Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s02e18 Episode Script

A Friend to the End

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (thunder crashing) (metallic clunking) WOMAN: Hurry, Howard.
(metallic clunking) I think it's coming.
I've got it.
Get the light over here.
That's it.
Go ahead.
Be careful, dear, there's some steps there.
WOMAN: "Richard Radwell HOWARD: That's him-- let's just lift the lid back, now.
(grunting) There he is.
Let me hold him.
Carefully, carefully.
Come on, Ricky.
We're taking you home.
(doorbell ringing) Darling, this is Miss Ramsuko-- the nanny who answered our ad.
Hello, dear.
Newly arrived.
No friends.
No family.
Just us.
Uh, I'm sure you'll be just right for our Ricky.
Uh, come, introduce yourself.
(growls) (screams) (screaming continues) He's home now.
Soon he will be all ours.
(door creaking) This thing's getting heavy.
The Shard of Medusa is my inspiration.
Well, it's still heavy.
My muscles are starting to cramp.
Hold your pose! (heavily breathing) It's hurting me! Hmm.
(panting) I can't I can't breathe.
What's happening? I can't move.
Help me.
(screaming) You've made a great contribution to my work.
(gasping) (grunts) (panting) RYAN: I was so close, Micki.
Are you sure that statue was the model you saw her with? Yeah, yeah.
I overheard 'em arrange the sitting.
Okay, well, I guess that means it's my turn.
Look, I'm sorry, Micki.
DeJager only sculpts women.
She's gonna need another model.
Oh, that's okay.
I was just looking through those letters we found of Lewis's.
Anything turning up in them? Well, nothing concrete.
I mean, he did write to some weird people.
(doorbells jingle) J.
, what are you doing here? Oh, no, not now.
Wasn't my idea.
She's gone.
Your sister can't keep doing this to us.
, where did she go? Off with her new boyfriend.
She'll be back in a couple of days.
Great, great, just great.
I can go to a hotel like last time.
What? She couldn't get hold of you so she left me at the hotel.
It's okay.
They had cable.
Give me this.
Go on inside.
RYAN: He can't stay here, not now.
MICKI: Ryan, what do you want me to do? She's my sister.
Ever since the divorce she's been a little out of control.
A little? She's got a new boyfriend every week.
She doesn't even leave a phone number and she Ryan, please! Let's just find something to, uh, keep him busy.
, I almost forgot.
Ryan's got something special for you.
(bicycle horn honking) Isn't she beautiful? Ryan and Jack just rebuilt her.
Kind of junky lookin'.
My mom just bought me a brand-new bike.
Streamers, ape-hangers, the works.
Yeah? Sure, she did.
Listen, why don't we just try her out, huh? It's a girl's bike.
Just try it.
Why not.
At least, I won't get any speeding tickets.
Look, uh, why don't you go check out the park while Ryan and I are out, okay? Yeah, okay.
You just take care of it, huh? Okay, I'm gonna give you my key.
And if you get hungry there's food in the fridge, all right? Just get back before dark.
Be careful! Micki, you've got to talk to your sister.
This isn't fair to anyone, especially J.
Well, look, it won't help much if we make him feel unwanted.
Well, I just hope he quits making up those stories.
You know as well as I do his mother wouldn't buy him a bike.
I know, I know.
Let's just get going.
(bicycle horn honking) Way to go, Jimmy! Way to go, all right! Okay, do it! Hey, Harley! Check this out! Awesome! That's great.
That's nice, Jimmy.
Nice! All right, yeah, backwards.
Lock it, lock it-- Aw Do your handstand again, Davey! All right, come on, let's go for it! Yeah, okay, get your legs higher! Ah, cool! Straighter! Nice, very nice! Yeah, just try to hold it longer.
Come on, you can do it.
Hey, look at Davey, guys.
Yeah, go for 270, man! Now go for the ramp! Go for the ramp, man! Hey.
Out of my way, man! What's the little twerp lookin' at? Maybe he likes ya.
Get outta here.
You not me.
Hey, we'll check him out.
Ya know what I mean? (chuckles) (breathing heavily) (overlapping chatter) Do you think she ever had any real talent? She never sold a thing before she got that shard.
WOMAN: No, they're from the Orient.
MAN: How about this quality? There she is.
Wish me luck.
DeJAGER: Nice to meet you.
Take care.
DeJager, you are the greatest sculptor alive.
I, in fact, came all the way from LA just to see your show.
Really! Yeah.
Really, I'm flattered.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
(overlapping chatter) Come on, J.
, you can do it! Let her rip, man.
Let's go, J.
! Come on, J.
Let's go! What a goof.
Let's give that girl's bike of yours a workout! Yeah, teach it to dance! Show us what you got there, J.
Let's go, J.
Come on! Burn rubber! Cut her loose, guy! Let's go! No hands! I love it! Come on, J.
All right! Okay, come on back here, J.
That was terrific! Unbelievable! Well, you did good, J.
You, um, you sure proved you can ride with us.
Uh, even on this thing.
Am I in the gang? Well, uh, it takes more than just a few bike tricks to be one of us.
We, uh, gotta see if you have guts.
(indistinct chatter) DeJAGER: Here's the address of my studio.
Come by around 9:00, alone.
And we'll talk about this some more.
But I'm you'll make a perfect subject for my work.
HARLEY: This is it.
The people who lived here were murdered.
And the police never found no bodies, just blood and gore everywhere.
Yeah, it was weird.
Ricky and his folks just disappeared.
This house is haunted, J.
Most of the people go in here, never come out again.
Bums used to break in, but whenever the cops came to get 'em they were gone.
And a real estate lady, she went missing once.
And a couple of teenagers looking for a place to neck.
Nobody ever heard of them again.
All's you gotta do is go up there to Ricky's room, take one of his toys, and you're in the gang, okay? Not scared of ghosts, are you? Hey, what's a little ghost action? Right, J.
? I ain't scared.
(deep breathing) What a dork.
How much do you think we'll get for this junker? (door creaking) (steps creaking) (boards clattering, J.
gasps) (low whirring) (vibrating) RICKY: Will you be my friend? Huh? I heard him! He's in there! (door creaking) You sure you want to go through with this? You just make sure you're ready when I grab the shard.
Now, let's make J.
some dinner, okay? Why don't we just order a pizza? 'Cause, he needs decent meals, and people to eat them with.
(entrance bell chimes) Micki! Aunt Micki! I saw him! I saw him! Whoa, what did you see? The ghost! Ricky, the ghost! RYAN: Whoa, where'd you put my bike? "Bike.
" Yeah, the bike I loaned you.
It, it got stolen.
What? J.
, no.
What happened? We rode out to this big, old house.
Who's we? Me and these guys.
I was gonna join their gang, but first I had to take something from a haunted house.
And then the ghost talked to me A ghost kept you busy while some guys stole my bike? Yeah, and I saw him.
Look, look, J.
, what have we told you about telling these stories? It's true! A ghost stole my bike? No, the guys.
I'm not lying.
How come nobody ever believes me? Micki, we've got to get him out of here.
What do you want me to do, put him in a kennel? (knocking) Hi.
Can I come in? J.
: Sure.
It's your room.
, Ryan and I have to go out for a while.
But I've left you some dinner in the oven.
You sure you'll be okay? You don't have to entertain me, Aunt Micki.
I'm fine.
, I'm sorry about what happened.
I wish I could make your mom act more like a mom, but I can't.
We'll be back soon.
(door closes) (low whirring) (door creaking) Ricky? (creaking) Ricky? Ricky, are you here? Hi.
Ricky? You wanna play? What about your parents? They won't bother us.
I knew you'd come back.
Hi, come in.
Thank you.
Yeah! Nice shot.
Okay, you're up J.
, why'd you run away today? I thought you were a ghost.
Go! I got it.
Hey! Ow, let go! You can't go in there, J.
Why not? You just can't.
Come on, I got another ball.
(horse whinnies) (horse trotting) J.
, do you hear something? No.
Where's the other ball? MAN: Richard! What's the matter, Ricky? Oh, no.
Come here, you little bastard! (blow lands) Ricky! Ow! (whimpers) Don't worry, Ricky.
I'll look after you.
(cries) We're friends.
No (sobbing) (classical music plays) Have you told anyone you were posing for me tonight? No, no, nobody.
Then let us begin with the sketch.
All right.
The sketch is everything.
My work explores pain.
Let's see what kind we can devise for you.
(chuckles nervously) Foot up.
Thank you.
That's the way.
Nice arch, that's the way.
Nice, that's it.
Over here like you're looking over something.
Now just relax this a tad.
That's it.
Take your clothes off, and we'll get to work.
This is my inspiration: the Shard of Medusa.
Do you know the legend of Medusa? No, uh, do you mind if we got a little fresh air in here? Hmm.
Medusa was a Gorgon, a hideous hag with hair made of snakes.
All who looked on her were turned to stone.
She was slain by Perseus, who reflected her own face to her in his shield, turning her into a statue, too.
This is a piece of that statue.
And this is the last time you're ever gonna use it.
Ryan! No! (grunting) (gasping) (panting) (groaning) A kid at camp used to get nosebleeds.
This helps.
Sorry, J.
It's okay.
What's the matter? Are you sick or something? Yeah, I guess so.
I get nightmares.
My mom's doctor says it's because she dumps me with people.
Did she stop? No.
She changed doctors.
(laughs) Grownups.
What a bunch of jerks, huh? My mom's always mad at me, too.
I think she blames me for my dad leaving.
My father hated me.
He used to beat me sometimes.
What for? I don't know.
I guess they have their reasons.
I better be getting home.
Why don't you stay here with me, J.
? We could have fun all the time.
Wouldn't your folks mind? They're dead.
You live here by yourself? J.
, uh, can you do me a favor? Call a drugstore.
Ask them to send something over for my nosebleed, okay? I could call a doctor.
Um, just send somebody from the drugstore.
Please, J.
See you tomorrow.
(floorboards creaking) Hurry, J.
, hurry.
(hoof beats) (horse neighing) (hoof beats and neighing) Richard! There you are! I'm gonna horse-whip you within an inch of your life! Come here you, little ! No! No! Take what's coming to you! No! No, Papa! No, Papa! (whip cracking) I'll teach you to disobey me! (grunting) Come back here! No, Papa! No, Papa, no! No! No! Take your punishment like a man! From now on, you'll do what you're told! (Father grunting, whip cracking) You understand me? (crickets chirping) (knocking) Hello? Drugstore! Anybody home? (door creaking) Hello! (crying from above) (stairs creaking) (crying continues) Anybody up here? (crying continues) What is this, some kind of a joke? (distant footsteps) (Ricky growls, man grunts) MAN: Take what's coming to you! RICKY: Take what's coming to you.
(yelling) (thudding) (wood creaking) (Ricky panting) (wood creaking) (door squeaking) (door bells tinkle) Ooh! Thought I was going to freeze to death before you got to the rendezvous point.
Next time, don't leave in such a hurry.
, what are you doing up? It's almost Your nephew's been keeping me company.
Telling me where he lives.
DeJAGER: Where he goes to school.
You left something behind.
I see you have the piece I've been looking for.
Give the shard to the boy.
See me to the door, J.
? Sure.
You shouldn't let J.
His mother would be very upset if something happened to him.
Come on, J.
Good bye.
Thank you.
(door bells tinkle) (door bells tinkling) J.
, are you all right? Why wouldn't I be? J.
, why'd you let her in here? She was waiting outside when I got back from Ricky's.
Oh, he went to see his friend the ghost.
Look, Micki, if he hadn't been in the way Oh.
Are you okay? Come on, J.
, it's time for bed.
I stayed late at Ricky's because he's sick.
He needed me to take care of him.
If he's sick, his parents will look after him.
He doesn't have any.
He lives alone! J.
, come on.
Quit telling us these ridiculous stories! I'm not lying! I'm not! You don't care about what I say! You don't even want me here! J.
, that's not true.
: Yes, it is! You're just like my mother, and I hate you! I hate you! J.
! J.
! J.
, wait a minute.
(door closes) I'm sorry, Micki.
It's okay.
I'm not doing much better.
Look, we've got to go after her.
I've-I've got to stay here.
You go.
Call me the minute she turns up.
Morning, J.
Hey, wait a second.
I made you pancakes.
I'm not hungry.
Hey, you got to eat.
Anyway, you said they were your favorite.
I just want to go and play with Ricky.
Come on.
At least have a glass of milk.
So, you say this Ricky is a special friend, huh? What makes you think he's a ghost? Those guys who took Ryan's bike-- they said Ricky died when his parents were murdered.
What? When did this happen? I don't know.
Ricky's 12 now.
Hey, you don't live alone when you're 12 years old.
Why not? I'm ten.
Nobody looks after me.
, this won't go on forever.
Your mother's gonna settle down soon.
I wish there was something more I could do.
I really do.
Can I go now? Ricky's waiting.
I don't think that you should go over there today.
We don't know anything about Ricky.
He's my friend, my best friend.
The only one I've got.
I'm sorry, J.
If you want to call Ricky up and have him come over here, that's fine with me.
But your mother wants me to look out for you.
That's what I got to do.
And I've got a lot of work to do, but we can go out afterwards if you want.
? J.
?! (boards creaking) (boards creaking) Hi.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Come on, let's go play.
Ricky, remember what you said about me staying.
Was that for real? Sure.
We're friends, aren't we? Friends to the end.
Friends to the end.
Come on.
Let's go.
All right! Last one up the stairs is a rotten egg! Hey, that's no fair! You had a head start! (clocks chiming, cuckooing) "The police reported the walls and floor covered with blood.
"There is no trace of the occupants.
"Missing are Howard and Marjorie Harper and their 12-year-old son Richard.
" Harper "We know you have done so much for us already, "but we need your help.
"Your gift blessed Howard and I "with a beautiful child, Ricky.
"At first he was happy with us, "but I fear something has gone wrong.
"The hunger comes upon him more often than it did at first.
We have to feed him almost daily.
" MARJORIE: Ricky! Please no! Howard, help me! (crying) (both screaming) "Please, you must help.
I fear even we are in danger.
Your Friends in His Service.
" Oh, my God.
(laughing) Boo! (laughs) Boo! (yells) Ricky! You'll be okay.
You must've slipped or something.
Are we really friends, J.
? Yeah, to the end.
Remember? You're the only friend I've ever had.
I'd do anything for you.
Because I need you to do something for me now.
I need you to bring somebody here.
We don't need anybody else, Ricky, you said.
Please, J.
And make sure nobody else sees you.
Promise me.
Help! You got to help me! Whoa, hold on.
What's the matter, son? My friend's hurt and nobody's home.
You got to come quick! Where's your friend? (Ricky groans) He's up there.
Hurry! You stay here! (Ricky groaning) What the hell you playing at, son? (yells) Micki, I just found out she's on her way to Europe.
Forget DeJager.
But we can still catch her at the airport.
She won't check that shard with her luggage, I think No, listen to me.
's in trouble.
What do you mean? About two years ago, an old couple contacted Lewis.
They desperately wanted a child.
Lewis found them a way to get one.
One of the objects? A child's coffin.
I found it in the manifest.
What's this got to do with J.
? They were Satanists, Ryan.
When the body of a dead child is put in that coffin, it becomes a living child.
Where's J.
? He's playing with him, right now, at 456 North Chester.
I'll be right there.
Don't kill him! It's what I have to do to stay alive.
: No! He's just a grown-up.
He doesn't matter.
No, Ricky! I thought we were friends.
Friends to the end.
Well, friends help each other.
They don't kill people.
I have to! Unless I kill people, I'll die No! J.
, you can stay here.
We can be together forever.
No! Oh! J.
, stop! (grunts) Someday, I'll be a grown-up too.
What happens then-- will you kill me? (growls) (screams) J.
: Help me! Somebody help me.
Coming, J.
Ricky? Friends to the end, J.
No! Leave me alone! No! (growls) J.
?! Aunt Micki! (panting) Oh, my God.
, don't move, stay right where you are.
No, don't! It's okay.
I'm right here.
Ricky's here.
He's gonna kill you.
I'm not leaving without you.
Ha! J.
: No, Ricky! Don't! (gasping) Ricky, no! Why, J.
? She doesn't care.
None of them care.
Don't hurt her! You're supposed to be my friend! Friends don't hurt each other! (groans) J.
: Ricky! (Ricky groans) (groans) No! (Ricky screams) (screaming) Ricky! No Everything's okay, J.
The policeman's going to recover, and he doesn't remember much.
Aunt Micki.
Yeah? It's gonna be hard not telling anybody about Ricky.
I know, J.
, but you have to.
Did he really die a hundred years ago? Yes.
Murdered by his father.
I guess I'm not much good at picking friends.
Well, now, don't think like that.
You've got to give yourself to friends, take that chance.
She's right, J.
I just hope that you, uh, give us a chance and come back and visit us again.
Really? Really.
Look, I want to apologize.
I got a call from the cops.
They found the kids who took my bike.
See? I wasn't making it up.
I know, I know.
And I'm having them deliver it to your house.
I know you said you're not gonna get any speeding tickets with it, but you'll be the only kid in town who's got one.
Maybe I can be your first new friend.