Free Rein (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Golden Boy

Stop! Pin! Zoe.
- Window for you, Zoe.
- Tell him I'm asleep.
- Zoe says to tell you she's asleep! - Okay.
You suck at this.
Uh, tell her I'm sorry I snapped about Pin.
I got jealous.
- Why don't you tell her yourself? - We're not done Have you heard from Pin? Is he okay? He texted he's fine.
Literally, that's all he said.
That's a relief.
Because the thing is, I, uh It's my last day before I leave for the academy.
Can we forget that I got weird? Are you serious? I finally know that Mr.
Perfect has a dark side.
Please don't call me that.
I'm just kidding.
I really am sorry.
And I'm sorry, but it's 5:00 in the morning! Go home, Marcus! Zoe, where have you been? Mia's being more Mia than usual.
I had a dozen different dreams about Pin and overslept.
Is he here? - Don't think so.
- No one's seen him since yesterday.
When he took on those Holloway stormtroopers like a boss.
I haven't heard since last night.
Where do you think he could be? The zoo.
Or the windmill.
Or a bat cave.
I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
- Morning.
- I told you Raven is my horse.
- Get off before I call the police.
- Of course.
But first, tell me.
Is this horse a thoroughbred or an American quarter horse? - I don't care about his breeding.
- Evidently.
Trick question.
He's neither.
He's a Kiger Mustang.
But very, very intelligent.
Sixteen hands, almost mature.
Glides like a storm rolling in.
This was fun, but I have to go and so do you.
You're on my time now.
Ah, I see you've all met our new trainer, James Forsythe.
Wait, our new trainer? The pleasure's mine.
And training starts 15 minutes ago.
- I'm not training with Mr.
- You part of this team or not? I need to find Pin.
He's in trouble.
Oh? What makes you say that? The breaking, entering, or the stealing? Which, correct me if I'm wrong, were all your idea.
Seems to me like you made things worse for Pin.
He's probably hoping that you'll leave him alone, for once.
Nice to see you using the front door this time.
This way.
So, we never really spoke about you being on the team.
It was like, "Whole-change- in-summer-plans alert.
" I know.
I hardly slept last night.
I'm so nervous.
And excited.
We said we'd do the Junior Nationals together, but you totally deserve this.
- You're horsesome.
- Thanks, Becky.
I made you something to show you how proud I am.
Oh, uh Fluorescent so it's extra visible and road safe.
- Wear it everywhere.
Day and night.
- It's, uh - Words fail me.
- Try it.
- What do you think? - It's perfect.
Thanks, Becky.
Um, being on the team won't change a thing.
Jecky forever? Forever ever.
- Hey, you get one of the big lockers.
- Yeah, Marcus's old one.
- Can't believe he's leaving.
- I know.
Mia wants me to arrange a send-off.
Something "tasteful" and "not weird.
" Easy.
Celebrating Marcus is what we do.
Mm, I have to go.
Team practice.
See you later.
Are you fundraising? No, it's a gift from Becky.
I could pay you not to wear it, if you like.
Are those limited edition or can she make me one? Okay! Listen up! Two buckets each, two laps of the arena, and two months to get you ready for Junior Nationals.
Where are the horses? A champion horse needs strength, balance, agility, and the ability to follow orders.
So does his rider.
Well, this isn't training.
These are buckets.
- It's discipline.
- Thank you, Mia.
From now on, the order of importance is me, then your horse, then the buckets, then the fence, and then you.
Come on! No dawdling! - This is ridiculous.
- Keep it up.
Keep it up.
Look, maybe we should take this seriously.
Strength and balance will come in handy at the Nationals.
Sorry, I can't concentrate.
Why haven't I heard anything from Pin? - And how did they know we were there? - Maybe someone saw you.
Or maybe someone told them.
Move it.
So? This is it.
Your last day on the island.
- You're so lucky.
- Uh-huh.
Not just because you're leaving.
You know how you fit in in this world.
Ben tried to inspire me with a tour of the island, but big surprise, old lady milking a dog didn't do it.
Thought I'd get her at the pirate museum, with the gold and barrels and epic tales of smugglers.
- Your heart's made of stone.
- Oh, yes.
How could I not have fallen under the spell of smugglers? - Uh-huh.
- What's wrong, Golden Boy? Right now I'm hearing "uh-huhs" and not much else.
I'm fine.
Just gearing up for my send-off.
So, I may have eavesdropped on your window call with Zoe this morning.
You were gonna tell her something.
Know how Zoe's wondering how Holloway knew they were taking the cup? - You know who turned them in? - I do.
- Marcus.
You have to tell Zoe.
- It was me.
Okay, you must never tell Zoe.
And, also, what the heck? I was jealous.
It was stupid.
I couldn't take it back, but now I don't wanna lie to your sister.
Has she asked you directly if you called Holloway? - No.
- Then, technically, you're not lying.
- Said the daughter of a lawyer.
- I may not know how to fit into this place, but Zoe does.
You and Raven are the best things in her life.
Don't ruin half of it by getting all honest.
Pin is going to be fine.
Either way, it's your last day.
Stop moping, let everyone celebrate you.
Leave this to me and go do your supportive boyfriend thing.
Speed it up, Phillips, you've got five seconds.
Four, three, two, one! Well done.
I can see why you think James Forsythe is the best, because I can now carry straw like a champ.
If you hadn't been argumentative, he wouldn't have made you do it - a million times.
- Oh, no.
- What is it? - I set up a Bright Fields news alert Oh, no.
The article about Zoe's heist must be up.
This can't be right.
Says Pin stole the cup by himself.
This is perfect.
If Pin takes the blame, this yard's reputation remains intact.
- He's one of us! - Uh, he was.
He could be charged, Mia.
Even better.
That should put a line under the matter.
- That does it.
- Uh Where do you think you're going? To help Pin.
- And I'm out of ribbon.
- Try the cupboard.
Becky? - What is this stuff? - Not that box! What are these? Marcus masks.
- I made them just in case.
- In case of what? In case we ever needed Marcus masks? No way.
A "hot Marcus map"? Mm-hm.
So, I'm gonna get some ribbon from my mom and we can forget this conversation happened.
- Can I help you? - Um, I'm here for Pin.
You're too late.
This whole thing was a prank.
It was my idea.
In case he got arrested No, we We've done much better than that.
What? - How did this happen? - No way is that Pin.
Didn't know he could ride like that.
- He's - Amazing? Look at them.
They're so confident.
So much posture.
How are we supposed to compete? Why didn't anyone tell me Pin was good? - None of us knew.
- Or you guys didn't pay any attention.
He can't ride for Holloway.
We need him.
According to the person - who called him a criminal and a thief.
- Before I knew he could ride.
He's not in a position to argue.
He owes my dad money.
So, threaten him back onto the team? - Precisely.
- That will never work, Mia.
I'll talk to him.
Do whatever it takes.
I should stay.
I feel responsible.
Go, it's your last day.
I'll fix this Pin thing and be back for your send-off.
Okay? I promise.
- You were awesome out there.
- Yeah.
Not bad.
That's Callum's way of saying you're better than him.
I haven't ridden like that in forever.
You'll get plenty more chances round here.
I'll, um, catch you guys up.
What's going on.
Why are you riding for Holloway? They saw me riding after we took the cup.
They thought I was good.
- And offered me a place on their team.
- And if you don't take it, they're gonna have you arrested? That's blackmail.
- I get to ride.
Not a bad deal.
- Mia wants you back at Bright Fields.
- And not as a stable boy, as a rider.
- I'd never ride for her.
- Then come back for me.
- Don't.
Zoe, that's how we got into this mess.
- What do you mean? - I can't say no to you, Zoe.
I think it best that I stay away.
Hey, tourist.
Visiting time's over.
Thanks, guys.
Well, what do you think? I could only do so much with what I was given.
What's happened? Is Pin okay? Pin's fine.
Better than fine, actually.
Well, that's perfect.
It's okay Zoe never has to know what you did.
World order is restored.
Good luck in the big leagues.
I wanted to give you something.
I made a lowdown of the Nationals team riders.
Strengths, weaknesses, potentials.
Especially Zoe's.
- Very detailed.
- Yeah.
Feeling guilty? - About leaving, I mean.
- Right.
I, uh, wanted to do something good before I go.
This could prove very useful.
Thank you.
Come on, boy, we can still make it if we hurry.
Try and look happy.
You've been looking forward to this your entire life.
- Zoe's still not back.
- Yeah.
She's taking longer with Pin than I thought.
They've got a lot to talk about.
It's just you look so serious, and she's so Zoe.
- I can't help myself.
- Try.
I feel weird about leaving.
We carved that when we were ten, remember? You had Monty, and I had that lazy Shetland.
We were inseparable, weren't we? There'll always be a place for you here.
Thanks, Mia.
Looks like Pin's gonna be filling that place.
For now.
- He's taking your spot on the team.
- Right.
It's funny how things work out.
If Holloway hadn't caught him, we'd have never known what a talent he was.
There you are.
Saved you a hot dog.
No onions.
- I'm not really hungry.
- Not a problem.
You should've seen Holloway.
They're like machines.
- Next to them we look - Human? Like kids.
I was thinking, Marcus is leaving, so our club is over.
Maybe we give him our hot Marcus map? Don't you think it might be embarrassing? Oh, yeah.
Jade, come on.
Team photo with Marcus.
You finally ditched the shirt.
Mia will be so relieved.
- I do love it, Becky.
It's just - It's fine.
It was just for fun.
I didn't expect you to actually wear it.
Whoa, there.
You'll have to go round, the track's blocked.
Saying goodbye to the old place? Your cousin really loved these stables.
Not an excuse for what she did.
- Not really.
- I guess not.
If you did something that wasn't good, but nobody got hurt is it still better to tell? Even if it might change the way someone looks at you? I'm asking for a friend.
I'd tell your friend to go with the truth.
Usually for the best.
If takes the shine off him a little, at least you know he's human.
Hi, Zoe.
Where are you? I need to catch my boat, but I need to tell you something face-to-face.
"Hi, Marcus.
Becky here.
" Uh, hi, Becky.
"Did you know we first brought Bob here five years, two months and 11 days ago?" I did not know that.
"And also that you're the real reason I picked this place? Did you know that you brought out the best in me and Bob and everyone else here? A lot of people wouldn't be here, wouldn't even be friends, if it weren't for you.
We drew that map because of the way that we felt.
Sorry if it embarrassed you.
Everything's changing so fast, but if that stupid map proves anything, maybe it's this.
" You are Bright Fields.
Well, you're the face of Bright Fields.
Bob is obviously the heart and the soul Thank you, Becky.
- Where's Pin? - I tried.
I really tried.
- You failed.
- Can you not get on me right now? - Where's Marcus? - He's gone.
He was acting weird, hardly spoke to anyone.
He's at the pier.
Might still catch him.
Thank you.
I see you found a ride that suits your ability.
Yeah, look, no training wheels.
Look, I'm sure you've had quite the summer, running wild.
Things are gonna change around here.
Eight a.
, solo boot camp, starting tomorrow and every day until you're worthy of that horse.
Um, I know you're new here, so I'll give you a break.
But I think I've proven worthy of riding Raven.
Riding for a couple of months doesn't make you an expert.
I intend to win Junior Nationals.
And I'm not letting a rookie like you ruin my chances.
When you see what Raven and I can do when allowed to train together, then maybe you'll have a little faith.
Eight a.
tomorrow, Zoe.
Did Marcus seem off tonight? No.
Why? Hmm He was a little antsy.
Some big secret, a confession.
I just told him it's best to be honest.
What? Probably worried about going to the academy.
I remember Mom! You have to drive me to the pier.
Marcus is gonna ruin everything.
Now I get signal? Marcus.
It's me.
I'm sorry.
- I messed everything up and missed - There you are.
What are you doing here? - You missed your boat.
- I'll catch the next one.
It's, uh Look, Zoe, I, uh I need to tell you something.
- Is it serious? Am I in trouble? - No.
The opposite, actually.
I, uh Don't know how you'll take it.
So, tell me.
- It's like this - He loves you! - What?! - He didn't know whether to tell you, and I was like, "Some secrets are too exciting to keep.
While others are best left unsaid.
" I know I shouldn't have blurted it out like that, but I really love you two together and want it to stay that way.
- And now I'm gonna awkwardly back away.
- Mm.
- That was, uh unexpected.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
Hi, Pin.
Great riding today.
We were all super impressed Thought you'd use Zoe to lure me back? I don't need to lure you anywhere.
You work for my family.
And we expect you here in this yard until your debt is paid.
The amount your dad paid my father for Raven.
- Where'd you get this? - Holloway.
They want me free to train.
We're even, Mia.
See you at Nationals.
- We are not even.
Not yet.
- But he just paid you all that money.
What money, Susie? - You don't seem surprised to see me.
- Not really.
I kind of knew you'd show up eventually.
I guess it will be easier for us if we just, uh - Keep our distance? Fine by me.
- Mm.
- I don't need any awkward questions.
- Me neither.
So, we're agreed? I won't tell anyone we're related if you don't.
And, uh, by the way, little sis I'm taking Bright Fields to Nationals.
I intend to win.
- Yeah? - Mm.
Well, we just took your best rider.
So, you don't stand a chance.
Ah, well, we'll see about that.
Hmm? Rookie mistake.
You should know not to leave things in your pockets when I'm around.
"Bright Fields' strengths and weaknesses.
" Thank you, brother.