Free Rein (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Truth or Dare

1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [ZOE] I love the sunrise.
A new day beginning, a chance to make things right, to start again, and to perfect a killer jump combo.
- Starting early.
- Let's get one thing straight.
I don't like your methods or your attitude or you.
But I refuse to let Meredith take Raven.
We're winning Nationals.
And we're doing it without the whip.
Holloway have expertly trained horses, state-of-the-art equipment, and from what I hear, a hotshot new rider up their sleeves.
[CHUCKLES] I can take Pin any day.
[PIN] Nice horse.
This is Jet.
I thought you could try him out for the day.
If you guys get along, he's yours.
For Nationals.
Want me to ride a different horse? - Jet's an Irish Sport Horse.
- A great match for your skill set.
He's a horse you can win on.
Pure strength and muscle.
Thanks, but I've got Elvis.
He have any idea what this horse is worth? Money doesn't matter to people like me and Pin.
I'll talk to him.
[PHONE CHIMES] [GROANS] How many messages can one finger send? - It's just Callum.
- Callum.
- Hey, he's nice.
- He's Holloway.
They don't do nice.
Oh, no.
- Someone's been in the safe.
- Money still there? [MAGGIE] Mia? Pin left this in the postbox.
Something about paying off a debt? Said you'd be pleased.
- No idea what he's talking about.
- Hmm.
I'll ask your dad.
Holloway have gone too far.
Stealing my key? Taking money out of my safe? Well, technically, it's Pin's money and you kind of stole it.
[CHUCKLES] That's hardly the point, Susie.
This ends today.
As of this moment, no one, absolutely no one, is to be caught cavorting with anyone from Holloway.
Yes, Zoe, that does apply to a certain traitor, - whose name I can't speak.
- She means Pin.
Don't worry.
He chose his side.
I chose mine.
Make sure it stays that way.
Uh Mia? Where does this leave me and Callum? You know I'd never tell you what to do, Susie.
But you have to choose.
- It's Bright Fields or Callum.
- Uh But - [MAGGIE] You're unbelievable.
- You're missing the point.
[MAGGIE] You made Ted work for no money.
- [ELLIOT] He sold me a stolen horse.
- Which he didn't realize.
Tell him, Ted.
You didn't know Raven was stolen.
It was my fault.
Shouldn't have agreed to the sale.
Pay him back his wages and apologize.
I'm not saying sorry until he does.
I've too much to do to stand here with two grown men acting like children.
Sort it out.
- Fancy a beer? - I'd love one.
Come on.
[GABY] Having a spring clean? I don't need it now that I'm not with Bright Fields.
You got your money back.
- What you gonna do with it? - Paid my family's debts.
That's noble and boring.
Can't be free with that hanging over you.
[CHUCKLES] Somebody got into the academy.
- Give that to me.
- Ooh.
- Touchy.
- I'm not going, so what does it matter? Wow.
Your mom's a crazy-mad traveler.
She's been round the world and back again.
Round the world, yeah.
Back again, not so much.
She left you? But, you know, at least I get postcards.
My dad left me, too.
When he died.
In an accident.
And I don't remember much about him.
Just pictures in my head.
Ice cream at the beach, camping out in the garden.
The thunderstorms.
They were the best.
My dad would wrap me up in a blanket, sit me in his lap and sing to me till they were over.
[CLEARING THROAT] Well, look at me, emoting.
- All over you.
- It's fine.
What I'm saying is, the past sucks for people like me and you.
So, you keep moving forward and you don't get too attached.
- Ride whichever horse in front of you? - I know Elvis is important to you.
But winning is important to us, so say you'll think about doing things our way? - Fine.
- Okay.
Want me to take this stuff back to Bright Fields? Thanks.
I'll just get the rest.
- Becky.
Are you okay? - I don't want to talk about it.
- Okay.
- Okay, fine.
If you insist.
It's Jade.
Ever since she got onto the Nationals team, I don't exist.
Jade has a lot of stuff going on now.
- Like you and Pin, right? - That's different.
Different how? Well, he joined a new team and he's doing really well, and he He doesn't have as much time for me.
Our friends are doing well and we should be happy for them, right? [CLEARING THROAT] Pin asked me to drop this off.
It's his Bright Fields stuff.
Uh, cool.
Yeah, I'll take that for you.
He doesn't want this? I guess he's moving on.
[CHUCKLES] Of course.
Oh, and can you give him this? - Tell him I don't need it anymore.
- I'll make sure he gets the message.
What happened to being happy for our friends? That radio was a big deal.
Clearly, Pin doesn't care about this friendship, so why should I? [BEN] Okay, a bit lower.
Now it's like you're poking him in the eye.
[SCOFFS] How hard is it to make it look like I'm petting a horse? - Maybe try actually petting one? - Yeah, right.
This one will do.
Filter on, witty caption.
Emoji, emoji.
Thought you'd given up on being a pony girl.
Oh, I have.
But my friends back home enjoy seeing me embrace the country life.
But you don't like horses.
So? It's online.
All that matters is that I look like I'm having a great time.
Wouldn't it be better if you actually had a great time? Mmm.
Sometimes it's really like you're from the Dark Ages.
[SIGHS] I wish.
Come on.
Let's take more photos of me pretending to have fun.
[JAMES] That's it, Raven.
Good boy.
How's my horse? Not your horse.
Not yet.
Hey! Holloway girl, get away from our trainer! So, you're the hotshot trainer? I'm Gaby.
I don't think we've had the pleasure.
And now you won't.
This is a Holloway-free zone.
Get out.
It was nice to meet you.
John, was it? James.
By the way, you shouldn't wear your safe key around your neck.
Someone could so easily steal it.
Callum, it's not me, it's you.
I mean, Callum, I think we should stop seeing each other.
I mean, Callum, it's not you, it's not me, it's It's Mia.
Isn't it? She wants you to dump me, for the good of the yard.
[SIGHS] Pretty much.
Gonna go through with it? Break my heart? Actually, do you know what? I've got a better idea.
- The beach? - Haven't hung out there in a while.
Nationals aren't far off and you wanna go to the beach? You said you wanted us to unite, and everything's so so - Pressurized? - Exactly.
- But pressure's good.
It's how you win.
- And it's how teams fall apart.
Come on! I wanna hang out with my bestie like the old days.
Please? Fine.
Only for a couple hours, then back to it.
- Don't want things to get out of - Beach party! - hand.
- [SUSIE] Whoo! - Yes! - [BECKY] Jade.
Sorry Bob and me got you in trouble at Maid of the Island.
I messed up.
Want you to know I'm proud of you for being on the team.
That means a lot to me.
So, the beach? We can shell-ebrate being friends again.
You're shore I wouldn't be shrimp-osing Stop punning.
I understand that you wanna fit in with your new teamies.
Don't worry.
I know how to act around the cool girls.
It's all about being really boring and having no real opinions, right? Susie and Mia aren't different from us.
Except for having ice in their veins.
Let's just say, they're besties for resties, like you and me.
Come on, let's go.
[LAUGHS] Okay, Mom.
I'm out of here.
- Make sure you're back before 10:00.
- [SIGHS] Mom.
I'm gonna be 16 in a week.
I don't need a curfew.
Mm, don't worry.
When you turn 16, you're never leaving the house again.
[CHUCKLES] I'm out of here.
And don't worry, I'll be back by 10:00.
- Are you kidding me? - 9:30? It's for older kids.
I have to make it look like I'm having an amazing time.
I don't care.
You're not going.
Don't worry.
We'll leave the big kids to it.
Come on.
- [ROSIE] What are you doing? - I have an idea.
We'll get you that photo op yet.
[HUMMING] Where are you sneaking off to? The girls might be subject to the rule of Mom, but I go where the wind takes me.
[KNOCKING ON WINDOW] What do you two want? We talked it out over a beer, and we realized that we've forgotten how to have fun.
But we thought you might like to come to the arcade and remember with us.
Wait right there.
So, I thought it'd be fun for us to do something all together.
- "She thought.
" - Classic Mia.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Yeah, totes.
Think of this as a team-building exercise, so that we can all pull together and defeat the Holloway lowlifes once and for all.
I don't believe it.
What are they doing here? Uh, this is our part of the beach.
It's a free country.
I think we'll stay.
Fine, we'll go.
Wait, Mia.
Look, we've had our differences, but if you think about it, we all want the same thing.
A koala bear for a house pet! Said no one ever.
Look, you care about horses and so do we.
We're all competitive, we're all really good.
So, instead of being enemies, why can't we? Be friends? If only for today.
Brought marshmallows.
[BECKY] And from henceforth, the Truce Bonfire was known.
Where mature people came together to sit and share ideas and ponder deep thoughts about horses.
Scrap that.
Today's about having fun.
[GABY] Lucky for you Marcus isn't here.
Excuse me? Oh, come on.
That look between you and Pin.
You like him.
- Believe what you want, Gaby.
- Mm.
Oh, by the way, that sweater? It doesn't really suit you.
I just wanted to say thanks for staying.
Yeah, I could tell it meant a lot to you.
And Callum.
- You really like him, don't you? - I really do.
[CHUCKLES] [MIA] Oh, um Give this to lover boy.
[CHUCKLES] I've gotta talk to someone.
Okay, what do you want? New boots? A horse? Name your price.
- My price? - To buy your silence.
I know you saw that letter in the safe when you took the money out last night.
I didn't read any letter.
Pin, please don't tell anyone I got rejected from Holloway.
No one knows at Bright Fields and they'd think I betrayed them.
No way.
What? You didn't know? Holloway rejected you and they took me.
Just a stable boy.
That must really sting.
- Don't tell.
I'll give you anything! - There's nothing I need from you.
Just knowing they wanted me and not you is enough.
So? What do you think? If you look out there past the woods, over the sand dunes and down the cliffs, it might look like we're at the party.
This could make a good photo.
Yeah, if I stand by that net and pretend it's attacking me.
Come from the beach? You see Mia? How was it going? Are they having any fun? They're sitting around, listening to music.
That sounds so shareable.
She wants a perfect photo.
She wants all her friends to think she's having fun.
In my day we didn't have to pretend to have fun.
We just had fun.
That's what I said.
Is this some kind of life lesson? [FRANK] Let's go! [GROANS] [GABY] Right.
It is time to liven things up a bit with spin the bottle.
The rules are simple.
Spin the bottle, you kiss whoever it lands on, and move on.
- Let's form a circle over here.
- Jade, I just saw a light out at sea.
It's heading for land.
Maybe it's the island smugglers.
You said you'd be cool.
Smugglers are not cool.
Smugglers are cooler than pirates.
And only slightly less cool than aliens, you know it.
- [CHUCKLES] - [GABY] Well, who's in? Right, are you Bright Fields lot in or what? Jade! I saw the light again.
Maybe we should go and check it out? Anyone would think that you didn't wanna play.
Maybe we should see what's going on.
Just in case.
Come on.
[CHUCKLES] [GABY] I'll go first.
Thanks for leaving.
It won't be long before we find the hidden tunnels.
Or the smugglers' treasure.
Can you imagine? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYS SOFTLY ON RADIO] Could I talk to you? Now.
- Shoot.
- Uh Uh Not here.
Look, I need to know.
Why didn't Holloway want me on their team? You weren't good enough.
I won the county show with a sprained ankle.
Firefly has more rosettes than any horse on the island.
I know you pick your team by a group vote, so who voted against me? I did.
Why? Because I was worried that you'd be a distraction.
What? A distraction to who? To me.
- Becky.
Isn't that Callum? - With Mia? What are you doing? You have a girlfriend.
She's in love with you.
Susie's fun, but maybe I can do better.
You absolute pig.
Look, we weren't there.
We didn't see anything.
- We have to tell Susie.
- Maybe it's part of the game.
Susie's Mia's best friend.
She wouldn't do this.
You kidding? Mia wanted them to break up, now we know why.
- Please, don't make a scene.
- If being on the team means keeping Mia's dirty secrets, then I'm glad I didn't make the grade.
Now it's time to find out everyone's deepest, darkest secrets.
Truth or dare.
That puffed-up fish was so weird.
And see how huge those crabs were? I swear they were giving me evils.
- Sounds like someone enjoyed herself.
- Fine.
You were right.
That was way better than faking some photo.
You know you already fit in, right? You're always helping people.
You helped me today.
But we didn't find what you were looking for.
We'll try again when autumn tides turn.
Things turn up in the ocean.
What things? There's treasure on this island, Rosie.
- Not you, too.
- Your grandma was convinced.
Used to drive the old camper van around, looking for it.
- I promised I'd keep up the search.
- You miss her, don't you? We had so many adventures together.
Traveled the world.
I've never really got used to being on my own.
Not really.
- But enough of all that.
Hot chocolate? - With whipped cream and marshmallows.
Coming right up.
Maybe I'll help you find a new adventure, Grandpa.
[MIA] Uh Truth.
Are Firefly's hooves really that clean, or do you oil them? [SCOFFS] Okay, fine.
I oil them.
Sue me.
I knew it.
Honestly, no one's hooves can be that sparkly.
Your turn.
Um - Zoe, truth or dare? - Uh, truth.
Ever had feelings for anyone else, even though you're in a relationship and that would make you an awful person? [ZOE] No.
Of course not.
You keep saying that and I keep not believing you.
- Hmm.
I guess I'm lucky that way, huh? - [MOUTHS] Becky? Truth or dare? Truth.
No, dare.
No, truth.
Hit me.
What's your biggest secret? Come on, Becky.
Biggest secret.
- I do have a secret.
- Becky, please.
- It's really bad.
It's about kissing.
- I mean it.
- My biggest secret is - Is that you've never kissed anyone.
[LAUGHING] Right? Uh, today is just full of surprises.
- Go on, Becky.
It's your turn.
- I don't wanna play.
It's stupid.
- Becky's right.
Time to stop.
- Says the guy whose turn it is.
If Becky won't ask Pin a question, then I will.
- Truth or dare.
- Truth.
Think you're a better rider than everyone at Bright Fields? Ooh! That's a good question.
- I'm not answering that.
- [ZOE] So, yes.
- I guess Holloway breeds arrogance - Mia, the truce.
Which will make it more satisfying when we win at Nationals.
Oh, Pin still hasn't answered the question.
Come on.
Just say it.
I am a better rider.
And with Pin on our team, we can't lose.
I disagree.
And I can prove it.
I challenge Holloway to a race.
This is a game of truth or dare, isn't it? Your best rider against ours.
- Great idea.
- Pin.
You're up.
I've got this.
- [MIA] I don't think so.
- [ZOE] Please, Mia.
If Pin stops me winning Nationals, I'll lose Raven.
I need to know I can beat him.
Take him down.
- Where's Elvis? - This is my new horse.
- Jet.
- Since when? - Since I started riding to win.
- [CALLUM] The course is simple.
Through the sand dunes, to the edge of Wrecker's Cove and back again.
First one across the line wins.
Come on, boy.
For me.
Force her to the outside when you turn.
Save yourself a couple seconds.
- Want me to cheat? - I want you to win.
But I'm gonna do this my own way.
Three, two, one.
Ride! Pin's going to get to the cove first.
He's gonna destroy her.
What did you say to get him on that horse? Nothing.
It's personal, between him and Zoe.
[ZOE] Come on, Raven.
We can't let him beat us.
We have to win, whatever it takes.
I'm sorry, Raven.
I have to.
What's she doing? Thought Raven was scared of the whip.
She's taking Pin down, at any cost.
She won! [HORSE NEIGHING] - What was that? - Me proving who's best.
You know he isn't ready for a whip.
You ditched Elvis for some thoroughbred.
- You've changed.
- Me? Take a look in the mirror.
You forgot everything we've been through.
You're not the guy I used to know.
Not the same guy who helped the moor pony, not the same guy who saved Raven, and not the same guy who saved me.
And you're a liar.
You lied during that game.
Truth or dare, Zoe.
How do you really feel about me? It's too late anyway.
I I I can't.
- Heh.
Nice way to treat your horse.
- My horse is fine, Gaby.
[RAVEN SNORTING] [NEIGHING] Raven, I'm so sorry.
I - [PIN] I'll go get him.
- [GABY] I'll help you, Pin.
["AWAKE AT NIGHT" PLAYING] Lights off, eyes open Lie still, mind racing Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on.
Come on.
[RAVEN GRUNTING] [JAMES] Whoa, whoa, shh, shh, shh.
Mia called.
I can take him from here.
Just be careful.
He's not quite himself.
I'll stay.
In case you need a hand.
[JAMES] Okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who am I to be so wrong? Thinking that you need me When I'm gone So I close [GABY] All she does is hurt him.
She doesn't deserve this horse.
I want him.
Then you need to stop coming here.
It's called playing the long game, sis.
First rule is: Never let them see you coming.
Marcus? [CHUCKLES] - What are you doing here? - Surprise! You aren't supposed to be back for weeks.
I know.
But I couldn't miss your birthday.