Found (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Missing While Sinning


Shadows are coming ♪
Windows are closing ♪
We're all alone in this ♪
Wicked, wicked world ♪
This world is burning ♪
In fire ♪
It's drowning desires ♪

Are you ready for your surprise?
It's not my birthday.
It's been one year
since we became family.
One year since your rebirth
as my Gabrielle.
That makes it your birthday.
Blow out your candle.
It's not my birthday.
Blow out
your candle.
It's not my birthday.
You blow out your candle
and eat your cake
or you don't eat at all.

Another long night.
Rise and shine, Ms. Reed.
Did you get Lucas to school on time?
I got Lucas to school.
I'm taking the win.
I'm at the top of my game ♪
Won't see me running away ♪
Not after what I overcame ♪
Things are the same as before ♪
Searching on down to my core ♪
I'm back and I'm ready for more ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Can't hold me down
'cause I'm on fire ♪
- Can't stop this flame ♪
- From getting brighter ♪
- Delivery.
I am gold-plated titanium ♪

Unbreakable ♪
Na, na, na, na ♪
Na, na, na, na unbreakable ♪
Oh, you are lucky
that I love you so much
because you are stinky right now.
Well, I think the word you're
looking for is intoxicating.
Words are kind of my thing, remember?
I meant stinky.
- Unbreakable ♪
Righteous, empathetic, heroic.
Those are just a few of
the words used to describe you.
What do you say to that?
I say thank you, but it's not just me.
My partners at Mosely & Associates,
they're the real heroes,
and frankly, everyone in America can be.
Now, you have said that before. How so?
At Mosley & Associates,
we are former
public relations specialists,
tech experts, lawyers
lust everyday people
who wanted to make a difference,
and now we are.
Well, true, true,
but considering that you saved yourself
from your kidnapper when you
were just 16 years old,
I'd argue hero is just the
tip of the iceberg with you.
That is why we honor you today
as our Person of the Week,
marking the 20th year since your escape.
Well, whatever gets me
hanging out in this chair
with the Joy-Ann Reid,
I will gladly accept.
Well, thank you. The love is mutual.
Now, I have to ask,
does it haunt you that
your kidnapper was never found?
Haunt? No.
He has no power over me anymore.
I took my life back,
and now I help other
forgotten ones like me.
The ones that no one
seem to be looking for,
I find them and I return them
to their lives safely.
There's no room for anything else.
Certainly not ghosts.
Well, it's like you said earlier.
Every person deserves to be found
regardless of race, gender,
class, sexual orientation.
We should all care.
No one cares about sex workers.
Jinny is my roommate and our coworker.
And my best friend.
How long has she been missing?
A week.
And no one is doing anything.
Did you file a missing
persons report with the police?
The very next day,
and you'd think with how
they botched the whole
stalker situation
Okay, wait, wait. What stalker?
Jinny was aggressively stalked
by some fan for the last two years.
From someone she met through her work?
- A former client?
- No idea.
It started online and
seemed pretty harmless.
But then it just escalated,
and before you know it
she's got dead roses
and love notes on her car.
Look, I get it. Jinny's a sex worker.
And for whatever reason,
people think we deserve
what comes to us.
Forget what she does for work.
- Jinny was
- Is. Is.
Jinny is. She's alive
until we prove otherwise.
Thank you.
Jinny is an art lover.
She's an adoring daughter.
A loyal friend.
And she's the most
generous person I know.
She deserves to matter.
Then you've come to the right place.

- ALL: Happy birthday ♪
Jinny, 27 years old,
disappeared a couple hours
after her birthday party in this video.
Apparently, she went to
take the trash out
and never came back.
So her roommate reported her missing?
Maxwell, yes, but not until
the next morning.
The party was over, he passed out,
didn't realize she didn't
come back until he woke up.
- Margaret, you believe him?
- About that, yes.
There is some active
laryngeal prominence.
Light swaying, fidgety left hand,
but that all points to nervousness,
which is not uncommon in these cases.
As for family, seems there was a mother
in the picture until
about three years ago.
- Mm, she die?
- More like estranged.
She disapproved of Jinny's
career choice.
Stopped talking to her.
Moved to Virginia.
So she's controlling. Got it.
Talk to me about Jinny's escort work.
She works for Flowers in Bloom.
It's an online escort service.
Think of it as SugarDaddyMeet
except all prices
are negotiated right up front
and all genders are welcome.
The stalker's persistent.
Apparently, the creepy gifts
left on Jinny's car happened
everywhere she went.
Cut-up lingerie, dead roses,
spoiled food.
'Cause nothing says "I love you"
like shredded lace and maggots.
Jinny told Maxwell and Ashley
she was convinced
that one day her stalker would
walk right up to her and take her,
and no one would be able
to do anything about it.
Maybe she was right.
Zeke, Dhan, get me Jinny's
client list ASAP.
Maybe one of them
didn't want to share her,
and things got outta hand.
- Margaret, go
- I'm already on it.
I hacked into the
Flowers in Bloom website
and I'm downloading
that list as we speak.
I don't need help.
Jinny's been missing for a week now.
Two set of eyes are better than one.
I don't need to be at Zeke's to do that.
Just send me half the list.
I'll call in some favors
and get it down.
You done playing BFF matchmaker yet?
It's good for them.
Margaret, go with Maxwell
to Jinny's, see what you can see.
And try to get ahold of the mom.
Lacey with me.
Time to help the PD
get a little perspective.
Well, for your heroism,
for every forgotten one
that you've brought home,
we'd like to give you something back.
For the next 72 hours,
we'll be hosting a tips hotline
dedicated to finding your kidnapper,
Hugh Evans, AKA Sir.
That's incredible. Thank you.
Man, if Gabi doesn't kill that
smug-ass when he's found,
- I might just do it for her.
- Yeah. Get in line.
I know he's been in the wind 20 years.
But whatever this is, you on your own.
Here's hoping today is that day.
Ignore it.
Hey, I need to know
who's handling Jinny Coe's
missing person's case and
who handled the stalker one.
"Morning, Trent. How you doing?"
I'm great. Thanks for asking.
How have you been?
"Not bad, you know?
Kicking ass, taking names.
The usual". You see
how small talk works?
You can be as cute as you
want as long as you're typing.
So, uh,
how are you doing with all this
renewed attention on Sir?
The only thing I'm focused on
today is finding Jinny.
- Anything yet?
- Uh
- What? What is it?
- Uh
Jinny's missing person case
is being handled by Detective Stultz.
But her stalker case, that
was, uh, originally mine.
Wait, I'm sorry. You
were the lead detective
on Jinny's stalker case,
and you just forgot?
Look, in one month alone,
we get over 300 online stalker
and harassment cases.
It's impossible to remember everyone.
What can you tell us about the stalker?
Not much. No name. No suspect.
The roommate said there were
unwanted gifts.
Yeah. Then he transitioned
to anonymous calls
saying they'd be together soon.
So Jinny came to you for help
and you left her in the wind.
You know me better than that.
Without an actual identity
on the stalker,
there's not a lot the police can do
until someone like this escalates.
Well, congratulations, Trent.
They escalated.
Jinny is now missing.

So you're not really roommates, are you?
I mean, Jinny's spread out
all across this apartment,
and you're barely an imprint.
I mean, even the comforter says
Jinny more than it does you.
That's scarily impressive.
- Ha.
- Uh, I lost my apartment
a few months ago
just some money issues.
I didn't want to have
to go back to my parents
with my tail between my legs
and thanks to Jinny, I didn't.
She's been letting me crash here.
Sounds like she's a good friend.
Hey, we got the police reports.
I'm gonna go start talking
to the neighbors.
- You good here?
- You were with the police.
Is there any news?
Hopefully, we'll know something soon.
So where's the the painting
that was right here?
There was never anything there.
Oh, no. I saw the corner of the canvas
in Jinny's birthday video.
She's right. There was
definitely something here.

- Enough.
- Enough, what?
You cannot ignore me for days on end
like I am inconsequential.
- I fed you, didn't I?
- Without a word.
I didn't need you in
the cases I was working on.
But now you do.
Do I need to remind you how this works?
The answer to this case is no.
This woman
does not deserve my brilliance or yours.
She'd be better off dead.
This is neither a partnership
or a democracy.
I tell you what to help with,
and you help with it.
She is a sex worker.
Filth. Impure.
Save your puritanical crap.
Jinny deserves the basic human right
to live this life unharmed.
Human rights. You mean like freedom.
One has to be human
to have human rights.

Remember, when you're
no longer useful
If you were going to kill me,
you would've done it already.
You've kept me here for seven months.
Now what?
You don't wanna obey, you don't eat.
Sound familiar?
The first charm bracelets
appeared from 600 to 400 B.C.
They were worn by Assyrians,
Babylonians, Persians.
Pure elegance.
Let's try it on.
Have I ever hurt you?
Have I ever touched you inappropriately?

You're keeping me away from my father.
Don't you wish
you could stop me now? ♪
Don't you think that hurts me?
Since you insist on being ungrateful,
there will be no more dinner.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, please. Please.
Look, I promise I'll do better.
I'm hungry.
Don't take my food, again, please.
I will destroy me ♪
To destroy you ♪
A nosy neighbor confirmed
seeing Jinny take out
her trash at 2:30 a.m.
Doesn't remember her coming back.
It's like she disappeared into thin air.
Hey, Zeke, do you think you
could do me a favor?
Can you maybe work your magic
and see if that hotline
generated any new leads on Sir?
I promise, I'm already on it.
I still can't reach Jinny's mother.
I have three suspects on
my half of the client list.
Artwork is a bust for me.
Can't do much with just a little corner,
but I do have a client suspect too.
Clients it is then. Hit me.
Franklin Isaacs,
Brandon Harper, Chelsea Nima.
All have had previous run-ins
with the law.
All joined Flowers in Bloom
just before Jinny's stalking started.
Two of the three requested
Jinny specifically.
Add to that Gregory Garcia.
Four years ago, he stalked
his ex for months
until she got a restraining order.
He was one of Jinny's first
clients three years ago.
Let me guess.
He resurfaced again recently?
He booked a rendezvous with Jinny
a week before she went missing.
- It's showtime for me.
Dhan, take care of
the client interviews.
We need to rule these guys out fast,
so bring Margaret with you.
Ooh, you're gonna use her
for her Margaret Vision.
- My what?
- Margaret Vision.
Every superhero needs a dope nickname.
Margaret Vision does
have a nice ring to it.
- He laughs.
- Zeke?
- Everything good?
- Yup.
Okay then find me something
on each of these clients
that will make them talk.
Margaret, Dhan, get a jumpstart.
I got Jinny's non-work friends covered.
I think I can also be of help.
I had Jinny's missing person
case reassigned to me.
Figured we're better
working together than apart.
You read my mind.
Jinny was last seen outside
her apartment one week ago.
Now, you've heard us say
time and time again,
the first 48 hours are the most crucial,
so in Jinny's case we're
already playing catch up.
That's why it's all hands on deck.
The DCPD in conjunction with
Mosley & Associates.
We could stand here and tell you
all the ways Jinny is
an amazing human being.
How she's someone's daughter,
someone's friend,
how she advocates
for the safety of others
more than herself, but
we shouldn't have to.
Jinny shouldn't have to be perfect
to be worthy of being found.
I'm not here to cast blame.
I'm here to ask you
to help us save Jinny.
She changed my life.
There was no sex.
I just paid her for her companionship.
She helped you feel
a little less lonely.
Exactly. [CRIES]
You promise you're not gonna
tell my wife, right?
If you're not cops,
I don't have to talk to you.
I don't care how much you try
to bribe me with.
I assure you, we are not
accusing you of anything, Mr. Harper.
I know nothing, and I want
you the hell off my property.
So she's good enough for sex,
but you don't care that
her life's in jeopardy.
If I could help, I would, but I can't.
And since trespassing comes
with a six-month sentence

Zeke needs to find something
on Chelsea and Brandon
that we can use so I can
circle back tonight.
You know, whatever's going on
with Brandon,
he's really protective of Jinny.
I mean, he had such a visceral reaction
to you implying
he only used her for sex.
Hey, I got to get to the bus station.
Go ahead. I can finish
the rest without you.
I promise not to kick anyone's ass.
- Too badly.
You know, you never question
me going to the bus station
every night, and you didn't
even bat an eye
at the idea of Jinny being a sex worker.
People have their reasons for
doing what they have to do.
Screw judgement.
- I'm not God.
- True.
But you're really judgmental
of Zeke's trauma
and how he copes. Why is that?
Honestly, I don't know.
I just know I don't like him.
I tolerate him for Gabi.
Yeah, I'm sure if I was in therapy,
they'd have a field day with that.
He's here.
Right on time for his shift.
Gregory Garcia?
- Stop!
- Okay.

Can someone please tell me
what's going on?
I-I haven't done anything.
This you?
See, here's the interesting thing about
being on probation for online stalking.
You're not allowed to be online.
Violates that probation.
See where I'm going here?
Okay, yes. I know I'm not
supposed to be online.
- But I'm not hurting anybody.
- Your ex would beg to differ.
You got 30 seconds to tell me
what you know about Jinny Coe
or your probation officer
gets a call from me.
Sir, thanks for waiting.
I triple checked, and your
package has been delivered.
Right, right, but like I said before
not within my reach.
Look, this might seem like
a simple thing to you,
but my package being
at the top of the steps
is not a simple thing for me.
I'm agoraphobic.
I don't know what that means, sir.
It means I can't leave my damn house.
I'm very sorry, Mr. Wallace,
but it's impossible
for the driver to double back tonight.
Jinny's deliveries.
So you're breaking and entering now?
Lacey let me in on her way out.
Said you, uh, sent everyone
home for the evening.
Yeah. It was just one
dead end after another.
Fresher eyes will prevail
in the morning.
So why doesn't your advice apply to you?
Gregory's alibi checked out?
Yeah. Rock solid.
It's what I came by to tell you.
Well, that coulda just been
a phone call.
Yeah, yeah.
Could have.
So, um, back to my original question.
Why are you still here so late?
Just trying to get into
the mind of a stalker.
You know, how do these things
equate into love?
"My love is a gift.
You will thank me one day"?
You will never understand
because these come from
the mind of a monster.
Something you will never be.
We will keep searching
until we find her, Gabi.
And one day
we'll find Sir too.
Don't stay too much later, yeah?

I heard a voice in the dark ♪

I could have sworn ♪
"Madness can manifest itself
in different ways,
and in Macbeth's case
allows us to actually feel
sympathy for him.
- Despite the evils he commits
- time and again".
- Well done.
Points well argued.
Why so sad, my dear?
- Can I call my dad?
- No.
I would've thought you'd learn
to stop asking by now.
I promise I won't tell him
where I am or anything.
I-I just wanna hear his voice.
- It's been a year.
- Do not ask again.
- But I'm lonely.
- You have me.
Is my love not enough?

Especially when mixed with power
can be distorted.
Isn't that the whole point of "Macbeth"?

And I ♪

You're lonely? All right.
We can compromise.
All-nighters call for nourishment.
Thank you.
Well, most of Jinny's clients
were dead-ends
except this Brandon guy
that was kinda shifty.
One of my old government
contacts is helping me dig
while Zeke focuses on
hacking his account.
The infamous Zeke.
Oh, don't start reading
anything into anything.
Gabi assigned us to work
together on it, so
I don't want to be shrinked right now.
- I have work to do.
- I'm not shrinking you.
I'm husbanding you. Be honest.
What feelings does Zeke
bring up for you?
Clearly his childhood trauma
and resulting agoraphobia
is triggering something that
makes you so unwilling to see him.
Well, he's weak.
Zeke's condition is mind over matter,
but he'd rather sit in it than fight it,
and that offends me.
You realize that's what you
used to say about yourself
when you were found and brought home.
Weak. Too pathetic to fight.
Zeke reminds you of you at your worst
and for that reason,
you shut him down at every turn.
I had to teach you how to
show yourself grace
as part of your healing.
Learning to show that
to others like you
That is also a necessary part
of your healing.
I think I found something.
A delivery to Jinny's home
before she disappeared.
I thought I was on punishment.
Withholding food is
something you used to do.
To do the same would
make me a monster like you,
- and I'm nothing like you.
- Well, I beg to differ,
but that is an argument for another day.
I'm still not helping with this case.
Yes, you are.
Because while Jinny may offend you,
being unkept and dirty offends you more.
So here's the compromise.
I help you with the grooming,
you help me with the case.
And that deal expires in an hour,
so I suggest you get to
studying that case file.
The stalker you're looking
for is not a client.
Stalking is about
an unfulfilled fantasy.
That woman's clients
have had the fantasy.
If the stalker was truly still active
until she disappeared, then
He would still be in pursuit
of the unfulfilled fantasy.

Ms. Mosely.
It was delivered the day
before she disappeared
- and that would mean
- Everyone,
this is Louise.
You're Jinny's mother.
- Jinny really is missing.
- I'm afraid so.
A detective called a week ago
saying her friends were worried.
It had only been a day
and Jinny likes to take time to
herself, and so I thought
And then I saw your press
conference on the news
and oh, God.
I promise, we are doing
everything we can
to find your daughter.
We will not leave a single
stone unturned.
Why don't we get some tea
and have a little chat?
- This way.
- Okay.
We have been looking
in the wrong direction.
Stalkers escalate when
their frustrations escalate
over their fantasy
remaining unfulfilled.
We're not looking for a client.
Well, if we're not looking for a client,
how do we even begin
to narrow the search?
By starting where she spent
most of her time outside of work.
- BOTH: The art gallery.
- What am I missing?
This is the painting from
her birthday video that's missing.
It was delivered the day
before she went missing.
- A gift from her stalker?
- A gift for herself.
From an art gallery that she visited
twice a week every week
according to her credit card statements.
That's a Gradeux painting.
Local DC artist. Not cheap.
Well, it can't be a coincidence
that since Jinny went missing,
the only other thing MIA
is a missing painting.
I'm not sure how they're connected,
but my gut is telling me that they are.
I'm just so sorry to hear
Jinny's missing.
She seems to have come here a lot.
Every week, so we're all
kind of familiar.
Plus, she just bought her very
first piece last week.
They make a big deal about that here.
Nurture new art lovers.
That sort of thing.
Was there anything odd
or different about last week's visit?
Maybe another patron paying
too close attention to Jinny?
No, not really.
Only real difference
was she wasn't alone.
Figured she was on a bad date
or something.
- Why a bad date?
- She was friendly with the guy
she was with, but then
he made a pass at her.
She kind of gently avoided the kiss.
- Friend still left mad.
- Can you describe the friend?
Sure. Young, preppy, maybe brown hair.
- Is this him?
- Yes.
Fighting with Jinny in art galleries,
plus the same day you get a
large deposit in your account,
we're just learning about.
This isn't looking good for you.
Here's how this is gonna play out.
You will tell us what you had to do
with Jinny's disappearance.
You will tell us where she is
and then you better pray to God
that she's okay.
- I want a lawyer.
Oh, sweetie, we're not cops.
Your rights mean absolutely
nothing to me,
so you can answer all of
my questions before
the cops get here, or I will
make sure that your life
is a living hell before
they cart you off to prison.
Was all of this because
Jinny declined your advances?
Yeah, I was falling for Jinny.
God, who wouldn't?
She's she's amazing.
But I didn't do anything to her.
Maxwell, DCPD.
Help, please. They're insane.
I didn't do anything.
Maxwell, sit down. Focus on me.
Don't worry about him.
I'd listen to her.
Look, I [SIGHS]
I'd been having some money problems
and so I took an opportunity
to make some quick money.
- What kinda quick money?
- After the gallery,
Jinny's stalker at least
that's who I think it was
reached out.
Said that if I told him where
Jinny's location was
on her birthday, he'd pay me $4,000.
She put a roof over your head
and you handed her over
to the person who's
making her life hell.
I gave him a fake location.
I swear it was fake.
But they must've found out
because she disappeared
that night anyway,
and that's why I came to you.
By all indication,
he believes what he's saying.
Get up.
You're under arrest
for obstruction of justice
and a multitude of other things
I can't even begin to list.
Maxwell, where'd this come from?
It's not mine. Our clicker's on the bar.
I've seen this before, but not here.
I mean, it wasn't here when I
swept the place 18 hours ago.
Margaret, where have you seen it?
Brandon's. Jinny's client.
It was on the hall table
when he slammed the door.
Why is it here?
Come on. Damn it.
Gabi, Gabi, wait. Let me do my job.

DCPD, open up.
Jinny. Jinny, no!
We're here to help you.
Jinny, what the hell?
Get the hell off me.
Leave me alone. I don't wanna be found.
Brandon didn't kidnap me.
He's helping me hide out.
So you staged your own disappearance?
You have no idea what it's like
to live a whole year
looking over your shoulder.
Stalked. Harassed.
Wondering if today is the day
you're gonna die.
I do. I know exactly how that feels.
Start to feel like
you're better off dead.
That you should just take your
own life before they take it.
It was the night of my birthday
And I realized my stalker
had been in my house.
He left another set
of dead roses on my bed.
And it was at that moment
that I realized
I either take my life
or I disappear and start over again.
The only thing I went back for
was my painting.
I needed something
to remember this life by.
So I hid it and I went back for it.
So that's when you left the clicker.
just let me disappear and start over.
It's not easy to give it all up.
Your life. Your family and friends.
Jinny, listen to me. You have a choice.
I had to change my name
and start a whole new life
for myself, and leave a lot
that I loved behind.
It hurts, and it's hard at any age.
And honestly, if it'd been my choice,
I don't think I would've done it.
How'd you run from your life
and get over the loss?
I'll let you know when I do.
Jinny, I was hired to find you
and return you to your life.
- I haven't done that yet.
- What are you saying?
She's saying we need to
find your stalker,
so we can do that.
Look, it makes sense.
If we announce to the media
that Jinny has been found,
the stalker will make a reappearance,
but this time we'll be ready.
We are not using Jinny as bait.
She's already traumatized enough as is.
Do you have other suggestions?
'Cause if we don't act fast,
the stalker will go underground.
Wait. What if we used
someone else as bait?
Someone the stalker's already
mad at for betraying them.
You are brilliant.
We're gonna need the help of
the press on this one.
Hey, you can definitely hear me, right?
Yeah, we got you, buddy.
Cops have every angle covered.
You'll be safe the whole time.
Where the hell is Zeke with the drone?
That's what Dhan went to find out.
No one's been able to reach
Zeke since the art gallery.
Zeke! Come on, man.
You all right?
What the hell happened?
Why don't you tell me.
I tried to get my package.
I'm here. I'm ready.
- Sorry about that.
- Should I be worried?
He's all good. Is Maxwell in position?
Shaking like a little bitch, but yeah.
I'm tapping into the local
security cameras
in the neighborhood now.
I'll have additional
surveillance footage shortly.
I mean, do you really think
the stalker's gonna take
the bait we planted with the media?

Is that
It's Marsha, the security
guard from the art gallery.
Our stalker is a she.
Police! Get on the ground now!
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you in the court of law.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah, yeah. It's over.
They got her.
She spent so much time
watching you from a distance
at the gallery, she created a fantasy,
but you were right to be afraid.
Based on what they found in her place,
she wasn't gonna stop until she had you.
God, I don't think I'll ever
stop saying thank you.
Oh my God.
[CRIES] Mom.
It's okay, baby. I'm here. I'm here.
Thank you, all again, so much.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
[CRYING] Yes, thank you.
Jinny is safe and Marsha
will be away for a long time.
I know that you doubt me ♪

You can't hide what
settles in your eyes ♪

A worry in your heartbeat ♪

I hear it when I hold you
in the night ♪
But I know that faith
will just guide us ♪
Through all the hurricanes ♪
Swim through the tidal waves ♪
'Cause quietly ♪
Can I ask you something?
What's in that package that's
worth risking all of that?
Today's the, um, anniversary
of my Pop Pop's passing.
We have our annual family
reunion on this day, and
we all light the same candle
in memory of Pop Pop.
I needed my blue candle.
When you lift this shaking ♪
You're making sure I know
what you're not saying ♪
Mm ♪
I'm here close to breaking ♪
It's hard for me as it is for you ♪
- But you won't get ♪
- Have a seat.
Hell by moving ♪

Thank you.
'Cause quietly I pray ♪
Father, can you see me? ♪
You know that I won't let go ♪
Please give her everything she needs ♪
ALL: Welcome home.
I'll give you every part of me ♪
Father, can you see me? ♪
You know that I won't lose hope ♪
Please give her everything she needs ♪

This is a first for us.
I suggest you be quiet
if you want to survive this.
I trust you.
You shouldn't.
In a few months, it'll be my
one-year anniversary with you.
Do you remember
your one-year celebration?
Unfortunately for you,
I remember everything.
You say that like it wasn't a good day.
I showered you with presents.
I didn't want your books,
your bracelets, cake.
- You're forgetting one.
- One what?
The most important present.
You're lonely? All right.
We can compromise.
The one that arrived eight days later.
The ones, the ones
with the biggest house ♪

Yeah yeah ♪
We can live like those rich kids ♪

Never will we do without ♪

So we can, we can live ♪
So we can, we can live ♪
So we can, we can live ♪
So we can, we can live ♪

Greg, move your head.
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