Freakish (2016) s02e09 Episode Script


[GROVER] Previously on Freakish.
I just wish I knew what this photo meant.
It means you're a retrieval target.
- For what? - We're going to my house, then you can see why I did what I did.
Project Wednesday.
Keller Chemical is experimenting on people? [BARRETT] Read the signature line.
Your dad is in charge of Project Wednesday.
[ANNOUNCER] Authorities have declared a state of emergency.
Survivors to receive aid at the East Bridge Pass.
They're helping people at the Pass.
This could possibly be over soon.
[VIOLET] There are people in the school.
Two of them are our age, girls.
One of the guys is way older, and the other one is built like a machine.
- Where are the others? - [VIOLET] I heard one of them say he chased three people into the fallout shelter.
[DIESEL] They locked us in.
Are we gonna help them get out or what? [DIESEL] Check out this wall.
[CRASHES] Why would you put a door in a fallout shelter then weld it shut? Yeah, and wall it up like welding it shut wasn't enough.
What were they trying to keep outta here? Or in.
Whatever it was, it was a long time ago.
It's gotta be safe to open.
Well, that's a big assumption.
Well, we either find a way to open it, or we die in here, so.
[SCREAMS] There's a body.
So, what's the plan? Run up behind the big guy and staple him to the wall? At least I'm doing something.
Doing something doesn't matter when the something is pointless.
Fine, please hit me with your superior idea.
Our homemade weapons aren't gonna cut it.
I have a stun gun.
Well, that's a start.
Yeah, except when I try to get close enough to use it, that other guy can shoot me in the head from 30 feet away.
We need better weapons.
Yeah, no kidding.
How far is the gym? The only thing that would be in the gym is a bag of dodge balls.
Really? Yeah, what did you think would be in there? Archery sets, bows, arrows.
Yeah, we don't have that.
Are you joking? Are you joking to think that a public school has archery? So, no cricket bats, lacrosse sticks, polo mallets? You messing with me? You see that? Sure do.
Look, hey.
It looks like a soldier.
The government's here.
That's not a Keller.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] I only saw the one girl.
Earl wants to go hunting.
I know.
I told him to stand down.
Wait for them to try to rescue the others.
This isn't where I thought we'd end up when we got out of the lab.
You won't even tell me where we're going? I told you.
I'm taking you someplace you could have a normal life.
You won't tell me because you think I'll tell Hailey.
Birdie, you've known Hailey less than two weeks.
You don't even know if you can trust her.
Don't mansplain me.
Man-splain? Where'd you hear that? Hailey.
Of course.
She says that this is a normal place.
That these are regular kids, so why don't we just stay here? Because this isn't a home.
Maybe it could be, though! I've killed one of 'em.
You think they're gonna accept me after that? You have no idea where we're going, do you? Now is not the time for us to discuss this.
You don't want me to trust Hailey.
But, she hasn't lied to me and you have! Why should I trust you and not her? Because you and I, we come We come from the same place.
Hailey's fear will make her betray you.
Such bullshit.
If I could remember my family, where I'm really from, I wouldn't even need you.
[DOOR SLAMS] We can't just sit here all night.
If we've learned anything, it's not to dive in without being pretty damn sure it's a good idea.
What if my parents are in there? Huh? What if yours' are? Look.
No one's guarding the service entrance.
Let's go then.
We need to be cautious.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [INTENSE MUSIC] [WOMAN CRYING] Keller's stock dropped more than 40% since the incident.
Federal authorities are categorizing the exposure that left an estimated 20,000 people dead as an act of terrorism.
The search for survivors has been complicated by toxic fumes still circulating.
The CDC has quarantined the Valley and believes it may be uninhabitable for decades.
Decades? That means we'll never be able to go home again.
This could be a lie.
And, why would they lie about that? They're covering it all up.
Notice they don't even mention the freaks.
They're acting as if it's the gas that's killing people.
Or, maybe they're just believing what Keller's telling them.
I never meant for all of this to happen.
I just wanted people to know what Keller was doing to expose it.
This isn't your fault.
And, in other news, Oliver Keller tells a harrowing story of being trapped in Kent High School with a group of survivors.
Keller was the only person to make it out of the school alive.
Having lost his sister Anka, he was too distraught to give further details.
But, we hope to get more of his story to you soon.
[NEWS JINGLE] Oh my God.
They were right.
Blue suits killed them, all of them, even Anka.
And Violet.
I know.
I didn't want to be right about this.
I think about Zoe in her last moments.
I should've tried harder.
We knew the helicopter was gonna come and bring the blue suits, we knew it.
Why did I just leave her there? They were never gonna come with us.
If I would've just showed her the retrieval photo.
I let her die.
You told me we have to make tough decisions.
Regretting them isn't gonna get us anywhere.
C'mon, let's move.
[SNIFFLES] You okay? Earl wants to teach me how to use a gun.
I hate guns.
Just learn to use it, it's no big deal.
It's a big deal to me! I've already lost so much of who I am.
I wonder if I was always like this.
Before the lab.
Or, if I was different.
You know you liked cinnamon gum.
You were gonna fight me over the last pack when we first met.
What did you call it? A meet cute.
From the movies.
You said, "Sharing is caring.
" I like that.
I had never heard it before.
Sharing is caring.
Why don't we just leave? Just the two of us.
I can't.
What happens when I have a seizure? You can't protect me.
Teach me how to fight.
I'll prove I can protect you.
- We could've had 'em.
We still don't know if there are others.
- We have to be patient.
- What? I'm starting to get the feeling that maybe you don't wanna hurt any of these kids? My goal is to own this school.
Yeah, but we're not gonna own this school without a few casualties.
[INTENSE MUSIC] Not killed by a freak.
Or the chemicals.
He didn't turn.
He's been injected with something, just like Natalie.
This is the same stuff Collins had.
They're not rescuing survivors here.
Keller and the government are poisoning witnesses.
I was almost killed, me, Anka Elizabeth Keller.
Technically he almost murdered me.
This can't be the first time you've almost been killed since after the explosion.
It's the first time a person's tried to kill me.
Okay, fair enough.
We need to get out of here.
Not before we can rescue the others.
I can't let them die.
You saw those guys.
It's like the Hunger Games in here, and I don't have a bow and arrow.
Can you really shoot a bow and arrow? Yeah, but you said public school doesn't do archery.
We don't, but I just remembered something.
[ZANE] Look at his fingers.
Tried to claw his way out.
His name's James Polnecheck.
He worked at Kytheria Construction, you guys heard of it? Zane? No.
No idea.
It says his driver's license expired in 1975.
How long you been down here? Probably screamed for help, but nobody ever came.
That's not gonna be us.
We don't even know if Violet and Anka are still alive.
How long do we keep holding out hope for them to rescue us? Maybe this is it.
This is how it ends.
That's pretty dark.
Well, it fits.
No, I'm not dying in here.
Well, we'll all eventually starve to death like our friend James over here.
It's like that movie we say in History class, where the soccer team travels through the mountains and they crash and end up having to eat each other.
We had History together? Yeah, not like you usually come.
Well, I couldn't eat anyone.
Yeah, me either.
I don't even like my meat a little pink.
I'd eat any of you.
Really? To survive, yeah.
I mean, if it came down to it, you could eat me too.
I'm gonna keep this for evidence.
To show who? The government and Keller are working together, Barry.
Maybe we can get a message out.
Crap, it's all internal network on the Keller server, and there's a password.
Keller server? Then, you know how to get in.
Can you crack it? I've done it before.
Give me a minute.
The Drama Department put on Robin Hood last semester.
Friar Tuck brought in his dad's old hunting bow.
I completely forgot before.
It'll do.
Okay, you really can use that.
Best in my school.
Have you ever shot somebody before? Sure, we used to hunt the staff in the summer.
I wouldn't put it past you.
I don't know if this is going to work, us killing these guys.
They won't expect it.
Believe me.
I mean, it's one thing to fight freaks, but to kill people? That's murder.
We can still leave.
Everybody in the shelter will die.
Then, it's not murder.
It's survival.
This doesn't bother you at all? I won't know until I do it.
Take this.
If this can take care of a drunk frat guy, the old man should be no problem.
[CLICKING] Okay, so I circumvented the mainframe.
Skip the details.
There's staff lists, project lists.
- Project Wednesday.
- You have that.
That was just a summary.
These are notes on the experiments.
Test group one, overly aggressive, discarded.
Test group two, numerous side effects, still operational.
Test group three Test group three, to be retrieved.
Wait, Barrett, am I a test subject? Don't jump to conclusions, all right? We don't know.
[LOUDSPEAKER] Security breach within this sector.
They know I tried to log on.
We need to go now.
I need a picture of this.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - You're dead.
- [SIGHS] Damn it! Let's go again.
- This isn't gonna work.
- Yes it is, let's do it again.
Are you gonna be able to kill someone? Of course.
So, you can kill that girl that's loose in there, then? What? You could drive a knife through her throat.
Stop being an asshole.
You could watch the blood spill out all over the floor, the life go out of her eyes.
You could do that? You haven't killed anyone either.
Yes, I have.
- A person? - Yeah, and if Jake asks me to kill that girl in there, I'll do it.
You can't even kill the moaners.
I'll die if I'm with you.
[SOBS] Close enough.
Run! In here, hurry! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Okay, what the hell? Why did you help us? They wanna kill you.
Oh, and you don't? I don't kill people.
Look, we just wanna get our friends and leave.
I can help if you let me come with you.
I need to get away from Earl.
It won't be easy.
That big guy pulled an arrow out of his shoulder.
He's an experiment from Keller.
They created him as a soldier.
That's why he can breathe without a mask.
Yeah, and he won't turn into a moaner either.
What about the other one, the girl? Is she an experiment too? Yeah, but she's different.
Different how? She has seizures when the moaners are nearby.
[ANKA] You like her.
How can you tell? It's this thing she does.
I do.
But, she's doing her own thing now.
That's all I know.
So, can I go with you? Grover, we need to go now! Okay.
[RADIO CHATTER] [GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL] Hey, hey you, stop! [ALARMS BLARING] - C'mon! - [GUN SHOT] [GROVER SCREAMS] Grover! Go, get out of here! I'm not leaving you behind! I won't be an experiment! You need to just go! What're you doing? I'm exposed, I'm gonna turn.
Run! Go! [SOLDIER] All right, we're taking him.
Pick him up.