Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e13 Episode Script

Midnight Riders

JACK: Ah, Saturn.
Before dawn, we'll be seeing Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus.
And that's called a convergence? Yes, a convergence.
The planets are orbiting around the sun like race cars on a track.
Now and then, they pass.
To our eye, it looks as though they collide, hmm? Hmm.
The last convergence like this was in 1972.
The same date, I think.
You know how the Ancients read meaning into the stars about, oh, omens for harvests and war and so on.
Some of them believed that when the planets returned to a major configuration like this, the past repeated itself.
Interesting thought, eh? Mm.
It always scares me.
It's it's so immense.
Yeah, but there's a pattern to it, Micki.
Makes you feel that somebody really is looking after things.
Well, Tommy Tommy Tommy, no.
(sighs) I don't like it here.
It's spooky.
Well, you know the stories.
Stories? The Headless Biker.
(scoffs) Well, Patti Whalen says she saw him.
Yeah, well, Patti Whalen practically lives here, and she's still wearing her head.
So what do you have to worry about? Besides, I'm here to protect you.
You sure you want to walk, old-timer? It's two miles into town.
Oh, I'll enjoy it.
It's been a while since I've felt solid ground.
Thanks again.
MICKI: Jack, look, a shooting star.
My mom used to call them Heaven's Fireworks.
She said they fired them off when an angel got its wings.
(distant rumbling) What's that? (wind whistling) (wind rushing) (rumbling grows louder) (engines roaring) (motorcycles approaching) Tommy, who is it? TOMMY: Relax.
It's just those little dorks from Riverdale again.
Tommy, no.
You guys, come on.
I mean, aren't you guys a little bit far from home? You got that right, kid.
Look, we don't want any trouble.
Hey, is she as good as she looks? (biker laughing) I don't have much but it's yours if you leave us alone.
Betz? You know a Randall Betz? Yeah, he's my dad.
(mocking tone): "He's my dad.
" (laughing) Hey, come on.
What did I do? (blows landing) (screaming) CAWLEY: Leave her alone! What's going on over there? I don't know.
We'd better check it out, huh? Come on.
(screaming) This time you lose, old man! (laughing) Tonight we finish it.
(bikers laughing) (engines starting) (bikers howling) Jack? Dad? (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) SHERIFF: You kids park out here, you're just asking for trouble.
Good thing you folks came along.
Anybody get a good look at them? CAWLEY: I did.
Cawley? It's been a long time.
Almost 17 years.
SHERIFF: You kids come back into town with me.
I'll need to get a statement.
Where have you been? I haven't had so much as a letter from you in I don't know how long.
Ten years.
I lost everything in a cyclone off Madagascar.
By the time I shipped back, you'd moved.
I thought you were dead.
Come on, Dad.
We're going to take you back into town with us.
We've got a lot of catching up to do.
(car engine starting) Penny how many times have I told you about seeing Tommy? Mom, he's hurt.
(wind whistling) MOTHER: Not half as hurt as he could be.
Do you realize what could have happened to her? Get in my car.
I'll take you to the clinic.
And you're grounded.
Mom Grounded! Now get home and wait for me.
SHERIFF: See to the boy, Doc.
I'll have these folks run Penny home.
That all right with you? Yeah.
You want to come inside? Dad? Too bad the old lady wasn't here.
He could have saved his side cars.
(all laughing) Looks like the town hasn't changed a bit, huh? Places like this never do.
People in them are too scared to change.
Yeah, well, I'd like to put them through a few changes.
Man, I almost forgot how great it felt to stomp somebody.
We do this by the rules.
We came back for the Dragon.
And until we get him, our beef is only with the ones who put us there.
I hate this being dead crap! (pitches bottle) (bottle thuds on ground) There's only three of them left.
The sheriff Betz and the girl.
If they're all dead when the last planet aligns SNAKE: Then we get The Dragon back? Then we get everything back.
And the old man well, he gets what he deserves, too.
I can't believe this is happening.
I'll be collecting social security before Mom lets me go on another date.
Well, maybe your father can put in a good word of you.
No, he died before I was born.
God, I knew this would happen! Have there been biker problems around here before? Just the Headless Biker.
"Headless Biker"? Yeah.
He drives the highway road, looking for his head.
If he sees you, he takes yours.
In this case, my mother does.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Now, Tommy says our folks made up their own version.
Change the ice every 20 minutes.
And don't let him sleep for a few hours, just to be safe.
Are you sure Penny's okay? I don't want him seeing her again, Randall.
I'll talk to him again.
somebody else got beaten on that road.
Cyn, it's just a coincidence.
Well, how's this for a coincidence: Cawley Marshak's back in town.
He saw the whole thing.
CAWLEY: Not the whole thing but enough.
Good evening, Randall.
A man of the cloth, I see.
Has it helped? What are you doing here? I need to know where you buried him.
You're out of your mind.
Cawley, forget him.
There's no point in dredging up the past.
We have to, or it'll bury us all.
Think we should mention this Headless Biker thing to Jack? Oh, come on, Micki, you've heard of "The Hook," "The Hanged Boyfriend"? I mean, every lover's lane has a spooky story.
Okay, okay.
It's strange.
A legend about a biker and a bunch of bikers show up.
Just relax.
Stuff like this happens.
Cursed objects aren't behind everything.
(engines roaring) I can get you at this number? Yes, of course.
How do you know my father? He drifted through here when I was a deputy.
I'm surprised you remember.
I never forget a face.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd better get back out there and have a look around.
I'll see that my father fills in a report.
You do that.
And when you're done you take him with you.
(engine starting) I'm telling you, they've come back for the Dragon.
The only thing that'll stop him is to rebury him in hallowed ground.
They're dead, all of them.
It's over, Cawley.
There's nothing to be gained by this.
Yes, there is.
What? The truth must be known.
These secrets have been hidden for long enough.
Delight One to Highway Patrol.
(radio static crackling) Highway Patrol, do you read me? (motorcycle approaches) (bikers whooping) (howling with laughter) (engines idling) Real nice to see you again, Deputy Doodah.
(bikers laughing) You're dead.
But not dead and gone.
We left somebody behind.
Where is he? Get away from here.
He was our leader! And we don't leave until we get him! I don't know where he is.
(mutters) (chuckles) That's a real drag, man.
A real drag.
(chains rattling) Get back! (bikers laughing) (gunshot) (laughing harder) (choking) (bikers whooping) No! (engines revving) (screaming) (bikers whooping and laughing) I can't understand what brought my father back here.
He never even mentioned this place.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I've come here to look at the stars for years.
I would've remembered.
Oh, he loves the ocean and the exotic ports, not some inland backwater.
Everybody seems to know him.
That doesn't make any sense, either.
Why don't we just split up? Hmm? He's probably talking to somebody else.
How many people could be up at this time of the night? Yeah, I'll go that way.
PENNY: I've been so worried about you.
She's going to kill me for going out with you.
My mom feels the same way, Penny.
She's more scared than angry.
By the time she gets home, she'll have worked past the scary part.
God, I don't know why she's so set on keeping us apart.
Kind of drives me crazy.
Yeah, hey, you're okay.
That's all that's important right now.
I-I just hate sneaking off to (line goes dead) Tommy? Tommy? (receiver hook rattles) Tommy, are you calling Penny? I was, but the line went dead.
Look, I know you and her mom have something against us.
What's the matter, Dad? Dad! There you are.
We've been worried sick.
Where have you been? Don't worry about me.
You and your friends can be on your way.
For God's sake, you're too old to be running around in the middle of the night.
This doesn't concern you.
Doesn't concern me? You disappear without a trace, and then ten years later, I find you in the middle of nowhere?! Jack, I have something I have to do.
It'll be explained in time.
No, you explain right now! (bikers hollering) (bikers whooping) (whooping and laughing) (chain clanks) (dog barking in distance) Now will you tell me? Everything will happen like before except for one thing: This time, they won't be stopped.
(receding footfalls) (approaching footfalls) (tapping on window) JACK: Cyn! Cynthia! Craydon.
They killed Craydon.
What? Who? The Dragon Riders.
The same ones.
It's exactly like before.
The phones, the sheriff.
CYNTHIA: Randall, calm down.
This doesn't make any sense.
It's still happening.
Next thing, they'll cut off the town, block the roads, then come for us! Oh, Randall.
PENNY: Mom? Mom, what's going on? Cyn, get her out of here as soon as you can.
Mom what's the matter? Yeah, this one's dead, too.
The line's got to be down.
They're cutting this place off.
What? Take a look at this.
The town is surrounded by both these rivers.
This is the only road that leads out of town.
I heard about this sort of thing before.
Bike gang cutting off a town and terrorizing it.
Yeah, but why here? Why now? CAWLEY: Revenge.
What do you mean? The Dragon Riders were here I was passing through, hitchhiking to a new ship.
The gang had come across a young couple parked on a deserted road.
Roughed them up.
The sheriff arrested their leader, a huge man called "The Dragon.
" (engine revving) He was tossed in jail, mostly to insure the others would leave.
The Riders swore if any harm came to him, they'd be back.
A doctor checked the kids.
The boy was only bruised, but the girl she said she'd been raped.
The sheriff went after the Riders.
They said the girl was lying.
When he tried to arrest them, they killed him.
(chain clanking) The phones and the lights went.
They blocked the road and came down on us.
Deputy Craydon and the others were waiting.
(guns firing) (Riders gasping, groaning) CAWLEY: They wiped them out.
The Dragon tried to escape in the confusion.
I grabbed a fire ax from the hotel.
My God.
Over the years, I've watched that ax swing a thousand times.
I could have let him go, but I didn't.
After it was over, I found out the girl, hadn't been raped.
She'd lied to save her reputation, and her boyfriend, who was off to bible college.
Tommy's father? And Penny's mother.
The town burned the Riders bodies and buried the Dragon.
Craydon hustled me out of town.
We killed them for what they seemed to be, not for what they were.
Cawley? Cawley? Cawley, you in here? (menacing laughter) (laughter grows louder) Please, no RIDER: Careful with the reverend.
(laughter continues) Please.
Please, don't hurt me.
Who'd have ever thought you'd become a preacher.
I guess we kicked the fear of God into you that night.
(Riders laugh) What do you want? The Dragon.
I don't know where he is.
Preacher man's supposed to tell the truth, Randy.
I can't.
If people find out That's more important, right? Than the truth.
Please, let me go.
Please! Sure.
We'll give you the same chance you gave him.
(Riders laugh) BETZ: Help me! Somebody help me! BETZ: Somebody no please help (Riders howling) BETZ: No, please, let me go! (Riders laughing) Dad! (Riders hollering) (howling) Leave him alone! (dull thud) (Riders laughing) Dad? Oh, my God, Dad! Please, please, I don't know how to do this.
(Tommy sobbing quietly) PENNY: Tommy, it's okay.
JACK: Why are they here, now? CAWLEY: Everything's the same as it was before-- the date, the planets.
I'm here Why shouldn't they be? Do you want to go inside? What should we do? I haven't a clue, Micki.
How do you defend yourself against an army of the dead? There's only one way.
We must bury the Dragon in a cemetery or some other consecrated ground.
What good will that do? They're wandering spirits, looking for the leader they left behind.
If he's at peace, they will be, too.
If we can do it before the final planet converges at sunrise, the attack will end.
How do you know that? I know that if we can't do it, he'll come back, and they'll be with him.
All of them alive once more.
But we must hurry.
Everyone who took part in the massacre is dead except Cynthia Galen.
And you.
Oh, don't worry.
The Dragon is the only one who has a score to settle with me.
Come on.
Find the car and then find some shovels.
I'll take Tommy with us.
Ah, how much time have we got? The star chart lists sunrise at 6:37.
We've got just a little more than an hour.
(Riders laughing) SNAKE: That sheriff was a drag, huh? Did you see those townies run, man? I didn't know those square sons of bitches could move that fast.
I know, I can't till I'm in fourth gear.
Let's get that lying bitch.
I want to finish this.
I was just thinking about the old man.
The rules say, he's still got till sunrise.
Rules-- we do this, we don't have to play by the rules anymore.
(pats Trafford's back) Fire them up.
(knocking) (whispers): Go down to the basement.
Go! (knocking) Mrs.
Galen, it's Tommy.
(sighs with relief) What do you want? Let us in.
The Dragon Riders killed my father.
Oh, God.
Where is she? Wait Tommy! Where's Penny? Somewhere safe.
CAWLEY: Tell me where I find the Dragon.
JACK: What are you trying to keep buried, Dr.
Galen? That body or the truth? Penny, get back downstairs! CAWLEY: You're her only chance, Cynthia.
Help us to put it right.
If you don't, they'll kill us all and everyone else in town.
Mom, what are they talking about? That's enough of this! You accused them falsely.
I had no choice.
It was them or me.
You let six men die to keep a secret? They got what was coming to them.
Mom? No need to keep a secret anymore then, is there? Yes, there is.
Mom, what did you do? You must tell her, Cynthia.
The truth must come out.
I had to say they raped me.
I had to.
The town would have destroyed us if I hadn't.
What, you and Daddy? CAWLEY: No more secrets.
Tell her the truth.
I'll tell you where we put the body.
That's what you came for.
All of it.
Tell them all of it.
It's in Weaver's field.
By the old well.
Randall used to say we were the only ones who ever went there.
Tommy's dad? Reverend Betz is my father? Penny, I Where is Weaver's field? It's where we parked.
You and Penny had better come with us, Cynthia.
It'll be safer on the move until we're finished.
I'll get my coat.
(gasps) It's been a long time, honey.
(kissing) You told them that we raped you.
I think we got one coming.
(muffled protests) PENNY: Mom! Ow! Wait a minute, you (muffled cries) PENNY: No! CAWLEY: Trafford, don't do this.
You lose, old man.
(Cynthia crying) (screaming) JOHNNY: Quick, run for it! (grunting) (engine revving) Mother! Mother! Cynthia, no! (screaming) (dull thud) Don't die, Mom.
While she's alive, we still have a chance.
We'd better hurry.
We don't have much time.
Yes, you're right.
Johnny, you gotta get going right away.
Right, Jack.
Micki, I need you to come with me.
Jack, I'll come, too.
No, we'll take it from here, Dad.
You've done enough.
Come on.
(Penny sobbing) (laughter) (engines idling) Where the hell's the Dragon? She didn't die.
(hollering) Yeah, that's the old well all right.
What do you think? Over there.
The ground's sunken in.
Yeah, very good.
(motor cycle engines revving in distance) Better hurry.
(grunting and shoveling) I love you, Mom.
(grunting with exertion) (loud, deep rumbling) What the hell was that? My God, Cynthia must have died.
(motorcycle engine revving) Micki, come on.
Get away from there! Come on! (ground explodes) (engine idling) (squishing) Ah (guttural howl) What was that? You two, stay here.
(The Dragon howling) Yeah! Whoo! He's back! Let's tear them up! (guttural howl) You all right? (The Dragon howls) Tommy's car! (The Dragon howling) (howling) Hurry, Jack! Hurry! (howling) (engine starting) (The Dragon howling) (ax smashing car) (tires screeching) (The Dragon grunting) (panicked gasps) Hang on! (The Dragon howling with pain) (grunting) Johnny, where's the grave? Down this way.
I got it as deep as I can.
You all right, Jack? Look! (guttural howl) Run for it! Tommy! (howling, revving engine) Come on.
Dad, come on! I can't go in.
I haven't earned the right to be on hallowed ground.
I was buried at sea ten years ago, leaving life marked with the murder of The Dragon.
This was my chance to redeem myself.
Because of the time and the planets.
What goes around comes around.
We can all get a second chance, Jack.
But only one.
Thanks for helping.
(distant motorcycle engines idling) Just get him in the grave.
But Go, Jack.
(The Dragon howling nearby) (Penny crying) (The Dragon howling) No! Dad! (screams) (howling continues) (Riders laughing) (engines idling) (Riders whooping) (Penny gasps) (laughter and whooping cease) Dad? Oh, God, Dad.
That's it.
The last one.
And you don't even need a telescope.
You okay, Jack? I really don't know what I'm feeling just now, Micki.
All those years of not knowing and now How do you grieve for someone who died a decade ago? Well, at least you know the truth.
And you spent time together in the end.
That's important.
I wish I had some idea of what's happening to him now.
He did the best he could, Jack.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
He will be.
Heaven's fireworks.
He made it, Jack.