Free Rein (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Maid of the Island

1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [ZOE] Life tends to take some detours.
But if Marcus can handle being at the academy and Pin can embrace riding for the enemy, then I can face James and show him what me and Raven can - [RECORD SCRATCHES] - Wait a second.
Back up.
- Those are cute.
- Mom.
- What is that on your head? - Your destiny.
- It is? - It's my Maid of the Island helmet.
- The competition's today, remember? - I'm training.
But it's a fun event.
Your grandma loved watching me compete.
I didn't realize you were alive in 441 AD.
- That was the original Maid, thank you.
- [CHUCKLES] The Saxons invaded but the Maid challenged their leader to a show of strength.
If she won he and his army would leave forever.
- But if she lost - Let me guess.
She won.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
And every year, we hold a tournament to celebrate.
There's jousting and archery.
Think of it, Zoe.
You're riding Raven.
A Maid.
Or I'm at the stables.
[SIGHS] Okay, James Forsythe, bring it on.
Ah, there she is.
This year's Maid of the Island.
Where? [CHUCKLES] I meant me, Susie.
- I'm clearly gonna win.
- No one's been the Maid - three times in a row.
- Until now.
Are you gonna use Pin's money to pay off the judges? What? No.
Oh, right.
You don't need to do that.
Your dad's a judge.
Susie, this year, I'm gonna win on my own.
For the yard.
Don't worry about Pin's money.
I know what I'm gonna do with it.
[CHUCKLES] He'll be back at Bright Fields in no time.
I am going to look perfect.
You better start working on my acceptance speech.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, boy.
I trust you.
You can do this.
That's it.
Come on, Raven.
Your approach is off-center.
- And you use too much voice.
- We got over.
You don't win by getting over.
Do it again, without the chitchat.
[SIGHS] There.
- Happy? - No, I'm not.
Raven clipped the jump.
You've been relying on your voice.
- He falls apart without it.
- He needs encouragement.
You're humoring him.
Every time you do, he's a weaker horse.
How am I supposed to motivate him? You use this.
- [NEIGHING] - Whoa! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, boy.
- [NEIGHING] - I don't think he's ready.
- You get to say when he's ready.
Not him.
This horse is a machine.
You need to learn how to use him properly.
A crop is standard kit.
- He needs to get used to it.
- I said he isn't ready.
It's one thing to torment me.
I can take it.
But I will never, never let you torment Raven.
Seriously, Bob.
How did you get a rainbow stain? - Did you rub yourself on a unicorn? - [SNORTS] - Jade.
- Yes, Mia.
Yes, Mia, milady.
What is thy bidding? Tell the others to load up for Maid of the Island.
Before you go on about how that mangy fleabag is the spirit of Bright Fields, he's not coming.
Bob isn't the spirit.
He's the soul.
The lifeline, the pièce de résistance.
- The - What Becky is trying to say is that, sure, Bob is dirty and disobedient, but people remember him.
- He gives people a warm feeling.
- Sometimes by peeing on them.
You're the only one that doesn't love him.
Okay, fine.
I'll allow it.
But if that horse causes one ounce of trouble, I'm holding you responsible, Jade.
And keep him away from Firefly, Becky! Thanks.
You didn't have to do that.
Becky, I love Bob.
Almost as much as I love your Jecky rap.
Which you definitely don't have to perform now.
Don't worry.
The spirit of Bright Fields is on his best behavior.
[SNORTING] Starting from now.
Great ride, Hawthorne.
Oh, don't worry.
The groom will get Elvis sorted.
What? - Last week, I was the groom.
- People don't care where you came from.
- They just wanna see what you can do.
- I can do anything, now that I'm out of Mia's debt.
About that.
Mia called this morning.
Said you haven't paid her back and to ask where the money went.
- I gave it to her.
- Easy.
I'm not accusing you.
She just wants us to kick you out, that's all.
And we're not going to.
Come on.
Let's go load up for Maid of the Island.
[SIGHS] We've got your back now.
And Mia? She might wanna watch hers.
- Revenge isn't exactly my style.
- Lucky you know me, then.
James has got to go, Mia.
Oh, here we go.
Another American Revolution? We've got to get to Nationals.
James will teach you how to be a winner.
I don't need James to teach me how to win.
Raven and I could do that on our own.
You've been riding for five minutes.
You've never entered a competition.
Matter of fact, I'm entering one today.
- Maid of the Island.
- You're entering Maid of the Island? That's like Bob trying to win Horse of the Year Show.
[SCOFFS] Maid of the Island began as a challenge, right? Well, I say we continue that tradition.
If I win, James is out of here.
But when I win, you promise to stop being such a pain in the behind.
You got yourself a deal.
I'm in.
Where do I get my armor? I knew you'd come round.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
This competition's all about honor and valor and strength of heart - I just need to win.
- That's my girl.
Roll up! Roll up for Mystic Wilma! - What do you think? - Totally ancient.
They've been holding the tournament at this castle for years.
Not sure what'll happen, now the duke's passed away.
[MAGGIE] There are two rounds: archery and jousting.
- Your aim is to - Is to destroy and make my enemies beg for mercy.
I was gonna go with "have fun," but Yeah, sure.
That, too.
[CHUCKLES] Good morrow, fair maiden.
Come ride with me on my trusty steed.
Sorry, but my mom is going to give me a tour.
- Right, Mom? - Right.
- Okay.
Giddyup, Sir Lancelot.
- Thank you.
[LAUGHS] Prep tent's that way.
I'll find you when you gear up.
All right.
Everybody, be prepared to meet Warrior Zoe.
- To take down Mia and get rid of James.
- Yeah! [ROSIE AND MAGGIE LAUGHING] We'll have you settled into island life in no time.
Where do you want to start? We have basket weaving, tapestry weaving, just straight weaving.
No one told me that fitting in was just weaving.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Weaving's very important.
- [ROSIE] Is it? Fine.
Bad Bob.
How'd you get out so quickly? Thank goodness Mia didn't notice.
Becky, seriously.
I vouched for you.
You have to keep Bob under control.
- Hey, Dad.
- There she is, the reigning champion.
Ready to take the title for the third year? Daddy, I don't need your influence this time.
- I wanna do it on my own.
- Of course.
I'm proud of you, darling.
Proud of you.
I can't believe you challenged Mia.
That's her thing.
- She's a nightmare in shining armor.
- I'm going to win.
I have to win.
It's the only way to protect Raven.
And no one's gonna stop me.
["NOT GONNA BREAK ME" PLAYING] Not gonna break me down Not gonna break me - This time around - [SIGHS] Can you actually believe he's my boyfriend? No, not really.
If we were in the Dark Ages, I'd get that traitor Pin locked up.
Not gonna break me This time around I'm just not a pony girl.
You only have to sit on her for a second.
- But I don't have a helmet.
- You're not going anywhere.
Please? Fine.
[CHUCKLES] - If it makes you happy.
- [MAGGIE] Right.
Let's do this.
Foot on the stirrups.
One, two, three.
Come on, Rosie.
You've got this.
That's right.
Mom! Mom, I'm on a horse.
[LAUGHS] - Ugh.
He smells even worse than Bob.
- You did great.
- [BELL RINGING] That's the first round starting.
I better help Zoe.
- Will you be all right with Ben? - [ROSIE] Sure.
- I'll see you shortly.
- Yeah.
I have won a prize for the fair maiden.
On second thought.
[MAN] Come along to the archery contest! It's about to start.
Welcome, Rosie.
Daughter of Maggie.
Granddaughter of that old charmer, Frankie.
How do you know my name? And why are you calling my grandpa Frankie? Your turn.
Elbows back.
Eyes following the top of the arrow.
- And - Just a little to your right.
- Don't let her put you off.
- Just trying to help.
Zoe doesn't need your help.
She's got this sewn up.
- Runs in the family.
- Okay, Mom.
I got this.
Go sit with Grandpa.
[SHOUTS] That's my girl, everyone! That's my girl.
Looks like that title isn't such a dead cert after all, huh? - I love that you think you can win.
- I love that you think you can't lose.
Then bye-bye James.
- James is a good trainer.
- Good at being an idiot.
[CROWD CHEERING] Sorry, was I interrupting? A bull's-eye from Gaby Grant, taking her into the lead.
[BOTH] What? [ROSIE] So, what does it say? Will I be rich? Will I travel the world by cruise ship? I see a long and prosperous life for you on this island.
- On the island? Please, no.
- You don't like it here? Well, I'm trying to like it.
Really hard, but feels like there's a place for everyone except me.
It may feel that way now, but you've only scratched the surface.
Dig a little deeper and you'll usually find the truth is something far more surprising.
Speaking of scratching Ooh! Oh! Didn't think I was a true redhead, did you? Come with me, young lady.
Appearances can be deceiving.
Take old Frankie over there.
I'd prefer if I could call him Grandpa.
Like, a lot.
You kids wouldn't think so now, but he had his pick of the girls back in the day.
Most of us could only dream he'd look our way.
Can we move on? There's that angry young man, Peter Hawthorne.
- [ROSIE] Mr.
- Mm.
He's more than what he seems as well.
But if he can't see past his hurt, he'll never fulfill his destiny.
And then there's this beautiful castle.
It's been owned by the same family for so many centuries that folks can't remember where the family money first came from.
[CHUCKLES] Smuggling? Ben would love that.
Here you are, Rosie.
You'll find your place.
- You just have to try a little harder.
- Thanks.
Mystic Wilma.
I see a battle coming.
Beware the black-and-white horse.
- Didn't think all this was your thing.
- And I didn't think riding for the enemy was yours, but, hey, we're all full of surprises.
I could use your help with this.
Good luck out there.
And be careful.
These guys play to win.
- So do I.
- I mean it.
[MAN] Come along to the grand finale of the day, the jousting competition! What were you doing? Talking to her.
Zoe's all right.
Not like the others.
- Don't do anything crazy out there.
- Don't worry.
I will go easy on your girl crush.
But the Bright Fields captain she's all mine.
[MAN] Now, ladies and gents, it's time for the jousting.
Rules are simple.
Each rider must try to hit the other's target on their shield.
And both opponents should remain seated in the saddle at all times.
[CROWD CHEERING] Bright Fields ready? Holloway Ready? Let's joust! - [SHOUTS] - [CROWD GROANING] [GIRL] Oh, my gosh.
[CROWD CHEERING] - Are you okay? - That was for Pin.
See you in the next round, Zoe.
- Change of plan.
Take down Gaby.
- Even if that means - you have to fire James? - We'll deal with that later.
I'm proud of you, Bob.
You have been on your best behavior.
We both deserve an Epic Warrior ice cream.
Wait there.
[MAN] And now it's time for the final, Holloway's Gaby versus Bright Fields' Zoe.
[GABY] Is that Zoe's horse? He's beautiful.
That's Raven.
He loves Zoe.
He won't let anyone hurt her.
[GABY] We'll see about that.
Firefly, stop making eyes at Bob.
[ZOE] Look, I know this is super weird, but I'm doing it for you.
Okay, boy.
I trust you.
You can do this.
- Come on, Zoe.
- Come on.
Can I please have two scoops of lemon? No, no, no.
Actually One scoop of chocolate chip.
Bob! No, Bob! [WHINNYING] - Wait! That's my horse! - Callum, where are you going? - Are Holloway attacking? - Uh Charge! - Okay, okay.
- Epic! It's like an actual battle.
I can't watch.
What have we done? Never in the history of this competition has there ever been such unbridled violence.
Hold on.
Didn't the original Maid start an actual war? So none of you have won.
This year, our most long-standing living Maid will wear the crown for the second time.
Ladies and gentlemen, Wilma.
Thank you.
You did your best.
I still didn't beat Gaby.
No crown for you? Or for you.
I was only doing it for a laugh anyway.
You Bright Fields kids take yourselves too seriously.
This is war.
No, I get it.
Um, leave it with me.
Time to fire James.
- Yeah, about that - I know.
Neither of us got the crown, but I got further in the competition I will fire James if you want me to, but there's something you should know.
Meredith just called.
Uh She's heard about today.
She's not happy.
I'll call her and explain.
She's not sure Bright Fields is the place for Raven.
She wants proof.
What kind of proof? You have to win Nationals, Zoe.
- If you don't, she'll sell Raven.
- What? I know James' methods aren't what you're used to, but I really think that he can help you win Nationals.
So do you want me to fire him or not? - I really wanted to win, Dad.
- You mean, you wanted Zoe to win.
I mean, when Mom was still alive the competition meant so much to her.
Your mom didn't give two hoots about Maid of the Island.
Yes, she did.
It was a whole thing, every year.
- She made out like it was a big deal.
- Because you loved it.
She paid attention to what was important to you.
Implying I should pay attention to what's important to Zoe? Not implying at all.
Saying it very directly.
[CHUCKLES] That's the great thing about being home.
I get all this wonderful wisdom for free.
There'll be a bill later.
[CHUCKLES] [ROSIE] Mom! - [MAGGIE] Yes, sweetheart? - How many times? Do not tag me in your lame [CELL PHONE BEEPING] Photos.
Everyone thinks I look cool.
They can't smell the stench through their phones.
- Look.
- That picture's adorable.
- It is? - Yes! Maybe I don't need to fit in.
Maybe I just need to look like I do.
- Hi.
- [MARCUS] So? Am I looking at the Maid of the Island? Mm, not exactly.
- Things got a little out of hand.
- Oh, no.
I'm not sure I can take - any more bad news today.
- Are you okay? College is harder than I thought it was gonna be.
And I'm missing home, you and Sorry, I'm rambling.
- You said that things got out of hand? - Oh, no, no.
No, it's fine.
Nothing I can't handle.
Everything is absolutely fine.
- What's this? - The Bright Fields safe key.
You can get your money.
A friend told me Mia always wore it around her neck.
Like I said got your back.
Hey, bro.
So I've been thinking.
I thought you looked tired.
I figured, you owe me.
All right.
Three years of backdated birthday and Christmas presents coming up.
I was thinking more along the lines of a horse.
- You already have a horse.
- I don't have Raven.
[CHUCKLES] I want him.
No other horse will do.