Freakish (2016) s02e03 Episode Script


1 ZOE: Previously on "Freakish" I would like to make a toast to everybody we've lost.
VIOLET: We will remember them.
NATALIE: Did you move this yourself? That's really sweet.
Thank you.
Look, I don't think you realize the kind of person I am.
None of it matters.
I know you now.
ZANE: Hey, you guys can come out.
It's safe.
So all of you guys have been here since the explosion? - Where have you been staying? - The high school.
- We have nowhere else to go.
- Look.
We have a problem.
There are freaks at all the doors.
There's something wrong with LASHAWN.
I think it's gangrene.
The smell's drawing the freaks.
ALL: [GROWLING] - We need to do something.
- VOILET: Surgery would kill him.
- What about the rest of us? - You said it yourself; - those doors aren't gonna hold.
- Kill me.
Save Zoe.
[ZOE SOBBING] [SOMBER MUSIC] You don't have to do it if you're not ready.
LaShawn's name should be up there.
It just happened so fast.
I went to the cafeteria for, like, five minutes.
Just, like, five minutes, - and he was - Zoe.
I just can't stop thinking that I should have been there.
Maybe if I had been with him there was something I could have done, something I could have said.
There was nothing.
LaShawn's infection wasn't something we were equipped to handle.
If I'd thought of the antibiotic sooner.
LASHAWN was dying no matter what you did.
Be grateful he went fast and didn't suffer that long.
I got 'em.
I wasn't even rushing.
LASHAWN was dying, and I was taking my time loading up boxes of candy.
LASHAWN needed a hospital.
Even if you'd came back an hour earlier, the results would've been the same.
The pressing concern is the six people standing in our teachers' lounge.
You mean the survivors I came across.
They needed a place to stay.
So you thought you'd bring them here.
I wasn't gonna leave them in the drugstore.
We have limited resources, and we don't know them.
So you've been here at the school this whole time? Since the explosion? Where have you guys been? I was at the hardware store when it happened.
I warned people to stay inside, but people don't think straight sometimes.
Wasn't exactly a situation conducive to a calm reaction.
It was like living in your worst nightmare.
My nightmares are better than this.
You guys have a secure perimeter.
Are you a soldier or something? I work security at the plant.
You work for Keller? They could have grabbed my gun and taken off, but they didn't.
We brought back food and medicine, so supplies won't even be an issue.
They don't even have suits on.
For all we know, they're on the verge of turning.
They've been out there for days with just the masks.
Zane says whatever it is that makes people turn, - it has to be inhaled.
- Of course he said that.
- He wanted you to bring them here.
- Barrett, they're people.
They're just like us; they're people out there trying to survive.
Look, why don't you just come meet them? Did you know one of them works for Keller? [TENSE MUSIC] Now we know why they didn't take your gun.
They have their own.
[EERIE MUSIC] We all think we should keep the guns in one spot.
We'll keep our guns with us, thanks.
You never know when you're gonna run into a freak.
Look, this is our house, our rules.
I'm not letting someone who worked at Keller walk around this place armed.
Look, I check passes at the gate.
I had no part in whatever created those monsters.
How about the people Keller sent to kill us? - You know anything about them? - What? No.
Look, I sat at a kiosk all day.
This this is crazy.
Look, I bet more than half of you guys had relatives that worked at Keller.
Yeah, both of my parents do.
You see.
Grover, listen, if I wanted to kill you, why wouldn't I have just done it at the drugstore? [DOOR CLICKS OPEN] - Zane? - You two know each other? BOTH: Yeah.
- That's the psycho - That's the asshole - who made my life hell.
- who cheated on me.
[EERIE MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CLATTER] That belongs in the lobby.
I wanted a place to crash.
Okay, well, then crash on it, but in the lobby.
[LAUGHS] I'm not gonna sleep in a lobby.
No, no, you don't have to, okay? You can go downstairs with your friends and go to sleep in the fallout shelter.
Ollie, I think we've met the playground bully.
I'm just telling y'all how it is around here.
Are you a Kent, because if your name isn't on this school, you don't own it.
You realize we might need these people, right? No more than they'll need us.
- Hey.
- I'm not talking about this.
I'm not going anywhere near my ex.
You don't have to, but he works at Keller, and I need to know if he's dangerous.
Zane? Only if you're not expecting him to sleep around.
So I don't have to worry about him? Definitely not.
This is the men's restroom.
There was a line in the ladies'.
Apparently there always is.
I know you.
I read that profile "Forbes" did on you.
Or was it "Fortune"? About your app? You read "Fortune"? My dad's a venture capitalist.
There aren't many of those here in the Valley.
You don't mean Chase Bancroft, do you? - You know him? - Only by reputation.
You're really young to be so successful.
It must suck to be stuck in high school.
My mother thought the social interaction would be good for me.
[CHUCKLES] I can't believe someone as smart as you hasn't figured a way out of here yet.
I almost did.
I radioed for help, but it had unfortunate consequences.
More unfortunate than cannibal freaks? Keller Chemicals sent people to kill us.
We haven't seen anything like that.
Don't worry.
We've taken care of them for the time being.
So you're saying it's safe? Mm-hmm.
I wonder if your friends know how lucky they are to have you here, Barrett.
[TENSE MUSIC] Hey, look, we did pretty good for a five-minute snatch and grab.
Yeah, all this should keep us up for a while, even with our numbers doubled.
Hey, look, man, it's really cool for you to let us stay here.
So Violet didn't seem too happy to see you.
Yeah, well, that's 'cause she's a crazy bitch.
Hey, man, come on.
You don't need to talk about her like that.
She put a homemade explosive in my truck and blew it up? - Holy shit.
- Yeah.
I wasn't joking when I called her psycho.
Oh, she must have had a reason for that.
What, because I talked to some girls at a party? - You mean you cheated on her.
- [SCOFFS] Yo, whatever.
You know, what's it to you? Oh, shit.
You and her? Yeah.
Wow, she sure didn't waste any time.
Well, it's your funeral.
Just don't piss her off.
MAN: All I can think about Oh-oh Is going home What can I hope for? You catch that? Huh? You ever skate? No.
Want to give it a try? I could show you the basics.
I'm good.
[EERIE MUSIC] Hello? Hey.
Oh Sorry.
I'm concerned about these people - Grover brought back.
- Don't.
I'm happy Grover found them.
They're gonna be a significant drain on our resources, and they're still carrying around their guns.
Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me? I said let it go.
I don't know why you're upset with me.
I've been walking around in bloody clothes for days, and I didn't even notice.
There were more pressing concerns.
You knew me.
Does that sound like something I would do? Of course not.
And yet You haven't been behaving as you normally would.
None of us have.
I've lost so much.
I know.
Noodle, Natalie, LASHAWN, I'm And I thought my mom and my brothers, and then these people come.
And then you just want to kick them out? I think we should consider the consequences.
Yeah, but they're not freaks.
They're not people trying to poison us.
They're just regular people who survived without the protection of this school.
If they survived out there, you think maybe your brothers did too? And I hope somebody would take them in.
Your clothes are all bloody.
He said they radioed out, so that sounds promising.
Another one? Really? There's kind of a lot to be anxious about right now.
What the hell? Well played, sulky guy.
He didn't strike me as the passive-aggressive type, more aggressive-aggressive.
What's our next move? We play nice For now.
- You talked to Zane.
- Yep.
He told you everything? He told me enough.
Look, Grover, I No, no, look, it's none of my business.
Right, it's not.
But I know how it sounds.
[SIGHS] I freaked out, okay? I don't do well when people lie to me.
Yeah, yeah, nobody does.
I just don't want you to go around thinking that I'm some crazy person who just loses control.
That's not who I am.
Just like I know you're not some creepy stalker who goes to detention to pick up on girls.
It's just the one.
There are blood stains everywhere.
Hey, it's better than freaks everywhere.
Well, a lot of people have died in this room.
I think I've got a mop if you want to clean it up.
I haven't slept on a bed since it happened.
Or slept, really.
Well, these are nice.
More comfortable than they look.
Avoid the science wing at all costs.
There are freaks there.
It's probably best not to wander the halls until you're more familiar with the school.
Wait, there are still freaks loose? - Just be careful.
- [SIGHS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] It's time.
Let's go.
You check this hallway.
I'll take the other one.
[METAL CLANGING] Ollie, I think it's this way.
[DOOR CLICKS OPEN] [EERIE MUSIC] [GROANS] What the hell? OLLIE: We didn't do anything.
You almost killed Diesel.
Yeah, but I didn't.
He's fine.
I'm the one who's still having heart palpitations.
What were you two doing on the second floor in the middle of the night anyway? We were just looking for a place to sleep.
Like I told ginger over there, the fallout shelter wasn't working for us.
They easily could have shot Diesel.
The guns have to go.
Guys, things almost went really south tonight.
We can't let that happen again.
You're right.
We screwed up.
- We'll give you the guns.
- What? Yo, what the hell, Anka? Look, you don't get to make that call just because you and Draco Malfoy here wanted a cushier place to sleep.
Put yourself in their shoes.
I think we're better off giving up our guns and starting to trust each other.
Thank you, Anka.
- I - [CLICKS TONGUE] There's something off with those two.
They seem like spoiled rich kids to me.
At least Anka got them to give us their guns.
I don't know, man.
Something's not fitting.
I'm worried about Zane.
For a minute there, I didn't think he was gonna back down.
That's not why you're worried about Zane.
Yeah, I actually thought he was cool before I found out that he and Violet can't even stand to be in the same room as each other.
It's that bad, huh? [SCOFFS] It wasn't good.
She did something pretty extreme.
You know how I felt, man.
I felt like out of all this shit that I've been through in my life, there is no way that Natalie would want to be with me.
And then one day she came, and she said, "It don't matter.
" And somehow, man, she was she was right.
I don't know.
Maybe it was different for you guys.
- Maybe, maybe not.
- That's your call.
That couldn't have gone any worse.
Yeah, thanks to you.
I'm not the one who volunteered to give up our guns.
- What are we supposed to do now? - Calm down.
Do you really think I would let these people take our only form of protection? What is this? I made you a little something.
This is your post-apocalyptic survival skill, jewelry-making? Oh, it's just one of 'em.
It's cute.
I love it.
I think you're incredible.
But? No but.
I know how lucky I am that you're with me.
I want you to know that.
Well, it's not like I had a lot of choices.
But now I kind of have my eye on that rich, whiny guy.
Hmm, I like my odds.