Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e04 Episode Script

Crippled Inside

(quiet, indistinct chatter) (crickets chirping) MARCUS: This is gonna be a great concert.
There's nothing like seeing a band outside underneath the stars.
I've never been to a concert before.
Come on.
Are you serious? No one's ever invited me.
Well, I'm happy to be the first.
Come on.
I know a short cut.
I'll race you! Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah! (giggling) Come on! (laughing and panting) You're a good runner.
It's all the skating.
You really want to be a figure skater? Yeah.
What about you? (panting) Whoa! (laughs) I just want to be loved.
What's wrong? Oh, I don't know.
Um, you're so popular at school.
You could, you could date any girl you want.
(whispering): Believe me.
I picked you very carefully.
Um, we'd better get going.
We're gonna miss the concert.
That's okay.
(gasps) We can have our own concert right here.
(shrieking): Marcus, stop it! Come on.
I know you want it.
(shrieks) Party time, babe.
(muffled protests) We're gonna make you the most popular girl at school, Rachel.
Let me go! (gasping) I don't know about you, but I think she likes it rough.
(crying) PETER: Give her a big kiss! Come on, Scott! Let's go, Scotty! Do it! Please Come on! Oh Scotty wants to be gentle.
(sobbing) (panting) (crying) Let's see what you've got.
(screaming): No! Shut up! God, please don't.
Hey, man, this isn't how you said it was gonna be.
She doesn't want to do it.
Then we make her want to.
Enjoy the ride.
(kicking) Ow! Get her! (yelling) Stop! (horn honking) Stop! (brakes screeching) (car door opening) (car door closing) (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) Rachel, it's good for you to get out.
I have a window in my room.
Slow down, please.
Come on, honey.
Honey, come on.
You've got to put all this behind you and get on with your life.
What life? What have you got? Well, which one do you want to look for, the wheelchair or the umbrella? Micki, it's Sunday.
Why do we have to look for this stuff today? Because we seldom get good deads.
When we do, we've got to jump on them.
Yeah, but if we know where these things are, why can't we just pick them up tomorrow? Johnny, you've got to start taking this seriously.
The objects are extremely dangerous.
Okay, okay.
This isn't a game.
You used to love yard sales.
Please, Mom, everyone's staring at me.
We'll only be a few minutes.
Pretty, isn't it? I suppose.
I was like you once.
Trapped in my own body.
This may sound strange, but it's a special chair.
It healed me.
It can likely heal you, too.
You want your body back, don't you? Don't you? Mom? Could you buy it for me? I'm not selling it.
I'm giving it to you.
Well, I don't know, honey.
It looks awfully old.
You might hurt yourself.
Please? (giggling) Thanks for lunch.
Hey, cheer up.
At least you found a new address to follow up on.
That's something.
I still think you got lucky.
Hey, look at this.
What is that? It's a telegram from Jack in London.
He thinks he's found the Shard of Medusa.
He wants me in England straight away.
Yeah, well, what about me? Ah, well, you can put this in the vault and then continue looking for the wheelchair.
Micki! I've never done this alone before.
Johnny, he needs me.
I've got to go.
(wheelchair wheels squeaking) There.
Happy? It's beautiful.
Put it beside the window.
I don't know what you see in this.
Well, I suppose we could paint it, put some plants in it.
Help me onto it.
Honey, I really don't think it's safe.
Please? I've been waiting all day.
Oh Oh (both laughing) Oh, it's good to see you smile.
So few things make you happy anymore.
You see? Life can go on.
Little things like this can make it Mom, I'd just like to sit by myself for a little while.
The office called.
They want me to work late tonight.
Do you mind waiting for supper? Let's see what you've got.
(screaming): No! Shut up! Get her! (horn honking) Stop! (brakes screeching) OLD MAN: It's a special chair.
It healed me.
It can likely heal you, too.
You want your body back, don't you? (twittering) (bird singing, wings fluttering) (sighs) Hi, how you doing? Can I help you? Yeah, I'm trying to recover some items from a private collection.
I understand you might have an antique wheelchair.
I did.
It was my father's.
When he recovered from his stroke we didn't have any more use for it.
So, you don't have it anymore? No.
He gave it to a young girl.
Poor thing was paralyzed.
Do you know who she is, or where she lives? No.
But it must be nearby.
Her mother walked over to pick it up this afternoon.
Okay, thank you very much.
You're welcome.
(car door opens, then closes) (rock music playing) PETER: I don't know about this, Marcus.
What is to know? Old man Ramendez left the tests in his desk.
Ed here saw them.
You just go in and get them.
Why me? You're the one flunking chem.
(laughing) Don't sweat it, Pete.
I'm leaving the engine running.
What if he gets caught? Yeah.
Then I guess he flunks for sure.
(laughing) Yeah, you guys are real funny.
(laughing harder) (creaking) (door creaking) (door closing) RACHEL: Hi.
Remember me? (giggling) You're supposed to be in a wheelchair.
Yeah, thanks to you.
(gasping) What do you want? A confession.
Am I scaring you, Peter? Missed.
Get the hell away from me.
Confess, Peter.
Tell the police what you did to me.
(screaming): Tell them what you did to me! No Tell them what you Get it off, please.
(yelling) (sizzling) (piercing scream) (Peter screaming) (Peter groaning) (sizzling) (raspy scream) (hoarsely) Rachel (loud splats) Let's get out of here.
We're just going to leave him? (sizzling) He's dead.
(gasps) Get away from me.
Don't be afraid, little girl.
You did the right thing.
Can't you see? The chair will start to heal you now.
(glass clattering) (gasps) Oh! I can feel my fingers! (both laughing) Oh, Mama! Oh, honey! Oh, Mama! The doctor's said you would never feel anything below your neck again.
This is a miracle.
I don't want them sticking any more needles into me.
They have to see what's happened.
No, they don't! Rachel, for God's sake! They might have something to give you even more feeling than you already have.
No! All the doctors ever did was tell me to get used to this! And all I ever did was devote every waking hour to you without a dime from your father.
Now, if there's a chance of recovery, we are going to Mother! Give me the chance they never gave me.
Let me do this on my own.
(knocking at door) Hi, I was riding around the neighborhood, and I noticed your ramp outside.
And I'm wondering if you bought an antique wheelchair yesterday.
Yes, I did.
My name's Johnny Ventura.
Judith Horn.
Nice to meet you.
I'd be willing to give you twice what you paid for it.
My daughter's grown quite attached to that chair.
JOHNNY: Would it be possible for me to look at it? Rachel's been through enough in the last year.
I try to spare her any more indignity.
Thank you for your time, ma'am.
If you change your mind, I I won't.
(door closing) Who was that, Mom? Just a man looking to buy antiques.
You ready to go for our walk? Not right now.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I know it's been hard since Daddy left.
You feeling all right? I'm fine.
I just I want to look out of the window for a while.
Rachel it's not good for you to sit here all alone all day.
It's nice to feel the sun on my hands, Mom.
Mom, could you put me in the other chair, please? (indistinct chatter) (rock music playing over radio) JOHNNY: Hey, excuse me a second.
Can I ask you guys a couple questions? You know Rachel Horn? BOY: Yeah, she doesn't come to school here anymore.
I haven't seen her since her accident.
What happened? BOY: She got hit by a car last year.
GIRL: And now she's paralyzed from the neck down.
How about you? Never heard of her.
GIRL: If you really want to know about Rachel, talk to the guys in 4B.
That was her class.
Yeah, they're staying after school to talk to a counselor.
One of the guys in chem lab, Peter Burke, dissolved himself last night.
Dissolved himself? Yeah, fell into a bunch of acid.
GIRL: Look, we got to go.
Talk to the guys in 4B.
Want to know about Rachel Horn? Yeah.
You do know her.
About a year ago, some guys from my class tried to rape her.
Oh, man.
She was so pretty.
She didn't deserve it.
You were one of the guys.
I didn't hurt her, I swear to God.
I really liked her.
She used to smile at me every time I saw her.
I never should have listened to Marcus when he said she'd party with all of us.
Marcus? There were four of us who did it.
Marcus and Ed and Peter.
Peter? Is that the same guy from the lab accident? It wasn't an accident.
It was Rachel.
He said her name before he died.
Somehow, she's getting back at us.
Maybe you're getting what you deserve.
I told you, I didn't touch her, man! You've got to help me! Okay.
I don't want to end up like Peter! All right.
All right.
Here's my card.
I'll be at this address if you want to talk some more.
Tell me where can I find these other guys.
Hey, I got a date Saturday night.
Want to watch? (laughing) Oh, what's bugging you, Scotty? What's bugging me? Peter's dead.
Doesn't that mean anything to you? Accidents happen.
No way! What did Peter say just before he died? Rachel.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I know Peter's dead.
And I know what he said.
I knew she'd talk sooner or later.
Big deal.
She ran in front of that car.
We didn't push her.
As long as we stick together, it's our word against hers.
I can't take this anymore.
I don't want to die.
We got to turn ourselves in, man.
It's the only way.
Are you crazy?! You snitch and you will die.
Because I will kill you.
After supper, come to Ed's place.
There's a party.
And remember what I told you.
Hey, Cindy how about another concert on Saturday? (laughs) (engine roaring) Sheri McGrath, Valerie Lynn, Miles Dale, Ed Bell.
(distant sirens wailing) Look.
You can see Orion.
Where? There.
Where? See his belt? Three stars across.
Oh come on, Ed.
You said we were going to study.
We'll study later.
(birds cooing) What was that? Pigeons.
Now, come on.
(gasps) That you, Marcus? Marcus? Hey, I'm not hanging around if that creep's here.
Hey, babe! Wait a minute! Come on! (girl laughing) Open up! Who's there? It's just me.
How did you get up here? Can you imagine what it must be like to fly? The freedom? It seems a crime to keep them locked up.
I know how they feel.
And you're the one who showed me.
So, still want to party, babe? Or can't you do it without your friends? I know Peter couldn't.
You? You killed Peter? (giggling) (wings fluttering) (groaning) You're not real! Then you've got nothing to worry about, do you? Stay away from me.
I-I-I never meant for you to get hurt.
You should have thought of that when you were trying to rape me.
(screaming) (heavy thud) (giggling) Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! (dog barking nearby) Mom? Is it you? Mom? (grunts) I'm still waiting for my good-night kiss.
Help! No.
I don't know how you're doing this or who's doing it for you, but it has to stop now, understand? Get off me, you bastard! Understand? I don't know what you're talking about.
The hell you don't.
How bad do you really want it? Huh? How bad pretty boy? How would you like to lose an ear? Do yourself a favor.
Get as far away from here as you possibly can.
You okay? Yeah.
What are you looking at? No! (wheelchair wheels squeaking) You can use your hands.
Please, don't take that away.
It's you, isn't it? Each killing gives you back a little more of your body.
They tried to rape me.
They made me like this.
I-I only need it till tomorrow.
Will they all be dead by then? Animals like that don't stop until somebody stops them.
Killing is wrong.
What do you get besides blood on your hands? I'll get my body back! You'll lose your soul.
I have one chance to be free, and I'm not going to blow it.
I'm only killing people who deserve to die.
You can't go around making your own justice.
They took my body from me! What other justice is there? Revenge is wrong.
I'm not going to spend the rest of my life being some smiling cripple while they just walk around free.
Bring it back! Please! Bring it back! Please! Bring it back, damn you! (crying): Bring it back! Please! I need my chair! She all right? Yeah.
RACHEL: Bring it back, damn you! Doesn't seem like she's finished with that yet.
It could do a lot of good, that chair.
Sure put me back together.
Stroke paralyzed most of my body.
Doctors gave up hope.
Well they don't know everything, do they? You mean, you used this? He'll come back, you know.
That kind never gets the message.
And when he does, she won't be able to run.
You take the chair, you'll be killing her, son.
I can't.
Listen, you can't live another person's life, and you can't look after their souls for them.
Those boys made their choice.
She's made hers.
You gain nothing from taking away her only chance at happiness.
Trust me.
Let me talk to her.
Unless you want to be a permanent bodyguard, it's the only way.
He will kill her.
I'll talk to her.
I promise.
(tapping on door) Johnny? (entrance bell jingles) (clock ticking) Johnny? Good.
Now go heal yourself.
Aah! What's taking him so long? (entrance bell jingles) Hi, Scott.
Rachel You don't need to be afraid of me, Scott.
I didn't want to hurt you.
You have to believe me.
I'm innocent.
I know that.
I couldn't do anything, neither could you.
They were stronger than both of us.
You can walk! They said you were I'm fine now.
I just wanted you to know that there's nothing to be afraid of.
I was only there because of you, Scott.
What? Marcus was right.
I do want it, but I want my first time to be with you.
It'll be your first time, too, won't it? (both chuckle) You want to do it right here? I just want you, Scott.
I don't care where I get you.
What the hell are you doing? (chuckles) Just making sure I got you all to myself.
(grunts) What is this? Get down! How does it feel being flat on your back? (switchblade clacks) And helpless? You stood and watched, Scott.
You're even worse than the others.
(gasping) (gasping) No! (giggles) (gasps) Mom Rachel what is this? Where's the old man? What old man? What is going on here? It's the chair.
It's making me better.
How? It helps me go after the guys who put me here.
Oh, my God, I can feel them! My legs, I can feel them! I can feel them! (gasps) Rachel, get away from it! Get away from it right now! Mom, no! Please! Rachel! Rachel! Mom, let me go!! No! Let me go! Let me! Mom, let me go, Mom! (grunting) (screams) Mom! (grunting) I couldn't leave without getting my good-night kiss.
Why are you playing hard-to-get? We both know you still love me.
(shrieks) I've got a lot to pay you back for, sweetheart! (gasps) (screams) (screams) (screams) Whee! (laughs) (tires squealing) Bon voyage, bitch! (gasping) What's wrong? You gotta give me that chair, Rachel.
Not working! I should be able to move my legs.
Marcus was the last one! (screams) (both scream) Ow! Oh! (bodies thudding to floor) (piercing scream) (wailing) (clock ticking) (entrance bell jingling) (bell jingles) I'm sorry about the girl.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
It's a shame.
Get out of here.
Sell it back to me! I can always find somebody who needs it.
No way.
What are you gonna do? Put it away somewhere? Keep it safe from people like me? I said get out of here! Well, it doesn't matter, son.
It'll still be here long after you and I are gone.
And no matter what you do, there'll always be somebody who'll kill for its healing.
(chortling) I'm going.
I'm going.
I just want you to know you'll never win.
You're only delaying the inevitable.
(cackling) (cackling continues)