Free Rein (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Sweet 16

1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [ZOE] Where I'm from, your sweet 16 is a big deal.
It's supposed to be perfect.
And it would be, if I hadn't messed everything up with Marcus, with Pin, and most of all, with Raven.
But, hey, it's my birthday.
So, today, I'm going to make a wish for a clean slate, a fresh start, for everything to just get back to [KAZOO WHINING] - Happy birthday! - [ZOE] normal.
Thank you.
How's it feel? The big 1-6? Complicated.
But I think I'm figuring it out.
I remember it like yesterday.
A little tiny thing with a head full of hair.
You were silent at first.
Longest ten seconds of my life.
Since then, you've never stopped talking.
Your dad's idea.
I promised we'd give it to you together, but he's eight hours behind and I couldn't wait.
- It's Raven.
- And an emerald.
I got mine on my 16th.
Thought you could wear them together.
- I love it.
- Good.
- I've got today arranged.
- I have training No problem, lots to get ready.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, my little baby's growing up.
[ZOE WHISTLING] [SIGHS] How long can you stay mad at me? Would it help if I said it's my birthday? See? It's you.
Mom got it 'cause she said we're connected.
I'm really sorry, Raven.
Come on.
Your seat was perfect there.
More of that.
Jade, is it all right if Callum comes to the party for Zoe? - What? No.
- Yeah.
Of course.
He's Holloway, but he is my boyfriend, Mia.
Get over it.
Anyone would think you were jealous.
[SCOFFS] Jealous? [CHUCKLES] As if I'd go near that rat.
It's just, um Well, I didn't want to say anything, but, um, at the beach party you basically, uh Well Becky and me saw you kissing that rat.
Callum kissed me.
Then I slapped him.
Did you not see that? I told Becky there must be an explanation.
Wait, why haven't you told Susie yet? I know I should, but He'll deny it and say it was all me.
And she's so into him that she might believe it.
Too bad you can't go back in time, show her what happened.
Or maybe I can.
How many people are coming to this party of Zoe's? Not loads.
She wanted something small, - after what happened with Raven.
- Not anymore.
I want a big crowd.
Callum will lower his defenses and then I pounce.
- But you - You wanna catch a rat, you've got to set a trap.
He's been like this since the beach.
He lets me on, but he's scared of me.
He's just figured out you're in charge.
What I did - Our connection's broken.
- Get off the horse.
A little trust, Zoe.
Come on.
I already tried this.
Now whistle for him.
Go on.
[WHISTLES] [SOFT WHINNY] You're doing it like it's a request.
It's not.
Do it again.
Like you know he'll come.
[WHISTLES] It worked.
Your connection isn't broken.
It's changing.
Happy birthday, by the way.
So how does you becoming Zoe's new BFF help me get Raven? Can't get anything out of anyone with their guard up.
Sound brotherly advice from the world's worst brother.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Trust me.
I'll get you that horse.
Thought we were picking up Zoe's present.
Oh, we are.
First I need to invite some old lady I met at Maid of the Island to Zoe's party.
Gramps was right.
I have a gift for helping people.
And my first task is to help him find his new soul mate.
- [METAL DETECTOR BEEPS] - Treasure! Five pence, in the bank.
Metal detector, totally paying off.
I feel like the most normal person on this walk.
[ROSIE] This is it.
Wilma's house.
No one's home.
What a shame.
Let's go.
[BECKY GULPS] - Remember me? Frank's granddaughter? - And you would be? Frank's granddaughter's older sister's friend.
- And this is Frank's granddaughter's - I'm Ben.
Could we go in? - [BEEPING] - [WILMA] Here we are.
Grandpa has this exact same teapot.
- You have so much in common.
- Check it out.
How is old Frank? Well, still old.
But he is throwing this huge party tonight.
Isn't it Zoe's party? He'd love it if you could come.
He sent his granddaughter to invite me? Just say you'll think about it.
Any chance I could borrow this? For your bracelet, to match the one Mom got you.
- Is this the marking on Raven's chest? - Yeah.
I didn't think you noticed.
Me neither.
Horses are infiltrating my brain.
[LAUGHING] - Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I love it.
It's like a full set.
- Yay.
Oh, no.
Mom's necklace.
I lost it.
Mom's emerald necklace? Any idea how much that's worth to her? - I can't let her know.
- Don't worry.
I'll get Ben and his metal detector.
We'll find it.
[CLANGING] What's that noise? [ROSIE] This is the tent for your party.
- But there's only ten people coming.
- Not anymore.
While you were training, Mia convinced Mom that you wanted this OTT super-sweet 16.
It wasn't hard.
Mom was so excited.
I've booked the best DJ on the island.
- DJ? - Yeah.
We need music for the young and the old to enjoy.
- What if there's? - Zoe, don't worry.
We are gonna help make this the magical birthday you deserve.
It's gonna be so much better.
Oh, hey, Pin.
Sorry, my head's in the clouds with Zoe's birthday party.
Coming, aren't you? Bring your girlfriend.
Speaking as Pin's friend-who-is-a-girl, we'd both love to come.
Okay, better go.
Lots to do.
[CHUCKLES] I know you and Zoe had some sort of moment - and now Marcus is back in town, but - Better be some "but.
" But instead of avoiding him, you need to show him how well you're doing.
Living well is the best revenge.
The problem with Marcus is, he's basically a good guy.
A good guy? [CHUCKLES] Ever wonder how you got caught stealing the cup from Holloway? It was Marcus who warned us.
You know what? I think I will go to the party.
That's my boy.
[LAUGHING] ["GIVE ME LOVE" PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] All I know is I am broken And I fall sometimes All I know is my heart is stolen And I can't escape sometimes Feels like these years go so fast Bluebirds Happy birthday, Zoe.
You look perfect.
You don't look so bad yourself.
Thank you.
Sure the academy's okay with you taking a few days off? - I'm sure.
- Yeah? Even if they weren't, I wouldn't miss your birthday.
[CHUCKLES] - What are they doing here? - I'm glad Pin's here.
I should speak to him.
Clear the air.
No, no.
He's changed since he started riding for Holloway.
Come on, necklace.
Where are you? [BECKY] There were two smugglers.
They had a fight.
One left the island forever.
It says, "He left a piece of his heart behind.
" - Is that even biologically possible? - It's smugglers' code for treasure.
Smugglers' treasure is about as real as the ghost pony.
Uh, ghost pony was guarding smugglers' treasure.
What's definitely real is the fact I can't find my mom's necklace.
[ROSIE SIGHS] If Ben doesn't have any luck, Zoe's gonna have to fess up.
Well, isn't this familiar? You showing up with an evil date.
- Your mom invited us.
- I'm just kidding.
[ZOE CHUCKLES] Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell him.
Thank you.
Happy birthday, Zoe.
Hi, I'm Marcus.
Zoe's boy I know who you are, Marcus.
It must cut you up.
To find everything's backwards.
Well, now Pin's the star.
And you're not.
Uh I'm good.
I got into the academy.
First ever from the island to make it.
That's impressive.
God, if only I knew something that would rock your world.
Wait a second.
I do.
Is it true? - Let me explain - I want to hear it from him.
You got into the academy and turned it down? Pin, what? - Yeah, it's true.
- Wait, why didn't you go? I know why.
'Cause with me gone, you could have Zoe all to yourself.
- Marcus.
- I'm not doing this.
I'm going.
- Was that really necessary? - I'm just looking out for Pin.
[CHUCKLES] - You always did love making trouble.
- Still do.
Here's how it is, brother.
You get me Raven, or I tell Meredith you lied about your past to get your fancy new training job.
How's that for trouble? [MIA] Hey! Hey, yourself.
Still mad at me? I wasn't mad at you.
I was surprised, that's all.
And more than a little flattered.
In fact, I haven't been able to stop thinking about what you said.
I'd love to hear it again, all those things about me and Susie.
Nice try.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
He knew I was proud of being the first islander to get into the academy, but said nothing.
You don't keep that a secret and hope no one finds out.
["ONE MORE LONELY NIGHT (WITHOU YOUR LOVE)" PLAYS OVER SPEAKERS] [ROSIE] I bring them together, hire the best DJ, tell him to play this song, and they just stand there like lemons.
I love this tune.
Brings back memories.
Oh, yes.
So, so many memories.
Such as? [CHUCKLES] My 16th.
I wanted so much for you to ask me to dance, but que sera.
May I please have this dance? [CHUCKLES] Oh, this feeling ain't right Without your love - Without your love - It's working.
You wanna tell Jade about the smugglers' treasure? The old Jade would have been into it, but this new, stressed Jade doesn't have time for anything but the team.
- Can't believe I'm gonna say this - You'll help find it? No.
Definitely not.
You're Becky.
Treasure and ghost and fun is what you do.
Don't change because someone else has.
But that old feeling You, uh look like you don't like them very much.
Not her.
He made a play for me at the Truce party.
I tried to trick him, but he didn't fall for it.
Now he won't leave Susie's side.
Here, dance with me.
Would not be The last time One more lonely Marcus.
I have something to tell you.
[GROANS] Stop it! What are you doing? You kissed my girlfriend! And you betrayed me to Holloway.
- What are you talking about? - [PIN] That day we took the cup, Marcus tipped us off to Callum.
That's how they knew.
Is that true? I came to confront him, but didn't wanna ruin your party.
At least one of us was thinking about you, Zoe.
[GRUNTING AND SHOUTING] Stop! This is stupid! Why don't you have a race to see who's manliest.
- Fine.
- You guys can't be serious.
Guys, I was kidding! Don't do this.
Actually, you know, go for it! Fine! Have fun! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] So you and Mia, huh? [CHUCKLES] Wouldn't be very professional, would it? - Why? Are you into her? - Me? No.
I mean, I kissed her at the barbecue.
She's pretty, her dad's rich.
She's a step up from Susie.
[CHUCKLES] It was worth a shot, but it's not worth the hassle.
Know what I mean? [BOTH CHUCKLING] What's wrong with you? You're willing to drown just to prove what? - You wouldn't understand.
- No.
I wouldn't.
You have everything.
The academy, Zoe.
She doesn't like me the way she likes you.
The academy isn't what I expected.
And if that were true about Zoe, we wouldn't be sitting here like idiots instead of up at her party.
Come on.
[CALLUM ON RECORDING] I kissed her at the barbecue.
She's pretty, her dad's rich.
She's a step up from Susie.
That's how you catch out a teenage boy.
[ROCK MUSIC CONTINUES OVER SPEAKERS] - True love - I need you so bad True love Come on now, baby All your fruit juices, one glass.
Hey, you're back.
- Where's Marcus? - At the beach with Pin.
- Right.
Well - Mm.
how would you feel about a mother-daughter dance? All right, yeah.
Since you know I love dancing.
Come on! - Show me what you got.
- Okay.
Raise the roof.
Snake hips.
Come on, Mom, you wanted to dance, right? - Are you okay? - I'm not okay.
- [SUSIE] How could you? - I'd never do anything to hurt you.
I couldn't find the emerald necklace, but I did find this.
- It's a smuggler's compass.
- I'm sorry.
You lost my necklace? Have you any idea? - How special it was? I know.
- Time to cut the cake.
- Leave me alone! - Susie, wait! [GASPS] Zoe, we can't keep going on like this.
You need to decide.
- Between you two? - Once and for all.
I don't know what that was, but it has nothing to do with me.
This party has nothing to do with me.
MY AUNT HAS A SAYING: "Floor cake, still cake.
" It is such a shame you don't like chocolate cake.
It is such a shame.
Am I a horrible person? They all knew this wasn't the day you wanted.
Everyone had their own needs.
You just kind of got lost.
But still pretty ungrateful for freaking out like that, huh? It's not wrong to want things a certain way.
Be true to yourself.
And if you know something is real, never stop believing.
Happy birthday, Zoe.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] - [ZOE] Hello? - Well, your party was a complete disaster.
Thanks for that.
Cheer up.
Your training's on track.
You should do well at the friendlies.
Meredith will be there.
She wants to see how you and Raven are doing.
But me and Raven are in a weird place right now.
James says you're doing great.
Stick with his program, his methods, and you'll get to keep that horse.
Oh, and, uh happy birthday.
[SIGHS] ["JAGWAR" PLAYING] Give a little, get a lot Honey and gold for the taking Fire up my amber heart Can you feel the ground beneath? I wouldn't hold you Make you my captive [ZOE] Becky said if you know something's real, never stop believing.
But that's not enough.
You can't just wish your problems away.
You have to fix them.
I'm a jagwar calling Come on, boy.
Let's get out of here.
I have to block out the noise, forget about James, stop hurting Pin and Marcus I'm a bird free falling and focus on the one thing that really matters.
And the only way to do that is to leave.
If you love it, let it go If you love it Love