Found (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Missing While Indoctrinated


You sacrificed my boy for another.
You're no hero.
Stay the hell away from my son.
Wait, Gabi.
Tony's father hates us.
He hates me.
But we still have to try.
- Not a chance.
- Mr. Edwards, please. I'm here to help.
You got my son shot.
He's been in a coma for over a month.
Your son was involved
in a horrible crime
I need security!
- This woman is harassing us.
- Gabi, let's go.
I know Tony was manipulated,
but the police and public see him
as a criminal, not a victim.
If I know Tony is awake
and made it across town,
DCPD can't be far behind.
It's okay, son.
I know you hate me,
but allow my firm to
work with you and Tony
to take down whoever victimized him.
I promise you, I can keep
your son out of prison.
Go to hell.
Thank you. These ladies
- Sir, if you can step back, please.
- No, it's for these ladies right here.
- No, no
- Tony Edwards,
you're under arrest for the
kidnapping of Matthew Robinson.
You have the right to remain silent.
- Dad, do something, please.
- Handcuffs?
He is still under doctors' care.
- Step back!
- He's a child!
You have the right to an attorney.
- If you cannot afford one
is a problem.
And I'm afraid to live in a world
where private citizens like Gabi Mosely
play fast and loose with the law.
DCPD's review of Mosely
and Associates' PI license
is egregious. By all accounts,
Captain Mallory has had it out
for Gabi Mosely since day one.
Well, that may be true,
but Melissa Derr is dead.
And does anyone really
believe they should be putting
their faith in Gabi Mosely?

Hello, son. This is a surprise.
I need a favor.
Usually the only time I hear from you.
Mosely and Associates is at risk
for losing their PI license,
which could ultimately shut us down.
You're on the Senate subcommittee
overseeing criminal justice.
Can you help us make
this problem go away?
I assume you use your
illegal computer talents to help M&A?
Dad, can can we not today?
My computers are my only real connection
to the outside world.
I'm aware of that, Zeke.
But look, I've tried to
understand you, but you
you're always so closed off with me.
I don't wanna rehash the past, okay?
I don't.
Can you help me or not?
You've funded Mosely and Associates
with part of your trust fund.
Haven't you done enough for them?
My M&A family, they help
me get through the day.
Without them, without
the work that they do,
I don't know what happens to me.
Dad, I I never ask you for anything.
I don't.
Please, I'm just asking you to try.
Please, Dad.
Yeah, I'll look into it.
We have no comment at this time.
I can't believe this is happening.
I mean, if we lose our
license over Mallory
and his ridiculous attempt
to blame Gabi for Melissa's passing
Ethan's worried about what
kind of emotional relapse
I might have without M&A.
Hey, I heard Tony Edwards is awake.
I just, uh, came to see how I can help.
Is Tony talking?
DCPD's already arrested him.
Well, I know, but I also
heard Gabi was already there,
so I just wasn't sure
if he gave up anything
about the trafficking ring first.
I'm sorry, but I was
under the impression
that after what happened
with Melissa's ransom drop,
that you and Gabi
were taking some space.
Personal space, yes.
But this is about nailing the
trafficking bastard that roped in Tony.
Tony is refusing to talk to police.
Patrick's refusing to talk to us.
We need a game plan
to figure out how to get around Patrick,
to get Tony to trust us.
Gabi, I want what's best for Tony,
but we have to respect his
father's wishes this time.
Agreed. Besides,
with our license in flux right now,
taking on a high-profile
case like Tony's
might not be good for M&A or Tony.
The boy was arrested literally
handcuffed to a hospital
bed with dinosaur sheets.
This is a child who nobody's protecting.
We take down the monster
behind that trafficking ring.
Nothing gets in the way of that,
not Patrick, not some
little piece of paper.
I'm with Gabi and Dhan.
Operating without that
little piece of paper
could land Gabi behind bars.
Who can we help then?
A little help here, Trent?
Please tell them that I'm right.
This is ultimately an
M&A business decision,
and I'm not part of M&A.
So someone give me a call when
Tony or Patrick change their mind.
We owe Tony and his father.
We're moving forward with the case.
How do we move forward
without Patrick's consent?
He was in the lobby.
I need to speak to you.
Seeing those officers handcuff my son,
questioning him like
he's some criminal
if you're as desperate to
make amends as you say you are,
then you're the only one motivated
enough to keep my boy out of prison.
Mr. Edwards, there is nothing
I want more than to keep good
on my promise to protect your son.
Then you're hired.
As soon as Tony's final
scans are in today,
he'll be discharged into police custody.
We need to get Tony into our care
before that happens.
Head to the hospital
and do not leave his side until I call.
I'll make sure Trent is there,
too, in case of any trouble.
The gray sedan Matthew climbed into is
the same car from the drive-by
shooting at the Founding Fathers Inn.
We also know that
Tony's behavior changed
about six months before he took Matthew,
so whoever groomed Tony likely
made initial contact around then.
Okay, before we dive in,
can we name who we're after?
Because "unnamed trafficking
insert expletive" is a mouthful.
I've been using "Bennett"
as a placeholder.
That has personal meaning to you.
I was taken from Bennett Lane.
That was my home street in Georgia.
Okay, then. What do
we know about Bennett?
According to Matthew's
witness statement,
the shooter was male. But
he couldn't remember enough
to sit down with a sketch artist.
I just used every favor
I have with the DA.
She's agreed to no jail
time if Tony's cooperation
- leads to the arrest of the
- Bennett.
Bennett. Once Tony is
discharged from the hospital,
he'll be released into
his father's custody,
not the DCPD,
but they cannot leave the district.
I know that there were concerns before.
Does anyone still have
a problem with this?
Tony's a kid. If we can keep him
out of jail with adult
criminals, it's worth the risk.
That kind of trauma can
affect him for the rest of his life.
Sorry. I can get protective
and caught up in the law,
but saving a life
is worth taking any risk.
Away from the window.
Get down.
Hello? I'm sorry for intruding.
Can I just please use your phone?
I'm having car trouble,
and my cell died.


Tony, you can trust them.
Tony, can you tell us about the person
who roped you into all of this?
Anything you remember from
the night at the motel will help.
[ECHOING] I don't remember that night.
You're safe, Tony.
I promise.
I'm safe? Okay.
I'll tell you everything
I remember from that night.
I remember you telling me to trust you.
Oh, and I also remember
you letting me get shot
and putting me in a coma
for the past six weeks.
Son, I know how you feel, but
they're just trying to help
I remember everything you did, too,
like giving me up to these people,
what, the day you met them?
Or how about years back,
when you broke our family
apart and divorced Mom?
I have never done anything
to intentionally hurt you
Mom loved me. She believed in me.
- And you made her go away.
- Tony, try to stay calm.
- You just got out of the hospital.
- Oh, you are you okay?
- Tony, sit down, please.
- What's wrong?
- I gotta throw up. Those meds
Around the corner on the left.
Patrick, I know that was hard to hear,
but he doesn't mean all of that.
What have I done?
Trust me, as a
as a kid who took a
lot out on his father
after some things happened to me,
I can tell you he's just
processing and lashing out.
I've ruined his life.
You're saving Tony's life.
We are going to find
who victimized your son,
and while they rot in jail,
Tony's gonna go to prom and college,
and one day, he's gonna have
his own family to protect
as fiercely as you protect yours.
Tony's gone.
Could he have gone to a friend's house?
Tony was antisocial. I don't
think he had any friends.
- Any leads?
- No, nothing.
If Tony had his phone, we'd at
least have something to track him by.
But it's still in evidence lockup.
I'm telling you, Tony
went to find his mom.
It makes the most sense.
Well, he definitely sees
her as a fix for everything
- that's wrong in his life.
- But problem is, she's in the wind.
Carolyn Edwards is remarried with kids,
but she went underground
around the time news
first broke about Tony's
involvement in Matthew's kidnapping.
Hiding with two kids can't be easy.
She must have left a trail somewhere.
She would have eventually had
to enroll the kids in a new school.
Dhan, keep looking. Try that angle.
Look, I know that no one
wants to consider this,
but what if Tony went back to Bennett?
Bennett already tried to kill Tony once.
I think he'd be too scared
to risk going back to him.
Even if his back was against the wall?
Margaret, take another run at Patrick.
Maybe he's remembered
something else overnight.
- Okay, on it.
- I'll keep trying
to get into the system
for the street cameras
in the area. With all the police
and media attention on M&A right now,
I have to be careful
how I hack into things.
- All eyes are on us.
- If the police arrest Tony
for reneging on the DA deal
before we get to him, he's screwed.
If Bennett gets to him, he's dead.
- Where are you going?
- To have a little chat with Mallory.
He needs to back off
and tell the media to do the same,
- so we can do our damn job.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Don't piss Mallory off. He will
only expedite pulling our license.
She won't, because
I'll be there with her.
- Trent
- Save the arguments.
I'm not doing you any favors here.
I heard you loud and clear
during Melissa's case.
This is about Tony.
I think we can both agree
that saving our victims' lives
always comes first.

- Captain Mallory.
I genuinely believe you
and I want the same things:
To keep our community safe.
Tony Edwards is not one of the bad guys.
What can I do to get
you to work with M&A
to save his life, instead of against us?
Look, the pressure you are putting
on M&A in the media, the investigation
into their license
it's all making it hard for Gabi
and her team to do their jobs.
The law is the law.
Tony Edwards broke the law.
He should pay the price.
If you've been listening to the news,
the majority of
citizens agree with that.
And what about the other missing victims
out there that need help
from a firm like M&A?
They'd have you, if you'd just
accept your job back and stop
flushing your career away.
I thought Trent was still suspended.
I returned his badge back
after the Melissa Derr case.
He's hesitating to accept
because he's too busy
drinking the M&A Kool-Aid.
Trent's a good cop.
He's a rare kind of
cop, like his old man.
And he's throwing it all away.
For you.

Why didn't you tell me you
were offered your job back?
Let's just stay focused on the
missing child we have to find.

Has Matthew gone missing again?
It's Tony this time.
Since when do we help find criminals?
There is no we.
And Tony is just as much a
victim in all of this as Matthew.
You and your unrelenting naivete.
It's called empathy,
something you're incapable of.
And where is your empathy for me?
Why is it so easy for
you to see this Tony
as worthy of redemption, yet you refuse
to see the humanity in me?
Because you have none.
You kidnapped a child.
So did Tony.
And you, dear Gabrielle
Kidnapped a man.
We've all committed sins here, so why
am I so unworthy of redemption?
Is that what you want?
That is something you
will never get from me.
It doesn't matter how many
people you help me save.
Our sins are not equal,
and you know why.
[KNOCKS SHARPLY] It's okay. It's okay.
I saw you earlier through a crack.
Are you okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
The guy drove away.
Do you need help?
You were the one at the door before.
- Yes, please! Yes, help me.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm gonna get help.
- No, no, no, no.
Please. Don't leave me.
I have to.
My cell is still dead.
But I'm gonna come back with
people to get help, okay?
- No, no, please.
- I promise.

So Dhan's a couple of minutes
out with Carolyn Edwards.
Brace for impact.
Gabi, you remember Andrea Robinson,
- Matthew's mother.
- Of course. Andrea, hi
I saw on the news you're
taking on Tony as a client.
He came to my house an hour ago.
- Is Matthew okay?
- Where's Matthew now?
Matthew's fine.
He only saw him through the window.
Tony came to apologize
for everything he'd done,
for what he put Matthew through,
and then just left.
He's on a redemption tour.
Andrea, Lacey's gonna take
the rest of your
statement, if that's okay.
Margaret and I will be right back.
Have a seat on the couch.
Do you have any other
family in Virginia,
people Tony would go to?
No. We're only there because things got
so hostile, um,
after the news broke about Tony.
And you haven't been back?
I know you're judging me.
There is no judgment here.
I have two young children
who are afraid of their half-brother.
And frankly, so am I.
So you've had no contact with him?
He hasn't called?
I haven't spoken to him.
You haven't actually
answered the question.
I got a voice mail from Tony.
It had a number I didn't
recognize, but I
I haven't called him back.
And I don't plan to.
Carolyn, you are
our strongest lead to find Tony.
You need to call him back.
I love my son.
But I have two terrified
children to protect,
and they have to come first now.
Would you like some more tea or water?
There's someone back
there you don't want me
to see or interact with.
Who is it?
I won't act a fool. That's a promise.
It's, um, Tony Edwards' mother.
I'd like a word with her.

My son is the one yours took.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I forgive him.
My God requires that of me,
and I require it of myself.
I can't speak to why
Tony did what he did,
but I can speak to him
showing up to my house,
full of remorse, and apologizing
- for the harm he caused.
I don't know what to
I don't know what to say.
My boy was a good kid.
- He
- I believe deep down,
he probably still is.
Remember, Carolyn, as
mothers, we aren't supposed
to give up on our kids.
I'll make the call.
Remember, stay calm, follow my prompts.
I'll guide you through it.
- Mom?
- Yeah, Tony, it's me.
I'm so glad you called me back.
I was worried you hated me.
I could never hate you.
Mom, I never meant to do any of this.
I know, Tony. I know. I know.
Could I could I come
stay with you for a while?
I miss you and Emily and Margo.
I just I need to understand.
That boy you took,
he's he's Emily's age.
How could you do that?
How could you do that?
Please, Mom.
I have nowhere else to go.
I can explain everything.
It's not safe for you
to come home, Tony.
I'm with Mosely and Associates.
They're looking for you.
You need to find somewhere
else and stay safe, okay?
- What did you do?
- I can't bring Tony around my other children.
Andrea said I can't just
give up on my child, either.
I don't know who to trust.
And the last time my son
was in your custody, he got shot!
If I had time, I'd explain all of that,
but time is the one thing
your boy doesn't have.
And you just turned
him over to the wolves.
I got a partial trace on the call.
It pinged three cell
towers near Brightwood.
That's where Tony's high school is.
Tony didn't like school.
He barely had friends.
I mean, there's no reason to
go back there, unless he
He was in search of another kid.
Either to apologize,
like he did Matthew
Or to grab as an offer for Bennett,
now that his back is
really up against that wall.
Wait, do we really think
that Tony would risk
apologizing to Matthew, only to
turn around and snatch another kid?
Lacey's right. Tony feels
like he failed his mom and dad now.
I was the same. After my kidnapping,
things were rough at home,
between me and my dad, especially.
He didn't know how to be there for me,
and I didn't know how to trust him.
Even now, as adults,
our relationship sucks,
but I'm still looking for ways
to make things right with him.
Tony is probably looking to do the same.
That's what his
redemption tour is about.
Okay. Let's get to
the high school, then.
Dhan and Margaret are
still casing the perimeter.
No sign of Tony yet.
Chloe Weller, principal.
Ms. Mosely, I am such a fan.
I heard you'd like access to the campus?
I'm assuming this is about Tony Edwards.
Yes. He's missing now,
and we're helping him and the family.
Of course.
And I am beyond grateful
that you're on his side.
No one seems to see
the good in these kids.
Oh, I'm sorry. I am gonna need
to verify your credentials first,
since you're not parents or faculty.
I have a lot of parents to answer to.

Hey, you good?
Your truancy records are
Low for this area.
In the five years that I've been here,
I've whipped this place
into something my students
and staff can be proud of.
Well, here we are.
As I said, DCPD searched
Tony's locker thoroughly,
but you're welcome to as well.
Well, we appreciate your help.

Tony had one like this
in his room at home.
I thought you said the
police went through this.
They did.
But I don't remember
this being here, though.
I mean, I wanted us to be right, but
Looks like Tony really
might be back in the game.
And it looks like he was trying
to recruit some kid, too.
Finn Anderson?

Those texts are old.
Like seven, eight months.
- And you stopped responding?
- Yeah.
Got weird, man.
So after you stopped texting back,
did Tony try and groom you?
Wait, no.
These texts aren't from Tony.
We found this phone in Tony's locker.
You may have found it there,
but I wasn't texting with him.
He'd be right next to me in AP History
when I was going back and
forth with that weirdo.
We'd joke about it.
So does this weirdo have a name?
Don't know.
We met online in a gaming chat room.
They wouldn't reveal their real identity
unless I agreed to join
that trafficking thing.
Which forget that.
I can't believe Tony got
sucked into that stuff.
I feel bad for him.
- A lot of us do.
- Something I'm not clear on:
Why would some stranger think
you would even be open to this?
Things aren't good at home,
and I've done stupid stuff before.
Acting out.
Plus, this guy was
really good at selling
what this new life could be like.
So then why didn't you fall for it?
Mr. Sawyer, my bio teacher.
He kind of filled that void in my life,
got me engaged in
school and back on track.
This Mr. Sawyer paid
special attention to you?
Yeah, I I guess.
Is he teaching today?
Gabi. Gabi! Gabi, wait.
You cannot just bust in there and accuse
this man of trafficking.
M&A is in enough trouble as it is.
Kids are sitting prey
for teachers like him.
I get why you would
think that way, I do,
but this isn't the same.
We don't even know anything
about this Sawyer guy yet.
- Gabi. Gabi, stop.
Stop and think.
Gabi, you okay?
I just I just need a minute.

All right, thank you.
Patrick and Carolyn confirmed
neither of them bought Tony a car.
Just because this key
was in the duffel bag
doesn't mean the car is here.
It's our only lead right now.
Zeke, you see anything up there?
No, nothing yet.
- Wait.
Click again. [CAR HORN BEEPS]
Got it. Next lot over, the faculty one.
150 feet north of the gate.
Silver muscle car.

There's no parking permit
or a visitor's pass.

He wasn't driving this.
Tony's like, what, six feet?
I mean, the mirror and the chair
have been adjusted for
someone much shorter.
- Read me the VIN number.
- It's been scratched out,
which means the plates and registration
are probably fraudulent, too.
Plug me into the car's USB port.
I can remotely hack the car's computer
and find the owner
that way. Hey, listen.
It takes a while to upload,
so don't unplug me until I tell you.

You sure they'll go for it?
Finn says students
have sympathy for Tony.
We need help getting the word out,
and the media isn't on
our side for this one.
Hi, everyone.
My name is Gabi Mosely.
Thank you for answering Finn's summons.
We just need your help for a minute.
- Can you tell us what's going on now?
- Of course.
Studies show that your generation
is the most empathetic one in history.
The world sees the
crime before the person,
but not you.
You see Tony as a person.
Tony is one of you.
Have any of you ever felt hurt or alone?
Now, someone took
advantage of Tony's pain.
Made him do something horrible.
You have the power
to help us find your classmate
and show him that he's not alone.
Help us help him before
someone else gets hurt.
It's like no one sees us as kids,
not when we're poor or
minority or whatever.
You don't get to make mistakes.
I mean, shoot, I could have been Tony.
Someone could have
taken advantage of me,
and nobody would've given
me the benefit of the doubt.
That's what I'm tweeting.
So not only did you
speak to several students
without my permission,
it's now all over the news
that your license has been
officially revoked by DCPD.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
I'm sorry. I've done all I can.

What the hell? No, no, no.
What? No. Damn it!
Yo guys, what the hell happened?

Look, Gabi Mosely is impressive.
She has essentially used
her trauma for purpose.
Her trauma, her damage, causes her
to go too far and make
catastrophic mistakes,
like helping a known trafficker
because he shares similar trauma to her.
And now we're hearing
Tony Edwards might be on the run.
If he hurts more innocent
children, it's all on Gabi.
She's no longer the solution.
She's increasingly becoming the problem.
- Gabi, can we show you something?
- I just I just need a minute.
- Too bad.
- Just trust us.
These incredible people,
or their loved ones,
are here and alive because
of Gabi Mosely and her team
at Moseley and Associates.
I feel it's important to
hear directly from them.
Everyone just assumed I was a
foster runaway, and no one cared.
Gabi not only figured out who had me,
she dragged me out of
the hole they left me in
with her bare hands.
I owe Gabi Mosely and her team my life.
Same. I was stalked and threatened,
and Gabi wouldn't give up the fight
until she found my stalker
and gave me my life back.
She is the reason I'm
alive and sober today.
She gave me my last moments with my mom.
How did she track them
all down so quickly?
She may have had help
from a special intern.

DCPD leadership, I beg you,
reinstate M&A's license.
Our district is safer and
kinder because M&A exists.
My son is home because M&A exists.
Do the right thing.
We'll be back after the break.
Some more good news:
#IAmTony is trending
across all platforms.
Court of public opinion
is changing on him fast.
You did it, Gabi.
Margaret, shouldn't
you be at the station?
Um, per my my therapist's orders,
I'm going in an hour later tonight.
Baby steps. I'm proud of you.
Okay. I know the upload didn't complete,
but was there anything from
the car that was helpful?
Actually, what I was able to restore
from the partial upload
was the car's recent destination data.
I'm cross-referencing it now
with the high school's directory, and
addresses belong to current students.
Mason Fontanesi,
Blair Lieberman, and Zaid Shokravi.
I recognize those names.
They were on the truancy report.
Who wants to bet money that these kids
weren't cutting school voluntarily?
They were taken.
Hey. So I had Shaker
run checks on Sawyer and other faculty
after Finn's tip earlier, right?
- Is it him?
- Nothing on Sawyer.
Something interesting came
up about Principal Chloe.
Her last teaching gig was
in Boston five years ago.
Her school there had a
high number of kids drop out
and was in a neighborhood that
became known for trafficking.
Coincidence my ass.
She's using the schools as
a personal shopping ground,
targeting bad kids
that no one will miss.
Except us.

Breaking and entering?
The police will have a field
day with you, Ms. Mosely.
Shut your ass up and
listen very carefully.
We know you're behind
the trafficking ring.
I've dedicated my life
to helping these children.
What part of "shut up" wasn't clear?
You groomed Tony, and now he's ready
to go on record confirming that.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Happy to clarify.
Tony, you ready to tell DCPD
exactly what Chloe did to you?
Okay, I'll tell you
everything that I remember.

How could you?
Parents trust you.
They should be thanking me.
Those kids were screw-ups,
a blight on society.
I did the world a favor.
A favor that was very lucrative for you.
This was just about the money.
Detective Shaker.
Yeah, she's all yours.
I'll have her detained
until you guys get here.
Hear that?
Cops will be here in three minutes,
which means you have exactly one minute
to tell me where you're holding
the other three missing kids,
or I will stand here and gleefully watch
while Dhan breaks 72 of
the 206 bones in your body.
But I refuse to go down alone.
- Don't do this, man!
- You don't get to talk!
Ms. Mosely, help me.
Tony took me like he took Matthew.
- That's not true!
- Tony, it's okay.
We know the truth about Finn.
Principal Chloe told us everything.
Finn was the one who
shot me outside the motel.
He's her accomplice.
We know, honey. Give me the gun.
He ruined my life.
- He was the one who
- Recruited you?
We know you never tried to groom Finn.
Principal Chloe had to replace Finn
before he graduated this
year, so he chose me.
I hurt so many people.
I knew there would be
more kids down here.
- I came to free them.
- That's what we're here for now.
You don't need the gun anymore.
- You're not a killer.
- No, I have to end this.
You're pathetic.
Tony, look at me.
We have to save the kids.
- They're in the back cage.
- Dhan, Lacey, go get them.
I'll stay with Tony. Go.
Oh, my God. Dhan.
We're gonna get you out of here, okay?
Tony, killing Finn won't
free you from the trauma.
Trust me, I know.
But there is life after the hurt.
How do you know?
Because with each life I save,
I heal just a little more.
And you helped me heal, too.
Right before I got the
call that you woke up,
I was about to make a grave mistake.
You just saved three lives today,
and you saved me, too.
That's four.
Four lives.
- Yeah.
Four lives.
Breathe in, breathe out ♪
You're not alone ♪
Just breathe in, breathe out ♪
You're on your way home ♪
You're on your way home ♪
I'll turn the light on ♪
I'll chase away the fear ♪
And when the night's
gone, I'll be right here ♪
I'll be right here ♪
Breathe in, breathe
out you're not alone ♪
Just breathe in, breathe out ♪
- You're on your way home ♪
You're on your way home ♪
Hi, uh uh, I apologize.
I didn't realize that
you had company this late.
What are you doing here?
Hi, I'm Lacey.
I work with Zeke at M&A.
Would you like to come in?
Yes, thank you.

It's the reinstated license.
Hopefully, you and your friends
can keep doing the good work.
Thank you.
Would you like to stay a while?
No, I have to get back to the office.
Thank you.
The work's never done.

Sincerely, thank you, Dad.
I'd better get going.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
We're still here.
When the lights go out ♪
And you can't stop thinking ♪
BOTH: Welcome home.
That is my cue.
So, uh, Chloe's singing like a canary.
DA thinks they'll be able to dismantle
her whole trafficking
ring and honor Tony's deal.
I heard, but thank you.
Sorry for how I spoke to
you during Melissa's case,
and for taking my pain out on you,
something I'm realizing I do often.
Well, apology accepted.
But I can't apologize for
caring if you live or die.
One more thing.
Here we go.
You need to go back to the DCPD.
You afraid I'm gonna
ask for a job at M&A?
- I'm not.
- You need to go back
'cause it's who you are,
and where you're meant to be.
You've been lost without it.
Well, maybe it's time for a change.
If that was really how you felt,
you would have turned
Mallory down immediately.
Take your job back, Trent.
You're one of the good ones.
We all need you there.
With you by me ♪
Gabi, are you gonna be okay?
I know this case brought
up a lot of stuff for you.
I mean, it wasn't the
same with Chloe drawing
- from the same well, but
- I need to go.
Sorry. I'll call you later.
I don't care now ♪
I don't care now ♪
Welcome home.

To suggest holding an opinion
about an Oxford comma is only relevant
to media publications and academics
is ignorant at best, elitist at worst.
Um, I um
uh, "I disagree.
To demand a uniformity as related
to the application of a
discretionary punctuation
- is itself elitist."

What did you do?
Stopped her from ruining our life.
Look in my eyes ♪
They lie ♪
Went to hell a couple times ♪
Can't say I don't try, I tried ♪
Now there's nowhere left to hide ♪
Now it's done, I'm undone
everything that I've become ♪
Let me show you my darkness ♪
It's dark, yeah ♪
I'm the joker, I'm the devil ♪
I'm a demon, I'm a rebel ♪
Principal Chloe had to replace Finn
after he graduated this year.
It wasn't the same with Chloe drawing
from the same well, but
I'm the devil, I'm
a demon, I'm a rebel ♪
I've gone mad ♪
Don't try to understand ♪
Now I fight with dirty hands ♪
How dare you abandon me as
if I am of no consequence?
You were my teacher!
I trusted you!
Parents trusted you!
Why are we rehashing the past?
Because all this time,
I thought I was just
one unlucky student,
one kid with a bright future,
not enough parental supervision,
that you took advantage of.
But you took Annie from the school, too.
The woman with the red bow?
That was Annie.
She came back.
She came back.

I will find where you buried Annie,
and you will pay for
all the pain you caused.
Annie is the last
chapter in this sick saga.
Once I solve it, it's over.
You hear me?
Except you won't,
because I didn't kill her.
You can't manipulate me
with your lies anymore.
Annie didn't just save herself.
She came back to that hell months later
because she knew you would strike again.
She came back to save your next victim,
and it cost her her life.
And for that, I will make you pay.
Don't try to understand ♪
I'm the joker, I'm the devil ♪
I'm a demon, I'm a rebel ♪
I've gone mad ♪
Don't try to understand ♪
Now I fight with dirty hands ♪

Greg, move your head.
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