Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

Staying Alive

1 It's been the toughest year of my career.
It's all going horribly wrong for Daniel Ricciardo.
I'm struggling more and more.
It has been tricky to get up to grips with the car.
It's been a challenge to change my driving style to make this setup work.
I got hit.
Can't get first gear.
In Formula 1, you can be the hero today, but maybe the forgotten one tomorrow.
I'm not a good loser, at all.
I get just filled with stress.
I'd be lying if I said otherwise.
- Hiya, brother.
- Long time no see.
- Bring it in.
Aah - Bring it in! - This feels good.
This feels good.
- Hold it.
- Oh.
- Oh, that's good.
Go with it.
You're, like, real stiff.
Loosen up a little.
Fuck, man.
It's confidence.
Same with driving an F1 car.
I've put a lot of work in.
I think removing myself from it will give me a bit of perspective now and make me look forward to getting back.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, brother.
Anytime, mate.
You can come to me for more than when you need to bury a body.
We can talk it out too.
My career has gone full-on.
Deep down, I'm trying to find answers, to find a way.
That eats away at me.
The first half of the season hasn't gone our way.
Ferrari's now ahead of us.
- This is shit hot.
- Good, hey, great.
Hey, Zak.
What's going on? Oh, fucking hell! I get pretty angry when something hasn't gone our way.
Daniel has clearly struggled the first half of the season.
Daniel's a bit confused as to why it's not clicked.
Yeah! We're just waiting for it to happen sooner rather than later.
Coming to the conclusion I'm not young anymore.
- This session's gotten younger.
- Yeah.
You finished last year above Ferrari.
Is that the goal again, third this season? We'll see.
It's gonna be tough.
This season has turned into a bit of a bit of a bad dream for Zak.
All right.
Here we go! Daniel has to be pulling in the results if McLaren want third in the Constructors'.
If you panic as the leader, then that sets in motion other people panicking, so I think you always gotta look in control even if you're not.
- What do we have, ten left? - Nine.
Nine left.
It's gonna get tight.
Obviously now, going to Monza, important to have a a clean weekend and get back into the points to go.
Hopefully, the summer break came back with some Yeah.
energy and focus and we see the, uh, the Daniel we signed up.
If McLaren are gonna land a punch in the second half of the season, they have to do it early, so there's probably no better place to do it than Monza, home of Ferrari.
Welcome to Monza, a wonderful place to be, whether you're a Ferrari fan or not.
Monza! Monza is crazy whenever you are a Ferrari driver.
The whole Italy is counting on you to do well.
There's something magical about Monza.
The history that echoes around the track, the fans.
They always expect that there's a chance of that sprinkling of magic dust and a Ferrari win.
Charles Leclerc wins in Monza! Yes! Yeah, take that! Good morning.
We are back to work after the summer break, with a key objective, beat McLaren in the Constructors' Championship.
We can't leave anything to faith.
We cannot commit mistakes.
This weekend we think we have a good shot, both in quali and the race.
- Are Ferrari that quick? - Yeah, they seem to be all right.
- It's gonna be close.
- Shit.
Daniel! Three, two.
Two, three.
Three After the summer break, I wanna feel like I'm competing again.
I'm gonna beat myself up if we fall any further behind than what we are.
If we could beat Ferrari here, that might speak volumes.
Monza's a big weekend for us.
We need both drivers to compete, bringin' home as many points as possible.
Ferrari doesn't race only to participate.
Ferrari races to always be better and to win.
To win, you need a fast car.
I'd say our car is in tip-top shape.
We have the car and we have the drivers.
It's great times at Ferrari.
They've moved themselves from a position of uncompetitiveness to being on the same pace, if not better than McLaren, and with both drivers absolutely firing.
Come on.
My first Ferrari weekend in Monza, the target is to hit the ground running.
These last two races, we've been on a run of points that is very, very, very good, very consistent.
Honestly, I think Ferrari just needs to keep doing what we're doing.
What the mission is? Make this work.
- Yeah.
- As quick as possible.
A lot of people congratulating us over winter for, uh, the great signing of Daniel.
Three, four, five months later on, coming back, "Ah, I'm not sure if that was the right signing.
" "Maybe he's beyond his peak already.
" We want to show to the world that we signed the right guy.
I think everyone expected Daniel to have the upper hand on me this season.
There was a lot of expectation from the outside and from the fans, saying how, like, amazing we were gonna be together 'cause we're kind of chilled, fun guys and so on, but I think we're very different.
People don't kind of realize that as much as maybe what they do now.
- Want me there? - Hello.
- Hi, you all right? - Wherever you want.
We had weekends before where we thought we were strong.
It didn't work out.
We had it the other way around.
Lando should be paying the Aperols for everyone after Belgium.
- Why? - You smashed the car up.
- It's my first crash.
- At McLaren? In three years.
Mugello, last year, you crashed there, didn't you? Yeah, just front nose.
- Still a crash.
Come on! - That's a crash! - That's not a crash.
- Let's agree to disagree.
That's not a crash.
I spun.
You hit the tires, didn't you? The front wing.
Just tapped the wall.
- Oh, you did hit the wall? - Yeah.
Let's get through this weekend without any crashes.
It's critically important that both drivers work well together.
The only way you're gonna have success is having two drivers as far up the field as possible.
Here we go then.
qualifying action on a Friday evening.
Ferrari is the most successful Formula 1 team.
McLaren is the second most successful.
Ferrari is not in Formula 1 to finish third in the championship.
It's here to win.
Discouraging thing is I believe the competition's so tough, you just have to be off a little bit to be off.
Let's go, dude! I'm fine when I'm in the office.
The nerves don't really kick in until it's, uh, it's show time.
Here we go then.
All to play for.
Both Ferraris out on track.
- Track is clear.
You can push.
- Copy.
Sainz got a bit of pace.
That was a good lap.
Charles Leclerc really didn't push the track limits at all.
Is everything fine with the car? Something felt wrong.
I will come back to you.
Think something inside got disconnected, under the wing.
- Don't think it can be anything else.
- Disconnected? Okay.
Box this lap.
The team say there is a problem.
Hopefully, for Charles' sake, on home ground, they can get it fixed.
It's extremely difficult.
There's so much pressure on the team just to try and take the best solution.
And you've got so little time.
We we cannot relax.
Sainz comes across the line now.
Carlos Sainz goes seventh.
Not a great lap.
I did quite a big mistake.
Leclerc is coming straight out.
We've heard about the issues he's having from the cockpit.
So I think he's gonna struggle.
It's so difficult to drive.
So difficult.
Leclerc only goes eighth quickest.
Argh! It's a disaster.
Fuck! The McLarens going out on the track now.
- Okay, Daniel, so keep focused.
- Okay.
Ricciardo goes fastest in sector one.
There's a few qualifyings this year where it's been very, very close with Lando normally on the tail end of the closeness, but it's really given me a little more fire in the belly.
Ricciardo goes fifth fastest for McLaren.
Well done, Daniel.
Okay, Lando.
Lando Norris is setting a blistering pace.
What can the McLaren driver do? Norris goes fourth fastest.
Fuck yeah! Norris ahead of his teammate and both Ferraris.
Hey, hey, boy! Awesome.
Lando's confidence is getting better and better, his pace is unbelievable, and I think his first win is getting close.
Think it's just a matter of time.
Daniel, it's P5.
You're not gonna like this.
You're six milliseconds behind Lando.
You're right.
That sucks.
You wanna be best on the grid.
That includes your teammate.
That's the ambition, always the mindset you gotta have.
I would say the pressure's more on Daniel within the team.
So close! The stopwatch doesn't lie.
I am slower.
It's just frustrating to be that close but no cigar.
I'm fucking so angry.
Ah, it's okay.
I'm just, uh angry.
I hate losing.
Olé, olé, olé, olé It was a tricky qualifying session.
I wish it had happened somewhere else than in Monza.
Win for us! - Leclerc win for us! - Thank you, Charles.
That motivates us even more.
I don't wanna remain frustrated.
I don't wanna remain here when I feel I should be here.
All right.
See you.
Look, your driver's dad is already there ready for the ambush.
It's time to understand the issue with the car.
There is less time to improve it and less time to try.
But I know the team is strong.
The team knows how to react.
All good? Here at Monza, it's the sprint race.
Eighteen laps.
The higher they can finish in this race, the higher they can start in tomorrow's Grand Prix.
The sprint race format is being trialed at three races in 2021.
It's wheel-to-wheel racing with drivers pushing to the absolute limit to set their grid position for the Grand Prix.
For the guys fighting for the World Championship, it's 18 laps of jeopardy.
But, conversely, if you've got nothing to lose, it's 18 potential chances to have a better day on Sunday.
Daniel, I don't believe, feels qualifying is necessarily his biggest strength, so I think a sprint race plays to his driving strengths.
This DJ should get fucking shot.
You try to get into the zone, and they take you right out of it.
Who thinks it's a good idea? Like, who thinks this is a good idea? I don't I don't run the playlist.
Verstappen and Hamilton line up at the front ahead of Norris, whose teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, is keeping him company for a change, with Ferrari close behind.
- Ricciardo gets away well.
- Good start, Daniel.
Trying to get into second place.
Watch for traffic with Gasly.
He's pushing.
Lewis Hamilton has gone back four places! Gasly's got damage on his front wing! Gasly is out! - Yellow flags.
- Yep.
I'm okay.
The safety car is out, so everyone's got to slow down while they clear the track.
Mode race.
Ricciardo is in second.
Norris is third.
Then it's Hamilton in fourth.
Then Leclerc, and then Sainz.
You need to push as much as you can.
Gain some speed.
Just keep an eye on Hamilton.
Into the closing stages.
Hamilton still not close enough to make a move on Norris.
Hamilton didn't get the overtake done on Norris, but the battle between Norris and Hamilton is helping Daniel Ricciardo.
It finishes like this, he'll start on the front row for the Italian Grand Prix.
Pace is good.
Max Verstappen out of the final corner and wins the sprint race.
Well done, Max.
That's pole position for tomorrow.
It was It was good.
This is good stuff.
Looking good.
Mate, that was amazing.
That's P2, baby.
Yeah! Yeah! Well done, mate.
Nice one, guys.
Front row tomorrow.
Daniel Ricciardo gives McLaren their first front-row start since Mexico 2018.
Lando Norris next across the line.
He's the one that kept Lewis Hamilton at bay.
Behind them will come the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.
Sorry for that.
- That's what I'm talking about! - That was nice.
- That was good.
Good drive.
- It was.
I think Ferrari definitely feel the home pressure.
But, uh, they've been doing this for a while, so I think anyone who writes Ferrari off is, uh, a little too new to Formula 1.
It has been a a difficult weekend.
Yesterday, problems we had in the quali, so we know our weaknesses and we are working on them.
Heads up, there is a lot to do, but we know exactly what we need to do, and I think that's the most important.
- Yeah.
- Front-row start.
- What was that? - Front-row start.
- Good, huh? Thanks.
- Well done.
- Good start.
- Yeah.
- You're not surprised though? - No.
Celebrate First front row since Mexico 2018.
And that was myself and Max on that front row as well, so familiar.
He was second, I was first.
He got me into turn one.
So it it's reverse now, so I'll try and, uh give him some payback three years later.
I'm gonna eat a fuck ton of pizza tonight.
That's for sure.
Thank you.
It was a big turnaround for me to be able to come out and do that.
It felt, I don't know, right.
Like, that's maybe the best word.
It just felt right.
I'd kind of like that to then continue Bon appétit, everyone.
into the race itself.
Daniel, being as difficult as it has been this season, do you reckon this is that moment that you finally got over that hurdle, and from now on Daniel is back? Yeah.
You could say that.
Let's see after today, but I'm I'm confident we can start to say that.
In front of the media pen and that, I'll try and be "glass half full.
" Danny, is it a good day for a shoey today? But going through some of the struggles this year has been a little bit humbling and deep down, like, I'm putting the pressure on myself.
This is a huge opportunity for McLaren.
It's been a long time since they've had both cars starting at the front of the grid.
And this could be Daniel's chance to prove to everybody that he's still got what it takes.
To compete against these unbelievable teams is not an easy feat.
I am nervous.
Not sure it's good for my heartbeat.
Formula 1's a pretty brutal environment.
Daniel struggled.
Some people thought maybe he was gone, but I think it's gonna be a fight to the finish.
It's the Italian Grand Prix with Max Verstappen on pole position for the first time ever at Monza, alongside Daniel Ricciardo in the McLaren.
Lando Norris starts in third with Hamilton in fourth, ahead of the two Ferraris, Leclerc ahead of Sainz.
Radio check.
That's loud and clear, Daniel.
I love the team.
I feel awesome within it.
I just need to deliver now on track.
That's the last piece.
I wanna give them back something in the form of results and success and joy.
Now it's go time.
Lando, 30 seconds to go.
I would love to win a race.
That's what I've dreamt of for many, many years, so that's definitely the plan.
And we're racing at Monza.
Brilliant start from Daniel Ricciardo.
Can he get the lead from Verstappen? Yes, he can! They're coming up fast behind.
Good start, Daniel.
Come on! The two Ferraris are coming with them, though, into Curva Grande.
Sainz right behind Giovinazzi.
Giovinazzi's in the wall.
Giovinazzi completely closed on me.
Car is okay.
Car is okay.
Hamilton down in fourth, closing in on Lando Norris.
- Hamilton's pushing.
- Okay.
Hamilton has to push now to have any chance on Verstappen.
Lewis, this is on.
Come on, mate.
This is the chance for Hamilton to move into third.
Norris to the inside.
And Hamilton can't quite get through.
He's got the cutback.
Down to the second chicane.
Norris keeps third spot.
Yes! Come on! Okay, Lando, doing a great job.
Keep this up.
So hard to get close to.
Verstappen closing on Daniel Ricciardo.
Gap is 0.
Daniel, we won't need any fuel saving, so you just need to do what the tires need.
Keep me posted on temperatures.
I expect, every lap, to come under attack.
But being the hunted is a powerful feeling 'cause you've got what they want.
When you've got more to fight for, there is an additional shot of adrenaline.
I think there's nothing more powerful than that.
Red Bull and McLaren are gonna need to bring in the top two as Ricciardo now comes in.
The pit stop is where we are vulnerable.
Max, that's gonna be his chance to get me.
Pretty clean pit stop from the McLaren team.
He's having a decent out lap, is Daniel.
Hamilton, out of the pit lane now.
It's gonna be tight on exit with Verstappen.
Hamilton comes out onto the racetrack.
And there's Max Verstappen into the first chicane.
It's wheel-to-wheel.
Verstappen and Hamilton, a very big accident.
Hope Hamilton's okay.
That's what you get when you don't leave the space.
Fuckin' hell.
We've got a yellow flag.
That was a very, very near miss for Lewis Hamilton.
Hamilton and Verstappen crashed and they are out of the race.
Safety car comes in.
Racing gets back underway.
Ricciardo leads.
Fuck yeah! Leclerc right behind him in the Ferrari and Norris is third.
Can Norris get past Leclerc? Goes to the inside.
Leclerc holds on.
We're gonna have our chance on Leclerc, so we've gotta use our head.
Stay cool now.
Stay cool.
Norris is gonna get the run for the next chicane.
Brilliant move from Lando Norris.
Yeah! It's McLaren one-two at Monza.
Yes! Come on! What a result this will be if they can hold on until the end.
I need Daniel to pick up the pace a bit.
He's driving too slow.
- Behind is Lando.
He's quick.
- Understood.
You always wanna be the better one of you and your teammate.
You wanna be the number one driver.
Do you think it's best for us if I stay like this, stay where I am? Norris is now trying to fight with his teammate for the win.
Whoo! Fucking hell.
Lando, best for us where you are.
Hold position.
Hold position.
You have to understand, as a driver, you have to do what you can to also maximize the points for the team.
This is the last lap.
Last lap.
Daniel Ricciardo is coming through the final corner.
It's McLaren and Ricciardo that win the Italian Grand Prix! Ha-ha-ha! Yeah! P1! We did it! Yeah! Unbelievable! Ha-ha! Come on! Yes! Yeah, boy! Yes! Deep down, I knew this was, uh, this was gonna come, so thanks for, uh, having my back.
And for anyone who thought I left, I never left.
That feeling of crossing the line was just it was relief, but it was, like, power, it was emotion.
It looked like the old Daniel.
They're the kind of drives that we've seen him do in our cars.
You know, some some fantastic drives.
Everybody in the paddock was pleased to see him win.
The mental part of it is very difficult to manage because everybody's different.
The best ones make it, and obviously they can deal with with the stuff best.
Thanks, bro.
- Great drive.
- Thanks.
- Good start and you nailed it.
- Cheers.
I saw a lot of potential in McLaren and they've always been an iconic team, but I've been on the move, obviously, the last couple years.
So this one, I certainly feel like it's gonna it's gonna stick.
- How awesome was that? - It's cool, huh? Yeah, a one-two.
- Felt like a long race.
- Oh, it was the worst ever.
That was probably the most exciting 53 laps I've ever had in motor racing.
To be on the podium with both drivers, it was just such an awesome result.
The win will do a tremendous amount of confidence for Daniel.
Can you believe we got a one-two? I couldn't actually believe it.
Like, winning is something, and a one-two is like it's it's actually stupid.
It had been so long since they'd won a race.
To take that, it shows they're they're back.
And the proof of that was that it was a one-two.
Both guys were there.
It's massive for the team.
Andreas! Give us a smile.
Give us a smile! Ah.
We'll, uh, we'll give him, we'll give him a Weissbier later.
I was just happy that we managed to pull it off as a team.
two, one! Three, two, one! Ooh Oh God.
Oh, I don't wanna look.
I'm terrified of needles.
- How we doing? - Almost done with the date.
- That's just the date?! - Yeah, then we gotta run the course.
Yeah, he just had a lockup into the first corner! People that say you get addicted to tattoos, it ain't me.
Will you get another if Lando wins? Um You did a good job.
It definitely looks like Monza.
I think I'll stick with the one.
I'll get something else to celebrate Lando's first win.
- What a G.
- All your fault.
What a G.
Hey, Netflix.
Williams were a force to be reckoned with.
Now they are struggling to score a point.
I wanna be a world champion.
- Come on! - Could be fireworks ahead.
If we want to keep George.
we have to deliver.
Young drivers have to perform immediately.
It's sink or swim.
The rain is falling harder and harder.
That's Lando Norris.
Red flag, red flag, red flag.

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