Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e14 Episode Script


MARTIN: What makes Walter Cromwell such a great newspaper columnist is something called "heart.
" (group cheers) He cares about the little guy.
The one who needs someone with courage to fight for them.
And he reminds us all that we have to do more than look out after number one.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you America's Columnist of the Year, Walter Cromwell.
Walter, come on.
(applause) WOMAN: Speech! It is truly an honor to accept this award on behalf of everybody at the Times.
But, but I don't think it would have been possible if not for something someone once told me.
And that someone said that "All our lives we acquire responsibilities.
"Never turn from them.
Tackle them as best we can, and nothing will ever go wrong.
" Well, tonight I realize how wise my mother's words were.
This award belongs to her and every one of you! (all cheer) (all clamoring) Are you okay, Mom? Yes, yes, dear.
I'll be fine.
Just a little tired, that's all.
You go back and enjoy your party.
Nah, I've got a column to finish.
Don't stay up for me.
I'm gonna be late.
(sighing) Well, you gotta love a man who looks after his mother.
Now, the column can wait.
Let's go to O'Malley's.
No, Martin, I'm no good when I'm squeezed by a deadline.
Ah, come on! You earned it.
See you tomorrow.
Well, you gotta love a workaholic, too.
Good for business.
Don't party too hard.
(laughs) Come on, Tiger.
Heather, breakfast is almost ready, so don't dawdle.
Okay, Mom.
And stay away from the river.
I don't want to clean up after a wet dog.
(barks) Slow down, Tiger.
Good boy.
Good Tiger.
Okay, come on, Tiger! Let's go.
RADIO DEEJAY: Coming up, we've got traffic updates, followed by the farm report at 7:30, but first a little morning music to get you on your way.
Stop, Tiger.
Good boy.
(country music playing) Sit, Tiger.
(dog barking) Oh, no (panicked gasping) (barking) (barking) Tiger? Where's Heather? Heather? Heather! (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) I really appreciate this, Micki.
There's so much the shelter needs.
Take anything you like, Anne.
It's on the house.
Where's Jack and Johnny? Oh, they're on a buying trip.
They called last night.
One more auction, and they'll be on their way home.
Oh, that's beautiful.
Jack bought a dozen of them.
Are they valuable? One of them is.
That's a little out of my price range.
But if you don't mind, I'll take the blankets and the shoes.
I think my customers could really use them.
(entrance bell jingles) MICKI: Ruth, how are you? Any news yet? I, uh, I have some new flyers.
Would you mind if I replace the one outside? No, no, not at all.
This is my friend Anne Holloway.
She runs a shelter for the homeless on Chestnut Square.
Would you, uh, would you take some flyers? Uh (sighs) my daughter Heather, she disappeared last month.
Oh, absolutely.
Anne does community counseling, Ruth.
Maybe she could help you.
No, I'm fine.
I just need to find my little girl.
Would you like some coffee or something? Mm-mnh, no.
I'll just put this up outside and get going.
Thank you.
Good-bye, Ms.
Poor woman.
I just wish I knew how to help her.
Oh, you are helping.
Yeah, but she's hurting so much.
Well, if you like, I'll drop in and see what I can do.
WALTER: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
PRIEST: Yes, my son? I, uh killed the little girl.
It-it wasn't my fault.
I mean, um it was an accident.
Have you spoken to the police? Oh, I can't.
I hid the body.
I-I was scared.
This is driving me crazy.
See, I had to do it.
M-M-My mother's sick.
I've got to take care of her.
Think of the child's family.
What they must be going through.
I know.
I'm sorry, but I've gone too far.
I can't go back now.
You must.
Look I-I thought of something.
I'll tell you where she is.
You take them there; that will at least help.
I can't do that for you.
Why not? You must confess your crime.
(voice cracking): I am.
I can't absolve your sin until you talk to the police.
I'm sorry.
There's no other way.
What is this garbage? My column.
Column? This isn't a column.
It's a bunch of half-baked unfinished sentences.
It's a two-parter; I'm finishing it tomorrow.
You've been writing this drivel for a week.
I thought you were going somewhere, but, but you're just rambling.
I'm trying to work my way through something.
Well, do it on your own time.
My four-year-old could write a more articulate piece! Then hire him.
Walter, I've had enough! Ever since the award, the column has gone steadily downhill.
You were named Columnist of the Year, for God's sakes.
Start living up to that.
I'm taking you off the payroll till you can pull yourself together.
MARTIN (voice-over): Ever since the award, the column has gone steadily downhill.
I'm taking you off the payroll till you can pull yourself together.
(heavy thud) HEATHER'S VOICE: Help me! Please help me! Don't leave me here.
Please, I'm afraid! You've got to get me out of here! (gasping) Please, help me! No (gasping) HEATHER: Please, help me.
Let me live again.
You can do it.
Stop! Stop it for God's sake! MOTHER: Walter? Walter, is that you? HEATHER: Walter? Is that your name? (gasping) Walter! HEATHER: No, Walter! Don't do it! Walter! (locket clattering) (garbage disposal grinding) MOTHER: Walter! (grinding) Coming, Mother.
Walter, I need my medicine.
Mother, um Martin Hmm? is giving me some time off.
I I told him that I had to spend some time with you.
I don't feel well, Walter.
I'm so tired.
I know, Mother.
I know.
HEATHER: Walter, I want my mother! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I don't have to be dead.
Leave me alone.
Believe me, Walter, believe me! I can be alive again.
If I could change things, believe me, I would.
But I can't.
Yes, you can.
Just find another soul and trade it for mine.
Give the cameo to someone at the place where I died.
At the same time, you killed me.
They'll take my place.
What? Please, let me live again.
Find someone.
Please? MOTHER: Walter! Walter, I'm cold.
Where are you taking me? It'll be all right, Mother.
Don't worry.
Oh, Walter.
Uh, look.
I've got something for you.
It-it's a present.
Walter, wh-what's happening? It-it's all right, Mother.
I promise.
Be still.
What's happening, Walter? Help me! Walter! (Mother crying) Help me! Trade her soul for mine! Kill her now! (gasping) Hurry, it's almost time! Kill her! Set me free! Help me, help me.
Kill her! Hurry, it's almost time! Kill her, Walter.
Kill her! (gasping for air) (Walter grunts) (Mother groans and gasps) Good morning.
Holloway? How are things? I'll find her.
I just know it.
I meant you.
Ruth, when these things happen, we sometimes get caught up in them, we forget to look after ourselves.
I'll be all right.
Well, I'd still like to talk to you.
HEATHER: Mom! What was that? I didn't hear it.
Mom! Heather? Mom, come quick! Something's happened down at the mill.
Heather! You're home! You're really home! Yes, uh Doctor it's, uh it's Walter Cromwell.
My, uh my mother passed away last night in her sleep.
Yes, yes, thank you.
Um, I didn't make any arrangements.
You know, and I was wondering if you could send somebody over to collect her.
Yes, thank you.
Yes, I appreciate it.
Yes, thanks.
(sighing deeply) MOTHER'S VOICE: Walter! (glass breaking) Walter! No, no, no.
Walter, help me! Walter, don't frighten me like this, please! Mother? Mother? Mother? Please, please, Walter.
No! Don't leave me like this! Walter? It's not fair.
Why's everybody so happy to see me? I only went to walk Tiger.
And then.
Then what, Heather? Then this big, blue car came at me.
Then And then what? Then this man was carrying an old lady.
I guess he hit her instead of me.
What's wrong, honey? My locket.
The one Grandpa gave me.
It's gone.
Well, I don't care what happened to it.
You're all right.
And that's all that matters.
MOTHER: Why did you do this, Walter? Why? Shh, Mother, your time was almost up.
No, you can't! I've got to pull myself together, put this behind me, start all over again.
I'm sorry.
Walter, no! (Walter sobs) Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, but not so badly this time.
My son No, listen.
The little girl is alive.
I gave her life back to her.
What? I killed someone else to save her.
A trade.
It It-it was someone who would have died soon anyhow.
I mean, it'll be hard.
But My son, please.
You need help.
No, I'm okay.
It's okay.
It's over now.
It was a fair trade and Go to the police.
Tell them what you told me.
Only then will you be at peace.
Mother, no.
Walter, don't leave me here.
Mother, no, no, you're, you're gone.
Don't do this to me.
My time wasn't up, Walter.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
(sobbing): Leave me alone.
For God's sake, just leave me alone.
MOTHER'S VOICE: Don't leave me like this.
Help me! Find someone! Shut up.
Shut up and let me think.
Find someone, Walter.
Find someone the world won't miss.
Trade my soul, please.
(overlapping chatter) MAN: What have you got? (indistinct chatter) Oh, I got I got two pairs.
Hi, you guys, how's the coffee? Hiya, Annie.
Hi, Annie.
It's good.
Good stuff.
Good? Made it myself.
Yeah, yeah.
More of the same.
More of the same.
ANNE: All right.
How many do you want? Hi.
You're new.
I'm Anne Holloway.
I kind of run things around here.
You look familiar.
You don't have to talk if you don't want to.
It's all right.
Don't leave me like this.
Please be quiet.
WALTER: Don't start again.
I've got to think.
Hey, Buddy! Keep it down.
They-they think you're talking to yourself, and they'll take you away to the farm.
You been to the farm? I just got out.
At least here they'll let you play with matches.
Is, um this all there is? No.
I got a condo down in Bermuda.
This is just for laughs.
(laughing) D-Do you know of a place to to sleep tonight? All-all I've got here is the floor.
Yeah, I got a place.
Great! Hey, hey, hey, Bart.
This-this guy knows a place where we Bill, it's not big enough for all of us.
Trust me.
I wouldn't pass up the floor for something worse.
See you guys.
Yeah, see you Billy.
See you, Billy.
Take care.
Let's go.
(panting) MOTHER: Hurry, Walter.
It's almost time.
Wh-What? Wake up.
Wake up.
Now, now, now.
Come on.
Come on.
Wh-What's this all about? I've got something to show you.
You-you st-steal this? No, I didn't steal it.
Hey! Hey! Walter! (Mother screaming) (screaming) Doctor, my mother-- where did you take her? Walter, there's been a terrible mistake.
Where is she? I've got to see her.
You can't.
Walter your Mother died this morning at 7:14 a.
That's not possible.
I don't know how else to say it.
She died while being embalmed.
(gasping) I-I just don't understand it.
I-I checked her thoroughly.
I thought she was dead, too.
I'm sorry, Walter.
This is not happening.
(Bill groaning) BILL: Why? What did I do? You gotta help me.
I never did nothing wrong.
Hey, come on.
Watch where you're Sorry.
Walter? Martin leave me alone.
I-I-I gotta find somebody.
Walter! My God, you look like a No, no.
Wait a minute.
This has to do with your mother, doesn't it? Oh, no.
Look-look, your doctor called the office, looking for you.
Walter, I'm so sorry.
Look, there must be something I can do.
Just leave me alone.
No, no, come on, Walter.
We're friends.
If there's anything I can do BILL'S VOICE: Walter? Look, anything at all.
(sighing): Just call.
BILL: Walter.
You got to help me, Walter.
Where's Bill? Who? The guy you left with last night.
Nobody's seen him.
Crazy Edna said you were sleeping in a car out by the mill.
I don't know.
He was gone when I got up.
He made a few bucks panhandling yesterday.
You burn him for the change? No, I didn't touch him.
He just took off.
Listen, buddy.
You're new here.
First rule is, we look after our own.
Now, where is he? I don't remember.
What do you mean, you don't remember, huh? What do you mean? What did you do to him? (punching) Jimmy! ANNE: Stop that! Jimmy, there's none of that in here.
You know that.
Billy did, but he ain't around.
He did something to him.
Get out of here, both of you! We just want to know what happened to Billy.
Go on.
Come on.
Let's go have a look at that cut.
I can't tell you how badly I feel.
This doesn't usually happen here.
It's okay.
It wasn't your fault.
BILL'S VOICE: Walter! Can I ask you a question? Mm-hmm.
Why are you here? You don't quite fit, Walter.
You're healthy.
Your clothes are dirty, but they match, What happened to you? BILL: Find someone, Walter! Please! I should go.
Nothing is as bad as it seems.
Every problem has an answer.
I can help you if you let me.
Find someone! You didn't hurt Bill, did you? He's around.
He has He's had a few problems but he'll be back tomorrow.
Don't you have a few problems of your own? (sobbing quietly) Walter, something's tearing you apart.
I can help you, okay? It won't get any better until you do.
We all make mistakes.
We all slip off the path now and then, but eventually, you just have to get out of your own head and get on with your life.
Just admit that you made the mistake.
That's where you start.
(sobbing) I-I just I just can't ke-keep on hurting people like this.
So, tomorrow morning I'm going to turn myself over to the police.
What's stopping you from going to them now? I, uh I have to put things right first.
May the Lord be with you.
Here's a hat.
Thank you.
Like my puppy.
Catch me.
Catch you! (both laughing) You've got this.
And you (phone ringing) I'll be right back.
Anne, It's Ruth Stevens.
Ruth, what're you doing up so? Heather is gone.
What? I woke up this morning, and she's missing.
I've looked everywhere.
Now, Ruth, don't panic.
I'm sure she's all right.
I can't find her.
You just stay there, and I'll be right over, all right? All right.
All right.
BILL'S VOICE: You're doing the right thing, Walter.
Better her than me.
I-I-I know, Bill, I know.
Heather, you promise you won't scream or run away, and I'll let you go, hmm? Here you go.
What are you gonna do to me? I took something of yours, and I want to give it back.
What? (gasps) My locket! I'm sorry I had to do this.
I-I just wanted you to know I didn't mean for you to get hurt.
I'm not hurt.
Where did you find this? How did you know it was mine? I just did.
Walter? Walter, it's Anne! HEATHER: Hey, this isn't mine.
Mine's got a lady on it.
Walter? ANNE: Walter, are you here? Shh.
Don't say a word.
ANNE: Walter? I just want to talk.
Walter? ANNE: I'm here to help you, Walter.
But I can't if you won't talk to me.
ANNE: Walter? What happened to Bill? ANNE: Walter? No! Help! (shrieks) Help me! Ms.
Holloway! Walter, no! What're you doing? I'm just finishing it, once and for all.
No! You can't! She's just a child.
I'll turn myself in.
I'll tell them what I did, believe me.
If I kill her it'll be th-the way it was, th-the way it was meant to be before I tried to change things.
Please, Walter.
BILL: Use her, Walter! Use her! Run honey, run! It's only fair, Walter.
Hurry! Run! Time's almost up! (echoing): It doesn't matter who it is.
Use her! Walter, use her! Hurry! I didn't mean to do it.
It wasn't my fault.
I didn't want to hurt anybody.
It was an accident.
Kill her! It's time! Hurry, Walter! I'm sorry, Anne.
Kill her! Kill her before it's too late! Kill her! (glass shattering) Kill her! I'm sorry.
No! (gasps) (crying) Wa-Walter? (stammering): Wal-Walter? ANNE: So, is it something that you might want, Micki? Yes.
Yes, um it is.
Where did you find it? Oh, one of my one of the homeless gave it to me.
He's moved on.
Well, I'm glad you brought it in.
What made you think we'd be interested? Well, Jack once told me that you specialized in one-of-a-kind items.
And, well, it seemed to hit the mark.
What do I owe you? Oh, why don't we just call it payment for all you've done for me.
By the way, did you hear about Ruth? She found Heather.
Oh, yeah, I know.
Nice to hear of a happy ending now and then.
(phone ringing) Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'll see you soon.
Curious Goods.
Jack! Hey, how's the trip going? As a matter of fact, I did.
And we got lucky for once.
Yeah, we got it back before it caused any problems at all.