Found (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


God, no. Please.
- You're okay.
- I want my mommy!
I'll get you back to your mom.
I promise.
- What's your name?
- Bella.
Okay. Okay, Bella.
I'm Gabi.
Is this your house?
How long have you been here?
Too long.
I need some help!
Can I use your phone? Hello?
- Hey.
- What do you want?
Can I use your phone?
My cab driver thought
that it would be cool to get handsy.
He was a complete ass and whatever.
I-I jumped out of the car
and he drove away with everything.
I just I just need to use your phone.
Here's how this is gonna go down.
Make sure you're paying attention
'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
You will tell me where Marqui Evans is.
You will sit here quietly
holding your pathetic face together
while I retrieve him and leave.
And when the cops get here,
you'll give them nothing short
of a full confession.
Otherwise, the next 20 minutes
of your life,
which is exactly how long
it's gonna take
for said cops to get here,
will have you prayin' for death.
I'm gonna kill you, bitch.
I was hopin' you'd say that.
He's all yours.
No, no, no, no!
- They never learn.
- Just means more fun for us.
Gabi, Trent is gonna be mad.
He's just gonna have to be mad, then.
Zeke, talk to me. Where am I goin'?
Straight across the room,
out the back door.
Left or right?
Left. Far end of the courtyard.
Heat signature is coming
from the room in the corner.
How you holdin' up?
I know this case was triggering for you.
Gabi, I am all good.
- Next topic.
- Okay.
How was your online date with Shelby?
Shelly. And on second thought,
I'd rather talk about being triggered.
Door should be right in front of you.
Gabi hurry.
Hi, Marqui.
My name is Gabi.
Your parents sent me to find you.
You're safe.
Hi, my love.
You wanna come with me?
Get you a blanket, maybe some juice?
- Nice outfit.
- The occasion called for it.
Do I even want to know
how many laws you just broke?
- Nope.
- What part of you
and your team standing down
wasn't clear?
First of all, Detective Trent
Oh, it's Detective, now?
You guys would have never
received this tip
if it wasn't for me and my team.
Yeah. Remind me we need to talk
about how yet again
you figured out this location
- before us cops.
- Just say thank you.
We'll take it from here.
Yeah, no. You know the drill.
I was hired by Marqui's family.
I arrived on the scene first.
One of my team stays with him
until he's reunited with his parents.
- Non-negotiable.
- Lacey is just an intern.
Are you kidding me right now?
Lacey I'd trust with my life.
I'm goin' with him to the hospital.
Escort Ms. Mosely and
Ms. Quinn to the hospital.
They will be seeing to Marqui.
Dhan has your kidnapper
pinned up inside.
He needs to be breathing
for us to prosecute.
Then let's hope he is.
You are such a pain in my ass.
And you wouldn't have it any other way.
Hey, you can look at me.
Thank you so much.
It's my pleasure.
Marqui's this way.
And there was
no one big lead,
just hours of dedicated
police analysis
Of course, Captain Mallory is out here
taking credit for our work.
Marqui is safe. That's all that matters.
- Gabi!
- Uh, Ms. Mosely!
Gabi, how closely did you work
with the DCPD on this case?
Were you part of the rescue
operation tonight?
My team and I were the rescue operation.
While I'm sure Ms. Mosely and her team
have been invaluable
to the Evans family,
- they are not cops.
- You're right. We're not.
We're a crisis management firm.
We're PR specialists, we're lawyers,
tech experts, private investigators,
all doing the job
the police seem too busy to do.
And what do you say to the people
who call you vigilantes?
We find missing people
who have slipped through the cracks.
- And we bring them home.
- While we appreciate
- Ms. Mosely's passion
- Passion?
You're talking to a woman
who 20 years ago
had to rescue herself from her kidnapper
because no one was looking.
- Who is this?
- Sarah Holden.
Senator Holden's missing daughter.
Sarah went missing 29 hours ago
while playing in the park
with her brother.
There isn't a person in America
who hasn't seen Sarah's face
all over their TVs,
highly increasing her chances
of being found.
Now, who is this?
This is why there will always be
a need for what I do.
Dasheka has been missing
from the D.C. area
for the last two weeks,
and no one is talking about her.
I sincerely hope we find Sarah. I do.
But while you keep prioritizing
the missing high-profile
blonde girls of the world,
my team and I will gladly
continue to pick up the slack
for the rest.
Uh, excuse me, you that chick.
Gabi Mosely, right?
You're always on the news?
Woman, lady, queen, sometimes sis.
- Never chick. Understand?
- Yes, ma'am.
Do you really take free
probo-whatever cases
and find missing people?
- Someone missing?
- My foster sister Camilla.
She been gone over a day and
She's only 14. My foster parents think
she's just taking time "to cool off".
Cool off from what?
They fight her all the time
about her new boyfriend, but, on God,
I swear this time
it's something different.
She'd never leave me behind.
You don't believe me, do you?
Okay, based on my initial search,
Camilla is definitely a wild child.
Six foster homes in as many years.
And at some point,
she ran away from each one.
Social media accounts are private.
But shouldn't take me too long
to hack through those.
Uh, can we not say that out loud in case
we need to protect Gabi's
plausible deniability later?
Someone has Plausible
Legality class this semester.
Lacey, tell me why Margaret
is offering him food.
Foster kid. If he wolfs down the food
like he hasn't eaten in a long time,
likely means trouble at foster home.
I'm just gonna say it 'cause I can't be
the only one thinking it.
You said yourself he's not giving you
much to go on.
It's been over a year
of nonstop cases.
You're going to burn out.
I know that I'm the new kid here,
but aren't we supposed
to be the ones looking
when no one else does?
Sometimes people aren't looking
'cause there's nothing to look for.
I imagine people said that
when I went missing too.
So the kid's not lying.
Strong eye-contact,
no verbal/nonverbal mismatches,
proper response delays.
He believes what he believes.
No tip is insignificant.
Please, we just want our daughter back.
If Camilla really is missing,
she deserves that.
She deserves the whole country
praying for her return.
Camilla is worth
at least a preliminary inquiry.
Let's move. Dhan, get over to Zeke's.
You two gather information.
Everyone has a footprint.
Find hers. Build a profile.
Ladies, with me.
We understand why Deron is worried,
but Camilla's not a missing person.
She does this all the time.
She gets upset about anything
this time, it's a boyfriend.
She takes off and is
usually back in a day,
profusely apologetic.
You don't worry while she's gone?
Well, of course we do,
but we let it play out
because this is an established pattern
of behavior for her.
She's untrusting and angry.
We don't blame her.
She's had a rough go of it
in the system,
bouncing from home to home.
Until now, right?
She's been with your family
for six months?
Yes. And we just keep
showering her with love
despite her resistance.
Well, thank you for indulging us.
Hopefully we didn't waste
Too much of your time.
May I use your restroom?
Something isn't adding up.
The first thing you learn in PR is spin.
The Chapmans are hiding something.
You did your super focus thing?
You say that like it's a superpower.
- Well, it kind of is.
- No, anybody can train
their brain to pay close
attention to detail.
And when are we taking
this little party trick
- to Vegas?
- Margaret, house. Go.
Okay, that house is a mini prison.
Every door to every room in that house
has a mini deadbolt lock on the outside.
To forcibly keep people in, not out.
Exactly. And all the pictures
on the mantle
the Chapmans with their foster kids
Camilla's body language
was always in protection of Deron.
The kid was right.
She would have never left him behind.
Which means Deron just
officially became our client.
Time to trigger that AMBER Alert.
911, what is your emergency?
I need to report a missing person.
It's about a high-profile
missing person.
That's all I can tell you.
4:00 p.m. That's right.
Trust me, this is a press conference
you don't want to miss.
They're gonna think
this press conference
is about the senator's missing daughter.
I didn't say that.
Did you hear me say that?
The number one trending
hashtag right now
is #FindSarahHolden.
That's about as high-profile as it gets.
Rule 101, whatever gets
the media to show up.
Other than the foster parents,
where are we on suspects?
The Chapmans were the last
to see Camilla alive.
That was almost 48 hours ago.
I just got into her social media
Basically, the timing coincides
with her last post.
She's been a ghost since then.
I was getting to that.
Show me her last post?
- Mm.
- As for the new boyfriend
- Deron mentioned
- That could be anyone.
Whoever he is, he's not a teen.
Try 20. Least that's what he said
when he slid in her DMs.
He goes by just Eric.
Who wants to bet this perv's
done this before?
Sorry, can you not? What are you
Yeah, okay. Good. Great.
- Got it.
- I'm also taking bets
on how long till they kill each other.
Okay, it never ends well,
yet you keep forcing them
to work together.
They're good for each other. Trust.
A blue-blood,
overly-sensitive agoraphobe
and an emotionally distant GI Joe.
Yeah. Okay.
Rosario Mendez.
Found her lurking in Camilla's DMs too.
Recent parolee. Served time in Philly
- for possession and
- She's Camilla's birth mother.
- Familial facial traits.
- She's been trying to get
in contact with her since she got out.
Zeke, I need the last
name and location
- Excuse me.
- Of the boyfriend.
Dhan, track down the birth mother.
Lacey, Department of Children
and Family services.
I need everything
on Camilla's foster history.
I've got DCPD covered.
See if I can't light a fire
under this missing person's report.
And as for me
She was last seen
in the hoodie in this photo.
Remember, the first 48 hours
are critical.
We need your help.
Camilla Serrano,
a 14-year-old girl
Who should be thinking of nothing more
than softball practice and
hanging out at the mall,
she needs your help.
Okay, it's your turn, sweetie.
I-I I just
I need my sister.
I just want Camilla back.
Any update from the police?
Have they officially opened
an investigation?
A missing person's report
was filed earlier today.
And I'm sure the police
are working overtime
to find Camilla, as they
would any other child.
Although, I have yet to see
an AMBER Alert.
Damn. Shots fired.
That chick like we're not busy enough
without tracking down runaways
that don't want to be found.
Of course, you would assume
she's a runaway.
At the end of the day, you, America,
are Camilla's best chance
of making it home.
Study that face,
those eyes, that outfit.
Help us bring Camilla home.
You're up, Trent. Get up to speed fast.
Keep that Gabi woman in check
and out of my hair.
Can't make any promises.
Press conference worked.
#CamillaMattersToo is already trending.
Camilla's birth mother
missed her parole check-in
this week in Philly.
Why are you here?
All these months of working together,
you've never once come here alone.
It's where Gabi wants me.
Is that what your trifling
rudeness is about?
It bothers you that Gabi brought me
- into the family?
- Using your family's money
to bankroll this firm
doesn't make you family.
It makes you useful.
Camilla asked to meet
with her DCFS social worker
the morning she went missing.
She never showed.
But I'll give you two guesses
of who was at DCFS all week
making threats.
The birth mother.
Here I was thinking I was
dropping something new.
Wait, Camilla's birth mom took her?
Right now, we're lookin' at everyone.
That includes your foster parents.
I don't I don't think they hurt her.
What about the locks
on the bedroom doors?
Did they ever try to lock you in?
Not me.
What about Camilla?
Well, sometimes they'd
lock her in her room
to stop her from running away.
Where's my AMBER Alert?
I reclassified her
as a suspected kidnapping,
so it's coming. I'm on my way
to interrogate the Chapmans.
Anything else I should know?
You planted a hidden camera
in their house?
- 'Course I did.
- Privacy and legality
mean nothing to you.
Don't act like you know me.
That was just a mutual
scratchin' of an itch one time
way before we worked together.
Well, I mean, technically,
we still don't work together.
I just want to find Camilla
the fastest way possible.
Keep watchin'. Let me
know if you discover
anything interesting.
Thanks. But I'll do this my way.
The kid, Deron,
you're just gonna let him
go back to them?
Margaret's gonna camp out there
after she drops him off.
Dhan found Camilla's birth mother.
Great. Where is she?
Corner of 16th and K Street.
What the hell? Where is she?
Suicide prevention officer's
still ten minutes out.
If harming Camilla
is what drove Rosario up there,
ten minutes is too late.
Damn it. What is he doing up there?
Okay, look, just give him a minute.
It's over.
I don't want no cops.
I'm not a cop.
I'm just a guy who's been
right where you are.
I hurt my daughter.
I wasn't a good mother.
If I had been around,
if I had chosen my daughter over drugs,
Camilla would still be with me.
I was missing once.
Abandoned and betrayed by people
who were supposed to look out for me.
And despite those odds,
I still eventually made it back home.
My friends and I are
looking for Camilla.
We won't rest until we have answers.
Rosario. Rosario!
Look at me.
The world can be a horrible place.
That's just a fact.
But sometimes
sometimes the good guys win.
My gut is telling me
this might be one of those times.
And if I'm right,
Camilla will need her mother.
What'd you say to get her down?
Where's Gabi?
She left.
I wanna go home.
I know, sweetie. I know.
Think of dinner like playing pretend.
Sir likes to play pretend.
At dinner, sometimes we read
from scripts like a play.
You look pretty.
Princess twirls.
Princess twirls.
Who's ready to eat?
It's kind of late for house calls.
So much for wantin'
to make sure you're okay.
You left without a word.
Once Rosario was down, why stick around?
Dhan had it handled.
I needed to get back to the case.
- You sure you're okay?
- I'm fine.
It's fine. Seriously.
I'll see you in the morning, okay?
89% accurate is about as good
as the department software is gonna get.
This is our guy.
You're up early.
I don't sleep much.
Uh, Lacey let me in.
Zeke started it.
He asked for Trent's help.
He needed access to the PD's
facial-recognition software.
We present to you
the pervy older boyfriend.
Eric Desmond.
22. Makes a habit of dating
underage girls off the Internet.
Found himself
on the sex offender registry
a couple years ago.
No arrests since.
He's still MIA, but I put out an APB.
He'll pop up sooner or later.
Zeke, Lacey, I want everything
and I mean everything
on Eric Desmond.
I want siblings, parents,
allergies, favorite porn.
I am walking away before I find out
what illegal thing you're gonna do
with all that info.
Besides, I need to process
Camilla's foster parents this morning.
We got them on child endangerment
- for those locks.
- Great.
If I get Eric's coordinates before you,
you'll be my first call.
Maybe second.
Can I ask you a question
about your non-superpower superpower?
You're gonna ask me anyway.
Did you develop it looking for your son?
13 years
looking for Jamie's face in the crowd.
One day I'll find it.
Till then I'll use
my non-superpower superpower
to find other faces in the crowd.
The boyfriend didn't do it.
He's a little bitch-ass,
but he didn't do it.
Had an alibi.
He did tell us Camilla went to DCFS
to petition for emancipation.
She also wanted custody of Deron.
Get Zeke. Time to shift focus
to the possibility we're looking
for a stranger kidnapping.
W-we haven't finished ruling out
suspects Camilla might have known.
We'll get back to them.
I'm trying to put myself in her shoes.
- Trust me.
- Every time you say that
you're somehow right.
Hey, I got your text. I pulled the data
on disappearances of young girls
in the D.C. area
over the last couple months.
If we narrow it down to the locations
of alleged Camilla sightings
based on the tip line, there you go.
How about the alleged sightings
from the exact day she went missing?
- Gabi
- In what is nothing short
of a miraculous turn of events,
Sarah Holden has been found.
- The senator's daughter
- Oh, thank God.
Was discovered disoriented
wandering near an embankment
near the 295.
What are the chances?
She's wearing Camilla's sweatshirt.
Those girls crossed. But when? How?
This is the park we know
Sarah was snatched from.
One of the tips in
the tip line placed Camilla
- on the green line that morning.
- Green line runs right through
the northeast corner of that park.
Wasn't Camilla headed
to see DCFS that morning?
Their office is right here.
Right across the street
from Garfield Park.
These girls were taken together.
We just need two minutes
with the senator's daughter.
I told you my hands are tied.
The only person who knows
what really happened,
who can lead us to Camilla,
is that little girl.
I understand that,
which is why I'll speak
to the senator personally
at an appropriate time.
There is no time.
That little girl is in shock.
Okay? She's been through enough.
This isn't about what's best
for Sarah Holden or Camilla, is it?
This is about your political aspirations
and not wanting to ruffle
the senator's feathers.
How do you sleep at night, Captain?
I don't. That's why I have ulcers.
You're dismissed.
Gabi, don't.
If we don't find Camilla alive,
that's on you, now. And I'll make sure
the media never forgets it
as long as you draw breath.
Let's see how that works for you
when you lobby for Chief of Police.
Did you just threaten me?
It's not a threat, Tony.
It's a promise.
- Gabi
- Don't.
Don't even think about
telling me to calm down.
The senator's daughter got away.
Kidnappers are gonna panic.
- Camilla's out of time.
- I know.
But threatening the police captain
Oh, for cryin' out loud.
Don't you ever get sick
of being a damn yo-yo?
One minute you're all "thin blue line".
The next minute you're in my office
pretending to care.
Stop straddling the line, Trent.
- Pick a damn side.
- There is only one side.
- I'm on Camilla's side.
- Then act like it.
The answer to climate change
is nuclear energy.
Low-carbon. No greenhouse gas emissions.
Yes. Decarbonizing
the power sector is key.
But we're talking about something
that needs to be deployed
on a larger scale.
I'm so glad you've been reading
the books I left you.
You didn't exactly make it optional.
I would like some more
beef stew, please.
Why'd you take Bella?
- She's a baby.
- These questions
are not part of the script tonight.
Screw your script.
- Why her?
- Watch your mouth.
And don't you ever challenge me
like that again.
My arm!
Is it too much to ask for a decent meal
and decent company?
Run, Bella, run!
You ever seen her like this?
She thinks she failed Camilla.
All right, time's up.
Run some water or get out the tub.
You can't use my words against me.
Besides, you were actually
in an empty bathtub,
fully dressed, meltin' down.
So your tub's more metaphoric
and your meltdown is less spectacular.
My point is, you had your moment.
Now it's time to act.
And what's next?
Why are you here?
Why do you want to work for me?
I mean, this was always the plan
to learn at the feet of the master.
You overcame crazy odds
and you took over your destiny.
You save lives.
And I don't just mean
the forgotten ones.
Every single person in this office
Dhan, Zeke, Margaret
you found them at their worst
and you gave them purpose.
You turned their trauma
into something positive.
You're amazing.
I'm a mess.
A mess that's good with a contour brush.
Lacey you're brilliant.
That's why I paid for you
to go to law school
so you could be free to do anything.
I agreed to go to law school
to keep your rule-breaking ass
out of prison.
Which I can't wait to do.
Now, this pity party over?
Gonna go back to being, um
what'd they call us?
Oh, yeah vigilantes.
"You didn't get this from me".
We have a location. Thank you, Trent.
Now all I need is my ace in the hole.
- Hi, my name is Gabi Mose
- I know who you are.
Look, I'm sorry about
the other missing girl.
Her name is Camilla.
I wish we could help her. I do.
But right now, Sarah is traumatized.
And I have to protect my daughter.
Senator, I know how you feel.
My dear friend Margaret
who works with me,
her son was only a year older
than your Sarah
when he was kidnapped at a bus station.
She's taken her trauma
and turned it into something positive.
Can you?
Yeah, Camilla is my new friend.
She's pretty, but her eyes are sad.
Mm. How did you and Camilla
become friends?
Did you meet at the park?
Not at first.
When the bad man took me,
she came running and tried to fight him.
He took her too.
Oh, my God. Camilla tried to save her?
I know how scary that must have been.
But you're home safe now.
Yeah. Camilla helped me.
She started making
a lot of noise in the house
hitting things.
The bad man got mad and grabbed her.
That's when she told me to run.
Can I ask you a couple more questions?
- Sure. I like you.
- Aw. I like you too.
Do you know where Camilla is?
Do you remember anything
about the bad man?
He had drawings on his neck.
Spiderwebs and gross, scary things.
I need the envelope.
The one with the ammo on the senator.
Ammo? W-what do you mean, ammo?
What's going on?
Senator, is there anyone
connected to you
anyone who had reason
to kidnap your daughter?
- Not that I can think of.
- Honey
is this the bad man?
Why is the bad man with my brother?
What is she talking about?
Why do you have this photo?
It was one of many
I was going to use to
encourage you to let me speak to Sarah.
Your son's addiction is something
you've worked hard to keep under wraps,
but my actions are the
least of your problems.
Your daughter just ID'd
your son's dealer
as her kidnapper.
I owed Aaron a lot of money.
And, um, when I couldn't pay it back,
he took Sarah said
it was to motivate me.
Aaron Nelson. Trent, hurry.
Sarah was a ransom kidnapping.
Now that she's home,
he has no reason to keep Camilla alive.
Get him back to the station.
He gave us nothing.
Camilla, honey?
Make a noise if you can hear us.
Camilla? Come on, baby.
- Camilla!
- Camilla!
- Camilla.
- Camilla!
You guys find her?
- No, not yet.
- I'm not picking up
a heat signature anywhere.
If she's still there,
she's under concrete or metal.
Well, this house was built in the '60s.
Uh, D.C. was big
on fallout shelters then.
Pull up the plans.
See if you can find any
Cellars and military-style bunkers.
Already did. There is
nothing on the plans
or the neighbors too.
Well, what about between properties?
Gabi, the ground under you,
is it sloping downhill
toward that fence?
- Yeah. Why?
- If there's one thing
I know as an agoraphobe, it's houses.
Means there's a water source.
Like-like a ravine or something nearby,
- which means some sort of
- Culvert opening.
Okay, come on, guys. I need your help.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Damn it. Wait.
Hey, start digging.
You wanna help me, help me.
Help me dig.
Wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
I got her. I got her.
Camilla, look at me, honey.
Come on, baby, look at me.
Hey, honey.
Are you are you here for me?
Yes. Yeah.
You're safe.
You're safe, baby.
You're safe. You're safe.
Thank you for finding her
and Deron a new home
while Rosario gets help.
You're safe, now.
Both of you did great.
And we'll find him,
this guy you call Sir.
That's a promise.
You can't promise us that.
If he was really gone,
by the time you got to the house,
that means
the man that took me from my family
Took us
Is still out there.
Welcome home.
That one burned.
Like, yo, we so amazing ♪
Yeah, we do it like that ♪
Like, uh, so captivating ♪
Gonna throw it on back ♪
Like, yo, you gotta shake it ♪
'Cause the beat gon' slap ♪
Like, yo, yeah, we the greatest ♪
You really can't see it?
We're not the same.
You're right. You're not. Not anymore.
'Cause someone reached out
a hand to you.
Someone who understood your pain.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, buddy. I know.
Baby, talk to me.
I'm comin' Mom. I just, um
I know. I know it's hard.
You want to be out there.
But you're doin' good.
You're still savin' lives
from right where you are.
Was I right?
She was still on the property?
Camilla's home safe.
We make quite the partnership, don't we?
We're not partners.
New case.
I need to narrow the search fast.
Trans woman was taken in broad daylight
outside of Crystal City Shops
11 hours ago.
Where would you have taken her first?
You've kept me here
for seven months. Now what?
I tell you what to help with,
and you help with it.
Zeke, you ready to trace the call?
- On it.
- Call the cops, she dies.
We've been looking
in the wrong direction.
I trained you well.
Your clients would never be found
if it weren't for me.
Tell me that you need me.
You think you're in control,
but you're not.
Who's the man you've let into the house?
It's quite the risk.
What would happen if I screamed?
Gabi, what's in the basement?
Gabrielle! Gabrielle!
Greg, move your head.
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