Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Diamonds Are a Gal's Best Friend

1 (LIVELY MUSIC) It's not often a case takes us north of Lawrence Avenue.
Well, one Bert Sommers who owns a homestead says he needs our help.
Said his horse is missing.
- His horse? - That's what he said.
You sure it wasn't a cow? (MOOING) (HONKING) Excuse us! Don't you just love the country? You city folks and your fancy umbrellas.
Well Best be prepared, I suppose.
Rain came down quick today! So tell us about this horse.
Oh Plain old horse, but a farm don't run without one.
I guess Mr.
Drake don't see it that way, him sending two secretaries instead of attending to the matter himself.
Can you give us a description of the horse? She's dapple Grey with a white mane.
Handsome creature.
When did she go missing? This morning, when I called Camille in for breakfast.
- Camille's your horse? - No.
- Camille's my daughter.
- Your daughter? She was working in the garden.
The horse was grazing nearby.
Well, maybe Camille knows where your horse is.
She won't be no help.
She's gone too.
Your daughter's missing? Didn't I tell you that when I called? Well, seeing as your horse is missing and your your daughter is missing, perhaps they're missing together.
Where would she go? I have no idea.
She's such an innocent thing, church-going.
Hardly ever leaves the place.
Except to sell these here.
Yeah, it was Camille's idea to grow herbs and fancy vegetables.
She thought there would be a market for them in the city and we needed the money.
She sells them to restaurants.
So Did she go into the city today? No.
Tuesdays and Fridays are her delivery days.
She takes the horse and cart and off she goes.
So she was in Toronto yesterday.
Does she know anyone there? I don't know.
Never go near the place myself.
Do you mind if I take a look around? Suit yourself.
Do you think she might have some friends down there? None I know of.
Can we get her delivery route? If you think it will be help.
Anything can at this point.
It's just not like her to take the horse without telling me.
Seems like he cares about that horse over his daughter.
I'm sure he cares.
He just doesn't show it.
- Look at this.
- Oh! Looks like she's not as innocent as her father thinks.
I wander what else she is hiding.
Maybe more than a bottle of hooch and a racy novel.
Frankie! There's fresh footprints.
It rained heavy overnight.
So they're likely from this morning.
That's not from Mr.
Sommer's boot.
It looks like a dress shoe.
Seems Camille had a visitor.
Oh! Cigarette.
It's Turkish.
- Someone with exotic taste.
- Hmm.
Maybe Camille was having a fling and didn't want her father to find out about it.
She and said fling took off on Daddy's horse.
Can't blame her for running away from a struggling farm.
Take a look at this.
Seems like Camille was in a hurry.
Did she run away with someone Or was she running away from someone? (MUSICAL THEME) Austin's! Last stop on Camille's route.
Hopefully they have something more useful than compliments about her vegetable garden.
My ma has a vegetable garden.
She takes a lot of pride in it.
That's right! Doesn't she make a mean rhubarb pie? Oh, I remember that pie! - And now, I'm hungry.
- Me too! (KNOCKING) Officer Shaw, keeping the city streets safe.
There you are.
I won't be long, I'm just finishing this report.
We're gonna have to make a little detour on our way to lunch.
Gotta visit a crime scene.
A crime scene? Are you collecting forensic evidence? Can I help? Nothing to collect except for the coroner's hat that he left behind.
He asked me to pick it up.
Too bad.
Well, at least we'll get to go for a walk.
Interview everyone! Anything else is out of the ordinary, I want to know about it, however small.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
That Officer Greyson What about him? You know, he's pretty handsome when you see him up close.
In a detective sort of way.
How about an introduction, Mary? He's very busy and this isn't a good time.
Let's go.
- Flo! - Hmm! Camille brings the vegetables.
I pay her.
Why you asking? She's missing.
Ain't that a jam.
- Anything else you can tell us? - What's there to tell? She's a country girl, straw hat, the whole shebang.
Blinded by the lights of the city maybe.
Is there anyone that she ever talked about? Maybe someone who knows her? You could try Hank at the stable.
She took her horse there when he was lamed.
She'd talk about him sometimes.
She'd get all tongue tied when she did.
- Where's the stable? - Down on Cherry.
- This side of the tracks.
- Thanks.
Stable's a good place to hide a missing horse.
Maybe Hank has an exotic taste for cigarettes.
You're thinking that Camille wasn't abducted? Let's find out.
Camille Haven't seen her in a week or two.
Which is it? One week or two? Well, I guess it's more like two weeks.
- I'll look around.
- Hey, where are you going? - Mind if I take a look inside? - You can't go in there! Why is that? You're trying to hide something? - Or rather someone - I said stay out! - (RATTLING) - Hey! Slow down, farm girl! Get off of me! Who are you? Frankie Drake and Trudy Clarke.
We're private detectives.
What do you mean? Who hired you? Your father.
If you and Hank were trying to run away, you sure were doing a poor job.
Oh no! You got it all wrong.
Hank here was just trying to help me.
I'm sorry, Camille.
I tried to stop them.
It's okay, Hank.
You did your best for me.
So why would you run away from the farm - in such a hurry? - Because a man came into the garden this morning and tried to kill me! - How do you know? - He had a knife.
I jumped on my horse and got out of there! I tore my dress.
Why would this man want to hurt you? I don't know.
But I saw him yesterday on my route.
Where? So tell us what happened, Camille.
Well I was standing right here I had just loaded my basket with vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.
When I turned to go this man nearly bowled me over.
All the vegetables went flying everywhere.
He didn't stop to help me.
He just kept going.
- He looked desperate.
- Where did he go? Just there.
He looked back got in his car and sped off.
Did you get a good look at him? - Hmm-mmm! - Anyone else around? - No.
- Did you see - or hear anything else? - Nothing.
He must think you saw something incriminating, otherwise he wouldn't have followed you to the farm.
Well, if I did, I I don't know what it is.
So he ran past you here which means he must have come from there What are you girls doing here? Picking up the coroner's hat.
He left it at a crime scene.
- What crime scene? - There was a murder.
In the Queen's Hotel.
What are you doing here? Not sure yet.
Tell us more about this murder.
A hotel guest was stabbed to death in their room.
Right there.
Unpleasant way to end a vacation.
- When was that? - Yesterday afternoon.
This may explain things.
What's going on, Frankie? I think this woman may have seen the killer.
Oh no! I didn't see anyone murder anyone.
But the killer probably thinks that you saw him in that window.
That's why he came looking for you.
I don't understand.
How did he find me? You're not that hard to track you down.
The farm's name and address is written on the back of the cart.
Oh no Can you describe him? He was fair, quite tall, well-dressed he had a hat and a cane.
Anything else? Just the car.
It was red.
Red? Well, that's unusual.
Did you get the license plate? Only the first two numbers.
I remembered because that's my birthday.
July 16th.
Mary, can you look into the license plate? I can try.
Flo, we're gonna need to take a look at that body.
No problem.
He's not going anywhere.
What about me? We'll let your father know that you're safe, but you can't go back to the farm.
The killer's still after you.
- Is my father in danger? - No, but the killer's after you.
We gotta to get you somewhere safe.
- Where are you taking me? - Get in! What are we doing in a place like this? So this is her? - Who are you? - Camille Sommers, meet Nora Amory.
My mother.
Despite opinion to the contrary, I don't bite.
She'll take care of you, - I promise.
- You sure? Nora's one tough broad.
You'll see soon enough.
When you said she was fresh off the farm, I didn't expect the whole country mouse routine.
She's terrified! Just make her comfortable, if you can manage that.
Well, you know me.
My middle name's comfort.
That's not very reassuring.
Well, then why did you bring her here? No one's gonna expect her to be in a swanky place like this.
- What? - She's hardly incognito! I mean, she stands out like a sore thumb.
Just go easy on her.
Me? I'm always easy.
The straw hat and the drab dress have got to go.
What do you mean, the funeral director is on his way to pick up the body? You tell him to hold his horses.
Thompson hasn't signed the release form yet.
You already have it.
Well, it's not the first time he's kept me out of the loop.
But you know what? I won't send a respectable man halfway across the city in the buff.
Can you can you buy me a half hour? Okay, hon.
Thank you.
Thank you! I appreciate it.
- Hey, Flo.
- There you are.
You got here just in time.
Our friend was almost whisked away to his final resting place.
What can you tell us about him? Archibald Carnegie was an American visiting from Chicago.
Stabbed to death by an unknown assailant in his first floor room at the Queen's Hotel.
The wound was a clean thrust with a sharp blade, likely a dagger.
- Oh! - Those are his belongings.
Oh! It's one nice suit! This wasn't cheap either.
Carnegie wasn't short of money.
Makes sense.
He was an investment banker.
That explains the nice threads.
He was identified by the hotel's desk clerk.
Said he wasn't shy about flashing around his cash.
Looks like he wanted to keep some things he keeps private.
What's that? Looks like a key to a locker from the train station.
Number 160.
Maybe Union Station.
Why would you hide a key in the heel of your shoe? Only one way to find out.
You ladies get out.
I have to dress Mr.
Ne needs some privacy.
I don't know about this.
How come I need to change my clothes? You need to look like you belong in the city, honey.
Who's going to see me? A gal's got to be prepared for anything.
I mean, who knows, you may have to make a run for it.
A dress is only as good as the girl who's wearing it, so stand up straight.
We're not milking cows here.
See? Now, you're gonna try and put a little sass in your walk.
Watch, like this.
You try and throw some hip into it.
Okay, well, that needs some practice.
Here! See what magic you can do with that.
See? You'll pass.
Oh my! If Hank could see me now.
- Is Hank your sweetheart? - You could say that.
Do all city girls look like this? The secret is making your own kind of glamour.
You believe in yourself and the world's gonna buy the whole kit and caboodle.
Frankie sure is lucky to have her mother like you around to teach her.
Yeah, well, Frankie more or less taught herself.
Amory? It's the hotel manager.
Chut! (KNOCKING) I know you're in there.
Amory! We have to talk about your last cheque.
I regret to inform you it bounced.
This matter must be resolved with some urgency, madam.
To that end, rest assured that I will be back.
Are we going to get kicked out? Of course not.
I'm just a little late paying my bill.
- How late is late? - I don't know, six months.
- Give or take.
- Isn't that really late? Is it? Yeah, well Maybe I'm running out of wiggle room here.
Anyway, that's no concern of yours.
How come you live in a hotel anyway? Oh! That, my dear, is an interesting story.
A lot of it, trade secrets.
But Nora Amory has lived many lives.
Nora Amory.
You could be a character in a Judith Dawes book.
Doesn't she write those racy romance novels? My father only has the Bible to read at the farm, but I like to buy them when I'm in the city and read them in secret.
I love romance and adventure.
Yeah, nothing wrong with that.
So why do you live in a hotel? Alright, honey, saddle up.
I've got tales to tell.
Can you be discreet? Yes.
(DOOR OPENS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Trudy, you have to hear this.
"He took her in his muscular arms.
"Her heart pounded against the warmth "of his mighty chest.
""The city of love", she whispered.
"The lights on the Eiffel tower glistened in the night air "as he brought her quivering lips to meet his.
" (LAUGHING) Camille sure likes to dream.
Well, a gal's dream deserves better prose.
Do the lights of the Eiffel tower - really glisten? - Not when I was there.
But there was a war going on at the time.
Let's see what was in locker 160.
Not the quality of suit he was wearing - when he was killed.
- Nope.
This is the wardrobe of a completely different man.
Archibald Carnegie wasn't an investment banker.
He was a claims investigator for Primary.
Primary? That's only the largest insurance company in America.
One hundred thousand dollars Not exactly pocket change.
A bearer bond is equivalent to cash and completely untraceable.
To be used for money laundering - and other shady deals.
- Exactly.
But what is an insurance investigator doing with 100 000$ in his suitcase? Maybe the 100 000$ is the reason that he was killed.
Oh! It's a newspaper article.
- How's your German? - Hmm.
A bit rusty.
It's a news report about a stolen diamond that surfaced in Vienna recently.
The police moved in, arrested a fence, but the seller got away with the diamond and is still at large.
Oh! 196 carats.
This must be the diamond they're talking about.
Carnegie was the investigator.
What was he doing in Toronto? Maybe he followed the thief here.
I guess he's a good investigator.
There's there's something hinky about this bond.
It feels thin.
Trudy, can you look into it? I'm going to see what I can find out about this diamond.
Oh, I wasn't going to let him get away with it that easily, so I followed him until he stopped at a light.
I edged in close enough to slip my hand into his pocket like so and relieved him of his wallet.
- And he never felt a thing! - How did you do it? The key is to move fast and slow at the same time.
You sure do know a lot about a lot of things.
A gal's gotta go what a gal's gotta do to get ahead in this world.
(KNOCKING) He didn't waste any time.
- Nora, open up.
It's me - Oh! Just Frankie.
No need for her to know about my little money problem.
Hmm? Use the code knock! - Any news? - Not yet.
Uh! I see Nora's worked her magic on you.
It's so I'm incognito in case we need to make a quick getaway.
Your mother thinks of everything.
- Doesn't she just.
- I'll take the compliment.
I need to pick your brain about jewels, - diamonds to be precise.
- Yeah, sure.
What do you wanna know? It's her! I don't believe it.
What? Oh, Frankie, come on! You don't know the Antoinette? I mean, who the heck raised you? Don't answer that.
Oh, this rock is legendary.
Out of this world! The original stone was found in India, then cut by Cartier, along with a sister diamond, the Carolina.
Yeah, well, the Carolina is now owned by some private collector down in the States, but the Antoinette Oh, that's the finer of the two.
- Recently stolen.
- Yeah, from Paris, some months ago.
A pretty audacious theft is what I heard.
So, why the sudden interest? The Antoinette might be the reason that Camille is in danger.
What? You're kidding! How? It may have surfaced.
Oh! And I suppose you would like me to contact a certain gentleman I know and make some discreet inquiries? - Well, since you're offering - I wasn't, but I will.
And you're welcome.
Go easy.
What? Stay on your toes.
Do you and Frankie work together? Occasionally.
Operator! Placing a call to New York City.
You make a great team.
What else do you get up to? Yeah, we don't really spend much time together.
- That's a shame.
- Yeah, just the way it is.
Hello! Hello, Lenny? Yeah, it's me, darling.
Oh, I know, I know, it's been ages, but here I am.
Well, of course I want your help.
Why else would I be calling? Constable Ripley! Please tell me you've got something.
I checked the hotel room again, sir.
And no one saw anyone come or go from Mr.
Carnegie's room.
That's terrific.
So even if we had a lead on Carnegie's killer, which we don't, we'd still have nothing to prove it.
No fingerprints, no murder weapon.
I'm sorry.
Just get back to work.
- I met with Freddy the Forger.
- And? The bond is the best he's seen.
- But it is a forgery.
- Yep.
And you were right about the weight of the paper.
Freddy was impressed you figured that out.
So an insurance investigator is in Toronto with a forged bearer bond Disguised as a wealthy banker.
Why? - He was buying the diamond.
- He was setting up the thief.
So they set up a meeting at the Queen's Hotel But it doesn't go right and the thief figures out Carnegie's ruse and kills him.
And then he runs out the back door Running into Camille.
He thinks that she's seen more than she has, so he decides to take care of her as well.
(SIGHS) It's one dangerous character.
Well, there's a black cloud hanging over the station today.
They have nothing on Carnegie's killer.
Detective Greyson is in a real funk about it.
- What about the car? - I'm not sure.
I have found a red sedan with a 16 on the plate.
- Good work, Mary.
- Well It's registered to a widow who lives here in Toronto.
A Mrs.
Edith Burns-Higgins.
Doesn't sound much like a killer to me.
We need a picture of that car.
Maybe Mrs.
Burns-Higgins has a driver with a murderous sideline.
This is a gin Rickey cocktail.
Favorite of Scott Fitzgerald.
Speaking of which, you might want to expand your reading beyond Miss Dawes.
But I love her stories.
Yeah, sure you do, but broadening your horizons isn't a bad thing.
I'm beginning to figure that out.
You think Hank will still like a girl who stepped out of the nest? Well, as long as she's stepping out with him, I don't see why not.
Hmmm! Not your first kick at the gin can, I see.
Amory! We need to talk and I'm not leaving this time.
(SIGHS) I think it might be time to face the music.
Let me handle this.
Don't come any closer.
But I must speak to Mrs.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
She has a highly contagious case of the measles.
- Who are you? - I'm her niece.
Amory has a family? Estranged from her sister, sadly.
I've defied my mother's wishes by helping to nurse my poor aunt back to health.
I hope to heal the rift between the two with my sacrifice.
That may be so, but I can't have people with contagious diseases in my hotel.
She'll have to leave immediately.
Sir, I'm aware of my aunt's financial predicament.
And I can assure you that once Mrs.
Amory's illness resolves itself one way or the other, if you catch my meaning, my family will pay any debts.
And of course there will be a little something extra - for your patience.
- What guarantee do I have? Is my word not enough? I'd prefer to hear from your mother.
It's not possible.
Currently, she's taking the waters in Baden Baden.
Clearly I should speak to your superior.
- Where is he? - Uh I'm sure that in this one instance, - perhaps I can make an exception.
- Excellent.
Then I thank you to leave us in peace.
No need - How was that? - Bravo! Measles! Brilliant.
Family rift, inspired.
But Baden Baden takes the biscuit! - Where'd you dig that up? - From one of those Miss Dawes stories you think I shouldn't read anymore.
I take it all back.
Miss Dawes is a genius! To romance and adventure! Well, adventure does have its price.
What do you mean? You kept the manager at bay for now, but you gotta be realistic.
Sometimes you gotta know when the jig is up.
But you're Nora Amory.
You can reinvent yourself someplace else.
What's keeping you here? Oh It's Frankie, isn't it? Yeah.
Well, might have been.
You know, uh Things just didn't work out between us - the way that I'd hoped.
- Can't you fix things? Too late for that.
No happy ending to this story.
Sorry, kiddo.
(KNOCKING) Speak of the devil.
- Do you want to get that? - Sure.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Well, if it isn't the intrepid detective.
- Did you find out anything? - I made a couple of calls.
So after the killer was almost caught in Vienna, he took off, but he's not given up.
So he's still looking to unload the rock.
Oh, he sure is and word is after that close call, - he's desperate to sell.
- Well, we might have a suspect.
Camille, look at this.
Looks like the car I saw the killer get into.
- Is this the guy? - Not him.
- So we have the wrong car.
- This man! He's the one I saw.
Well, it looks like you found the killer.
So who is he? And how do we catch him? According to Camille, this is definitely the man that she saw.
He's sure a dapper dresser.
A real gentleman jewel thief.
Dapper or not, Camille can put him at hotel at the time of the murder.
It's still not enough to nail him and certainly not enough to make Greyson happy.
- So what do we do? - According to Nora's sources, our guy's desperate to unload the diamond.
So if he's looking for a buyer We give him a buyer.
I like where this is going.
So how do we get to him? Well, our mark was close enough to Mrs.
Burns-Higgins to borrow her car.
And I may have a way into that household.
Mavis? Hi.
I'm Trudy Clarke.
Thanks for coming.
- Please have a seat.
- I don't have much time.
I'm supposed to be out shopping for the house.
What's this about? How do you know Shirley? I've known Shirley for ages.
She's my hairdresser.
Shirley does the best Marcel wave in town.
(LAUGHING) Listen, I'm a private detective and I need some information about this man.
I believe he knows your employer, - Mrs.
- I can't help you.
I can't afford to lose my job.
Shirley told me about your mother getting sick.
- I'm not taking your money.
- Take it.
I know you don't earn a lot and every bit helps.
Are you sure nobody will find out? Anything you tell me is confidential.
Shirley said you were straightforward.
He's a guest at the house.
His name's Count Johann.
How does he know Mrs.
Burns-Higgins? They met on a European river cruise a month ago.
She invited him to Toronto.
- Where's he from? - Supposedly Vienna, but I think he travels a lot.
- Speaks a couple of languages.
- He's a worldly man.
- Does he smoke? - Yes.
Some foreign cigarettes that smell funny.
Listen, I need to go.
Burns-Higgins is throwing a garden party in honour of the Count and the house is in a tizzy.
- When's the party? - Tomorrow afternoon.
- So, can you do it or not? - Tomorrow afternoon! You're not giving me enough time.
Come on, Nora.
You're the perfect candidate.
Cut the sweet talk.
- I'm no performing monkey.
- Fine.
- I'll get someone else to do it.
- Hold on! What's the role? Um Another brothel owner perhaps? No, it's something much more difficult.
You'd have to pretend to be my mother.
Hold on.
You and me? Mother and daughter? Like I said, I'll get someone else.
No, no.
I'll do it.
It'll be my perfect swan song.
Swan song? What, are you leaving town or something? - Something.
- You care to elaborate? No.
So what's the first step in your grand plan? We need to set the bait.
Maybe Lipstick could help.
I'll fire up the old typewriter.
What did you have in mind? (CLICKING) "About town, look for Eudora Nelson, "wife of dashing millionaire Oscar Nelson, and her beautiful daughter, Cleopatra" - Cleopatra? - What's wrong with that? - Too flowery.
- What? - What about Olivia? - Everybody's a critic.
"Olivia "Word is they look more like sisters than mother and daughter, but that's another story.
" Got a uniform, courtesy of Mavis.
- For you.
- Oh! It's perfect.
- What are you going to wear? - What do you think? It's beautiful.
(LAUGHING) "Fellow New Yorkers call Mrs.
Nelson "The Diamond Queen for her insatiable appetite "for the glittering gemstones.
"Rumour has it Mrs.
Nelson had her heart set "on buying the fabled Antoinette rock and was heartbroken when it was stolen in Paris.
" Good morning, Count! Perfect weather for a party, isn't it? Yes.
Quite perfect.
We leave for the garden party in five minutes.
Mavis is gonna let us in.
You all know your parts.
There can be no mistakes.
Our mark is no amateur.
He killed the last person who tried to best him.
- Everybody ready? - Ready.
Stay in the suite with the door locked.
Don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere.
And don't drink all my gin.
(CHATTERING AND LAUGHING) (CLASSICAL MUSIC) - Ginger ale or iced tea? - Oh! I've never been to Vienna.
I'm not very good in boats.
But of course, with all those canals, how else does one get around? Oh, you probably have your own private gondola.
Madam, you're confusing your European cities.
Oh, you must meet Olivia.
She was there last season.
Simply enchanted with the place! She will be thrilled.
Oh-oh! Heads up.
Here they come.
Wouhou! Wouhou! Olivia darling, look what I've found.
A genuine Austrian count! Count Johann, meet Olivia and her mother Eudora.
Do we have to call you Count or is there something less formal? - Please, call me Johann.
- Charmed, I'm sure.
Oh, Eudora! Didn't I read about you just this very morning? Oh, not that drivel in the paper, please.
When will those reporters stop saddling me with that silly moniker.
Diamond Queen For Heaven's sake, it sounds like a paddle wheeler on the Mississippi.
But enough about that.
I'm interested in your title.
How does one become a Count? That comes with a castle, I assume? Of course, complete with moat and drawbridge.
(LAUGHING) Well, I'm sure you've had to discuss your pedigree - with all the guests.
- My pedigree is endlessly fascinating in the New World.
Oh! Hello, darling! Mrs.
Nelson! Sorry to interrupt, but you have a message from Mr.
Oh! What does he want now, Rutherford? Well, he said he's cancelled his appointment with Mr.
Rockefeller in Manhattan.
He's taking the early train to Toronto to spend the evening with you.
When will Oscar get it through his thick skull I have no desire to spend an evening with him? Not here.
Not anywhere.
You book me and Olivia on the next train to Montreal! - Let's get out of here.
- Yes, Mrs.
- Was the accent too much? - No, the accent was perfect.
Suitably irritating.
(GIGGLING) (CLASSICAL MUSIC) You'll have to excuse my mother.
She doesn't do things in halves.
Nelson has quite upset his wife.
He sure has.
Oscar, husband number three, was indiscreet with a Broadway starlet.
And careless enough to get caught.
It's gonna take something very extravagant and shiny to win back the Diamond Queen this time.
- A difficult task.
- Oh, don't feel too sorry for Oscar.
He has oodles of money.
He can afford whatever her heart desires.
- Handsome couple.
- Hmmm.
Shame he's a murderer.
I think we could show them a thing or two.
Do you dance? - (CLASSICAL MUSIC) - I had an excellent teacher in Paris.
So you dance and are well traveled.
Seems I'm in good company.
Well, my father taught me education through experience.
Sadly he passed.
But life with your mother is hardly onerous.
She cares more about diamonds than her daughter.
How hurtful.
Actually, I find it amusing.
Reel him in, honey.
That's it.
Reel him in.
- Can I tell you a secret? - Perhaps.
Well, the owner of the Carolina, Antoinette's sister diamond - That's my mother.
- Really? She would've done anything to own the pair.
So she was interested in buying the Antoinette.
Oh, you do read that awful drivel! Everyone enjoys a little gossip.
She would have done anything to own it.
Perhaps she still can.
Don't be silly! It's gone forever.
Yes, maybe you're right.
Unless you know something you shouldn't? Mrs.
Amory! What are you doing here? God, not that bluenose! Don't pretend you don't know me, Mrs.
Oh, that woman Oh, my God! I thought your mother was called Eudora Nelson.
- She is.
- Then who, may I ask, is Mrs.
Amory? My mother hates being called Mrs.
Abe Amory was her second husband.
That's quite a string of husbands.
Well, she collects them.
Like diamonds.
- (GIGGLING) - Hmmm.
You said the word "diamond".
What brings you here, Mrs.
Middleton? I'm bridge partners with Mrs.
Uh Who invited you? Mrs.
B-H, of course.
We met at the ROM.
- Charming person.
- Oh, the ROM, I think not.
The woman's allergic to history.
Let's ask her.
- Oh! - Aaaah! - Oh - Clumsy fool! - I'm so sorry, madam.
- Let's get you dried off.
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I was actually quite fond of old Amory.
He the one who bought my mother the Carolina.
How generous of him.
Then he traded her in for a newer model.
Still, she landed on her feet, marrying a millionaire.
Still a sore spot for Oscar.
- Meaning? - You know, - male pride and all that.
- No, I don't.
Well, my mother's most cherished possession was bought for her by another man.
It just it doesn't sit right with him.
Then perhaps it's time for Oscar to become the better husband.
- What do you mean? - Oh, Olivia! There you are.
I have this evening's arrangements.
Nelson arrives at eight and your train to Montreal leaves at ten.
I've arranged a car to take you to the train station.
- Thank you, Miss Rutherford.
- Oh, and Mrs.
Nelson thinks now is a good time to leave so you can pack.
- Seems I must go.
- What a shame.
Perhaps I'll see you again sometime.
From the sounds of it, there might be a small window this evening.
Is that so? It could be the perfect time for Oscar to reunite Carolina with her sister.
Oh my! Shall we say 8:30 at our suite in the Crown Ascot? Perhaps I will see you again in that case.
Perhaps you will.
- He's not coming.
- I was so sure that I had him.
Looked to me that you did.
- Where did it go wrong? - I'll tell you where.
It was going like clockwork until that dreadful Fiona Middleton barged in.
I couldn't stand that irritating woman the first time I met her.
Now I'm just ready to wring her neck.
Oh, I need a drink.
- We don't have a fallback.
- There's always a fallback.
We could break into his room at Mrs.
Burns-Higgins' house - and find the diamond.
- If he's onto to us, he'll be expecting a move like that.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Chut! Hello? Thank you.
Right, gals, that was the front desk.
The Count's here and on his way up.
We're on.
Places everyone.
- You ready? - Sure am.
(KNOCKING) Count Johann! I believe Miss Olivia might be expecting me.
Of course.
Come in.
You came.
And just in time for cocktails.
Something stronger than ginger ale, I hope.
Is Oscar joining us? So you do have the solution to Oscar's marital predicament.
Only the buyer sees the stone.
Just a peek! To see if she is who you say she is.
- You will have to take my word.
- Trust you, you mean? Exactly.
It's getting late.
Where is Oscar? Well, seeing as you're in a hurry Oscar! Oscar, meet Count Johann.
I believe you may have something to show me.
His friend, the Antoinette.
Oh! Oscar! You naughty boy! She is just gorgeous.
How much are you asking? Shall we say 100 000$? Well, that seems reasonable.
Camille! What do you think? That's him! That's the man I saw.
Detective Greyson, Toronto Police.
You are under arrest for grand larceny and murder.
Frankie! (HORRIFIED SIGH) Get off me, you brute! Don't think I won't do it.
Take one more step and I will slit her throat.
You're not gonna get away with this, Johann.
Auf wiedersehen.
- (SCREAMING) - Oh! Nice shot, Miss Clarke.
Thank you! It's a speciality.
This is likely the murder weapon.
Very likely.
Thanks for playing along.
Well, it is my job.
This should be a tricky one to explain down at the station.
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Does anyone have any smelling salts? So, where's the diamond? If you don't mind, I sure would like one last look at that beauty.
Check his pockets.
Well, his right pocket.
- It's gone.
- What? - Where is it? - Where's Camille? She took off with the diamond.
Try Hank's! So the lovebirds have flown the coop.
Did you see that coming, Camille and the diamond? Not for a second.
Oh! Seems Mr.
Sommers has lost a daughter but found his horse.
So it ends here, Frankie.
I wish we could've put the past behind us, but maybe we never can and to tell you the truth, this mess was probably all my fault, that's if I'm being honest.
Maybe in our next lifetime, huh? Still, it's been swell Nora.
(KNOCKING) (KNOCKING) Yeah, no need to break it down! (KNOCKING) I'm coming.
Bags are packed.
I got a train ticket out of town.
Oh! Nice of you to see me off.
Well, I wish you a good trip.
- The hotel is most grateful.
- I'm sure you are.
Not many of our guests pay a year in advance.
Well, isn't that something.
Yes, well I look forward to your return.
"I've bought you a little more time.
Give it another year.
" Oh! Oh! Camille, you little minx! Get me Room Service.
Thanks for bringing her home to me.
Not that I need her now.
I could retire if I wanted to.
Thanks to Camille and that new husband of hers.
Aah - Look at that! - Oh my! Runs like a top! Debts paid off too.
- Struck lucky, did she? - Could say that.
Wrote that she met a man, a Viscount or some such.
- Sounds like a fairy tale.
- It is at that.
She's somewhere in Europe.
I hope she's still going to church.
I'm sure she's counting her blessings, wherever she is.
Camille loved reading those Judith Dawes adventures.
And now she's living one on her own.
Here we thought she was just a farm girl.
Just a farm girl, my ass! And you owe me for that dress she took off in! It was expensive, so dig deep.
Well, she was a quick learner.
You got to give her that much.
Oh, wasn't she just And I should've thought of nicking that stone myself! A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.
Even if it means stealing a diamond? Isn't really stealing if the diamond's already stolen? But how did Camille manage to sell the Antoinette anyways? Oh! Guess who took off with my little black book - full of all my fence contacts.
- Oh! - (LAUGHING) - That's some nerve! Well, she learned from the best.
I wonder where she is now.
We got a special delivery.
Real champagne.
From France.
That might answer your question, Nora.
Oh! (LAUGHING) To Camille.
What a gal! - (LAUGHING) - Here you go.
There you go.
Thank you.
So what happened to you leaving? Well I thought this was your perfect swan song.
Oh, that, yeah! Um I've decided to give it another year.
A year? Why not? Why not?