Found (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Missing While Indigenous

Sun is coming up.
[SIGHS] Nothing.
[SIGHS] You've been
holding back all night.
It's okay to say you're mad at me.
I'm not.
I'm mad at myself.
You've always been
clear about who you are
and the lines you're willing to cross
to save a life.
I used to be.
But lately, I've been
blurring my own lines.
You saying I'm a bad influence?

You know I can't remember a morning
that didn't start at the precinct?
Even as a kid, my dad brought me in,
just like his dad did with him.
Being a cop is
is who I am.
But fighting on the right side,
that's just that's in my blood.
I don't know who I am
without the badge, and it
it scares me.

[SIGHS] Well,
if you had to choose a new line of work,
what would you do?
Would you be an exotic dancer?
Instagram chef?
I play a mean French horn.
- I was first chair
in my middle school band.
I defended it every week and won.
What about you, Gabi?
Anything you loved growing up?

I love them.
They're starlings.
Why are they dancing like that?
It's called a murmuration.
There are theories,
but the actual reasoning
behind their synchronized
flight remains a mystery.
I've been wandering around all day ♪
"At the same time that we are
earnest to explore all things,
we require that all
things be mysterious."
Walden. Very good.
As you know, Thoreau spent
two years living in that cabin
by himself, and he believed
that solitude was an incredible gift.
Gave him a new perspective on life.
I think I understand what he meant.
This made-up falsifier ♪
I've come to love it here too.
I'm glad you brought me.

I'm so happy you've come
to accept our life together.

Do you think we could
go outside and see them?
Keep me there, keep
me through my nightmare ♪
I'm alone, waiting on the antidote ♪
Be a lamb, keep me by my right hand ♪
I'm alone, give me
all the love you got ♪

This is a surprise.
I'm usually the one going to the press,
not the other way around.
Is this her, the one that finds people?
That's me. Gabi Mosely, Ms
My granddaughter,
Denae Wagon, is missing,
and and the press
refuse to report on it.
My boss doesn't think that
Denae's story is big enough
to be considered news yet.
She's pregnant and due any day.
Please, help me.
Of course I will.

That's Denae a couple of months ago
with her kindergarten class.
She was six months pregnant then.
I'm not resting until
my granddaughter's found.
And neither are we, but
in order to find Denae,
we need information.
So Denae lives here in D.C.?
Yeah, she moved off of
our tribe's reservation
in Virginia about a year ago.

You still live on the reservation?
Of course. It's my home.
And Denae was coming
home to have the baby,
and I've just been
getting everything ready
for her and the little one.
When was the last time
you spoke to Denae?
Yesterday morning.
It's about a three-hour
drive to the reservation,
and and she was supposed
to be there by midnight,
but she never arrived.
Maybe she stopped at
a hotel for the night.
She would have called.
Or or at least she would
have answered when I called.
And she's not answering.
Did you ask D.C. police
to do a welfare check?
Police don't get involved with us.
I am going to need the
name of every person
Denae spent time with in D.C.
There's no list.
Just one guy, Charlie Rutledge.
He's the baby's father,
and he lives with her.
- You don't like him?
- That boy is a white devil.
And he is repeatedly asking her how much
her per capita payment is.
- What is that?
- It's money that's distributed
to tribal members from
tribally owned businesses.
And Denae and and Charlie
have been fighting a lot
about money lately, and I
think he's after that per cap.
We are going to do everything we can
to bring her and your grandbaby home.
Thank you.
You know, I wouldn't turn
down a ride to the bus station.
Yes, ma'am.

- What you got?
- Charlie was in a car accident
a couple hours ago, just arrived
at Washington, D.C., Memorial Hospital.
Lucky us.
I still can't understand why
the police won't get involved.
Because Denae is Indigenous
and we don't know exactly
where she went missing,
it leaves room for jurisdictional debate
with her tribe's law enforcement.
And debate means
The victim inevitably
falls between the cracks.
I'll give you three guesses
what caused the accident.
Tequila, tequila, tequila.
[GROANS] Cops or lawyers?
When is the last time you saw
your girlfriend, Denae Wagon?
You found her?
You saying she's missing?
No, I
just haven't talked
to her since yesterday,
before my shift.
- What do you do?
- I'm a mixologist.
So bartender?
Walk me through your day today.

I came home early
this morning from work.
Denae wasn't there.
When she didn't answer
her phone, I got worried.
I was afraid her car
broke down or something.
[ECHOING] Thing's a piece of crap.
I drove around looking for her,
and that damn sedan
[NORMALLY] Oh braked too fast
- Charlie?
- Oh, incoming.
- Oh!
- Ew.
- So Charlie really went
full-on "Exorcist"?
Missed Gabi's designer shoes by an inch.
He was in no condition to talk.
Thankfully, he didn't need to.
So he had scratches
on his dominant hand,
as if he's punched
something multiple times.
They're all scabbed over,
so it was an old injury,
not from the accident.
Punched something like a person?
Possibly, or a wall.
I mean, he definitely
talks with his fists.
Dhan, vet his work alibi.
And in the meantime, don't
let Charlie out of your sight.
If he's done something
to Denae, we'll know.
I am asking Trent to run a check on him,
see if he's ever been arrested
for domestic abuse or ah.
What is it?
Trent won't have access
to the DCPD system.
He's been suspended.
Let me guess
the zip drive.
How's he doing?
[SIGHS] He's going stir-crazy.
But we can still use him
to consult on this job.
We need the manpower, and he needs
something important to focus on.
I'll see if I can
find a criminal record.
No, focus on the phone that I swiped.
Lacey, see if Shaker can help
us with the criminal record.
Already got into the phone.
Looks like Denae and Charlie's
last text exchange got a little heated.
"You're a screwup and an ass, Charlie.
I needed you there for support,
but of course you're MIA."
"It was one doc appointment.
"You are not the first
woman to have a damn baby.
Get over yourself."
I need that doc's information.
Texting it to you as we speak.
Sorry for intruding on
your home, Dr. Potter,
but this couldn't wait.
I'm used to having patients
drop by at all times,
so I'm happy to help.
I can tell you're
someone who cares about
your patients' well-being.
Oh, my work is my life.
And my patients are like family,
which is why I'm concerned to hear
that Denae may be missing.
I only just saw her yesterday.
And how was she?
Did anything happen during that visit
that seemed to upset her?
Well, Denae asked me what I thought
about her having the baby
on the tribe's reservation.
I said it wasn't a good idea,
which initially upset her.
But she understood what was at stake,
and, well, eventually she promised me
that she'd have the baby in a hospital.
So we have a plan in place.
Why were you against Denae having
the baby on her reservation?
Well, I wish I could say, but it's
doctor-patient confidentiality.
Of course.
Discretion is important
in what we do too.
But we both want the same things here,
and that's to help find Denae.
This is how you help her.
All right.
But only because of Denae's condition.
Time is working against her.
What's her condition?
Denae's baby is breeched.
Denae is due soon, and if
she tries to have this baby
without proper medical care
It's likely she and
the baby won't make it.
Did you hear me?
A baby's life is in jeopardy.
Who's Heavy Boots,
the man you let into the house?
That was quite the risk,
which means he's important.
Who is he?
Denae was on her way to the reservation
- but appears to have
- He made you laugh.
Yes, he did.
Did you
sleep with him?

I have a woman and baby to save.
Get yourself up to speed, and
give me something I can use.

Pulled these from her social.
Denae didn't really have much of a life
outside of work and Charlie.
We're still trying to
track down her principal,
but by all accounts, she loves her job.
All right, Charlie's never been arrested
for domestic violence, just bar fights.
Sorry for the delay in
getting these records.
Shaker's been buried under cases.
And you feel guilty about that.
Please don't. Don't feel sorry for me.
Don't read me. Don't any of it.
I made my bed, and I just
I just want to focus on Denae.
Bar fights still speak
to violent tendencies,
so Charlie stays on the list.
Zeke, what's the video?
Hey, baby.
Mommy can't wait to meet you.
Pregnancy's such an exciting time.
Denae should be nesting and planning.
Instead she's God knows where.
Do we have any pictures of her
- actually on the reservation?
- Not that I could find.
If she loved her time there so much,
why is there no evidence of
her life there anywhere online?
Unless she wasn't happy there.
I mean, she did leave and
build a life here in D.C.
This is the only reference I could find
in any of her postings.
"I know who I am.
"You can't take that from me.
She seems to be straddling the line
between two worlds,
D.C. and the reservation.
The question is, which side of the line
did she disappear on?
Mm. Anything on her phone records?
Looks like she called
three people last night.
Two were unknown.
The other's to a coworker
named Hannah Cress.
Thank you for agreeing
to meet with us, Hannah.
Did Charlie hire you to find Denae?
[ECHOING] No, her grandmother Rose did.

[NORMALLY] You don't
like Charlie, do you?
Couple weeks ago, I found
Denae crying in her car
outside the school.
It wasn't the first time.
She told me that she
and Charlie had been
fighting over his drinking.
It wasn't the first time
she told me that either.
This time, though, he punched
a wall, almost hitting her.
It really shook her up.
Yet she stayed with him.
Was she scared to leave?
Not once she had a baby to protect.
That's why even though she
loved her job, she quit.
She quit? Rose didn't mention that.
Well, nobody knew except
me and the principal.
Denae did not want it
getting back to Charlie.
So Denae wasn't just going
back home to have her baby.
She was moving back to the
reservation permanently.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Denae genuinely missed her community.
So we know that Denae
called you last night.
Do you remember anything that she said
that could be helpful?
I don't have to remember it.
I have a voice mail.
I missed her call.
- [BEEP]
- Hey.
Just letting you know I'm almost home.
Wait, hold on.
I'll text you when I arrive. Love you.
I tried calling her back,
but she wouldn't pick up.
So Denae was almost back
home at the reservation.
The question is, what or who stopped her
from getting there?
You lied about your alibi.
If that Indian PI dude left a
bruise, I'm pressing charges.
What Indian dude?
I don't see anybody, Charlie.
But you know what I do see
is a hungover, sorry
excuse of a boyfriend
and father-to-be.
So why don't we just focus on him?
- I like her style.
- Oh, best partner I ever had.
You know Mallory will have your ass
if he knows you're here.
I can't just sit on my hands.

Now, you know, lying
about your work alibi,
that's the fastest way
to get on my nerves.
And, Charles, that is not
a place you want to be.

I was with a girl I met
during my shift, okay?
I was dreading going home
since Denae I were fighting,
so I clocked off early
and spent the whole night with her.
We went to another bar after my shift.
Here's the receipt.
Cheating on your pregnant girlfriend.
- Really?
- It's not a crime.
Can I go now?
Receipt or not, you got at least
five seconds to tell me
if you had anything to do
- with Denae, or else.
- Or what?
Or us.

You better start talking, Charlie.
Go ahead. I'll still say the same thing.
I didn't lay a finger on Denae,
and I don't know where she is.

Look, we may fight a lot,
and yeah, I got a temper, okay?
But I love Denae and that kid.
I need them to be okay.

Then help us, Charlie.
Who would try to stop Denae
from going to the reservation?
Wait, what?
Denae wouldn't go back there.
She hated the reservation.
She was headed back. We
know for a fact she was.
I seriously doubt that.
She never said why, but
I always got the feeling
she had problems with somebody there.
Always said it was the last
place she'd ever go back to.
I guess your instincts about
Denae's complicated feelings
for her reservation were correct.
If Denae was having issues with someone
at the reservation,
wouldn't that be something
her grandmother would know
and should have volunteered?
You're not gonna even check who that is?
I know who it is. It's my union rep.
He's been trying to reach me all day.
Trent, you can't avoid talking
All he is going to tell
me is to give you up
as the person who stole the thumb drive
so my job can be reinstated.
And that's not an option,
so please let it go.

No hits on Denae's car here in D.C.
or any sight of it on the
highway to the reservation.
It's like it just disappeared.
We need boots on the ground there.
Dhan is setting up
surveillance at Charlie's
in case Denae comes back.
Margaret is headed over to Zeke's
with Denae's voice mail to Hannah
to see if we can clean it up.
Outside of that, we've exhausted
all paths here in D.C., Lace.
It's time to go to the reservation.
In Virginia?
- past our farmhouse?
- I understand if you can't go. I do.
It's okay. Trent will be with me.
It's a perk of not
having a badge right now.
I don't have to worry about creating
a jurisdictional problem.
I can just help.
No, no.
I'll come. I want to come.
I can't avoid an entire state
just because something bad
happened to me once, right?
This is for Denae.
Boyfriend is controlling, possessive.
Yeah? Tell me something I don't know.
Denae stayed with him despite
these unbecoming attributes.
Implies they are familiar to her.
Control, possession
she's experienced that
before in her life.
Likely someone close to her.
Family member, maybe.
You're going to the
reservation, aren't you?
Ensuring ample sustenance
while you're gone.
I see. Is Heavy Boots going with you?
The grandmother isn't
the controlling sort.
Maybe someone else she was
close to on the reservation?
Maybe that's why she left.
I don't appreciate you
ignoring my question.
[URGENTLY] Where was the car?

All right, we are technically
on the reservation.
One of my buddies at Virginia PD
said a report about
Denae's abandoned car
came in just a few hours ago.

It's locked.
I got it.

I like suspended Trent.

Is that
All right, well, there's
nothing wrong with the car,
which means it didn't break down.
And the gas tank is full too.
We passed a gas station a half mile up.
If Denae went into early
labor or needed help
and couldn't drive,
maybe she stopped there.
If they have surveillance
footage, Zeke will find it.
[ECHOING] Is it too much
to ask for a decent meal?
[NORMALLY] Lacey, you okay?

Get away from the car.
Hey, hey, hey. Whoa.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm we are private investigators.
You can lower the gun.
I don't trust folks I don't know.
So I'll ask you again,
step away from the car.
I don't think you understand.
This vehicle belongs to
- Denae Wagon.
- Wait. You know Denae?
She's my sister.
I know you don't know
us, but I promise you
our only intention is
to help you find out
what happened to your sister.
Why should I believe you?
Because your grandma Rose
hired us to find Denae.
Now, normally I would
take time for pleasantries.
But after what we just found,
we have no time to waste.

- Oh, my God.
- It's blood.
Denae could be in early
labor or hurt or both.
We need to search this area.
Look, we started forming a search party
on the reservation.
Hey, get everybody here now!
You heard him. Let's go, guys. Let's go!

- Denae!
- Denae!
Denae! Denae!

- Pick up.
Still no answer from the gas station?
No, and whatever system
they use must be hard-lined,
because I can't hack in at all.
Here, listen to this.
Hey, just letting you
know I'm almost home.
Wait, hold on.
I'll text you when I arrive. Love you.
Did you hear that at the end?
Yeah, Denae said something else.
Yeah, but I can't make it out.
Can can you can you
isolate the last, like,
four seconds and boost the audio?
Yeah, I'm on it.

You can go to the bus station.
I can send this to you when it's done.
No, I still have a few minutes.
I hate not being on the
reservation, looking with them.
- Yeah, I know.
But we're looking from
here, in our own way.
And that's enough for you?
Yeah, it has to be.
With every new case, I have
to be cognizant of how long
it'll take me to get
back to the bus station,
'cause I have to be there by 9:00 p.m.
I mean, I miss out on a lot
of moments because of that,
like the search right now.
But we can't think of it as failing.
I mean, we're coping
so that we can help.
We're doing the best we can.
And that best has brought
a lot of people home.
The audio file is done rendering.
I'll text you when I arrive. Love you.
I missed you. [OBJECT RUSTLES]
Her voice changed.
The "missed you" was to someone else.
But what was that rustling at the end?
It was a hug.
Denae knows this person.
You have to find the
surveillance footage ASAP.

So can you tell me what happened?
Denae's father passed when she was six,
and her mother left
the family soon after.
It must have been hard,
raising two kids by yourself.
Yeah, it was hard on all
of us but the kids mostly.
I worked a lot, and I
wasn't always around.
Who took care of the kids
while you were working?
I did. I was the only one
who was keeping her out of trouble,
while I was trying to keep what was left
of our family together.
But none of that mattered.
She chose a white boy
living in the big city
over her own blood.
And this is why I did not tell you
that Denae was coming home.
You hold on too tight, Kai.
Denae has a right to choose her own way.
Yeah, and look what happened her.
I'm sorry, are you blaming your sister
for what's happening to her?
I don't blame her.
I blame my grandmother.
Look, you could have told me
that Denae was coming back.
We could have worked something out.

Is this Ada? I'd love to talk to her.
You don't get to talk to my wife
or anyone else on this reservation.
If you have any questions,
you go through me.
This whole controlling nonsense,
is that why your sister
left in the first place?
You insult me as you stand
here as a guest in my home?
- Kai.
- Denae's case is my jurisdiction.
I decide how this
investigation is handled.

So you're DCPD.
What'd you get suspended
for, police brutality?
No, he took the fall for me
so I could save someone's life,
which I am desperately
trying to do for your sister.

Seriously, nothing?
Nothing, not even a rustle of a curtain?
And I know they can hear us.
I didn't give Kai enough credit.
He has some serious
control over this community.
Denae is somewhere out
there, and no one cares.
They care. They're just scared.
I'm starting to think
Denae wasn't running
from her community as much
as she was running from Kai.

You okay?
[SIGHS] No, but
I just want to find Denae and
get the hell out of Virginia.
I know. Hey, you're safe.
Virginia is just a place.
The farmhouse is just a building.
Sir has no control or
power over you anymore.
Thanks to you.
Are you the ones asking
around about Denae?
We are trying to find her
and bring her back home safe.
Are you sure she even
wants to come back home
after what Kai did to her?

I was raised in this community,
with the same traditions you all were.
I am not defined by an ID card.
I am defined by my ancestors.
I won't be stripped of my heritage.
- I recorded this
at a tribal court hearing for Denae.
After she fell in love
with that white boy
and left the reservation,
Kai was so angry,
he tried to have her
disenrolled from our tribe.
Denae came back, fought for her right
to stay a member, and won.
Do you think that Kai would try
to stop Denae from coming back?
Hard to say.
He loves his sister, but
Kai hates disobedience.
Thank you so much for speaking with us.
I know you must be taking a big risk.
Kai doesn't scare me.
He and his wife have
done the worst on us,
and my brother and I are still standing.
His wife? Ada? What happened?
My brother's wife and baby
died during childbirth,
and Ada was their midwife.
It was malpractice, and we tried
to have her license revoked,
but Kai shut it down.
Ada's a midwife?
Excuse me.
[PHONE BEEPS] Hey, Zeke.
I got the footage from the gas station.
Just give me two minutes. [PHONE BEEPS]

One more sec. Almost got it.

- You should have it.
- Is that the link?
Pulling it up now.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Here we go. [PHONE BEEPS]
That must have been when
she was talking to Hannah.

Oh, my God, Gabi.
That's why Kai didn't
want us to talk to her.
Ada was the last person to see Denae.
- Rose said Ada was here?
- Yeah, but, Lacey,
we have to handle this carefully.
Lacey, wait!
Where's Denae?
We know you were at the gas station.
What happened? She go into labor?
- You kill that baby too?
- Lacey!
Stop! You can't go in there, please!

You just disrupted a woman in
the process of transitioning
into the spirit world.
I set clear boundaries, and
you blew right past them,
interrupting a sacred ceremony
and accusing my wife for
somehow being responsible
for Denae's disappearance?
The disrespect that you have
shown me and this community
is inexcusable.
It's my fault.

What happened back
there, the way I reacted,
it wasn't like me, and I'm sorry.
It was never our intention
to disrespect your community,
and for that, we apologize.
But the fact still remains
that Ada was the last person
to see Denae, and she lied about it.
There's video proof.
Ada, what are they talking about?
Damn it, answer her.
Did Denae go into labor?
Did something happen to her or the baby?
I swear, I'm not responsible
for her disappearance.
Just like you aren't responsible
for that mom and baby
that died under your care?
Did May tell you that?
Did she also tell you that her
sister-in-law had eclampsia?
There was nothing I could have
done to save either of them.
Why was Denae upset on the video?
Because I told her
that I changed my mind
about delivering her baby.
There was always so much
arguing and hostility
between Kai and Denae, so I told her
it would be best for her
to have her baby in D.C.
But then when I found out she
was missing, I felt guilty.
I was the one who turned her away.
I want you off my reservation.
This is not about you, Kai.
So they're staying.

You do what you want,
but I'm gonna continue
the search without them.

You guys go join the search.
I have to go over a couple of things.
It feels like there's something
in this case we're missing.
I'll meet up with you guys later.

I'm so happy you've come
to accept our life together.



I I'm sorry.

We're having dinner.


I think "The Ponds" is my
favorite chapter in Walden.
The way he conceptualizes
the ideal self, that
to reach a certain caliber of purity,
one must become
become both.


I really wanted this to work.
So close to the edge ♪
Of fragile sin ♪

I pulled on that thread ♪
What did you put in the food?
Unraveled it ♪
Bittersweet, that song ♪
When the darkness comes ♪
The deceiving calm ♪
When the darkness comes ♪

Come on.

Get up, Gabi.
Get up, Gabi!
Keeping me alive [INDISTINCT] ♪

Don't give up, Gabi!
It's not over, Gabi!
Never give up, Gabi!
Keep going, Gabi!
Never give up.
Don't give up, Gabi.
Never give up, Gabi.
Don't give up.

Don't give up, Gabi.
Never give up, Gabi.

Would you like to know why I chose
this farmhouse as our home?
It's because it borders an
area that people pay no mind to.
Police turn a blind eye to
what happens around here.


If you ever run away again,
I'll make sure that your body
ends up on that border
the space between,
where no one will ever find you.

I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
I know where to look for Denae.
The space between jurisdictions
where no one thinks to look.

This way.
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
- Denae!
Denae, honey, I'm Gabi.
Hold on.

- Baby.
- Don't worry.
We're getting you to a doctor right now.
- Gabi.
- Yeah?

Who took your baby, Denae?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Denae? Denae!
It's a miracle she's even alive.
Did the blood transfusion help?
We should know soon.
The longer we wait for Denae to wake up,
the more time we lose
looking for her baby.
I'm gonna go find a doctor.
If Denae can't tell us what
happened, maybe her body can.

Hi, Dr. Potter.
Do you remember me
from from yesterday?
Yes, you were part of that
team looking for Denae.
We found her.
Oh, that's that's incredible.
- Yeah.
- And the baby?
Wasn't with her, which is why we think
that it'll be a good idea for Denae
if you were there when she woke up.
I mean, her recovery won't be easy,
but you're probably the only face
that she trusts right
now, and she'll need you.
Well, I'm afraid that I
can't come at the moment.
You caught me on my way
out. I'm in a bit of a rush.
Okay, I understand, but I
mean, she's your patient.
Well, I have many patients
another that needs me right now.

- Are you all right?
Sorry, I just got I
got a little lightheaded.
It's been a long 24 hours.
Could could I have a
glass of water before I go?
Yes. Yes, of course.
Stay here.

According to the on-call ob-gyn,
there's no way Denae could
have delivered her own baby.
The bruising on her abdomen
and the incisions made
to help her deliver the
baby aren't self-inflicted.
So someone delivered the
baby for her out there?
Someone who knew what they were doing.
Ada? Maybe she had everyone fooled.
The last thing Denae said
to me before she passed out
was "baby" and "doctor."
I think she was trying to tell
me her doctor took the baby.
Guys, Margaret is at Dr.
Potter's house right now.
[WHISPERING] Oh, my God. Hi.
Okay, come here,
bubba. Come here, bubba.
Come here. Come here.
I got you. I got you.
- Give me my baby.
This is Denae's baby, not yours.
I'm a mom. I know the signs.
The dark circles under your eyes
you haven't been sleeping.
The the muddy boots in the foyer,
as if you've been walking
through the forest.
And the rain soundtrack.
It's for newborns.
I used to play it for my children.
How could you do this to
Denae? She trusted you.
And I trusted Denae to do
what was best for her child.
I told her not to have that
baby on the reservation.
A midwife with no
resources isn't equipped
to deliver a breeched baby.
So when she called me
from the highway in labor,
I knew right then that she
was unfit to raise this child.
I can give this baby
the right kind of life,
the kind I was never
able to give my own.
You lost a child?
My wife had a precarious pregnancy.
I told her, don't drive
in the final trimester.
But she did anyway, and
she got into an accident.
In one brief moment,
I lost my wife and my child.

Nobody listened to me.
Not my wife, not Denae.
Do you have any idea what it feels like
to hand baby after
baby over to new parents
every delivery and yet feel so empty?
I imagine it felt like losing your child
over and over again.
I don't begrudge these new
parents their happiness.
They were fit parents.
They listened to me.
They relied on me, unlike Denae.
So when she called, I saw
an opportunity to take back
that which was taken from me.
I figured she'd die from
her birth wounds, so
I left her
right where she always wanted to be,
in the space between
the reservation and D.C.
I know what it's like to lose a child.
There's pain like no other.
But Denae's life, nor her
baby's, is yours to take.
I won't lose another child.
- No.
DCPD! On the ground, Potter!
- Against the wall!
It's okay. Baby's okay.

When your fate's on the ropes ♪
And your love is tired ♪

It's okay not to know ♪
How to stop the fire ♪

So don't you let go ♪
Just hold on ♪
Is Dr. Potter
Arrested and going away for a long time.
Thank you all for looking for me.
For both of us.
Thank you both for
bringing our girls home.

I'll be your shelter ♪
I'll be your shelter ♪
Ada, come here.
Whenever you need a friend ♪
I'm so sorry.
I'll be your shelter ♪
My forever protective big brother.
I'm sorry for holding on too tight.
It was out of love.
But I'm done letting people
make decisions for me.
I'm coming back to the reservation
to raise my daughter.
I want her to grow up around her tribe
and know that part of
her can never be taken.
I'll be your shelter ♪
Whenever you need a friend ♪


I could sleep for ten days straight.
What is it?

What the hell happened?
It's Sir.
There's been a credible
sighting near your house.

Greg, move your head.
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