Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

A Point to Prove

1 Car's all over the show.
We need to sort this out.
We really, really need to sort this out.
- Morning.
- Morning.
I can't hug you.
How are you? - Good.
And you? - Good to finally have you here.
How we doing? All right? 'Cause I had a bit of banter about not being in the previous season on my social media.
- I don't know if you saw.
- Yeah.
Could I do something like holding the No worries, mate.
I mean, technically, you were in it very briefly.
- So you weren't - I was in it for a second, weren't I? I was on the phone to my missus.
Got the Williams crew walking in all together, eh? - Too many cameras.
- Are you famous or something? No, we are slow walking.
He said "No, we're faster on the track.
" "Don't worry, I know that.
" "I didn't say on the track.
You are slow as a person.
" - My left side mirror is cracked.
- Okay.
Keep the pace.
That's all there is.
It's ridiculous.
Can you give me some advice on the pace? We've got about 0.
3 to find in sector one and similar in sector two.
Let's just keep the pace up.
Just keep an eye on the brakes obviously.
The car is a bit harder to drive.
I lost a lot of speed on the straight.
Advise on brakes? - The material is coming off.
- I feel like I'm losing them! I obviously lost a lot of time in the last corner.
Couldn't do any more.
- The car - What is with the brakes now? The brakes are still very, very difficult.
I think they're just worried for tomorrow.
I think to get it now changing and go into qualifying with brakes you've never driven, for me, is not right.
Okay, George.
Consider early overtake.
Right, let's crack on.
Well done.
Okay, Nicky, you're P16.
Gap to ahead, three seconds.
- Safety car.
- Safety car, safety car! - That tire's ready to go.
- Ready to go? Okay, George, we'll box this lap.
Yeah, understood.
We are going to the end on this tire.
Make sure you look after it.
We need some tires at the end.
Pace is good.
You're doing a good job.
Gap 2.
7 to George.
Okay, George, currently P10.
Currently P10.
This is looking really good for us.
Let's keep it up.
Looking really good.
Okay, George, give us a tire update if you can.
Tire feedback.
Tires are pretty shot.
Okay, George, keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
I cannot get any closer than this.
Okay, there could be some fireworks ahead, George.
Three laps to go, three laps to go.
Let's keep pushing.
Tires have gone, guys.
Go defend.
Go defend.
Okay, George, that's the flag, so go in lap.
Gave everything.
I was pushing like hell to do that.
That was a good race, mate.
I don't know.
Still it's just lack of pace overall, it seems.
Good luck.
That's P18.
- There's nothing from the tires.
- Understood, Nicky.
Probably a lot to learn.
We'll get there.
That's fucking awesome! Nice one.
You know it's the first time Q3 for Williams since Monza '18.
We have to try to push.
I hope the weather will get better.
Looks pretty gray out there.
Guys, if I could still have the fan? Even though it's raining.
Fucking toasting in here already.
Ah! They fucked me! Oh, I just completely locked up.
What an idiot! They didn't stop! - They fucking went into me.
- Yeah.
What the fuck happened? I'm so sorry.
So, bit of an update.
You're currently P6.
Russell P8.
If you need to compromise my race to help Nicky, do it.
I will box early to avoid the undercut from anyone else.
Prioritize Nicky.
- I actually feel sick.
- Yeah, I feel sick as well! Okay, Nicky, 43 laps to go.
You are doing great.
Maybe there'll be quicker cars around, but we're in a good position.
- Keep doing what you're doing.
- Copy.
George, you're currently P10.
All the cars ahead have already pitted.
So if we can't get past Schumacher, we've got 38 laps to manage and protect from Ricciardo.
- Copy, I can overtake, it's fine.
- Roger.
- Nice work.
- Yes! I'm happy.
Getting goosebumps.
Okay, Nicky, we're still racing for P8, so now the target is to go to the end.
Let me know if I need to up the pace.
Keep pushing.
Flat out.
Flat out.
Verstappen, next car back now.
Three seconds.
Let's start to pick up the pace.
Verstappen, 2.
3 behind.
Keep pushing.
Gap at 1.
- Is this the last lap? - This is the last lap.
There will be one more lap.
Yeah, I'm losing the tires a bit.
Gap at 1.
Go defend now.
Set go defend.
Overtake press, exit of last corner.
Nicky, congratulations! Congrats, Nicky.
Great job, that's P8.
Amazing! Yep, good job, guys.
We fucking did it!! - Come on! Yes, guys.
- P9, mate, P9.
That's two and a half years of graft right there.
Bloody deserve that.
We deserve that.
The right time though.
- Yeah.
- Perfect timing.

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