Fortunate Son (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

For What It's Worth

1 - Previously on Fortunate Son.
- Whoa! No, no! (MAN): He changed your mark because you wouldn't put out? I have nowhere else to go.
The remains don't match Linda Plotnick.
It's some other girl.
It's a phone tap.
Voice activated.
You bastard! She's alive.
Thought you were dead.
- Everyone gathering at the house tonight? - (CHEERING) - Kitchen party.
- It appears Robert Kennedy has just been shot.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) (TED KENNEDY): My brother need not be idealized or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life.
To be remembered simply as a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it.
Those of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will someday come to pass for all the world.
In our time of trouble, we ask God to show us the path.
We have lost Martin Luther King and now Bobby Kennedy.
But we must remember what they both asked of us.
They asked us to find hope in despair peace in the throes of war, kindness in the face of evil.
They ask us to welcome those who are different than us to resist the forces of intolerance, greed and self-interest.
And our efforts, individually and collectively, can still bring about change, Even though powerful forces are working against us, we can still prevail! Let us pray.
(PAPER RUSTLING) (THEME MUSIC) - (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) - (BELL TOLLING) It's, uh it's a horrible day, we're gonna get past it.
You should go back to work.
Parker won't like you taking the time off.
Ruby, as bad as it is, maybe this is an opportunity to to reset our priorities, to focus on the kids again, on each other.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Your father's going back to work.
Let's go home.
Uh, I have something I need to do at the university.
- You're gonna be okay? - Yeah.
I'll be fine.
- Come on, babe.
- Uh, Ruby! Don't go yet! You need to talk to them.
See you later.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SANDRO): We have to stay together right now.
It's more important than ever.
(INDISTINCT OVERLAPPING CHATTER) We have to be there for each other.
It is very important.
One day at a time for each other.
They can't kill ideas with bullets.
If we stop working for change, they win.
So, we need to help each other heal now, and then we need to get back to work because people are still dying in Vietnam.
So as much as we want to, we can't stop.
Right on.
- (TYPING ON TYPEWRITER) - (PHONE RINGING) Well, how about that, eh? Some guy in the kitchen.
Kennedy, now he was encouraging these foreign agitators and lowlife hippies, so it's what he got for his trouble.
You watch.
I talked to Mrs.
Kelly's hairdresser.
Apparently, the Kellys have come into some money - recently.
- How do you know a hairdresser? I introduced myself off-hours.
Oh, I see.
No, you don't see.
Anyway, the point is they put a down payment on a boat.
A new mink stole for the missus.
This guy is on the take.
Huh You know you get kind of pink when you're angry? Pinker than normal? This is an inspired sight! You should have a little sign that says "Police at work".
Well, what have you got? The Plotnick girl, Destiny, - whatever she calls herself.
- Checked with border patrol, nothing about her trying to get in the U.
Canvassed the parks? Asked the hippies what happened to her? The hippies don't like talking to us.
Of course not, you look like narcs.
Find her.
She's a murder suspect, and if she's on my turf, I want her.
- Murder suspect? - She sent that poor kid to her car and then blew it up.
- That's murder in my books.
Can I help you with something? Uh, I told my husband I had to run in and pee.
Seems like I have to pee every 20 minutes these days.
Oh, right.
- The restroom's just - I don't actually have to pee.
- I'm looking for Sandro.
- Sandro? - I am Sandro.
- I'm Megan Ferris.
Megan, welcome.
Where is your husband? He's in the car.
- Why not bring him in? - Okay, but first, there's something I should probably tell you.
(BIRDS SQUAWKING) - You built a fire? - We were cold.
Look, I told you not to build a fire! I could smell the smoke from the road.
- You keep these curtains closed.
- Travis if the cops haven't found me by now, they're not going to.
- They think I'm dead.
- Do you want my help or not? I'm gonna try and get you out of town, but for now, you do what I say, both of you.
Understood? And close those curtains too.
(DOOR CLOSING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - You had no right to hide - my recall letter from me.
- You can't go back to Vietnam.
The doctor said you're unfit for duty.
You know, we have a committee here to help get you resettled in Canada.
I'm not a deserter! If I have to go back to Vietnam, I will.
Technically, you already failed to report, so "Let's have a vacation in Canada before the baby comes".
Did you think I'd just turn my back on my country - and become a Canadian? - Yes.
If you go back to Vietnam and survive, it'll still destroy you.
And if you're destroyed, - so am I.
- We're going home.
If you go back, you go back alone.
He's falling apart, but he won't admit it.
If you saw him at night The doctor said there was no way they should try to recall him, but they did.
And the baby's coming in September.
Would you excuse me for a minute? Yeah.
Did you know she didn't tell him about this? No.
I would never have agreed to this.
Of course it's crazy, but it takes a lot of courage.
Or desperation.
- You go home.
- I'll take care of this.
(TYPING NOISE) - (WOMAN): Yes? - Uh, my name is Ellen Howard.
I'm a fourth-year economics student, and I want to file a complaint.
My professor made an inappropriate suggestion.
He, uh he suggested that I needed to have sex with him to get a good mark.
- Is that what he said? - He implied it.
Implied, well - It was very clear.
- Mm-hmm.
And I want to file a formal complaint.
A formal complaint is a serious matter.
You want to be sure that in your disappointment over a bad mark, you didn't misunderstand.
I didn't misunderstand.
They'll say that your attraction to your professor contributed to leading behaviour on your part.
- - That's - That's not what happened.
- I see it a lot, honey.
And if you make a fuss, it will go badly for you.
It generally does.
I, um want to speak to the dean, - please.
- It's not gonna happen.
His schedule is full all week.
I'll put it in writing.
(FOOTSTEPS RECEDING) - Is this everything? - I found some newspaper clippings.
- Look like she been hiding them.
- What were they about? Petersburg.
Fire at the draft board office, - the dead security guard.
- Good.
We're making progress.
I'm gonna need to know the names of the others involved.
She's not gonna tell me that.
Ah, she will eventually.
She may not say their names out loud, but we will find them.
Did you know Ruby's father is a U.
senator, Robert Harden? He's the one on the news - investigating the FBI budget.
- That's right.
I read that he's planning to run for president.
What's your point? I'm just wondering if it's a coincidence that Ruby's father is fighting the director of the FBI who are tracking his daughter.
It's a good question.
But it's the wrong one.
The question should be what information can I get for you, sir? - Right.
- (WOMAN): Calvin, it's me.
(CALVIN): I didn't think I was gonna hear from you again.
Now you're up in Canada with the moose and the polar bears and whatever.
- Haha! - [Sorry.
- [I'm just surprised is all.
- Oh, I know.
I - I shouldn't have called in.
- [Don't hang up.
[You knew this was coming, right?.]
[They were never gonna let Bobby win.
[Even if they did, they'd never let him change anything.
- I don't believe that.
- [Yeah, you do.
[That's why you called.
[You don't know what to do next.
[You shouldn't be in Canada.
You know why I'm here.
[We should be together.
This is where the battle ground is.
This is where your heart is.
I'm not like I was in Petersburg.
I don't know why I called.
It was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
(DOOR CLOSING) Hey, sorry I didn't come to the service this morning.
It's alright.
(TRAVIS): You know, I didn't notice this before.
I didn't recognize him at first because he's - younger in the photo.
- So am I.
Yeah, but then I saw him on the news.
Senator Harden, right? Yeah.
He's been making life miserable for the FBI in the Appropriations committee.
Of course, that's his singular talent: making people miserable.
He said on the news he might run for president.
Oh, well, we'll see.
They tried to draft him before and he's backed away.
You know, that thing you were involved in, the direct action, did your father know about it? No.
Hoping to keep it that way.
You know, my family, we don't talk politics.
The Hunter family only ever votes one way.
No discussion required, you know.
Would your father have voted for Bobby Kennedy? Ha! No, ma'am.
And I wouldn't dare argue with him.
No? I argued with my father constantly.
In fact, he encouraged it.
"Defend your ideas or be prepared to change them".
Even though we disagreed about so many fundamental issues, I was still taught that it was our responsibility to serve others, to leave the world a better, kinder place.
I was taught to serve in a different way, I guess.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? It's Sandro.
He needs your help.
If you're thinking about going back across the border, they'll put you in a stockade by tomorrow.
You're already AWOL.
I was in the shit too.
Operation Kentucky was my last action.
Khe Sanh.
I was driving a deuce and a half.
I had to stop to fix a flat, and we lost touch with the convoy.
They caught us on open ground.
Tires were my responsibility.
You can't save those guys now.
No one can.
And you go back, no one can save you.
And it's a war for nothing.
Your wife made a tough call for you, it took a lot of courage.
You need to listen to her.
- Hi! - Hey.
- I'm Ellen.
My mom, Ruby, told me what was going on.
I figured you'd need some better pillows.
There's some other stuff in here too, but - It's nice of you, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Sorry, I'm just It's just sinking in that I'm gonna have my baby in another country, possibly by myself.
(MEGAN SNIFFLING) Well, there's people here that can help you.
But you're right, it's not the same as family.
We, uh, we moved here from the U.
two years ago.
Basically, all my mom does now is help people come across the border.
Our house is like the underground welcome wagon, except without the cookies.
You don't sound very thrilled to be here.
- Hmm, I'm not.
- Yeah.
Hey, Canada's alright, I guess.
It's kind of like low-Cal America, except the cigarettes and beer are weird.
Megan? - - Oh, Wayne.
Oh, God! I'm so sorry, babe.
I should have told you.
I'm so sorry.
(MAN 2): There's a deserter named Wayne Ferris - at the church.
Pick him up.
- (MAN 1): I thought you wanted to handle stuff like that yourself.
(MAN 2): Why do you think I'm paying you? - That's the same guy as before.
- Lang.
You wanna make a splash this time.
Pick up the deserter and make it noisy.
- Yes, sir.
- (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) LANG: [The guy Ruby called was Calvin Green.
- Was he on your list? - [He's a background player for the Panthers.
Logistics, weapons, money.
If we can turn him, then we can get to all of them.
And now we know he was at Petersburg, so This is nice work, [Travis.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING) - - You still there? [Yeah.
Is something bothering you? Yeah.
Yeah, the kitchen party.
You knew about Kennedy before it happened.
Don't go down that road, Travis.
[While everyone was tackling Sirhan,.]
someone else set the hook.
[You have an overactive imagination,.]
- [my friend.
- Are you saying I'm wrong? There's a new deserter at the church Wayne Ferris.
[But that's not news to you, is it?.]
- I just met him yesterday.
- [The police are gonna.]
[pick him up and turn him over to us.
Why not do what you did last time? Because we want to make a splash this time.
You'll see.
Just make sure we get him.
Hey, Ted.
Do you want a ride home? Oh! Unless you, uh No, I I'd love a ride.
I'm totally wiped tonight.
(TED): Look, I just want you to know if you have a relationship with someone - You mean with that guy? - No, I I just mean if you do, I don't want you to feel like I'm gonna rat you out - to Parker or anything.
- I would never do that, and certainly wouldn't be indiscrete about your personal life.
Hey, um I met him at Victor's.
He probably thinks there's more to it than I do.
I don't really want to get into it more than that.
- - Sure.
(TYPING ON TYPEWRITER) His name is Wayne Ferris, U.
He's a deserter.
I want you to pick him up.
We're gonna send him back where he belongs.
You'll find him - at that hippie church.
- Um What? What about Linda Plotnick? I thought you wanted us to look for her.
Am I the only one who can manage more than one task at a time? Is there a reason you want this deserter in particular? I mean, you can't throw a rock around here without hitting one.
Yes, there is a reason.
Now, go get him.
- (WOMAN): I wanna go to town.
- No, we can't.
Destiny, somebody tried to blow you up; aren't you like even a little concerned about that? Yeah, of course, but everyone thinks I'm dead.
Like, even your parents.
I mean, nobody's gonna be looking for me anymore.
It's kind of fun being dead.
No, wait.
Come on.
I can be like, invisible.
You know? With sunglasses and kerchief.
You know, just Yeah, but Travis told us to stay in the cabin; we should stay in the cabin.
So? Travis isn't your dad.
You don't have to do what Travis says.
I'm gonna go to town to get some hash.
You can stay here if you want.
Wait, wait, wait! Just wait a bit.
At least, I don't know, let me get you some clothes.
I could probably borrow some of my sister's old stuff.
Yeah, I don't really think your sister's my style.
I think that's the point though, right? You don't want to look like yourself.
- I guess.
- You're nuts, you know that? - You have no idea.
- I have my complaint here in writing.
I'd like to deliver it to the dean myself.
- To make sure it gets to him.
- Are you saying I wouldn't - give that to the dean? - No, ma'am.
I'm implying it.
(DOOR OPENING) Excuse me, sir.
I just wonder if I could have - a minute of your time.
- Oh, I'm late for a meeting, I'm sorry.
A bit of a pressing matter, I really would appreciate it.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Miss Howard, I take reports like this very seriously, and I need you to know that the university will be looking into Professor Triskin's conduct.
- What happens now? - We'll be in touch.
Thank you very much, sir.
I appreciate your time.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Do you happen to know - the owner of this vehicle? - Yeah, Wayne Ferris, recently - arrived from Eugene, Oregon.
- Why are you here? Is he inside? We could go in and look for ourselves.
Not unless you get invited.
This is a legal sanctuary.
Well, how about you invite us in then? If you come to worship with us on Sunday, you're welcome, no problem, but if you're here to arrest an innocent man and his pregnant wife, - I don't think so.
- He's got a pregnant wife.
It's one thing to allow draft dodgers into our country, but deserters are a different story altogether.
These are criminals evading American justice.
Now, the bleeding-heart liberals are gonna tell you that it's an unjust war and all that baloney, but the hard truth is the kind of man who would abandon his army, his country, his comrades is not somebody that we want in this country.
It's the Travis guy we should have busted two weeks ago.
Walking right up to us.
Like he knows we can't touch him.
What can we do for you? He's gonna make a run for it.
That wouldn't be very smart given all this.
If you're watching, you'll get him.
(KELLY): As good neighbours.
we have an obligation, a legal obligation to return him to American Smells like we're being set up.
(RADIO): New information that the U.
Marine Corps deserter holed up at the Holy Shepherd Church is currently being investigated by U.
authorities for inappropriate conduct in Vietnam.
There is speculation that these pending charges may have motivated his flight to Canada.
- (TURNS OFF RADIO) - Nameless sources unspecific allegations; someone wants him back - in the U.
- How could the police - have known he was there? - Um, it's a good question.
You're still planning on going down there? Petersburg can't have been for nothing.
A young man lost his life.
If we stop fighting for an end to this war, then they win, nothing changes.
At any cost.
Of course not.
It's all about Bobby.
"Let's get Bobby elected, and then we'll put an end to the war".
At least, that was the promise, right? Yes.
At least there'd be some end to this, some way of moving on, but this thing keeps going on and on.
It's like another protest, another deserter, another border run.
It's like you're trying to get caught.
(DOOR CLOSING) I don't want other people to get in trouble - on our behalf.
- It's alright.
We can hold out, bring in food.
Megan can have her baby right here if she wants.
We have legal precedent on our side, but we cannot assume that they won't make a move on the church, especially with all the disinformation they're spreading.
It's all lies.
I know, but the public would fall for it and pressure the police to move in.
No way.
We're gonna hold fast, man.
We will, but we cannot assume that precedent will be respected in this case.
It's okay, I got it.
- (DOOR CLOSING) - (SANDRO): It's okay.
You know, I think Wayne should make a statement to the media.
The sooner the better.
Make a big splash, get a crowd down here supporting them - that they can show on the news.
- Far out.
- I'll get the word out.
- Then, they need to make a run for it.
(SANDRO): They would be picked up instantly.
Not if there's a crowd out there.
Look, it'll be the best chance to get to slip away.
Sooner or later, they'll come in, and then it'll be too late.
Travis is right.
They've already started pulling war resisters out of churches in New York and Baltimore; it'll only be a matter of time.
You'd be taking a huge risk.
Everyone has risked so much for me already.
Even if we got away, where would we go? Let us work on that.
We could have a be-in.
Right? Music, food, acid! It'll be great! The Wayne Ferris Be-in! It could work.
We shouldn't be here.
You're right.
We shouldn't be in this country, we should be in Cuba - where the revolution is.
- Yeah, see? I don't think they just let people come in - whenever they want.
- But there's always a way, Ralph.
We just Anyway, we have to get to the U.
first, Florida, and then we pay someone to take us across.
My mom knows somebody in the Communist Party in Seattle.
You know, maybe if we show up there, tell them what we want, and where we want to go and why, maybe they have contacts in Florida, you know? Exactly.
Ralph, now you're thinking.
Yeah, Okay, okay.
Now, we scored, can we get back? This is making me really nervous.
(SINISTER MUSIC) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - That's right, yeah! We're behind you, Wayne! I served my country with honour.
There's no military investigation into my record in Vietnam.
He'll run for it, you watch.
We'll need eyes on every exit out of that building.
As the police know, the church has a legal right to offer refuge to Wayne and Megan.
And we believe the community is behind us, and we invite them to show their support at a be-in - here later today.
- Yeah! - (PEOPLE CHEERING) - Peace, everyone! It is time to say no to this illegal - and dishonest war! - (CROWD CHEERING) - Stop the war! - (CROWD): Stop the war! Stop the war! Stop the war! I'm not arresting a man with a pregnant wife; - Laura would kill me.
- Any ideas? (CROWD): Stop the war! Stop the war! Let ourselves get set up, I guess.
They're gonna see to stay warm.
Megan in particular.
Jackets, socks, gloves.
Poor kid.
Not how you want to spend the last few months of your pregnancy.
Oh! Can you call Sandro and ask him if his social insurance and citizenship forms are due.
I need to bring those.
Have you thought about how the police knew they were in the church? Have you heard any clicks or strange sounds on the phone? You need to think back to all your recent conversations.
- (ROTARY DIALLING) - (PHONE RINGING) Come on, Calvin, pick up.
Pick up.
(SIGH) Oh, God! - Sunshine came softly - (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Through my window today Could have tripped out easy But I changed my way It'll take time, I know it (MAN): Careful! Away from the car.
Step back to the sidewalk, sir.
Stop it! Get away from the car, sir! Do not put paint on my car, sir! I could arrest you for defacing Maybe we should help Grady out.
Let them have their fun.
Just be ready to move the second Ferris bolts.
Any trick in the book - That I can find - Hi, guys.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming out.
- Superman or Green Lantern They ain't got nothing on me Nice to meet you.
- Ruby, we're great.
- Hey.
Looks good.
And dive for pearls in the sea (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - It's time.
- (MAN): Okay, we're good.
- (CROWD CHEERING) - Okay, okay, everybody, listen up! We're all here to try and stop the war in Vietnam! (CROWD CHEERING) And to support the brave war resisters from down South.
But I want to introduce you to someone who's done more than anyone: our amazing leader and the backbone - of our committee: Ruby Howard! - (CROWD CHEERING) (CROWD, CHANTING): Ruby! I want to thank all of you for coming out to support Wayne and Megan Farris.
I also want to thank our committee volunteers who work so tirelessly week in and week out to help end the senseless war in Vietnam.
(CROWD CHEERING) Many of the victims in this war - are children.
- (WOMAN): Babies! Boys sent to fight and die by a president they are too young to vote for.
- (MAN): It's not right! - When a government pursues an immoral and violent action like this, it is everyone's responsibility, no matter what country we live in, to fight this injustice.
- Yeah! - Peace and love! Woo! No one gets to sit this one out.
Not now.
- Not after Dr.
- Not after Bobby Kennedy.
- (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) - (WOMAN): We love you, Ruby! Well, come on, you big strong men Uncle Sam needs your help again Got himself in a terrible jam Way down yonder in Vietnam Put down your books and pick up a gun Gonna have a whole lot of fun And it's one, two, three What are we fighting for Don't ask me, I don't give a damn Next stop is Vietnam And it's five, six, seven And open up the pearly gates There ain't no time to wonder why, whoopee - We're all gonna die - There.
There, there, there! Come on, Wall Street, don't be slow In the van! Plenty of money to be made Supplying the army with the tools of the trade Hey, hey, move! Move, get out of the way! - Drop it on the Vietcong - Come on! Woo! It's one, two, three what are we fighting for Don't ask me, I don't give a damn - Go! - Next stop is Vietnam It's five, six, seven - Open up the pearly gates - (TIRES SCREECHING) Get off the car! Off the car! Whoopee Oh, crap! Let's get the barrier! (RUBY): Thank you, everybody! (SIREN BLARING) It's chicken pot pie, not hot chicken pie.
- No, two different things.
- No, it's not.
- It's a pie with a chicken in it.
- (HONKING) And the chicken is hot, right? Hot chicken pie.
I give up.
(HONKING) Maybe we should pull him over.
What do you think? Yeah, sure.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Get out of the car! Put your hands on your heads! (TIRES SQUEALING) Lower your weapon, Grady.
You got the wrong hippies.
Captain Johanson is a friend of the committee.
He lives on Skidegate in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
He's agreed to take you up there to help you get settled.
There are good jobs up there for both of you if you want.
How far away is it? Oh, it's just a few days north by boat.
It's very peaceful, and you'll be safe there.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Good luck.
- - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Police are obviously taking a bigger interest - in tracking down deserters.
- I can tell by your face If I was you, I'd be running as far north as I could get.
That would probably be smart.
To settle your mind And reveal - Who you are - But you're not going.
And what would I do there? Hide? I don't want to spend the rest of my life hiding.
For I'm not gonna try - To hurt you or heal - If something happens I just want you to know how much it means to me what you and your family have done.
Open your eyes Get up on off your chair There's so much to do In the sunlight Give up your secrets And let down your hair And sit with me here By the firelight
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