Fortitude (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

I'm Elsa Schenthal.
Schenthal Pharmaceuticals sent a bunch of killers and hitmen out here to kidnap me.
The circumstances that created you and me - The parasite.
- .
created 18 of you and one of me.
Everyone that was infected by that parasite killed someone in order to pass the infection on Not Dan Anderssen.
Latest tissue re-generation stands at almost 95 per cent.
You broke my nose! The parasite I can't fight it when it grabs me like that.
You are talking to someone.
And someone is answering.
- Because you become angry.
- Who is answering? Don't respond.
DCI Myklebust.
Shot in the centre of her forehead.
- You're contaminating a murder scene! - I am the interim Governor.
And also the Chief of Fortitude Police.
To the ghost of our memories.
I would have liked to keep the bodies in situ for longer.
There are too many things to this that concern me.
And we're rushing the forensics.
Petra and her eyebrow tweezers What? Well, that's forensics in Fortitude, somebody once said.
Somebody who's probably dead? What concerns you, Eric? Well, for starters the idea that Lars Ulvinaune shot two people dead.
That concerns me.
What were the Oslo investigators doing out here? Arresting Lars.
Why were they arresting Lars Ulvinaune? The nicest man in Fortitude.
Somebody must have given them his name.
Who would do such a thing? To a fellow citizen.
Or Lars brewed the reindeer juice in industrial quantities.
You told them reindeer juice was a cause of Governor Munk's suicidal death leap.
Well, that's the reason, then? We should get going.
There's no room in here for you.
Bodies are priority.
What? There is plenty of room.
You can ride with me in the ice cruiser the dead people came out in.
Dan Anderssen Tell me, why did you mention the reindeer juice? Because Eric was about to realise that you grassed up Lars and got him killed.
So you were protecting me? You're the Governor.
And you are the Sheriff.
That's how it works.
It's not personal, Markus.
It's a fixed law of the world we live in.
The roles we have.
I understand.
So you must also understand that I sent Myklebust and Oby out to Lars' cabin.
I got there before them and murdered Lars.
Strangled him in his bed.
And when the investigators arrived, I shot Sergeant Oby and then I shot Detective Inspector Myklebust and then I shot Lars' corpse through the throat to hide the marks of strangulation.
The bruises my thumbs made.
I don't recollect you ever committing any murders on my behalf.
There's still time.
- Pardon? - I'm talking to the Governor.
You are.
- Lars killed them? - Yes, that's what it looks like.
Lars the snow plough driver - I know.
- Jesus.
So, now, who attacked you? No, it was nothing.
It was just a misunderstanding.
Yeah, silly.
Who with? The orderly said you were assaulted by a trawler man.
Er, yes, a big Russian.
There aren't any Russian boats in Fortitude just now.
- Well - What did he look like? - Big.
- Big? Mm-hmm.
And like he like he worked with his hands on a big fish-trawling vessel.
And this happened in the Blue Fox? Yes.
- In the toilet? - Yep.
Had you been drinking heavily? I suppose I had been drinking I'm not going to enter any of this shit in my notebook.
When you want to tell me the truth about what happened, then come and find me in the police station.
I'm here in my capacity as Governor.
OK, Governor.
Eric Odegard, we have to talk.
After what you saw today, you probably need a drink.
Indeed, yes.
In my former capacity as a school teacher, I rarely witnessed such carnage.
Sheriff Anderssen said some things to me on the drive back from the murder scene.
- He did? - Mm-hmm.
Yes, and after what he told me, I felt it incumbent upon myself as Governor, er, to telephone Oslo.
And what did you tell them? That the Fortitude Police were absolutely satisfied that a tragic shooting had resulted in the deaths of all three people concerned and, as such, we were not looking for any further suspects.
Dan told you to say this? No.
No, I was speaking to Oslo in my own capacity as Governor based on my own conclusions.
Markus, you have no experience whatsoever in any shape or form in matters of police investigation.
- Governor.
- What? You said Markus.
You continue to say Markus.
I'm speaking here, now, to you, as your Governor.
The Governor of Fortitude.
Fuck that! Fuck you, Markus Huseklepp! You ridiculous, jumped-up pipsqueak! - What? - You fucking heard me! There is another matter that I discussed with Oslo.
The Governor's residence, ie, this house, is a conditional sine qua non of the interim Governor's office.
Now, it has been nine weeks since the previous Governor, ie your wife, Hildur Odegard, vacated this residence.
And so, in accordance to Oslo's directive, I am willing to give you 48 hours to make alternative accommodation arrangements before I move in.
So that would be "Fuck you, Governor Huseklepp!" Boyd! Boyd! Boyd Elsa.
He's gone.
I'm sorry, Elsa.
OK, stop talking.
You've lost a lot of blood.
I need to get to work.
- Not got long.
- Shut up.
- Shut up, Boyd! - You need to do it, hun.
My time's up.
I want you to take take take what I have left.
Yeah, Elsa.
My love.
Do it! Elsa Hey, my love.
Thank you.
Where do you want to go? Hotel called the Blue Fox, please.
Finest hostelry in Fortitude.
That's nice to know.
Very nice indeed.
Hair of the dog.
Get it over with, Dad.
Don't mind me.
There's beer and vodka in the fridge.
I didn't make you any breakfast.
Pointless waste of time and money.
And antifreeze in the outhouse if you run out of booze.
I went to the Fox for a drink.
A woman sat down and we talked.
- A woman? - She was very beautiful.
She was Just a I dunno Someone from somewhere else.
Like And I had to go to the men's room Hmm-hmm.
where I was chloroformed and I woke up, hog-tied and vomiting Stop.
The man who chloroformed me, he threw a goddamn hammer at me.
You fell over drunk.
- I was drunk.
- Yeah.
I was hung upside down.
I fought this man for my goddam life and then I think that I killed him.
I need your help to find the place where this all happened.
Dad, I'm going to show you right now the place where all this happened.
Using all the experience I've gained in this house as your daughter.
Don't say that shit, Ingrid.
- It happened in here! - I know what you think! It happened! Come in! Is everything OK? Yeah.
He says he got in a fight and killed a man.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, it is.
But it makes him look like a big, brave adventurer instead of a sad drunk.
Come on.
See you later, Mr Lennox.
Have you experienced Arctic conditions before? I've read up on it.
That's not the same.
I believe I'll need a body suit.
What are you? About five foot seven, 110 pounds? And a gun.
Hunting rifle? Hand-gun.
44 revolver.
A Magnum will stop a polar bear if that's what you're worried about, but I'd always recommend a hunting calibre rifle like a Winchester M70 or a Remington 700.
I want a SIG Sauer P226 X5 tactical with a custom Hogue Grip and tritium sights.
And a box of 9-mil 147-grain V-crown jacketed hollow-points.
You read a book about guns as well? Heard about them from a friend.
One for the helicopter pilot? Did you use to play that game with your mum? You've obviously never met my mum.
I think it's maybe just about over, Vincent.
What is? The parasite infestation.
I think I might have purged it last night.
I have more and more visual information on each retina.
Not just light and dark.
I'm beginning to sense movement too.
- Really? - Yes, really.
That's great.
So I think that the parasite's malevolent influence has passed and I'm beginning to experience the healing effects, same as Dan did and And I'm not having any violent urges at all.
It's the opposite, in fact.
I feel calm and relaxed.
The happiest I've felt for ages, Vincent.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
That's it.
No, that's very well put.
Also These are, like, really digging into my wrist, quite painfully.
I mean, I'm not sure they're completely 100 per cent necessary any more.
- No? - No, I mean we could keep them on I think it would be OK if you take them off.
Do you? Open.
I think we'll keep them on.
No, that's OK.
But can I ask are you actually maybe beginning to enjoy this a little bit? What bit of this are you referring to? This helplessness.
My helplessness.
A helpless woman strapped to a bed in your basement.
- Natalie Open wide.
- Yeah, exactly.
It's a bit Exactly.
It's a bit sexual, isn't it? Natalie.
You pretend this doesn't turn you on.
- Open your mouth, drink your soup.
- Or you'll give me a spanking? Stop it.
Then untie me.
- I'm not going to untie you.
- This isn't healthy.
- You're bloody telling me it isn't! - You know, anyone finds me here, you're in such fucking trouble, you can't imagine.
How the fuck do you explain, hmm, having a woman all bondaged up in your basement? - This this was all your idea! - Do you think that's gonna work? Right now my idea is that we end this because either it hasn't worked or I've changed my mind or whatever the fuck but I'm telling you now my idea now is that you fucking let me go! - I'm not going to let you go.
- You fucking pervert! All right, I think we're done here.
- Did you fuck me? - That's enough chicken soup.
- When I was delirious.
- No.
- I think you did.
- Well, I didn't.
Did you dream about it, though? - Stop it.
- Same thing.
Natalie Wank yourself off thinking about it? You fucking pervert! You fucking sleazy fuck! I thought this would be like - Ulysses and the sirens.
- Fuck you! He can highly resist their beautiful entreaties.
- You fucking sleazy - He has to be strong.
- Fuck you! - Except the sirens weren't a bunch of foul-mouthed, twisted fucking psycho bitches.
Don't you go.
Don't you fucking leave me here! Don't you abandon me! Vincent Vincent? Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent Don't you fucking abandon me! Vincent! Vincent Vincent! Fuck Vincent Michael? Put down the gun.
It's not a gun.
Whatever the fuck it is, put it down.
I'm not trying to get you drunk but I'm going to help myself to a drink.
Would you like to join me in a drink? What happened to the black guy? What happened to him? - He met me.
- Don't fuck around! Boyd Mulvihill.
He was my He was my husband for the last nine years.
He was loving, sexy, smart, tough.
He'd been a doctor in the US Marine Corps.
You nearly ended his life, then I did.
You killed him? I've killed lots of people.
I was about to kill you.
Boyd was dying from his injuries.
I know you're badly alcoholic right now But don't worry, I can change that.
If you do the powder burn test, I can get started on Oby.
You're very cheerful.
Me? No, I'm not.
You told me you were so terribly lonely because the only intimacy you ever had was with dead people.
Remember? - Well? - Well Well, now you have a fucking orgy of death and intimacy in your mortuary with three brand-new corpses.
Ingrid, what's wrong with you? Why did you tell Lars to leave town? Because Lars would have given them the names.
- What names? - The ones who killed Governor Munk.
You want to protect the men who killed Munk.
Killing him was justice.
And there was no other way justice would have ever found Erling Munk.
You sound like Dan.
Just like Dan.
Maybe Dan is what justice fucking sounds like.
No, Petra.
Madness is what Dan sounds like.
Am I the only one who can see this? Dan has never been more sane.
You're only saying that because you're fucking him.
So you're saying if he's fucking me, he has to be mad, huh? What if there is some other explanation? Explanation? What if Dan Anderssen loves Petra Bergen? Loves you? I owe my life to Dan.
Everybody does.
I surrender myself to him, Ingrid.
All life around us flows from Dan.
You mean death, Petra.
That's what's flowing.
All the life and all the love.
I closed the door on loneliness when Dan came back.
Now I am his because he is mine.
Why was I strung up like a pig ready to be bled dry upside down in the dirt? It keeps me alive.
What does? A distillation of human cerebrospinal fluid.
It contains pluripotent stem cells.
So Boyd Mulvihill did he donate? Yes.
Before he died.
Tell me about Freya.
What? What happened to her? She was my wife.
And now she's gone? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis happened to Freya.
Mortality within three years of diagnosis.
It happened a lot quicker than that.
I was so peachy last night, and now look.
What What is that? It's recent.
Something's going wrong.
What do you want? Want? A small-town drunk.
Drinking and fighting.
Couldn't save Freya.
That's what you wanted.
That's right.
All you wanted? Yes.
So what's left? Nothing's left.
You want me.
You? You can have me.
Have you like Boyd had you? Exactly like Boyd had me.
And I'll end up like Boyd? How else? Undress for me.
Show me what you are.
Both of us.
Underneath everything.
Or maybe I'll just shoot you in your fucking head and walk out of here and back into the real world.
Maybe you will.
Boyd did this? And then you killed him.
No, you did.
The only way to survive loneliness is to find someone you can share it with.
Me neither.
Those refuse sacks might float when the tissues start to decompose.
It releases gas.
Even if we weigh him down with chains.
I think I'm gonna take him out the bags and wrap him in chicken mesh.
- Chicken mesh? - Shrimp and crabs.
Various scavenging isopods, they can strip the meat right off the bone.
Some parcels might even be swallowed whole by Greenland shark.
Greenland shark? I've never heard of a Greenland shark.
Boyd would like that.
- Vincent? - I'm so sorry.
That was my fault.
I've got a lot on my mind.
Thank fuck you're not drunk.
Take the earplugs out your ears! Huh? - Who is that? - Vincent Rattrey.
He's a scientist.
Bears and shit.
Used to be hooked up with that blonde girl.
She went blind.
Yeah, some shit at work fucked her up.
What kind of shit fucked her up? She worked with that Dr Khatri.
They worked together.
Let me out here.
What's going on? You take care of Boyd and then you go back to the house.
Vincent? Vincent! Open up, Vincent! It's Ingrid.
Let me in! Lay on the floor! - What the hell is going on? - Get on the fucking floor! You smashed my window.
Get on the fucking floor! Face down now, you fucker! - Get on the floor! - Don't be ridiculous.
Face down now with your fingers laced together behind the back of your head back I'm marinading these for my dinner.
Yeah? Butchered this little fella the other day.
Been to busy to clean up the sink, Ingrid.
So shoot me.
I heard a woman scream.
There's no woman here.
Just you and me.
All right? Lars would never shoot anyone.
That's what I thought too.
And Eric, he is broken.
Dan has gone crazy.
It's your dad, isn't it? - What? - Your dad.
What about him? That's what's really upsetting you.
He nearly ran me over.
- When? - Just now.
Vincent What am I going to do about my poor dad? Vincent! It's OK.
It's OK.
- Vincent.
- Ssh.
- I know.
- I heard something.
Please say your name.
- Vincent Rattrey.
- Not authorised.
Natalie Yelburton.
Not authorised.
Please say your name.
Surinder Khatri.
Initial testing confirmed the most significant reaction to the parasite infestation was a capacity to regenerate damaged tissue.
I observed this in the Elena Ledesma patient.
Removal of sections of her liver tissue was followed by complete regeneration of the organ.
The cumulative effect of this surgery should have killed her.
But it didn't.
She died, though, after.
Also in Dan Anderssen, after his crucifixion, his wounds healed.
But what of his mind? Because at the same time as every subject experienced the benefit of tissue regeneration, it can be confirmed that in the majority, this was offset by a psychological collapse.
By a clearly observed confusion of memory, emotion and personality.
A degeneration of human empathy, which appeared to be inexorably followed by a hideous descent into psychosis and psychopathy.
And as far as I was able to ascertain, in all cases this was irreversible and resulted in a destruction of intellect and disintegration of personality, finally manifest in a tragic pattern of confusion, delusion and self-deception.
But the worst, to my mind The one subject who survived beyond an allotted human lifespan finally endured an agonising and catastrophic deliquescence.
A disintegration, a falling apart.
A horrible, unstoppable slide into agony and collapse as the component parts that make us human separate and dissolve forever.
This is Freya.
Please leave a message.
Hey, kiddo.
I just wanted to say to you Anything that's happening Anything you see going on down here See I've got a chance to maybe make things right.
To fix the stuff that I couldn't fix for you.