Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s02e19 Episode Script

The Butcher

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (speaking German): (air hisses) (metallic creaking) (distant thunder crashes) (gasping) (chains rattling) (men speaking German) (men speaking German) (men speaking German) (screaming) (chains rattling) (squeaking) (man screaming) (screaming) Guten tag, Herr Marshak.
(gasping) (sighs heavily) (big band music playing on radio) (knocking on door) Who is it? MAN: Mr.
Cook? Yeah.
Who are you? A war buddy of Jack Marshak's.
May I come in? Hell, yeah.
Any friend of Marshak's is welcome in this house.
Would you like a cold one? No, thank you.
Where did you know Jack? Oh, we spent some time together at Belburg.
Oh, "Hell's Toilet.
" Yeah.
I was one of the guys liberated it, you know.
I know.
You don't look old enough to be a WWII vet.
Let's just say I've been well-preserved.
Is this your unit? Yeah.
Seven guys from five countries.
Crack commandos.
We captured this Nazi scientist.
He was doing experiments on POWs.
Horst Mueller.
Ah, we should have killed that evil bastard.
Guys like that don't deserve to live, even in prison.
That's me there.
The good-looking one.
Bet you can't pick out Marshak.
That's right.
That's him.
You know he got a medal that night? Really? Yeah.
That's me and Shaw, Caruthers, Ivanovitch, Simpson and Frenchy Leroux.
Not many of us left.
No, there aren't.
(choking gasps) (raspy gasping) (sharp crack) (speaking German): (cuckoo clock sounding) (bell clanks, door closes) Reporting for duty, Captain Marshak.
Present and accounted for, sir.
You old bastard.
(laughing) It's been a lot of years.
Been a long time, Captain.
We should be meeting under better circumstances.
You ready for the funeral? I'm not going.
Why not? I just don't want to.
Jack, when we shot our way into Belburg, it was Lefty led us in.
If it wasn't for him Look, I don't want to go, all right? Jack, you got to.
Why? What good is it going to do seeing Lefty in his coffin? Jack, we're getting old.
All we can do for each other now is to see that we get buried right.
Here's to you, Lefty.
What's that stuff, lighter fluid? It's the same stuff we drank in the foxhole.
You going soft on me? Why would anyone kill Lefty? Or Caruthers.
Caruthers? Yeah, somebody murdered him, too.
How? I don't know.
Jack, what are you doing? My God.
Look at this wound.
Jack, He's been strangled.
for God's sake.
MAN (on radio): No, you can't, my friend, but you can't be bullied either.
Maybe, if we made an example of one of these tin-pot dictators, took his country away from him, people might not be so quick to make trouble for us.
What a jerk.
Makes you wonder why we fought the big one.
Kind of makes you think, though.
Hey, I'm not saying we should go in and blow these little countries off the map, but we sure as hell deserve a lot more respect than we're getting.
(radio continues playing indistinctly) Come on, Jack.
Let's do some drinking.
This is supposed to be a wake.
Didn't Lefty have a 20 game season in Triple A? Only problem is, it was three and 17.
To hear him tell it, he would have made the world forget Cy Young.
I just called the Veterans Administration.
Ivanovitch and Leroux are dead as well.
I want to know if they were murdered, too.
Barbed wire is how the Butcher killed.
Jack, the Butcher is dead.
I dreamt about him the night that Lefty was strangled.
A week hasn't passed where I haven't had a nightmare about the war.
This was real.
I was back there about to die.
(loud thud) JACK: Oh, God Where am I sleeping? Don't be ridiculous.
I'll be fine.
You need a friend around you, Marshak.
I can stay a few days.
Shaw Look, you're not getting rid of me until you shake this thing.
Micki and Ryan are out of town.
So take Micki's room, it's at the head of the stairs.
Don't be so damn morose, Jack.
We all die sometime.
We don't all get murdered, do we? Let's get some shut-eye.
A few days with me and you'll be out of the dumps.
Shaw, thanks.
I hope you still feel the same way tomorrow because you're gonna have a hell of a hangover.
(chuckles) (whistling "Lili Marlene") Simpson (chains rattling) (speaking German): (man groaning) (screaming) (screaming) (gasping) (panicked screaming) Easy, Jack, easy.
You were screaming like someone was killing you.
Jack Marshak, yes.
Ah, thank you.
(cuckoo clock sounding) Who was that? Courier from the Veterans Administration.
Coffee's over there if you want it.
Oh, my God.
What is it? Ivanovitch and Leroux were both murdered in Europe.
And they were strangled, just like Lefty and Caruthers.
I can't believe it.
When did this happen? Within the year.
All since I've been having these dreams.
Oh, snap out of it, Jack.
Mueller's rotting in some German jail and Rausch is dead.
I wish I could believe it.
Mueller was experimenting with reanimation, Shaw.
The bodies in that lab that were cryogenically frozen.
What are you saying? That he froze Rausch before we captured him? He had time.
Don't be ridiculous! Stranger things have happened.
Not in my lifetime.
Just listen to yourself, Jack.
Nobody comes back from the dead.
Now, I don't know who's doing this, but it's not some phantom from our past.
MAN: You can't sterilize people because they're mentally ill.
Sterilizing people in mental hospitals is an American idea, my friend.
It was very popular before World War II.
Are you suggesting to me that American doctors would do something like that without giving it a lot of thought? Well, no, but that doesn't make it right.
Of course they thought about it.
And so should you.
And while you're at it, why don't you think about those people out there spreading sexual diseases.
Maybe it would stop them.
Hey, don't get me onto that subject, Karl.
Well, I'm going to tomorrow night.
(lively theme music playing) That's all the time we have.
Tomorrow, an epidemic is sweeping across the land.
A disease without a cure.
I want to know what you'd do to stop it.
Think about it, and tomorrow I'll tell you my solution.
This is Karl Stiener.
Thank you for listening, America.
You have the uncanny ability to make the most radical ideas sound acceptable to the common man.
You make it sound as if I'm trying to deceive them.
People aren't that stupid.
The reason they tune me in is because I tell them the truth.
You've become a major influence over the past year, yet people seem to know very little about you.
Tell me about your past.
I'm much more interested in the future.
You're on the cover of Newsmaker this month.
And they're saying that your days in radio are numbered-- that your future is in politics.
MUELLER: Rausch.
Let's just say I intend to keep reaching the citizens of this country with my message.
(speaking German): You'll have to excuse me.
One more thing, Karl, just what is your message? We must restore this country to a position of power.
Let the weak, the lazy, the uneducated get out of the way.
(door opens then closes) (toilet flushing) MUELLER: Nein! Jack, you're making me nervous.
You should be nervous.
He's trying to kill us.
The Butcher isn't hunting us.
He can't be.
All right, then you tell me what's happening.
Look, I'll admit that Mueller was into some pretty weird things.
But he didn't know how to raise the dead.
I wouldn't be too sure.
I haven't opened this since the war.
What the hell is this stuff? Things I collected in Europe.
This is Mueller's diary.
Diary? Look at that.
It's just a swastika.
Yes, but the surrounding circle makes it a symbol for the Thule Society.
Come again? The Thule Society was an ancient Teutonic group of alchemists and warlocks.
They believed they could grant ten centuries of life.
You're not making any sense.
I'm trying to tell you that Mueller used Thule secrets to bring Rausch back to life.
Do you expect me to believe that? Look, Jack, you need some sleep, right now.
I'm phoning Simpson.
He should be with us.
Good idea.
He may talk some sense into you.
(engine starting) ANNOUNCER: You are listening to a re-broadcast of The Karl Stiener Show.
No phone calls please.
RAUSCH: Karl Stiener.
What do you think? MAN: I think you're a racist pig.
RAUSCH: Listen, I don't have anything against anybody if they're productive.
But let's face it, some people use aspiring to impossible heights as an excuse to go on welfare.
They think "If I can't be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I'll sell crack till I get a break.
" What an idiot.
MAN: You know something? If this conversation was in person, I'd be real tempted to rearrange your face.
(sharp crack) Should have been here two hours ago.
Where the hell is he? (phone ringing) Curious Goods.
Oh, God.
(indistinct radio transmissions) (camera shutter clicks) We found him slumped over the wheel of his car.
We think he was strangled with a piece of piano wire.
We're still trying to figure out what caused these puncture marks.
Barbed wire.
Could be.
(whistling "Lili Marlene") Rausch can't be alive.
It isn't possible.
You'd be surprised at the things that are possible.
The Thule Society was feared throughout Medieval Europe, very powerful wizards said to have learned their secrets from the ancient Norse gods.
Jack, I can't believe this sort of thing can happen.
I can, and it did.
They infused their powers in silver amulets which could seek out their enemies, communicate over great distances and raise the dead.
Rausch would have been an ideal candidate.
He was one of Hitler's favorites-- an intelligent dangerous, powerful man.
And Mueller has such an amulet? Yes, he does.
But he's been in prison since the night we grabbed him.
There's no way that Mueller could resurrect Rausch without it.
So he got it, or someone got it for him.
Overseas operator? I want to place a call to West Germany.
Yes, to the warden of the Allied Military Prison in Berlin.
Thank you, I'll hold.
RAUSCH: I know it isn't a very popular view to hold these days, but, uh, the simple facts of life are that this country's being held back by deadbeats living on welfare, food stamps and Medicare handouts.
The people who work for a living are being bled dry.
MAN: You're right, Karl.
You're absolutely right.
You know, I paid a fortune in taxes this year and what did I get for it? I ask you.
MUELLER: MAN: buying yachts, while people in this country WARDEN: Of course, Herr Mueller is in custody, Mr.
Marshak, but regulations strictly forbid him receiving phone calls or uncensored mail.
Warden, I've got to speak to him.
Then you'll have to come here.
Okay, then I'll be on the next plane.
Jack, you're in no shape to Yeah, well When can I see him? Whenever you arrive, but you will need a security clearance.
It has been required since his escape.
Mueller escaped? A year ago.
He got across the wall, but the East German police caught him the next day.
Oh, my God.
Why aren't you ready? The plane leaves in just over an hour.
I saw enough of Germany in '45.
I'm not going.
You can't stay here by yourself.
I never ran away from anybody, Jack.
I'm not starting now.
We're not running away.
We're staying together until this thing's over.
Look, if you're alone, he has a chance of picking you off, just like he did the others.
I'm not going.
Well, then you'll be a sitting duck.
Lefty and Simpson didn't know what hit them.
I'll be watching for the bastard.
This saw me through Europe.
Keep it close.
Don't worry, Jack.
I can take care of myself.
You're the only troops that I've got now.
Got a plane to catch.
(door opens, bell jingles) These are in order, Mr.
All right.
Please have a seat.
I'll get a guard to escort you to Herr Mueller's cell.
Ja, bitte schà n.
(chains rattling) (man laughing softly) (gasping) (man laughing softly) (loud bang, men shouting) (automatic gunfire) (Jack yelling angrily) (gasping) (automatic gunfire continues) (men shouting) (chains rattling) (Rausch choking) (automatic gunfire) JACK: Die, you bastard! (sighs) (gasps) Oh, my God.
Hey, yeah, yeah.
Can you, uh, give me an overseas operator, please.
(phone ringing) (gasps) (choking gasps) (phone ringing) (phone ringing) (footfalls receding) (chuckles) (German accent): I've been expecting you.
I'm so glad you could make it.
Why are you killing my friends? Your friends are dying halfway across the world.
What have I got to do with it? Where's the Butcher? Isn't he in his grave? You know damn well he isn't.
Mmm How can that be? You killed him, didn't you? Isn't that why they gave you all those medals? I killed him, all right.
You brought him back.
You don't look rested.
Are you having trouble sleeping? Too many unsettling dreams? What's it like to be hunted, Jack? What's it like to know that he's after you even in your dreams? Why did you bring him back? For the Reich to be reborn.
Rausch will fail in his mission.
Shaw will be waiting for him.
Your friend is already dead, Jack.
You're lying.
You fell asleep a few moments ago, didn't you? You bastard.
You don't know how happy I am to share this moment with you.
I'll kill you, Mueller! I've waited for this day.
Now everyone who put me in here is dead, except you, Jack.
I wanted you saved for the last.
Go on, Jack.
Take it to him.
He's been waiting to meet you for a very long time.
We were the master race, burying the weak, the purposeless, the malformed purifying the world! We are still the master race! We will rise again! (gloating laugh) (bell jingling) (whispers): Rausch, it's you.
MAN: I'm telling you, Karl, I've had enough.
I think we should put every one of these on a slow boat to China.
When the boat arrives, nuke China.
That may not be such a bad idea.
Thank you for calling.
(switch clicks) Karl Stiener.
You're on the air.
WOMAN: Right on, Karl.
Damn it, I'm mad, and I want to do something about it, just like you.
I'm behind you, man.
(switch clicks) Karl Stiener.
You're on the air.
MAN #2: Well, you're absolutely right on this issue, Karl.
Hey, these bleeding hearts are killing us.
Maybe we better, uh, start killing them.
(switch clicks) JACK: TECHNICIAN: Mr.
Something wrong? Karl! Karl! (switch clicks) Well, uh, looks like I'm out of time.
As you know, this is my last broadcast.
Now, some of you may have heard that I'm throwing my hat into the political arena.
Well, that's true.
So you and I are gonna keep on talking, only not on the radio.
I'm gonna need your help for what I have planned.
And I think you know what that is.
I know what you're thinking.
This is Karl Stiener.
Thank you for listening, America.
(lively theme music playing) (distant, echoey): Reporting for duty, Captain.
All present and accounted for.
(distant, echoey): You old bastard.
(glass shatters) Pull yourself together, man.
(ticking) (clock bell tolls) (distant rumbling) (chains rattling) (men shouting) (automatic gunfire) (gasps) (glass shattering) Damn it.
RAUSCH: I've waited half a century to spill your blood, Marshak.
You have something I want.
Give it to me now, and I promise you a quick death.
(straining) (groaning) Now I am invincible.
At last, the amulet is complete.
Go ahead.
You can't escape me, Marshak.
I have a thousand years to find you.
(gagging) (laughing) You can't kill me, Marshak! I'm immortal! (laughing) (screams) (straining) (labored breathing) SIMPSON: We're getting old, Jack.
All we can do for each other now is to see that we get buried right.
MUELLER: We were the master race, burying the weak, the purposeless, the malformed, purifying the world.
We are still the master race! We will rise again! We are the master race! We will rise again! We are the master race! We will rise again! We are the master race! We will rise again!