Freakish (2016) s02e08 Episode Script


[VIOLET] Previously on Freakish.
[ANKA] People hate me, and Ollie, he left me here.
My brother thinks that I betrayed him.
Anka, Anka I'm so sorry, but you read me wrong.
I have one goal, Birdie, to get you to safety.
I wanna find you a normal life.
And, what part of normal will this be? We're going to my house, so you can see why I did what I did.
Project Wednesday.
Keller Chemical is experimenting on people? [BARRETT] It makes sense they're trying to protect their secret.
Read the signature line.
Your dad is Norman Henry Jones, yes? You're saying that's my dad? No, there's no way that my dad was in charge of Project Wednesday.
Alright, he would never experiment on people.
The file came straight from Keller.
Maybe it was altered, falsified somehow.
By who? No one from Keller knew we accessed the information, so why would they change it? It could've been someone in your group.
I know who accessed it.
How do I know you didn't change it? I'm supposed to believe that you knew my dad was in charge of Project Wednesday, and you never thought to tell me? I just gave you concrete proof of your father's involvement, and you don't believe me.
So, why would I tell you about it if we didn't have evidence to back it up? Besides Besides what, Barrett? Up until today, I didn't know you weren't already aware of your father's part in it.
Are you kidding me? You thought all this time I knew? It seemed unlikely, but I considered the possibility, especially after we learned you hid the retrieval photo.
Yes, because I didn't know what it meant.
I realize that now.
There's a light on.
[GROVER] They have electricity.
and Mrs.
Schmidt have a natural gas backup generator.
Something doesn't feel right.
I think we should go.
I've known them since I was a kid.
If they're still here, I have to help them.
[CRASHING] [ROARS] Is that one of the Schmidts? It's Trent, their son.
Let's go.
Get away from my brother.
Barry? What're you doing here? [TRENT SNARLS] [FOREBODING MUSIC] Figures you would've survived all this time.
Barry is the smartest kid I know.
And the sweetest.
Elise babysat me for years before she moved to New York.
I don't think I've ever heard "Barry" and "sweet" used in the same sentence.
No, no, this is the guy who made a volcano for my 11th grade science fair after I completely bungled my project.
I merely helped you achieve your vision.
He was only 10, and he saved my grade.
I still remember that card, do you remember it? He drew one of those anatomically correct hearts on it.
I'm sorry about Trent.
He was searching for a way out of town.
When he came back, he was sick.
I had to tase him and tie him up so that he didn't harm himself or anyone else.
My God.
Your parents see him? No, no.
They went looking for help after it happened.
They never came back, though.
Excuse me.
[SQUEAKS] So, it's just you and Sparky here with Trent then.
No, no, my parents, they actually took Sparky with them.
For protection.
He's a Maltese.
I guess people don't always behave rationally in this kind of situation.
[CLICK] You have to be careful with the lights.
They could attract the wrong kind of attention.
There's people from the chemical company.
Dangerous people in blue suits.
They are going around killing witnesses.
What? It's disturbing, but it's true.
I mean, it's pure luck that I came home for a visit when I did.
At least now I can protect Trent from them.
Trent doesn't need protection from them.
You do.
You need protection from him.
I can handle my brother until someone figures out a cure.
No, leave it.
My parents said to keep it on, so I don't miss any news alerts.
My sister turned freak too, and so did other people at the school.
I get it.
It's just not safe to keep them around.
Trent is tied up tight.
He can't hurt anyone.
He hasn't eaten anything since he turned.
I'm trying the meat really rare this time.
[ROCK MUSIC FROM IPOD] [SADIE] Diesel! Where you goin', Smurfette? [GASPS] What happened? Well.
I guess we're not welcome here.
Jake, go get those kids, would you please? Thank you very much! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - Diesel, wait - Shut the door! [GROANS] What the hell happened? [GRUNTS] They locked up tight? I love it when a problem fixes itself.
[LAUGHS] Damn it! - They're still out there.
- They locked us in.
- I know.
- [SADIE] It hurts so badly.
Okay, look, can somebody tell me what the hell is going on? There was a scary guy and girl that walked in the school like they owned the place.
I tried to get away, but All right, it looks like the knife didn't hit anything important.
Besides my leg! An artery at least.
Look, we just gotta bandage it up, okay? Where's Violet? And Anka.
I didn't see them.
They don't know that there are people loose in the school.
[EARL] Easy.
[JAKE] I don't think we're done yet.
[EARL] Can't you be just a little bit optimistic for once? Optimistic isn't practical.
We chased at least three of them into the fallout shelter, but when I left here earlier, there were 11 kids.
That leaves a lot unaccounted for.
Maybe the moaners got them.
That works for me.
Let's go raid that new cafeteria of ours.
No, we shouldn't risk that.
Birdie, do a sweep.
You worry too much.
I'm cautious for good reason.
Shouldn't sweat a bunch of teenagers.
Those teenagers possibly outnumber us and are more familiar with the layout of the school.
Okay, you got me there.
So, the next time we encounter some, we know what to do.
As for now, I'm gonna go grab something to eat, perhaps cooked on a stove at a table under some lights.
C'mon Hailey.
I'll need help searching.
Of course you will.
It makes sense.
Go as a team.
Fine, then.
[SIZZLING] You should come with us.
We're gonna find a way out of the Valley.
Trent said all the exits were blocked when he got back.
You can't stay here.
Look, even if I wanted to go, I am not gonna leave my brother to starve to death.
Trent's not a person anymore.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
What's going on with him? He's digesting some upsetting news.
What? Oh, nothing.
I just remember when you used to cry because all the kids were mean to you.
You'd say you just wanted one friend.
I'm stronger now.
I'm sure you are.
But, it's nice you finally found that friend.
You should go check on him.
I'm gonna take Trent his dinner.
This fantasy that somebody's gonna come here and cure Trent is gonna get her killed.
Only a few days ago, you wouldn't let me do experiments on Mary, because you believed there was still hope for her.
Well, I was wrong.
Clearly, right? I mean, that's what you want.
You want me to believe that my dad is responsible for turning people into monsters, right? That he did this to Trent.
And Mary.
What I want is irrelevant.
It's just a fact.
Your father led the program.
You didn't have to tell me this.
Just like in school, you could've just gone on not telling me.
I guess I told you because I thought it was something you needed to know.
I don't wanna keep secrets from a friend.
Eat, Trent, eat please.
Trent, Trent c'mon.
[GROANS] [GROWLS] - What the hell, Violet? - Shh, keep it down.
There are people in the school.
- Are they from Keller? - I don't think so.
I mean, they don't have to right look.
Two of them are our age, girls.
One of the guys is way older, and the other one is built like a machine.
Great, fantastic.
What're we supposed to do? - Where are the others? - I heard one of them say he chased three people into the fallout shelter.
And Zane was chilling there earlier.
It's just me and you.
Do you still have your gun? Yeah, but I'm completely out of bullets.
We've gotta get out of here now.
And, what about everybody else? They're not my problem.
You're seriously not gonna help me get our friends out? I'm not gonna risk my life for a bunch of people that can't stand me.
What about Zane? Since you two are so close now.
I can't believe you're so eager to save the guy that cheated on you.
You really are the most selfish person on Earth.
No wonder your brother ghosted you.
Go to hell, Violet.
I'm getting out of here while I still can.
Oh, hey.
I'm getting better at the sneaking around thing.
I heard you 20 seconds ago.
We haven't found anyone hiding, so maybe we can slip into a classroom for a little bit? You still need to work on your survivor skills.
Next time I don't wanna hear you at all.
Challenge accepted.
Well, let's see.
[ZOE] That doesn't look so great.
It'll be fine, it's not bleeding much.
She needs antibiotics.
It's okay.
LASHAWN seemed fine too! She's not LASHAWN.
She's not a diabetic, she doesn't have a broken leg.
Well, at least we got supplies to get us alive.
Yeah, for now.
He tore his favorite jacket when he came at me.
Luckily it's on a seam, so I can fix it.
You have to let go of Trent.
He's gone, Elise.
He is my little brother! I can't just leave him here like this, he's all I have.
We need to go.
He's right.
Would you just check to see if Trent ate his dinner before you leave? He won't eat steak.
Just do her the favor.
Yeah, sure.
There are very few people I actually care about.
You are one of them.
Please come with us.
I can't.
[TELEVISION BEEPS] [ANNOUNCER] The following is a report of the emergency notification system.
This is not a test.
Authorities have declared a state of emergency for Kent County and the surrounding valley.
The air will cause extreme harm if breathed without a filtration device.
Survivors can receive aid at the East Bridge Pass.
This has been a report of the emergency notification system.
This is not a test.
They're helping people at the Pass.
This could possibly be over soon.
Sparky's collar? I thought you said he was with your parents.
Trent needed to eat something, and he wouldn't touch anything in this house.
Oh my God.
He wouldn't even look at the dog when I put him in the room, and, I don't know, I thought that maybe he would like the fresh meat, but he wouldn't eat that either.
He's gonna die if he doesn't eat something.
I'm sorry.
[CRASHING] Grover.
[GROVER SCREAMS] [SNARLING] Grover! Grover! [TRENT GASPS] No, no! - [BARRETT SCREAMS] - No, stop! - No, no! - You have to let him go! I can't.
[ELISE SCREAMS] Elise! Barrett! Come on! Go, go! [ELISE SCREAMS] [TRENT SNARLS] Oh, c'mon.
Piece of shit! Diesel, what's wrong? Check out this wall.
You see how it's two different colors? You think there's something behind there? I don't know, maybe it's a way out.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [CLANGING] I thought you left.
What I did was save your ass.
I'll take that thank you now.
Oh, I'm supposed to be grateful because you realized you can't make it out of here on your own? Yeah, I know why you came back.
It wasn't to save me.
Wait! I kissed Zane.
- Not this again.
- No, listen to me.
I kissed him, he didn't kiss me.
He pulled away.
Probably 'cause he's like into you, or whatever.
Look, I'm sorry, all right? Whatever I do just seems to make you guys hate me more.
Wonder why.
You've done some pretty terrible things.
Yeah, and I probably will again.
But, I'm here now.
Are we gonna help them get out, or what? [GASPS] - You okay? - I don't know.
You? No.
My dad turned Trent into a monster, and I got Elise killed, so yeah, I guess that makes us quite the pair, huh? Elise had completely lost touch with reality.
Yeah, thanks to what my father did.
You can't hold yourself accountable for your father's actions.
This is gonna sound really crazy to you, but he's a really great dad.
He used to go to every single one of Mary's concerts.
He would take me to the natural history museum every weekend for four months, because he knew that I loved dinosaurs.
How does a guy like that experiment on people? [CAR ENGINE REVS] [BANGING] [ZANE] Gimme that.