Freakish (2016) s01e06 Episode Script


1 WOMAN: Previously, on "Freakish" - Who the hell are you? - Grover.
Grover Jones.
And why would you show up to Saturday detention when you don't have to? - Was he bitten? - No.
He needs insulin.
There's got to be insulin around here somewhere.
- We will find it for him.
- If we don't, he'll die.
How long are you gonna keep this up? The snark, the bitch face.
If I was giving you a bitch face, you'd know it.
How far along are you? Please, you can't tell anyone.
- Guys, we got a problem.
- Oh, God.
What? The water's out.
[eerie music] GROVER: Always wanted to do that.
[chuckles] I found these in the basement next to the boiler room.
Maybe there's something about the plumbing we can fix.
I already checked for clogs and leaks everywhere.
Well, maybe there's something else going on.
Can you read this? It's easier than an engine schematic.
[suspenseful music] Okay.
Seven people.
If we're careful, we'll have enough fluids to last us a couple of days.
There's always the toilet.
I'm not drinking out of a toilet.
We'll deplete our other sources first.
Zoe Parker: diva.
I'm a diva because I don't want to drink toilet water? You seem to have made a full recovery.
Close enough.
So how long will the insulin you have last? Longer than the water.
DIESEL: This is the pipe into the building right here.
VIOLET: And you're sure there's no place else? DIESEL: Positive.
See, the problem's outside.
It's probably like a broken water main somewhere, or a pumping station that's been messed up.
So we can't fix the water from in here.
- We have another option.
- Yeah? When they built the fallout shelter, they stocked it with gas masks.
And that's good why? Because it means we can get the masks and the tanks and get out of here.
If they're still there.
NATALIE: 50 years later.
That's a big "if.
" How are we gonna get the masks and the tanks if the shelter's filled with freaks.
Just need to figure out a way to get past them.
We know they're afraid of fire.
We can rig flamethrowers somehow and scare the freaks back.
- Flamethrowers? - That could work.
Come on, we can't use a flamethrower.
It's gonna set off the entire school.
I know what we do.
We gas them.
Um, just so you know, a gas that kills freaks will also kill anyone that goes into the shelter to get the masks.
Well, we're not going to kill them.
We're going to put them to sleep long enough for us to get inside.
We don't have any sleeping gas around.
Well, I can make some.
You may have heard I'm good with chemicals.
My plan is more reliable.
Try more likely to get out of control.
You're one to talk about a plan getting out of control.
If there's something you need to say, go ahead and say it.
Do you really want that? VIOLET: I want what's best for this group.
And my idea is our best shot.
So I'm not backing down.
No matter what you have to say.
[suspenseful music] You stood up to Barrett.
And he kept his mouth shut.
So is your secret safe with him? Is he gonna tell anyone? He's just waiting to use it for maximum damage.
- Well, you did the right thing.
- For once.
I'm sorry.
About Mary.
About letting you down.
We've all done things in here we regret.
I need some zip ties to pick the locks in the chemistry lab.
Of course she knows how to pick a lock.
[snorts] What is that supposed to mean? I'm a felon? Ah, you've just got layers, that's all.
Mm, of my criminal past? There's a lot more to you than just that.
We're good.
You think your plan's gonna work? Oh, you mean the plan that I have that is so vague I don't know which gas to make? Or if I have the supplies to make it? And a way to dispense it so it does work? That's the one.
Of course it'll work.
Repeat: we are out of water.
Situation is urgent.
Need immediate assistance.
[static crackling] MAN: Copy that.
We'll consider action.
We're past the point of considering anything.
- [static crackling] - MAN: The matter is out of our hands.
We are not able to assist.
[dramatic music] I'm pretty sure we'll find all these things in the chemistry lab.
We were, uh, supposed to have a history test today.
- Really? - Mm hmm.
- Would you have passed? - Probably.
- What was it on? - Not a clue.
- But you would have passed.
- It's my gift.
Ha, what, bullshitting? - [growling] - Shit! Move! [grunting] Give me a rope! Anything! Come on, give me a chain, anything.
Ah! - [roaring] - What are you doing? I'm getting your belt, stupid.
Hold it.
Hold it! [growling] [dramatic music] Get it? Ah! Okay.
So let me get this straight.
The chemicals that we need to live are in there? [growling] Yup.
That's great.
[growling] So there's this plan.
[beeping] [sighs] So there's this plan for me to climb through some vents because there are freaks blocking the halls.
To get to the chemical lab, to get the chemicals that we need.
And apparently, I'm the only one small enough and athletic enough to help our little chemical queen.
I am completely terrified.
Like, everybody's expecting me to fail.
Including me.
[suspenseful music] My battery's gonna die.
[sighs] One thing about an apocalypse: everybody brought their phones, but nobody thought to bring a charger.
- [sighs] - [phone beeps] I'm not too happy about Zoe doing this.
You worried about her? Just the type that won't help Violet if things turn to shit.
Zoe'll come through.
You sticking up for her? Don't you two have a thing? She has one against me.
Yeah, well, it must be pretty bad blood if you two can't get along right at the end of the world.
[grunting] - Hmm.
Go Cougars.
- Just don't say anything.
- I should be the one going.
- You won't fit.
I'd be going too, but I'm too big.
I can go by myself.
She's right; there's no point in risking more than one person.
- Nah, you need backup.
- Yeah, reliable backup.
Just so you know, I trained in gymnastics for half my life.
Oh, fabulous.
If we need a great cartwheel, - I'll let you know.
- Okay.
- We're all nervous, here.
- Look, it's nothing personal, but this is not going to be easy.
Will you be able to stay calm if things go bad? [sighs] I guess we'll find out.
I'll be back.
- Let's go.
- [dramatic music] Ah.
[grunting] [grunts] - How many do you think are down there? - I don't know.
We just need to be fast and quiet.
[grunts] Shh.
[panting] - Looks empty.
- Is the door shut? It's open.
[whispers] Oh, shit.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I meant by "quiet.
" Oh, thank you, Captain Obvious.
I didn't mean to do it.
[sighs] [suspenseful music] [wood clatters] [grunts] Hey, we found a phone charger.
- What? - Run.
- [growling] - [gasping] - [growling] - Ah! [growling] [dramatic music] - [growling] - [screaming] [panting] - [growling] - [gasping] Violet! [growling] Ah.
[gasping] [gasps] We got to get out of here.
Help me get the stuff.
[choking] [dramatic music] Is this your blood? Are you are you bitten? No.
We killed one.
- You okay? Are you hurt? - I think we're okay.
Did you get what you need? Shit.
[sighs] We got it.
[sighs] Look at you, all Wonder Woman.
And you didn't think I could do it.
I was with you when we got attacked.
You went all shrieky on me.
Shrieky? Look, you know what I mean.
Don't get mad.
I'm not mad.
Nobody thought you could do it.
Well, I did.
You did.
So now you know.
Now I know.
I'm kind of a badass.
Kind of a badass.
[swelling orchestral music] [grunting] [growling] [pensive music] I was really worried about you when you went to the science wing.
You and everybody else.
I was worried because I realized if I lost you, I'd always regret never being able to tell you how sorry I am for what I did.
[snorts] You haven't exactly acted sorry.
I didn't think it would end that badly.
It seemed kind of fun.
And a little dangerous to sneak some booze.
You abandoned me.
In a car stuck on a median.
- I got scared.
- I got taken home by the cops.
Part of why I got scared.
Your mom acted appalled that my mom would even suggest that you had something to do with it.
She said she should have raised me better.
I was a jerk.
And I was terrified by what my parents might say, but that doesn't matter.
What matters is, I'm sorry, because you deserved better.
I don't want to be mad at you anymore.
You don't have to be.
I know I need a friend now more than ever.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
Nat? [suspenseful music] GROVER: Here.
Said you needed some water.
- Thanks.
- GROVER: Yeah.
So we have this much less to drink? That's Barrett's ration.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
You didn't.
He said he redivided and redistributed to what would be most advantageous for our survival.
[both chuckling] [laughing] I can so see your mom just thinking you're eating too much.
- She told me my face was getting full.
- Hmm.
She didn't want you to ruin her campaign photos.
- It's almost like you know her.
- [chuckling] God.
You're always under so much pressure to be perfect.
So are you.
I would freak out if I got pregnant.
I was in denial for a long time.
Of course.
I just didn't want anyone thinking less of me or be gleeful that the uptight girl messed up.
You're not your mother, Natalie.
You can handle people seeing you as less than perfect.
You just compared me to my mother.
You don't like asking for help.
But in here? We all need each other's help.
[soft music] [sighs] GROVER: Hey, did you know Mr.
Machus had an affair with Miss Green? - Ew.
- And Miss Martinez.
At the same time? Apparently Miss Martinez was not too happy about it.
You remember when Miss Drake had to take time off of school for rehab after her "surgery"? Yeah, we had a sub for, like, a month.
Well, apparently it wasn't that kind of rehab.
Wait, you had Miss Drake? Yeah.
Miss Drake teaches ballroom dance.
I had a P.
requirement, and it fit my schedule.
I mean, look, you got a lot of layers, but ballroom dance? Oh, okay, and here I was thinking you were so great because you didn't pressure me about what Barrett had on me, and yet here you go getting all judgy about what so happens to be a very elegant form of expression.
There's no judgment.
I guess I shouldn't knock something I've never tried before just 'cause I was born in the last century.
Yeah, I see where this is going.
[phone clicking] ["Shallow Seas" by Chris Koza] Nope.
That's definitely not where this is going.
Yeah, and I have about 20 minutes to let that solution separate.
[tender string music] Are you seriously going to leave a lady hanging? Give me your hand.
- Okay.
- And give me this hand.
- [chuckles] - Okay, now follow my feet.
So, uh, you know how, uh, some people are born with two left feet? I was born with three.
- Had one removed at birth.
- First lesson? Be quiet.
- Ah.
- And use your right foot.
- [snickers] - Oh, I'm sorry.
[both laughing] Well, that's great.
Pregnant lady needs more water than the rest of us.
Ah, thank you, but I really don't.
Do you have any special needs we need to be aware of? Not really.
- Naps? I don't know.
- [laughing] Why'd you tell everybody now? Because I was just tired of hiding something about myself.
MAN: Your eyes [laughter] You can look however you want Can sun till you're bronze You can dress like a boy You can dance like a freak You can stay up for days You can sleep until three Wear your shoes on the bed You can answer your phone In a curious voice Burn all of your clothes [pounding] [dramatic music] MAN: [grunting]