Freakish (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Trust Issues

1 DIESEL: Previously on "Freakish" John Collins, Rescue and Recovery.
Proof he's not with the government.
VIOLET: Collins works for Keller? He's here to kill us.
On your knees.
- Oh! - [SCREECHING] What the hell is that sound? My pressing concern is the six people - standing in our teacher's lounge.
- They're just like us! They're people out there trying to survive.
Another one? Really? It's time.
Let's go.
[GUN COCKS] - You almost killed Diesel! - Put yourself in their shoes.
I think we're better off giving up our guns and starting to trust each other.
[BOTH GRUNT] What were Ollie and Anka doing up here? It's just a bunch of random classrooms.
I'm telling you, there has to be something here, all right? This trying to find a place to sleep is bullshit.
Diesel's right.
We need more information.
I'm gonna talk to Zane.
That's a terrible idea.
What? No, he might know something.
And you think he's gonna open up to Barrett? I can be persuasive.
I should go.
No, you seem like the last person he would talk to.
I'm the only person that could get him to open up.
Why don't I talk to him first? Grover, I'll be fine.
[SOMBER MUSIC] You lost someone.
No, I just come here for the view.
It's my boyfriend, LASHAWN.
I'm sorry.
Guessing we all lost people to the freaks.
Ironically, it wasn't even the freaks.
Just an infection.
None of this is easy.
I wasn't even with him in the end.
It was just Barrett.
At least he wasn't alone.
He hated Barrett.
If anyone could've figured out how to save LASHAWN, it would've been him.
What? It's none of my business.
Just tell me.
Doesn't Barrett have a crush on you? Yeah, but he would do everything he could to help him.
Of course.
You know him better than I do.
He wouldn't purposefully hurt him, if that's what you're thinking.
I didn't say he would.
So all this time and nothing weird? So let me get this straight.
We're friends now? No, we're not.
Look, when I found those two, they were waylaid in a Beemer, looking like they were praying for a tow truck.
I didn't interrogate them before offering help.
- You were with them for five days.
- So? - She's a pretty girl, Zane.
- Okay, here we go.
You know you hit on everything that moves.
Look, nothing happened with me and Anka.
So she shut you down.
Look, did you learn anything about what actually might help us? Look, you know what? Talk to Felicity.
Hell, talk to Red.
They were there, too.
They keep to themselves.
What, they argue a lot.
He's a vegetarian, - she's a bitch.
- Well, see? I didn't know he was a vegetarian.
I'll say this: in five days, those two didn't even take a leak without a lookout.
- Not once.
- Really? If Diesel found them alone, you're right Something's off.
What is all this? You you took these off dead freaks? Yeah.
You never know what's gonna be useful.
It's a crucifix.
Well, maybe I'll melt it down into bullets.
My brother took my son hunting once when he was a teenager.
Got a six-point buck.
That his first time? And last.
Killing something didn't feel as good as he thought it would.
You think he'd feel that way if the deer tried to eat him? You shouldn't be killing them.
What if they killed him, hm? Your son.
Would you would you wanna kill 'em? Well, of course I would want to.
But that doesn't mean I should.
All right, so he wasn't in the Valley when all this happened.
That's not what this is about.
Come on.
That's exactly what this is about.
So, what where does he live? Pittsburgh.
Why don't you talk to me when you've lost everyone.
None of this, freaks have souls or whatever you wanna call it.
My husband turned and killed my daughter.
They're monsters, man.
They're still God's creatures.
[CHUCKLES] Lady, none of these things are gonna see inside of a church again, trust me.
There's still something human in them.
I'm good.
I think it was Hershey's or Crunch Bar, maybe.
Can you stop for a second? I know Grover brought a whole box back.
I wanna talk about LASHAWN.
[SOMBER MUSIC] What do you mean? I It's about how he died.
I know I mean, I know that, um I should have been there.
He went peacefully.
Is that it? I don't know what else to add.
He was asleep and then he was gone.
LASHAWN told me how much he loved you.
He was speaking? I know this is hard.
What else did he say? Zoe, take solace in knowing that LASHAWN died a hero.
A hero.
It was like he knew his quick death could save us all.
And if he waited any longer, he could’ve had us all killed.
Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
Guys, you gotta see this.
What? Just come.
[DARK TONE] [SIGHS] So you didn't see anyone.
Somebody took the guns.
Get him in there! [GRUNTING] - Go, go, get! - Oh! Go find Felicity and Red, now.
Just listen for the annoying grind of skateboard wheels.
- Yeah, I got it.
- We didn't do this.
The Lannister twins were the ones roaming the halls last night.
Oh, great, so we're the ones to blame for all of this? I wouldn't be stuck in here if I didn't come with you.
Grover, look, let me out.
I wanna find out who did this just as much as you do.
And I wish I could trust that.
- [SIGHS] - All right, well, get comfy, folks.
We're gonna get to know each other.
- I don't think he did this.
- Which one? Grover, stop.
Talk to me.
Yesterday, you nearly ripped Zane's head off for cheating on you.
And I found out about that.
Okay, I can tell when he's lying.
No, you're not clear-headed on this.
And you're not listening to me.
Zane was the last one to give up his gun.
Wait, what, ten seconds? You're jealous.
Violet He's your ex.
So it's not that you don't trust Zane, it's that you don't trust me.
I know one of you took the guns.
We already told you it wasn't any of us.
So you're saying it's either Red or Felicity? Yeah, because Felicity and Red totally went rogue on us.
This is ridiculous! I mean, you have to admit it looks bad.
You're only making this harder for yourself, and one way or the other, you will give me answers.
So just to be clear, 11 days into the Apocalypse and you're going full Gitmo.
The sooner you reveal the truth, the sooner this ends.
- I've told you the truth, already.
- [GASPS] My pills.
My shit, my uhh Wait, what's wrong with him? [HYPERVENTILATING] Panic attack! Zoe, he's out of medicine.
Please, there's more in my pack.
No, no, no, no.
Ow! God, that hurts! It's gonna be okay, Ollie.
Zoe, bring my pack.
- No, it's in my room.
- No, Ollie.
The pills are in my backpack in the main compartment! You left it in the cafeteria.
No, hey, hey, hey.
If if they want more meds, then they can first tell us who took their guns.
What if they had nothing to do with it? He's not gonna die from a panic attack.
You're being cruel.
Zoe [OLLIE HYPERVENTILATING] The gun was in my bag.
Felicity? Red? [TENSE TONE] - What? - Oh.
What are you doing up here? Reading.
Well, that and using the facilities.
Come on, we gotta look for Red.
I just can't stop thinking about LASHAWN At the end.
I know the feeling.
I wish I had been there.
The way Barrett was describing LASHAWN to me I couldn't help but think of my dad.
38 years breathing in that poison and shit at that plant.
I'm really sorry.
The fever and the shaking Barrett said that? It sounded so familiar.
Just trust me.
You're better off remembering the good times.
What what's that? No way.
Oliver Keller.
As in Keller Chemical.
Why would we tell anybody who we are? Our family blew up the town.
Dude, they haven't done anything suspicious around us.
Says the person likely colluding with them.
Look, I'm not trying to trick anybody about anything.
I told you they were hiding something.
We were hiding something.
Our names.
That's it.
Would you have even helped us if you knew? - Hell no.
- Maybe not.
- I am losing my patience.
- Hey.
Come on.
Where are you going? - I need you - I found them in the drug store, not the other way around.
They're planning something.
I'm just saying, it doesn't add up.
- Think about it.
- He's right.
I mean, can you picture button-nosed Blondie as an assassin? Yeah, or Ollie with his panic attacks? It's all a charade.
The guns are missing, they nearly shot Diesel, oh, and not to mention they lied about who they are.
Which just happens to tie them to the company that blew up the entire town, created monsters and sent crews of people to kill us.
Oh, that's his skateboard.
[CLATTER] [TENSE MUSIC] [SCREAMS] Diesel! Come here! Diesel, come help! [INTENSE MUSIC] Ahh.
He was a sweet boy.
I mean, he had that skateboarder look, but he was very sensitive.
I-I barely knew him, but You get close fast to people in this world.
He didn't deserve this.
Nobody does.
I don't wanna seem insensitive, but do we really know the man Diesel saw was the one who took the guns? He was hauling off a duffle bag.
I just saw him for a second, but yes, yes, he took the guns.
I mean, it wasn't just the guns, he robbed the nurse's office, too.
And you're sure he's gone? He broke the chain on the east wing.
Okay, look, guys, I wouldn't even be down here if I didn't hear the door slam.
You were right about Zane.
About everything.
I'm sorry.
Um, hello? If you know we didn't take the guns Knowing who took them and trusting two Kellers is not the same thing.
I agree, but we don't need to lock up Sadie and Zane.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Ah! Um, I should've trusted you more than I did.
Look, if I was in your place, I would've done the same thing.
I'm sorry.
You can't keep us locked up in here forever.
You're Kellers.
I swear, we didn't know anything about the blue suits.
The time for trusting you is over.
Be honest, Mr.
Wizard, would you ever trust me? Anka, just tell them.
[DARK MUSIC] We have a helicopter.
We just have to press a button, and it'll come for us.
We were hoping that we could land it on the roof.
Second floor roof access, of course.
No, there's solar panels on the roof.
Can't land there.
Good to know.
Okay, so we need a new plan.
But if you let us out of here, we can get you someplace safe.
We can save you all.
[EERIE MUSIC] Well, it's about God damn time.
Did you find anything good? I found us a new home.