Found (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Missing While Undocumented

Yes, yes, I am still holding.
I know.
He's a minor, and I am not family.
I just want to know if
there's been any change
in Tony Edwards' condition.

Hemingway said it best.
"There are only two places
where we can live happy.
At home and in Paris".
I'm sorry.
I should have been doing my lessons.
I'll get back to work.
Gabrielle, think!
I wouldn't have left
a book out unless
You wanted me to see it.
There's a whole world out there.
So much to see and experience.
I want us to see the world
together, Gabrielle.
Paris can be our first stop.
I-I don't understand.
Well, the plan was never to stay here
in this place forever.
I was waiting for you to adapt,
to accept our new family.
Once you do, we'll turn the page,
begin a new chapter
anywhere in the world!
We'll change our names.
I've already come up with mine.
Eric Blair.
Eric Blair was
George Orwell's real name.
Well done.
Now, you need to come up
with your new name
one that embodies who you want to be
in our new life together. Ah!
I can't wait!
Never mind.
Thank you.
Gabi Mosely!
I'm sorry. Can I get your autograph?
Then how about a hug?
Oh, I'd invite you in,
but I have a friend who is sick.
All good.
I just stopped by to check in on you.
Also it's been nine months.
Eight months, 14 days.
And I know.
I need to spread the ashes. I am.
Your father made me
the executor for a reason.
I know things were rough between you
and your father when you came back,
but that was neither of y'all's fault.
We were both changed by what happened.
You blamed yourself for being
taken, and your father
he blamed himself for not
being able to find you.
But the truth is,
the devil that robbed you
and your father of that year
is the only one to blame.
He took more than a year, Brian.
Even more reason to do this, Gabi.
This was Richard's last wish.
So for you and your dad,
I need you to do this.

The devil that robbed you
and your father
of that year is the only one to blame.

What's up, Lace?
So undocumented and missing?
I'll be right there.
Bon appetit.
- Thank you.
- This is the final
boarding call for customers'
1397 service to Pittsburgh.
All passengers riding
bus 1397, please

Hey, did you see anybody here?
Did you see anybody? The tab's missing!
There's a tab missing!

Clients are in the conference room.
- When did Ethan leave?
- Who said he did?
[CHUCKLES] Please. He would not let you
leave the house looking like that.
Shabby is not chic.
This morning. Weeklong
psychology conference.
Oh, a week! You gonna be okay?
Okay, just know you're not alone.
Her name is Satcha, Satcha Moncado.
But recently, she and her brother Carlos
changed their name to Monroe, because
They're undocumented and
are trying to stay hidden.
I know that changing your name
might not seem like much,
but when it's all that you have
Believe me, I understand.
Satcha and Carlos came on a
one-year student visa in 2020,
but then they had to stay longer.
2020. That's when
Hurricane Iota tore through.
Mudslides killed a whole lot of people.
Including Satcha and Carlos's family.
Carlos had a mental breakdown,
and Satcha took a short leave
from school to care for him.
But they didn't know that
by taking a short leave,
they were required to go
back to their country.
And there's no family to go back to.
Exactly. And because they didn't comply,
they couldn't return to school
or reapply for a new visa.
And what about Carlos?
Is he missing, too?
No, he's not missing,
but he was nervous
to come here in person.
His sister is missing.
That should trump nerves.
They're undocumented, Dhan,
and they don't know us from Adam.
It's not unusual for
undocumented immigrants
to send legal surrogates.
If he's deported, he stands no chance
in finding his sister.
When did you or Carlos last see Satcha?
Yesterday morning,
before she went to work.
We meet for coffee
twice a week and study.
I'm pre-med, and she
helps me with my lessons.
She's brilliant.
What about her cell?
She has one, but it's off or dead.
Do you know where she works?
Satcha's private, for obvious reasons.
All I know is that her job
is in the medical field.
[TEARFULLY] I'm sorry.
I can't even answer simple
questions that'll help.
You're doing great, Alaia.
We just have a few more questions.
Uh, now is not a good time.
I've got a homicide on my hands.
That is not how we want
our missing people found.
- Who was it?
- Well,
definitely not one of yours.
His name is Jim McKee.
He's a lawyer with a
private practice downtown.
It's a body dump.
Victim was killed somewhere else.
Not to be a jerk,
but I really am kinda busy.
Good. Busy people get things done.
It's just a question
of who you prioritize.
[SIGHS] Fine, I am listening.
I have a missing undocumented immigrant
I need you to check on
a 19-year-old Honduran.
Okay. You got a name?
Yeah. But I need it done
under the radar.
I want to check that she's all right,
but not ring the dinner bell,
if you get what I'm saying.
It's not like Margaret to be late.
Margaret will loop us in
when she's ready for us
to be looped in.
This is it.
Okay, so are we picking
locks or calling the super?
Looks like we're just walking in.
You think this was where she was taken?
No. No sign of a struggle.
How is mass destruction
not a sign of a struggle?
If she was taken here,
the damage would be localized.
Whoever did this
was looking for something.
Or someone.
The bedroom.
Social Security card.
Almost looks real.
Dhan? You okay?

No, no, no, please don't hurt me!
- I came here looking for Satcha!
- Who the hell are you?
I-I am her brother.
- Carlos?
- [GRUNTS] Uh-huh.
Are you sure you're okay?
Trust me, I've been through worse.
I am, again, so sorry.
But when I came here to my sister's
and I found the place like this
You thought you'd swing
first and ask questions later.
Can't you please put the bat down?
When's the last time you saw her?
A couple of days ago.
I tried calling, but her
phone does not work.
Where does she work?
She kept that from me.
I think something medical?
You're her brother, and you
have no idea where she works?
My sister and I, we haven't
lived together in over a year.
Back in Honduras, in San Manuel
Colohete, we were very close.
Our whole family was very close.
But here, it's hard when we're
working jobs at all hours.
Please, I promised my parents
that I would take care of my sister.
She's the only thing I have.
Find my sister.
That's the plan.
[SIGHS] Here's my card.
Can we ask you a couple more questions?
Got the medical examiner's
report on your vic.
Cause of death?
Gunshot, 9-millimeter to the chest.
Also, multiple postmortem
fractures to the skull
and upper extremities, which means
he fell from a pretty
considerable height
after he was shot.
I bet it feels good working homicide
instead of missing persons.
Looks like you moving
back up in the world.
[WHISPERING] You got this.
Sir. Just got the ME's report.
Also, I'm scheduled to talk
I just got off the phone
with Cole Allen over at ICE.
What the hell are you doing
enquiring about illegal aliens
when you got a homicide to
Sir, it was a two-minute call.
Also, I believe the
approved terminology is
Oh, shut the hell up.
You don't get it, do you?
Do you know why Cole called me
instead of calling you?
Hmm? It's about loyalty.
Your father you know
what he once said to me?
"In this town, it's not who you know"
"It's who you owe".
That's right, it's who you owe.
And you owe me.
Your girl, Satcha
ICE doesn't have her.
Now, if it's not too much
trouble, do your damn job.
Satcha was not taken by ICE,
but because she's undocumented,
that means she can vanish into thin air
without consequences.
Making her a predator's dream.
Exactly. So the clock
is ticking talk to me.
Called all the hospitals
nothing, but even if
she was sick, she might be
too afraid to seek help.
No social media presence at all,
which means there's no way to track her.
Satcha has a social media account.
We just have to find it.
Satcha's isolated, and yeah,
she changed her name to stay
hidden, but she's a dreamer.
She wants to go to Columbia,
be a doctor.
She wants to go to parties
and dance all night.
She wants to be free.
Okay, I'll, uh, I'll keep looking.
What about that Social Security card
- Lacey found in the apartment?
- It's a fake,
but you still should be able to use it
to track down her job.
Employers don't check
Social Security numbers now?
Fun fact only eight states require
verification by all employers.
So what happens to all that money
getting paid into Social
Security through that number?
Government keeps it, never pays it out
to the undocumented.
I was surprised to hear they're
running one of the biggest
rackets in the country.
Yeah, an 11-billion-dollar one.
- That's cold.
Zeke, get on it.
I need her place of work.
It's our only lead. Hey.
Any calls?
No, no. No word from
whoever took the tab.
I mean, I've questioned
the entire staff,
the janitors, the security guard,
and nobody saw this person.
I mean, there is video
surveillance, but in order
to see it, the management has to run it
- up the flagpole, and it just takes a
- I'm on it.
No, I can't ask you to do that.
No, Zeke's got to concentrate on Satcha.
My dear, you better than anyone
know we are great multitaskers.
Are there any updates on her?
I'm-I'm so sorry I'm not there.
No, we are not doing this.
You take care of what you have to.
We're good here.
- Any progress?
- Satcha's employer's
Bradley & Teal it's a
biomedical lab here in DC.
She's listed as an assistant
to the current VP
in Sales, Miles Duncan.
Good work.
Dhan, bring Miles in.
What about Margaret?
She should be here for
when we question him.
She's unavailable.
Enough already.
We're supposed to be a family.
Is no one gonna say what's
going on with Margaret?
It's Margaret's to tell.
Lacey, I need you
to go back over to Satcha's apartment,
check in with the neighbors,
see what they know.
Chained now to a dirty cage ♪

Can't wait to find the feelin' ♪
Can't wait till you release me ♪
If you wanna see what's inside ♪
- You finished?
I have something for you.
I didn't get breakfast.
I know when you're upset with me.
What have I done?
That's an actual question?
There was someone here this morning.
Whomever it was set you off?
Let's focus on the case.
You want more food,
you want your books back?
You have to earn it.
Same rules you had for me.
I'll be back in a few hours,
and I expect you to be brilliant.
Otherwise, there's
always more you can lose.

Dhan called. He said it might
be a good idea if I was here
when you talk to Satcha's boss.
Which is the opposite
of what I told him to do.
He may have mentioned that as well.
They're a few minutes out.
I want to be here, Gabi.
Well, Zeke already accessed
the video footage
from the bus station, so if
anything at all comes up
Thank you.
You think it's crazy for
me to hope, don't you?
I think crazy gets a bad rap,
and hope is as necessary as breathing.
But in the five years I've known you,
we've had leads before
leads that ended up being dead ends.
I saw what that did to you,
and for your sake, just
manage your expectations.
Have a seat, Mr. Duncan.
Thank you for coming in.
- I'm sure you're a busy man.
- Well, happy to help.
When I heard this was about
Satcha, my heart sank.
She's a good girl.
Well, why don't you start by telling us
everything you know about her
her likes, her interests
where's she from.
He knows she's undocumented.
He mentioned it on the car ride.
- I had my suspicions.
- Yet, you hired her,
paying her only $1.00
above minimum wage.
I didn't exploit her,
if that's what you're implying.
I helped her wherever I could,
getting overtime, paying
for her Metro card for her
to go to and from work.
You have to understand, Satcha was
Is brilliant.
I'm not a bad person.
When's the last time you saw her?
She asked to go home early.
My assumption was she had
started seeing someone.
Why? And more importantly, who?
I don't know who,
but she was excited.
Just a couple more minutes, folks.
I found Satcha on social.
"I'm grateful for American citizenship.
I'm so grateful to be accepted
at Columbia University
and that I have the means
to rebuild my country".
What is she talking about?
She's manifesting,
speaking her wishes aloud.
I don't think Satcha was seeing someone.
I think she had a second job.
Look, if you just scroll back
a couple of months, there was
look, right there.
So there's a new coffeemaker
and the books on the shelf are new.
She came into some money.
She's also new to social media.
Her first post was a few months ago.
She started coming out of hiding.
Exactly. And she's hopeful
in all these posts.
Something's changed for her.
I mean, what was she
holding out hope for,
- more than anything?
- Her citizenship.
Of course.
Maybe she found a way to finally
get it through this secret
boyfriend or second job.
All right, guys, we're up.
So using Satcha's Metro card,
I was able to track
where she went after work.
She took the 38B bus downtown,
got off on K Street and 18th.
- How can you be so sure?
- Footage from within the bus
shows when she got off.
Timestamp 7:14 p.m.
Okay, what's up with the suspense?
You going to show us the footage?
I'll show you one better.
This is from the building
across the street
from the bus stop.
That's Satcha with the backpack.
She's entering the hotel
right across the street.
Margaret, Dhan, let's go.
Lacey, call the brother.
Carlos, see if the Pembleton Hotel
has any significance to them.
I-I'm so sorry, just one second.
Zeke Zeke, I know that
Satcha's the priority here,
but have you had any luck
with the bus station footage?
I'm still sifting through it.
There's hours to comb through,
but I won't stop looking.
Is everything okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Um, somebody pulled a tab
from one of Jamie's flyers.
Oh, my God! That's amazing!
I know, I know! Thank you.
I should get to the hotel.
It's okay if you want to stay.
No, no, I want to help find Satcha.
Hey! I'm coming over.
We'll go through Jamie
and Satcha's case together.
So Ethan's out of town?
Ha-ha, very funny.
You doing okay being alone?
Are you doing okay with
this new Jamie lead?
Two smiles. My job here is done.
Gabi Mosely?
I appreciate you taking the time.
My apologies for the wait.
An associate of yours sent me a photo
of the girl in question.
- Her name is Satcha.
- Right.
Unfortunately, I've never
seen her here at this hotel.
And since there's no
evidence of foul play
What about surveillance?
You're head of security.
By my count, I see
12 cameras in the lobby,
plus two at every point
of ingress and egress.
The point is, we need access.
Legally, you understand
that not even the police
have a right to our cameras.
And legally, we have every right
to hold a press conference
outside this hotel
telling the whole world how
a young woman went missing,
and how this hotel did nothing
in its power to help her.
I'll look into getting you access.
Quick question.
You mentioned no evidence of foul play
without being prompted.
So that suggests something
actually did happen.
So what was it?
- Nothing.
- You chewing gum in school?
Spit it out.
A guest reported hearing a
gunshot in the room next door.
A guest who, I might add,
complained about something
every day of their stay.
I personally went to investigate.
It was just champagne being popped.
- Show me the room.
- You'll need cops
and a warrant for that.
New guests have already checked in.
I won't disturb them.
Plus, the room has been
cleaned top to bottom.
I'm telling you,
no evidence of foul play.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'll go see about your
surveillance footage.
I got the hotel footage.
As soon as it's uploaded,
I'll start running the
facial recognition software
to track where Satcha went.
How long until you have something?
Couple hours.
Okay. You ready for the
world's best nighttime snack?
Pickle and peanut butter sandwich.
Is that Lacey?
Trying to poison me. Yeah, that's her.
I'm combing through the
footage at the bus station
while Zeke stays focused on the case.
Are you seriously gonna eat that?
Any progress on that footage?
Nothing yet, but I've still
got a few more hours to go.
Well, call me when you have something.
And Zeke?
It's nice to hear you're not alone.
I don't need you.

I want to live ♪
Like it's ending ♪
What about Felice?
From "Jazz"?
One of Toni Morrison's
most dynamic characters.
Felice is curious, brilliant.
You remind me of her.
I have so many questions.
Ask them.
Where would we live?
Would I ever see my dad again?
To this rhythm ♪
Who has taught you this past year,
challenged you,
turned you into a brilliant mind?
I have, and look what you have achieved!
I have always been a brilliant mind.
You said that the first time we met.
You were just scratching the surface.
I've taken you
the rest of the way there.
I've done more for you
than your father ever could!
You and I are the same!
Your trust and loyalty should be to me!
I told you to go home and rest.
And I planned to, right
after I did one more sweep
of Satcha's neighborhood.
Well, work is an excuse,
but it's still an excuse.
You're trying to avoid
being home without Ethan.
But if I hadn't, I never would have
caught Carlos out partying.
I mean, his sister is missing.
She could be dead, for all he knows.
I don't see a man partying.
I see a man trying to deal.
Pain looks different on everyone,
especially when you're not
yet ready to face the truth
or let go.
Are you still talking about Carlos?
I'm talking about
all of us, including you.
I am gonna keep looking
at Satcha's case files,
and Zeke is reviewing the hotel footage.
We got it covered. Go home and rest.
Damn it. One week.
Keep it together.
Leave him in the hole
until he finally talks.
- Uhh
- Couldn't sleep.
- Missing Ethan, huh?
Figured you could use some
help with the hotel footage.
Facial recognition is still running,
so I've got time to talk about
why being home alone trips you out.
It's not what you think.
Lacey just came over
to help look over the footage
at the bus station.
If you say so.
It's not what you think.
Yeah, I got the memo.
- What are we looking at?
- Trying to pinpoint
when Satcha left the hotel.
- Okay, so this is her leaving?
- No, this is when she arrived.
Got multiple angles at the
entrance and in the lobby,
but none of her leaving.
I don't think she ever left.
At least not on her own two feet.
How did you beat me here?
I thought you had a stakeout.
Well, I was just
around the corner, so
Hey, I need you to keep it down.
I have guests sleeping.
So you think she's dead, huh?
Well, there was a gunshot the same day.
That was never confirmed.
Well, assuming she was shot,
the killer would still have
to move her body undetected.
And unfortunately, I think I know how.
- This it?
- Yes, this is it.
But as I was telling you, this
door is always, always locked.
See? Locked.
So I don't think there's any chance
Ah-ah. Hold up.
My husband's a lab tech,
so if y'all contaminate
any evidence, I'll never
hear the end of it.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Any trace of blood?
No. I see more than a trace.
Which means this room
just became a crime scene.
All right, everybody out.
We need to get to the basement now.
It won't do any good.
The garbage has already gone out.
Also, we don't know what this means.
Gabi, I need you to trust me.
Promise we will call you as
soon as we have the results.
You can give me the file back.
She was shot.
No body, but a lotta blood.
This is not the Gabrielle I'm used to.
It is beneath you to give up so easy.
You think what I do is easy?
See for your damn self.
She goes in, but
She never comes out.
Satcha is not your average 19-year-old.
Brilliant and resourceful,
but she's more than that.
She endures.
For years, she evaded
immigration how?
Flying under the radar.
She's used to hiding.
Not telling me anything
I don't already know.
Oh, fine.
Since you know everything,
answer me this.
Why would someone
ransack Satcha's apartment
looking for her if they knew
she was already dead?
They wouldn't.
She's also gripping
her backpack pretty tight
in this video. What was in it?
No idea. It wasn't on the premises.
Kidnappers tend to disperse
personal belongings
as quickly as possible
within blocks, usually.
No "thank you"?
Forgetting something?

You're slipping.
Haven't quite been yourself today.
That visitor must have
really rattled you.
Until there's an actual body,
Satcha is not dead.
Dhan's been out most of the night
looking for her backpack.
In the meantime, I need
a press conference, ASAP
in English and in Spanish.
Our girl is hiding.
We just need to figure out where
and let her know that
it's okay to come out.
Found it in a storm drain
east of the hotel.
- Only one problem.
- It's empty.
Any idea what she'd be carrying?
Whatever it was, it's gone.
Only thing left, found, is this.
Carlos and Satcha.
Let me see it.
Son of a bitch.
Look. Look at the boy, Carlos.
Oh my God, he has
a birthmark on his neck.
The man that hit me didn't.
These two men aren't even related,
let alone the same man.
He's not her brother.
Which means he ransacked
her apartment looking for her,
and we let him go!
All right.
So it wasn't Satcha's
blood at the chute.
So she's alive.
Maybe not for long. This is Jim McKee.
- Your missing dead lawyer?
- That's right.
It was his blood we found at the hotel.
Now, forensically, it all lines up.
- McKee was shot
- Gunshot the guest heard.
He also suffered crushing injuries
consistent with a blow from a height.
So we're all working the
same case and didn't know it.
Tell me about him.
Uh, immigration lawyer,
just not one of the good ones.
I think he was selling visas
to immigrants for upwards
of $10,000 apiece.
Okay, so Satcha a victim
or a collaborator?
Wait a minute.
Why do you have a picture
of Manny Hernandez?
That's the guy pretending to
be Satcha's brother, Carlos.
- Our main suspect.
- Yeah.
Ours, too. For McKee's murder.
He's a counterfeiter
known to work with McKee.
Manny handled the sales while McKee
dealt with the paperwork.
This guy's been implicated
in at least four homicides.
We can put Satcha at the hotel.
We know she would do anything for a visa
or a legal way to go to college.
Maybe McKee was her second job?
Regardless, Manny and Jim
get into some sort of dispute
about money or whatever.
Satcha witnesses Manny
kill Jim, she escapes
Then Manny comes looking
for her, no loose ends.
We need to find Satcha
or Manny before he does.
All right, we already put
out an APB on Manny,
- so we'll stay on him.
- We'll stay on Satcha.
Hey, guys.
Guys, this is Carlos,
Satcha's actual brother.
He's here to help.
I should have come in
from the beginning.
There would have been no confusion then.
I'm so sorry.
I figure I'd put my sister
in even more danger.
There is no time for blame here, Carlos.
We are doing everything
we can to find her.
Anything you can tell us may help.
Zeke, did you find anything yet?
Not yet. Satcha may not
have left that hotel,
but she got off that floor somehow.
This is all my fault.
If I'd been with you guys
at Satcha's apartment,
I would have seen that Manny
wasn't related to her
and he'd be in custody,
and she would be safe.
I think I safely speak
for all of us when I say
- stop it.
- Jamie is not only your son,
he's a missing person.
It is our job to chase leads.
You were doing your job.
Zeke, how many times are we
going to go over this footage?
- She's not
- Whoa, wait.
- Wait, pause.
- What, the cleaning lady?
- Wait, the cart.
- Scroll back, Zeke.
Look right there! Right there!
The housekeeper! She got her out!
- What floor?
Guys, according to the scanner,
the fire alarm just went
off at the Pembleton.
That can't be a coincidence.
No fire as far as I can tell.
Trent, hurry.
You're all right. We got you.
I'm sorry. He made me.
- He found her.
- Why pull the fire alarm?
To clear the building. No witnesses.
Gabi, the kitchen!
Lacey, stay here.
I just want to talk to you.
I swear to God.

[SINGSONG] Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
I'll be your hero ♪

I'll be your hero ♪
I'm Gabi. You're safe now.
Can't keep on running ♪
Just when you ♪
- Can't fight no more ♪
- Thanks.
Don't be fooled ♪
Help is coming ♪
So I just heard Manny's going to live.
Satcha wants to testify,
so he's going away
for a long, long time.
You ever heard of U visas?
Okay, you guys can both stop
with the pleading-eyes thing.
I'm already making it happen
for Satcha and her brother.
Neither of them will
have to hide anymore.
Thank you.
I'll be your hero ♪
Okay. We ready?
- What about Dhan?
- I'm right here.
I didn't see that one coming.
I know I don't talk about it, but
for three long years,
I was held captive.
And because of that, I know
how hard it is to be alone.
It's not something I wish on anyone,
especially not a friend.
ALL: Welcome home!

Margaret? Why don't you sit down?
Just tell me.
We located the person who pulled the tab
from Jamie's flyer.
He didn't pull it because
he knew anything about Jamie.
He used it to wrap his gum in.
Thank you. Thank you for your help.
I really wish the outcome
were different.
Yeah. I mean, we've been
here before, right?
- Oh, Margaret.
- It's okay. I'm fine.
It's fine. I'll just get some, uh,
I'll get some new flyers printed.
I wish I could move on.
I wish I could, but I can't.
I just I can't move on.
They say, what doesn't kill you ♪
Makes you stronger ♪
They say, why don't you smile? ♪
You look prettier that way ♪
They say, it only hurts ♪
- I need you.
- If you let it ♪
I've only ever been here once.
It was July, hot and
muggy as all get out,
mosquitoes sucking us dry.
My dad brought me here to say sorry.
He had missed yet another
parent-teachers conference.
It wasn't his fault. It was work, but
We fished here all day.
And you know how many we caught?
- One?
- Mm.
- One fish.
- Yeah.
A catfish, a big one.
And fried catfish that
was my dad's favorite.
Little corn meal,
a whole lot of Old Bay.
I mean, that sounds damn good.
And on the drive home,
my daddy stopped
by a friend's house, Brian.
He'd lost his job, and my dad
gave him the catfish.
That's who my dad was.
He didn't have much,
but what he did have
Sounds like you and your
dad were two of a kind,
always looking out for
others before yourself.
You know, you don't talk about him much.
From the stories you're told,
it's clear that
there's so much of your father in you.
Gabi, I think you're
the best part of his legacy.
[SIGHS] I can't.
I just I'm not ready.
When it hurts, I rise up ♪
When I fall, I stand up ♪
I try and remember ♪
'Cause I swear I am living ♪
When it hurts, I rise up ♪
When I fall, I stand up ♪
I try every minute ♪
'Cause I swear I am living ♪
I've thought about it.
And my new name will be
Gabi Mosely.
That is the name my mother
and my father gave me.
She is who I am.
And I will never, ever give it up.
From now on, the rules
are going to change.
What rules?
Your rules. I will no longer treat you
like you treated me
praise and intimidation,
carrot and stick.
I made you great.
You made me you, and I am not you.
I'm a Mosely.
You are so self-righteous.
You think you're not like me?
Prove it.
Unlock me. Let me go.
Oh, by the way,
this broke off.
I wouldn't want you
to think I would even
consider using it as a weapon.
I'm not the monster you think I am.


Greg, move your head.
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