Found (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Missing While Addicted

Sacrifice my boy for another?
And now Tony's in a coma.
Stay the hell away from my son.
Trapped in the moment ♪
Stuck in the past ♪
Gabrielle, I picked
up something for you.
Searching for something ♪
Are you listening?
I brought you a new book.
You're gonna love this one.
It's the first snow.

Enchanting, isn't it?
You don't get it?
It's the first snow.
I have to call my dad.
I need to remind him to
put on his snow tires.
He forgot last year, and
he got into a car accident.
No matter how many times you ask,
the answer will always be no.
He needs me.
He was never there when you needed him.
That's not true. I'm his daughter.
He loves me.
If that were true, wouldn't
he be looking for you?

I've bookmarked several pages.
They'll help you understand.
Not calling your father is
for your benefit, not mine.
Spinning in circles ♪
All the way back down ♪
Gab, Tony's dad will be here soon.
You gotta go.
How's he doing?
Prognosis hasn't changed
since the gunshot,
but you staying here every night
won't change that, sweetie.

Ah, caffeine. Bless you.
Is she still with Tony?
She's not gonna stop feeling responsible
until he comes out of his
coma, or we catch that bastard
behind the trafficking ring.
How are you doing?
Um, you know, things
have been a little rough
since the false lead on
Jamie, but I'm trying.
Hey, Zeke, slow down. Who's at M&A?
Hey, I I'm sorry. I know it's early.
Your receptionist said we could wait.
What can we do for you, mister
Call me Lucas, please.
My Aunt Rachel insisted on coming here.
I thought she could handle
it, but clearly it's too much.
Stop. Just stop it.

I came here to talk to Gabi Mosely.
I'm Gabi Mosley.
What can I do for you, Rachel?
I'm dying,
and I need you to find my son.

When was the last time you saw David?
Three months ago, but we talk every day.
Why do you think he's missing then?
Two days ago, he stopped
answering my phone calls.
Has he ever ignored your calls before?
Every now and then.
He gets busy, you know?
Is there something different this time?
Yes, he was finally doing well.
I mean, he'd got his life back on track.
Meaning he's had problems in the past?
Have you gone to David's house?
I don't know where he's been living.
He was staying with me and Rachel.
That was up until three months ago.
Did you contact the cops?
Well, we'd prefer that
they weren't involved.

Look, I swear he's a good boy.
He's just had some emotional setbacks
ever since his sister died.
Elisa and him were very close.
And now that I've stopped
responding to the chemo,
he knows he's gonna lose me too.
And I don't know how
much time I have left,
but I do know my boy needs me.
There is something wrong. I know it.
I will you please take my case?

You sure she can make it
through a live press conference?
I offered to just record a video of her,
but she was adamant.
She wants to be there in-person.
So I'm taking my cues from her.
- What, Dhan?
- I didn't say anything.
Once we step into that
room, it's go time.
So if you have a problem, speak now
or forever hold your peace.
David's on drugs.
It explains why he moves around a lot,
why Rachel won't go to the cops.
This kid wasn't taken. He's
just off using somewhere.
He's an addict. Fine.
That doesn't mean we don't look for him.
Doesn't mean he wants
to be found either.
David's life is his
fault. It's his choice
to get high and hurt his mom.
I'm sorry, but this is not our problem.
Every missing person
is our problem, Dhan.
That's what makes us
different from the cops.
But I'm telling you right now,
taking this case is a mistake.

So David's into a bit of dirt.
He's been in and out of rehab
and jail for seven years.
Three months ago, he
was busted buying pills
from a local dealer and was
court ordered to AA meetings.
That was shortly after his mom got sick.
Up until three months ago,
his social media was littered
with photos of him and Rachel.
Then his posts just stopped.
They were clearly very close.
Her diagnosis must've been
difficult for him to handle.
Which I bet is what triggered
him to relapse and disappear.
Laws can break people.
Margaret, what was your read on Lucas?
He rubbed his eyes any time that Rachel
mentioned David, which
is a sign of disagreement.
I think we should talk to him alone.
Set it up. I'm right behind you.
We need to find out the
location of David's meetings.
These people are likely his tribe.
If anyone knows something, it's them.
If David's court ordered,
Trent could get us that
Rachel doesn't wanna involve the cops.
We won't go to Trent unless we need to.
I can find the meeting address.
You know what? I got it.
Zeke, see if you can go into
David's arrest records instead.
Track down his dealer.
If David really is on a bender,
they'll know where he is.
Dhan, talk to David's using friends.
Lacey, talk to David's sober friends,
- if there's any left.
- Can I switch with Lacey?

Thank you for making the time
to talk to us again so quickly.
Well, I was gonna
reach out to you anyway.
I couldn't speak openly earlier,
- not without upsetting my aunt.
I'm so sorry.
Rachel idolizes David,
but he's been a mess
since Elisa's death.

It's still painful for you.
Elisa fell off a ladder and died.
David found her.
He was only 15 years old.
To this day, Rachel blames herself.
She knew the ladder was
faulty but didn't replace it,
and David's used her guilt
to bleed her dry financially
and emotionally ever since.
Is that why you kicked him out?
I know addicts.
David wouldn't leave
a free place to stay.

David was a mess.
He came home one night high as a kite.
He flooded my guest house.
Next day, he got arrested.
I told him not to contact
us till he got clean.
I didn't know he and Rachel
were still talking on the phone.
Thank you, Lucas.
We are going to do everything
- we can to find David.
- Wait, you still want to take his case,
- after everything I just told you?
- Don't you want us to?
Rachel has spent her life in pain.
She lost her daughter.
Then she lost her son to drugs.
I want her to die in peace.
Trust me, Lucas, I
understand your position,
but even if he is high,
David will regret not seeing his mom.
If my cousin wanted Rachel in
his life, he'd be sober now.
Maybe not being there for my aunt
is the reality check he
needs to get clean for good.
You all are so kind and caring,
but I need to protect my aunt,
which is why I'm firing you.

To be clear, we are profiling
a victim, not a perpetrator.
We're not dealing with some
twisted psychopath this time.
So you don't think David was kidnapped?
No. And I don't need
your opinion on addiction.
The only reason I'm bringing you in
is because I need to work fast.
It's important to me to give David back
one of the many things you took from me.

I'm not eating until I call my dad.
I read those bookmarked
pages, and you're wrong.
My father never neglected me.
He did his best.
Did his best include
missing the most important moments
of your life, like your birthday?
Losing my mom was hard for him.
But that's why he needs me,
to make sure he packs his lunch
and wears his winter gloves
so his hands don't get too cold.
Your father should've taken care of you.
What you're experiencing
now is euphoric recall.
I mean, it's easy to forget the times
you cried about his absence.
Saving him is an addiction.
Calling him will be a relapse.
- And if you don't stop asking
- Let me save you the trouble.

Until you let me call him,
I won't eat.
If I don't eat, I die.
Then you're no longer a kidnapper.

You're a murderer.

I have bad news.
David's phone is disconnected.
- I can't track it.
- You find the dealer?
That's the other thing. His recent
arrest record has been sealed.
Why? He's not under 18.
All I know is it's
inaccessible, even by me.
You get anything from the friends?
The ones he got high
with assumed he got sober.
Everyone else assumed he relapsed.
Did they know where he was living?
Did Lucas give you anything?
Just details about Elisa's death.
You can get that.
It's not important.
Hey, Zeke, can you try to find
the interview that David gave
the cops the night Elisa died?
I mean, if she's the
source of the trauma
that he's been self-medicating for,
- it might be helpful to us.
- Yeah, on it.
While Zeke is searching
for that video, Margaret,
why don't you head down to the DCPD?
See if Trent can give us
anything on the dealer.
Dahn, Lacey, we're gonna
go to David's AA meeting.
What about the press conference?
I mean, we could use the
media exposure, right?
We need more to go on first.
Gabi, you're not gonna tell
them that Lucas fired us?
- Not yet.
- Gabi.
Margaret, trust me,
Rachel's health is declining.
We need to move.

- We in the right place?
- Don't act so surprised.
Recovery's not supposed
to be depressing.
Remember, this is anonymous,
so no one's gonna talk to
people they don't trust.
Follow my lead.
- Are these saved?
- All yours.
- You're new here?
- No, but my friend is.
I'm Leo. You are?
You're in the right place, Mike.
Everyone, this is Mike. He's new here.

I'm surprised you all found this place.
We're not listed in the directories.
An acquaintance told us about it.
His name is David. Do you know him?
David H.? I sponsor him.
We were supposed to meet up
earlier, but he never showed.
- Was it for step work?
- Yeah.
- Are you in recovery too?
- No.
I've done a lot of research for Mike.
I fear David went out again.
No one at the house has heard from him,
and, well, it never gets
easier watching someone
lose their battle with addiction.
You mentioned no one in
the house heard from David?
- Was he living here?
- Yes.
This is sober living.
The owner of the facility
just lets me hold my group here
as part of my 12-step work.
Are there any rooms available?

- Why can't Lacey do this?
- Stop whining, Mike.
Margaret, talk to me.
Is it just me or does she
know a lot about recovery?
I'll take care of it.
Just head back to the office.
A lot of recovering
addicts keep a journal.
Find David's.
You must be Mike.
I'm Jesse. I own the place.
I hear you're looking for a bed.
I only take ten clients at a time,
but this kid didn't show
for curfew. Don't worry.
Everything will be
gone before you move in.
- Is he coming back for any of it?
- Doubtful.
What happens to all their stuff?
I have a storage unit out
back I'll put his stuff in.
Poor kid didn't sign a HIPAA form,
so I couldn't let his
family know he was here.
So what made you decide
to get sober, Mike?
I got high and ruined
my best friend's life.
Can I see the laundry room?
All my clothes are hypoallergenic.

Gabi, I can't tell you anything
I didn't tell Margaret.
I didn't come here to talk.
I came in to look at David's file.
- It's completely redacted.
- Told you.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
Can you bring up information
on sober living houses
the DCPD is aware of in the area?
Just emailed it to you.
Thank you.
Gabi, wait.

Down by the lake with
your father's ashes,
you opened up, we connected.
It felt like a real moment for us.
Moments are fleeting.

Sorry. I got lost up there.
As I was telling your
friend, if cost's an issue,
I take insurance.
- We'll let you know.
- Of course.
You get it?
So who's Mike?
No one. It's called improv.
- Did you find the interview?
- Yeah, check it out.

I was in my room studying.
I heard a scream from the kitchen.

When I found her, her body was
there was so much blood.

You were home alone?

This is who we are looking for,
a trauma survivor, just like us.
We have to stop looking
for David right now.
I am not having this conversation again.
This is a letter from
Lucas. He fired us.

Wait. Did you know?
Rachel hired us, not Lucas.
We have a lead on David's dealer.
Gabi, please tell me
you didn't find that
in David's DCPD file.
The dealer has to be a
confidential informant.
It's why Trent isn't talking.
This should have their information.
Lacey, take this over
to Zeke's to decrypt.
So what, we're going rogue now
and stealing from the police?
I knew this case was a mistake.
Gabi, where is the line?
There is no line, not when it comes
to reuniting a dying woman with her son.
Now do your job.

- This may take some time.
- I'll wait.
You avoiding Gabi?
What is it about this case
that's making her so reckless?
It's like she's breaking
every law I know.
I thought that's why
you were in law school,
to learn how to protect
us from getting prosecuted.
Yeah, but how can I protect her
if she continues to undermine me?
No one tells Gabi what to do, Lace,
not even with the best of intentions.
Gabi hasn't been herself in months.
You mean since her dad died?
Hey, grief shows up in different ways.
I mean, just look at David.
It's not it's not grief.
It's it's something else.
"The first pill gave me wings.
The second took away the sky.
I kept using because I
thought maybe next time,
the sky wouldn't disappear."
Well, that's pretty beautiful.
- Did David write that?
- Yeah.
It's David step work journal.
Normally, it would be off-limits,
but until we talk to the
CI, we have no other leads.
I mean, I can see why
David upset Rachel.
He stole her prescription pain meds,
repeatedly told her that
she couldn't save him.
He doesn't mention Elisa
anywhere in there though.
She should have her own entry here.
You sound so sure about that.
Everything David wrote is
a part of his ninth step.
Elisa may be gone,
but he would still want
to make an amends to her.
Well, maybe he did.
Look, there seems to be a page missing.

- We need to find it.
- What aren't you telling me?
- I could ask you the same thing.
You've been ignoring calls all day.
It's I mean, it's just a therapist.
I didn't know you
started seeing someone.
Well, no. I haven't yet.
I mean, it's just
I'm just I'm just making inquiries.
Between my daughter
showing up out of the blue
and the false lead on
Jamie, the boat's, you know,
been a little rocky lately.
Maybe talking to a therapist
will help you create room
for both Taylor and Jamie.
Making room for one doesn't have to mean
giving up on the other.

Okay. Your turn.
- What's happened?
- I've been scanning hospital admittances
for David, and Rachel was just admitted.
[COUGHS] I'm sorry.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
Just don't give up, Rachel, please.
God. If only my body would listen.
Gabi, are you any
closer to finding my boy?
We have some leads.
That means you know about
David is not defined by his addiction.
He's a good kid.
I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you.
I just wanted you to see
David the way I see him.
He loved his sister
Elisa more than anything,
and if she she hadn't died
Rachel, I am going to find him.
I will reunite you with your son.
I just wish we could reach him.
I wish that he knew
that there's not much time.
Well, maybe we can.
If we post a video on our Instagram,
you can talk to him directly,
and even if he doesn't see it,
maybe somebody he knows might.
Oh, yes. Yes, yes.
Hi, David.
My name is Gabi Mosley.
I am with your mother.
She doesn't have much time left,
and the only person she wants
right now with her is you.
I understand that all you want to do
is hide so you don't have to
face the pain that's coming.
I'm not here to stop you,
but I want to remind you,
you have a chance with her
that you didn't have with your sister,
the chance to say goodbye.

David, please.
I just want to hold
your hand before I go.

Gabi, I got it, the name of the CI.
Zeke, you're my hero.
Hold on just a little longer.
- We're bringing David home.
- Oh, my God.

I appreciate you showing up.
I may disagree with you, but
I'll always have your back.
You bring the cash?

I wasn't doing anything wrong.
They were bribing me for information.
Mira, get in the car.
What the hell, Gabi?
I know you stole that thumb drive.
How could you put our
CI at risk like that?
She might be the only one
who knows where David is.
I don't care. This is my job.
Now, look, clearly
something is going on
- I need to talk to her, Trent.
- Hey, Gabi
- Get the hell out of her way.
Dhan Rana, you are under arrest
for obstruction of justice.

Seriously, Trent? Let him go.
Be grateful you're
not in there with him.
Don't push me.
Threats, Gabi? What has gotten into you?
Stop being a little bitch, Trent.
David's mom is dying.
I just need to give her
one last moment with him.
I can't.
If anything happens to Mira, it's on me.
If Rachel dies before she sees David,
it's on me.
Someone should've told
me this was about David.
I wanna talk to her.

- Gabi, what's up?
- Jesse Winfield,
he owns Turning Bridge
Sober Living House.
I need everything on
him and his business.
So he's a suspect now? He was so nice.
According to David's dealer, he's not.
Jesse only lets people move in
who he doesn't think will stick around.
He convinces them to not
sign HIPAA release forms
so he can't tell family
members when they leave.
How many beds were in
Jesse's sober living house?
I'm not sure, but he said he only takes
ten clients at a time.
Well, according to the
insurance companies he bills,
- there's 50 people living there.
- What?
- Where are the other 40 clients?
- I'm searching for them now.
Most of them are dead, overdoses.
So Jesse is killing clients
and collecting the insurance money?
We gotta go. David
might be in real trouble.

This is where Jesse said he
was holding David's stuff.
Or it could be where he's keeping David
if this is all an insurance scam.

What are you doing here?
Where's David?


I'd never hurt David
or any of my clients.
I don't need to. They're addicts.
They hurt themselves. I swear.
They take off on their own.
Yet you fail to tell their insurance
companies that they're gone.
So I bill their insurance while filling
their beds with new clients.
Is working the system
to make my sober living
more comfortable really such a crime?
Yeah, it's called fraud.
You're sick for taking
advantage of people
who come to you for help.
- Get up.
- What?
I did nothing wrong.

- Getting out of control.
- I mean, we're
I just finished going
through David's stuff.
I found Elisa's journal page.
What's going on?
Lucas saw your Instagram
Live with Rachel.
He got the judge to issue an
emergency protective order.
- Ignore it. We're moving forward.
- How?
We can't get within 100 feet
of David, Lucas, or Rachel
without facing charges.
We can make it around a little red tape.
This isn't just red tape.
It's a restraining order.
- Gabi, maybe it's time to stop.
- Damn it. We are not giving up on him.
I can't.
I have to give Rachel and
David a chance to say goodbye.
If David misses
This is about your father, isn't it?
- Gabi, he was sick.
- He was an alcoholic.
My father started
drinking when I was taken.
Turns out, it wasn't so easy
to stop when I came home.
It took me a long time to realize
he wasn't choosing alcohol over me.

It truly was an addiction.
By the time he got sober,
his cirrhosis was terminal.
And there was a lot left to fix
between us before he passed.
I didn't even get to the hospital to

I will do anything to give
Rachel that one last moment
even if I have to do it alone.
David started using because
he didn't get to say goodbye to Elisa.
High or not, he would want
to say goodbye to Rachel.
So why isn't he at the hospital?
You're upset, desperate,
your tone abandoned.
You feel abandoned.
Notice I am here as your partner
when no one else is.
I'm always the one that is here for you.

Please don't go.
I want to help.

"Dear Elisa, I am
sorry for how you died.
I'm sorry for lying."
Lying? Maybe David had a secret?
Maybe that's what's
keeping him from Rachel?
When you brought me this case,
you asked me to profile a victim.
I have,
but I've realized it
is your own inability
to see David as more than an addict
that has caused you to have
a critical error in judgment.
I am the only one who sees
him as more than an addict.
But do you see him as valuable?
Because I do.
David is vulnerable,
lonely, easy to dismiss,
a victim no one would think to look for.
Well, no one, that is, but you.
David is the perfect kidnap victim.
What if he isn't getting high
and was actually taken
by someone who knew
everyone would assume that?
It might not be David's secret
keeping him from Rachel.
Maybe it's someone else's.

I've been watching teen
David's police interview,
and when Lucas squeezes
David's shoulder,
I thought he was comforting him,
but at a closer look, he was controlling
what David told the police.

So something happened
the night Elisa died,
something Lucas was trying to cover up.
This whole time, we thought he was
protecting his family,
but he was just protecting
his secret, which
means he didn't fire us
because he wanted David to get sober.
He fired us because he didn't want David
- coming clean.
- Lucas has David.
Gabi, we have to be careful.
This man feels no guilt.
That's why I didn't pick up on anything.

Hey, no. This is trespassing.
Like we care.
This guesthouse is mighty convenient.
Gives you a space away from
Rachel when you need it.
And it also is conveniently a space
she can't access because
of her wheelchair.
I saw you coming.
- I already called the cops.
- Good.
Then they'll be here to arrest you
for kidnapping your cousin.
He showed up a few hours
ago, high out of his mind.
I'm detoxing him so he can see his mom.
David, I'm Gabi.
Your mom hired me to find you.
- She's in the hospital.
- Gabi, we have to go now.
David, do you want to see your mom?
Hey, in here officers.
Gabi, step away.
David, we don't have a lot of time left.
David, is your
is your cousin holding you
against your will? Okay. Look at me.
Look at me. Nod. Squeeze my hand.
- I won't let him hurt you.
- David.
They're confusing him.
Hey, you don't want your
mom to see you this way.
Do you? Do you?
He didn't relapse. Did he?
Yo, get them off my property.
David, did Lucas drug you?
Is this about Elisa?

My mom, the truth
he doesn't want me telling the truth.
And what is the truth David?
Elisa didn't fall.
Lucas pushed her.
He's lying. He's just an addict.
You can't believe a word he says.
I need to tell her
that it's not her fault,
and Lucas won't let me leave.
David, we're gonna take you to your mom.
Lucas, you get a trip downtown.
It was an accident. It was.
But covering it up wasn't.
We need to hurry.
I look in your eyes and all I see ♪
Reflected is a picture
of what I shouldn't be ♪
- Is my father
- I'm sorry, Ms. Mosely.
Your father's gone.
A thousand little
lies are easier to hide ♪
I can't come clean because
you're so good to me ♪

I knew you'd find him.
I'm sorry it took me so long, Mom.
Oh, it's okay.

- Mom?
- Yes?
Elisa's death wasn't your fault.
The ladder wasn't broken.
Lucas pushed her.

I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's okay. You're you're free now.
You free now. We're both free now.

I love you, mom.

It's too much to carry ♪
Mom? Mom.
I know it's been long ♪
And it's made my heart heavy ♪
Oh, here I am stuck on my own ♪
Mom! Mom!
So look away for me ♪

You still wanna call your dad?
Just just look at him.
He's at a bar, drinking with friends.
I tried to warn you, but now you see.
He's not looking for you.
He doesn't need you.
He doesn't care, not like I do.

He remembered.
He has his gloves. He's okay.

Thank you for giving me hope.

I will see him again
One day.

I'm moving forward ♪
Flying high, I'll be gone ♪
Future's looking bright ♪
So put your sunglasses on ♪
A shot of apple cider?

[TOGETHER] Welcome home.

I'm moving forward ♪
Yeah ♪
And I'm moving on ♪


So Lucas gave a full confession.
Apparently, he's been
manipulating David for years,
trying to keep his secret,
providing him with money
for pills, saying his mom would
blame them both if he ever told her.
When David finally hit 90 days sober,
he reached out to Lucas,
told him he was coming clean
to Rachel, part of his amends.
And Lucas didn't want his aunt
to find out what he did,
so he drugged David and was holding him
until Rachel passed away.
No one should keep a
child away from a parent.
I hope that Lucas gets
put away for a long time.
I hated having us at odds today.

You'll want this back.

That that moment at the lake?
It meant something to me too.
I I just
I can't let it mean
more than that right now.
Lucky for you, I'm a patient man.

Thought you'd left.
Technically, I'm still in my office.
And I just wanted to
make sure you were okay.
And if peaceful silence
is what you need,
then that's cool too.
Uh, Mike was my best friend.
We were in the military together.
Man, he kept me laughing
even when things got rough.

He was

He was also
addicted to amphetamines.
He was high the night
everything went down.
And, honestly, a lot of
things went wrong that night.
But I I can't help but think things
would've been different
if Mike had been sober.
Sometimes not knowing
is the hardest part.

The new "Street Fighter"
gets released next month,
and I may or may not have illegally
downloaded a copy already.
And I've got an extra controller,
if you're interested.

I thought you left.
I, uh, forgot my wallet.
Lacey, I'm sorry I didn't
listen to you today.
I know you were only trying to help.
I understand. This case was personal.
There's been distance between us
since your father passed.
I kept telling myself
that it was your grief,
but I'm not so sure.

I think you're hiding something from me.
I don't know what, but I
know that you lied to me,
to all of us, a couple of times.

Lacey, I love you.
I love you too.
But something's changed, Gabi.
You've changed.
We're looking up to the sky ♪
Searching for a reason why ♪

Oh, we're holding on to our hope ♪
Blinded by the smoke ♪

But we're coming in like a hurricane ♪
Heads down in the pouring rain ♪
We found David.
We'll fight till doomsday ♪
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you didn't get to say
a final goodbye to your father.
Don't you dare apologize.
There's no atoning for what you've done,
for what you've cost me,
for what you continue to cost me.

You don't deserve redemption.

You're a monster.
And what does this make you?
When the world's in ashes ♪
Lost you all to havoc ♪
Raise our swords ♪
We'll fight till doomsday ♪

I was just about to run
out to check on Tony.
You okay?
I didn't know where else to go.
Gabi, Mallory found out
about the thumb drive.
I told him it was all me.

I've been suspended and,
pending an investigation,
will likely be fired.

Greg, move your head.
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