Found (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Missing While Widowed

You're forgetting one.
- One what?
- Present.
The most important present.

I took her for you.
Take it back.
Take what back?
I said that I was lonely.
That did not mean that I wanted
you to kidnap someone
another child for me?
I would never, ever, ever
If it makes you feel better,
it wasn't easy for you to ask.
I remember every moment of that year,
every dark, suffocating,
agonizing moment.
Distorting the truth
for one's own protection
is a basic human instinct.
So if you'd rather not remember,
I understand.

I wanna remember.
It was a lovely evening.
Our favorite song was playing.
Some argue that Sartre's work
is inherently dangerous.
Unchecked among the youth,
nihilism can lead
to disastrous consequences.
I mean, just look at Holden Caulfield.
I remember you were distracted that day.
You seem foggy lately.
I'm sorry.
I should be the one apologizing.
I mean, it's like you said,
intellectual rigor requires exchange.
And things have been
so busy with my work,
I haven't been able to spend as
much time at home as I'd like.
Perhaps you'd like a companion,
someone who's with you all the time.
Would you like a friend?

You would
bring someone here?
You have two seconds to decide,
and then the offer's
off the table forever.

I'd like a friend.
I'll bring dessert.
Let's fly, let's fly ♪
Pack up, let's fly away ♪
I took her for you.
Hey. You all right?
- Never better. What's up?
- New client.
Uh, there's a doorman
at a building in Dupont
who thinks one of the elderly residents,
Reggie Moore, has disappeared.
- He's been gone for two days.
- And that's
- out of character for him.
- Yeah.
Very much so.
Um, you sure you're all right?
Talk to me about the doorman.
Body language?
He's very polite, distinguished,
deeply concerned for this resident.
Odd that the doorman is reporting him.
- Where's the family?
- Hey.
I'm sorry. I was coming
through the door,
and she just barged in.
May we help you?
Gabi this is my daughter, Taylor.
I just need you to sign these.
- Emancipation papers?
- Yeah.
I don't want you to be
my mother anymore.

I've worked at the Dupont North
almost as long as Reggie's lived there.
We talk every day, but after one day
Oh, you're so grown-up.
I wasn't trying to make you look bad
in front of your coworkers.
[SIGHS] You know, when you were four,
you declared in front
of everyone at the supermarket
that you weren't gonna
eat animals anymore.
So I mean, public declarations imbue us
with the strength to do
what we have to do.
You remember that?
And I know it's been ten years
since we've seen each other,
but you're my child, Taylor.
I I remember everything about you.

So why now?
If you terminate your parental rights,
I qualify for my full financial aid.
Well, I I have savings.
I could help you
I just want you to sign.
The two Ms. Mosely,
are you listening?
I'm listening, Cliff.
The last time you saw Reggie,
he was going on his usual coffee run,
newspaper in hand.
He was wearing navy slacks,
a forest green button-down shirt,
a navy fedora.
He carried his blazer with him
because the coffee shop
is always a little chilly.
You know anything about
Reggie's personal life,
his friends, romantic relationships?
He's a bit of a loner.
It's his personality.
He was a music teacher,
very creative.
But ever since his husband died,
he's cocooned himself even more.
He loves his routines.
I think they're his saving grace.
You don't think Reggie just
took a trip on a whim?
Oh, no, that's just not him.
He always tells me
in case there's a, uh,
delivery or something.
Uh, this is Reggie.
Chopin, Nocturne No. 2.
Yes, in E flat.
- My dad played.
- Ah.
Why haven't you reported
Reggie's disappearance
to the police?
I read about you, Ms. Mosely.
And I know you care for everyone.
I'm just not confident
the police would care
about a missing gay,
Black widower in his 70s.
And it's only been two days,
and my only real evidence
is the absence
of our morning conversations.
They'd probably laugh me out of there.
Most of the residents
don't look me in the eye
when I open the door for them
or deliver their food
or dry cleaning.
Reggie sees me.
He's a good person.
Can you help find Reggie?
We will.
No socials, but we're
building what we can.
He did a lot in person.
Who was that woman Margaret walked out?
Mind your business.
Spoke to Reggie's only living relative.
Her name's Hollis Moore.
She's Reggie's niece.
She claims Reggie's fine.
They texted this morning.
- What'd they text about?
- See for yourself.
Dhan's got screenshots.
Reggie's husband died last year.
He was so devastated,
he couldn't function.
Hollis took over his finances.
She's on her way to Reggie's
apartment to check on him.
Well, hopefully he is fine,
but as we always say
ALL: We believe until proven otherwise.
Zeke, I want everything
there is on Reggie.
- I mean everything.
- Already on it.
Building a profile as we speak.
Dhan, we need to beat Hollis
over to Reggie's apartment
before she touches anything.
I'll get the car.
I took Bella for you.
No. Wait for Margaret.
Meet us at Reggie's.

I'm crisis manager Gabi Mosely.
You met with my associate, Dhan, here.
I told him my uncle was fine.
We just need to confirm that.
Once we do, you can go on
with your life.
May we come in?
I guess.
So you told Dhan that you were texting
with your uncle this morning?
I need to pay his electric bill.
He's a techno hater, but I'm slowly
ushering him into the 21st century.
When's the last time
you actually saw your uncle?
Um let me think.
When's the last time
you actually talked to him,
not texting, not typing?
Uh, let me check.

My husband and I went to that bridge.
Wait, did the Dhan Rana just
volunteer personal information?
[CHUCKLES] Volunteer is a strong word.
Nothing looks suspicious.
We need Margaret.
I'm here.
Lacey's downstairs talking
to some of the residents,
so I'll get started.

Did Reggie and Chris have
a lot of friends?
Oh, yeah, lots.
Actually, they kept
quite a small circle.
When Chris passed away,
Reggie just didn't keep contact.
'Cause he was grieving.
He told me that they were
mostly Chris's friends,
and they could be a bit obnoxious.
Sounds like he was lonely?
No. He has me.
Respectfully, miss,
your uncle was lonely.
Did Reggie have any quarrels lately?
God, no. I mean, look,
my uncle can be prickly, okay?
It's a vibe. But enemies?
No. He's just an old man.
What about neighbors, problems there?
Oh, Reggie would complain
about a dog's incessant yapping
or a party that went past 10:00,
but the residents, they
they got used to it.
I don't believe any
of them would do harm.
How long has Reggie been
taking ACE inhibitors?
- Heart medication.
- I I don't know.
I mean, according to his dosage,
if he goes without them
for over 72 hours,
he'll likely have a heart attack.
Reggie's been gone for two days already.
You mean, he could die?
Uh, Hollis, text your uncle,
tell him you need to meet him
at 14th and U right now.
Tell him it's important.

He says he can't make it
because he's staying home.
But we're in his home, so that means
We're texting with the kidnappers.

Sorry, Gabi, I was hoping
I'd have more on Reggie
by now, but there really isn't
much of a profile to build.
Reggie doesn't even online shop.
But he has a smartphone, right?
According to the serial number,
it's 15 years old.
I haven't found a way in yet.
Be easier if I had the actual phone.
Zeke the Great struck out?
Yeah, first time for
everything, I guess.
Oh, y'all got jokes. Okay.
People live their lives
almost entirely online.
I mean, how does Reggie even manage?
The old-fashioned way,
in person errands.
- Who has time for that?
- A lot of the elderly.
The server, the grocery store worker,
the guy at the coffee shop
all become their friends.
Oftentime, their only friends.
Man, loneliness is a bitch.
Okay, so what's next?
- Press conference?
- I want Reggie's photo out
to every hospital in the area.
And no, we gonna keep
the press out of this for now.
We don't wanna spook the kidnappers.
They think they've
successfully fooled Hollis.
And the cops?
That's a no for now too.
Uh, okay, well, I kind of
may have already called Trent.
What? We always call Trent.
I was just trying to be helpful.
Not happy to see me.
Not when I didn't send for you.
So, uh, DCPD should have
a CMA issued shortly.
A critical missing alert?
That's like an AMBER Alert,
but for senior citizens, right?
Cancel it, Trent. Any public attention
right now could get Reggie killed.
I'm not asking. This is police protocol.
You hard of hearing?
She said no CMA.
I'm sorry, am I talking to you?
Enough. This is our private case, Trent.
Reggie hasn't been reported
missing to the police.
So right now, I'm in charge.
You wanna help, triangulate the phone.
All right, Zeke,
send me what you have on the phone.
Zeke, Reggie may be offline,
but his service providers are not.
There has to be a trail somewhere.
Dhan, go over to Hollis's apartment,
- and stay by her side.
- Protection or surveillance?
Both. And I need copies of the texts
between her and the kidnappers
sent to me in real time.
I'm gonna call Reggie's doctor,
see if another prescription
wasn't called in.
We have one day until
Reggie's heart fails.
Give me something I can use.

Okay. Well, thank you, doctor.
All right, Reggie didn't send
in for another prescription.
The only bottle of meds
is the one at his house.
His doctor is worried too.
I mean, Reggie's heart can't sustain
without those meds.
Okay, I'll I'll tell Gabi.
Hey, do you have a sec
I know what you're gonna ask,
and I'm fine.
Actually, that was gonna be
about me not being fine,
but, uh, you go first.
The young woman
I was talking to earlier
is my daughter.
Yeah. I know.
The abridged version is she
wants to emancipate from me,
and I am dealing with it.
Whoa. Okay, um,
first, you don't have
to deal with it on your own.
And second, are you really gonna sign
the emancipation docs?
She's never asked me
for anything before.
It's the least I can do.
I mean, I haven't been Taylor's mom
for a long time,
not since Jamie went missing.
Emancipation is permanent, Margaret.
- I'm aware.
- Did her dad put her up to this?
I doubt it. I mean,
Taylor's always been really headstrong.
And Darryl's not a bad person.
The reason he went
for full custody of the kids
was because he saw
what I couldn't,
that my inability to stop
looking for Jamie was
hurting our other kids more.
Distance and time brings clarity.
So Darryl made the right call.
I mean, they didn't just
lose Jamie that day.
They lost me too.
And no child should ever
have to go through that.
How many?
[SIGHS] Taylor, Rachel, and Jamie.

You'll always be their mother.
And you did the best
you could at the time.
Let go of the shame, Margaret.
But, um, before you end
your parental rights,
just let me look at the documents,
just give it a legal once-over.
Uh, sorry, do you still need to talk?
Figured Hollis would be safest here.
- Stashed her in a back office.
- Good.
I think whoever abducted Reggie
is younger than him by a few decades.
You think he was taken by a millennial?
Give or take. Look.
His messages from a month ago
are all complete sentences.
Perfect grammar.
He's a meticulous man.
But these, all one-word
responses and text speak.
Sloppy punctuation.
Even spells "okay" differently, no A-Y.
Did you know she had a daughter?
She has two actually.
- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.
She never mentioned that
when we took her on
as a client at the Iris PI firm.
You and I were tasked
with finding her son.
Part of that meant digging
into Margaret's background.
- That's how I found out.
- All these years,
and you never said anything.
You really are a vault
for other people's secrets.
Thankfully, I'm good at keeping them.
Zeke found something
in Reggie's bank records.

If you have any trouble
with those accounts,
just give me a call.
You should be all set though.
All right? Take care.
Gabi Mosely.
Wow. I'm a I'm a big fan.
Well, thank you, Julian.
Uh, so what kind of account
can I open for you today?
Actually, we're here
regarding Reggie Moore.
May we ask you some questions?
Of course.
Oh, God, right.
You you find missing people,
so d-does that mean, uh
Uh, let's not panic yet.
Reggie may be on vacation
in Jamaica, for all we know.
Well, uh,
I love Reggie.
Uh, he comes in every Monday,
picks up some cash for the week.
We chat it up.
Uh, he's a big Whitney Houston
fan, just like me.
No way. So am I.
I'd sing for you now,
but that's not my gift.
So we believe there may be
some unusual activity
in Reggie's accounts, a recent uptick
of $5,000 withdrawals, specifically.
You are good.
So you must know about
his niece, Hollis, then?
So his niece is the one
taking money from Reggie?
Stealing the money.
If Reggie's in trouble,
Hollis might be the reason.
That's a serious accusation.
Backed up with proof.
You remember those $5,000
transfers you mentioned?
They all started shortly
after his husband passed
and were sent into different accounts,
all under Reggie's name,
none of which Reggie knew
anything about.
Hollis took over handling
most of Reggie's finances
during the same time.
Exactly. She's the only other person
that could open an account
in Reggie's name.
What's the protocol when
a customer's funds go missing?
Well, we take it very seriously.
Uh, we launch a full-scale
branch investigation.
That's actually how we determined
that it was his niece.
So two days ago, I met with Reggie,
and we had the unfortunate conversation.
Right around the time
Reggie went missing.
He was devastated when I told him.
Poor guy.
You have any surveillance
footage from that day?
Uh, sharing bank footage,
uh, is against policy.
You'd need a warrant for that.
But if something were wrong,
do you wanna be the hero
who helped save Reggie
or the banker who put protocol
above a Black, gay elder?
From a PR point of view,
I'd choose the former.

If Hollis really is stealing
money from Reggie,
and he confronted her,
that's motive and opportunity.
She could've hurt him, or
she's holding him somewhere.
It's Trent. He's got
a lock on the phone.
He's pulling up outside. Okay,
get this security video over to Zeke
and call Margaret and Lacey.
Under no circumstances are they
to let Hollis leave our office.
All right. That's the phone.
The minute it steps outside,
we will grab whoever has it.
Or we could just bust
in there and forget
whatever warrant you're waiting for.
See, this is exactly why
I didn't just tell you the address.
What's a little breaking the law
when you're saving someone's life?
Reggie's phone is on the move.
It's on the other side of that lot.
- Ready?
- Yeah.

Ugh. I can't get in.

Gabi, Gabi.
I need you to back up slowly.
Get on your knees,
hands behind your head.
If this tracker is right,
the phone is in the dumpster.
Reggie could be too.

The kidnapper must've dropped it.
Oh, thank God.
There's no way into this phone,
not unless you've got a time machine,
genie in a lamp maybe.
So we lost our only way of communicating
with the kidnappers and tracking Reggie?
Unless the kidnapper's
in our back office
under Dhan's watch.

Look at Reggie in this security video.
It doesn't take a lip reader to see
that Reggie was devastated
learning about Hollis.
And she's been here, so she
couldn't have dumped the phone.
Well, this might help give us answers.
All right, printouts
of every text message
Reggie's sent in the last two months.
Zeke, copies are headed to you too.
All right, everyone, get to reading.
I'll be back in the office in ten.
Guys, real quick, last month,
Hollis posted a FundMeOn
for some unexpected car repairs.
But I checked her DMV files and
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
She doesn't own a car, does she?
She raised two grand
for a nonexistent car,
and two days later, she
was thottin' on the beach
- in Atlantic City.
- So there was no car.
She ripped off her friends to go play.
So if she's willing
to do that to friends,
who knows what she'd do
to her favorite uncle.
Especially when he sends her
messages like this:
"Keep your hands off my goddamn money".
- That was from this week.
- Hollis sent us screenshots
of her texts this week.
This wasn't on it.
It's time to have another chat
with her selective ass.
Hold up. She already lied to us once.
How 'bout we do this
the old-fashioned way?

You're kidding, right?
I don't get why
we just didn't handle this
ourselves, Gabi.
She's just gonna lawyer up.
Look, I know this looks bad, okay?
But Reggie fired me as his
guardian every other week.
I said he was prickly.
And the FundMeOn scam?
I scammed dumb men on the Internet
into paying for my vacation,
but I would never steal from family.
Wait. Don't answer yet.
Might finally be the ransom call.

- Hello?
Leave me alone.
Oh, my God, Uncle Reggie?
Act normal, keep him talking.
You don't know he's missing.
You good?
I-I'm just taking some personal time.
You hear?
Stop texting me.
Did you hear him?
He was barely breathing.
Something is wrong! I need
We're gonna find him, Hollis.

I sent everyone home for the night.
I, um I'm really worried
about Margaret.
She's acting like the whole
daughter thing isn't happening.
Everyone deals with trauma
differently, Lacey.
We respect that around here.
Good night.
Are you mad at me or something?
I can feel it.
If I did something wrong,
just tell me what it is,
and I can fix it.

There's nothing to fix.
All I'm thinking about is Reggie.
See you tomorrow.

I was starting to think
there was no work for us today.
Play the call again.
Leave me alone.
Oh, my God, Uncle Reggie?
You good?
I-I'm just taking some personal time.
You hear? Stop texting me.
Guilt is rough, isn't it?
I have nothing to feel guilty about.
No matter what I may
or may not have said,
you're the one who kidnapped Bella.
That's on you.
I was talking about your guilt
over not having found our sick victim.
The call, again please.
Leave me alone.
There are two people
wheezing on that call.
The higher-pitched one, that's not
illness related, that's fear.
That's your kidnapper,
and they're terrified.
Maybe the kidnapping wasn't planned.
Everything about this case
screams amateur hour.
Likely their first one.
That's how it was for me.
Isn't that why I'm here,
to provide my personal expertise?
Get to the point.
This person is scared and unstable.
And unstable people
are more likely to kill.

Your mother doesn't know I called.
They're unsigned.
Do you understand what
you're asking her to do?
I understand it's not your business.
I get it.
Your entire family went
through hell, Taylor,
including your mother.
She's an amazing person
who's just a little broken
like the rest of us.
These documents are binding.
Are you her lawyer or something?
I'm her friend
who's also, like, kind of 2/3 a lawyer.
The bond you two have must be real
for you to put yourself
in the middle like this.
You know, I used to think
my mom couldn't be anyone's mother.
Maybe it's just that
she couldn't be mine
even after the grief ended.
That's just it, Taylor.
The grief hasn't ended.
Do you know she still spends
every night at the bus station?
The one where Jamie went missing?
That's insane.
Every night for 13 years.
Does that sound like a woman
whose grief has ended?

Sorry you couldn't go home first.
Case comes first.
But but what are we doing here?
We swept the place yesterday.
Guilt can cloud the mind.
Neither of us were
at our best yesterday,
so I figured it couldn't
hurt for us to just
go over this place again.
I thought I could
compartmentalize my feelings
about seeing Taylor after all this time.
I'm sorry, uh, both for being
distracted at work
and for not telling you about Taylor.
You don't owe me an apology.
Let's bring Reggie home.
How do you do that again?
Take in and remember things
in such detail.
You trying to remember something?
Actually, yes.
A conversation from a long time ago
20 years.
I know that Lacey calls it a superpower,
but it's really 13 years of training
that started the day Jamie went missing.
I don't just go to the bus
station hoping to find him.
I go to keep the memory
of that day fresh.
You know, those
those precious seconds
between when I had him
and when I didn't.
And I and I recreate the day
as much as I can.
Let go of the shame, Margaret.
You know, Lacey said
basically the same thing.
You raised her well.
I didn't raise her.
Well, not literally, no.
But I mean, Lacey, me, Dhan, Zeke,
I mean, we all met at our lowest.
And look at us now.
Our power, our purpose,
that's all because of you, Gabi.
And that should fill you with pride,
not guilt.

Where's Reggie's recent mail?
A guy who lives his life
offline should have
stacks of mail.
This is everything
that was in his mailbox.
Is there anything else I can do to help?
This is great. Thanks, Cliff.
I should have thought
of his mail sooner.
It's the only other time
of the day we had to connect.
Reggie always had some silly joke.
How long have you been in love with him?
There's a slight change in your
voice when you say his name,
and it's in your eyes.
For years.
I know it sounds pathetic,
all this off of a few
conversations every day.
It is not pathetic. Because of it,
you noticed Reggie was missing
when nobody else did.
Did Reggie say anything
about switching banks?
If somebody was trying
to steal from him,
he'd change accounts,
not leave the whole bank.
Unless the bank is the thief.
I reached out
to an old friend at the OCC.
Two Bank of Citizens Bay branches,
including Reggie's,
are under investigation
for complaints of missing funds.
Guess who's worked at both branches.
Julian, Reggie's account manager.
The security video
Reggie was probably
confronting Julian about the stealing.
Julian took him to shut him up.
- We need to get to the bank.
- You and Lacey
go keep an eye on him.
This is all circumstantial.
We need something concrete
before we spook him.
Too late. Check your phones.
"Reported critical missing:
Reggie Moore, 71"
Damn it.
Trent must have issued the CMA.
Consider Julian spooked.
What the hell happened to no CMA?
Reggie is out of time.
I made a judgement call.
Hey, just came in, confirmed sighting
of Reggie being pushed
into a maroon Honda Ridgeline
three days ago after he left the bank.
Check the DMV records.
See if they match a Julian Barker,
Reggie's account manager.
Shaker, once we have an
address for the car, haul ass.
Search every inch
of that property for Reggie.
Got you.
- I'll meet you at the bank.
- Too late.
I'm already here.
Julian's desk is empty.
Security said we just
missed him by a few minutes.
Eye in the sky, what have you got?
Ridgeline, northwest corner.

- Hey!
- You're not cops!
- You can't do this!
- Hey, bestie.
Time to have another chat.
No sign of Reggie at Julian's house.
No pills, nothing.
I'm taking him in.
We can get a location out of him.
I bet you can.
You lay a finger on him,
we can't charge him, and he walks.
Nice guy loses his husband
and you steal from him?
[GRUNTS] Six hits till your jaw breaks.
- Hey, hey!
- That's one.
Dhan, stop it!
3708 Foote Street Northeast.
Place is a bank foreclosure.


- Mm. Mm.
- Reggie.
- Mm.
- I'm Gabi.
- Mm.
- Hi.
You're safe now.

I'm so sorry I worried you, baby girl.
No. I'm sorry.
I should have noticed
that you were lonely.
I should have noticed
your account manager
- was stealing from you.
- No, no, no.
I should've said something.
I was [SIGHS]
I was just embarrassed.
I thought Julian was my friend.
I trusted him.
There's nothing wrong with
looking for the best in people.
For you, for you, for you ♪
Did you know that I can
be that person for you ♪
I'm gonna do better, Uncle Reggie.
For you, for you ♪
But you did real good, baby girl.
You hired Ms. Mosely here, and
and you got me home.
Actually, I didn't.
Cliff did.
Stop hiding over there.

When you weren't on your usual schedule,
I was worried.
Cliff saved your life.
Thank you doesn't seem like enough.
Our little talks truly are
the best part of my day.
So I noticed when they stopped.
Well, they're mine too.
Would you like to come up
for tea some time?
I'd love to.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Ah, you should've seen it, Zeke.
Looks like tea will be their first date.
I'm sorry I got so hot about the alert.
It helped.
I appreciate that.
But after the beatdown Dhan gave Julian,
chances of charges sticking
are pretty slim.
Give me five minutes with him.
I won't touch him, I promise.

Five minutes.
My lawyers are gonna have a field day
with you and your team.
Mm, I don't think so.
See, I've been doing a little research,
and here are five people
whose accounts you've drained
all older, all lonely, all
suddenly linked to you.
And then there's one
that turned up dead.
I didn't kill anyone.
I can make it true, trust.
So you have two choices.
Confess, do your time,
and I'll leave you alone.
Or don't, and I'll be on that
ass for the rest of your life.
Every morning, you'll wake up wondering,
does Gabi Mosely have time today?
And the answer is yes.
Gabi Mosely always has time.
She's a fashion queen ♪
She's dressed to the nines ♪
Can't break a diamond ♪
She's here to shine ♪
Yeah ♪

ALL: Welcome home.
Ooh, sister, sister ♪
Oh, sister, sister ♪

Okay, Margaret, let's try this.
If you can use some exotic booze ♪
There's a bar in far Bombay ♪
Come fly with me,
let's fly, let's fly away ♪
I just wanted to say good night
and, uh, congratulations.
Do you remember the first night we met?
Course I do.
Was I
how was I?
Was I angry?
Was I scared?
Was I
Gabi, what is all this about?
Did it seem like I was expecting you?

You were completely confused,
and you just leapt into action.
You were amazing.
Come fly with me,
let's fly, let's fly away ♪
Would you like a friend?

I'd rather die than put
someone through this.

You lied to me.
I didn't say I wanted a friend.
I said quite the opposite.
You can't manipulate me.
But I did for a while.
Listen to me, you pathetic
excuse for a human being.
You don't test me.
You think you're in control,
but you're not.
Put the books in the box.

All of them.
Toothbrush and soap too.
Better get ready ♪
Everything is 'bout to change ♪
Are you ready? ♪

It's only the beginning ♪
Only the beginning ♪
Are you ready for it? ♪
Everything you have
is a result of my generosity.
But I don't have to be generous.
Remember that.
I am in control.

Only the beginning ♪

I was an ass.
And I'm sorry.
- I've
- You're here now.
Just in time for "The Voice".

I know you're scared ♪
So it's true.
For 13 years?
It's true.
No, but
I mean, I I have to be here.
I might remember something.
I mean, he he
he he might come back.
I just I just
I have to be here.
- Mom, maybe
- No. No, no, no.
You you shouldn't be here.
Your dad wanted you and your
sister to have a normal life.
And he has given you that.
And it's the only thing
that gives me peace.
One in a million, still shining ♪
Letting you go was the only
thing that I could give you.
We're still here ♪
I'm so proud of you.
You're the best part of me.
Here we are ♪
We are, we are, we are ♪
Do you have those papers? [SNIFFLES]
We're still here ♪
We are, we are ♪
- Jamie loved that pen.
When you can't hold it together ♪
I hope you remember ♪

We're still here ♪
Here we are ♪
One in a million ♪
Still shining ♪
Do something wonderful with your life.
We're still here ♪
Here we are ♪
We are, we are ♪
We are, we're still here ♪
What are you doing?
I'm sitting with you.
No, you don't have to.
I just want to understand,
just for tonight.
We are, we are ♪
I hope you remember ♪
We're still here ♪
We're still here ♪
Here we are ♪
Mm-hmm ♪

Greg, move your head.
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