Found (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Missing While a Pawn


Help me.
If you're there
Please, please.
I've been looking forward to this.
Ah, yes.
"Friends, Romans, countrymen,
lend me your ears".
Ubiquitous and tiresome.
The most potent line
in "Julius Caesar"
"There are no tricks
in plain and simple faith".
I didn't read it.
Th this was the assignment.
What's the point?
You're gonna give me a script anyway.
No dinner tonight.
You will be prepared
by tomorrow, Gabrielle.
Don't test me.

"Day 261.
My name is Annie, and I'm gonna live.
If you're reading this and Sir
took you, too, don't give up".
Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie? ♪
Annie, what happened to you?
Annie, are you okay?
Are you okay, Annie? ♪
Gabi, are you okay?

Are you sure you wanna do this?
Because we can't go back.
Challenge accepted, po-po.
I can't believe Zeke let her
host the karaoke night here.
I can hear you.
And studies show that
team building is important.
So since Zeke couldn't come with us
You decided the appropriate thing to do
was invade the man's home
with a microphone and bar food.
I think she did good. Lace is right.
We don't spend enough time
having fun together as a team.
Plus, you're the one that said
that Zeke is too isolated.
Hey, I was happy to host.
It's kind of nice having y'all here.
Plus, who knew my man Trent had skills?
Not everybody can pull off Marvin Gaye.
Well, always popular with the ladies.
"Distant Lover". What a sap.
- Be nice, Dhan.
- Dude, I can hear you too.
- Mm.
- Okay, Dhan and I are up next.
Um, what should we do?
"Summer Nights"?
"California Dreamin'"? What?
- Lacey, can I please go home?
- No, we are not done bonding.
Tell him, Lace.

So what are the chances you let me
drive you home and, uh,
we finish our bonding?
That's my cue.
ALL: Listen, baby ♪
Ain't no mountain high,
ain't no valley low ♪
Ain't no river wide enough, baby ♪
If you need me, call me ♪
No matter where you are,
no matter how far ♪
Don't worry, baby ♪
Just call my name ♪
I'll be there in a hurry ♪
You don't have to worry ♪
'Cause baby, there ain't
no mountain high enough ♪
Ain't no valley low enough ♪
Ain't no river wide enough ♪
To keep me from getting ♪
Gabi, when are you gonna
climb him like a tree?
Lacey, there will be no climbing Trent
like a tree any time soon.
Listen, I'm not blind.
The attraction is crazy.
So what's the real problem?
It's no problem, just cold
cases we need to look into.
Our work is never done.
Are you okay?
You seem bothered when Zeke
was singing that Annie song.
Don't you have class in,
like, six hours?
Good night, Lacey.
Lacey, I am not playing.
Gabi, you need to get
to the office quick.
Shut up and let me talk!
That's all you do.
What is all that yelling?
[SIGHS] A couple
in the middle of a divorce.
Their son is missing, Gabi.
It doesn't look too good.
I'm on my way.

How many times have you been told
to text me when you drop him off?
Dre, I am not one of your employees!
- Andrea!
- Mrs. Robinson!
My name is Gabi Mosley,
and I don't do drama.
I'm gonna ask you a couple
of questions about your son.
Andrea, we'll start with you.
- Ah
- You may speak after your wife.
BOTH: Ex-wife.
Your son's name is Matthew?
Yes, he's 13.
Which of the two of you
were the last to see him?
Me dropped him off
at that pretentious-ass church
at 4:30 p.m. on the dot,
per your highness's request.
Pastor Boyd has saved countless lives.
- What have you ever done?
- Hey!
What did I just say?
How current is this photo?
I took that today when
he got out the car.
And you were already at church, Andrea?
Yes, I was preparing the choir.
Matthew normally finds me
after Bible study,
but he never showed up.
Are you sure you watched him
go in the church
before you drove off?
I told you, you have to
He's not a baby, Andrea!
That means you didn't.
Always in some hurry to go somewhere.
I don't have time for this.
I need to be out there
looking for my son.
I understand how distraught
you both are.
And what I'm gonna say is
gonna be hard for you to hear,
- but I need for you to listen.
The first 48 hours is key
in finding a missing person.
After that, the chances of
finding Matthew alive diminish.
And I don't say this to scare you,
but every second you spend
ripping each other apart
is one second closer
to losing your son for good.
Miss Mosley, please
find our baby, please.

Okay, then.
Let's get to work.
Andrea called the police
to report Matthew missing,
but they've worn the cops out.
So all that bickering got
on the cops' nerves too.
More like them
incessantly calling the cops
on each other for the last three months
got on everyone's nerves.
If one of them was
even five minutes late
dropping Matthew off,
they reported him missing
and pointed the finger at the other.
Great, so they're the parents
who cried wolf.
The desk sergeant told Andrea
to call back
in 24 hours,
then they'd take it seriously.
What's going on in that
family is toxic as hell.
There's a good chance the kid ran.
Doesn't mean he's any safer out there.
Agreed. We need to find
this baby and quick.
Parents say anything
about the school situation?
Any friends who could be hiding him?
Dad said he was having
some trouble there.
He ditched a few classes,
talked back to some teachers.
Not a lot of school friends.
Well, there's no way
to digitally track Matthew.
He doesn't have a phone,
computer, tablet, anything.
At 13, really?
Well, they're a no-screens household.
Mom wanted to keep him safe,
which means this kid
is mad sheltered and isn't
prepared for anything.
I mean, he doesn't even know
what danger looks like.
Well, he shouldn't have to.
Matthew should be out there
doing kid stuff,
unbothered and free, man.
You're right, Zeke.
And someday I hope that
we are put out of business
'cause we are no longer needed.
Dhan, drive by the church.
I know it's the middle of the night,
but see what you can see.
And I don't believe a
13-year-old boy wasn't online.
And even if he wasn't,
the people in his life,
the couple of friends from school
definitely would be. Start digging.
I am going to finish intake
on Andrea and Jeff
and then send them home.
They should be there
in case Matthew shows up.
You good?
Will be once we find Matthew.
We will.
I told Andrea I didn't
see Matthew yesterday.
He's hard to miss too.
He's got a big spirit, that kid.
I can't believe this is happening.
And he's never taken off
from here before
or hidden somewhere on the premises?
No, no, no, he's
he's a reliable, good kid.
Can you show us around the premises?
Yeah, right this way.
Rails like these are a skater's dream.
Skating is strictly prohibited
on church grounds.
Kids break the rules
all the time, don't they?
Are you saying that didn't happen here?
No, I'm not saying that.
When I drove by last night, I noticed
there were some bigger railings
in the back.
Is it possible Matthew skated back there
- when no one was looking?
- We won't tell.
I let him
I let him sometimes, but
[STAMMERS] He's not
Anything, Gabi?
I didn't know there was a hole here.
The kidnapper could have cut it.
The yellow matches Matthew's shirt.
[SIGHS] And that is definitely blood.

I just texted you the photo.
Been missing for over 13 hours.
Yeah, if you could just
blast it all over
your TV station's socials perfect.
I owe you, Paula.
I'll see you at the press conference.
My guys are processing the scene.
We'll know in a couple of hours
if that blood is Matthew's.
Look, I was once a 13-year-old boy.
Every other day, I had a
skinned knee or a busted nose,
but my gut's saying
the same thing as yours.
That this kid didn't leave
of his own free will.
I'm issuing the AMBER Alert now.
Better safe than sorry.
And then I'll start
interrogating the church staff.
Dhan's already on it.
- Gabi, Dhan's not
- I don't wanna hear it.
We were hired by the family.
Either we work together
or get out of our way.
I don't report to you.
A boy is missing, and you wanna argue
about who's in charge?
It is not about who is in charge.
It's about technique and approach, okay?
Being measured, observant, ethical.
Look, a fist to the face
Is our technique and approach.
I won't get in Dhan's way
as long as he doesn't get in mine.
As a courtesy, I will let
you know what we find.
All right.
Margaret and Lacey are dividing
and conquering with the parents.
I will let you know what they find.
- Where you going?
- To follow my own lead.
We need to move quickly on this.
Tense pulsating nerve in your neck.
It's a missing child, isn't it?
Read the file. Find something, anything.
I heard you come in late last night.
Your footsteps were impatient, annoyed.
You went to the closet again.
The closet usually equates
with cold cases, right?
You're especially distant
when you're in the throes
of Annie's case.
Your hope is admirable.
You really think you'll
find her, don't you?
You better have something
when I get back.

So Lacey's already at Andrea's.
Zeke's running checks on churchgoers,
making sure nobody left town suddenly.
I'm headed to the dad's now.
I'll meet you back here
after you're done
at Matthew's school, okay?
And oh, wait, Gabi,
I've gotta call you back.
Jeff's here. Um, hey, hi.
I was just on my way to you.
Any news?
Nothing yet.
Why don't you come in?
We we can we can talk over tea.
It's hard to sit still.
I know what you're going through.
With all due respect, no, you don't.
My son's been missing for 13 years.

- I'm sorry.
- Ah.
How do you get through the day?
Hope is your friend.
I don't always have it, but I try.
Yeah, you sound like Andrea.
You still love her, don't you?
Enough to leave Birmingham for her.
You ever been?
Most genuine people you'll ever meet.
Only thing I ever loved more than home
was my wife and my son.
Never imagined we'd end up like this.
We are doing everything
possible to find Matthew, okay?
Can you tell me more about him?
Matthew was, uh
Honestly, the best thing
we ever did together.
If he ran away because of our fighting
and this damn divorce,
if he gets hurt
Don't let your mind go there.
He deserved better parents,
and more specifically, a better father.
I've been going through the photos
that you sent of you and Matthew.
And from what I saw,
you're a beautifully thoughtful father.
You've got hypoallergenic soap
in the kitchen,
organic snacks on the counter.
You've got literature about
supporting kids of divorce
on your nightstand.
Thank you.
Wow, you really noticed all that
in the background of those photos?
What's DFT?
Uh, Divorced Fathers Together.
It's a men's support group for
divorced dads and their kids.
Pretty much held me together since.
Does does Matthew
interact with the group much?
Yeah, some of his best
friends is kids in that group.
They practically like family.
I need you to do something for me.
And was was Matthew
affected by the
This child was deeply bothered
by his parents' divorce.
But Pastor Foster, our youth pastor,
he always made time to lend
Matthew a listening ear.
Were they close?
Pastor Foster and Matthew?
Very much so.
Pastor made time
for all of the children,
especially the troubled ones.
That's how God loves.
So that's how we should love.
Excuse me, Miss Ella.
Just just one minute.

Hey, is there a problem?
You know anything about this guy?
Yeah, I spoke to him briefly. Scott.
He didn't have much to say other than
he was out sick yesterday
so saw nothing,
and he didn't wanna talk
anymore and went back to work.
And you just let him go?
Right now, I have no grounds
to bring him in for further questioning.
My guys are running him
and several others
through the system to get me
cause to bring him in.
Right, well, while you wait for cause,
our kid is in danger.
I come bearing gifts.
This is Matthew's?
I thought this was
a no-screens household.
Mom told a little white lie.
She knew Matthew was having trouble
with the divorce, so she
Tried to minimize the pain with gifts.
Something like that.
Except she thought this was
a straight-up old-school video game.
Translation, she didn't know
this bad boy connects to the internet.
Matthew has a digital footprint?
We've wasted hours
by not having this sooner.
All right, it is doing its thing.
Should only be a few minutes.
You know, these missing kid
cases are hard on me, too,
as a fellow child, uh, kidnappee.
They really need a better name
for people like us.
Honestly, Lace, I'm fine.
Talk about something else?
Okay, I learned this neat little trick
in one of my law classes this
week to use on witnesses
to, like, tell if they're lying.
Oh, yeah?
You can tell a person
is lying based on a few things,
like a rise or fall in tone
or avoiding eye contact
or repeating the question back to you
or if a person uses a modifier
like honestly or truthfully.
How many markers did I hit?
Three of the four, but who's counting?
How do you stay so positive,
given what's happened to you?
I mean, why aren't you more triggered?
I have a couple of tools at my disposal,
like therapy and Gabi.
I mean, I'm not glad
that I got kidnapped,
but I would have never met Gabi.
I can't imagine my life without her.
Full disclosure, though, I, um,
I have my moments,
especially because Sir
is still out there.
Just so you know, I check
the hotline every day,
a few times a day.
Thank you.
All right, let's see what we got.
What have you been up to, Matthew?
Thank you for bringing them in.
Kids will sometimes tell
their friends things
they wouldn't tell their parents,
so this could be very helpful.
Anything for Jeff and Matthew.
So you guys know Matthew
through your dad's DFT group, right?
I hear you three are,
like, best friends?
That's awesome.
We know that Matthew was having
a hard time with the divorce.
Did he talk about that?
Skateboarding made him feel better.
We've been putting these up all over.
That's incredibly helpful.

Tony, you're you're,
what, 16 years old?
Yeah yes, ma'am.
I mean, since you're a few years older,
I imagine Matthew
turned to you for advice.
I don't wanna get my friend in trouble.
You won't. You have my word.
It's okay, son.
Matthew hated going to the church.
His mom made him go, but he
felt uncomfortable there.
Did he mention anyone in particular?
No, he he didn't.
He just said the people there
were a bunch of phonies.
I told him most adults are phonies.
- No offense.
And that's all he said?
You sure?
He said if his mom ever made
him go to that church again
he'd run.
I hacked into Matthew's Switch,
and according to his game log,
he's been playing hundreds of strangers
all over the country for months.
If he's gaming with
these people repeatedly,
it's highly likely he's been chatting
with them on other platforms.
Which means our pool of suspects
Just became countrywide.
He can be anywhere with anyone.
Please, God. Please, God.

Why would you do this to your home?
Answer me!
I was wondering if I was
the only one.
If there was a girl here before me.
You found out about Annie, I see.
Annie used to like to leave
notes in secret places.
You must have found one.
She was rebellious, refused to adapt.
What happened to her?
The same thing that will happen to you
should you continue with this rebellion.
I will have to begin again
with someone new.
And just like Annie,
you will never be found.
Okay, we've got gaming and church.
Well, everyone at the church
cleared the background check
except for Scott, the maintenance man.
Your instincts about him were right.
He has a criminal record,
selling drugs to minors.
How'd you know?
He was food guarding
while eating breakfast
arm around his plate, defensive air.
You learn to eat like that
in prison or any captivity.
My guys are picking him up
for questioning as we speak.
I'll circle back with you, Gabi.
Zeke, where are we with
Matthew's online activity?
It's taken a bit to narrow down
his engagement across platforms.
Have you checked online
streaming platforms
like Twitch, Facebook Gaming,
YouTube Live?
Matthew was a 13-year-old
skater, amateur gamer.
Those would be his go-tos.
- What?
- I'm sorry, you're a gamer?
Only so much reading
an insomniac can do.
Okay, Dhan.
Help Zeke and Lacey, see if you can find
Matthew's profile on any of those.
I wanna know who he's been talking to
and gaming with most frequently.
If he's been taken by a predator,
Matthew won't be the last one.
I gotta get ready
for the press conference.
Margaret, grab the Robinsons.
I'll meet you there.

Gabrielle, where are you?
The player Matthew most frequently
interacted with was Xavier Phillips.
Why do I know that name?
He's local to DC.
He hosts in-person
livestream gaming events.
Maybe you played him.
Maybe, but I don't think that's it.
Hold on, check this out.
Xavier was hosting an event
the same day Matthew went missing.
What if Matthew left the
church to go see Xavier live?
That's why I know that name.
Xavier was arrested a couple years back
for partying with some underage fans.
He even got hit with child
endangerment charges.
He only got a slap on the wrist?
- Mm.
- Come on.
Looks like dude's
livestreaming a speedrun
from his place right now.
Time to make a fan appearance.
So the maintenance guy
is sticking to his
"I was out sick" story,
and he's lawyered up.
Maybe if you didn't try to control
This is not helping your son.
What the hell is going on?
I was trying to give them final tips
on the press conference,
and it just devolved into this.
It's been 24 hours
without news on our boy,
and Jeff is acting like
it's just another day.
That's right. Blame me for everything.
You know what? I can't.
I can't do this. I can't be around him.
Enough, both of you.
This press conference
might be the difference
between finding Matthew or not.
So if you need to act like best friends
for the next ten minutes, do it.
Save your son.
- Andrea?
What's wrong? You okay?
- Andrea.
- Oh, my
- Andrea?
- Andrea!
- Hey!
- Come on, Andrea, wake up.
Andrea, wake up.
Help! Somebody get some help!
It was a stress-induced heart attack.
Thankfully mild,
so she's stable for now,
but I do suggest that
she takes a back seat
in her son's search
if she wants to avoid
another cardiac episode.
Understood. I'll make sure of it.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Father God, we need you.
Please, Lord, we need you now
more than ever.
Thank you for sparing my life
today, but please, Father God,
please spare Matthew's life too.
We thank you for Gabi Mosley
and her team, Lord.
We know you're working through
her to bring our child home.
We have faith.
Nothing is impossible
with you by our side.
Lord, please keep Matthew safe
until he's in our arms again.
In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
Margaret did a great job
finishing up the press conference.
Matthew is trending
on all socials and the news.
The whole country
is now looking for him.
Thank you, and, uh,
I apologize about all that fighting.
From now on, we're a united front.
Nothing like a crisis to remind you
of who and what's important.
Our only priority is Matthew.
I'm gonna go get some coffee.
I'll be right back.
He's going to cry.
He just doesn't want me
to see it. [CHUCKLES]
Well, I need you both
to try to stay calm.
Let me carry the worry
of searching for Matthew.
We have all hands on deck.
The doctor said you can't
risk another cardiac episode.
I know.
It's amazing I've been able
to ward them off till now.
Raising a Black son, it keeps
me worried day and night.
My worst fear came true
- a day ago, and I just
I need to follow up on another lead.
Lacey is gonna stay close
and keep you updated.
You keep praying.
I'm gonna keep searching.
Together, we're gonna
bring your baby home.
Thank you.
I thought you said you were a fan?
That was me being a fan.
You're still in one piece, aren't you?
Xavier, I hear you like
hanging out with underage kids.
I'll tell you whatever you want to know,
just keep this scary man
away from me, okay?
You know what's worse
than a beatdown from Dhan?
Making your sponsors aware
that you're being questioned
in the disappearance
of a 13-year-old boy.
You'll lose everything.
I don't know no Matthew.
You are lying, Xavier,
just like you lie to your fans
about how rich you are.
Your entire life is a fake.
From the watch you're wearing
to the house you rent
that you claim you own, you're a fraud.
Just come clean and make it
easier on yourself.
Who the hell are you guys?
Whoa, okay, all right, I know
I know Matthew,
but mostly from talking
and gaming online.
But I never partied with him, I swear.
He's like a kid-kid.
Matthew disappeared on Sunday,
the same day of your livestream.
- Was he there?
- Yeah.
His shirt was, like, ripped,
and he had small cuts on him.
He said he was trying to squeeze
through a fence or something.
So a 13-year-old boy
shows up to your event alone
and that didn't seem weird to you?
People of all ages
come to my events, so no.
Plus, he was having a great time.
You can see for yourself.
I taped the whole event.
It's a lot of footage,
I don't know if it'll help,
but you can see I didn't
do anything to him.
Hey, what's good, boo crew?
It's your boy, Xavier.
You know, these events ain't cheap,
so hit that affiliate link for 7% off
of your next GamerSwag order
with my personal code, Xavier7.
Somebody please mute him.
Can you speed up the footage, Zeke?
We don't wanna miss something.
What about the facial recognition?
It's working as fast as it can.
Talk to us, Trent.
I ran the address from
Xavier's livestream event.
That particular neighborhood has had
high incidence of human trafficking.
Oh, my God.
Do you think that's what
happened to Matthew?
Traffickers move product fast.
That means Matthew has even less
It's a theory we don't know
that's what happened yet.
Hey, hey, hey, we're
letting Xavier guess
what you love about Xavier.
My programming skills? My fit body?
Behind the girls.
Look behind the girls.
Come on. Xavier's a riot, right?
Trent, Zeke just found
footage of Matthew
getting into a dark gray sedan.
I'm on my way to you.
- Blow up the plate, Zeke.
- I don't have the angle.
I'll look into local cameras I can hack.
Wait, wait, Zeke, take it back.
Right there, right there. You see it?
He looks scared, and then
he looked back at someone
before relaxing and then
finally getting in the car.
Someone he trusted encouraged him.
- The car's got Pirellis.
- What's that?
High-end tires. They're really pricey.
And rare, which is good for us.
We might be able to track the car.
No, no, no, screw the tires for now.
I need you to search
every corner of the dark web
for any trafficking chatter,
anything related to a boy
matching Matthew's description
in the DMV area.
I hope we're wrong.
Trafficked? Are you serious?
Keep your voice down.
We don't wanna spook Andrea and Jeff.
They're both finally sleeping.
So what can I do to help?
I don't like feeling helpless.
You're doing it.
Just keep the Robinsons calm
and out of the way.
We're not even sure we're right.
I'm currently searching the dark web
for a damn needle in a haystack.
Traffickers go ghost fast,
never to be found.
Lacey, you still there?
Do you think we'll ever find Sir?

What brought that on?
What made you think of him?
You talked about people
going ghost fast.
And besides, when is he not on my mind?
Especially since
your Joy-Ann Reid interview.
Do you think he'll ever be found?
Do I think he'll ever be found?
Truthfully, no.
I don't think he'll ever be found, no.
Go back to the case at hand, honey.
You can tell a person is
lying based on a few things,
like a rise or fall in tone,
avoiding eye contact,
or repeating the question back to you,
or if a person uses a modifier
like honestly or truthfully.

Gabi, did
Trent just walked in.
I'll keep you posted.
All right, FBI has been tapped in.
All officers are hitting
the regular known trafficking haunts.
Something will turn up, Gabi.
Any sex offenders in the area?
No, none that we found.
I hit up an old CI
we used at the bureau.
What? What is it?
There's an in-person auction
happening in our area,
teen boys specifically.
The chatter hasn't
revealed a location yet,
but Gabi, it's tonight.
How much time do we have?
Four hours.
Where have you been?
He's being trafficked, and
we have less than four hours.
He got into this car.
Yes, he's looking back at someone.
Someone he trusted reassured him.
This person has been in front
of you the entire time,
but your faith in humanity
has made you too blind to see them.
This is not a teaching moment.
We're running out of time.
The person who lured Matthew
away is a child, not an adult.
Matthew's world turned upside down
when his parents divorced.
He felt betrayed, hence
the rebellion in school,
yet he appeared to remain
committed to the church.
He was conflicted.
And conflicted children are vulnerable,
especially when they're angry
with the adults in their life.
- Sound familiar?
- Don't do this.
I don't have time for your games
or to reminisce about the past.
Help me find Matthew, damn it.
He doesn't trust adults anymore,
which leaves the only
other option, a child.
Now, this young person is intelligent,
a fellow child of divorce, too,
who also feels betrayed.
The disciplinary reports
indicate that Matthew used
a particular word to describe
his teachers, phonies.
That's not enough.
He then began to use the word liberally
to describe all the adults in his life.
He said, and I quote,
he "hated all the phonies of the world,
especially adults
and authority figures".
Those words don't belong to Matthew.
It's from "The Catcher in the Rye".
One of our favorites.
Now, this book is usually introduced
in the 10th or 11th grade.
Now, I'm sure that Matthew is brilliant,
but he's far too young to have been
introduced to this in school.
Does Matthew have any older friends?
Yes, yes, he does.
Mr. Edwards, is Tony here?
No. What do you need from him?
We feel like Tony may
have some information
about Matthew's disappearance.
He doesn't know anything.
Let me tell you what we do know.
Tony facilitated Matthew's kidnapping,
and in two hours, Matthew
will be gone forever.
You're insane.
Get the hell off my porch,
or I'm calling the cops.
You had a feeling, didn't you?
When did you notice
a difference in Tony?

About six months ago.
He was so angry at me and his mom,
and now he disappears
for days sometimes.
He talks different, he acts different.
I don't even know how to reach him.
Let's start by stopping
what's about to happen.
Help us find Matthew
before it's too late.
If we lose Matthew, your son
will go down for this.
Help us save them both.
I honestly don't know where he is.
Can we see his room?

I've been looking forward to this.
Tony has to have more books than this.
I don't know. Honestly, I don't.

Have you ever seen these before
or been to the Founding Fathers Inn?
- They're key sleeves.
- No, never, I haven't.
My son is a good person.
Please bring him back to me.
I will.
Dhan, go around back.
If Tony or any of his
associates try to escape
- I got them.
- Make sure, Dhan.
Margaret, cover the other side.
Make sure you keep an eye out
for that dark gray sedan.
And find out where Trent is with backup.
Matthew, are you in there?
Matthew! Matthew?
I don't want anything to happen.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Stay on that side of the room.
They made me do it.
They always make me do it.
Matthew, hi.
My name is Gabi Mosley.
Your parents sent me to find you.
You're safe now.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- I got you. I got you.
- [SOBBING] Please help.
I got you.
We have to get out of here. He's coming.
I don't want anything bad to happen.
- I'm so, so sorry.
That's the cops. We're gonna be safe.
Come on. Take my hand.
It's not me, him.
He's not moving. Tony is not moving.
Is he alive?
- Come on.
- Hey!
Gabi, is he alive?
Hi, baby.
Let me look at you.
Oh, baby.
Look at you!
Thank you.
Thank you.
I turned on the lights,
the TV, and the radio ♪
Still I can't escape
the ghost of you ♪
I know Margaret's at the station,
but this feels wrong without Gabi.
Tradition is tradition.
She wanted us to keep it.
ALL: Welcome home.
Where is the life that I recognize? ♪
It's gone away ♪
We're gonna get the guy in the sedan,
Zeke, the ring leader.
I know there's nothing we can
do tonight, but we'll get him.
That's a promise.
Somehow I have to find ♪
You think Gabi's gonna be okay?
Oh, you know Gabi. She always is.
Well, I thought I did
know her.
She lied to me today about Sir,
and I have no idea why.
It's been a long day, Lacey.
You know, whatever it is, let it go.
Everybody has their secrets.
Passion or coincidence ♪
Once prompted you to say ♪
"The pride will tear us both apart" ♪
We're gonna get the bastard
who ran the trafficking ring, okay?
For Matthew.
And Tony too.
He's a victim.
He was groomed.
He didn't choose any of this.
Vacuum of my heart ♪
Ooh, what is happening to me? ♪
Crazy, some'd say ♪
Where is my friend
when I need you most? ♪
Gone away ♪
You said you would protect him.
Oh, Mr. Edwards, I tried.
You sacrificed my boy for another.
Now you're here
to clear your conscience?
You're no better than
any of those people
you attack on the news.
You cherry pick of who's
worthy of being saved.
You're no hero.
And now Tony is in a coma.
Stay the hell away from my son.
To the ordinary world ♪
I will learn to survive ♪

- Gabrielle!
Gabrielle! Gabrielle!
Here today, forgot tomorrow ♪
Ooh, here beside the news ♪
Of holy war and holy need ♪
Oh, Gabrielle.
And I won't cry for yesterday ♪
There's an ordinary world ♪
Somehow I have to find ♪

And as I try to make my way ♪
To the ordinary world ♪
I will learn to survive ♪

Oh ♪

"Don't give up".
Ordinary world ♪
It's my world ♪
Everyone ♪
Is my world ♪

Greg, move your head.
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