Freakish (2016) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Freakish" [alarm blaring] Coach! It's not a drill.
The chemical plant's on fire.
It would take a powerful bomb to cause what happened out there.
All dead.
Stay inside.
Tape off all the windows and doors to limit contamination.
There could be more of them out there.
Coach? [snarling] [screaming] Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
[moaning softly] - Mary? - [knocks on door] You okay? Natalie's looking for you.
You worry too much.
It's kind of what a big brother does.
Yeah, well, it's so freaking annoying.
It's like you have some sixth sense that I'm not okay when I so clearly am.
[sighs] I know what you're going through.
Somehow I don't think that you do.
I was down there too, you know? We saw horrible things in that shelter.
Grover, I got bit.
[eerie music] It was Addie.
What do you think's going to happen to me? Nothing.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
We just need to stay calm.
- Well, you don't seem calm.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Just Just give me a second, okay? It really hurts, and I don't know if I'm gonna to get sick.
Do you think she gave this to Mary, it's just a bite.
You didn't go outside, right? So you're fine.
As far as we know.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
I won't let it.
Okay? I'm gonna go get you some bandages.
Sit tight.
[ominous music] Mary, we need to do inventory while they barricade the doors.
We have to get to the cafeteria.
What are you doing? Hey.
Uh Found it.
I'm not feeling very good.
- Should we be worried? - No.
Um, it's just a small fever, that's all.
Seriously, I can just sleep it off.
Since when does a fever need hydrogen peroxide? Since when do you care? No, those go in this row.
See? Corn goes with corn.
So that's 53 cans for all of us.
No, your count is off.
It's, uh, 51 cans.
But that should still last us until we get rescued.
Depending on who finds us first.
Are you okay? Yeah, I just I'm just hungry.
Do you have any more soup? Soup.
Yeah, like the kind that you had earlier, the chicken and rice? Rice? Um But that was over five hours ago.
How did you know? I smelled it on your breath.
Is that, like, some party trick you do, or are you part bloodhound? - I don't know.
I - It's okay.
We're in the worst situation of our lives.
You're not the only one who's sensitive, clearly.
[eerie music] You working on the radio? Nice work.
Any progress? We have a signal.
Now we just need to get someone to hear us.
What's this? Our medical inventory.
And that is all the shit Grover took.
He doesn't strike me as much of a doctor.
He have a reason? Well, he said he had a fever.
Or he wanted to be with you.
He seemed off his game, though.
You seem fairly on your game.
- I mean, for - For a detention train wreck? Your words, not mine.
So you were in for vandalism.
See, I kill computer nerds.
More than one? Just the curious ones.
This is Kent High School.
We are nine survivors.
Anyone read? Repeat.
All right, Mary, I got the stuff.
Mary? Oh, crap.
Okay, now's not really the time.
That's not it.
There's a problem.
Okay, there are, like, 100 problems.
Not like this.
Okay, how much more do you have? Less than a day.
[lights humming] Hey, look.
It's Mary.
Hey, Noodle.
Hey, Mary.
I see you have a companion.
From Mrs.
Schere's room? He must be really hungry.
Yes, he is.
Aren't you? Very hungry.
Still on the night watch? Yeah.
Still foggy as hell.
You look dazed.
Did you get in my locker? Uh, no.
I I just I have a headache.
That sucks.
I need to lay down.
All right.
Say good night, Mr.
"Good night, Mary.
" Night, Mr.
[ominous music] [man breathing heavily] [grunts] [thud] Hey.
What are you doing? Mary, what happened? Nothing.
Let's get you bandaged.
I'm gonna die, aren't I? No, you're not.
Look, all we know is you've got a bite.
It's a small but gnarly bite.
It could all just be an infection.
What are you gonna do if I change? You can't think like that.
I can already feel it happening.
Natalie had soup this morning, and somehow I knew.
Let me guess, you smelled it on her breath? [scoffs] Hey, you're still warm.
I'ma go get you some water.
You need something else? Tastykake? [chuckles] Tastykake.
All right.
I'll see if there's one left.
Just relax.
[gasps] Hungry? I realize it's not a free-for-all, but this is not what you think.
You know what I think? I think you've been stealing food.
It's not that much.
You don't have to take it all.
Seriously? What is this? Like like, ten cans? I can explain.
I have a doctor-prescribed calorie intake.
Yeah, 'cause there's two of you to feed.
How far along are you? Eight months.
Please, you can't tell anyone.
You can't do this on your own.
Look around you.
No one is gonna help, not now.
All they're gonna see is a big mistake.
- It's not a mistake.
- Trust me, this was.
I haven't even told my own parents about it.
We all have secrets.
You sure know how to treat a girl.
Are you following me? Or your evil twin.
What's that supposed to mean? I mean, you're usually not a dick.
This may come as a shock to you, but my world does not revolve around you.
Do you read? Mayday.
Damn it.
All right, it's done.
Boarded up all the ways in.
Any luck? We still here, ain't we? You mean despite all your technical wizardry? If the freaks get in, I can still outrun you.
Don't forget that.
Here's our tally of food.
We have enough to last for a while.
Quantify "a while.
" With careful rationing, just under two weeks.
We won't last that long.
They know we're in here.
The freaks? Yeah, I didn't notice any.
You have to know where to look.
They hide in the haze, but they're coming.
They're trying to get in.
Let 'em try.
Your strength won't be enough.
They know where you're hiding.
They can sense things that we don't.
Okay, this freshman chick's really freaking me out.
Yeah, I'm not worried.
They can't even get through the shelter doors.
Not yet.
I don't scare that easily.
Yes, you do.
You're a pretender.
Did I pretend to build a radio? They can smell your fear.
What about you? How long do you think you'll last? Uh, I'm gonna say it now.
That girl is high as Funny.
I was thinking the same thing.
Better keep an eye on Mary.
[somber violin melody] [ominous music] Why are you looking at me like that? Are you okay? I don't like you.
So get in line.
You use boys.
And who are you to judge? You don't know me.
My brother's one of a kind.
Do you understand me? He is not a toy.
He's gentle, and he is sweet, and you better treat him that way.
I'm not even with your brother.
You look after him.
You take care of him.
Or I will hunt you down.
Do you understand me? I don't know what your damage is, but we're all doing our best here.
[static crackling] MAN OVER RADIO: Keyword.
Flash point Zulu.
MAN OVER RADIO: Welcome back, Zulu.
I heard you were stashing meds.
Is that true? Violet.
Yeah, she was worried.
So are we.
I wasn't stashing anything.
I went to the medic's office because I was feeling sick.
You don't like sick.
Your sister was worried too.
She just went off the deep end on all of us.
Said we was gonna die.
Wait, she did? Yeah, she did.
What aren't you telling us? There's nothing.
We're all good here.
What are you hiding? You will get your meds back, but you need to get out of my way right now.
Ugh! My counselor said I don't respond well to threats.
He has a point.
[thuds] Easy.
Come on, man, let him go.
[violin strings screeching] Mary? - Oh, my God.
- I don't know what happened.
I knew every note before.
Grover, what's happening? You can't tell them about this.
They're gonna want to lock me up.
I'm not gonna tell any of the others, but, Mary, they're starting to ask questions, - and I can't do anything about it - Well, then stall! You have to tell that Tell them that I'm resting.
Buy us time, please.
But don't move.
I don't know.
The codes were set.
Tell 'em the codes were set.
Something's up.
[indistinct voices overlapping] [voices intensify] Somehow they knew.
Valhalla knew, and they're still operational.
Hey! Wait.
Hold on.
Mary! I can explain.
Where are you? [clatter] [dramatic flourish] [grunting] Hey, what the hell are you doing? Stop, Mary.
He's been in there for, like, an hour.
If you ask me, he shouldn't even come out.
No one asked you.
If she can get sick from freaks, that means we can get sick from her.
I say we lock her up and save the whole pack.
She's right.
It's not safe.
What, like she's some animal? She's still a human being, just like Addie was, just like all of them were.
She's no threat to us.
- Even if she turns, she - You mean when.
When she turns, Mary can't leave that room.
Look, I hate to admit it, but he's right.
I mean, look at her.
She's a threat to all of us.
Not to Grover.
Grover will do anything he can to save her.
That's exactly why we can't trust him.
Dude, at least he cares about her.
Which is exactly why we should trust him.
Then why didn't he tell us about her? Why did he hide her from us? Because I have a sinking feeling we're gonna figure that out the hard way.
Mary? Mary, I'm here for you.
[moaning softly] Say something.
Kill me.
Anyone want some more peas? Grover come down yet? What do you think? He knows we're pissed at him.
Rightfully so.
This isn't easy for him either.
This isn't easy for any of us.
This has been delightful.
Got to get moving.
[gentle acoustic guitar music] You should come eat.
I did everything that I could.
There's just too many of 'em.
This is not your fault.
But hiding her I did what I had to do.
Let her sleep, Grover.
Come down and eat.
[sniffles] I can't stop thinking about her.
About Addie.
Doesn't feel real.
I can almost hear her voice.
She had so much trust in me.
And I let her down.
No negative thinking.
That's what coach said.
It's like that quote.
"When you're going through hell, just keep going.
" I don't think we have a choice.
We should probably get some sleep.
[ominous music] [snarls]