Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

A Mountain to Climb

1 It's still quite a walk up there.
I'm already falling down.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Let's sit down right here, Johannes.
- Do we want to drink something? - Yes, sir! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
How is it going with the team? It is difficult.
I didn't imagine it to be as difficult as it turned out to be, but Formula 1 is just so difficult and there is a big difference when you have two drivers that are new to Formula 1.
It's fucking unbelievable.
If we are not united as a team, then we are all going to shit, you know.
Too many cameras.
- Famous or something? - Morning.
- I wanna get on the water.
- Still not warm though.
Fucking freezing.
You need a thick wetsuit.
Fuck you guys.
Are we on the radar? - What? - On the radar with the movie? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It doesn't matter.
I'm used to it, you know? So don't worry.
We have no secrets, huh? No secrets, but I am not hero.
You are the boss, you are the hero.
- It's good.
I mean, you're the sponsor.
- Yes.
I sent you some comments.
I mentioned some suggestions.
Okay, I will write back.
I just need to go do something.
No rush.
Who came up with the Russian color scheme? You know that I love a bit of controversy.
- See you on the track.
- Yeah.
Yeah, listen, we need to have professional relationships, not just be buddies.
Sure, we're friends, but we're working towards a goal and everyone needs to do their job.
Welcome! Hello.
You good? - Yeah, and you? - Yeah, thanks.
They're doing a photo shoot.
Look here, Guenther I did that especially for you! So let's go upstairs.
- Morning.
- Super.
Hello, Mick.
Very good.
I can't reach the floor with my feet.
Direct and friendly.
The other way round, yes.
With the bow to the front.
- The point forwards? - The point there.
It's "bow" and "stern," right? - Bow? - Yeah, right, bow.
Of course you don't have to actually sit in it.
I wouldn't be able to get out of it! My boat.
Sauna salesman, the perfect sideline for you.
I sold houses 20 years ago, so that's why, as you can see.
Alex, my dream has come true.
I am now in an Aldi brochure! - We need one with you and Mick.
- He can come here.
- I don't want to do that.
- Okay.
Checkered flag, Mick.
- Really good drive, man.
- Yeah.
Car was great.
Thank you.
Not a very good mood in here.
- What can you do? - Yeah.
- Keep fighting.
- Yeah.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
The rear tire temps look good.
Rear tire temps look good.
Fronts will come down a little bit in the lap.
- Got it.
- Cool.
- Are you okay? Are you okay? - All good.
Fucking hell.
Should be on it here 'cause he knows the track.
That's what he's been saying the whole time, that he knows.
I'll speak to him afterwards and see what he says.
Talk us through what you felt on that.
Asking me for feedback.
I give you the feedback.
We do a change, and it does exactly the opposite of what I'm asking for.
So the only thing we've done is we've gone back.
Why am I also so much slower on the straight than my teammate? I'll double check.
Stand by.
Very good Improvement on that lap, Mick.
You did a good job.
The car was great.
It felt really good.
Thank you.
Good, good.
I don't know why you kept telling me I should improve on lap three because it's not possible.
We saw some people were able to set times later on, that's all.
- I was not.
- Copy.
Fuckin' hell.
That's why people hate you! This fucking shit here.
It's simply undrivable.
Everything I did in the other series, it's impossible now.
It's great to invest in next year, but I still need to drive it now.
I don't understand how he drives it.
- There's not a lot of friends here.
- Not a lot of friends, yeah.
Every man for himself.
Fucking hell.
I was snapping, understeering, oversteering.
I was doing loads of things.
It's something we need to talk about, see if we can do something.
If we change the car, it makes a difference.
- Yeah, it was real fun.
- Yeah.
First of all, I want to tell you that we really try to help you but you need to help me as well.
When on the radio, do not be aggressive.
You don't achieve anything.
They are afraid of you.
If I am a pussy No, you are not a pussy.
I'm not saying you need to be loved.
I'm just saying to be very neutral, you know? Not being, "Oh, this is fucking shit.
" That doesn't help anybody, you know.
Being nice about the situation won't help me fucking stay here.
If we are not united as a team we are all going to shit.
- I'm really trying to do my best.
- Yeah But they're saying I need to improve my lap time on turn three because, you know, Mick did it.
But you need to keep on trying.
We are getting you closer to Mick.
I know that is the fucking frustration.
But there is not a magic thing for this car and I think Mick can deal with it better.
So what we need to do? At this moment, I think that the most beneficial way that we can do it is by trying to make a different car for me.
I mean, it's the same car.
As much as you believe it's not, it's the same car, you know? - Hello.
- How are you? - A bit pissed off.
- Why again? - I want to go faster.
- Aye, we all want to go faster.
They all believe there is magic.
This is no magic, this sport.
This sport is hard work, fucking dedication - And money to keep it all going.
- Yeah, exactly.
If you don't put money in, this doesn't work.
Radio check.
Loud and clear.
- Pack up to those guys in front.
- Copy.
The rears are going! I don't have much rears.
- How's the balance? - Not good! If you can push more, it may help.
I'm driving whatever I can.
If I push more, it's getting bad.
Okay, checkered flag, Mick.
Checkered flag.
Tough race, Maz.
The car's very hard to drive.
The balance is like day and night.
It's something completely opposite.
Well, listen.
I, too, believe that it's impossible to have such a difference.
When shit happens it doesn't finish, you know.
What are you doing with my son? I think the team doesn't know what to do.
If it doesn't change, I will send an official letter that we stop financing and stop racing.
It will be a huge problem with the money.
And they will decide what to do.
Because we will not keep this, "Let's do, let's do.
Let's try, let's try.
" We already tried three races and if we remove the Uralkali, we stop racing.
Switch the cars.
Everybody knows that someone has advantage.
That's why maybe we will stop racing.
I just wanted to say to you that Dmitry came and he said he was going to pop a formal letter.
About what? Withdrawing.
- Withdrawing from what? - Formula 1, huh? Why? He thinks there's a difference in the cars.
He keeps on about that.
Well, we need to get We just need to get this We need to get on top of this one way or the other.
How high is the Tabaretta? - 2,550 meters.
- 2,550 meters, yeah.
Take it slow.
Don't worry.
I don't stress myself.
How's it going with Nikita? And especially with his father? We have contracts with Uralkali and hopefully, they will be respected.
But you can't just come into Formula 1 and expect that everything goes as you wish.
Oh damn! The rope will hold us, won't it? Left straight! Good.
Well done.
And Good! Lighter! - All right? - I'm good.
- Happy to be home? - Very busy, man.
Should be.
It's your home race.
Was there ever the fear that Dmitry could withdraw that sponsorship? It's a good start.
Mode push.
Mode push.
Mick, we need spark six.
Spark six, they have a slight issue.
Spark six.
Mick, we have to box now.
Box to retire the car.
We cannot resolve the issue in this decaying situation.
I'm sorry about that, so box now please to retire the car.
Tell me what you want me to work on, please.
Think about brake balance.
and adjust the position if you need it or not.
I see some very light spitting.
We're monitoring it.
- We need to box for inters.
- Understood.
Are you sure we need inters? Are you sure we need inters? Yes.
Box, Nikita, box.
 Box, Nikita, box.
Sebastian, we think the rain might get worse before it gets better, so probably inters.
What's your thoughts? It's getting less.
Track's getting better.
Copy that.
Stay out.
Are you happy on the tire? Your call, Checo.
Do you want inters? No.
Car in front is Mazepin.
Maz, let's start to use this tire now.
Use this tire.
Lando, what do you think about the inter? No! Okay, Maz.
We think we can push a bit harder on these tires.
Mode push.
Mode push.
This is brilliant, mate.
SOC six.
SOC six.
Now there is more rain.
Copy that.
Box, Sebastian, box.
Poor guy.
It's fucking It's full wet, boys.
- I can't do this.
- We're gonna come in, box.
Nice laps, Maz.
Nice laps.
Let's keep going like this.
This is good.
Starting last lap.
Okay, Maz, that's the checker.
That's the checker.
Brilliant start and opening lap, and that first stint was really good defending against faster cars.
Good call on the tires, then? Others didn't do that as quick as you and then, as you saw, struggled, so good job.
Ended up beating Latifi and Mick.
Nice race, mate.
Thank you.
- Very happy.
- Yeah.
Race by race, he becomes calmer.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
Really positive.
Really, really good.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
You learn from the most difficult situation.
And I also say that to young people.
It is not how you go down, but how you come back.
- Bravo, Guenther.
- Salute the mountains! - Thanks.
- Johannes, bravo.
Salute the mountains! Bravo.
That's elixir of life!
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