Freakish (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Winds of Change

1 Previously on "Freakish" - Who the hell are you? - Grover.
Grover Jones.
Now, why would you show up to Saturday detention when you don't have to? [alarm buzzing] Coach, it's not a drill.
The chemical plant's on fire.
[explosion, all scream] [loud rumbling] No, no, no, no.
You can't go out in that.
Move out of the way.
People, no.
I'm not getting a signal.
There's nothing.
[both grunting] - Shh! - [grunts] Lyle, what happened to you? His heart's beating like a drum.
But he doesn't have a fever or a cough or anything like a normal sick person.
That is not a normal sick person.
Kid needs a hospital.
You don't know if the hospital's still there.
Lyle, can you hear me? Can you tell us what you saw? Lyle, stay with me.
You gotta help us here.
Did he say anything to you? [both grunting] All dead.
He said something, didn't he? What did he say? Well, yeah, he spoke.
I just couldn't understand him.
You're lying.
[scoffs] No, I'm not lying.
Whatever he said, I can handle it.
I don't want anybody in this place to panic.
I'm not the panicking type.
He, uh, he said everybody was dead.
You said he was trying to tell you something? Yeah.
Tell me what it was like outside.
Hmm? Come on.
- [snapping fingers] - What did you see? [mattress rustling] Hey.
Come on, dude.
He didn't say much before.
I don't think he's gonna start speaking now.
The kid's right.
Leave him alone.
He's our only link to what's going on outside.
Guys! He's not our only link.
- [coughs] - Addie? Damn.
And there's more like her upstairs.
[eerie music] [wheezing] What could have happened to them out there? Staying inside was the smart move.
The question is, for how long is it smart? Until somebody comes to find us.
They smell like they've been eating trash.
[chuckles] Maybe they have been.
What would bring them back here? Might be the only place left.
You really think that? The explosion was huge.
Who are you, and why are you trying to scare people? I'm someone who'd rather understand reality - than play pretend.
- Oh-ho.
Come here and relax.
Relax, she's not worth it.
Come here.
You really think nobody else is left? No, look.
There's no way anybody could know that.
Anything? These old radios tend to have battery issues.
You seem like the kind of guy who could fix something like that.
You know who I am.
Everyone in the school knows who you are.
A guy who ripped someone off? I try to judge people for myself.
So what's your verdict? Excuse me? On me.
What's your verdict on me? I haven't decided yet.
I know who you are too.
I've heard you play.
You're quite good.
Thank you.
Your bravado needs some work, but your technique is impressive.
How long do you think before they send someone searching for us? They're likely devoting most of their resources to the fire.
It would be complicated to put out because of all the hazardous materials.
And there's probably a high body count to contend with.
Both my parents work at the plant.
On a Saturday.
Probably not.
Worry is never productive.
And you're not worried? Really? You don't have anyone out there to care about? To answer your previous question, it will likely take them a few days at the least before anyone looks for us, probably more.
[ominous music] You okay? Why aren't you helping in the shelter? Well, I thought somebody should act as guard.
Right, so you're guarding everybody.
Yeah, somebody should be out there just in case more come.
Just being helpful.
Why? You don't believe me? I didn't say that.
Why aren't you helping in the shelter? Your little friend's down there.
Addie would understand.
You bailing on her? We don't know what's wrong with them.
Could be contagious.
Yeah, I don't like it down there either.
It's like a tomb.
You should get some rest.
I know when I need to rest.
Finding anything interesting? Not anything that can help us.
Hey, do you think it might have been, like, a terrorist strike? I mean, Mary did say she saw some smoke rising from the plant right before the explosion.
It would take a powerful bomb to cause what happened out there.
And they're not so easy to make.
You know about making bombs? My dad was a chemist.
So he used to do experiments with me instead of playing with dolls and tea parties and that sort of stuff.
Used to? Was he at the plant today? He died a few years ago.
Uh, yeah.
It's been a long time.
I bet he would know exactly what's going on out there, though.
He worked at Keller then? His whole life.
He loved it.
Yeah, both my parents work there.
Smart parents.
They always wonder where I come from.
[chuckles] It'd be awful to know that somebody actually did all this on purpose.
[claps] All right, guys.
Tomorrow we're gonna decide what we do next.
For now, I want you all to go up and find a place to get some shut-eye.
We can stay and help.
Hey, no, you should go upstairs and get some rest.
You can do whatever you want.
Mom and Dad would want me to look after you.
Mom and Dad would want me to look after you.
Okay, great, then look after me upstairs.
Well, you're all gonna go upstairs and leave me alone in peace and quiet.
Get out.
[door closes heavily] [ragged breathing] [sighs] [ominous music] Not a fan of cuddling? Not a fan of having to watch 'em do it.
Not a fan of public cuddling.
Puddling? Puddling? Publing? [both laugh] So I'm guessing no boyfriend.
Not anymore.
Was he at the plant? No.
Yes, but that's not what I meant.
[clears throat] We broke up a couple days ago.
Oh, sorry.
I'm not.
He must have done something awful.
Which time? You don't strike me as someone who puts up with a lot.
So are you with somebody now? Not really.
You're not sure? I'm sure that I don't have a regular boyfriend.
Well, you're better off.
Wake up.
How long are you gonna keep this up? It's been forever.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The snark, the bitch face.
If I was giving you bitch face, you'd know it.
Look; I'm sorry you can't understand what I did, but I didn't have a choice.
I can't understand it.
And you totally did have a choice.
You didn't want anyone to think less of you, so you told everybody it was all me.
I'm not the only one who went off the rails that night.
Yeah, but only one of us got in trouble.
You know what my mom is like with me.
She would never let me forget it.
Oh, and because my mom's just a waitress, it doesn't matter what she thinks? This is pointless.
Hey, what is this? [scoffs] It's a hairnet.
So do you think Mom and Dad made it? Yeah.
I mean, at least twice.
Once for you and once for me.
I can't believe you're making jokes now, in the middle of all this.
It's better than being upset.
Too late.
[distant metallic clatter] [ominous music] What? Nothing.
You know, our house is really close to the plant.
They might not have been home today.
You know Mom loves to go shopping on Saturdays.
She always makes Dad go with.
Come on.
[ominous music builds to crescendo] So do you really need another sweatshirt that looks exactly like the one you're already wearing? Trust me.
It'll smell better.
So what do you think? - Mm.
- Should we start dressing alike? Turn around.
Why, so you can see them from the back? Yeah, so I can see them from the back.
[both chuckle] You know, your stupidity might be the only reason you're alive.
Excuse me? Yeah, I mean, if you hadn't been here trying to meet your crazy crush, then you probably still would have been at home asleep, and I'd be the only one left alive from our family with no one to laugh at my sick jokes.
Well, then maybe you should thank her.
Maybe I will.
She'd love to know why you were here.
You wouldn't.
What? It's not gonna make a difference either way.
You're never gonna get her.
Not because I didn't try.
You're an idiot.
Sorry, I just I can't stop thinking about them.
Your brothers are probably okay.
Your mom might have taken them over to the mall after she dropped you off.
I want you to be right more than anything.
Look, we can't think about it.
Just assume my parents, my sister, your brothers, your mom are all okay.
I hope so.
Be all right.
[distant clattering] You hear that? What's going on? Thought it was here.
It was probably Noodle.
Noodle! I'ma kick your ass when I find you.
Come on.
Let's go.
[roaring and snarling] [screams] [both grunting] [gasping] [roaring and snarling] [screams] [loud crashing] [smacking and grunting] Yeah, Bubba.
[smacking and grunting] [gagging and gurgling] [gasping] [panting and gasping] [metallic clatter] Oh, my god.
There's another one.
- No, we have to go back.
- Shh! Shut up.
We have to go back.
Want me to leave you here while I go check it out? [whispers] No.
We're just gonna see what's up there, okay? [shouts] It's just a pipe.
[loud thud, electricity sizzles] [whimpering] [footsteps rattling] [shushes quietly] [breathing rapidly] [shouts] Whoa, whoa.
Hey, what's with the weapon? I just killed Mr.
You just killed the janitor? Why would you do that? He was Mr.
H, but he wasn't Mr.
- He - He was like a monster.
He attacked us.
- What are you guys talking about? - He attacked us.
There was something - His eyes were all crazy and - He was crazy strong.
- What? - He was fast.
He just came out of nowhere.
He grabbed me Okay, okay! Okay, you two need to tell the others.
We'll tell the coach and figure out what to do next.
All right.
Come on.
[ominous music] Coach? [ominous music] [all munching and growling] [loud thud resounds] [all snarling] [all snarling] [dramatic music] Come on.
[all snarling] [smacks and grunts] [snarling] Let's go, go.
Come on.
- [all snarling] - Go! [door squeals and clangs] Grab that.
- What? - Come on.
[pipe clanking] [dramatic music stops abruptly] [faint thudding, pounding] Like like vampires? I don't know.
Vampires, zombies, chemical mutants, freaks.
Does it matter? The coach was dead.
- Everyone was eating him.
- They were drinking.
I'm pretty sure they were drinking him.
That thing in the book store? - It just tried to take a bite into me.
- It was awful.
Addie would never do anything like this.
I think our definition of "never" has been radically changed.
Did you see Lyle? We know he was in the shelter, and no one down there was okay.
- I need to see.
- No, you can't.
- No, but maybe we can help her.
- You can't.
Stop! The only people we can help now is ourselves.
We need to get out of here.
We can't get out of here.
We can't sit in here.
It's not safe.
We should go out and find help.
If you want to leave, so be it.
I'd rather not be trapped in here with fools.
Don't do it, dude.
What'd you just say? I don't know a simpler way to say "fool.
" - I'ma kill you.
- Stop.
No right now.
That quickly revert to the basest of human behavior.
You should come with a translator.
He said you're animals.
Fighting each other is not helping anything.
Look, we know that they went out, they got sick, they came back, and they transformed.
It's the air.
It has to be.
So what do we do? Why you asking him? I say we treat it like we would if it was a radiation issue.
Stay inside, tape off all the windows and doors to limit contamination.
There could be more of them out there.
So what, we block all the entrances? No, there could be more of them in here too.
Oh, my god.
We're gonna die here.
Possibly, but do as I'm saying to improve your chances.
Okay, so now what? Break into twos.
Search the building.
Make sure everything's locked and sealed.
While you sit back here? I'm gonna try and rig the radio to ask for help.
Do you mind? Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
That didn't seem okay.
I'm fine, except my brother's trying to follow me into the bathroom.
[water running] [ominous music] [ominous music swells]