.
It is clear that we've lost a lot of valuable points and we must fight back and reestablish the pecking order.
We can't afford to lose.
Gonna get a sore arm.
- Danny! - Danny Ric's a legend! I have a lot of respect for Lewis, but we race hard.
I mean, I don't think it should be anything else.
Respect can manifest itself on track with a driver backing off.
"It's Lewis Hamilton!" "You take the space you need.
" You don't do that.
Only a weakling would do that.
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, they're polar opposites.
Lewis is an incredibly clean racer.
He rarely gets himself into controversies or scrapes.
Max Very aggressive.
He's the young contender stepping up to the old guard.
And he's getting his elbows out.
But you don't want to push Lewis Hamilton's back up against a wall, 'cause he'll come out swinging.
And over the past few races, he's had one of the biggest challenges he's ever had to face.
With a car that isn't as fast as he's used to.
They've got, like, three or four of these here on the side.
There's a big vane right here.
Then right at the back here, they have all these bits sealed.
They've sealed them? They've got aluminum pieces, so they've definitely added.
Oy, oy.
Gives me nightmares, Baku.
It fucked me up.
Just reduce our mistakes and we're five points ahead.
Baku, fucking hell.
Ah fuck.
Don't worry.
He has a mountain to climb to swing the momentum back in his favor going into Silverstone.
There's a lot on his shoulders.
- Give me the bag.
- So many though.
What are you doing with those cards? I'm not No, we're chucking them once you're gone.
Oh God, this gives me anxiety, seeing so many people.
Catching COVID was the worst experience probably of my life.
You have to take precautions.
Why are the people so close? If I want to win a World Championship, I can't afford to miss a single race.
I've lost a World Championship by one point.
I never want to be in that position again, and I'm still a long way behind.
How you guys doing? The fans behind you.
It's a track you do so well at.
You must be so excited.
It means so much to me, the support I've had here.
You want to be the one to raise the Union Jack for the fans.
It's, like, the most proud moment an athlete can have.
But with all of that expectation comes the pressure to deliver.
I really hope I can bring it home for you this weekend.
Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! British Grand Prix.
No matter what happens in the next hour and a half, all eyes are focused on the titanic battle between the two top drivers in the world.
Max will come out fighting hard.
- I've no doubt.
- Yeah, hopefully not too hard.
- Think that's a risk? - Yeah.
Verstappen has a 33-point lead at the top of the championship and it's been a long time since someone has overcome that sort of deficit.
, Radio check.
Radio's loud and clear, Lewis.
So you're going to the grid.
Yeah, loud and clear.
Listen to this.
Lewis Hamilton coming out onto the track.
Did you hear the cheers? Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! The front row will contain a familiar sight.
Lewis Hamilton starts second on the grid.
Max is on pole.
Radio check, Max.
Yeah, radio check.
To the grid, Max, to the grid.
Get a feel for the balance now.
I think Max is aggressive as hell more often than not.
He pushes it to the limit and beyond.
I've raced against a lot of drivers.
There's always bullies.
That's not how I operate.
I just try and beat them on track.
Remember to focus.
Let's focus.
Lewis, come on.
You can do it, mate! - Make sure you don't go too mad.
- Agreed.
I suspect this one might get a bit fruity.
Lewis is a ruthless racer.
You're not a seven-time world champion by not having that killer Instinct.
He'll use everything within his armory.
A driver needs to be a lion in the car, and Lewis is a fighter.
Even if he's knocked down, he's gonna fight back.
He will always wait for his moment.
The British Grand Prix is go! Verstappen a decent start, but Hamilton's coming alongside him.
Yes! - All right.
- Shit.
Focus on Hamilton behind.
Yeah, that's okay.
Come on, Max! Hamilton got a better drive.
He will be faster.
Yes! Keep on pushing.
Keep pushing.
Leave me to it.
I got it.
Coming into Copse Corner, this is gonna be Hamilton's chance.
Shit! - Hope he's all right.
- You couldn't get a faster bit.
That's 190 mph.
Is Max okay? - Red.
- Fuck, red flag! Max, are you okay? Are you okay? Fuck! I was ahead going in there.
- Yeah, copy, Lewis.
- Fully alongside, it was my line.
That nearly fucking killed our driver.
I want him fucking out of this race.
- Let us know what you need.
- I don't know, Bono.
Just turned in on me.
Great to see Max Verstappen walking away, but no surprises that he'll be checked at the medical center to make sure he's okay.
Initially, it's a huge relief that he's okay.
It then turns rapidly to an enormous frustration.
Yeah, he turned in on me, man.
If you want something bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes.
I was giving the guy space.
Michael, have you got a minute? Hello.
Yeah, Michael, look, that's an enormous accident.
And it was 100% Max's corner.
So, you know, as far as I'm concerned, full blame lays on Hamilton.
I hope you'll deal with it appropriately.
Understood, Christian.
That's why it's under investigation by the stewards.
There is obviously two perspectives.
And I will have a certain bias, but Max has got in the way with lots of maneuvers where the other one has bailed out.
It was clear that, at a certain stage, enough is enough.
What we've seen as a fight for the title has now become all-out war.
The British Grand Prix is set to restart.
The drivers have taken the positions they held when the race was suspended.
And after overtaking Hamilton in the aftermath of that crash, Leclerc is on pole, Hamilton himself is second on the grid, and Valtteri Bottas, in the other Mercedes, lines up third.
- He's just pulling away.
- Copy.
Looks like we have a ten-second time penalty.
- Ten-second.
- Understood.
So Hamilton has been given a ten-second penalty that he will serve at his pit stop for causing the accident with Verstappen.
Ten-second stop and go.
It can't be.
He should be suspended at least.
That is bang out of order.
We'll serve your penalty, then change the wheels.
It's tough.
Your heart stands still in that moment.
I see my dreams of fighting for this World Championship slipping through my hands.
He'll come back onto the track behind Leclerc, Bottas, and Norris, in fourth position.
I can't do anything about what's behind me.
All I can do is drive.
- Norris's car up the road.
- Understood, Bono.
Lewis is a true champion.
When the call is just, "Drive," he can turn a switch.
Something clicks and he goes into another dimension.
You are fastest man on track.
Gap down to 0.
6 now.
Let's do it.
Proper, Lewis, proper.
Valtteri is ahead.
- How far are Ferrari ahead of him? - Leclerc, 13.
8 ahead.
- Lewis, the car behind now.
- Copy.
Team order, do not fight with Lewis.
Not for the first time, Bottas makes way for his teammate.
Now the hunt is on.
- What time to catch Leclerc? - 31.
Okay, mode race, full push.
- What's the gap to Hamilton? - Gap to Hamilton, 3.
The desire to win is deep rooted, from being on the playground and always the last person chosen.
I was definitely way better than a lot of the players that I was with.
But I was also the only Black kid in in the line.
Leclerc ahead, you can have him.
I was like, "I'll show these guys when I get on pitch.
" "I'm gonna score the most goals.
" He's picking up the pace.
Lewis, you are looking strong.
Just keep it up.
I still feel the same hunger.
If anything, I have more hunger this year than I think I've ever had.
It's Hammertime.
- Can I catch him? - Yes, you bloody can, mate.
- Okay, mode race, full push.
- Front tires are dropping.
Keep it easy on the curbs.
Remember what happened at Copse on lap one? Here goes Hamilton on lap 50.
Oh, and he tries to get past Leclerc and goes off the track! Has Hamilton got through? Yes, he has! - Yes! - Get in there, Lewis! Whoo! Fuck! Hamilton will be savoring every moment as he wins the British Grand Prix! Yes! The 33-point gap that Max Verstappen had going into this race is down to just eight points.
- We so needed that.
- Well done.
Well done! What an amazing drive! It's epic.
Thank you to the fans.
Couldn't do it without you guys.
Lewis, we never give up.
We never give up.
 This is still on.
Damn right.
I can't believe it.
Such a proud moment for me.
Yes, man! - The momentum will change now.
- Yeah.
It's gonna come behind us.
This is what we needed.
Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Lewis got exactly what he wanted.
Maximum points.
Caused a lot of damage to his main competitor.
It's not a result that he can be proud of.
The rules are when your wheel is alongside the side part of the car, it's your line and the other car has to concede, and he didn't, so that's not my problem.
Um If you're not going for a gap, you might as well stop racing.
Today, this weekend, we needed the points, and there was a gap, he left a gap, and I went for it.
They were side-by-side and he didn't give him a room, but Lewis was not there to bail out.
It's exactly the right lesson for Max to learn, because otherwise, everyone always backs out for him.
Does this open? Yeah! Woohoo! It's a tough moment.
I'm absolutely furious.
It's our biggest rival that has created the accident and there he is celebrating, jumping up and down.
So it's like, "Fine.
Okay, you can play all the games you like, but we're not gonna be bullied into submission here.
" We're in this fight and it's all to play for.
Lewis! Lewis! Lewis! Losing must have felt very painful for Max.
If you put it simply, he had an accident and it was a 25-point swing in our advantage.
We won the race.
And I think that it is clear the battle is far from over.
This year we've got two rookies in our cars.
But because nobody's ever done it doesn't mean it's wrong.
Are we gonna see a softer side to Guenther Steiner? This is fucking madness.
Long way to go There's so much pressure, we cannot relax.
Brilliant move from Lando Norris.
George is gonna come after my seat.
Of course I'll fight for it.
What the fuck was he doing?
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