Free Rein (2017) s02e08 Episode Script


1 [JAMES] Well done, Gaby.
Made some real progress this week.
- What, you aren't pleased? - No, I am.
I'm just - I'm worried about Zoe.
- Raven isn't hers.
She lucked into him like she's lucked into everything else in her life.
I keep thinking about when we were kids.
I'm trying to make it up to you.
You really think Meredith is just gonna give him to us? She will when she sees how well we're doing.
If we get Raven I win gold at Nationals and Holloway takes home the cup.
And no one will ever think they're better than us again.
No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Or where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [ALARM RINGING] [ZOE] Nationals is just a day away.
Everyone's pushing themselves to the limit 'cause we all know the same thing.
You can't just sit there and wait for life to give you what you want.
Sometimes you need to take it.
What is Zoe doing here? [ZOE] Hey, Raven.
Ready for our last full day of training? [JAMES] Failure is not an option.
It's win or go home.
Alex, shorten your reins and do it again.
That's it, Zoe.
Enjoy the ride and the rest will follow.
Where did you learn that? Horse Training for Beginners? Ignore him.
He's threatened.
You're a great trainer.
Do you think Raven's okay? Has he seemed low-energy to you? I mean, it could be the stress.
We're not the only ones who lost Bright Fields.
Thanks, Marcus.
There's a team meeting in five.
Susie! Mia's looking for you! Uh, no, I'm talking to you.
But we're not on the team.
Besides, I have to stay with Bob.
You've barely left his side since the fire.
He's still not 100 percent.
And I know becausehe hasn't once tried to lick my braids.
I have worries, too, you know.
The team's falling apart.
- Everyone's worried about Nationals.
- Exactly.
We have to win if there's any hope of rebuilding Bright Fields.
I've been looking to boost morale and something just hit me.
Holloway are good, but we have something that they'll never have.
You and Bob! You could be our team mascots.
You could dress up, you could do a pre-competition show.
It's a great idea.
What's happening? Are we hugging? We're hugging.
I feel like Bob is going to save us all over again.
No pressure there.
[ROSIE] Head flashlights, check.
Metal detector, check.
What happened to "there is no treasure" or "the treasure isn't real"? That was before I realized it could save Bright Fields.
We have to find it.
For Zoe.
Not me.
I'm in it for the thrill of the hunt.
And the sugar.
Let's go.
We can't forget that.
It belonged to the smugglers.
Bring the broken compass.
We can throw it if we get attacked by a bear.
[ELIZA] Pin? Morning.
I brought you your tea.
You inherited your dad's conversational skills.
Something to say, put it on the back of a postcard.
Okay, I deserve that.
There's something we need to talk about.
It's important.
How about I make dinner tonight? Yeah.
The one thing that'll make up for everything you've done.
Dinner sounds great.
See you then.
I have to go.
I'm meeting Zoe.
What did you expect, Eliza? [SIGHS] I'm probably overthinking, as usual, but I wanted to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.
Are you okay? You seem moody.
It's my mom.
- She's home.
- That's intense.
Sorry, Zoe, I don't wanna talk about it.
- What? - Sand.
- Have you ridden on the beach recently? - No.
Probably all the comings and goings lately.
- But Raven is okay? - Heart rate's a little elevated, - but it's common in times of stress.
- Thanks, Pin.
And um, if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm here.
Hi, Gaby.
What's her problem? That's not very smart.
Play nice.
[SIGHS] You said that we're not friends.
But Zoe needs to think that you are.
No need to make her suspicious.
Not when we're this close.
So, how's our illustrious team mascot and her faithful steed? - So, you heard about that.
- Yeah, I did.
Well - I'll be honest.
Not good.
- Hmm.
I mean, I'm fine, but Bob is a total mess.
Look at him.
He's cracking under all of this pressure.
- I see what you mean.
- One day to figure out a costume - isn't enough time.
- [MIA] How's it going? Well, you know how it is.
So many options, so little time.
Well, two heads are better than one.
Why don't we go for a bit of shopping after training? - And leave Bob? - He'll be fine.
It'll be fun.
[CHUCKLES] We hug now.
I think I preferred it when she was mean to me.
It's okay.
[CHUCKLES] - I'm sorry about earlier.
I'm just - Stressed, pressurized.
Like your entire future is hanging in the balance? - Don't forget sick with nerves.
- Ugh.
Look, I know we ride for different teams, but that doesn't mean things have to be weird between us, right? How about dinner at my house tonight? Mom, I brought a friend for dinner.
- Is that okay? - Of course.
Sit down.
- It's almost ready.
- Oh, that smells good! Dad, come on.
We're about to eat.
And I'm about to get that engine started, if I can just fix this.
- The manual's somewhere.
- All day in that disgusting tunnel, searching every last inch of it, and we found nothing.
- No treasure at all.
- Speak for yourself.
- Check this out.
- [MAGGIE CHUCKLES] - This is a kitchen, not a junkyard.
- You're treasure-hunting? Yeah.
It's the only way to save Bright Fields.
I know how much that charred muckheap means to Zoe.
[MAGGIE CHUCKLES] Grab a plate, help yourselves.
Charades after dinner.
If it gets too late, Gaby, stay.
So, Pin, Junior Nationals.
That's exciting.
I hope this isn't too forward, but I'd love to come.
Watch you ride.
Well, I was thinking, what if? What if we made a holiday? Maybe took a trip afterwards? Just you and me.
Have an adventure.
What do you think? Could be good.
I guess.
Excuse me.
Why are you really here, Eliza? I mean - besides trying to poison us? - [LAUGHS] I heard your dad died.
- Got me thinking about family.
- Yeah.
Pin's coping.
Really finding his feet.
Don't tell him the truth.
He's not ready.
- Where have you been? - Charades ran over.
I stayed.
This is our last training session.
Make it count.
Look, I'm really not sure about this anymore.
[ZOE] Gaby! - Zoe.
- You're training on Raven? - How long has this been going on? - Long enough.
Meredith's coming to see Gaby on Raven.
- What? - [JAMES] Bright Fields burnt down, your trainer's a joke.
Won't take much to convince her to entrust Raven to us.
You think I'm gonna stand by and let you take my horse? It's not your horse, though, is it? It's Meredith's.
And it's her decision.
Call her off.
Or what? Or I tell Holloway that Gaby's been lying.
Forging signatures, without parental consent to be here.
They'll kick you off the team.
Without you, they can't win.
And you'll be the trainer for a losing team.
I was wrong to give you a chance.
[STAMMERS] How many times have I got to tell you? Never trust anyone but yourself.
- All I wanted was - Was what? [CHUCKLES] What, a friend? I hope it was worth losing Raven for good.
- Is everything okay? - Okay? Well, first of all, I [EXHALES] You know what? It's taken care of.
[CHUCKLES] - Why are you here so early? - Just picking up tickets.
- My mom wants to watch me at Nationals.
- Pin, I am so happy for you.
I know we'll never be one big happy family, but - maybe it's not so bad that she came back.
- Yeah.
That's Raven.
That girl just won't quit! - I'll come with you.
- No.
This is between Gaby and me.
Go home.
Give your mom the tickets.
I've got this.
Come on, Major.
Gaby! Gaby! Gaby! Stop! Gaby, slow down! [GABY SHOUTS] It's okay, boy.
I'm here now.
Gaby! - Gaby! - Here! He threw me.
Yeah, he tends to do that when he's scared.
- What were you thinking? - I wasn't! James was just so angry.
And I was about to lose everything.
You can't lose something that isn't yours.
Who are you, Gaby? You're this uptight pony girl one minute, crazy thief the next.
Dressing up like a cleaner? Pretending you don't have a brother.
Now it seems like you're trying to be me.
What is so wrong with being you? There is nothing good about being me.
That is your brother talking.
You're good, Gaby.
Stop lying and cheating, and have a little more faith in yourself.
And stay away from my horse.
Okay? [BECKY] What are we looking for? [ROSIE] Any clue to the treasure.
I'm not gonna compare it to a needle in a haystack.
I once found a needle in a haystack.
- Painful.
I sat on it - Isn't that the same symbol that we saw on the tunnel wall? [BECKY] Let me see the compass.
I think I know where the treasure is.
Come on.
Probably gonna need that.
[MIA] Becky? Becky, where are you? Who are you hiding from? Mia, right? Yes.
She spent a fortune on this Robin Hood costume for Bob.
Because it was her favorite story growing up.
- She doesn't care what I want him to be.
- Which is? A pirate smuggler.
It's historically accurate, - it's true to the tale of the island - There you are.
Who are we hiding from? - Ben.
- James.
Okay, well, uh, I'm glad I found you.
[CHUCKLES] It took up all the green felt on the island.
Bob will look amazing.
Is it just me, or does Bob not seem very - Robin Hood? - It's just you and you're Holloway, so He just strikes me as more of a Oh.
I don't know.
Pirate smuggler? Anyway, it's Bright Fields' business, so - What if, and just go with me on this - Ugh, Mia, just admit it.
You don't even like Bob.
Why did you want us to be mascot? - Well, I don't.
- What? Bob saved Firefly.
He saved all the horses.
I owe you everything.
I thought if I could take away some of your worry, - at least for a moment, then - Oh, my Bob.
It totally worked.
I haven't had time to be worried.
I've been too busy being mad at you and your awful ideas.
Thank you.
Can we stop pretending to be friends now? I think that would be for the best.
Oh, before you go, there is one more thing you could do for the team.
["REBEL" PLAYING] [CALLUM] What are they wearing? Run, rebel, run, rebel, run, rebel Run, run, run Rebel, run I hope you find a place where you belong Bright Fields might not be the coolest or the grandest stables, but we're going to Nationals.
And we're gonna win.
So, look out, pony lovers, we are team Bright Fields.
- The little stables that roared! - [ALL CHEERING] You take a hole in your heart But still you make your stand Those shirts are ridiculous.
Ridiculously awesome, I know.
I am a trainer.
And this is my team.
And you wouldn't need trash talk if, deep down, you weren't scared that we're gonna destroy you.
Where's Mom? Got the tickets.
We leave at 11, so I thought we should She's gone, son.
I'm sorry.
She left this for you.
I knew it was too good to be true.
- I'm not doing this anymore.
- I thought you wanted to win.
And I do.
But you are a good trainer and I'm a good rider.
So, can't we try and win without lying or cheating or hurting anyone? Okay.
I'm going over with Mr.
I'll see you there.
Go on.
Rebecca Sidebottom.
Back four rows for Bright Fields.
I need to sit near the front.
I get travel-sick.
[ALEX] Becky.
You get motion sickness as well? We can sit next to each other.
- Where's Pin? Is he okay? - He said he's not coming.
- Did he say why? - Nope.
Shame, though.
I had high hopes for him.
But I guess once a stableboy, always a stableboy.
[CHUCKLES] You've done such a good job training the team, Marcus.
- What you did for Becky, that was great.
- You noticed? - Kind of hard not to.
- Well, the key is knowing your team.
Think of Bright Fields as a single organism.
- Right.
- See, I'm the vision, but Becky's the heart, and Jade's the brains, and Susie's the strength, and Zoe is Running away from the coach.