Found (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Missing While Scamming


Hey, how did you get in
Gabrielle Mosely,
you are under arrest for
the kidnapping of Hugh Evans,
- aka Sir.
- What? Trent, wait.
You have the right to remain silent.
No, Trent!
Anything you say can and will be
Wait! No, Trent!
[ECHOING] How could you?
[NORMALLY] Please, just let me explain.

Goodbye, Gabrielle.
And thank you for my long-awaited gift.
- Lacey!


I, Gabrielle Mosely,
did unlawfully detain Hugh Evans
on Friday, February 3rd.
- We're ill at the same time.
It was inevitable, considering
how connected we are.
We are not connected.
[COUGHS] Is there a case for us today?
- No.
- Is it because I'm sick?
'Cause I'm more than capable
I don't give a damn that you're sick.
Whatever you want from
now on will be a no.
It's clear you're still upset
with me, and I understand why.
I know you care for Lacey very much
Do not mention her name.
I only meant to say that
I would never hurt her.
I was angry, hurt.
I was reacting.
Do you think I would ever
believe a word you say?
[ECHOING] I will never, ever let you
within an inch of her again.
Bring us a case, please.

Hi, Mommy.
Hugh, why is that baby crying?
I warmed the bottle like you said.
Did I do a good job, Mommy?
You better keep that baby quiet.


So no one's gonna talk about it?
Put that away and
focus on the cold cases.
"Mosely and Associates
and its fearless leader,
former kidnapping victim Gabi Mosely,
and her diverse crew of specialists
have dedicated themselves to finding
those who others won't."
- Guys.
- "With a 96% success rate
and their classified funding sources"
Oh, shout-out to Zeke
and his trust fund.
"Mosely and Associates take
on any case they choose,
and they choose to take
on the most challenging."
Are we done? Can we
get back to work now?
Hey, why didn't you take a sick day?
Because I don't have
time to take a sick day.
These cold cases aren't
gonna solve themselves.

Dhan, I need you to take
over Dasheka's case for me.

Dasheka's her case.
Why does it feel like
she's tying up loose ends?
- OK, that's a bit of a leap.
- Is it?
I've been thinking about
taking a leave of absence,
and the first thing I plan on
doing is tying up loose ends.
Why do you wanna leave?
I don't know. I need a reset.
After this whole fake
Sir sighting thing,
it's just a reminder that the real Sir
is still out there somewhere.
So this has nothing to do with your
tension with Gabi lately?
Looks like we have guests.

Ms. Mosely, my my
- my my wife
- Spit it out, Harris.
My wife Melissa's been
kidnapped for ransom.

- Call the cops, she dies.
Call the press, she dies.
Do anything other than
deliver $2 million in 48 hours,
she dies.
I'll be in touch with
the drop-off location.
What do you think?
Melissa why does
she look so familiar?
She's a popular social media influencer.
And we help Melissa run her company.
You wanna know what I think, Gloria?
I say you pay the money and
get your loved one back alive.
She's still wearing all of her jewelry,
so it's not about robbing her.
Once you give them the
ransom, they'll let her go.
We can't do that.
- Why?
- We don't have $2 million.
We have $500,000 we
can pay for the ransom
and 50K we can pay you to help find her.
Please, help us.

So now you understand my dilemma.
I do.
So just to be clear,
your son Jamie disappeared 13 years ago
from a bus station.
And for the past 13 years,
you've spent every night
at said bus station.
We've been through this.
And how does your
daughter Taylor factor in?
Well, I wanna have a
relationship with her again,
and her inviting me to her
college for the weekend,
I mean, I felt like
- like that was a big step.
- It was a big step.
But I couldn't go and miss
a night at the station.
But I don't want her to slip away again.
I just I just want her to
I wanna meet her halfway.
And what does meeting her
halfway look like to you?
I mean, well, that's why I'm here.
Don't therapists have the answers?
I don't wanna sound
harsh, Margaret, because
I am so glad you're here.
You're going to have to
let go of the bus station.
We would proceed gradually, of course,
but the goal would be eventually
for you to try to process letting go.
Thank you, but this was a mistake.
Margaret, it's it's been 13 years.
If Jamie were to ever come back,
the bus station is likely
the last place he'll turn up.
I have to get to work.

And here's Melissa on Instagram Live.
What I want you to know is that
I see myself in each of you.
I've listened to your
testimonies today, and guess what.
Nobody believed in me either.
I had to believe in myself.
I'll be with you on this journey.
We won't give up until
you've made it, just like me.

I gotta say, she's inspiring.
10 million followers confirm it.
Well, 10 million followers
means lots of suspects.
No one can be loved by everyone.
We need to try and get the ransom down.
I agree.
I'll negotiate with
the kidnappers myself.
The husband said they'll
call back at 3:00.
In the meantime, we need to
build a profile on Melissa
we can retrace her steps
and figure out how she was taken.
Zeke, look into her
phones and her socials,
- and pull Lacey in to help.
- Already on it.
Margaret said she'll
meet us at Melissa's.
Let's go. We need all
hands on deck on this one.

So why the two primary bedrooms?
Specific design request from Melissa
while building this home.
Gabi Mosely. And you are?
This is Marco, mine
and Melissa's assistant.
Thanks for helping us, Ms. Mosely.

Did Melissa have any enemies?
We've had a few trolls here and there,
threats of lawsuits, but no one's gone
so far as to threaten her life.
Well, we're gonna need the
handles on those trolls.
Of course, no problem.

So her wealth wasn't quite real, was it?
Was she planning on taking
all of these back to the store?
I mean, there were a lot
of clothes in her closet
with tags on them as well.
So the fancy cars outside,
the clothes, it's all a front?
- Oh!
Oh, hi.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Brit, come come to Daddy.

Are you OK, Daddy?
You know what?
I heard you have the
best bedroom in the house.
Can you show me?

I need a minute.
I'm gonna see if he's OK.

Sweep the perimeter.
Look for any forced
entry or any surveillance.
I just I can't
believe this is happening.
Melissa's like a daughter to me.

Harris and Riley seem very close.
That's an understatement.
What? Even her followers can tell.
Pay him no mind.
He just likes to stir the pot.
No signs of forced entry.
Security cameras were down,
but neighbors saw her Bentley
driving away around 9:45 this morning,
so kidnappers must have
followed her from there.
For now, we need to proceed
with the exchange as planned.
A kidnapping for ransom
is a simple transaction.
They want their money. We want Melissa.
- Where's Margaret?
- Staying with Harris
and Britney till the
next scheduled call.
Zeke, anything on Riley and Harris?
Thought you'd never ask.

With best friends this
close, who needs mistresses?
So Riley and Harris
are having an affair?
There's a reason the husband's
always the first suspect.
Hypothetically, Melissa turns up dead,
Harris collects the
insurance, and he and Riley
ride off into the sunset?
We don't know anything for sure yet,
but let's keep a close eye on them.
Trent, see if Shaker
finds anything criminal
in either of their pasts.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's almost game time.
It's them. It's them.
OK, calm down.
Zeke, you ready to trace the call?
On it.

I said no cops.
We're not cops. My name is Gabi Mosely.
You can look me up for yourself.
If you want your
money, you deal with me.
We have 1/2 million
ready for you right now.
The price is 2 million.
You want your money.
We want Melissa alive and well.
Let's end this with what we both want.

Look, your time frame is short.
You want any money at all
and keep the cops out of this
and not draw unwanted
attention to yourself,
you need to work with me.
- 1.75.
- 750.
- 1.2.
- 875.
1 million.
Any lower, she dies right here.

But we need proof of life now.



- Oh, my God!
- You freaking bitch.
- Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, let's get some air.
Let's go outside. It's OK.
Talk to me. Is she still alive?
I need proof of life
for Melissa right now.
If any of you screw with me again,
the next bullet goes in her head.

[ECHOING] Third-generation DCPD. My son.
Welcome to the force.

[NORMALLY] Are you listening to me?
Just trying to figure out
why you called me in, sir.
You wanna double suspend me?
Word on the street is, Melissa Derr,
the MLM online saleswoman,
has gone missing.
I don't know what you're
talking about, Captain.
So your buddies at M&A know
nothing about this, huh?
Shaker didn't put in
a request downstairs
for background checks
on the vic's family?

Now, if it's true this woman's missing,
her best chance of coming home alive
is with the help of the DCPD.
This is a serious case, Trent.
Yeah, well, every missing
persons case is serious, sir.
You sound more like that
Gabi chick every day.
Oh, thank you.
Look, you and I both know
Mosely took that thumb drive.
You wanna protect her and
come back to the force,
you let DCPD help with Melissa Derr.
I mean, who knows?
This whole IA investigation
thing just might go away.
Just so I'm clear,
Captain, you are offering me
my badge back if I betray Gabi?
I'm saying do what's right.
Help the PD bring this woman home safe.
Reinstated badge is just a side benefit.
You were born to be a cop, Trent,
not some vigilante who takes
justice into his own hands.

If any of you screw with me again,
the next bullet goes in her head.
She's in some kind of warehouse.
I saw beams when the phone dropped.
Margaret and Zeke are
trying to isolate images,
see what they can see.
You need to rest, Gabi.
Melissa is somewhere
fighting for her life.
The least I can do is
fight off a damn cold.
All right.
DCPD knows that Melissa's missing.
They have offered to help.
Now, you're already sick, so
The first thing that came
out of the kidnapper's mouth
was, "Call the police, she dies."
I'm not gonna test them.
Besides, the only person
I trust at the DCPD is you,
and you're not one of them right now.
You're one of us, so I have all I need.
Well, I guess Vigilante Trent
does have a nice ring to it.

You must be rubbing off on me, Gabi.

Well, I should get back to it.
Can't imagine what crazy thing
you'll have me involved in next.

When this is over, there is something
I need to talk to you about.
It's kind of a

We can't find Harris.
We were in the back room, and he said
he was stepping out to
make a call to arrange
for the rest of the ransom.
But he never came back.

They left the door open.
Duffel bags out front.
Looks like someone's
trying to make a run for it.

Hey, hey, careful, careful.
They might be armed, guys.
Never stopped us before.


It's not what you think.
I swear.
You know what we think?
The two of you are having an affair
and Melissa found out.
So you hatched a plan for
Melissa to be kidnapped.
She turns up dead. You get her money.
But it's hot in the kitchen right now,
so you abandoned the
plan and are now stealing
the family valuables to skip town.

We aren't having an affair.
Melissa, Harris, and I are polyamorous.
We're we're a throuple.
What the hell's a throuple?
Melissa, Harris, and
Riley are together.
It was Melissa's idea.
She met Riley, wanted to explore it.
Turns out, the three of
us are very happy together.
- It's true.
- Of course it is.
Look, we love Melissa,
but polyamorous, pansexual
doesn't fit with the "empowered
working mom" image that Melissa sells.
Look, we should've trusted
you enough to tell you sooner.
We're just trying to get the money
together for Melissa's ransom.
Do you have enough to cover it?
- I think so.
- Then let's move.
It's almost time.

Be safe, OK?

Where's Melissa?
At another location.
You give me the money,
you get an address.
You're not getting this money
until Melissa is in front of me.

- Gabi! Gabi!
- No, don't!
Wait a minute.

Think this through.
Let's say you pull that trigger.
You just killed a public figure.
What's the likelihood of
you getting away with that?

Drop the gun. Put your hands in the air.


Gabi! Gabi!
- You called the cops?
- Gabi!

You just killed Melissa.

Please, don't don't be angry with me.
Oh, you're burning up, damn it.
Did I do good, Mommy?

Looks like the press got
wind of Melissa's kidnapping
and what happened last night.
Headlines are definitely
not in Gabi's favor.
You need anything before
I go back to the office?
Hey, have you told
Gabi you're considering
a leave of absence?

Well, good morning to you too.
I went back to the
parking lot from last night
to see if we missed anything.
Place was swarming with cops,
but I found this before
they started their search.
- Is that a burner phone?
- Yeah, it was close to the van
where the kidnappers parked.
Looks like they ran over
it when they sped off
and it got kicked into the drain.
You think we can use it to help us
track them down somehow?
Let's see.

Gabi, will you please just
listen to me for one minute?
You called the police.
They had a gun to your head.
Risking my life to save
others is my choice,
Trent, not yours.
You and I have been playing
this flirty whatever game,
but that's just it.
It's not a game. It's dangerous.
Your feelings for me got in the way
with your ability to do
what I ask, so from now on,
I need whatever this is between us to be
professional and nothing else.
Right on time.
I don't appreciate being summoned.
Make it quick.
Now that we have official proof
a crime has been committed,
we're taking over the Melissa Derr case.
No, the family hired
I don't need permission from the family.
Over my dead body.
M&A got the ransom
down, got proof of life,
and would have gotten Melissa back
if the DCPD hadn't got in the way.
Now the kidnappers want the
original price, thanks to you.
I think what you mean to say is,
"Thank you for saving my life."
- No, what I meant to say
- Hey!
Melissa is still missing,
and we need all hands
on deck to find her.
Now, the family wants M&A on the case.
There is trust built
there, so DCPD and M&A
are just going to have to
work together on this one.
The cops seem to think
there's a possible connection
to a kidnapping ring in the
tri-state area, given her fame.
They're putting all of their
resources into that lead.
If that's the case,
they're wasting their time.
Look at this.

See the look in her eyes?
That's recognition, then rage.
Melissa feels betrayed by
whoever's holding her captive,
- which means
- It's someone she knows.
That narrows our focus.
If not, then what?
I'm looking at Harris and
Melissa's bank statements
right now, and there is no
way they have enough funds
to cover the increase in ransom,
unless someone has an extra
million dollars lying around.
I do.

I'll cover the rest of the ransom.
We can't ask you to do that, Zeke.
No one's asking. I'm offering.
As long as we find her,
I can live without the money.
His money, his choice.
Let's keep digging into
Melissa's family and friends.
If we find out who took her first,
then Zeke's trust fund
money can stay put.

Gabi, do you have a second?
We don't have a second,
Lace, with the new lead.
I've decided to take a leave of absence.

I've been considering it for a while,
and I didn't think I should
keep it from you any longer.
So once this case is done, I'm gonna
be taking some time away from M&A.
I'm gonna take some
time away to heal, and
I'm realizing I can't do that here.
You mean around me.
We used to be close.
There was a time that I could
read you better than anyone,
and now there's just
this wall and half-truths.
[ECHOING] If you ever end us,
the first thing I'll do
is end Lacey's life.
That's a promise.

[NORMALLY] Think you might be right.
A leave of absence is
probably a good idea.


This house is a goddamn mess.
It's an apartment, not a house.
Yeah, you think you can do better?
You can't do one thing right.
I do everything you tell me to do.
It's your job to clean up.
It's your job to keep things in order.
I try.
Maybe if you were around more
You talk back, you don't eat.


- Hey, Madeline.
- Hi. Yeah.
I found this young gentleman
playing in the alley.
Thank you so much, Carol.
Come to Mommy, sweetie.
Oh, your cheeks are so cold!
You know, I just let
him play before dinner,
but you know how boys can be.
Hey, wake up.
You said you wanted to work a case.
Here you go.
Melissa Derr, she's an influencer
and motivational speaker.
People go to her conferences
and sell her products.
What about her personal life?
She's married, has a kid, but
But what?
They have a third.
She's polyamorous.

So you're telling me an impure,
promiscuous snake oil saleswoman
has enemies who'd wanna hurt her.
She's made different choices.
That doesn't mean she has enemies.
Look at her.
Everything she shows to the world
her fake marriage, her bad products,
her red hair
is false.
I know women like her really well.
My mother was one.

We got your text about pivoting
focus to Melissa's deep past.
Turns out, she was a
big client at Crandall.
Crandall isn't that where you did
your summer associateship?
Unfortunately, the records were sealed.
Cue the warrant from Shaker.
Turns out, Melissa was sued
by 2/3 of the salespeople
in her company.
Those trolls weren't
just trolls after all.
Apparently, a big part
of her inspiring women
was enrolling them in a pyramid
scheme to sell cheap leggings.
Yeah, this is straight
from Melissa's mouth
in the deposition
transcripts, and I quote,
"People would love to pity me
because I'm in a wheelchair,
but screw that.
Screw them.
I came from nothing and
made myself a millionaire.
If they didn't get the same results,
that's their lazy-ass fault, not mine."
Are we being scammed here?
Did Melissa's family hire
us because we find people
or because we have a rich benefactor
and were just written
up in "Washington Today"?
Maybe we just need to hold a
beat and think this through.
I mean, we never found Melissa's car.
We never found where she was taken.
If she dies while we're
thinking things through,
are you OK with that?
Nice or not, she doesn't deserve to die.
I agree.
For now, we move forward.

M&A will proceed with the drop.
We'll pay the balance
of the ransom and then
No, DCPD will pay the ransom
in traceable marked bills.
How long is that gonna take to assemble?
A few hours.
DCPD can't just pull money
out of an account like M&A can.
Well, that's a few hours we don't have.
- This is protocol.
- This is BS.
You just wanna take
the credit, don't you?
You don't give a damn about Melissa.
Her family hired my firm,
so I will handle this the way I see fit.
You go anywhere near that ransom drop,
I'll have you arrested
for obstruction of justice.

M&A is officially off the case.
Now, you all can leave
the precinct on your own,
or I'll have you thrown out.


I was about to have
dinner, and I made too much,
and I wanted to see if you'd like some.
My mom's not home.
That's OK.
I brought it for you.

Wow, not a lot of kids your
age read "Julius Caesar."
It's my favorite play.
I'm going to check out the writings
of Marcus Aurelius next.
Excellent choice.
Though I think you
should read "Leviathan."

A little more, sir?

Yes, please.

Thank you.

I know your life hasn't been easy.
Mine hasn't either,
but you can survive it.
You gotta find something
that's just for you.

One second.

A journal?
Your own world,
where you can be whatever you wanna be
without the consequences.
Oh, Madeline.
I convinced Hugh to let
me join him for dinner.
- Mm.
- You know how lonely I've been
since my husband passed.
Well, I'm happy Hugh
could provide some comfort.
However, it's time now
for Hugh to take his bath.

- Bye.
- I didn't mean to
Have a good one. Thank you.
- Have a good one.
- OK.
How dare you defy me when
I said you couldn't eat?
How dare you embarrass
me in front of that woman?
Mommy, I'm sorry. Mommy.
You need to learn about defiance.
No! No!

Gabi, the kidnappers called me.
They're willing to do
the drop if you do it.
Gabi, please.
The cops will get Melissa killed.
They said you have an hour.
Send me the address. I'll be there.
Zeke, the exchange is on.
Is the money prepped?


Gabi Mosely. Please leave a message.
Gabi, the kidnapper, I think it's Marco,
Melissa's assistant.
He has the same body profile.
Pick up your phone.

Here's your money.
Now let her go.
It's OK, Marco.

You were her friend.
She trusted you like a mother.
I helped Melissa build this empire,
and she crapped on me constantly.
And then she cut me out of the profits.
I'm just taking what's mine.
What about my cut?
- I'm the one who took the risk.
- I got shot at.
I've seen your faces. So has Melissa.
You can't get away with this.
Oh, I can.
Melissa only ever saw Marco.
You and him are disposable.


Melissa? Melissa?
No! No.
Melissa? No.
Melissa? No. Melissa.
I can't get a pulse.
She's not breathing.
- Melissa.
- Oh, my God.
Melissa. No.

OK. Come on. Come on, baby.
She wasn't supposed to die.
She wasn't supposed to die.
Melissa. Melissa.
- No, no.
- Come on.
Come on.
[CRYING] She wasn't
Come on, Melissa.
- No, Melissa.
Melissa died by asphyxiation
from the bag that was over her head.
Marco and Gloria didn't even know,
but they gave full confessions.
They'll be charged with murder.

When heaven calls ♪
Will I hear it ring ♪
I don't know how I'm
supposed to tell her that
her mama's not coming home.
Just one last chance ♪
When when my son
disappeared, I just
I couldn't bring it upon myself
to tell my other kids that he was gone.
So their father and the press did.

You need to tell Britney
before the world does.
Comfort me ♪
I can stay here if you'd like.

I know you're by my side ♪
Although I walk alone ♪
Hi, sweetie.
I feel you by my side ♪
Although I walk alone ♪
Wanna come sit on my lap?

Walk, walk, walk alone ♪
Walk, walk, walk ♪
This, this right here,
is why you call the police.
Call vigilantes, there's no guarantee
the people you love will make it home.
Walk, walk ♪
I'm sorry Melissa Derr
learned that the hard way.
Walk alone ♪
Dr. Jones, I [SIGHS]
I'm sorry for walking out before.
You're here now.
So the case that I
that I left to help with,
there's a little girl, Britney.
Britney's mom is gone,
and she's never coming back.

But Taylor

I'm the one holding myself back.

and I don't wanna do that anymore.

So will you please
will you help me?

I'd really like for you not to leave.
Seeing what bitterness
did to Melissa and Gloria,
I'd like for that not to be us.

Gabi, I
I don't wanna leave.
I want us to rebuild our relationship.
I do.
But I can't turn a blind eye
to what's been going on anymore.
I need the truth.
Ask me anything.
What's in the basement?

I'm in the basement.

I lock the part of me
that Sir took in there,
the part I never got back,
the part that craves the darkness,
loneliness, and pain.

It's the place that I go in my mind
where I become what we hunt
to help us with our cases
and bring people home.

Gabi, that's that can't be healthy.
I know.
I know.
Which is why I wanna get
out of the basement, but
I don't know how.

But if you would just
if you would just give me some time,
I will find my way out.

Whatever you need
I'm here.
We all are.
We would never turn our back on you.

I'm sorry, Melissa.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe.

Melissa died.
I'm sorry, Gabrielle.
Had I not been busy trying
to keep your ass breathing,
I would have found her
before it was too late.
Losing Melissa doesn't
prove that I'm a distraction.
It proves that I'm a necessity.
And the fact that you took
time away to take care of me
confirms that deep down, you,
too, know that to be true.
I wasn't taking care of you.
I was trying to beat a murder charge.
Maybe I should've let you die.
You forget how well I know you.
But like me, you're not a killer.
Well, I wasn't a kidnapper either,
but people change.

I'm impure, a whore?
How dare you write
those things about me?
That's my journal.
It's private.
As if you're so much better.
Why do you treat me like this?
I do everything for you.
Why can't you love me?
I don't love you because you're broken.
You've always been broken.
You will always be broken.
No one will ever love you.
You understand me?
No one.

Lacey, what's up? You OK?
Gabi, it's Tony.

He's awake.

Greg, move your head.
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