Freakish (2016) s02e10 Episode Script


1 [VIOLET] Previously on Freakish.
Keller Chemical is experimenting on people? Read the signature line.
Your dad is in charge of Project Wednesday.
Richie Rich is asking me for a date? What do you say? Can I have your number? You're a Keller.
Just access my personnel records.
[VIOLET] There are people in school.
I heard one of them say he chased three people into the fallout shelter.
[SHOUTING] They locked us in.
- I know.
- [GROVER] The Government's here.
Oliver Keller tells a harrowing story of being trapped in Kent High School.
Keller was the only person to make it out of the school alive.
Blue suits killed them, all of them.
We just want to get our friends and leave.
I can help, if you let me come with you.
Project Wednesday, these are - notes on the experiments.
- Barrett, am I a test subject? [MAN] The security breach was in this sector.
Hey you, stop! - [GUN SHOT] - [YELLING] - Grover.
- Run! - [RADIO CHATTER] - [TENSE MUSIC] Being trapped is bad enough.
Bet not having music's driving you crazy, right? I do have some time to kill.
Well, that's what these are for.
Ropes? Yeah, it's entertainment.
You made a game.
[SLOW MUSIC] [LAUGHING] - I can't find Hailey.
- Where'd you see her last? Not too long ago, but she wanted to be alone and you know she can't defend herself.
[EARL] Went off alone, huh? Trouble in paradise? If anything happens to her, it'll be your fault.
- Birdie - Of course it will.
She wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for me, don't forget that.
[BIRDIE] You wouldn't let me.
Or her.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] - [JAKE] We need to look for - [TENSE MUSIC] No need to look.
She was so kind that she brought one of the girls right to us.
Did she hurt you? Not yet.
But I will.
[GASPING] You, step away from the desk.
And leave the gun there.
As you wish.
[GASPING] We need to make deal.
We're listening.
All I want is to get my friends out of the shelter and leave.
That sounds fair to me.
Right, Jake? Where's your archer pal? Selfish bitch took off to save her own skin.
So do we have a deal? Last I heard, a deal meant both sides mutually benefit.
I get my friends and you'll get this one back.
We'll take it.
Right, Jake? I don't know if I want that one back.
[BANGING] Grab your weapons.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Now stay behind me.
- No way.
- Wait.
Are we sure we're gonna open the door now? What if they're just waiting to finish us off? They've got guns.
Look, if they block us back in, they'll be doing just that.
Killing us.
But way slower.
[BANGING] So what are we waiting for? [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Come on.
Everybody grab your mask and weapons.
Violet's keeping them busy but it won't last long.
We're leaving.
I'm not the only one left.
I am not the only one left.
[TENSE MUSIC] Grover? [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Stay there.
[GASPING] [BIRDIE] There's no harm in letting them go.
Birdie's right.
We should let the go, they're no threat to us.
So suddenly you're going softie on me? I'm just seeing an easy way to end this where we all get what we want.
We own the school without losing Hailey.
But Hailey's useless.
Violet! [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Violet.
Oh my God.
Looks like we have ourselves a party.
You killed our friend.
Go ahead and smile, you're outnumbered.
You should go.
You can leave old cyclops behind.
- Whoa.
- [HITTING] [CHUCKLING] Just like I thought.
Useless teenage girls.
- [GUN COCKING] - Whoa, Hailey.
Hey, listen here now.
We both know you don't have the balls to fire that gun.
Like I said, useless little girls.
You guys, we need to get out of here.
You think you're just gonna walk away? - [GASPING] - [HAILEY] Birdie! - Shit.
- Masks on.
- [GLASS SHATTERING] - [GROWLING] [GASPING] - Come on, come on.
- No, no.
[GRUNTING] Violet! - [TENSE MUSIC] - [GRUNTING] No, Jake! Take her out of here! Please.
No, no.
[GRUNTING] Go get tape.
The fumes are coming through.
- Not her.
She was trying to get away from them.
She helped me and Violet.
What about that one? She was trying to get away from them, too.
She couldn't leave Jake and Earl because she has those seizures and she needs protection.
I don't care! Violet is dead because of your people! Don't hurt her.
She's innocent in all this.
You heard your friend, if you gotta take somebody, kill me.
No! Just know we're on the same side.
Against Keller, against the people who did all of this.
And who did this.
[TENSE MUSIC] We taped the doors.
I don't now how much that matters.
We were in there when the window broke.
We've been exposed.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] I thought you were dead.
I thought you were just one more person I lost.
You mean that you killed? I didn't kill anybody.
Yeah, we both know that that's not true.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] LeShawn, I know.
But there were extenuating circumstances.
Yeah, you were, what, saving everybody else? I was saving everybody else.
But didn't it feel just the slightest bit good to get rid of Zoe's boyfriend? [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Absolutely not.
I hurt her and that's not what I wanted to do.
What are you trying to say? Ugh, nothing.
Nothing at all.
You should drive.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] [CAR ENGINE STARTING] [SLOW MUSIC] I know you think that I cheated on Violet.
But Zoe, I didn't.
I didn't think of that this time.
It doesn't matter.
But it does.
It does matter, Zoe.
Because of you, the last thought that Violet ever had of me was painful and not true.
So yeah, it does matter.
And it should matter to you.
You're wrong.
That is not Violet's last memory of you.
And how do you know what she was thinking, huh? I told her what happened.
I kissed you and that you didn't kiss me back.
Why would you go and do that? I don't really know.
It just felt right when I did it.
[SLOW MUSIC] [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] - [RATTLING] - [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Stop that! I want to say good bye.
The window's broken.
The freaks could get at you if you seize.
Let them! I can't believe he's gone.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] I'm so sorry.
I should have tried to help him.
Then we'd all be dead.
I only helped them because I had to get away from Earl You wanted to leave me behind.
I was gonna ask you to come with us.
I should've been the one to save Jake.
He saved my life so many times and I let him die.
[SLOW MUSIC] And all he wanted was to find me a safe place.
[TENSE MUSIC] Oh my God, he's gone.
What? He's gone.
He was there.
I thought he was dead.
Oh my God.
He was hurt.
He was hurt and I didn't help him.
I didn't help him! He was hurt and he didn't want you to.
He wanted to find you a safe home.
Maybe he realized he did.
[SLOW MUSIC] What are you doin' hidin' in here? I think I'm turning.
What? Why? Look at my arm.
I feel weird.
My throat's dry, my head hurts.
If I do turn, you have to promise to kill me fast.
I can't do that.
You can't let me turn into a freak.
You're my closest friend here.
I don't think I can kill any freaks.
Not anymore.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] I don't [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] And don't worry, you're not turning, alright? It's just a rash.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] [BARRETT] I should be able to establish contact from in here and find out what happened.
This business was a front for your hacker group? It was a rendezvous point for a worst case scenario.
Like your friends destroying the entire town? That kind of worst case scenario? We were trying to expose something terrible.
Good job there.
[LAUGHING] It was supposed to be a small explosion.
Again, good job there.
Would you stop that? Barrett, have you really thought about what you've done? I mean, really, really thought of it? All those people you killed.
Mary, Violet, Zoe.
All the rest of the people at the high school.
Their blood is on your hands.
It was Keller's experiments that started this.
It's Keller's fault.
Keller? It was your explosion that spread it to thousands of people.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] [BARRETT] We were discovered.
[GROVER] Maybe they were sloppy about everything.
Zulu must have cut contact when she realized this place was jeopardized.
I thought Zulu cut radio contact when you broadcast on an open channel and called attention to everyone at the school.
That's when Collins came in and killed Natalie.
Do you remember Natalie? She was, yeah, she was after Coach and Noodle, but before LeShawn.
Of course I remember Natalie.
Why are you doing this to me? Doing what? Telling me what I've done.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.
You're making me think about it.
Is that what I'm doing? You're enjoying my discomfort.
Discomfort? I'm supposed to feel bad that you feel discomfort? Did I feel discomfort when Mary turned? What about when Violet died, or Zoe? And Diesel? You want me say my pain? No.
I want you to feel that pain.
Of course I feel pain.
I don't think you do.
Not enough.
I feel pain, I feel terrible pain! Isn't that it? Anything more? More than pain, what else? [GROVER] You tell me.
My guilt.
That's a start.
What else? What else do you want from me? You know exactly what I want.
- [CRYING] - [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Fine, fine! I feel it, alright? I killed all those people.
Something I did went very wrong and everybody died.
It's all my fault, it's all my fault, all the houses and the people and the entire town.
I feel all of it.
I feel pain, I feel guilt.
Is this what you wanted from me? You want to see me broken? Because I am broken, there is nothing left of me.
Nothing! [GROVER] There.
That is exactly what I wanted you to say.
[SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] [BARRETT] Zoe was right.
I'm a murderer.
[TONYA] Barrett? [SLOW, TENSE MUSIC] Zulu? Barrett.
Who are you talking to? No one.
[SLOW MUSIC] No one.
Tonya? How did you get here? Is that really you? I'm very real.
[DIESEL] Don't you think enough time has passed? And if someone was gonna turn, we would have known by now, right? [ZANE] Yeah.
Maybe we just got lucky.
[ZOE] I don't feel lucky.
That means something different now.
It means that we're alive.
I'm not even sure what the point is anymore.
♫ My faith is weak I lost my breath ♫ Maybe the point is to just keep going.
♫ I crawl behind the veil of black ♫ ♫ On my weary knees ♫ ♫ See I was given the night ♫ So they don't win.
So people know what really happened here.
To our friends And our families.
I won't let people forget Violet.
♫ Girl I see God through you ♫ ♫ If you give hope enough for a sinner ♫ ♫ I've seen God through you ♫ ♫ Will he let me through ♫ You ready? ♫ Will he let me through ♫ ♫ Will he let me ♫ ♫ Through ♫ [SLOW ACOUSTIC MUSIC] We need to make sure our names don't end up here.
[SLOW ACOUSTIC MUSIC] We're gonna get through this.
And get out of here.
What's happening? It means freaks are close.
Yeah, but there aren't any freaks inside.
Then someone in here is turning.