Found (2023) s01e13 Episode Script

Missing While Forgotten


that is the thing that
Shakespeare executes
so brilliantly.
There's the story he
tells at the surface,
and there is the story
that simmers underneath.
Hello. Class, please welcome
new transfer student, Gabrielle Mosely.
Welcome to English Lit, Gabrielle.
Actually, it's just "Gabi."
I see.
Samantha, will you please do the honors?
So words have meaning,
and names have power,
which is why, in Mr. Evans' class,
we use full names.
So welcome, Gabrielle.
Now, I don't expect
you to be up to speed
on Shakespeare's "Romeo
and Juliet," but
"What's in a name? That
which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."
Wasn't Shakespeare saying that
a name is just a convention
and what it stands for is what matters?
Which means my name has power
whether it's Gabrielle or Gabi.
[CHUCKLES] I stand corrected.
You've read the play.
All right, students, back
to my original question
what is Romeo and Juliet about?
- Gabrielle.
- It's a story
about good and evil
and how no one is
purely one or the other.
Everyone has elements of both.
It's summarized by the Friar's line
"Within the infant rind
of this weak flower,
poison hath residence
and medicine power."
exactly right,
and and when we take the time
to understand one another,
it allows for open-mindedness
and thoughtful
conversations like this one.
Teacher's pet.
Mr. Randolph, in my class,
we don't dim someone's light,
no matter how brightly they shine.
Now apologize to Ms. Mosely.
I'm sorry.
When the hair ♪
Stands up ♪
On the back of your neck ♪
There's a chill ♪
In the air ♪
You didn't expect ♪

The darkness is where the ♪
Secrets are kept ♪
Don't turn around ♪

Don't turn around ♪
I need to talk to everyone
first thing in the morning.
Is everything okay, Gabi?
Is this about your
kidnapping from last night?
Just tell everybody,
please, Lacey 8:00 a.m.
Don't turn around ♪
Now ♪
Don't turn around ♪

I was so scared I was
gonna lose you tonight
that I wouldn't get to Loy in time.


We need to talk,
I need answers.
On a lot of things.
And I have them answers
you're not gonna like.
But I need to talk to my team first.
- Gabi.
- This will be the last favor I ask.

I'm sorry.

What the

I'm telling you, when I
left, he was still chained
to the wall and the
basement door was locked.
How, then? This doesn't make sense!

He doesn't know you've been found.
He lost it when he found
out you'd been kidnapped,
and he would've done
anything to find you.
Gabi, he still thinks
you're out there in trouble.
You're saying he broke out to save me?
Lacey we need to get to her.
He swore he would kill
her if he ever got out.
He's likely too busy
trying to find you
You don't understand.
He blames Lacey for losing
me in the first place.
She needs police protection.
Call Trent. I need to warn Lacey.
- Gabi.
Lacey! Where are you?
Are you okay? Don't go outside!
Gabi! Gabi, hold on, listen.
We just got a huge tip
on one of our cold cases.
It was taped to the front door.
it's DaSheka.
Now, who is this?
This is why there will always
be a need for what I do.
DaSheka has been missing
from the D.C. area
for the last two weeks,
and no one is talking about her.
The photo was left anonymously.
According to the time stamp,
it was taken just after 4:00 a.m.
Gabi, DaSheka's alive.
That's a D.C. area train station.
But not Union Station
doesn't have the depth.
Dhan, you're with Gabi?
Where are you guys?
If DaSheka is at a train station,
someone must be trying to get
her out of D.C. undetected.
We need to move fast.
Even if she's already gone,
- the trail is still warm.
- Why move her now,
after three months and no trace?
Lacey, get down to the DCPD.
Get Trent up to speed.
We need as many units
as possible to the regional
and main train stations.
I'll get this photo over
to Zeke to break down.
- Got it.
- And Lacey,
once you get with Trent,
do not leave his side
until I'm with you guys. Understood?
Something else is going on, isn't it?
Is that why you called a
meeting for this morning?
DaSheka is one of our
most important cases.
I just want you with Trent on this.
I'll explain later. I promise.
I know what DaSheka means to you.
Go find her. Just like Lacey,
you're safest with the DCPD right now.
Hey! Hey! Listen, look at me.
Look at me. Look at me!
Gabi, you tell everyone now,
no one will be able to focus
on the case.
DaSheka's life is on the line.
I will find Sir. Until I do,
say nothing to no one.
I trust you.


You wanna tell me what's going on?

You raced out of here yesterday morning,
and you came back different.
Now, mere hours later, I
find you loading up for war
the kind of war that you put behind you.
It's better you don't know.
What's she asking you to do?
You know that I love
Gabi as much as you do,
but she is the one
person that has the power
to make you do things that
you may not recover from.
Just trust me.
I love you.
I love the life we built.

I'm protecting that as
much as I'm protecting Gabi.

Facial recognition confirms
it's definitely DaSheka.
No hits on any of the
other faces in the photo.
Mallory thinks the anonymous
photo is not enough to go on.
Trent and Shaker are hitting
the stations themselves
with limited backup.
That photo was taken hours ago.
Please tell me we are close
to narrowing down the station.
I need something, guys.
Where was she? Who was with her?
What train did they get on?
I can give you one of those answers.
She was at the Rockville,
Maryland train station.
That's where this photo was taken.
Okay, let's go. Lacey, call Trent.
Tell him to get all
units to that station now.
Zeke, start hacking into
cameras, computers whatever.
I need to know what train she got on.
- I know. I'm already
- I need to know
where they got off next.
I need to know who was with her.
Did they connect to another train?
- Which one?
- Gabi, Gabi.
Slow down.
Yes, DaSheka's important to all of us,
but what is really going on here?
- Margaret.
- I mean, you're unraveling.
You're desperate, and most importantly,
you're scared.
Do not read me, Margaret.
Stay focused on DaSheka.
It doesn't take Margaret-vision to see
that something is very
wrong. We all can see it.
And where is Dhan? Why
has he been disappearing
the last couple days?
That's what I wanna know.
Where is my husband, Gabi?
I can assure you that Dhan is fine.
Right now our priority
has to be finding DaSheka.
That girl ran up to me
after I spoke at Career
Day at her school.
She told me she wanted to be
just like me and save the world.
She said that because of me,
she now knows that Black
girls can wear capes too.
Two months later, she was missing,
and I haven't been able to save her.
I have to find DaSheka
and bring her home.
- What the hell?
- What is it, Zeke?
The Rockville Station security footage
from the last 12 hours is gone.
- Somebody scrubbed it.
- So the kidnapper
has to have someone on the inside.
Or we're dealing with a much
bigger kidnapping operation.
Ms. Mosely,
a moment?
Is there a problem?
I wanted make sure that you had the full
sophomore reading list for class.
You have a lot of catching up to do.
Preparation is important
and also a key part of your grade.
I read all these books this summer.
I swear I have.
Ask me anything.
what was the meaning of Piggy's death
in "Lord of the Flies"?
It signifies the death of wisdom,
kindness, and civility.
It's the moment where
the group's last tie
to humanity is severed
also symbolized by the
smashing of the conch,
although, that was more
specifically representative
of the end of democracy.
what book details how
the quest for power
can lead to destruction?
Although, since nothing in that
play is ever quite as it seems,
I'd argue that it's more about
how perception informs reality
a warning that we can sometimes
be wrong about what's right.
"Fair is foul. Foul is fair."
You do love reading books, don't you?
I should get to class.

Nerd, much?
Smart isn't sexy, you know?
Maybe not to you,
but I'm not losing sleep
over your limited taste.

I'm so I'm so sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
I'm so sorry.
Hey. So Roshan Kumar,
station security, confirms
the footage breach.
Gabi, are you listening?
Security breach what time?
He was glued to his monitors
until about 4:30 a.m.
when the fire alarm went off.
He went to check it out
Let me guess. It was a false alarm.
By the time he got back, footage had
been scrubbed clean.
No one saw anything.
The fire department confirmed
the security guard's story
false alarm happened around 4:32 a.m.
Kidnapper could've easily
disappeared in this crowd.
So why bother doubling back
to scrub a video and
risk getting caught?
- Unless
- Unless the kidnapper
- knew someone saw him.
- Someone who took a photo
and dropped it off to M&A anonymously.
We need to track down who
left that photo for you.
Good luck with that. Whoever it was
- doesn't want to be found.
- Then let's not give him
a choice.


I have to grab DaSheka's
family and get them
to the press conference.
You have exactly two minutes
to explain why we have a breakthrough
in our most important case,
and you are nowhere to be found.
Not to mention, Gabi is
coming apart at the seams,
and Ethan showed up, demanding answers.
Well, is Ethan still there?
I was able to explain
the severity of the case
and that arguing with Gabi
would impede our ability
to bring DaSheka home.
I promised him that I
would get to the bottom
- of what is going on myself.
- Thank you.
Dhan, tell me the truth. Where are you?
And is Ethan right to be this worried?
I can't tell you where I am.

But Ethan is not overreacting.
How can I help? You're family.
Just find DaSheka. Bring her home,
and keep Lacey and Gabi in your sights.
This is about Sir, isn't it?
Has there been another sighting?
He could be close by,
but I'm doing everything
possible to make sure
Sir never gets to Gabi again.
That's all I can say.
DaSheka has been missing for 96 days.
That's 96 days this family
has hoped for the best
while imagining the worst.
But today, we got confirmation
that DaSheka's still alive,
and now it is up to us
all of us to bring her home.
She suffered the loss of
her mom to heart disease
when she was six years old,
but she didn't let that break her.
She wants to grow up and do her part
to make a mark on this world,
and we can help her do that.
If anyone has seen her here
today at this train station,
please call the hotline,
and to whoever took this photo
and got it to us,
thank you.
But please come forward.
You may know more than you think.
I don't know where we are.
Please, I wanna go home.
It's okay. I'll take you to your family.
I don't know you!
I don't know you.
Honey, we're here for DaSheka, remember?
We'll go home soon.
No. Home.
My home is safe.
Mr. Porter, I'm Gabi.
- Remember me?
- His Alzheimer's
is getting worse, Lily.
Maybe being out here
- is too much for him.
- DaSheka's my granddaughter.
- I had to come.
- No one said you didn't.
Lily, why don't you take Jeremy home?
I'll be in touch as
soon as I know anything.
We won't let this trail go cold.
Thank you.
Kareem, can you give me a hand?

Thank you again for
never forgetting DaSheka.
Of course.

Well, your press conference worked fast.
A call just came in to the tip line.
Someone is sure they saw
DaSheka at the station this morning.

She was washing her
hands when I walked in.
Was she with anyone?
Did she seem scared,
- ask for help?
- She just seemed more sad
than anything.
But I knew something was wrong
when I saw those burn marks
on her arm.
Burn marks? Are you sure?
My sister had an abusive partner.
I know what I saw,
and when I asked her about it,
she said she had an accident
and quickly tried to change the subject.
So you think she was lying?
I know she was.
That answer just rolled
off her tongue too quick.
Can you describe the burn marks?
Uh, here.
I can show you.
Yeah, I took this picture
when she was turned around,
wiping her hands,
and I told her to just wait right here
while I call for help, but
when I turned back around,
she was gone.
So Maryland PD got the janitor's call,
but hadn't followed up yet,
because they were slammed.
Meanwhile, God only knows
what DaSheka's captor is doing to her.
Hey, Zeke, can you
zoom in on these burns?
They're old. These aren't
from the last three months.
I remember every phase of my healing.
These are at least five
months old, give or take.
So she got those prior
to her disappearance.
And look at the variation in color.
These weren't a one-time thing.
Someone DaSheka knew was abusing her.
Which means DaSheka
may not have been taken.
Maybe she was running for her life.
Number one suspect in most abuse cases
- is in the home.
- Yeah, over the last
three months, I never picked up anything
from the dad or stepmom,
other than feelings of
sadness or being overwhelmed.
We need real proof. If we accuse someone
close to her, we'll lose their trust
and cooperation.
Someone else must've seen
those burns back then. Find them.
Gabi, when DaSheka first went missing,
we spoke to Child Protective Services.
There were no reports of abuse.
We turned over every rock.
Then, damn it, try again!
Nothing is ever what it seems.
Look harder!
Nothing is ever what it seems.
It's like you said about "Macbeth"
nothing is ever what it seems.
Don't worry about Kyle and
his merry band of fools.
He's just jealous.
He'll never be as smart as you.
All good.
It doesn't bother me.
The cafeteria's the other way.
There is nowhere lonelier
than a cafeteria on your first day.
I'm going to find a quiet
corner where I can read.
I don't mind. I'm used to eating alone.
My dad works a lot.
Why don't you join me for lunch?
Perhaps you can help me with
tomorrow's lesson plan for extra credit.

I've never seen someone take
such pride in a school lunch.
Well, that's because
civility and etiquette
have left society.
Dressing for meals, setting a table,
exhibiting manners, and engaging
in constructive conversation
is important to me.

My mom said the same thing
about manners and stuff
before she died.

It's hard, losing a parent.
My mom died too.
I'm so sorry.
What happened?
She was killed tragically.
Mr. Evans, we need your help.
Kyle threw up. We need a nurse.


Tell me you're not worried about her.
Okay, I won't.
How am I supposed to help her
if she doesn't trust me
with what's really going on?
You help her by trusting her judgment.
Trust that she's taking
care of what she needs to
in the way that she needs to do it.
You know something, don't you?
I know that what would be helpful
is finding out from
Child Protective Services
if they missed anything on DaSheka.
Lacey's waiting for you in the lobby.

She talks about Sir
in the present tense.
Do you know that?

Please tell me you have something.
- Where are you?
- I'm back in the basement.
I got a hit from one of
my contacts at the CIA.
CI who traffics in counterfeit passports
claims someone matching Sir's
description had a rush job
done early this morning.
He's fleeing the country.
Looks like it. Think about it.
You've been on the news.
He knows you're safe now.
He's gonna make a run for it.
- The passport was picked up
five hours ago new
name is Erik Lansing.
It doesn't mean he's leaving right away.
We'll know soon enough.
I paid an underground hacker
to see if Lansing appears
on any manifest for flights
leaving the D.C. area today.
What's that scrubbing noise?
I'm erasing all traces of
that bastard from your place.
If he gets caught and tries
to take you down with him
There'll be no proof.
No one will ever believe him.
Thank you, Dhan,
for everything.
I'll come back to the office
as soon as I'm done.
I prefer having eyes
on you and Lacey personally.
All right, see you soon.
- Was that Dhan?
I know about Sir.
I know there's been another sighting,
and it clearly has you rattled,
and Dhan is trying to find him.
- Am I close?
- Close enough.
Gabi, you can't let
fear take over right now.
That's what Sir wants.
That's why he keeps baiting you.
So what do we do here at M&A?
What did you teach all of us to do?
Turn our trauma into purpose.
DaSheka needs you. Dhan has Sir covered.
Pull it together, and
do what you do best.

I don't understand why you're back here.
I told you three months ago
there are no reports of
abuse regarding this girl.
Her name is DaSheka Jones.
Look, we got a bad enough rep
without you implying that
we're burying reports of abuse.
No one said that, buddy.
We're just trying to
find a missing girl.
This isn't my problem.
Any of your employees call
in sick today, Mr. Norris?
Yeah, one.

Expensive taste for someone
on a social worker's salary.
Well, Dave Heller has been
here for over ten years.
He's one of my best employees.
Now, whatever you're looking
for, you're not gonna find it.
We need access to his desktop.
- Absolutely not.
- Look, no one has time
for this nonsense. Give us access
to the damn computer, or I'll make sure
the top story in this evening's news
is the child endangerment
that occurs in certain
neglectful CPS workers,
starting with your face
as the poster child.
I wouldn't try her.

Everything okay?
Uh, yeah, apparently my dog is sick
- can't stop throwing up.
- Oh, Cruiser

Tell me again how Dave
Heller is a good guy.
What the hell?
If Heller wasn't assigned to DaSheka,
why does he have all
these photos of her?
Trent put out an APB on Heller.
No one has seen him in two days.
Anything yet, Zeke?
Looks like we have an
unfiled CPS report on DaSheka
from earlier this year. It
references the alleged burns
and suspected abuse.
So someone did report it, but
Heller never filed the official report?
Which is why we were
told there was nothing
three months ago. The system can't find
something that was never filed.
Does it say who reported the abuse?
One second.

DaSheka's grandmother, Lily.

Don't mind the mess.
Jeremy's a lot of work.
So between him and my actual job,
things have gotten a
little away from me.
Make them go.
I don't need help no travel.
It's okay. There's no
need to feel embarrassed.
Taking care of someone
with Alzheimer's is hard work.
That's an understatement.
Before he deteriorated,
I had some help because
I travel a lot for work.
But it's just me now.
He gets scared and violent
around strangers
sometimes. I can't risk it.
Why didn't you tell me you suspected
DaSheka was being abused?
I take it you spoke with that
social worker, Dave Heller.
Why don't you fill us in?
My late daughter told me
DaSheka's father, Kareem,
grew up in abusive house.
So when you saw DaSheka's burns,
you figured the apple didn't
fall too far from the tree?
I love Kareem. He was always good
to my daughter, but I
couldn't deny what I was seeing
- with DaSheka.
- Did you ask him about it?
Both him and Apryl,
they were so offended,
threatened to ban me
from seeing my grandbaby
and moving away if I kept
making these crazy allegations.
That's when I called CPS.
Dave Heller showed
up, took my statement,
then a couple days later,
he returned and said the allegations
- were unfounded.
- And you just accepted that?
I had no choice. He
said if I kept harassing
my former son-in-law,
I could be investigated for elder abuse,
given the state of my house
and Jeremy's condition.
I couldn't risk it. I'm all Jeremy has.
Next thing I know, DaSheka was gone.
We saw photos of DaSheka's burns.
There was clearly something going on.
Someone got to Heller to
have him shut it down so fast.
We just need to figure out who.

Heller received a transfer
into his checking account
for $7,000 around the time
Grandma Lily called in her complaint.
Yeah, the transfer came from
Kareem and Apryl's account.
- It looks like they bribed him.
- And they're not
the only ones. Let's
just say Heller gets
frequent large sum
transfers from various people
- into his accounts.
- So either he has
- The most randomly generous
- friends in the world or
- He's on the take.
Well, Kareem and Apryl can
explain themselves in person.
They just arrived.
My God. Is this my baby?
- Who did this to her?
- According to Grandma Lily, you did.
I would never lay a finger on my child.
I know firsthand what that feels like
- never.
- You didn't notice these burns
on your daughter? She
lived in your house.
She's an 11-year-old girl,
who's rightfully shy about her body,
so no, I never did,
and when Lily made
those crazy allegations,
I asked DaSheka about it.
She said her grandma just made it up.
You believe what you're saying.
Of course. Why wouldn't I?
I messed up.
I should've put DaSheka
harder to tell me the truth.
Why didn't she tell me?
Or me. I mean, she knows
she can tell me anything.
Apryl, are you
right-handed or left-handed?
I'm right-handed. Why?
Well, when people are telling the truth,
they typically indicate
with their dominant hand.
You're using your non-dominant hand.
DaSheka didn't tell you
the truth about the abuse,
because it was your wife doing it.
I won't sit here and be accused of this!
Did you hurt my child?
[SHOUTING] Did you?
- Answer me!
- DaSheka was always talking back.
You spoiled her to the
point that she thought
disrespecting me was okay.
It was just a hot spatula.
It was discipline, not abuse.
[SHOUTING] How could you?
How could you do that to my baby?
I am going to personally
make sure you go down
for the abuse, Apryl.
DCPD are on their way.
In the meantime, where were
you this morning at 4:00 a.m.?
Did you take DaSheka and
stash her away somewhere
all this time so you could
keep her from telling the truth?
I am not a monster.
That's debatable.
She was with me. She couldn't have
kidnapped her. But I swear before God,
if my daughter isn't found alive,
hell won't be a safe
enough place for you.
Heller's alibis for both
this morning and when DaSheka
originally went missing
from her bus stop check out.
Great, another dead end.
So what are we missing?
Too late. The trail's gone cold again.
We'll keep looking, Gabi.
Oh, you guys should go
home and get some sleep.
We'll start looking again tomorrow.
If you're staying, we'll stay too.
Thank you, but I need the silence.
Okay, um, I'll head to the bus station.
Lacey, I can give you a ride home.
I have my car.
- Leave it here for the night.
- Why?
What the hell is going on?
You two have been giving
each other looks all day.
I can barely go to the bathroom alone.
Now I can't drive? What?
Guys, is Lacey right?
Is something going on?
Gabi, you should tell them.

I believe Sir is in the area.
This time, it's credible.
That's what Dhan's
been working on all day.
I can't do this anymore. I refuse.
I refuse to keep jumping
because some random person
thinks that sick bastard might
be lurking around the corner.
I uprooted my life last
time, and it wasn't even him.
Lacey, you should listen to them.
Just like Gabi, I refuse to let
my fear of Sir drive me anymore.
I'm gonna check in with the vet,
get a couple hours of
sleep, and then jump back in
to looking for DaSheka.
Sir can kiss my ass.
Don't worry. I got her.

You're running late. You should go.
I'll stay, Margaret.
It's okay.


You need me, Gabrielle.
You can't save lives without me.
They'll all die.
Shut up! Shut up!


- Margaret.
- Gabi, she had lines
- on her face.
- Margaret, slow down.
I don't understand.
Sleep lines, she had sleep lines
like the people getting off
the buses after a long trip.
DaSheka wasn't leaving
the train station, Gabi.
She was arriving.
DaSheka's still somewhere here in town.
Remember, the janitor said
DaSheka was sad, not scared.
She didn't ask for help
even though she was alone.
She could've just been too
traumatized to risk asking.
Or she was protecting her kidnapper.
You think that would
trump taking the chance
- to save herself?
- It did for me.
My kidnapper was someone in my family
someone my parents and I trusted.
My uncle.
It's taken me 22 years
to say that out loud
to anyone other than my therapist.
Parents still don't know.
Zeke, I'm so sorry.

I know who took DaSheka
someone trusted in her
life, who until this month,
- traveled a lot for work.
- Which made it easy to stash
DaSheka outside the state.
But couldn't anymore
because of her husband's
- deteriorating condition.
- Someone Kareem threatened
to kick out of DaSheka's life,
but couldn't risk losing her.
Someone DaSheka would
protect at all costs.

What's happening? How dare you?
We are here for DaSheka.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Make them go, please.
- Okay, love.
- Get out!
- It's okay.
- Please do the right thing.
- No, no, no. No. No.
- Lily.
Lily, I understand.
I understand why you took her.
You probably felt like you had no choice
but to take her to keep her safe.
But kidnapping is kidnapping.
That's a lie. You're upsetting Jeremy.
- You need to leave.
- You are only making things
- worse for yourself.
- Lily, it's over.
We are not leaving here without DaSheka.

I can't go away.
What will happen to Jeremy?
I'm all he has.
Who will keep DaSheka safe?
They hurt her
Kareem and Apryl. They hurt her.
No, Kareem never touched his daughter.
It was Apryl, and she's
already been arrested.
DaSheka is safe now. Please
- Oh, my God.
- Do the right thing.
Where are you hiding her?
Over there.


I got it. I got it.
Oh, baby.
Hi, DaSheka.
I'm Gabi.
Do you remember me?
You're safe now.
Can you take me to my dad?
Yes, I can.
And washed ♪
Tired, and battered ♪
So cold ♪
Always by your side ♪
Oh, I know ♪
I'm so sorry, baby.
I love you, Daddy.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

So, um,
what'll happen to Jeremy
with Lily going away?
He'll likely be placed in a home.
No. They can't.
Please. He'll be so scared.
It's okay, honey. We'll figure it out.
Um, maybe we get a good lawyer
so we can get custody,
and he can stay with us
keep what's left of our family together.
Can the lawyer help Grandma Lily?
She thought she was saving me.
I didn't say anything about Apryl.
I don't want you to lose another wife.

Thank you for finding me.
Your side ♪
Oh, I know ♪
That life can feel so hard ♪
You really do wear an invisible cape.
For so long ♪

Hope is only ♪
Hope belong to me ♪

Count on me and count on me ♪

Hey, Gabi.
My, uh
hacker found him.
Erik Lansing got on a plane
to Amsterdam from BWI airport
yesterday afternoon.
Sir is gone.
He ran.
Time to hang DaSheka's
photo and celebrate.
You're free, Gabi,
for now.

Oh, my God. Sir left the DaSheka tip.
He must've been headed
to Baltimore via train
and saw DaSheka at the station.
He's the one who erased the footage.
Why would he come all the way
back to help you with DaSheka?
He knew how much this case meant to me.
Maybe he saw it as a
way to lure me back in.
He believes that helping me
is his purpose now, that
he thinks it binds us.
He is never going to
stop hunting me, Dhan.
He is never gonna let me go.

I have to end it all.
- Now.
- You want me to call Trent over?
He's been compromised enough.

I'm gonna find you ♪
No matter where you go ♪

Never stop looking ♪
Whether high or low ♪

I am a shadow ♪
I'm everywhere now ♪

I'm gonna find you ♪
There's nowhere left to go ♪

It's never too late ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
The fire never fades ♪

My calling remains ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's never too late ♪
I'm gonna find you ♪
Like water finds the shore ♪
The longer it takes me ♪
I want it all the more ♪

Close like a shadow ♪
I'm everywhere now ♪

I'm gonna find you ♪
There's nowhere left to run ♪



- Hello?
- Ms. Quinn,
sorry to call so late.
Just wanted to let you know
Cruiser is doing better.
He'll make a full recovery.
Thank you.
Thank you, um, I will be more
careful with what he eats.
Actually, it wasn't
something he ate by accident.
Ms. Quinn, Cruiser was poisoned.

must be a mistake.
Who would do something like that?
It's never too late ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
My fire never fades ♪
No ♪
The calling won't change ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's never too late ♪

It's never too late ♪

It's never too late ♪

It's never too late ♪

I'm gonna find you ♪
I ordered dinner.


Sleep ♪
With one eye open ♪

Secrets ♪
Kept in focus ♪
Whispers on the wind ♪
- Listen carefully ♪
And sleep ♪
- What's this?
- It's the junior class reading list.
You have such a brilliant
mind. I think you can handle it.
Welcome to Beckson
High, Gabrielle Mosely.
You know, as far as first
days go, this is pretty great.
Well, except for Kyle
getting food poisoning
or whatever that was.
I hope he'll be okay.
What that was is called karma, my dear.
Still, I feel bad for him.
Anyways, thank you for the new book list
and letting me eat lunch with you today.
Of course. I'm your teacher.
That's what I'm here for.

I will always be here
for you, Gabrielle.
The enemy will rise ♪
Like a mountain ♪


So sleep ♪
With one eye open ♪

Greg, move your head.
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