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White Rabbit

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When I call you, you will not even think - about saying no to me.
- She's a murder suspect, - and if she's on my turf, I want her.
- You need to think back to - all your recent conversations.
- Stop the war! Stop the war! They are helping Ho Chi Minh kill our marines.
No one gets to sit this one out.
- Not after Bobby Kennedy.
- The name's Wayne Ferris, U.
He's a deserter.
I want you to pick him up.
Lower your weapon, Grady.
You got the wrong hippies.
Ellen's around your age, right? You should get to know her.
As the men of G Company's Second battalion, Third Marines move toward higher ground, they are ever vigilant.
There is danger lurking here in the Khe Sanh Valley in Vietnam.
The battle for the three hills above the valley cost the marine units involved 138 dead and 397 Why do you keep watching that? Haven't you had enough? I was talking to Mr.
Pratt over at the Conoco station, and he's looking for somebody.
It's just pumping gas, but you need to start getting out and talking to people.
Camp Pendleton.
Oh no! One pill makes you larger And one makes you small And the pills your mother give you Don't do anything at all Go ask Alice When she's 10 feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits - I've been called up again.
- Oh, I know.
What do you want? I want you to leave your folks a note, say you're really sorry, but you can't go back to Vietnam say you're deserting and you're gonna make a run - for Canada.
- Oh, look.
My old man will never speak to me again.
Hmm, well, but we made a deal in Cam Lo, don't you remember? And the red queen's off her head - Yeah.
- You're going to Canada.
Remember what the dormouse said Feed your head Feed your head Feed your head - Destiny.
- Jesus! - Keep your voice down.
Shh! - You scared me! Look, the man who gave you the explosives knows you're alive.
I can't protect you anymore.
Who is he? It doesn't matter, but you have to leave and go alone.
Well, Ralph and I are going to Cuba.
No, you're not! Look, you have one chance to stay alive.
Make an excuse to Ralph and go.
Be at the bus stop in Agency Road at the corner at 9 o'clock tonight.
Flag the bus down and ride it as far as you can.
You know what? This isn't just a casual thing, right? I care about him.
Look, don't talk about any of this with anyone and don't try to come back here ever, do you understand? Look, I'm sorry, but you have to run as far and as fast as you can.
Sorry, who called you again? The city.
Power surge this morning fried breakers - all along the street.
- Hey, what happened? Ah, power company, - bunch of morons down there.
- Uh, down there.
Anyway, cleaning up their mess - is good for my business.
- Hmm.
I might have to check for line faults.
It's a fire code thing.
- It'll be about an hour or so.
- Okay.
- I'll let you work.
- Thanks.
I have been through the whole house.
- Yeah? - I didn't find anything else.
- And it was in the receiver? - Yeah.
I saw it there.
- Recording our calls? - Yeah.
How would they get in here to plant it? - You leave your doors unlocked.
- It's a bit ambitious for the knuckleheads down at the police station, - don't you think? - Unless they're getting help.
Who have you called? Anyone in the U.
? I called Calvin.
I slept in.
Can I get you some breakfast? - Or do you want some eggs? - Uh, no time.
Hey! Ellen! Look, it's not a big deal.
It was just a kiss, and we got a little carried away in the moment.
But I don't think it's, you know, a good situation with you staying here and me across the hall, so I think we should just pretend like it never happened.
Okay, now you talk.
Uh you know, I was gonna say something a little different, but yeah, you're right.
Did you call him or did he call you? - It was after the memorial - Did you call him? Yes.
That's okay now.
Hello? We've been hearing about nuclear submarines in Canadian waters for the last two years.
A lot of the fishermen have seen them.
Yesterday, Gabe Nelson took these shots.
That's the conning tower of an American Skipjack-class nuclear submarine.
It's at the base maybe for refitting or supplies.
This is our chance.
- Chance for what? - I cowboy up there, chain myself to it.
News cameras come, then no one can deny that this is a violation of Canadian sovereignty with the complicity of the Canadian Navy.
As I understand it, there is no violation unless they're carrying nuclear weapons.
Oh, it's coming in heavy, guaranteed.
You have no way of knowing whether or not it's armed.
Besides, this is not what the committee does.
Okay, totally fair.
I don't expect anyone to come with me, but I gotta honour my conscience on this one.
Let's say you get into the base, what's to stop them from, I don't know, shooting you? I don't know, my totally awesome righteous karma, that's what.
Don't worry, I got a plan.
Well, there's no way you're going there alone.
We'll have to go in at night.
We'll need the media standing by, can you set that up? - Yes, of course! - Okay! Coming from the north, there's less chance they'll see us coming.
We should put in at the old dry dock here and make our way up the channel open water.
Deputy Minister Grantham's wife called me this morning.
"Does that woman on the news with all those drug-crazed hippies have any relation to the doctor Howard who works for Browning?" That's what she asked me.
What do you suppose I said to her? - You know what? - I thought you were gonna say she called to congratulate you.
- For what? - This.
European Journal of Computational Physics.
Page 24, article on particle gliders.
It describes the leading work done in France and Great Britain and the difficulties they've had with ion contamination.
Lois Grantham does not read the European Journal - of Computational Physics.
- Well, maybe not, but it's been in the news: the medical applications of laser technology? The thing is Dr.
Howard solved it, the thing they can't figure out.
When Dr.
Howard's paper comes out - it'll be on the cover.
- Well, hardly - Are you working on this paper? - I mean, currently? Oh yeah.
It's what? Like half done? Slightly less maybe? - Less.
- Slightly.
Oh, Dr.
Howard, you've got that call in five minutes.
- Yes.
Excuse us, please.
- Sorry.
Yes, alright.
Thank you.
If he said three more words, I I know, and then we both would have been out of work.
Locals came out in force to support the American deserter and his pregnant wife.
Somehow, in all the fun and confusion, the fugitives slipped away.
Police had no comment when asked.
Do you know where they are now? No idea.
You realize that when you screw up, it reflects badly on me, right? Because I have to explain to people much smarter than you why we can't seem to do anything right around here?! Sorry about that, boss.
We'll try to do better next time.
I know.
I know, buddy.
So, um Travis said that I have to leave town.
What?! Yeah, he thinks that the guy who gave me the key to the explosives room is gonna come after me.
And if I stay, he'll find me and kill me.
When did you talk to Travis? This morning, on the trail.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Why didn't he just come to the cabin? He said I have to go without you.
If you're going, I'm going.
Look, Ralph, it's different for me.
My dad used to hit me because I was a sinner a wicked child.
He had this stick that he kept by the backdoor, and he just cleared the kitchen table and So there's no home for me, you know no one to go back to ever, but you, you've got your mom and your dad and your sister, and they'd come looking for you.
See my mom will understand.
I mean, my dad won't, but it's just the way it is, you know.
Gotta understand I was raised to resist injustice.
And if we have to go to Cuba to do that then that's just how it's gonna be.
You're amazing! Okay, I can't get anything good from here.
If we get any closer, he'll make us for sure.
I mean, it's a white van, it's gotta be our guy, right? Yeah, it's an odd place for a meeting.
It's gotta be.
Look, he's getting another envelope.
Okay, they're moving.
Shit! We're gonna lose the van.
No, no, no! Back up, back up, back up, back up! Travis, you take the van around the corner while we load the boat.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Hey, we got two over here! Don't move! - Put the weapon down! - It's a flare gun! Put it down on the ground now! Scubby! Hey, hey, hey! Officers, you're making a mistake! Where are you taking me? Ugh! Argh! Ugh! So, we got an anonymous tip, and then we found them about to launch a boat.
They had a banner with them that said, "No nuke subs in Canada" and a gun.
- A gun? - Yeah, well, a flare gun.
So, you arrested them for trying to launch a boat while carrying a marine safety flare gun and thinking about committing - a crime.
Is that it? - Well, I I thought If thinking is a crime, at least you'll never get arrested for it.
The chief wanted them brought in, what am I supposed to do? Going out to protest the presence of an armed nuclear submarine in Canadian waters is not a crime.
We don't have armed nuclear submarines in Canada.
Yes, we do! There's an American skipjack-class nuclear submarine sitting at the marine base right now, and it's against the law for it to be in Canadian waters.
You should be investigating that.
It's been a really busy night, so we don't actually have time to arrest a nuclear submarine.
But thank you for the tip.
You have no right to keep us here.
No argument from me on that.
You're free to go.
I'd like to know how you knew where we were - launching the boat.
- That's a great question.
That is a really great question.
- Where is Travis? - I don't know.
He went to park the van, and I didn't see him after that.
Are you sure he's not in custody? I don't know.
They were waiting for us.
How did they know where we were launching? Exactly.
- Who else knew about this? - Nobody.
Us three and Travis.
Travis found a listening device in our phone at home; maybe they bugged the church too.
- Ay, no.
Oh, Dios! - What? Today, there was an electrician.
He said the city sent him because there was a power surge.
What are you looking for? Oh, uh, just some cash.
Mom said I could have some for my trip.
Sorry, what trip? - She didn't tell you? - No.
Well, there's this concert in Kelowna I got invited to you know, couple of kids from school and Oh, Mark's dad is gonna drive us there.
I thought you hated the kids at school.
Wait, who's Mark? - Told you a million times.
- Yeah, I'm sorry, - I don't remember.
- Well, he's the only kid in school who well, who isn't trying to beat the shit out of me, and now he's inviting me over for the weekend.
It's gonna be cool.
I mean, his dad is gonna drive us over.
- We'll camp right on the grounds.
- Where is it? Kelowna.
I mean, Mom said it was fine already.
So, when are you coming back, son? Monday.
- Alright.
- Okay.
Just a second.
Just offer to pay your share of the gas.
- Oh, sure.
- And, you know, uh have fun.
You could use a little fun, so Yeah.
- [Hello?.]
- Oh! Uhhh I'm I'm looking for Calvin.
[Who's calling?.]
Is Calvin there? [Do you have a message you'd like to leave?.]
Where am I? You're in hell.
You called him.
After all we went through to move past Petersburg.
Even left the country, too.
Just picked up the phone and you called him? Yeah.
And there's a tap on the phone just to add bloody catastrophe to insult.
So, not only did you put Calvin in jeopardy not that I particularly give a shit about that but you put us you put both of us on a cliff's edge again.
See, I'm camping in the living room because if I'm lying beside you I won't stop thinking about how angry I am, and then I won't sleep, and then I won't be able to do my, uh job tomorrow.
Here you go.
Are you sure the police don't have Travis? I don't know where he is.
You know there's a chance he decided to move on.
He's a complicated young man.
You can see he's struggling to deal with a lot.
We don't know what happened to him in Vietnam and how that's affected him.
I don't mean to interfere in your life, I just I don't want to see you get hurt.
Why did Dad sleep on the couch last night? Oh, it's okay.
You don't have to make something up if you're not gonna tell me the truth.
I have to get to school.
What do you two want? We released the two protesters.
We didn't have a charge to hold them on.
It's fine, we made our point.
Just curious how we knew where to find those guys.
'Cause we got a tip.
Maybe if you two had sources of your own, you might get the occasional tip too.
Gaah! Oh! I'm glad you're here.
Sit down.
I was promised an update on my complaint - about Professor Triskin.
- I was just about to type it.
Sit, please.
Uh, what does it say? The dean has the highest regard for Professor Triskin and finds the details in your complaint implausible.
Tried to warn you.
This isn't fair.
It was always going to end this way.
It always does.
I checked, and your mark is already an A.
I don't know what more you want.
You changed my mark.
Just keep your boyfriend away from me.
What are you talking about? You got what you wanted, just leave me alone.
- Nothing? - Nothing.
All clear.
They were listening to us the whole time.
They knew exactly where we were going to be.
The time, everything.
Who knows what else they heard? We should move the files.
Yes, of course.
Nothing is secure now.
Oh, hey.
- Any word from Travis? - No.
- Sandro.
- Yes? When you first heard that Travis was coming across, - who did you talk with? - Uh, he came to us from Trinity in Seattle.
Usual pipeline.
- But who did you speak with? - No one.
Father Ambrose sent an envelope with all the background material and when he will be in Blaine.
- It came in the mail.
- Father Ambrose? Yes, Father Ambrose.
What was the plan, Travis? Were you gonna tell him you were working for the CIA, but then you decided to switch sides? How did you think that was gonna turn out? You know, I never imagined you would buy into the Howard family's bullshit.
- No, I didn't - No, you you, you did.
Because I told you I was looking for Destiny, and you pretended that you didn't know where she was.
And I told you I wanted Ferris and you took him from me.
You know, he was at Khe Sanh, and he was all messed up.
You felt sorry for him.
Yeah, me too.
You know, I feel sorry for all of them, but especially those poor bastards who are still there waiting in their foxholes for somebody to relieve them.
That's who I care about, you hear me? It will come to Marine Command's attention that you abandoned PFC Studimeir on the field in Cam Lo where he was wounded and that you ran way in the face of the enemy! And Privates Tolbert, Mackey and Russell tried to stop you, but you killed them! - It's a lie.
- It's true if I say it is! When your confession is made public, and your family and friends understand what kind of man you truly are, the weight of what you have done will weigh so heavily upon you that you will hang yourself right here in this cell.
And no one else will ever think of you again.
It's a pity really, after all you invested in him.
It may not be too late, sir.
You lost control of him.
Ah, it happens.
No blame, - better to cut our losses.
- With your permission, sir, I'd I'd like to try and turn this situation around.
I-I know this kid, and I'd like to try something.
This is about you or about him, hm? I know you don't like to lose.
No, sir, I do not.
Give it a try if you like.
Thank you, sir.
- Ah.
You're still here.
- Yeah, I'm on my way.
Did I leave my security pass on your desk? - I've looked everywhere.
- Uh Oh, wait.
Alright, see you.
- So, you need a ride? - No, I rode my bike.
Oh! I don't know what I was thinking: now I gotta ride at home.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
It's probably gonna rain before I get home, isn't it? Thanks a lot.
Hey, I'm starving.
How about we get - something to eat? - Yeah.
Okay, we're gonna go up to pay, and once she opens the till, I'm gonna reach in - and grab as much money as I can.
- What?! No.
Just a quick snatch and run.
Come on, Ralph, we need this.
Please, please, Destiny, don't.
Don't do it.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- How was everything? - It was really good.
Um that will be 5 dollars and 50 Destiny, what are you doing? - Get the money! Come on! - Shit! Please don't hurt me.
Let's go! Shit! You held a knife to her throat! You didn't tell me you were gonna do that.
I know, it's kind of wild, right? Wild? Yeah.
Yeah, it was wild.
Not in a good way, though.
More in a totally psycho, - what-are-you-thinking way.
- Yeah, but it felt - kind of good, right? - No! Oh, come on, it was so exciting! - Still tingling.
You too, right? - No! We're in so much trouble right now.
Not yet.
We're gonna need more than this to get to Cuba.
Jesus! I'm not doing that again.
No, you're right.
We gotta go where the money is, man.
- Impressive.
- Misspent youth.
Whoa It's a transcript.
He's got the church bugged.
That's how he knew about the boat launch.
We've got to take this to internal affairs.
Illegal phone tap, illegal search, I don't see that turning out very well for us.
Who is this Lang guy and what the hell does he want? I don't know.
What do we do with this stuff? Put those on.
Travis was never going to be with us for very long; you know that, right? Yeah, I know.
I mean, I don't care.
Is school going alright? Yes, school's great.
Got an A in economics.
Woop-dee-do! Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you? Where am I? You're home.
Let's go.
Gonna let you say goodbye to your old man.
No! No! - No way, I'm not doing this! - Yes, we are doing this.
Get him out of here.
He's a traitor, and I never want to see him again.
Would you mind if we come in, sir? So why have you brought him here? Travis failed to report to Camp Pendleton when he was called up.
He made his way into Canada where he has been this whole time until a couple of days ago when he was repatriated into my custody.
I know how painful this must have been for you, believing your son was a coward and a traitor.
Well, the truth is he's not.
and Mrs.
Hunter, your son is a hero.
He was a hero on the battlegrounds in Vietnam, and he is still serving his country now.
I don't understand.
I found Travis in Cam Lo after a brutal firefight where he bravely and selflessly attempted to save a man in his unit.
- Stubby? - Yes, ma'am, that is correct.
PFC Daniel Studimeir.
When Travis returned stateside, we asked him to do the most difficult thing imaginable for an honourable soldier like Travis.
We asked him to pose as a deserter and cross the border into Canada to help us root out seditious forces who hide there and plot against the United States government.
And normally, we would never allow you to know the truth of anything like this, And we need you to keep the covert nature of his work in the strictest confidence.
You must tell no one.
Of course.
It has been heartbreaking to see the division this has caused in such a dignified family.
A family with such a long-standing military tradition.
And we arranged this brief meeting today as a favour, a repayment really for the tremendous sacrifice that Travis is making for his country.
I'm so sorry, son.
I'm so sorry.
Father Ambrose, my name is Ruby Howard, and I'm calling about a package that was delivered to us through your church.
[And what was the nature of this package?.]
[When did you say it arrived?.]
I picked it up in Blaine on May 28th.
[We didn't send you that package.
I was told it came through Trinity in Seattle.
Does the name Travis Hunter mean anything to you? [No.
Maybe another church sent you that package.
[You should check your information again.
Thank you.
Did you see the pride in his face? I used to live for moments like that with my dad.
When I joined the Agency, it became harder to explain what it is that we do.
But I still remember moments like that.
You carry them with you your whole life.
So who are you, Travis? Are you the person that your family believe you are? Do you want to be that person again? Or do you want to be the traitor and the murderer who takes his own life in a cell at Camp Pendleton? There is no in-between for you.
And this is the moment that you choose.
I'm sorry.
I forgot who I was, and I started to care for the Howard family and I forgot what I was there to do.
I'm sorry.
Are you telling me the truth, son? Yes, sir.
Good boy.
We know what we're asking you to do is not easy.
We know that.
What am I gonna say about where I've been? You'll think of something.
This is for the flight home.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You'll need it.

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