Found (2023) s01e12 Episode Script

Missing While Eccentric

Gabrielle? What's going on?
Who did you call?
It's me.
I need you to come over.
It's about Sir.
If you turn me in, your
life will be over too.
You cannot tell anybody the truth!
Unconscious of his creed
or race, she cannot see,
but only weighs;
for Justice with unbandaged eyes,
- would be oppression in disguise.
Thank you, thank you all for joining us
on the final day of school.
As JRR Tolkien once said,
"All we have to decide
is what to do with the
time that is given to us,"
and today, you decided
to dedicate your time
to be best and brightest students
this school has to offer.
And they certainly didn't disappoint.
So please enjoy some refreshments.

I'm sorry he missed
another presentation.
I get it.
He works hard. It's okay.
I'm so sorry, baby girl.
I got stuck on the job.
[LAUGHING] It's okay,
Daddy! You're here now!
Mr. Mosely, you missed an amazing
performance by your daughter.

Got here as fast as I could.
What's this about Sir?

Gabi, you're shaking.
Did someone find something?
What? G



I remember you.
You're the one who followed me that day.
You found me for Gabrielle.


Everybody just get out the way ♪
Here comes a new kid with a new face ♪
Ha, yeah, this when history's made ♪
You better sit down, 'cause
you're in the right place ♪
Na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na ♪
Get ready, get ready,
this is legendary ♪
What the hell?

Okay. Come on, where are you?

There you are.
[CRYING] Please, please!
- Hey!
- Somebody help!
Hey, if you can hear me, come this way!
Please! Oh!
- Hey!
- Please help me!
Somebody help me, please!
- Please! Please help me!
- Hey, hey, hey.


No. No, you don't get
to look at me like that.
You don't get to talk right now!

When your father died, you came to me.
You came to me broken and desperate.
You said you had to find
Sir and make him pay.
You told me that piece
of crap down there
is why you didn't have
enough time with your father.
That you'd been trying to track him,
that you came close a few times,
but couldn't catch him.
Say it back to me so I know
we're on the same page.
- Dhan
- Say it back.
Yes, nine months ago,
I came to you for help.
You found Sir and lured him
into the farmhouse in Virginia
- where I was waiting.
But you never asked me
what I did with Sir after you found him.
I thought you were going to turn him in.
But when you didn't, I assumed you'd do
what any of us might do
if we came face-to-face
with our own personal devil: kill him.
And that would be more palatable to you?
I understand putting
a bullet in his head
for all the hurt he caused
you, but kidnapping him,
putting him in a cage, torturing him,
becoming the exact monster
we hunt every day!
[POUNDS TABLE] Every day.
That is
You know
I was held caged underground, Gabi.
You know what they did to me,
that you would do the same thing
When my father died,
something in me broke.
I know it was wrong
to chain him up and keep him down there.
I know that.
I wasn't in my right mind.
Why did you call me?
I need for this to be over.
You called me 'cause you want me
to do what you should've done,
what you still can't do.
I won't.
I won't.

'Cause I'm not the same person
I was a year ago, either,
the one who would've done
it and asked no questions.
I'm different, better, because of you.
Because of M&A.
And now, I realize it was all fake.
Don't let my mistakes
destroy your progress,
your growth.
You're right.
You are different.
It's Zeke.
Clearly there's an emergency.
And she was just running
down your street?
I think somebody was chasing her.
It's okay.
- I'm Gabi Mosely.
This is Zeke.
You're safe now, I promise.
Can you can you can
you get this off, please?
- Okay.

What is your name?
I I d I don't remember.
Do you know what happened to you?
This evil lizard
he took me on
on his on his spaceship.
A lizard kidnapped you
and held you captive on a spaceship?
May I take your photo?
I might be able to identify you.


- Have you been drinking?
- He drugged me.
That, I remember.
We're gonna need to get
you to the hospital.
We don't know what you've been given.

Is your name Aisha?
Yeah, it's Aisha.
Aisha Carter.
I found your social media page.
Looks like you stopped
posting two months ago.
That must've been when
you were kidnapped.
He has my friends.
He's holding them hostage.
I-I left them there.
- No, Aisha. Calm down. Aisha!
- No, no, no! He's gonna kill them!
He's gonna kill them!
- Oh!
- Oh, oh, oh.

You've come to kill me.
That's why Gabrielle called you.
Isn't it?
Gabrielle loves me, Executioner.
That's why she called you.
Because she can't do it herself.
I know she's considered it.
But she always realizes
how much she needs me.
She needs me to be her partner,
to help her solve your cases,
because you and the others
aren't smart enough.
Your clients would never be found
if it weren't for me.
Isn't that ironic, Executioner?
That the big, bad wolf
of Mosely & Associates
is their savior?

Do we know anything about
Aisha or her friends?
Zeke found a few things online,
Lacey's back at the ranch
piecing together a profile,
and Trent's looking up missing cases.
What about Dhan?
He's taking the day off.
It's Zeke.
Apparently, Aisha has a criminal record.
- He wants us to call him.
Aisha's seizure was the result
of a minor drug overdose.
High amounts of the
anesthetic sodium thiopental
was found in her system.
Oh. Explains the amnesia.
Paranoid delusions can
also be a side effect.
I want to believe Aisha's story,
but the fact of the matter
is, it's not uncommon
for young people like her to end up here
after a night of fun
turns into an overdose.

Aisha, this is Margaret.
She helps me find missing people.
Where is he?
The guy that saved me?

Hey, Aisha. How you feeling?

Ish-Zarin, Ish-Zarin!
What is she saying?
I don't know. It sounds like gibberish.
I remember some things. A little.
My friends' names.
They're Estrella and Nova.
And there's this other woman.
I don't know what happened to her.
And what about the kidnapper?
Can you give us a more
accurate description now?
I told you.
It was a lizard with four arms.
Two were hairy and the other two
is these claws.
- A head full of flames.
- She believes what she's saying.
Look, I know this sounds
crazy, but it's true.
We're going to find your friends.
Is there any family we can call?
No. It's just Estrella and Nova.

- Do you believe me?
- Yes, I do.

Aisha Carter.
23 years old, born and raised
in Jersey by her aunt.
- Parents passed when Aisha was a child.
Her last gig was working as a
temp assistant at a start-up
when she allegedly attacked
a coworker unprovoked
three months before she went missing.
Manager called the police.
Unprovoked? That seems
very unlike Aisha.
I mean, she's gentle, an empath.
Sounds like Aisha had people fooled.
Wouldn't be a first.
What was the outcome of Aisha's arrest?
Aisha avoided jail time, but was
assigned anger management
- and community service.
- My turn.
Wait, that's the coworker that
Aisha fought with on the right.
Well, clearly, they're still
friends after the altercation.
So Aisha had friends, but no
one reported her missing?
And where is this aunt?
Maybe Aisha wasn't missing.
Maybe the drugs have her confused.
No, we believe Aisha until
there is concrete reason not to.
Aisha still has two friends
missing and in danger.
We need to move fast.
Now that Aisha escaped,
the kidnapper knows
she is able to ID him.
He will get rid of the friends
and make a run for it.
I'll hit the DCPD, keep trying
to ID the two friends.
I'll take Aisha's anger
management counselor.
Maybe she can fill in the
blanks where Aisha can't.
Margaret, Dhan, Aisha's apartment.
Lacey, talk to Aisha's friends,
especially the one she fought with.
- May I have a word with you?
- No.
Dhan, is everything okay? Is it Ethan?
Don't want to talk about it.
Let's just get to space girl's place.

So you're like a law
- So badass.
- Thanks.
Now about Aisha Carter.
I'm disturbed Aisha's been missing
all this time and nobody knew.
- Is she okay?
- She's on the mend.
Ms. Allen, we need your help.
As her anger management counselor,
did Aisha mention anyone
she was having issues with?
Please understand that I wouldn't
normally violate client privilege,
but lives are at stake
and I want to help.
Aisha is a sweet spirit.
Aisha's a frickin' nutjob, okay?
She attacked me for no reason.
Just snapped.
What about her altercation at work?
Aisha claims that those young
women were bullying her.
All right, she's quirky, eccentric.
She doesn't fit in with a lot of people.
And she feels things deeply.

Actually, Aisha did seem super depressed
when I saw her in the
break room that morning.
Okay, was it family
drama, her love life?
Why would we know?
Weren't you friends with her?
Oh, okay. Um

Isn't this the three of you?

Those photos aren't real.
They're Photoshopped.
I do believe that Aisha
embellishes from time to time.
You think she's lying
about being kidnapped?
I'm inclined to believe her.
Aisha's fibbing is harmless
and as far as the altercation goes,
I think her grief is what
caused her to snap that day.
Aisha's beloved aunt passed away
the night before the altercation.
People act in ways
they normally wouldn't
when faced with deep
grief or trauma like that.

Thank you for coming in.
One thing's for certain.
Aisha's belongings are
as eccentric as she is.
She loves outer space, that's for sure.
I'm gonna see if Zeke has any updates.

Let me see that.
- What is it?
- I think that mask is a character
in a book called "Night Jupiter."
Her name is Luminare.
It's a sci-fi series from
over a decade ago.
Taylor begged me to read it,
but I thought it was too
dark for young children.
That's why I recognized all this stuff.
They're costumes from the
other characters in the book.
And the best friends
of the main character
are Nova and Estrella.
So Aisha is blending
fantasy and reality.
But the question is, what is
fantasy and what is reality?
And are Nova and Estrella even real?
They are until they aren't.
We need to all download that book.
If we get in Aisha's head,
we might be able to save her
friends before it's too late.

So much of this story is in the
language that the author made up.
No translation, either?
I mean, maybe that's why this
book has such a cult following.
Leave so much room for
the readers' imagination.
[WHISPERING] Are they okay?
I got something! Page 230.
The villain is revealed as a creature
with a lizard face and human body.
That's how Aisha
described her kidnapper.
- Hey.
Aisha's getting more lucid.
She thinks she might remember
where she was taken.
She was at some party.
It was their first time
hanging with Estrella.
Up until then, they were
just online friends.
They were snatched together.
Did she give you any
detail about the party?
- A location, vague description?
- No,
but she did say Estrella barely
had any family or friends, either.
And that they looked like
they could be sisters.
Okay, so we're looking for similar
facial traits, perhaps, skin tone.
Lacey, call Trent.
Tell him to get a sketch
artist down to the hospital,
work with Aisha ASAP.
I also found an online
message board thread
that claims to translate
the language of the book.
I'm sending the link now.
There's, like, a thousand posts.
A lot of them mention Ish-Zarin.
That's the word Aisha kept repeating.
According to the translation,
it means "celestial."
Described as a beautiful flower field.
A sacred place of love.
I found this fan art.
Zeke, see if you can identify the flower
and narrow down our field options.
This place could be important.

Yes, I'm still alive.
How could you, Gabrielle?
You're imploding our lives!
You have an important case.
It's none of your business.
I don't need your help anymore.
Then why are you here?
You've revealed your dirty,
little secret to the executioner.
Now what, Gabrielle?
Trouble in paradise, isn't there?
Your executioner must
not be talking to you,
so you come to see what
happened for yourself.
He doesn't understand what you did.
He doesn't understand why
you've kept me alive, but I do.
I will always be the one that
understands you, Gabrielle.
That has always been our connection.
Shut up! Shut up.
Even your father didn't understand you.
- Not like I did.
- You barely knew my father.
At the farmhouse, I told
you that he didn't care.
That he wasn't searching
for you. Well
that was a lie.
Your father searched tirelessly.
Even when he fell prey to alcoholism,
he was undeterred.

He came to me a couple times
and he'd talk about the
lack of media attention
surrounding your disappearance.
He knew I was your
favorite teacher and he
he saw me as an ally, I guess.
Anyway, he used to marvel
at how someone like him
could end with such
a brilliant daughter.
See, even he knew.
He often wondered if your kidnapping
was God's way of taking back
what Richard should never have had.
You watched my father suffer,
knowing you had the power
to alleviate his pain
by giving him his daughter back.
One way or another,
today will be your
last day on this Earth
and you will die knowing
your mother was right.
You are broken, unlovable.




He's targeting Black women.
Aisha's Black, Estrella is Black,
and so is this poor girl.
Whoever killed this woman
is not only familiar
with the book series
Familiar with the message
board and translations, too.
He's preying on women that
are into Night Jupiter World.
At least that narrows it down.
Now we have a target area.
Zeke is still going through
his street cam footage
looking for the kidnapper, but Lacey,
maybe you and him can tag-team
and go back through the
message board threads.
The person is likely to have
engaged with the community.
Of course.

- What do you have?
- Well, uh it's all preliminary,
but the ME thinks the victim was
likely killed somewhere else
and dumped in the field.
Given the, uh, number of stab wounds,
this field would've been
soaked with blood.
How long is it gonna take to ID?
Couple hours, max.

Set it up right here.
Her name is Shanice Thompson.
She was 21 years old, and
she wanted to be a singer.
She was estranged from her family
and didn't have any close friends.
Shanice was stabbed 50 times
and thrown in the field behind me.
Historically, Black women
have been forgotten,
disregarded, cast aside.
They are invisible in this society,
and this predator knows it.
He is brazen because
he thinks nobody cares.
But I know there are people
out there who do care.

Whoever you are,
take a good, long look at my face,
because I'm coming for you,
and I will not stop until
you're behind bars.
Or dead.
What the hell is she doing?
Why is she taunting him?
Threatening him?
Apparently, reckless
Gabi is a thing now.
- You think this is a joke?
- You see me laughing?
There are still two women being
held captive by this predator.
Here is one of them.
Her name is Estrella.
If this young woman
looks familiar to you,
please call the number at
the bottom of your screen.

The night she was kidnapped,
she and Estrella were at
a "Night Jupiter" party.
Fans pooled their money
together to get wild, I guess.
She said Nova was
already on the spaceship
when she and Estrella
were brought there.
Aisha said Shanice was at the party too,
but she's not quite sure when
she landed on the spaceship.
He killed Shanice.
Nova and Estrella are clearly next.
Did Aisha say what kind of party it was?
Like a rave kinda joint.
We went on the message boards
and we heard rumblings of a
rave-like gathering tonight
at an abandoned lot the
community calls Loy.
Book-themed costumes strictly enforced.
All right.
Looks like it's party time.


Lots of lizards here.
Okay, we need to divide and conquer.
Trent, question the bartenders.
They have access to liquor.
They could easily spike the drinks,
so it could be one of them.
Dhan and I will start at
the other end of the party.
I'm gonna go talk to the
loners in the corner.
Wallflowers see everything.

Did you really use Sir
to solve our cases?
God, Gabi, you tainted the one thing
helping all of us, helping me heal.
You gave him purpose.
You gave him proximity to you.
You gave him redemption, for God's sake.
I screwed up, Dhan. I know that.
Have you never made
a monumental mistake?
Know what?
This party's big enough for all
of us to search separate areas.



- Thank you for your time.

Hey, Zeke.
G-Gabi, he's in a white truck.
- Hold on.
- Can you hear me?
- What?
- I-I can't hear you.
[BREAKING UP] I can't hear you.
[GARBLED] Gabi, he's in a white truck.
I still can't hear you. One sec.
Okay, it's quieter now. What's up?
Can you hear me? He's in a white truck.
A white truck
- Oh, Zeke! Get help!
- Gabi, Gabi!
- Help me! No, no! Help me! Trent!
- Gabi, Gabi!
- Dhan! Help me!
- Gabi!
- When did she come out here?
- Zeke, pull up the footage!
There's no cameras in that area.
No, I need every unit
searching for her now.
Hey, I need an APB out every half hour.
We're looking for a white box truck.
Zeke, what did you hear
when he took her?
I heard her fighting back.
She was screaming for us. For you, Dhan.
How the hell did this happen?
How did Gabi end up alone?
Why weren't you watching her?
You're hiding something, Dhan.
Something about Gabi.
Tell us what the hell is going on.
I swear, I don't know where she is.
Guys, enough with the fighting, okay?
We have to focus on
finding Gabi right now.
[SIGHS] Gabi.
Oh, God. I can't I can't.
I can't lose you, Gabi.
I can't. I just can't.

Zeke, are you there? Zeke!


What happened to Gabrielle?
You think if I knew I'd be here?
Release me! [SNARLS]
- Release me!
- She was grabbed outside a rave
in an abandoned lot at the edge of DC.
We're dealing with a serial killer
who specifically targets Black women.
Release me! Gabrielle needs me.
Listen to me, you piece of crap.
You are gonna read this file
and help me figure out who took her,
'cause if Gabi doesn't
survive, neither do you.
I will put a bullet in your head
and won't think twice about it.


The spaceship.
Are you okay?

- Who are you?
- Estrella.
You're real?
Oh, thank God.
- Nova?
- I'm here.
I'm sorry he got you.
I'm just happy you're both still alive.
My name is Gabi Mosely.
I've been trying to find you.
Aisha's alive. She's okay.
Oh, my God. She's safe.
Thank you.
Can you tell me anything
about your captor?
Yeah, he keeps that damn lizard mask on.
Even when he rapes us.
Where's his lair?
Where does he take you?
This is his lair.
I'm gonna get us out of this.
There's something puzzling
about Shanice's death.
- What?
- The depth of her stab wounds vary.
Two extremes, in fact.
Some are very deep, while
others barely break the skin.
Two killers of varying strengths?
One is dominant, while the other
might be less enthusiastic.
And Aisha describes the
kidnapper as a lizard
with four arms, claws, and
flames coming out of his head.
Even though Aisha was drugged,
in her mind, what she saw was real.
We know. The person wears a lizard mask,
- but the rest doesn't make sense.
- No, no. But it does.
Four arms means two people.
Two of those arms were hairy, meaning
One is a man and the other's a
The claws must be long nails.
Flames on the head.
Person has red hair.
Do you know who took her?
You have to tell me!
Tell me! Tell me!
Gabrielle! Gabrielle! Gabrielle!
I think you asked me do I have family?
Yes, I do. They're looking for us now.
Nova, Ri-a-Az-ca.
I don't speak Tanta. Sorry.
Then why are you here?
Excuse me?
He only chooses victims from
the Night Jupiter World.
I was at one of those parties, too.
I was tagging along with a friend.

Do you know what I just
said to you in Tanta?
"I know who you are."
You're not being held captive.
Nova, what is she talking about?

She figured me out.
- How could you?
- I took vows.
In sickness or in health.
I love him and he needs this.


What now?

What you find?
So Jennifer and Ken
are husband and wife.
That's right.
Five years ago, Ken was brought
in as a person of interest
for the rape and murder of
a young woman in Arkansas.
He was alibi'd, though.
Take a guess. The wife.
They're a killing duo.
Jennifer took advantage of the fact
that Aisha was alone and vulnerable.
That's how they found out
about Night Jupiter World
and other vulnerable, Black women.
And Shaker was able
to locate their house.
Found two more bodies in the basement.
Let's go back to what we know.
The field; Celestial is a burial ground.
They're killing these woman
somewhere, but where?
There must be a reference
to an execution place
in "Night Jupiter."
We don't have time to comb
through the message board.
I don't think we need to.
Aisha talked about a place in the book
where they do corporal punishment.
It's also called Loy.
As in the name of the abandoned lot
where the party was held last night?
That must be where they're taking Gabi
- and the other women.
- On it.

The police are looking
for us. We need to go.
I'll be fast. Go keep watch
around the corner.
Why'd you have to take her?
Just do what I said.
- They're gonna kill us.
- It's gonna be okay.
Shut up and go.
Please. No, no, no. Take me first.

Estrella, run!

- Bitch!

They're here! They're here!
- Hey! Let her go!

On the ground! Now!
Hey, you okay? You okay?
You okay? Tell me you're okay.
Dhan! Dhan! Dhan! Dhan!
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Estrella! Estrella!
We need some help! Estrella, Estrella!

Day by day ♪
Searching for something I can find ♪
Dusk to dawn ♪
Without a reason to survive ♪
All we are is just
a moment passing by ♪
All I need ♪
Someone to make me feel alive ♪
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Can I have your hand to hold? ♪
When I'm laid out on the table ♪
From barely hanging on ♪
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Can you catch me if I fall? ♪
Be enough when I have
nothing left at all? ♪
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Thank you.
Thank you for not forgetting about me.
It was Gabi, Zeke, and their team.
They believed me.
Even when nothing I said made sense.
Thank you.

I'm sorry.
I'm the one who suggested
we go to that party.
- This is all my fault.
- No, no, it's not.
Look, that party brought
you into my life.
And for that, I'm thankful.
I'm not gonna let what
they did to us define me.
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Will you be the one to save me? ♪
Zeke, are you

I tried to leave.
I tried to get to Gabi. I

I couldn't.
I couldn't walk out the door.
It's okay. Okay?

You will.
Someday, you will.
Will you be the one ♪
The wall is full because of you.
And because of us. It's full.
- Time to start a new one.

You do the honors.

Clear my eyes ♪
Show me the path so I can see ♪
Well, let's toast.
Thank you
for finding me.
Will you be ♪
ALL: Welcome home.
The one to save me? ♪


Hey, Gabi.
After you were taken,
I couldn't think straight.
None of us could. All I knew
was I couldn't lose you.

Didn't know where else to turn
so I sent to Sir,
and he helped me find you.

I get it now.
Why you went to him with our cases.
Doesn't make it right, but I understand.
In moments of desperation,
you do what you have
to do to save a life.

20 years, all I've been trying to do
is right the past by fixing the present.
As if I could somehow
prevent my own kidnapping,
stop myself from going back
into the school that day.

- Hi.
- Oh! [LAUGHS]
- Hi, Mr. Evans!
- I missed you in my afternoon class.
I know it's the final day,
but I had no one to appreciate
my horrible recitation of Poe.
I'm so sorry. I was with my dad.
We spent the best day at the park.
We're going to dinner tonight.
I just came back to grab a book
I wanted to read this summer.
Thank you for everything this year.
I'll see you in the fall.
Gabrielle, uh, wait.
How would you like to
see first edition copies
of all our favorite books?
I keep them in my favorite place.
A place you'll love.
I can take you there.
I'll make it quick.
But my dad
Oh, I promise to have you back in time.

- First editions?
- Yes.

- [LAUGHS] I'm in!
- Okay.

I allowed my trauma to
define me for too long.
Turning me into something I am not.
But I know what I have to do now.
First thing tomorrow,
I am going to tell everyone about Sir
and then turn him over
to Trent for processing.
- Gabi, I
- I know what that means for me.
But I have to.
It's the only way to
truly start healing.
I am so sorry for dragging
you into this, Dhan.
Am I'm sorry that I allowed
Sir to help with our cases
and taint all the good work
we've done here at M&A.
But hopefully, the work can go on
and you can start healing again.

I'm not ever gonna leave you again.
I'll be here to support you
every step of the way.


We built something
great here, didn't we?
Yeah. We did.
Come tomorrow, everything changes.

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