Freakish (2016) s01e05 Episode Script


1 MAN: Previously, on "Freakish" WOMAN: That thing killed Noodle.
It ripped him up and it drank his blood.
- It has to die.
- [growling] - LeSean: There's a problem.
- Okay, there are like 100 problems.
Not like this.
- Hey, how much more do you have? - Less than a day.
He's torturing my sister! We kept your sister alive so we could survive.
If it were me in that cage I know what I'd want.
I'm so sorry.
[eerie music] Jesus! Dude, it's just me.
- Yeah, why are you sneaking up on me? - I'm not "Sneaking up" on anyone.
I'll leave.
[sighs] Wait.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't really expecting anyone down here.
I just came down here to see if everything's okay.
She told me to kill her before she hurt somebody.
[screams] [growling] Nobody could do that.
We both know there are people here that could do that.
Barrett's a douche.
[growling] [sniffing] I can't let this go on.
[suspenseful music] Help me end this.
Lost and found is my new favorite shopping destination.
[LeSean sighing] You okay? LeSean? [sighing] Can I do anything to help? [door opening] [suspenseful music] LeSean, are you okay? [dramatic music] - What's going on? - We got to get out of here.
No, won't you tell me what's wrong.
LeSean! Hey, hey.
Hey, LeSean.
- Stop.
Tell me, what's with you? - Baby, they're inside.
- Who's inside? - Noodle, the others they're in here.
- We got to get out! - Hey! Did the right thing.
I hope so.
Ah! [grunting] I think he's seeing things.
We got to get out! - It's not safe! - [grunting] He thinks the freaks are in here.
Yeah, there will be freaks in here if he doesn't stop.
We're gonna die! We got to get out of here! Go, go! Get him! I got this.
Come on, quick.
Give me the board.
- [growling] - Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
[Man growling] - Mary is loose again.
- No kidding.
- Well - [drill whirring] - [growling] - She was our only chance to learn more about them, and you let her go.
Maybe you need to take a step back and let us finish this before somebody gets hurt.
[scoffs] [grunts] Are you nuts? [panting] Don't try to stop me.
[grunting] I can't let you through that door.
Is he okay? I have never messed somebody up like this, where it lasted.
This isn't from getting punched.
- You can't know that.
- Actually, I can.
- Was he bitten? - No.
- Or exposed to the air outside? - He's not changing, stupid.
- I am simply trying - Shut up, Barrett.
Guys! Zoe, if he's not morphing, then please, tell us what he is doing.
He needs insulin.
He's diabetic? Oh, my c He might have been hallucinating.
That can happen in the later stages.
And you know this how? I did an anatomy project on diabetes.
He said this can happen if it gets really bad.
Great, just great.
This would've been nice to know a little bit sooner.
You're one to talk about informing the group of an issue.
So, he's got how long? One, two days? - More like hours, maybe.
- Don't say that.
There's a thousand students in this school.
A thousand lockers.
Teachers' desks.
There's got to be insulin around here somewhere.
We will find it for him.
If we don't, he'll die.
Need any help? Not from you.
I'm sorry I voted with Barrett.
You voted against Mary.
And someday, I'll explain why I did what I did.
You know, if you feel so bad about it, tell me now.
I can't.
Violet, you know Barrett.
He doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.
Trust me, I know firsthand how low Barrett can be.
Yet you decided to vote with him.
- Stop! He made me vote for him.
- Made you? I was there.
He didn't make you do anything.
There are other ways to force people to do what you want.
So he has something on you.
- I can't say.
- You Don't worry about it.
I don't know why I expect anything more from you.
We've known each other less than a week.
You don't owe me anything, and you didn't know Mary.
Grover, it's not that simple.
It is that simple! You had a choice to protect yourself, or to let somebody else get hurt.
And you chose wrong.
I'm so glad you're feeling better.
I've missed you.
[sighs] I see.
Hey, you want to do this here? - Absolutely.
- This is a lot.
I know I am.
[suspenseful music] You should not let her do that.
- Why not? - Dude, look at her.
[growls] Wait.
I got this one.
I know the combination.
Well, if it's yours, why are we checking it? It's not mine.
Look, man, I know this is harsh, but we don't have time for a pity party right now.
We got to find insulin.
Merry Christmas to me.
We should finish up.
Straight, huh? To Mary and Lyle.
- [gagging and coughing] - [chuckles] Ugh.
Ah Lyle would think that was hilarious.
Yeah so would Mary.
Lay your head back.
You got to save your strength.
We're dying.
Nobody's dying.
[suspenseful music] You're nurturing.
My boyfriend's sick.
Of course I'm taking care of him.
This is the girls' bathroom.
I know.
If you were doing anything but getting water for LeSean, I'd give you your privacy.
You take care of your brothers too.
That's not creepy at all that you know about my brothers.
You mentioned them in the lobby after the explosion.
You were worried your mother wouldn't be able to calm them.
Yeah, we're not talking about my family.
Can anybody out there hear me? Mayday.
I'm at Kent High School.
[gasps] You startled me.
Doesn't seem to be reaching anyone.
I may have to admit all I've managed to fabricate is a machine that makes static.
[dramatic music] Go, baby, take a little sip.
LeSean? Hey, wake up.
Hey, hey, stay with me.
[gasps] Stay with me.
Somebody help! Hey please - What's wrong? - He's not waking up.
LeSean? - [sobbing] - LeSean, come on.
- Wake up.
- What's happening? He's going into a coma, which is what happens.
Near the end.
It's what happens near the end.
Say it.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
[sobbing] I can't lose him.
I Lyle's mom had diabetes.
Lost her foot.
Sounds awful.
You knew him a long time? Yeah, since we were seven.
His dad used to work at my dad's garage.
[chuckles] Your dad - I can't even picture Lyle as a kid.
- [both chuckle] Yeah, he was a little shit.
You didn't find anything on this floor, I take it.
DIESEL: Nope, just a whole bunch of rotten food.
Oh, and the girl who was into, uh, unicorns likes vodka.
[suspenseful music] LeSean is getting worse.
Then there's not much time.
[sighs] Did you find anything? No.
[eerie music] Everything okay? GROVER: Yeah.
Mary liked likes Liked? Airplanes.
Real ones too? Thanks.
She liked taking trips.
She always wanted a job where she could travel a lot.
Like a diplomat? Or a pilot.
Or a salesperson.
Or a professional musician.
And pro hockey.
She seemed like someone who could do just about anything.
I'm sorry about what happened.
It's weird.
So many people might be dead.
But somehow, thinking of her as a freak is just so much worse.
I get it.
I can't even picture Addy like that.
I mean, they're not dead, but they're not gone, either.
I keep hoping there's a cure.
Me too.
[clicking] BARRETT: He'll need more soon enough.
[dramatic music] You going outside? I want to feel the air.
You got to open the doors to go outside.
I know.
Can't stay in here.
Go ahead.
Try and get out.
[growling] ZOE: His heartbeat's really weak.
[sighs] I'm gonna go check the gym lockers.
Natalie and Violet already did that.
Then I'm gonna go check the nurse's office.
We know there's none there.
Okay, then I'm going outside to a drug store.
I understand why you're upset, but acting impetuously - solves nothing.
- I can't just do nothing.
This isn't necessary.
My point is, you don't have to search for insulin.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that's so great.
Where where'd you find it? Principal Mitchell's office.
Why didn't you say something sooner? I wanted to tell you when we were alone.
I I don't understand.
There isn't really anything to understand.
- What do you want for it? - Excuse me? What do you want for it? A "Thank you" will do.
How am I supposed to thank you? I must admit, I'm a bit taken aback.
Dude, just answer the question? I don't know if your reaction is a reflection on how you see me, or you see yourself.
- Either way, it's distressing.
- Stop talking like that and just give me the pen.
I knew you didn't care for me.
But to think me capable of taking advantage of you, or for you to see yourself as something to be bartered, like an object, I think you're underestimating both of us.
All I wanted was to help you and LeSean.
Thank you.
Go help your boyfriend.
[dramatic music] Hey.
I was worried.
[sighs] I thought I lost you.
[light rock music] I give you warm canned cheese.
- MAN: Ooh.
- MAN: Oh, that's my favorite.
- And chips.
- GROVER: Chips? - NATALIE: I improvised.
- All right.
SONG: ring around your finger Buy a bulletproof vest - Pretty good.
- I mean, best waffle chip I ever had.
I brought a little something extra.
- Ooh, nice.
- LESEAN: Hey.
Thank you, Diesel.
Don't thank me.
Thank the unicorn chick.
[laughter] - I'd like to make a toast.
- Here, here.
To Barrett.
You and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye.
I decided I didn't like you before I knew you.
You and me both.
LESEAN: But I owe you my life.
Thank you.
To Barrett.
- To Barrett.
- To Barrett.
I would also like to make a toast.
To everybody who we've lost.
And all the others.
[dramatic music] One thing about being stuck here is that there's no normal.
There are no funerals.
No memorials.
But we will do right by them.
And we will remember them.
[marker scraping] My brothers are four years old.
Cute age.
You like kids? They're interesting.
They see the world completely new.
When my brother Patrick first felt rain, he[laughs] Completely freaked out.
[laughs] He thought angels were crying or something like that? He thought it wasn't gonna stop, and we were all gonna drown.
See? Interesting.
Um I'm gonna go check on LeSean.
So where did you find this insulin? In Principal Mitchell's fridge.
Really? You didn't tell me you found anything when you were in his office.
I hadn't when I talked to you.
Well, thank God you did.
[dramatic music] [giggling] Stop it.
- You'd like a nice, tight, two-shot? - No! [both laugh] - Hmm? - No! I need to apologize to you guys.
Yeah? [sighs] I'm sorry that I didn't tell anybody that Mary was bitten.
I don't really know if I knew she was gonna turn into a freak, and I didn't want to admit it, or I just hoped she wouldn't, and if I didn't say anything, it would all get better.
I get that.
I'm so sorry about what she did to Noodle, man.
That's not your fault.
Guys, we got a problem.
Oh, God.
What? The water's out.
[dramatic music] Everywhere.