Freakish (2016) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Man: Previously, on "Freakish" We don't have any sleeping gas around.
Well, I can make some.
I can go by myself.
There's no point in risking more than one person.
Just so you know, I trained in gymnastics for half my life.
Violet! - [growling] - Ah! Did you get what you need? [sighs] We got it.
[gasping] I think you used the chemicals to make a thermite bomb.
And what are you suggesting? Only that you might have been responsible for the entire disaster.
[equipment rattling] Lesean: These are way too loud.
They'll wake up every freak in the shelter.
Yeah, let's hope they're all asleep.
So our lives depend on knockout gas made by Violet Adams? Pretty much.
We are so dead.
I said I'm not thirsty.
Come on.
Drink up.
How much do you have left? [chuckles] That's about it.
Natalie: Thank you.
[eerie music] To think we're the lucky ones.
Zoe: That's it? That's the knockout gas? Ether.
It's strong shit.
So we chuck that into the shelter? Violet: It evaporates, and the freaks go down.
Yeah, so do we.
No, the gas is heavier than the air, so we wait for the freaks to fall asleep, the ether will settle, and then we'll go inside and get the masks.
Simple enough.
- There has to be a better way.
- Violet: Oh, sure, we die of thirst.
All right, let's get the others.
We need to pick who's doing this.
[eerie music] [door thumping] Freak: [growling] [eerie music] I am telling you, we have nothing, no water, no way out.
Man: Your situation is unfortunate.
Barrett: There's got to be some way, any way.
You've got to help us.
Man: No, Zulu, it's too risky.
Damn it.
[radio static] Mayday, we are seven survivors at Kent High School.
Do you read? Woman: Copy, Kent High Mayday.
- Woman: Copy - [radio static] Grover: Holy shit.
You've been in contact with somebody.
- I know.
Someone heard us.
- How long has it been working? What? I-I-I Come on.
Come on.
- Barrett: Hey.
- Grover: Let's go.
Barrett here's been in contact with somebody.
- You're kidding.
- Barrett: No, I-I just fixed it.
I was asking for help, and I got someone Shut up.
- What'd he do? - Barrett: I got someone on the Grover: Stop talking.
I walked in, and he was talking to somebody on the radio, somebody that he knew.
[scoffs] What should we do with him? Zoe: Um, we listen.
He just said he found help.
I heard you talking to someone earlier.
You misunderstood what you thought you heard me Diesel: Who was it? Barrett: I am telling you, I am just trying to help us.
We don't need your help.
Oh, my God.
I forgot.
You made vodka.
We're all safe.
Oh, it's stronger than you think.
It's a potion.
You honestly believe a bunch of genetic freaks are just gonna sniff that and s s Warn me? I'm thinking it works.
I'm fine.
I'm just dizzy.
Just drink some.
How long till he wakes up? Violet: Based on molarity, evaporation rate, 20 minutes.
Diesel: So she says.
This was careless.
You know, we're not you're guinea pigs.
Lesean: She just meant to get Barrett.
He had it coming.
I hope I didn't.
The point is, you lost your temper.
It was risky and at Diesel's expense.
I screwed up, okay? My bad.
Hey, why are you so upset? Well, apparently, I have a temper.
- It was a mistake.
- Wouldn't be my first.
I can't keep doing this.
Doing what? Just losing my shit.
[tense music] Whoever finds this, my name is Violet Adams, and everything that happened, the explosion at the plant, the whole disaster, it was all my fault.
I swear I'm not the genocidal type.
I was just trying to blow up a car The cherry red pickup of a cheating asshole who worked at the plant.
No, Zane, if you think you can use me and get away with it, you may want to look out at the parking lot.
It doesn't matter.
I did this.
I'm responsible for all of it.
And I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
[camera beeps] Grover: All right, it's time to dance.
- Who's in? - Lesean: Pair us up.
Diesel's messed up.
Okay, that leaves us four.
We only need three.
Me, you, and Violet.
I I fought them before.
I can do it again.
It's cool.
You don't want to do this.
- I just said that I did.
- Lesean: Look, baby, just Zoe: Okay, I get what you're trying to say, but who just got all the chemicals? Lesean: Exactly.
You just took a huge risk.
- With Violet.
- Lesean: Violet knows about the ether; you don't.
Just relax.
Could you have a little faith in me? Violet: Look, we got this.
It's okay.
Zoe: Fine.
I'll be with Natalie.
Look, the bottle needs to be thrown in the dead center of the room 20 feet in.
If only we had an all-state point guard.
I don't know about this.
Grover: Hey, you got this.
Come on.
[tense music] On three.
One two three.
Freak: [growling] [gasping] [door thumping] Diesel: Who was on the radio, asshole? Natalie: Mayday.
Any luck? It's just static.
Whoever he was talking to, they're not answering.
You're not going in? I wanted to go, but Lesean tried to talk me out of it.
Well, I'm sure he was just trying to protect you.
I don't need saving.
Natalie: You're cheer captain.
You can run a 40 in, like, 2 seconds.
He knows that.
He doesn't.
No, I just fought a freak, and he still treats me like a diva.
You don't think he respects you? He worships me.
Yeah, it's not the same thing.
Zoe: Yeah, I know.
It got real quiet real fast.
Lesean, check the boxes in the back.
Grover, check the storage to the left.
I'll watch the door.
Grover: We get in, we get the masks, we get out as fast as we can.
The ether sinks to the ground, so do not go low.
If anything happens, you have to close that door.
I'll know what to do.
[suspenseful music] Grover: Let's go.
[groaning] Oh, shit.
Natalie, Zoe, it's Barrett.
- He's moving.
- Natalie: What? Zoe: Oh, shit.
Diesel: I thought she said it would last 20 minutes.
Natalie: The freaks in the fallout shelter are gonna start waking up.
Violet's timing is way off.
I have to warn them.
Zoe: Wait.
[tense music] Shh.
[gasping] Violet.
- Barrett's waking up right now.
- He can't be.
- Stay here.
- Natalie: No, Violet.
- Don't don't - Violet: Guys we got to go to.
We need to get out now.
Freaks: [groaning] Grover, where are you? Grover.
Lesean: Yo, we got to go, Violet.
- Not without Grover.
- Lesean: We got to go, Violet.
Violet: Not without Grover.
Freaks: [growling] Violet: He must have been knocked out.
- Or worse.
- Natalie: Oh, my God.
They're gonna kill him.
We can't leave him in there.
Lesean: We don't have a choice.
- This is all my fault.
- No, it's not.
Don't think like that.
Violet: What am I supposed to think? We could have done something.
Freaks: [growling] - Barrett: [groaning] - Zoe: Hey.
Hey, easy, easy.
You're okay.
Okay, come on.
Just show us the radio.
[radio static] I swear they were on this frequency before.
- Yeah? And what did the say? - Barrett: Not much.
All I heard was "Copy, Kent High.
" Diesel: And who were you talking to before that? - We don't know that he was.
- Diesel: That's what Grover said.
Barrett: Grover overreacted.
- Yeah - [light thump] [tense music] What? Did you hear that? [light thumping] I hope to God that's a rat.
[light thumping] Diesel: Sounds like it's coming from the lobby.
[loud thump] Give me your phone.
Zoe: Be careful.
[suspenseful music] What do you see? Nothing.
- Could've just been a - Freak: [growls] Shit.
Ugh! [growls] Zoe: Ahh! [growling] Diesel: Augh! Augh! [growling] [tense music] Wait.
Did he get you? No.
No, it didn't go through.
We can't stay in here forever.
Stay here.
What? Freaks: [growling] [growling] [grunts] Help! Help! Violet: We have to do something.
- They're afraid of fire, right? - No, the gas will explode.
And we'll kill him too.
Grover: Help! - Natalie: Guys, listen.
- Grover: Help! Help! Open the door! Natalie: He's awake.
[whimpers] Help! Help! Come on! Let's go! Hurry! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! They're killing him.
We need to do something.
Natalie: Violet, yes, the only way we save him is if we make a plan, so what do we do? - I got an idea.
- Violet: Is it any good? Probably not.
Come on.
Freaks: [growling] Violet: [grunting] Grover: Come on.
Come on.
This seriously better work.
So did you get through to anyone on the radio? Barrett: Maybe.
Reception was spotty.
It's a start.
Why weren't you more up front with it earlier? No use.
People just want to see my fail.
Zoe: No, people expect the most out of you, because you can do the most out of any of us.
Barrett: Maybe.
But no one has my back.
That's not true.
Barrett: It's easy for you to say.
At least you have Lesean.
[rattling noise] - Diesel: The hallway's clear.
- Oh, my God.
What are y'all staring at? Come on.
We need to find everyone else.
[suspenseful music] Guys.
- Oh, we have to get out of here.
- [rattling noise] [growling] That way.
Freak: [growling] BOTH: [grunting] Freak: Augh! Barrett: What just happened? I just did that.
That was badass.
ALL: Hey.
Grover: Boom.
Diesel: Seven, the spoils of victory.
Natalie: And our best shot of getting out of here.
Lesean: Yeah, well, you don't understand.
This dude had no chance.
Violet: Seriously, no chance.
Lesean: Like, he just came up.
It was, like like Lazarus.
Like a phoenix.
[laughter] - Speech.
- Violet: Yeah, speech.
ALL: Speech.
Um, I can honestly say I've never felt so lucky And so scared shitless in my entire life.
[laughter] Lesean: Baby, why you hiding in here? Zoe: I wanted some privacy.
From me? From everybody.
Want to talk about why? - I saved Barrett's life today.
- I know.
He's telling everyone.
- He said you fought like a champion.
- You don't get it.
I killed somebody today.
- Baby, it was a freak.
- Two days ago, it was a human being.
Two days ago, they all were.
[sniffs] - Come here.
- Zoe: No.
I just need to be alone.
Barrett: Keep checking.
[silently] I'm so glad you're still here.
The hell? Violet: What? What is it? Diesel: These filters are all shot, rotted out.
What? Yeah, look.
These are all useless.
All of them except this one.
So only one of us can leave.
[tense music] So who goes? [eerie music]