Free Rein (2017) s02e07 Episode Script


Bright Fields is on fire.
Mom! Mom, the stable is on fire! - Come on.
- [MAGGIE] Wait! Rosie, stay where you are.
Dad, call 999.
Let Elliot know! - Mom, what's happening? - Raven! - Bob! Someone's let the horses out.
- [HORSES WHINNYING] They're okay.
Raven! Bob! [ZOE] Raven.
Raven! [WHINNYING] Raven! Raven.
Come here.
You're safe now.
It's okay.
Where's Bob? - Bob? - [MAGGIE] Becky! Zoe! Bob, where are you? Where's Firefly? - How did the horses get here? - Someone must've let them out.
I can't see Firefly.
Ten horses.
We're missing two.
They must still be in the stables.
No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [HORSES WHINNYING] Firefly! No! [HORSES NEIGHING] No, Mia.
It's too dangerous.
- [MIA] Coming! - [ELLIOT] Stop! - [BECKY] Bob's in there, too.
- Zoe, don't! [NEIGHING] Get back! Bob! [SIREN WAILING] Bob let the horses out.
Bob must've done his party trick to open the doors.
- [MIA] He saved Firefly.
- And all the other horses.
- Bob's a hero, Becky.
- Bob, you're the best.
I love you.
How's he doing? You know Bob.
Loves to be center of attention.
He's being really brave.
But he's having difficulty breathing.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Bob has been through far worse.
Like the time he drank my freakshake and was ill for three weeks.
All he needs is cuddles and mints and Mr.
Where's his Mr.
Duck toy? Bob needs his toy.
No wonder he's so down.
I don't think he's down.
He is really sick.
Okay? Don't be ridiculous.
Bob saved all the horses.
Bob's the hero.
The hero never dies.
[MARCUS SIGHS] It's all ruined.
This one looks usable.
No, leather's nearly burnt through.
I wanted to put this place on the map, now it's gone.
Hey, we're all still here.
And the horses.
We don't have a stables, a trainer.
We don't even have any tack.
How bad is it? The tack room got the worst of it.
- Is everyone okay? - We're still waiting to hear about Bob.
I need to get him some water.
It's bad, Pin.
Really bad.
We wanna help.
Maybe the horses could come to Holloway.
You can't leave them outside.
They're gonna be anxious as it is.
- We've got plenty of food and bedding.
- We could think about it.
Absolutely not.
How do we know they didn't start the fire? They'd do anything to stop us winning at Nationals.
We don't know how the fire started.
We do know we have a field full of hungry and agitated horses.
I don't wanna go either, but it's the only option that we have.
Forget about the rivalry for a minute, think about what's best for the horses.
Oprah always says, in times of sadness, focus on the positive.
There is no positive.
Bob's going to die.
And we'll have nothing to remember him by.
What do you mean? Bob's old photos.
His one rosette.
All the newspaper stories about him.
They were in the tack room.
- Like he never existed.
- Wait.
Bob's been in the paper? Maybe there's something I can do.
[FRANK] Found another box in the attic.
Good thing your old gramps is such a collector, eh? [CHUCKLES] You say collector, I say hoarder.
In a good way.
[CHUCKLES] That should be all of it.
Every newspaper article about horses printed in the island paper since your mom was a girl.
So, what exactly are we looking for? Any mentions of Bob.
Photos, articles.
He could die and Ben wouldn't have anything to remember him by.
I mean, he's just a stinky furball, but he kind of gets under people's skin.
Sometimes literally.
Rosie, slow down.
It's not just Becky and Ben who are affected by this.
Me? No, no.
I'm just trying to help a friend.
We all know that I'm not a horse person.
Just tack them up the best you can.
We've got more gear at Holloway.
- Jade.
I don't wanna leave you guys.
- I'll keep you posted.
Just get all the horses settled.
- How's Bob doing? - Oh, it's a little too early to tell.
I could take a look.
If you like.
We have more ponies here.
I've helped them before.
Listen, the best thing you can do now is be there for your friends.
I can't believe this.
Bob could die, and the stables are destroyed.
- I - Nothing's the same anymore.
[PIN] Your boyfriend's waiting.
He's not my boyfriend.
Like you said nothing is the same anymore.
Welcome to Holloway.
- Everything okay? - Can't believe we're doing this.
Greater good, remember? To your right is the sand school and café.
Round there is the horse walker and the equine pool.
We're not in Bright Fields anymore, that's for sure.
- Hard not to be dazzled, isn't it? - It's over-the-top.
Hey, guys.
This is just until we get ourselves sorted.
It feels wrong.
All of Holloway were at Bright Fields yesterday.
- Anyone could have started that fire.
- I don't think What's going on? - They needed somewhere to stay.
- So? We don't have the space.
We'll find the space.
You really think we want to be here? Let's get things straight.
This is temporary until my father rebuilds Bright Fields.
All right, then.
But like you say this is temporary.
There's a feed timetable in the tack room.
Just mark your horses, let our grooms know if you need us to order anything in.
[GABY] Hello, Raven.
[ZOE] Gaby.
- What are you doing? - Relax, Bright Fields.
I was gonna show you his stable.
Is that okay? - We can find our own way.
- Right.
[BOB GROANING] Sometimes, if you listen carefully, his heartbeat sounds like he's galloping.
That's good, right? - What did the vet say? - I'm afraid it's not good news.
He's suffering, sweetheart.
And that's not fair on him or you.
If you love Bob, it might be time to let him go.
Maybe you should think about it.
Why would I listen to you? You haven't spent any time with Bob or me lately.
You've been too busy with Mia, Junior Nationals, the team.
Stop pretending you care now.
- I care about you.
- But you're giving up on him.
Everyone is.
Bob might not be cool or one of the team, but he is my everything.
I would never, ever give up on him.
Wow, this place is rather grand, isn't it? Heard back from the police? Who started that fire? - I want them arrested.
- Darling Was it Holloway or someone connected to Sam? - It was an accident.
- An accident? What about Holloway or James? The police have confirmed it already, darling, and [SIGHS] There's something else I need you to know.
There's an issue with the insurance.
Faulty electrics are the least of our problems.
[FRANK] Here's another.
"Local pony finds wedding ring.
" [ROSIE] Hmm.
It was missing for 40 years, and Bob found it embedded in a carrot.
He's smiling.
But he's just a stinky furball, right? [ROSIE] I mean I guess he was kind of sweet yesterday.
He kept on trying to eat my shoe.
He'd eat pretty much anything.
He's a good horse.
And you're a good person doing this for your friends.
[CHUCKLES] Now, how about one of my hot chocolates? As always.
What's up? Zoe.
I found something.
- Gaby and James have a secret.
- What? Just wait till you see this.
I'm sending it now.
Okay, okay.
[GABY] There you go, boy.
- I can take it from here.
- I was giving him extra hay.
[ZOE] I said, I can take it from here.
What's going on? I'd feel better if she stayed away from Raven.
My sister found this article when she was looking for stuff about Bob.
This is you and James.
Says there was an accident at the stable where you lived? - What's your point? - And now there's an accident at Bright Fields.
One of my best friends could lose her horse.
I wanna know if you had something to do with it.
- You think I started that fire? - You or your brother.
I would never put the horses in danger like that.
The fire was an accident.
I heard Elliott talking to Mia.
She lied about James and her past and everything else.
If Gaby's got stuff she doesn't wanna talk about, that's her business.
- She has a good heart, Zoe.
- You don't know that.
It was Gaby's idea to bring the horses here.
All she wants to do is help.
Whoa there.
Hold your horses.
You okay? Hey.
Oh, I'm sorry.
There's so much I need to sort out.
I've got to check the horses are okay, - make up the feed, check on Bob.
- Mia, stop.
- Bright Fields is gone, Marcus.
- I know.
And we'll rebuild - We can't.
My dad is gonna sell the land.
- What? Daddy didn't pay the insurance.
He's struggling financially.
Has been for a while.
It's over.
Bright Fields is gone.
And all our hard work was all for nothing.
Look at me.
Bright Fields isn't just about bricks and hay bales and epic muckheaps.
It's the county show in a few weeks.
The country will be watching, and we don't even have a trainer.
Yes, you do.
I know the riders, the horses, the competition.
- What about the academy? - I'm not going back.
I'm not cut out for that world.
I belong here.
We'll get through this together, Mia.
- [PIN] Gaby, can we talk about this? - [ZOE] Hi, Gaby.
Pin tells me I got it wrong about the fire.
Yeah, well, I can't chat.
I'm out of here.
Gaby, come on.
I've got about five minutes before your motormouth mate blabs.
When they find out, they're gonna kick me out.
Why would they kick you out? Um, maybe because you've been taking things that don't belong to you.
I'm not jumping to conclusions this time.
This is mine.
[PIN] Gaby? I found it in a field.
I just I thought it was worthless.
What's going on? Fine.
My parents died when we were little.
Me and James got sent to live in a stables.
But something happened and I was sent away.
Happy? The accident.
[SIGHS] James started acting out.
He was older.
When our parents died, it hit him harder.
And one day, he rode out on our foster dad's new tractor.
He ran it off the road, and we thought if I took the blame, it was a way to keep us both out of trouble.
We were wrong.
I ended up at a house with ten city kids.
No horses for miles.
- Didn't James come looking for you? - What do you think? I'm sorry.
I'm not.
I learned to take care of myself.
I ran away when I was 15.
And I ended up here.
I faked my permission slips, I invented a couple of parents on the mainland.
I felt like I had somewhere to belong.
Until now.
- I won't tell.
- Why would you cover for me? Because if Pin trusts you so do I.
I know how much Bob means to you guys.
And I wanted to say he means a lot to me, too.
How's Becky? [SIGHS] She seems to be close to accepting what's happening.
Just wish I knew how to help her.
I've been so focused on Nationals - I've let this distance grow between us.
- It's not like when we were little, is it? Everything seems to be getting more complicated.
- What does Becky need the most right now? - Right now? [SIGHS] She needs me to break into Bright Fields.
What is it? It's Bob.
Get your medical kit.
We have to go now.
What? Why? Come on.
- Zoe's on her way.
- And Jade? I couldn't find her.
I said things to her.
I didn't mean it, but I'm sure she understands.
- Firefly's outside.
I won't bring him in.
- [BECKY] It's okay.
- Bob knows he's here.
- We'll never forget him, Becky.
- No one will.
I think I'm ready.
Duck? You found him.
I thought You weren't allowed back in the stables.
We're not.
She went straight through the police line like in Mission Impossible or something.
Jade You broke a rule? For me? Here.
Goodbye, my hairy friend.
I knew you were a legend.
Now you're a part of island history.
Whenever things are unexpected Whenever someone goes that extra mile Whenever there's a strange, unidentifiable smell People will stop and remember the brave Bob.
It's time, my love.
I think I can help.
Have you tried this? - Where did you get that? - It's a therapeutic solvent.
They use it in horse racing in Ireland.
There isn't a horse on this island that Pin can't heal.
At least let him try.
[PIN] I'll do what I can, Becky.
[ZOE] Time's a strange thing.
Mostly it just kind of speeds on by, but when you're waiting, a single second can seem to go on forever.
- Tell me.
I can take it.
- He'll be off riding for six months.
And he'll require constant medical attention, which your friend has agreed to.
Off riding for six months? - You mean? - That young man saved your horse.
[BEN] Yes! Bob lives! - [BECKY] Oh, Bob.
- [BOB NICKERING] - [MARCUS] There he is.
- [ZOE] You did it.
I'm sorry about what I said.
You were right.
I wasn't there for you.
But I want things to change.
[RAPPING] Her name's Becky My name's Jade We hang out at the stables all day - What is she doing? - I think it's the Jecky rap.
Oh, good grief.
- We should get a rap.
- Too early for that.
[BECKY] When I say Jecky You say Bade - Jecky - [ALL] Bade! - Jecky - [ALL] Bade! - You're gonna be all right, Bob.
- [BOB SNORTS] - You're not sticking around? - Um, no, I'm worried that Bob's gonna try and kiss me again.
Dad called.
He wants me home.
Well, you did amazing today.
- Thanks.
I'm just happy I could help.
- Mm-hm.
Pin did amazing, but I think we all know what really healed Bob.
- Mr.
- [ALL CHUCKLING] Dad! Dad, you're not gonna believe what I did today.
Mom? Wait a second.
It can't be.
No, wait.
It is.
The island's hottest hip-hop dressage duo just entered the building.
[CHUCKLES] He is allowed to stay? I told him to be on his best behavior.
If anyone from Holloway has issues with Bob, come straight to me.
- Huh? - Bob saved Firefly.
I owe him everything.
From now on, wherever Bright Fields goes, Bob goes, too.
And we may not have a stables, or even the money to rebuild, but we are more of a team than we've ever been.
We will train here at Holloway, and Marcus will be our instructor.
We will go to Nationals, and use the prize money to fix Bright Fields.
- Yes.
- [JADE] Go, Bright Fields! Whoo! - What are you doing here? - Didn't Callum tell you? I'm Holloway's new trainer.
Get tacked up, be ready in five.
We've got a competition to win.
[SIGHS] What are you doing here? I came back for you.
We're family.
And this time, I'm gonna get us both what we want.
What do you say? You don't have to do this.
I'm in.