Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

Growing Pains

1 Formula 1 is what I was dreaming for from four years old.
The amount of pressure is huge.
You have to perform well, always.
There are thousands of drivers that would love to be in our position.
The opportunity can be gone in a second.
You are leading the Grand Prix.
My name is Yuki Tsunoda.
I came from Japan, racing with Scuderia AlphaTauri.
- Is that okay? - Nice.
Like it.
Being in Formula 1, dream come true.
I always try to improve my driving.
Even outside of racing, you still can practice your skills on lots of roundabouts.
Nice! Hopefully, the future is the world champion.
Most most boring place in the world, I'd say.
I really miss the Japanese food.
Yeah, I have to a little bit adapt to the UK.
- First time.
Never eaten fish and chips.
- Never? That makes fat, no? Fish and chips.
So, two thousand people have written, asking for your autograph.
- You and Pierre.
- Really? - Which is more? - I don't know! I'm a really competitive guy.
But also I want to have some fun.
I did a big fart.
I thought you - Are you gonna take a porn video? - Stop it! Hello.
Very happy to be welcoming you What's with the haircut? - Getting long, eh? - Yeah.
No, you cannot swear now.
- No.
You're not allowed because - Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello.
How are you? Thanks.
- You make us dream, so - Thank you.
- Future champion.
- That is kind.
- My heart is beating fast.
- Really? Thank you.
Super, Esteban, bravo.
- Little bit massage? - Okay, we can make that happen.
I want to go first poo.
Fuck! Sorry! Yeah, the beginning of the season was really bad.
I think I'm quite aggressive driver.
I get really heated when I'm in the car.
Fucking Pérez! He fucking doesn't even look.
Fuck off! He's a fucking cunt.
So unstable.
I can't fucking believe this car! For fuck's sake.
Surprised at the reaction, if I'm honest.
That was a nice poo.
Where's the holes? My job for this year is to get points as much as possible, to help to get team championship fifth position.
Focus on tires and brakes.
Fuck! Sorry! Are you okay? Are you okay? I'm okay.
Can you switch it on? No gear.
No gear.
I can't go in first gear somehow.
Pull the clutch, upshift to first.
- Yeah, no gear.
- Okay.
Engine stop.
Unfortunately, that was close.
Yeah, copy.
We'll debrief.
We must become competitive.
I agree.
It's unbearable.
Yuki, we can push one step more on tires.
Ocon one second behind.
Yeah, I'm trying to.
Fucking hell.
Okay, Tsunoda ahead struggling, a second slower.
Let's go get him.
All right.
Let's pick our pace up.
Let's go.
Two laps to go, Yuki.
Let's keep up the pace.
You can push harder.
I am! Shut up! Yuki, calm down, okay? Come on, Esteban, let's go.
He must go for it now.
To be honest, I'm not happy with this car.
It's so unstable.
It's pissed me off.
I hate it.
Okay, Yuki.
There's nothing to do.
Esteban could have done better.
We keep having only one car scoring the points.
That's a problem.
It's the same weaknesses race after race.
We just need to make progress.
His approach has to be better.
Needs to work more.
What do you mean? Physically? Just generally.
He needs to have a more balanced life.
He's a lazy dog otherwise.
He needs to work now for the first time in his life.
Franz said he wants me to live in Italy.
My driving style, I was going too aggressive, and I crashed it, and I think I lost a little bit of confidence for the driving.
So, I'll see what's gonna happen.
On the day after the race, I am always aching.
I swear, I crane my head during the turns.
Really? - You imitate my moves? - I imitate your moves.
- Does it burn? - It's so hot.
When I have workouts, especially in the morning, it just ruins my whole day.
Just makes muscles tired, sweat a lot.
I hurt a lot, so I can't finish this training.
- Am I allowed the toilet? - No.
Franz is a really nice guy and, you know, I like him, but at the same time, he's really strict.
I don't like training, but I have to, so I just have to survive it.
Heading to Hungary will be a lot of low-speed corners, so a lot of rotation required.
- Good morning.
- You're very early.
What's wrong? - I don't know! - Couldn't sleep? I need a pee so bad.
- Do you? - Yeah.
- Yo, rockstar! - Yo, psycho! - You good, mate? - Good, thanks.
So when do we do another podium? I put money on you again.
- Oh! I won't.
- Don't disappoint me.
- What's your forecast say? - Rain.
Being a rookie in Formula 1 is really difficult.
Okay, Yuki, we need good communication.
Yeah, 100%.
I always have pressure, but I know what I have to achieve.
What an idiot! What the fuck happened there? Sorry, guys.
Update us when you can, Esteban.
We're sat in P2 at the moment.
Nice work.
What's happened here? Yuki, there's been an accident turn one and turn two.
You are doing good.
Red flag.
Red flag.
Okay, Esteban, well done so far.
Well managed.
So, Yuki, currently we are P5.
Genuinely, anybody could be on the podium.
Okay, Yuki, sun is coming out.
- Track is drying up.
- Copy.
Completely dry.
As soon as we can pit, it's going to be good to do so.
You can come in at the end of this lap if you wanted.
Control the pace now, yeah? Yeah, copy.
It is a standing start.
Standing start.
Okay, Esteban, box.
- Loads in the pit lane already? - Yeah, roger.
- Yeah, it's dry.
- Yeah, copy, Lewis.
- Am I last? - Yeah.
Get on it for the rest of the race, alright? Okay, Esteban, you are leading the Grand Prix.
Let's get down to business.
Yeah, let's focus.
Vettel 1.
1 behind.
Keep that pace up if you can.
How is the balance? The rear is quite strong.
Okay, Yuki, you're doing good.
Keep your head down, keep focus.
Okay, Esteban, Hamilton, eight and a half seconds behind.
What's Hamilton's pace? Twenty-two zero, so let's push.
Gap to Vettel, one second.
Copy that.
- How many more laps? - Six laps.
I have to push.
Has he gone out? Yuki? Do you need support? No.
Well done.
- Okay.
Good job.
- Copy.
Vettel 0.
9 behind.
We're gonna see what Este can do.
I have faith.
Good job.
Hamilton 2.
3 behind.
Let's just keep our head down, Lewis.
You can do this.
Last lap.
 Max push.
Max push.
Last lap, Yuki, last lap.
- Keep up the pace.
- Copy.
Yes, guys! Allez, Alpine.
Allez, les Bleus.
Yes! First victory.
First of many.
P6, Yuki.
Important points, yeah? Yeah, important points.
Best race you've done this year, so we'll build up from here.
Well done, guys.
You did a really good job.
I'm happy.
Yeah, you should be.
I think living in Faenza is making me a better driver, and I realize that communication is really important in Formula 1.
Yuki, well done!
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