Found (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Missing While Homeless


It's Sir.
There's been a credible
sighting near your house.

What is it? What's wrong?
- Gabrielle.
- Stay quiet.

You drove like a bat out
of hell from Virginia.
Were you trying to lose me?
I needed to clear my head.
And you thought doing that
unprotected while there's
an all-out manhunt for
Sir was the right call.
- How's Lacey?
- Uh, scared.
But Shaker's with her.
Sorry. How are you?
I don't think you're
taking this seriously.
You know most of these
sightings are fake.
The man that held you
captive for a year could be
in the vicinity of your house right now.
I got DCPD cops on the
way for extra protection.
You are blowing this
way out of proportion.
And Sir's been in the wind
for 20 years. Think about it.
What would make him come back now?
There is something.
Something about Sir I need to tell you.
I'm listening.
Trent, you're making me nervous.
I had Shaker send me over
some of my files from the PD
because I know you wouldn't
believe me without proof.
FBI, DCPD, they vetted them,
they found them baseless,
which is why you were never alerted.
This is not earth-shattering news.
after you and I became
I vetted these 13 sightings myself.
The yellow dots are Sir.
Red dots are you.
Eight dots overlap in places.
He was following me?
For 20 years?
- He was following me?
- That appears to be the case.
- When I was at NYU.
- Yeah, he was spotted a mile away.
- New Orleans, he was there too.
- I know it's a lot to take in.
- How could you keep this from me?
- Because there hasn't been a Sir sighting
since I've known you for a few years.
But then the sighting tonight
this changes everything.
What else?
I can see it in your
eyes. Just spit it all out.
About eight years ago,
DCPD located Sir's temporary apartment.
On Logan Circle, I know.
Did you know they also found these?

Come talk to me ♪
Where'd you come from?

I can hear your mama calling for you.
She sounds worried.
[SIGHS] Poor thing.
You're hurt.
What do we have here?
[LAUGHS] What a cute little fella.
What should we name him?
- He's not ours.
- I think maybe Toussaint.
We can't keep him. He has a family.
- Gabrielle.
- No!
He doesn't belong to us.

See the pain in your eyes ♪
And you're chasing
faint through the night ♪
And thinking about the
ones you left behind ♪
- Whoa.
- Hey, D-town in the hiz-house.
Get out of my head, man. It's great.
- How you been?
- Just hanging.
You get that cough checked out?
- Hey, Dhan.
- Mm.
- You see Mack yet?
- No.
Shame. He's such a sweet guy.
He who? Sampson? What happened?
Hey, Mack. Yo. Dhan's here.
- Dhan, Sampson's gone.
- Where?
- I
- How you doing, Mack?
I think he went to kill himself.
We got to find him. We got to stop him.
I need to take a shower and get to work.
Gabi, until this thing is over,
you're staying put.
I don't do well in captivity, Trent.
- I understand that.
- No, you don't.
Okay, I don't.
But I still need to keep you safe
and you going into populated spaces
- is dangerous, so
What are the options here?
You don't have to keep
calling me. I'm fine.
I got a missing unhoused man.
It's an important case to me.
Enough said. I'll be right there.
Our options are to live our lives.
I have to get over to M&A.
I have a missing person.
I'm fine with you
going to work and home.
- That's it.
- Fine.
Now, I'd like to take that shower.
Oh, uh, the extra officer
should be here soon.
- Can I have your house keys?
- No.
My privacy is important to me, Trent.
You know that my house is safe.
We'll lock it up when I leave.
They can watch the
perimeter or whatever.
You were following me all
those years, you sick bastard.
- Why?
- So Heavy Boots is a cop then.
I'm asking the questions, not you.
Can you at least tell
me what is going on?
A civilian reported spotting
you about a mile from here.
Well, clearly it isn't me.
Until this thing is disproved
there are gonna be cops on the premises,
so don't make a sound.
I'll think about it.
They will put you under the jail
and no one will shed a tear.
Sure, I'll go down with you,
but I will plead not guilty
by reason of insanity.
It may or may not work,
but that's a risk I'm willing to take.
Are you?
Now, answer the damn question.
Why were you following me?
We belong together.
You want to be here, don't you?

Remove the chain and find out.

Sampson's happiest
when he's cutting hair.
He loves making people
feel good about themselves.
Mack, can we borrow the photo?
No. No, it's mine.
Do you trust me?
You can trust them too.
When was the last time you saw Sampson?
Ah, after his haircuts,
he went to wash up.
- He didn't come back.
- You said before,
Sampson wanted to take his own life.
Can you tell us why?
All I know is that something
really bad happened on November 9th.
Every year around this time,
he gets really depressed
and he starts talking about how
he doesn't want to be here anymore.
November 9th is two days away.
Well, Sampson said if he ever did it,
he was gonna do it on that exact day.
Has he ever attempted suicide before?
No, but this feels different.
Sampson would never leave me this long.
She's right. Mack is his world.
Do you know Sampson's last name?
Our carts, they carry our lives.
For some people it
carries emotional value
and for others, it carries monetary.
- Here you go, Mack.
- Hey, hey, whoa.
- You're okay.
You're okay.
Your clients can't go
around attacking people.
She apologized. Mack didn't see Lacey
because her peripheral vision
was shot from some bastard
who assaulted her a few years ago.
Seriously, Trent, I am fine.
There's not a scratch on me
and I am not pressing charges.
Clearly, Mack's been through
enough in life already.
I'm concerned about
Mack. She's really pale
and off and on again shivering.
I suggested urgent care,
- but she won't go.
- Maybe she needs rest.
Grab a blanket and take
her to my office to relax.
I'll check on her shortly.
I checked all the local
hospitals and nobody
fitting Sampson's
description has been admitted.
I'm checking the morgues.
Shaker ran him through DCPD's system.
- No dice.
- My gut is telling me
Sampson is not this guy's real name.
Yeah, they're not big on
real names or last
names in the encampment.
I'm stumped this time too.
Sampson has no digital footprint.
I mean, there's nothing on this guy.
No credit cards. Not even a cell.
Except Mack says he has one,
so it's gotta be out there somewhere.
Mack said something
bad happened to Sampson.
That he was the victim of something
and it was tied to November 9th.
I need to know who this guy
was before he was Sampson.
Dhan, you're withholding something.
You never heard this, okay?
There's an underground
community drop group
for the unhoused community.
It's a safe place to discuss
anything and everything.
Some people on there
have outstanding warrants.
Just sent you an invite, Zeke.
- Got it.
- Thanks.
Good news. I was able
to get another DCPD unit
assigned to your house and Lacey's.
I appreciate it, Shaker,
but this space belongs
to the missing, so let's
leave Sir out of it.
Actually, I'd love to
discuss security at my place,
- if that's cool.
- Sure. Come on.
- Shaker's just trying to help.
- I know.
All right, I'm in and I
found Sampson in the group.
Here's his last post.
It was yesterday morning.
I'll be down at Joe's
today with my magic shears.
Haircuts come with ribs.
I scanned Mack's photo of Sampson,
but nothing came back.
I'll try facial recognition
on these posts, but I'm
guessing it's another strike out.
So Sampson was at some
place called Joe's.
Joe's Family Barbecue.
It's a restaurant a couple
blocks from the encampment.
Let's go. I need to talk to Joe.
Whoa, whoa, Gabi, we made a deal.
Hey, I know Joe. He's a good guy.
He'll have no problem coming here.
First time I met Sampson,
he was cutting hair in
an abandoned building.
I had a space next to my restaurant,
so I offered it to Sampson,
and he's been there ever since.
You had a space?
Financially, things just
haven't worked out lately.
It wasn't just a
business for you, was it?
My grandfather started it 50 years ago.
- I'm sorry, Joe.
Sampson and I often joked
about how we worked for free.
He'd give away haircuts,
and I'd give away food.
- Sounds like you both
gave much more than that.
You gave your patrons hope and humanity.
How was Sampson when
you saw him yesterday?
Was he unusually sad or depressed?
No, he he was pissed, actually.
I saw him after work
brawling with some guy.
Do you know who he was fighting with
or what it was about?
No, but Mack was there. Ask her.
Why didn't she tell us that?
We need to wake her up now.
Gabi, Mack's not sleeping.
She's unconscious.
- Mack, Mack.
- Yes, she has a low pulse,
but she isn't waking up.
She's been out for about an hour.
I'm gonna check for wounds.
Oh, my God.
Where's my cart? I want my stuff.
Your cart's safe, Mack.
Please answer the question, Mack.
Did Sampson get into a fight?
I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
There's a new predator in the camp.
Yesterday, when Sampson went
to get washed up, the guy
Sampson came back and he
found him on top of me.
And the guy pulled a
knife and I got stabbed.
And Sampson told me to run, so I did.
And then that was the
last time I saw Sampson.
- Why didn't you tell us?
- Nobody gives a damn about us.
We give a damn.
Tell us who this guy is, Mack.
It's the guy from
this morning, isn't it?
He walked by.
- Mack confirmed who it is.
- Let's go.
Hey, hey, too many
people, too much risk.
- This is ridiculous, Trent.
- I agreed to the hospital
because it's an emergency. But outsi
Sampson's life is also an emergency.
You know what? Fine. Whatever.
I'm done.
Trent, don't go. Gabi, please.
Damn it, fine!
Dhan, take Margaret with you.
Shaker, the backup would be appreciated.
Lacey, stay here. Keep an eye on Mack.
Trent, stay with her.
I'll be at the office
trying to figure out
who Sampson really is.
Gabi, you okay?
Look, I know this whole
Sir thing is nonsense.
It is nonsense, right?
If Sampson's serious
about taking his life,
he would've gotten rid of everything.
You mean his cart. Copy that.
We'll see if we can find it.
I'm a troublemaker ♪
Let me give you what's about to happen.
I'm gonna beat his ass,
so you might want to sit
this one out, officer.
Funny thing about these
glasses I like to wear.
I can't see crap through them.
Hey, Dhan, any distinguishing
features on this guy?
No. His face was covered
and now I know why.
We're gonna have to rely on
the community to track him.
- I made this for Sampson.
- It's beautiful, man.
Sampson loved RV's.
Always would stop anytime he saw one.
They represented freedom, you know?
He said one day that
he would take Mack away
and see the world with her.
But anyway,
I don't know anything about
the guy that you're looking for.
But trust me, if I see him
Anton, has anyone
been victimized lately?

A young girl.
She was attacked.
Look, I hate to out her,
but maybe she would appreciate the help.
I'm a troublemaker ♪

How you doing, Lily?
Just schooling these youngins, D.
I heard you got a dog
disturbing the peace.
So what else is new?

Where you get that beauty mark?
Whiskey and a sidewalk.
His nails are manicured.
The holes in his jacket, he made those.
And his stance is even
fake. He's trying to fit in.
Hey, hey, you're not unhoused.
Let me talk to you for a second.

So predator's name
was Robert Collins II.
Rich, obnoxious. He was accused of
sexual harassment in college,
but never brought up on charges.
- So dad bought his freedom?
- Not this time though.
A woman he assaulted in
the encampment ID'd him.
Brave young woman, so he is
going away for a long time.
That should give Mack some relief.
Did he say anything about Sampson?
Only that he walked away
from the fight alive and well.
- We are at a dead end again.
- What are we missing?
My gut is telling me
that there is something
buried in Sampson's posts.
We just need to keep digging.
- You headed out?
- I don't feel right about
going to the bus station and
leaving you here when Sir is out there.
I am tired of hearing about Sir.
Tell me something, anything
that doesn't have to do with him.
Taylor called.
She invited me to a mother/daughter
- sorority weekend.
- That is great, Margaret.
Yeah, it means she wants to try.
But going means you miss
a night at the bus station.
I haven't missed a night in 13 years.
But I really want to have a
relationship with my daughter.
Maybe there's a way to have both.
Maybe, yeah.
- Good night.
- Good night.

Some of his tattoos appear to be ancient
Egyptian hieroglyphics. I'm
not entirely sure though.
- Do you know what they mean?
- I require sustenance in order to think clearly.
You haven't tended to my needs
since you've returned
from the reservation.
Something bad happened to Sampson.
Something so terrible, he thinks
the only way out is to kill himself.
Thanks to you, I know
exactly how he feels.
So I don't give a damn about your needs.
You better think so
hard, your brain bleeds.
You're popular today.
Trent took you home to get some sleep.
- I can't stay at my place.
- Lacey.
I'm scared, Gabi.
We'll go stay at your place, Lace.
- I'll go get my things.
- No, come on.
- You have a whole house.
Guess I'll be joining Trent
outside in the doghouse.
Cruiser, good, good. Stay over there.
Yup, come here. No biggie.
- I'm gonna shower.
- Okay.
- Come on, boy.
- Help yourself.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I was able to decipher
some of Sampson's tattoos.
The one on his neck.
Her name is Meretseger.
She was a cobra goddess who
protected and healed those
who are willing to admit their
sins and ask for her mercy.
- And the bug?
- An Egyptian scarab beetle.
It symbolizes resurrection.
So someone in Sampson's life died?
The one on his right
arm, that means son.
So his son died?
And you thought he was a
victim of a tragic crime.
According to his tattoos,
he may have been responsible
for the crime of killing his son.
Gabi, are you down there?
I'll be right there, sweetie.
Who is that woman?
She's none of your business.
Tell me that you need me.
[WHISPERS] Tell me that you need me.
[WHISPERS] I need you.
Tell me that I'm your partner.
[WHISPERS] Fine. You are my partner.
Now, stay quiet.
Tell me that you love me.
Hell no.
What would that woman do if I screamed?
If she found me chained up like this?
What would happen to the great, heroic
Gabrielle Mosely?
As you said, nobody
would care about me, but you
you would go down in flames.
Tell me
that you love me.
You son of a bitch.
- I
- Closer.

I love you.
What did you put in this?
hate you.


- You okay?
- I'm hungry.
Are you hungry?
Gabi, what's in the basement?

You're not okay.
I'm scared.
Me too.
So I think Sampson might be
responsible for his son's death.
Why? He has a son? How do you know that?
His tattoos. So we need the PD
to look into cases with child victims.
Anything connected to November 9th.
- Okay, I'll call Shaker.
It's Zeke.
Sampson just posted a new video.
First off, I want to send
love to my family in the camp.
You've kept me going all these years.
God, this is a suicide letter.
Zeke, can you get a read on where he is?
I'm trying, but it's too nondescript.
He must be using a burner,
I can't get any IP info.
Shaker, look for any child
deaths, November 9, 1993.
Hey, Joe,
take care of Mack.
Tell her I'm sorry
and I love her,
but I don't deserve to live.


- Dhan, it's gonna be fine.
- No.
How the hell did I let
Gabi talk me into this?
I'm not good with making
people feel things.
People need to see Sampson
as their son, father, brother,
and nobody, not even me, can
humanize him like you can.
Gabi made the right choice.

Sampson lived to make people happy.
Even when he's suffering and right now
my friend is suffering.
He's out there somewhere
thinking about taking his own life.
This is Sampson's family
and this encampment is their home.
There's a lot of misconceptions
about the unhoused community.
They're not a bunch of
thieving drug addicts.
They are nurses
and painters
and dreamers.
Sampson is loved
and he is needed.
I just want to say that
I love you, Sampson.
We love you.
Please just
come back to us.
Wait, what?
Gab Gabi, are the
cops still at your house?
Crawling all over like roaches.
Hey, Zeke, check out
Sampson's post from April 2nd.
- That model RV.
- I think there's only
a couple hobby shops that sell those.
I'll call around.
Gabi, can I, um, talk to you privately?
I think we found Sir.
In a strip club just a
few miles from your house.
In a strip club?
When will you have verification?
I'm headed to the station now.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
- Did they find him?
- It wasn't him.
- Well, how do you know?
- They found him in a strip club.
Can you imagine Sir in a strip club?
The impurity of it all
would just kill him.
I found the hobby store.
Manager said Sampson's a good client.
Spent a couple hundred bucks a
month on parts. Always pays cash.
Sampson doesn't make
that much on haircuts,
but clearly he has money.
If Sampson had money, he'd
want Mack taken care of.
Trust me.
Hey, Zeke, can you play
the end of Sampson's video?
The part about Mack.
Hey, Joe,
take care of Mack.
I think he's asking Joe to
take care of Mack financially.
Remember what Mack
said about their carts?
Some of them have monetary value,
while others have emotional value.
Sampson kept cash in his cart.
And he gave the cart
and the money to Joe
with instructions to take care of Mack.
That makes sense.
Joe's closing his restaurant.
Maybe he saw this as an opportunity.
Let's go. Let's go.

Hey, that's Sampson's cart.
His stuff's been thrown everywhere.
Oh, Mack.
Why'd they have to do this?
What? Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Wait.
We're already pissed off,
Joe, so start talking.
- Sampson left his cart to me.
- Liar.
Sampson would never forget about Mack.
Okay, okay.
Sampson asked me to set
Mack up in an apartment.
He had the money divided up by months,
so that she'd be taken care
of for the next decade, easily.
Where did Sampson get the money?
His wife died a long time ago.
He was getting her social security.
And you just decided to
keep the money for yourself?
I was gonna use the money
to keep my place open.
My restaurant is a
fixture in this community.
It helps people.
Look, once I got back on my feet,
I was gonna take care of Mack.
- I-I swear.
- Gabi.
This is Sampson's family.
Elliot and Janine Jameel.
They died in a house fire 30 years ago
and it looks like
Sampson was responsible.
Sampson fell asleep with
a cigarette in his hand.
The fire happened at
2:13 p.m. on November 9th.
- That's two hours from now.
- Maybe he plans to do it
at his old house where they passed away.
Trent, Sampson's real
name is Ahmad Jameel.
We need to get units
over to his old house.
You don't even have to say
it. He wasn't there, was he?
It's not even a house anymore.
Just a bunch of lots.
Running out of time.
We need to think.
We have all been through
some horrible things.
Put yourself in Sampson's shoes.
What would you do?
my kidnapping, before I got help,
I thought about ending it.
Thought about where I would
do it and I realized that
I didn't want it to be
someplace that caused me pain.
It had to be
somewhere meaningful.
Every Fourth of July when I was kid,
my mom and dad, we would go
to this bridge near our house
and watch the fireworks.
We'd stand there all together
and watch the colors explode in the sky.
That bridge brought me so much joy.
Before Jamie went
missing, my happiest times
were at the beach with my kids,
so that's where I considered doing it
on the first anniversary
of his kidnapping.
It would've been the, um concert venue
where I had my first kiss.
The day that I got kidnapped,
I was supposed to meet
my friend at another park.
And that park was my favorite
because it had the best swings.
You couldn't tell me I wasn't flying.
And my friend got sick
and I ended up at the
park where Sir took me.
Anyway, my favorite park.
I'll pass.
Where was a place that
brought Sampson joy?
Sampson dreamt about buying an RV.
Traveling around with Mack.
Sampson had that little model RV.
Yeah, but Sampson didn't have an RV,
so whose RV and where?
[GROANS] Anton's painting.
If anyone knows where
Sampson's favorite RV is, it's Anton.

- Talk to me, Zeke.
- Drone spotted Sampson half a mile away.
- He had a gun in his hand.
- We got to hurry.
Don't try to stop me, Dhan.
I know about Elliot and Janine.
I know what happened to them.
I tried to get them.
There was so much smoke,
I couldn't get them.
I wish you could see ♪
My wife and my baby
died because of me.
No, it was an accident.
It was a tragic, tragic accident,
but you deserve to live.
Your family would want you to live.
Mack is waiting for you.
I couldn't protect her.
I couldn't stop that
man from hurting her!
- No.
Look at me.
Sampson, look at me.
Look at me.
I love you, Sampson. Please don't
please don't hurt yourself.
We love you.
So please come back to us.
But there I am ♪
Again and again ♪
And over again ♪
I got you, man.

I don't wanna go home ♪
Ghost of silence ♪
I got you.
Inciting the violence ♪
So I tried to run
away, but there I am ♪
I am so sorry.
I'm gonna get some help.
We both will.
Sought out ♪
What you're looking for ♪
'Cause what you got before ♪
Thank you for bringing him home.
I mean this with my whole heart.
It was our absolute pleasure.
Check it out.
That's the neatest it's ever been.
Thank you, Dhan.
It was a team effort.
And you felt its light ♪

You keep it.
We're gonna get a real one.
Start fresh.

I hope to get myself
together like you did, son.
Thank you.

And in this you will find ♪
ALL: Welcome home.
The truth ♪

Let it find you ♪
It wasn't Sir.
No. No, it wasn't.
We will catch him one day.
Thank you for protecting us
despite me making it hell on you.
You're a good man.
What should I name you?
How about Frankie?
That was my mom's nickname.
She was my best friend.
It hurt to see her in so
much pain when she got sick.

One night I told her
it was okay to let go
'cause I knew she was
holding on for me and dad.
And when I woke up the next morning,
she was gone.
Out of reach, this
is how a storm breaks ♪
She was gone.

This is how a storm breaks ♪
Sometimes I think that all
these bad things happen because
I told my mom to die.
This is how a storm breaks ♪
Maybe I deserve it.
You'll find peace ♪
In the heart ♪
All right, well,
that's the best I can do.
To save ourselves ♪
To be free and we're holding on ♪
To hope we can't see ♪
- And we're holding on ♪
You will have a good
life with your family.
What you did for your
mother was selfless.
Just like what you did for that kitten.
You have to love someone
more than you love yourself
in order to let them go.
That's a sign of a good person.
You're a good person, too,
and I know you care about me.
You can show me by letting me go.
Please let me go.

Well, you don't understand, Gabrielle.
You're the only good part of me,
which is why I can't ever let you go.
This is how a storm breaks ♪
I didn't come over here
because I was afraid for me.
I'm scared for you.
Why? I'm fine.
I saw the way that Sir looked at you.
Gabi, you were his oxygen.
He would do anything to get you again.
- Lacey.
- And then I come here
and I see that you have
the same books as him.
And three locks on the
basement door, just like him.
The locks on the basement door
They're to help me feel safe at night.
If there was one thing I hoped
you learned from being a part
of M&A is that we don't judge
each other for how we cope.

Well, I should get going.
Thanks for letting me stay.

Cruiser, Cruiser, no. Cruiser.
Sorry, Zeke.
It's why God created lint rollers.
Thank you for letting us stay.

Even though this whole Sir mess is over,
I just still feel too
rattled to go home, you know?
I just want one night
to forget about it.
One night of not feeling afraid.

You're safe here
with me.

You know, I forgive you, by the way.
I understand why you had to drug me.
- Eyes forward.
- I'm relieved as I'm sure
you are that all this chaos is over.
We can go back to normal now.
In what sick fantasy of
yours is any of this normal?
[CHUCKLES] If this was my fantasy,
there wouldn't be a chain on my ankle.
You're a monster.
I came close to losing everything
because I can't let go of the past.
I don't deserve what you did to me.
I don't deserve this turmoil now.
What are you saying?
It's over.
I wasn't just following you.
All those years it wasn't just you.
I was searching for Bella too.
Everything was perfect before
Bella arrived at the farmhouse.
She took you away from me.
Destroyed our family.
[GROANS] You will never fully comprehend
how much I hate her and hate the fact
that I could never find her again.
Until now.
The woman. The voice earlier.
She's Bella, isn't she?
- No.
- Oh.
I know when you're lying, Gabrielle.
See, there's a protectiveness
about the way you speak to her.
Brought back memories of how
you were with her at the farmhouse.
What's her new name now? Lacey?
I will take your life if you ever
You don't get to make
the threats anymore.
I've evaded the police for 20 years.
They can't catch me.
So here's a promise.
If you ever end us,
if you ever let me go,
or if you ever try to turn me in,
the first thing I'll do
is end Lacey's life.
That's a promise.


Greg, move your head.
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