Fortunate Son (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Eve of Destruction

1 - Previously on Fortunate Son - It's a phone tap.
I want you to put it into the phone at the Howard house.
- Got anything? - Linda Plotnick.
I should have been with her.
- Don't hurt him! - He set the bomb in her car! We want the good people of Canada to be afraid of activists and draft dodgers.
Leave no one behind, right? Any other evidence turn up from forensics? - Incidental items, keys, things like that? - Not really, no.
- Why is he asking about keys? - What happened to Destiny? Misadventure.
Destiny? Get off of me! Let me go! Destiny, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay! I didn't have the C-4 wired up, Travis.
- I swear to God I didn't.
- What happened? There was this girl, and she asked me if I had any pot, and I said, "Yeah, in my car", right? So she just goes and gets it and and it just God, that poor kid.
It's okay.
Hey, tell me about the guy who gave you the key.
What did he look like? He was an older guy.
He knew a lot about Che Guevara, you know, he said he was part of the revolution, like an advance wave or something.
And I saw him later and he acted like, really cold.
And he told me to meet him at River Park - and he never showed up.
- No one can know you're here.
I'll try to figure out a way to get you out of town, but no lights, - no fire, no noise, nothing.
- We can tell Ralph, though, right? No.
Look, the police are gonna figure out it wasn't you.
And when they do, whoever came after you will come again.
They won't miss this time.
What's so important you couldn't wait? Thanks.
The medical examiner called.
It wasn't her.
Wasn't who? What are you talking about? The dead girl in the car.
It was someone else.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
Linda Plotnick's death's all over the news.
How come she hasn't come out and said: "I'm not dead, I'm right here"? Maybe she thinks someone's trying to kill her.
So what does she do then? She hides.
And who's she hiding from? I'm starting to not like where this is going.
Yeah, me neither.
We need to find out what that opens.
I think I know that symbol.
- Morning.
- Travis! - Good morning, come on in.
- I hope I'm not here too early.
No, no.
Not at all.
Just getting the day going around here.
- Can I get you coffee? - Yeah, please.
By the way, Sandro called looking for Lawrence.
Apparently, he took his bag and disappeared.
Did he say anything to you? He mentioned going to Prince George to look for work.
Some guys start running and they can't stop.
So Ruby tells me you'll be staying with us for a while? Yes, I told Travis he's welcome to a room here for as long as he needs.
I plan to work so I can help out with the bills.
I'm sorry, when was someone gonna tell me about this? - Ellen! - So he's staying in the spare room? Across the hall, sharing the bathroom? Travis.
Welcome, man.
This is gonna be great.
This is just great.
- I'll get a room at stoner's dorm.
- Ellen, don't be rude.
No, it's fine.
I can just turn my life upside-down whenever you feel like it, but I'm the one that's being rude.
- Unbelievable.
- Look, maybe this is a bad idea Sit down! We are a family.
We have shared values and we love each other, contrary to all appearances.
There have been challenges since we left Princeton, but families work together to overcome difficulty.
That is what they do, and no matter what we've gone through, it is nothing compared to what this young man has endured, what he has endured for his country, and we owe him.
We owe him our respect and our gratitude and our help.
But most of all, we owe him our best efforts to change the morally-corrupt government of our former country so that a senseless war like Vietnam never happens again.
Now, Travis will take the spare room, and I'm going to the church for one last push for Bobby Kennedy, and I would very much like the support and cooperation of my family.
Any questions? In that case Travis, what can I get you for breakfast? Hello! I'm sorry, is this a bad time? - So who is she, then? - No idea, but we know who she isn't.
Check the missing persons, gimme some names, and I'll check them up with dental records.
But Linda Plotnick's family - must be informed first.
- Absolutely.
It's just this is an ongoing investigation, so we really need to Which requires your police chief to announce someone's dead when they're not? Okay.
We totally understand how that can annoy you.
Annoy? This is not me annoyed, this is me laughing.
Your numb nuts police chief's gonna have to wear this.
We just need a day or two, that's it.
Someone could lose a job over this.
- It won't be me.
- Twenty-four hours, please, Doris.
We wanna be the ones who find Linda Plotnick.
Thank you, Doris.
Thank you.
No one's been in the explosives lockup for weeks.
Well, just humour us, okay? It's locked.
I'm the only one with a key.
This one.
It never leaves my key ring, and my key rings never leave my pocket.
See? No one broke in.
Well, we've got a key here we'd like to try.
It won't work.
Can't copy this key.
Even if Son of a bitch.
The next primary is in Illinois.
We need to get these out to start laying the groundwork in Chicago.
Do they have the fact sheets inside? - Yes.
- So I can seal them? No, wait Oh, dammit! - Oh, shit! - Okay, okay.
- I got it, I got it.
- Jesus! Hey, hey.
It's alright.
It's just coffee.
No, it's not that, it's it's just I'm sorry, I don't usually I just can't believe I went off on my family like that this morning.
I'm sorry you had to be there for that.
I kinda feel like it was my fault.
No, it's not.
It is not your fault, not at all.
Ellen doesn't seem to be on the same page with the rest of the family.
Well, I think it's probably her age.
She needs to distance herself from her parents.
It's part of growing up.
Is she mad about something? Yeah.
I think the move to Canada.
- That's hard on her.
- Why'd you leave the US? Did something happen? Yes.
But you can't change the past, can you? No, ma'am.
Stuff goes wrong sometimes and changes everything.
- Thanks for the lift.
- Mrs.
Studemeyer? I'm Travis Hunter.
I served with your son in Vietnam.
He talked about you in his letters.
Everyone in his unit was family, he said, but only you were his brother.
Oh, he loved his car.
I know he must have told you about it.
- Yes, ma'am.
- He kept it just so.
He planned on driving Highway 66 in it, did he tell you that? Yes.
Look, you should know that what they said happened - at Cam Lo - Doesn't matter now.
Nothing can bring him back.
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
If he'd had a brother, his brother would have this car now.
But I can't sell it.
And I can't leave it in the garage like this.
Hey, man.
Thanks for stopping.
You want me to drive? I want you to take the car.
I don't want it.
Take it, help me out, please.
Peace, brother.
Are you leaving? What does it look like? I don't wanna share a bathroom - with you and your new friend the drug addict.
- Ellen, come on! Travis really isn't that bad.
I mean, he's cool.
What's Why are you freaking out? Look, I know you're still upset over Destiny, but I can't do this anymore, Ralph.
Dad is walking around like a ghost and Mom is all revved up all the time, trying to reinvent the world.
I just feel like we're props in her puppet show.
End the war, elect Bobby, world peace! That's how you feel about it? Then yeah, you should go.
She's trying a little hard, don't you think? I mean, that whole rah-rah speech this morning about overthrowing the government? Come on! Look, okay, she's wrong about how to do it, but she's not wrong.
I don't want to overthrow anything.
I just want a normal life.
A normal life? Working in a bank, propping up a corrupt system? That's what you want? Well, then yeah, you know what? You should go.
I mean, Mom tries, and all you do is make her unhappy.
I didn't make Mom unhappy.
Somebody else did that.
Okay, well, have a good life.
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Destiny! I thought you were dead! Everyone thinks that you're dead! I know.
I was hiding.
Someone tried to kill me.
It's the pigs.
I don't know.
Hey, why didn't you come to me? I was afraid.
Travis found me in the cabin last night.
- Travis? - Yeah.
Told me to stay hidden, not let anyone know I was there.
Let people think I died in the explosion, but I saw you and I couldn't help myself.
Travis is gonna help me sneak out of town.
Okay, I'm coming with you.
- Ralph, you can't.
- Hey, hey.
I lost you once and I'm not losing you again.
- Queen or beaver? - Beaver all day.
Beaver it is.
Okay, so we tell him about the demolition shed and Linda Plotnick.
We were putting our lives on the line protecting the country, and he was like Like that girl who blew herself up, Destiny.
That's the type of loon we're talking about here.
It's the press.
Her real name was Linda, of course.
She had explosives and she was trained in how to use them.
Yeah, no, I'll I'll go on record.
Yeah, no problem.
Alright, bye-bye.
So, what do you guys have for me? We've been investigating that explosion case.
Oh, that's a relief.
Here I thought you were just coming to take my lunch order.
- Lots of dead ends so far, Chief.
- You know, I thought you two would've at least run a report at the examiner's office for me, but apparently not.
We're working on it, Chief.
- Well, come back when you have something.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, hey, hey, hold on.
It was beaver.
We were supposed to tell him.
How did he know? How did he know what? That Linda Plotnick uses the name Destiny.
We never told him that.
So who is he talking to, and why is he not telling us about it? What are you doing? Uh, studying.
And you brought a suitcase? Need some change of circumstances? Yes.
Time to move on.
Yes, well, good luck.
Thank you.
I know of a place.
Colleague of mine is on sabbatical.
Basement suite in his house.
I could inquire if you like.
Yes, that would be so amazing! Uh-huh.
- Can you manage this? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know where the key is.
I'll take care of it.
- It's yours.
- Thank you so much.
Now, um I'm going on a limb for you here with my colleague.
You're not gonna get homesick in a couple of days, or some boyfriend No, no, it's not like that.
My mother and I have been clashing for a while now.
The last couple years, especially.
I mean, not good, but You know what I mean.
Um, I have a class.
- Okay.
- I'll drop you off there tonight.
- Meet me here at nine? - Sure, yeah.
Something wrong with the phone in his office? Son of a bitch.
- It's a drop.
- Let me see.
- What's he got? - It's a big envelope.
Kelly's on the take, we gotta follow this up.
- We can get fired on this, you know? - Yeah.
I got a wife and a kid, I mean, you got what, - a budgie or something? - It's a parrot.
I'm just saying you can let it go.
I know you don't want to, but it is an option.
I don't care about hippies or draft dodgers, or even people having drugs.
Really, I don't.
But this is Canada.
We don't put up with dirty cops.
We just don't.
Guess we could tap that pay phone.
We'd never get a warrant.
It'd be illegal.
And anything he says wouldn't be admissible.
True but at least we'd know.
You bastard.
Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me, man? - She's alive.
- You can't say a word to anyone.
I don't know who's after her.
Oh, it's the pigs.
It has to be.
Whoever it is, she's gotta get out of town as soon as possible.
No, she's not going anywhere without me.
People think she's dead.
You, they'll look for.
You can't go with her.
Ellen moved out.
Maybe I will too.
- What do you mean, she moved out? - She packed her bags and left.
Took off.
Don't do anything.
And not a word to anyone.
- Okay? - Yeah, yeah, okay.
Do I know you? You look real familiar.
- Doesn't he look familiar to you? - Dunno.
Kinda, maybe.
Yeah, we're uh we're police officers.
I'm Ross McLeod.
William Sullivan.
Did I do something wrong? I don't know, did ya? Oh wait, I know who you are.
You're Sandro's friend, right? - Yeah.
- Staying at the Howard house.
Ralph Howard's cousin from Dartmouth.
What's your name again? Travis Enzo.
You know, I have an aunt that lives in Dartmouth.
On Fairbanks Street near Dillman Park.
- You know it? - Sure.
Oh wait, wait, is it Fairbanks or Fairview? 'Cause I always get them mixed up.
Which is it? Well, if Travis says it's Fairbanks, it must be Fairbanks, 'cause he'd know, right? Look, we're investigating that explosion down by the river.
- You know anything about that? - Just what I saw on the news.
Car belonged to a girl went by the name of Destiny.
Do you know her? No.
She was involved in a bomb scare that we had.
Some good citizen called in a tip and averted disaster.
- We are very grateful for that person.
- Mm-hmm.
Regardless of where they come from or how they got into this country.
I heard Destiny got blown up in that explosion.
Yeah, looks that way.
But on the off chance that it wasn't her in the car, maybe she's hiding out somewhere.
Not that we're looking for her.
No, 'cause not getting blown up in an explosion isn't a crime, right? Maybe she knew something about the people that are after her.
We can maybe help her out.
Well, your chief seems pretty convinced she's dead.
There's no reason to think otherwise, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess not.
Nice to finally meet you, Travis.
The police stopped me today.
- Plainclothes? - Yeah.
They said they're investigating the explosion.
They acted like they knew it was me at the border.
Ah, nothing's gonna happen there.
- How do you know? - Did you get arrested? No.
You're fine.
- You get the bug into the house? - Yeah.
The daughter moved out.
Ran away, maybe.
You should help Ruby get her back.
She will love you for that.
Plus, you need her.
She may know other family friends from Princeton.
She can get you names.
Ellen's around your age, right? You should get to know her.
You may be her type.
You wanna help yourself, go ahead.
You know, when this is over, I'm done with you.
But will I be done with you? What's the matter? You don't like this type of work? How do you think America protects itself? When it comes to Mr.
Trudeau, it seems like we're electing a Beatle or something for Prime Minister.
- Thank God you're home.
- Just grabbing a bite.
There's a ferret loose in the ion source line.
- She won't come out.
- Has Ellen called you? No, why? She packed her bag and left.
She what? She left? What do you mean, left? Where'd she go? Ralph told me she told him she was moving out.
Well, she's not moving out.
I mean, she's probably a little ticked at your, uh, State of the Union address this morning.
- Can't say I blame her for that.
- So you're blaming me? Well, no, I'm actually hoping not to take sides.
You know, Paris peace talks.
All I really want is a ceasefire.
Look, uh We can just give her some space.
She just needs a chance to make her own decisions, okay? Yeah? She came back for some liver pâté.
Okay, That's brilliant.
We'll be ready to run the test as soon as you're back.
Uh twenty minutes.
Where's Ralph? He said he wanted to stay in the cabin.
He's still pretty shaken up about Destiny.
- Is he doing any better? - Uh, actually, I think he is, yeah.
He seems a little more chipper.
Maybe you're right, maybe it's, uh because Travis is here.
Speaking of which, what are your plans for Travis? Working on getting his Canadian documentation, maybe finding him a job.
I also thought it would be a good idea for him to go back to school, finish his degree.
Okay, you've got a you've got a real blind spot for that kid.
It's not a blind spot.
I just want to see him settled.
No, it's a blind spot.
Anyway, I gotta go.
And don't worry, Ellen will come back.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help with the apartment and for the ride there.
I'm not totally sure where it is.
No rush, though.
Have a seat.
These evening classes are so exhausting.
I find it nice to take a breath before I head home.
Oh, I don't actually drink scotch.
Hm! Well, try it.
It's an acquired taste.
Hm it's not my thing.
What is your thing? Hippie activist family, but you work in a bank and you study economics? Flower power, drugs and free love don't suit you? Maybe law school.
Well, yeah, that's that's what I'm thinking.
Well, you're gonna need good marks for that.
Whoa! It's okay.
It's just us.
No, no, um look, I hope I didn't give you the wrong idea, - but I'm not gonna do that.
- It's just that, um, it's a free market world, Ellen.
Everything has a value.
Including your mark.
I earned my mark.
Have you? I'm not so sure.
I said no! Is it no to the apartment? Is it no to a first-class mark in your course? Well, if you change your mind, you know where I am.
I look at you and I can't believe this is happening to me.
It's like a door opened and you let all the light in.
I know I shouldn't say this, but I never want you to leave.
You know, Ralph, staying in one place is how all the trouble starts.
You can be free too, Ralph.
You just have to be free in your mind first.
You know, see the possibilities and make them real.
Like Che.
Yeah, like Che.
I have some ass you'd love.
What's going on? I have nowhere else to go.
What happened? I I moved out, and my professor was gonna try and get me an apartment, but then he, um Oh no! Are you okay? Can I crash here? Of course you can.
- Stay as long as you need.
- Thanks.
Library's closed.
Talked to security, - they don't remember her.
- Oh She's probably staying with a friend.
Ellen doesn't really have any friends.
- Well, that you know of.
- Right, that I know of.
She really makes me feel like I let her down.
Maybe I have.
Well, it was kind of a surprise for her this morning.
No, I'm not talking about that.
It started a few years ago.
I was involved with this group in the States and we wanted to do something big.
Direct action.
Someone made a stupid mistake, and an innocent person was killed.
All our lives changed after that.
The FBI was suddenly all over everyone.
Phones were tapped, people were followed, threatened That paranoia gets inside your head and starts to eat away at you.
At all your relationships.
But it was a group.
You don't have to take responsibility for it all by yourself.
It's complicated.
Did the others come to Canada too? One was caught and is in prison.
Another joined the Black Panthers.
We all paid a price in one way or another.
Kids don't know about it, but they can feel it.
They can tell.
Anything? No.
Look, she has a shift at the bank tomorrow, so she'll turn up there.
Remember when she was five and she decided to take her dolls to the zoo by herself? We found her down at the park at the end of the street, she was having a - a tea party.
- Yeah.
She is a very, very strong-willed young woman and she will be alright.
Ralph! Wake up! - Wake up! - Ah, cold! I made us a fire.
Oh no, no, no, Destiny, we shouldn't have fires.
You need to warm up, you're shivering.
- What are you smiling about? - Last night, I saw the path.
- Hm? - Our path.
Ralph, it's so clear to me now.
- It's hilariously obvious.
- What is it? Cuba, baby! Cuba! You two better be walking in here with my medical examiner's report.
Yeah, um, bit of a surprise there.
Not the right girl.
Her remains don't match Linda Plotnick.
It's some other girl.
- I went on TV, for Christ's sake.
- Yeah.
Well, we didn't have the report yet when you did that, so Well, if it wasn't her in the car, where the hell is she? Alive, I guess.
Find out where.
And find her.
You want us to follow the girl who didn't die and not the one who did? I want you to follow both.
And gentlemen, not a word of this to anyone yet.
Now get out.
Go! - [Lang?.]
- [Yeah.
[It wasn't her.
In the car.
It wasn't Linda Plotnick.
[It was some other hippie.
So what that means.]
- [I know what it means.
- So what do you want me to do? [Nothing.
Do nothing.
Who the hell is Lang? Ruby told me she was part of a group in the US and they did something that went wrong.
That's what we thought.
Why didn't you tell me? The less you know going in, the better.
That way, she trusts you.
She'll tell you things that she won't even tell her own husband.
That's what I wanted.
What I need to know next is who else was with her in Petersburg.
She said one of the others joined the Black Panthers.
That means she's in touch with at least one of them.
It's good, Travis.
Everyone gathering at the house tonight - for the election results? - Yeah.
So, kitchen party.
Should be a fun surprise.
You ever been salmon fishing? No.
Flasher brings 'em in, and then the hook is hidden behind all the way back here, buried in the herring bait.
It's the oldest sleight of hand in the world.
We have an unexpected problem, Travis.
The girl who was found in the car wasn't Destiny.
Oh Do you want me to try and find her? She'll turn up.
Your mom's here.
Oh, I'm so glad you're safe.
I I stayed with Brigitte last night.
Well, maybe you could have let us know.
I love you very much and I hate it when we fight and I would really like it if you would come home.
I just I just want things to be normal.
I know you do.
California primary results are coming in tonight, the house is gonna be full of people but I will kick them out.
- No.
- I will.
No, it's okay, really.
Please don't.
Honey, what's wrong? Uh, I'll come when my shift is over.
Alright, that's good.
Yeah, I will be home for the election results and yeah, I'll talk to her.
Yeah, I know.
Is that them? - Well? - Clean test.
Ion source line is contaminant free.
Yes! Ferret power! So what do ferrets eat other than liver pâté? Anything she wants.
I'm gonna get this to Parker.
We're back in the laser beam business! In a close race, Robert F.
Kennedy has claimed victory over Eugene McCarthy in the California primary.
McCarthy with 42% of the vote.
I thank all of you who made this possible this evening.
All of the effort that you made and all of the people whose names I haven't mentioned who did all of the work at the precinct level, - who got out the vote - That's us! I was a campaign manager eight years ago and I know what a difference that kind of an effort and that kind of a commitment make.
So I thank all of you Mayor Yorty has just sent me a message that we've been here too long already.
So, my thanks to all of you, and now it's on to Chicago and let's win there.
Thank you.
Who wants a drink? Another beer, wine? Beer? Wine? Don't forget to eat.
Who wants some food? - Welcome home.
- Thank you.
- Find a place to stay last night? - Yeah, Brigitte took me in.
I thought I had a place lined up, but it fell through.
What happened? I trusted the wrong guy.
Professor Druskin thinks I need to earn my mark between the sheets.
I disagreed and he flunked me.
He changed your mark because you wouldn't put out? Yeah, go figure, right? I I can't graduate without that course.
I can't apply to law school.
Don't tell my mom, okay? - Yeah.
- This is her night.
We have some news out of California.
It appears Robert Kennedy has just been shot.
He had just finished his speech and was making his way out of the of the hotel.
We don't know much more.
Please stand by for a moment.
Yes, we have confirmation.
Robert Kennedy has been shot by an unknown assailant.
It happened in the kitchen of the hotel as the senator was making his way through the crowds.
Maybe he survived.
They haven't said he's dead.
There's chaos and confusion at the Ambassador Hotel right now.
No one seems to know exactly what happened, only that there were shots in the kitchen and that Robert Kennedy has been hit.
- Police and ambulances are arriving - Everybody.
It is not known at this point, how many shooters may be involved.
This is a time to be with your families.
Us too.
- Please.
- Everybody, let's go.
Hey, you don't have to go.
You live here now.
Be with your family.
whether Senator Kennedy has survived this attack.
A moment, please.
We're now being told that the senator is being moved to an ambulance - Hey.
- presumably headed for a local hospital Hey.
Yes, the senator has been taken away.
We will of course keep you informed if there's any further news on the senator's condition.
Office hours are over.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Give Ellen Howard the mark she earned.
Oh, right.
Who are you supposed to be, the intimidating boyfriend? - Here you go.
- Whoa, whoa! Hey! Jesus! You know, just about every guy in Nam has a lighter.
We get 'em engraved so they don't get mixed up.
You wanna know what mine says? I want you to get out.
That's what I want.
Get It says "Death is my business, and business is good".
It's cute, huh? Change the mark.

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