Fortitude (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 You and me are the same.
Billy Pettigrew wasn't eaten by a bear.
He was murdered.
- Shirley.
- No, thank you.
You were feeding her to death.
You are a beautiful little bird.
- So you were protecting me.
- You're the Governor.
And you are the Sheriff.
That's how it works.
What if Dan Anderssen loves Petra Bergen? Loves you? I know you're badly alcoholic.
Don't worry, I can change that.
I heard something.
Vincent? Oh, you're awake.
- Sore head? - Yes.
My head is sore I have some painkillers.
Would you open your mouth a little? Better? Where am I? You're in the hospital.
In an isolation room.
- And who are you? - Dr Schweitzer.
How - How did I get here? - You don't remember? No.
The police found you in a basement in a house.
You were chained up in a filthy, soiled bed.
You had been drugged with chloroform.
There was stolen, malfunctioning medical equipment.
- Chloroform? - You're safe now, Natalie.
Why am I - Why am I restrained? - You have a parasite.
- What? - Inside you.
I know what it is, this parasite.
While it's inside you, you are a danger to other people.
You know? How could you know about it? Nobody knows about this thing inside me.
Only me and Vincent know.
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? I remember your fiancée.
How she loved her food.
- Yes, she did.
- Huh.
A beautiful big Viking of a woman.
Proud and strong and full of life.
She was all of those things.
You must miss her.
I do.
But things change.
I miss Hildur.
It's so funny, you know.
We used to do this very thing, in this kitchen.
Hildur would rustle up some food and we'd sit at this table and get up to speed on everything that was concerning us in Fortitude.
- Just like we are doing right now.
- Hmm.
Hildur was a bad cook.
Was she? A great governor, poor cook.
And er Eric did he mind you and Hildur dining so intimately? Intimately? No.
No, you're right.
It was intimate.
Do you think that this is intimate now? Hmm.
I'm just fucking with you, Markus.
Hildur would cook.
And I would make us each a cocktail.
You know where everything is.
I'd try to surprise her with something she'd never had before, an Old Fashioned a Moscow Mule or a Screwdriver.
What's the main ingredient of an Old Fashioned? - Whisky.
- Screwdriver? Vodka and orange juice.
I'm going to have to step up my game here.
You know, Shirley, er Shirley was partial to a slow comfortable screw.
- Sloe gin and Southern Comfort.
- Mm-hm.
Yes, I wasn't referring to the alcoholic beverage.
Oh, Markus, you devil.
Hildur Odegard.
Hildur Odegard.
You know I was irrevocably altered by the influence of the parasite inside me.
And have you recovered from this? Oh, yes.
Well maybe not "recovered".
I have um developed.
Might even say "evolved".
- Ha.
- Hmm.
You know, all my life, I have found myself in direct moral conflict with the values of those around me in matters of love, justice, reward, human worth.
So, as Governor, how do you feel now? - I feel liberated.
- Because? Because I no longer need to kowtow and conform to petty considerations imposed by narrow-minded hypocrites and small-town bigots.
Here's to you, "Governor" Husekleppe.
The um electrician who killed himself.
Vladek Klimov.
He was a shaman.
- So I believe.
- Hm.
He nailed me to a pit prop and told me some interesting things while I was hung up there off my tits, drums and dancing.
Such as? Shamans aspire to a condition of power.
But in order to attain that power in its most pure and holy form, the shaman is required to make a profound personal transition.
The shaman believed that the most powerful kind of shaman was a female shaman, and if he wanted to become that powerful huh he must make that transition.
Someone just put their hand inside me and squeezed my heart.
Quite firmly.
I can hear a sound like bats hissing.
Hildur Odegard was a powerful governor.
The best governor Fortitude ever had.
Do you aspire to be the best governor, Markus Husekleppe? Don't eat this, there's plutonium in it.
Then the shaman's example is the one that you must embrace.
Molecules are not our friends, Daniel.
- With my assistance, of course.
- I don't know what I'm saying.
- Am I speaking right now? - Somebody is.
- Huh.
- What is this made of? Oh, well, this is crushed ice, tonic water and lime cordial.
Yours is crushed ice, tonic water, lime cordial and muscimol.
- Reindeer Juice Punch.
- That's right, sweetie.
Are you gonna kill him? Don't kill me.
I'm not gonna kill you, Markus.
I'm gonna help him become the best governor he can possibly be.
What's happening? Elsa? That's the the blonde girl Er Natalie She has a parasite inside her.
- Parasite? - I got her out, Michael.
- Got her out of where? - The research centre.
- Who infected her? - Dr Khatri's laboratory.
Khatri died but her work goes on.
Vincent Rattrey Vincent? Michael, I know how to help her.
I know what to do.
Vincent wouldn't do anything to hurt Natalie.
I have to go into town, find a pharmacy.
There are things I need for her.
If she wakes up, give her some water to drink.
Don't speak to her.
Hello? Hey! Vincent? I know this looks really terrible.
But if you could just Face down.
On the floor! Now! - Do it now! - OK! - Or I shoot you! - I know! I know this looks really awful, like a Please, just let me Agh! Jesus - Ingrid - Dan! Eric! I'm bringing Vincent Rattrey in.
Attempted hostage and murderer - Ingrid - Shut the fuck up! - You work here? - Mm-hm.
With Dr Schweitzer? I'm er just kind of an orderly.
I'm not in the medical research centre, am I? I can smell petrol and dust and damp.
There's no Dr Schweitzer, is there? She She wants something from me.
Something the parasite is doing inside me.
I have to go.
Wait, where am I? Please don't go.
Please don't leave me.
I know who you are.
Please, your voice.
I know you.
Mr Lennox.
You're Ingrid's father.
Michael, why are you doing this? - Why are you doing this! - Don't yell.
Don't yell.
- Shh.
- Please! - Please! - Shh! Please help! Help! - Please.
- No! Help, somebody, please! Somebody please help me! Please! Please! Please help! Help! I want a lawyer, now.
Straightaway before I answer any questions or you ask me any questions - You don't get a lawyer.
- Fuck off.
Norwegian law.
Kidnap victim in mortal jeopardy.
- No lawyer required.
- Life at stake.
I haven't kidnapped anybody.
- So where's Natalie Yelburton? - I want a lawyer.
Forget about it.
Where's Natalie, Vincent? She left and she went home to England.
So who escaped out of the basement leaving the empty handcuffs? No one escaped.
That was That was our consensual bondage love-making.
Two consenting adults in a sexual relationship involving sadomasochistic restraint domination, subservience, a bit of biting, nibbling.
How did you get your nose broken? Er in an incident with a Russian trawlerman.
We looked at that, that's bullshit.
- Didn't happen.
- Bullshit and nonsense.
- Natalie hit you.
- When she escaped.
From her consensual bondage.
Do you understand, Vincent, we're now looking for a body? But we don't need a body to charge you with murder.
We can charge you without the body.
There isn't one.
No one was murdered.
Cut this shit out now, Dan, he's not a fucking murderer.
- No? - How stupid are you all? Petra? I checked the passenger manifest for the last week.
Natalie Yelburton's name's not on them.
Her passport isn't in the emigration system either.
She never left Fortitude.
Get over to Vincent's house and help Ingrid out.
Look, listen to me, please.
She She was in the basement.
And now she's got out.
I don't know how because she's blind.
She can't have got anywhere on her own so somebody must have taken her.
You have to find her because she's not well.
- Ask him about the parasite.
- Did you drug her? No, I didn't.
Who Who's she? Who the fuck is that? Hey! - Get out of here.
- Sit down.
I'm in the middle of a fuckin' murder interview, so y Just sit down.
Ask him about the parasite.
Why was she restrained in the basement? Maybe she's infected.
Infected? What if Natalie is becoming like you now, Dan? What do you do about that? I don't know.
Do you find her, help her, rescue her, Dan? Hm Dan Are you OK? Did Natalie have a parasite inside her? What? Did Natalie have a parasite inside her? Wh What's that for? DCI Ingeborg Myklebust.
She was the Oslo divisional small-arms champion the last three years.
Then she broke her wrist making an arrest in a bar in Holmenkollen.
Compound fracture.
Couldn't even hold the gun.
She trained herself to shoot with her left hand.
Nine months.
On the range every evening.
That's from Myklebust's dead body.
It was in the evidence room at the mortuary.
Powder burns.
This glove is from a right hand.
Her broken wrist.
And what's your connection to DCI Myklebust? We spoke most evenings.
She kept me up-to-date with this investigation.
I'm a forensic pathologist.
You were the only one here she trusted, Eric.
The murders of Governor Erling Munk, Elena Ledesma, Vladek Klimov were all the responsibility of your sheriff.
That wasn't a shoot-out.
It was a triple execution at Lars's cabin.
Last night Ingeborg's body was taken from the mortuary.
I think it was Dan Anderssen who took her.
Why would he take her body? I think I think he is completely mad.
Why are you in the dark? I've identified semen staining all over this sofa.
That's completely irrelevant to the investigation.
It is not irrelevant to the investigation.
It is completely relevant to the investigation.
No, it's not.
How the fuck do you? Oh.
Maybe we should move on into the kitchen.
He told me the blood in the kitchen was all reindeer.
And then we made love and all the time Natalie was still in the basement.
What do you want? - Hey, kiddo.
- Dad, what is it? I just wondered where you were.
There's stuff we need to talk about.
We've just arrested Vincent Rattrey.
Arrested? What did he do? Natalie's gone missing.
I have to go now.
No, that's OK, I'll see you back at the house.
Mulvihill said you can't get drunk.
I can't.
I used to be like that.
Now you don't have to drink any more.
- No? - No.
You have me.
Time is running away from me faster and faster.
I'm running with ya.
Time you and me had this thing out once and for all! Holy fuck.
He's not in his office.
He's not answering his cellphone.
There's fresh blood on the blade of this knife.
Oh, shit.
The young man's a murder suspect? Dan shouldn't have taken him out of custody.
- Is that him? - It's the Governor.
Governor Husekleppe? Who is this? Ralfi? Wad up a towel and hold it tight against the wound, as much pressure as you can.
Come on! Gentlemen.
Can we buy our sheriff a drink? We're drinking to the memory of Lars Ulvinaune.
A great snow-plough driver and the nicest man in Fortitude.
Before he became a murdering killer, obviously.
Lars didn't murder anybody.
I throttled Lars and then I shot him through the throat.
There you go.
To Lars Ulvinaune.
The nicest man in Fortitude.
- To Lars Ulvinaune! - Lars.
- The woman I spoke to yesterday.
- Elsa.
Where does she live? - How is he? - He's alive.
- He said anything? - Nothing intelligible.
He wants to speak.
- He needs oxygen.
- No, no.
Dan! I found him.
I placed a bag of frozen petit pois on top of it in case they wanted to sew it all back on.
There's no food! Nothing to eat.
There's never anything.
Who are you? Your dad didn't tell me you were a police officer.
What? I wouldn't have guessed.
Hey! Hey, you! Hey.
Hey, kiddo.
Dad? Who the fuck is that? Er her name is Elsa.
And I am helping her out with some stuff.
Why was she upstairs with you? Come on, Ingrid Oh - Were you having sex with her? - Ingrid.
- In our house? - Ingrid.
Upstairs? - In my mum's bed? - Come on, honey.
Were you with that woman in my mum's bed? She is in trouble and I am just trying to help her out, that's all.
Mum was in trouble.
- She was in - Yes, I know.
so much trouble.
- Shrinking and shrivelling - Yes.
- every day.
- Yes.
- Getting smaller and weaker - Yes.
and less and less of her being in the room with us.
Hey, honey, I know.
And I couldn't do anything.
- None of us.
- I know.
I know.
And you didn't do anything! I know, kiddo.
Don't call me that! You are not my father! Ingrid.
Ingrid I want you to leave! Get out! No No No Dad! Dr Khatri described what's happening to me as "scorbutic liquefaction".
What the hell is that? When the body's connective materials begin to fail at a cellular level.
The scorbutic liquefaction will involve profound lethargy, internal and external bleeding followed by the rapid disintegration of different tissue layers and organs.
All this accompanied by the collapse of cognitive faculties as the brain turns to mush.
Jesus, Elsa, is there something we can do about this? The procedures I've employed so far will become less and less effective and I'll require more donors.
Like Mulvihill? Yes.
The blind girl.
- Natalie.
- Mm-hm.
A transfusion from someone who already hosts the parasite might be definitive.
You mean a cure? Yes.
Yes, a cure.
I see.
Hey, Dan! It's Eric.
You in there? Dan? Show yourself! He's not here.
You let this happen.
I'm so sorry.
You were here.
You know this man.
Jesus! - That smell.
Jesus! - Bodies.
You hear that? Euch! Jesus.
Now! - I'll get the ambulance.
- It's OK.
I need an ambulance.
The Sheriff's house.
I don't know the address.
Who are you? - I'm from Oslo.
- Oslo? Yes.
I'm with her.
Detective Chief Inspector Ingeborg Myklebust.
- Dan Anderssen murdered her.
- You are breaking and entering.
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me, Petra? Petra! Get in here! Help me with him! His heart's stopped.
When I say, pinch his nose and blow into his lungs Natalie? Natalie Yelburton? Natalie? Hey, Natalie! Where is she? Well, I'd probably look in the garage.
You know my heart's stopped? Mm-hm.
They're trying to re-start it right now, in the ambulance.
But my brain's been starved of oxygen for 15 minutes.
So I might be Vincent, I don't have time to listen to your whining.
Natalie? I might be intellectually compromised.
It's OK, it's OK.
Shh, it's OK, it's OK.
Oh! Oh, God! Thank you.
Please - Please get this stuff off me! - It's OK, it's OK.
- Please? - Keep still.
You're safe now.
Please take my bandages off.
- Sheriff? - I found you.
You found me.
Oh, God I can't I can't believe Dan I can see.
I can see.
Oh! I never believed that this madness could possibly Hey.
Where are we? - We're at the airport.
- No.
What? Michael Michael Michael? No Hello.
The girl you're looking for.
- Natalie Yelburton - I can't wait a lot longer, Michael.
She's at the rental house on the fjord.
Dad, where are you? Never mind that.
Ingrid I can't stay here any longer.
I can't live like this.
I'm no good here any more.
I love you, kiddo.
Bye-bye, baby.
I love you.
I love you too.
Michael, listen to me.
Listen to me.
We need to go back to the house cos I don't have much longer.
- I'm not gonna let you die alone.
- My strength is We need to get the girl, honey.
There's a hospice.
It's in Bergen.
I'll take you there.
I'll stay with you until the end, Elsa.
No, Michael - I'll stay with you.
- No Until it's over.
I can Ingrid, Petra, you check the house.
Get off him! No! Call an ambulance! Is he going to make it? Eric, there's so much blood loss, so much damage Teeny lights.
At the back of your eyes.
In outer space.
All your teeny little lights going out now, Dan.
My sheriff.
One, by one, by one.
Hildur? I've been waiting for this, you fucker.
I've been waiting for you.
Yagh! Come on! Thing is, Sheriff.
Thing you probably fucking knew Argh! Argh! When you're eaten alive by one of these monsters Agh! it's like it never fucking stops.
It takes longer than all the fucking life you lived before it started! The shamans tell us you can't cross over into the land of the dead on your own.
Someone who loves you has to come and get you.
Lead you from the land of the living.
Your mother.
Your lover.
Your oldest, dearest friend.
But there's only you.
There's no one, Dan.
Henry! Henry! Agh! Is everything all right? Everything's fine.
Elsa? All good.