Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Dealer's Choice

1 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.
Sean, that is far too much money.
Our daily rate is $10, which we would cut in half for a student like yourself.
I will eat rice and beans every day.
Please, I insist.
Plus another 50 when you find my pocket watch.
How can we identify it if rather, when we find it? It's silver with a phoenix design on the back.
- And where did you lose it? - Oh, I didn't lose it.
It was stolen from me.
These street kids, I gave 'em a few nickels and Next thing you know, chain's broken and pocket's empty.
- That's exactly what happened.
- Was this around - Parliament and Gerrard? - Yes, how did you know? There's a gang of street urchins who run that part of town.
- They're infamous.
- And prolific.
Shall we take a little walk? It's a beautiful day for a pickpocket.
(LIVELY JAZZ MUSIC) Stop! It wasn't me! Talk to the guy in the park! We're looking for a watch.
But the guy in the park said he was raising money for his sick sister.
You didn't notice he was selling a glass eye? - I thought maybe it was hers.
- Can we see the watch? Uh Well, see, that's the thing.
I lost it.
This watch has nine lives.
Where did you lose it? Uh, on the street somewhere.
If you're gonna lie, you could at least try harder.
- I'm telling you the truth.
- Wife's at home, isn't she? You're right.
Maybe we should talk to her about it.
I lost the watch in a bet.
I was playing blackjack.
Please don't tell my wife.
You know, gambling's illegal in this city.
You should be worried about us telling the cops, let alone - your wife.
- You give us an address, no one has to know anything.
You'll need a password to get in.
Dealer's choice.
No one gets in without a pat down.
- Hands above your head.
- A gun problem in this place? Cashier's cage is in the back.
No credit, no funny business.
So what do you think is gonna get us the watch back? - Grandmother sob story? - Or "my husband bet a family heirloom.
" You're gonna have to do better than that, Frankie Drake.
Bessie Starkman.
Illegal gambling, overzealous security.
I should have known this was your joint.
I love what you've done with the place.
Thought I told you to steer clear of me, yet you just keep popping up where you're least expected.
Guess I just like the element of surprise.
- What do you want? - We've been hired to find a silver pocket watch.
Seems it was lost at one of your blackjack tables.
I remember that chump.
He bet it on a pair of sevens.
- The watch is gone.
- Where is it? You ask too many questions.
You know who else asks a lot of questions? - The police.
- Is that supposed to scare me? Half the force come in here to shoot craps.
We know.
I have lots of photos of Toronto's Finest in this very underground casino.
Now, how would that look if those pictures were splashed across the front page of the newspaper.
- You're bluffing.
- Am I? You wanna stake the future of your casino on that? You two have got some kind of nerve coming in here and threatening me in my own joint.
No one's threatening anyone.
Just hand over the watch and we'll be on our merry way.
When I said the watch is gone, I meant it's gone.
Along with all my clients' money on the tables and in the cage.
Their wallets, - their jewelry - Someone knocked over your casino.
- Yeah.
- When? A few nights ago.
It's been real bad for business.
My customers are getting skittish.
Even my regulars.
- Maybe we can help each other.
- We're looking for our client's watch.
You need to restore the reputation of your casino, so why don't you hire us to investigate the robbery.
You think I don't already have people on it? You think they're as good as we are? OK.
I accept your offer.
Did you get a look at the men who robbed you? They were wearing disguises.
Masks and robes.
How did they get guns past security? I had my two best guys working that night.
They were both standing directly outside the front door, booting out a cheater.
- Any other entrances? - I got a back door I always keep locked.
So maybe one guy comes in the front door with his pockets empty And then he unlocks the back door for his partner so he gets in with the guns and disguises.
Someone must have seen that.
Will your employees talk with us? They're probably more likely to talk if they think - we're working for you.
- Yeah.
They think I hired you, they'll trust you enough.
I've got space for another cocktail waitress, and one of my blackjack dealers just Well, let's just say he went on "vacation.
" - What kind of vacation? - The permanent kind.
So don't get caught with your hands - in the cookie jar.
- No one dies, Bessie.
Examples need to be made.
No one dies.
Do you see this urn? It contains my mother's ashes.
She was my greatest inspiration.
(URN SHATTERING) Now, if I'm willing to do that to my own mother, imagine what I'll do to you if you try to double-cross me.
Got the message? - (THEME MUSIC) - Loud and clear.
Safe to say I'll be serving the drinks.
Dealing cards seems more like a Frankie Drake job.
Oh, so you're a shark, huh? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Actually, I'm all thumbs.
Why don't you give it a try.
You've done this before? Ronnie! I got a new blackjack dealer I'd like you to train.
- You the dealer? - Let's play some cards.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Fresh deck.
Lets the player know you can shuffle a clean deck of cards.
Got it? Hmm? 18, stick.
13, hit.
9, bust.
20, stick.
14, hit.
6, 20.
And 17, stick.
14, hit.
2, 16, hit.
5, that's 21.
Dealer wins.
Now you.
17, stick.
20, stick.
12, hit.
7, that's stick.
18, stick.
15, hit.
7 is a bust.
Dealer has 14.
6 makes 20, dealer wins.
She's a natural! Not bad.
Ronnie? I can work with this.
We've got rules.
Don't talk to the customers unless they talk to you first.
Watch for cheaters.
And don't ever deal - from the bottom of the deck.
- Right.
- Dealer's way of cheating.
- Customers think we're cheating - they'll never come back.
- We need them to keep coming back so we can keep taking their money.
- I like her already.
- Don't get carried away.
I need you to get these two kitted up.
We start at 7 p.
Gamblers aren't gonna know what hit 'em.
Is this a bad idea, Frankie? Bessie Starkman - sounds terrifying.
- Terrifying? You should see Trudy deal blackjack.
She's deadly.
You're coming with me to my bridge game next week.
We're gonna clean up.
Who knew 15 years of cribbage with Momma would pay off? So while we're trying to track down the robbers, why don't two see if you can find Sean's watch.
Where do you think we should look? Safe bet the robbers hocked the watch along with the rest of the jewelry.
Why don't you check the local pawn shops.
I pass by those type of establishments on my rounds.
- They seem quite seedy.
- Nothing we can't handle.
Good? Hahaha! Everybody is so focused on the gambling, it should be easy to get information.
- You can get them liquored up.
- Vernon Asheton.
Head of security.
On this floor, my word is the law.
Bar is over here, sweetheart.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Keep your eyes open for cheaters.
Alright, card counting, chip skimming.
Your job to spot the cheaters.
I see anything shady, I'll call you over.
Keep it discreet.
If you see someone cheating, just tug on your ear.
- New dealer.
- (PLAYER 1): Spin that thing a little faster.
(PLAYER 1): I'll double up on this one.
(DEALER): Look at that one.
Here we go.
- 15.
- Hit.
(EXHALING) - 19.
- Stick.
You have a light, pal? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Muldoon's Grille.
Tell you something, - I named that joint.
- You named it? Get outta here.
I work there.
I'm a waiter.
- Dealer has 20.
- I told the owner, your boss, "No disrespect, but no one wants to eat at a joint called Wilson's Good Eats.
" - 13.
- Hit me.
So I told him, you need to call it Muldoon's Grille.
- It's real classy, huh? - It's real classy.
Hit me.
- (WOMAN): Where are you from? - 7.
- It's 23.
- Table's cold.
- 15.
- Hit me.
King of diamonds.
- (SLAP SOUND) - Hey! - Hands to yourself! - This is Charles Kanaskie.
He's a regular.
And in my joint, there are guys you can slap and guys you can't.
Kanaskie is a guy you can't.
Pleasure's all yours.
- What are you drinking, Chuck? - Scotch.
- Neat.
- On the house.
And if she gives you any more trouble, you let me know.
Don't worry, Red.
I ain't mad at ya.
- I'll fetch you that Scotch.
- In fact, I actually kinda like you.
You're a bit of a firecracker.
I could use a gal like you.
I'm in imports and exports, but I got my fingers in lots of pies.
Tell you what, you give me a call whenever you feel like you're ready to move up to the big time.
Charles Kanaskie.
(CHARLES CHUCKLING) Not a chance, Chuck.
(GASPING) Dear! No, we're closed.
No, no.
I promise we won't take much of your time.
No, I don't want to hear about it, no.
We're looking for the perfect pocket watch for my father's birthday.
And we've been to seven pawn shops already.
Eight, when we go to Mitchell's across the street.
Mitchell's? No, no, no.
The pocket watches are right over there.
Holy moly, Mary, I think that's it.
Can we have that one right there? - This one? - Turn it over.
(FLO GASPING) What luck! Ma'am, are you aware that this watch was stolen from an illegal blackjack table during an armed robbery? Alright.
Out, you go! Out! Ma'am, I'm an officer of the law.
Morality division.
Shall I call the detective down at my station? Sure they could find bucket loads of contraband in here.
Oh, fine! 50% off then and happy birthday to Pops.
- You're not getting one cent! - And we'll need the seller's name because he was probably one of the robbers.
Well, it's not here.
It's in the ledger, and the owner took it home.
So I'm sorry, but you'll have to come back tomorrow.
Count on seeing us tomorrow.
Mary, did Frankie say anything about the client being Chinese? - His name is Sean Murphy.
- Definitely not.
So why is the inscription in Chinese lettering? Strange.
This watch has a story to tell.
(MAN LAUGHING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Give me another whiskey sour.
- 48 cents.
It's on the house, Leo.
That's what I thought.
- You know Ronnie? - Sure, he's the floor manager.
Leo's his cousin, so Leo don't pay.
Got it.
Hey, I heard I missed a lot of excitement the other night.
- Were you here for the robbery? - You should have seen the masks.
But you must have had a front-row seat.
Did they come in through that door? Nah.
I was right here when it happened.
If they came - in that door, I'd have seen 'em.
- So where did they come from? - Ain't you got a job to do? - Just curious.
Be curious about serving drinks.
(WOMAN): We got a winner! We got a big winner here! New deck.
They didn't come through the back door.
There's no other entrance.
How did they get the guns inside? That's what we need to find out.
- - Toots! We need more gin.
Hit the back room and grab some.
That's 21.
Well, that's it for me.
Nice job, new girl.
Be seeing you.
Everyone else, new game.
- I saw that.
- Saw what? You cheating on last four hands.
Let's go! I don't even jaywalk! Yeah, yeah.
Tell it to the pavement.
Let's go! Put your hands in the air and shut your mouths! Next guy who wants to try me will get a bullet in his skull.
You mooks trying this again? Do you have any idea who you're stealing from? Yeah.
A dead woman if you don't stop talking.
- Frankie! - Not this time I'm afraid.
(CLICK) What the hell?! - (GASPING) - (MAN): Hey! Are you OK? Yeah.
How did you know the gun wasn't loaded? Have a seat.
- Who's that? - My bubbe.
How many dead relatives do you have? Now, I don't like being in the dark, especially in my own casino, so you are going to walk me through what happened step by step.
The bartender asked me to go get some more gin.
Toots! We need more gin.
Hit the back room and grab some.
We had just figured out that the robbers didn't come in through the back.
But they couldn't have come in with guns through the front door past security.
Then I saw the employee bathroom, which made me realize employees are never checked when they come in through the front door.
So I went back to the bathroom, took a look around and sure enough, I found two masks, two robes and two guns.
Which leads me to two points.
Number one is don't provide lockers that your staff can hide things in.
I'll take that under advisement.
- Point number two? - You have a mole.
Haha! I keep a very close eye on my organization.
If I have a mole, I deal with them.
Well then, explain to me how they walked through the front door as customers? Then slipped into the bathroom and grabbed their firepower.
How did the guns get there? They had to have been smuggled in by someone with access.
- Someone who works here.
- In other words, I have a mole.
You're not gonna smash another urn, are you? You two are detectives, so detect.
So we're on a mole hunt.
Any ideas? I got one.
Did you notice the exact same thing - happened before each robbery? - Sure, the robbers went into the bathroom to collect the guns that they stashed.
No, before all that.
A gambler was caught cheating and thrown out by security.
Happened both times.
- Coincidence? - What do you always say? There's no such thing as a coincidence.
So you think the cheater is part of the plan? I think it was a planned distraction to get security outside.
And the robbers worked from the inside.
So whoever staged the distraction - Is working with the robbers.
- We find him, we find our mole.
- But how? - The "cheater" in question was pulled from my table, but the thing is I never pulled the cheater sign.
- Who did? - He did.
Vernon Asheton.
Head of security.
That was a hell of a brave thing you did back there, Red.
- Stupid, but brave.
- I'm working, Mr.
You should be working for me.
Don't forget to call.
That was amazing, Vernon.
How did you spot the cheater? I see the guy slipping extra chips into his bet whenever he won.
You saw that all the way across the room? - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Get back to work, the both of ya.
It's simply not possible.
There must be some mistake.
You know, maybe maybe we should go talk to Bessie.
Just forget about it.
But if there was a mistake, Bessie should know about it.
- Let's go talk to her.
- No, wait, wait, wait.
Ahem! Let's go, uh, talk this over, privately? He insisted on paying a hundred dollars - to recover this watch.
- We saw the Chinese lettering - So it got us wondering - Was it even his in the first place? Because something seemed a little off here.
- - "Heart reduced to ashes.
Remember water lily.
" But why would Sean Murphy have Chinese characters - inside his watch? - Got a British necklace.
- Maybe he stole it.
- And an Italian hairdresser.
Or it's a code.
To a meeting place.
Where would someone find water lilies? - The plot thickens.
- Wendy, could you see - if anyone had a watch stolen? - Meanwhile tomorrow, we'll go back to the pawnshop to find out the name of the guy that unloaded the watch.
And I'm going to check into Sean Murphy.
I am an officer of the law.
- Do you? - No.
That way.
- You staged a distraction.
- And snuck in guns.
What's Bessie gonna do when she finds out you're the one behind all of this? - If you tell her, I'm dead.
- And if we don't, so are we.
You know how Bessie deals with moles in her organisation; what were you thinking? I had no choice, alright? These guys are not the kind you just say no to.
(VERNON SIGHING) Look, I found a note on my front door with a knife stabbed through it.
Said if I don't do exactly as they say, the next time, the knife's gonna be in my wife's chest.
- So who are these guys? - Honestly, I don't know.
I just I know they mean business.
How do they communicate with you? I get a note, go to a drop to get the guns.
I'm supposed to be there right now.
If I don't show up, - they're going to know I'm talking.
- You're going to go as planned - but I'm coming with you.
- And I'll keep sniffing on around here, but, Frankie, watch your back.
- What could go wrong? - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Here to relieve you.
Give me a minute.
Hey Ronnie? - Yeah? - Remember that guy sitting there at my table? The one that said he was waiter at Muldoon's? - Yeah.
- What's his name, do you know him? Uh, Ward, I think.
Marty Ward.
Yeah, that's it.
Why? Well, Mr.
Ward left my table just before the robbery.
So? So I think he was heading toward the bathroom If you think Marty's one of the robbers, guess again.
Ain't the type.
- Get back to work, alright? - Sure thing, boss.
- So where's the drop? - It's here.
Mailbox on the wall beside the door.
That's where they leave - their instructions and the guns.
- Just try to act normal.
I'll be here the whole time.
Go before they get suspicious.
(GASPING) Frankie.
Frankie! We gotta go.
Get up! OK, I don't want to have to carry you.
- Wait, where am I? - I'll explain later.
And whatever you do, if you look over there, don't go getting all emotional on me.
You you killed him?! What?! Why would I kill Vernon? Because he was the mole.
What?! Well then, I guess he got what he had coming to him, didn't he? But it wasn't from me.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - (MAN): Police! Open up! - This does not look good.
- You are not opening that door.
We had a report of gunshots.
Open up.
Now! - Both of you, stay where you are! - Constable, listen.
You're both under arrest.
This is a big mistake.
For a lot of reasons.
Pretty obvious what happened here.
Now, we're really in trouble! Now, we really gotta go! (GLASS SHATTERING) Gonna need a new bedroom window.
- What happened?! - I was cracked in the head, and I believe we're wanted for murder.
- Who's dead? - Vernon Asheton.
Did you kill him? Did she kill him? - Did you kill him? - No.
- Why should I believe you? - You're the one who woke up next to his dead body with the gun by your hand.
- You care to explain that? - Well, I was framed.
- Probably by you.
- Oh, you were framed, - but not by me.
- Then why should I believe you? Because someone out there is trying to screw me over, and I need you and your friend to help me find them.
Got it? Got it.
So what happened? Well, I followed you to the warehouse where I found Vernon dead and you out cold.
- Don't remind me.
- I could have left you there to swing for it, but no good deed goes unpunished.
I wouldn't call knocking out a police constable a "good deed.
" - You're welcome.
- There's no time for jokes.
The police are after you both, and this is the first place they'll look.
We need to find a safe house.
- You want to sleep here?! - We just need a place to lay low until we can figure things out.
What kind of trouble is Bessie Starkman going to bring to my restaurant? Nice to know my reputation precedes me.
I try to keep high-profile criminals out of here.
- Fewer bullets.
- I'm afraid we come as a pair tonight, Wendy, but I will keep her in line.
It's not Château Frontenac, but it'll do.
I've stayed in worse.
(KNOCKING) - - Sorry! Closed for the night! It's Detective Greyson.
Open up.
In here.
In here.
Thanks, Wendy.
You never cease to amaze me.
Places like this, you gotta have places to hide.
And no skeletons, let's keep it that way.
We both go in there, we're gonna get real familiar.
Keep quiet and everything will be fine.
(WHISPERING): The door to this room ain't exactly invisible.
Shh! It's fine.
Good evening, Wendy.
- You closed early tonight.
- We ran out of cold tea.
(GREYSON): That's a shame.
Bet everyone could use a drink tonight.
- (TRUDY): Rough night? - Not particularly.
- Spoken to Frankie? - Nope.
Came here for a late dinner and then stayed to help Wendy clean up.
So you don't know there's a warrant out for Frankie on murder charges? (TRUDY): That's absurd.
So you're definitely not hiding her, hm? Of course not.
It's illegal to harbour fugitives from the law.
Yes, it is illegal.
And I know you to be an upstanding citizen who would never consider to do anything illegal, like selling alcohol, say.
And you'd never do anything illegal, like drink it.
(WHISPERING): He is not taking me in.
Look, ladies, We all know that Frankie is mixed up with Bessie Starkman.
There's a warrant out for both of them.
So when you see her please tell her to turn herself in.
Well, if I see her, I'll let her know.
See, the thing about Frankie is if she doesn't want - to be found, she won't be.
- I bet.
Trudy Frankie's in trouble.
If she thinks she's gonna get the better of Bessie Starkman, she's wrong.
Think about that.
(DOOR CLOSING) If you don't put that gun away, I will hand you over to the police myself.
Then I'll take you down with me.
- You both need to calm down.
- I'm calm.
- I'm very calm.
- Look, we all need to work together if we're going to figure this out.
So can you bury the hatchet for now at least? OK, good.
Because I'm gonna have to lock the two of you in here.
I've got the only key, so you'll be safe.
- Thanks, Wendy.
- - So what's the plan? - I might have a lead on one of the robbers.
His name is Marty Ward.
He's a waiter at this place - Muldoon's.
You clocked the short guy pretty good.
So I'll be looking for the guy with a shiner.
Pleasant dreams, ladies.
(MAN): OK, I'll be I'll be right there.
Damnit! Great timing.
I'm just about to go meet Mary at the pawnshop.
The pawnbroker's gonna tell us who pawned the watch, and whoever they are, they must be one of the robbers.
Perfect! Because it turns out Marty was not one of the robbers.
Well, I found you another clue.
Uh, I don't know why men like to keep things in their socks, but they do.
This was in Vernon's.
It's a phone number, but it's not from around here.
My thoughts exactly.
Also, a piece of advice: don't sniff the paper.
His feet were very perspire-y.
All I've got is some leftover chow mein and some strong tea.
Thank you, Wendy, it's perfect.
So, these guys who robbed your casino, they're not just a couple of small-timers.
They're heavy hitters, and they're cleaning up loose ends.
Just why they killed Vernon and then set me up.
They're making a play; I'm just not sure what it is.
Mmm! You know, this ain't bad for breakfast.
That smells good.
Any luck at Muldoon's Grille? Found our waiter, but no shiner.
But Flo found this on Vernon Asheton's body.
- It was in his sock.
- That's a Buffalo number.
- How can you tell? - I've called it before.
It's a contact for the Magaddino crime family.
Why would Vernon have their number? Maybe he was part of the gang all along.
And if Vernon was calling the Magaddinos They could be behind the robberies.
They were supposed to stay out of Toronto.
- - What aren't you telling us, Bessie? (SIGHING) Not a lot scares me in this world, but the Magaddino family are the exception to that rule.
(DOOR CHIME) You are never gonna believe what I found out about Sean Murphy.
Oh, also, good morning.
You look very lovely today.
Oh, OK, yeah.
Our client was arrested for assaulting a successful Chinese businessman named Minsheng Zhang.
- So he's been in jail? - Zhang decided not to press charges, but the incident is still on file.
So maybe the pocket watch belonged to this guy that he attacked.
There is definitely more to this story.
Well, I found the name that you extorted from me.
But a fat lot of good it's going to do you because the man probably gave a wrong name.
Thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
Come again.
If the Magaddino family is targeting you, - why did they set me up? - You must know something.
- Maybe Vernon let something slip.
- Something at the casino.
- (CHUCKLING) - I get it.
Why you two are partners.
Couple of gals against the world.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Everyone watching my back is on my payroll, and one of them - turned out to be a mole.
- Different management styles.
We're more similar than you think.
Strong women getting ahead.
- Our methods are opposite.
- Same coin, two sides.
You're more of a dollar bill, Bessie.
I asked around.
No reports - of a stolen watch, but also - There's been a new wrinkle.
It turns out Sean Murphy assaulted a businessman named - Minsheng Zhang.
- Right! Wait.
- How did you know that? - Minsheng Zhang has a daughter whose nickname is Water Lily.
- We need to talk to her.
- She's back in China.
Sent there by her father.
"Heart reduced to ashes.
" She must have given Sean the watch when she left.
They were in love! And that's why he was so desperate to find it.
And that would explain why he attacked her father too.
He probably found out she was dating a white boy - and sent her back.
- And here we are, - thinking Sean's up to no good.
- Frankie, we need to talk to you.
And then we need to get - Sean his watch.
- Don't beat yourselves up.
You found it for him.
Sean will be thrilled.
What's going on, girls? - We found Sean's watch.
- That's good, isn't it? Except it revealed we've become hard and cynical.
If anyone knows hard and cynical it's me, - and trust me, you ain't that.
- And who are you? Keeping you in business.
You're welcome.
Well, at least we found out the identity of the guy who pawned it.
Except the pawnbroker said the name is probably fake.
I need a ginger ale.
- "Muldoon.
" - Could be a coincidence.
You know how I feel about that.
There's no such thing.
You know, there was another man at the table talking to Marty.
He said he was the one that named the restaurant.
- Thought Muldoon's was "classy.
" - (FRANKIE): How tall was he? Not very.
And come to think of it, he really liked whiskey sours.
Leo Albini.
I served him, - but he never pays because - He's Ronnie's cousin.
- He could be our guy.
- Does that mean - Ronnie was in on it? - He was on the floor at the time, but he could be involved somehow.
Bessie, what do you? Where did she go?! The casino.
And she's out for blood.
- Tell me! Who are you working for? - I work for you.
Just put the knife down, Bessie.
You and your idiot cousin know.
Where's my money?! - He can't talk if he's dead.
- But I'd feel so much better.
No! Please, I didn't take any money! But you helped Leo swindle me.
The robbery? That was Leo? Yeah, and he's gonna have the black eye to prove it.
Now, you call him and you get him over here! OK.
If he stole from you, then he's got this coming.
- Yeah.
- Can I have the phone? No, you might tip him off.
Frankie, you dial.
But you're not killing anyone.
Just dial.
He's at work.
- Operator, did you get that? - [Yes.
Connecting call now.
[Kanaskie Industries.
Can I help you?.]
Put the knife away, Bessie.
Ronnie has nothing to do with this.
- (RONNIE EXHALING) - Then who does? It's Charles Kanaskie, and he knows that I can tie him to this.
- Charles Kanaskie? - It's not too late to do that.
Ah! Ah! Leave it.
You call that a gun? I'm the only one carrying a piece on this trip.
And you wondered what the difference was about us? I need Kanaskie to be alive so he can clear my name - for Vernon's murder.
- Which, don't forget, you're on the hook for too.
Fine, but leave the heat behind.
We're closed, hit the road.
Hello, Leo.
Where did you get the shiner? Leo, where are you going? - (TRUDY): I'm on him! - Charles Kanaskie! - Yeah.
- So this is what all my money has been paying for.
Hey, opening a new casino isn't cheap.
Even with the Magaddino family helping you out? Yeah, they're my partners.
I have to pay them my share.
That'll be a shame when you have to miss the grand opening.
- (SCREAM) - Bessie, just calm down! - Oh, I am perfectly calm.
- We had a deal.
Explain to me again what I get out that deal.
Alright, look, please.
I just wanted to run my own joint.
- I'll get you your money.
- I prefer vengeance.
- It's better for my reputation.
- Drop it, Bessie! Leo's cuffed to the car, and I picked this up along the way.
You're as good at making enemies as your partner.
My gun on him.
Your gun on me.
What's the next move.
I'll play you for him.
- What?! - Interesting.
I-I-I'm not a stack of poker chips here.
- (BESSIE AND FRANKIE): Shut up! - So how would this work? One hand.
No tricks.
No double crosses.
Winner gets him.
You're on.
(FRANKIE): Should we ask Trudy to deal? I remember your clumsy hands when Ronnie taught you both how to play blackjack.
You deal.
- What's the game? - Five card draw.
One hand.
- You're going to pick up? - You first.
- So what do you got? - You think I'm gonna tell you? Don't have to.
I can read you like a book, Frankie Drake.
You're gonna keep yapping or are we gonna play cards? Gimme three.
Not a very confident hand.
Or maybe it's just the right call.
All three of you broads are crazy.
(WOMEN): Shut up! Don't you worry, this'll all be over soon.
She's bluffing.
I can tell.
Dealer takes two.
Fine, I'll go first.
Full house.
Queens over tens.
- Seems appropriate.
- That's a hell of a hand.
- Yes, it is.
- - You did your best.
- I did.
Aces over Jacks.
(KANASKIE): Wait, she won? - Of course she did.
- She won! Ha! Deal's a deal.
We good, Bessie? - Nice game.
- Good game.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) - You stay away from me.
- You stay away from me.
- Watch out for each other.
- Frankie, that was amazing! You're really lucky! Luck had nothing to do with it.
Pick it up.
Another full house?! Dad had me dealing cards when I was 4 years old.
His first rule was deal from the bottom.
- You hustled her! - And she had no idea.
Hey, how about somebody untying me over here? Hey, wanna play 52-card pickup? (CHUCKLING) (INDISTINCT TALKING) You don't know how much this means to me.
I think we might.
Sean, can you tell us about Water Lily? Well, uh, we studied English literature together.
She was a poet, same as me.
And we used to read from the great masters down by the lake.
She would read in Chinese from the Qing dynasty, and I would read her Joyce and Yeats.
But her father wouldn't stand for it.
I'm not Chinese, and I'll never be a businessman.
She was on a ship a week after he found out.
That's rough.
We're sorry.
I loved her.
And this watch, uh Oh, I promised you another 50.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Free of charge.
No, you must be compensated, please.
Just knowing you have the watch back, - that's enough for us.
- Thank you.
So do you know where Lily is? Her village is somewhere in Hunan Province.
I have some contacts in China.
If you want to get a message to her, I might be able to help.
Could you help me get over there to see her? How about some love notes to start.
Greyson, what are you doing lurking outside my door? I wasn't lurking.
I was about to knock.
Are you here to arrest me? Kanaskie sang like a canary.
Backed up everything you said.
Looks like you're in the clear.
Well, in that case, come on in.
I was looking for you all over, Frankie Drake.
Wherever could you have been hiding? I wasn't hiding.
I was at the library catching up on some reading.
That Fitzgerald sure can write.
You must think I'm pretty stupid, huh? I was always taught, never judge a book by its cover.
Just be honest with me, for once.
Are you working with Bessie Starkman? No.
I explained everything when I brought in Albini and Kanaskie.
I read the statement; doesn't mean I believe it.
You think that I lied to the police? Wouldn't be the first time.
What concerns me is that you're tangled up with Bessie Starkman.
That will not end well.
I'm not tangled up with Bessie Starkman.
That's good.
Because it is awfully hard to swim in a pair of concrete slippers.
It sounds like you're worried about me.
Nah It's just that if you turn up dead, it's my job to look into it, and I don't want to deal with all that paperwork.
Well, thank you for the concern.
Anything for a friend.
Is that what we are? We're friends? You know, if we were friends, you might consider pouring me one of those drinks.
I hear you make a mean gin martini.
I thought you were more of a whiskey man.
I can make an exception.
I could pour you a drink but drinks lead to complications.
It might.
And I get it.
Complications are complicated.
So let's keep it uncomplicated.
Don't wake up next to any more dead bodies, Frankie Drake.
(DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) - This is perfect, ladies! - Mary is even drinking.
- Oooh! - Well - (ALL LAUGHING) - Well, you know, I've been pressing Frankie.
Greyson came by this afternoon, and they were all alone.
- Was he wearing pants? (ALL LAUGHING) - Flo! Oh! There is nothing going on there, believe me.
- Hmm - Oh! - Who wants to play some cards? - Oh, me! - Teach me to play poker.
- Deal me in! First, a toast.
It's not every day that you're framed for murder while working a case with your sworn enemy.
You know, this seems to happen more than we expected.
- (CHUCKLING) - But seriously, I don't know what I would have done without you girls.
We make a hell of a team, so cheers to us! (OTHER WOMEN): Cheers to us! Hmm! Let's play some cards.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm dealing.
- Fine.
- OK.