Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e16 Episode Script

My Wife as a Dog

(distant thunder rumbling) (sighs) (sobs) (breathing heavily) (dog whimpers) (dog whimpers) You rest easy, girl.
Never mind that old vet.
You'll be better in no time, I promise.
(dog whining) I promise.
(groans) (rock music playing) Staring at me lies a one-eyed jack If looks could kill, you'd stab me in the back You don't talk to me You don't talk to me Lea I need to talk to you.
Look, I'm sorry if the lawyer got heavy about the divorce papers, but you have to sign them.
Lea, Lea, listen.
Listen, listen to me.
It's Kelly.
She's dying.
She's old, Aubrey.
I'm surprised she's lasted this long.
I don't know what I'll do without her.
You gotta come back! (glasses shatters) Oh, God, not again.
(hushed): You're my wife.
You can't do this to me.
I can't make it without you! Aubrey, cool it! Look, Aubrey, I barred you from here when Lea's working.
Now get out! You gotta come and see her.
It might be for the last time! No! I don't care about the damn dog! I don't care about you anymore! Just leave me alone! Lea, please! Take a hint Aubrey and stay out of here, all right? MAN: Hey, we're gonna be late for work.
Come on.
Well, we gotta do something.
The poor guy's losing it.
Keith, we've tried everything.
All he wants is to go home to that poor old dog of his.
Yeah, well, that poor old dog is on its last legs.
Pretty soon, we'll be all he's got left.
(indistinct radio transmission) Still mad at me? You're seeing my wife, aren't you? What are you talking about? What were you doing at Soupy's, huh? What? How long has this been going on? Hey look, Lea left 'cause you were smothering her.
She wanted a husband, not some neurotic kid.
It was your fault! Make life easier for all of us and just accept that! (bell ringing) MAN: All right, move it.
Come on, let's go! (sirens wailing) (men yelling) Come on! We're gonna lose it! Come on, Ricky, grab your pike and get inside with Ernie! Come on! Move, move, move! Go in the back way! The ceiling in the stairwell's got to come down! Aubrey, come with me.
Ernie, check the basement.
I'll take the stairs, you pull down the ground floor ceiling.
Are you listening? You take the ceiling.
I'll get the stairs.
(flames crackling) (Aubrey breathing in mask) Aubrey get moving! Get in there! Come on, Aubrey! Get in there! (breathing) Can't you hear me?! What the hell's your problem?! (Keith cries out) What's the matter with you?! Aubrey! (both grunting) (strained grunting) (Keith gasping, coughing) (raspy gasping) (gasping) (Aubrey grunting) (Aubrey grunting) Control, this is Pumper Eight.
We're gonna need a second alarm down here.
Yeah! Captain, it's Keith.
I got him! (sirens approaching) Breathe him! Breathe him! (sirens cease) (flames crackling) (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (dog whimpers) Sorry, honey.
Sorry I'm so late.
We had a fire.
You want to go for a walk? (whining) Huh? I got you a new leash.
Pretty nice, huh? Well, there's no extinguishers.
You got a rickety staircase.
There's flammable material everywhere.
This place is a five-alarm blaze just waiting to happen.
Captain, we sell antiques.
I know some of this may look like junk, but it's not.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to clear it out, especially the basement.
If you don't, I'll have to close you down.
Excuse me, Captain.
Listen, this is gonna be really tough.
I mean, we get merchandise in here all the time.
For example, here's a letter from a Mrs.
Now, she's offering us a bunch of other items.
And like all of these, they've all gotta be catalogued, authenticated.
They've gotta be estimated for market value.
It all takes time, Captain.
We'll get at it as soon as we possibly can, but You got 30 days.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way.
You can forget about that letter.
What do you mean? That address on Lester Street burned down on Monday.
Took one of my men with it.
I don't want to lose another one here.
You think one of our objects caused that fire? I'm sure gonna find out.
(phone line rings) (distant dog barks) AUBREY: Hello? Hello, Aubrey.
It's Dr.
How are you today? Fine.
Have you forgotten our appointment? Um, I'm not going to bring her in.
She's a lot better today.
Dogs her age don't get better.
You're only fooling yourself.
No, no, she's fine.
It's a terminal case.
All you're doing is prolonging her pain.
All you've done for weeks is try to put her to sleep.
I'm telling you, she's better.
From now on, I'll take care of her myself, okay? Good-bye.
(slams receiver) (whining) Yeah.
Now, the kids and I heard the dog barking, so we got out, but the young fireman wasn't so lucky.
They found his body right here.
Do they know what caused the fire? Yeah, they say it was the wiring.
It's an old house.
You know, we managed to save all but one of the items that I bought from your store.
What's missing? The dog's leash.
It was in this room.
I guess it just couldn't survive the heat of the fire.
You might be surprised.
Do you mind if I stay and look around for a while? Oh, no, no, but I'd rather wait outside.
Of course, thank you.
(dog barks) Sorry, honey, can't play now.
Daddy's got to go to work.
I'm going to tell Mommy about the good news.
Maybe that'll make her come and visit.
Would you like that? And if she doesn't (sighs) Well, we've got each other, don't we? (barks, whimpers) (door opens) (door closes) (people chattering, music playing) You should be in bed, you know that? It must be something I ate.
I felt fine yesterday.
Look, Aubrey, I don't want any more trouble.
I came to give Lea some good news.
It's okay, Joni.
Kelly's recovered.
She's fine.
You sure you're all right? You don't look so good.
Did you sign the divorce papers? We should talk about that.
Oh, for God's sake! Look, now that she's healthy, we can concentrate on This isn't about the damn dog! Look I'm out of your life and everything connected with it.
If Kelly is better, great.
But I really don't care anymore.
You don't mean that.
We need you as much as you need us.
I don't want to live with you anymore, Aubrey! Of course you do.
You were everything to me.
I don't want to be! Don't you understand that?! I don't want to be anything to you ever! All right, Aubrey, let's go.
Come on.
(clock ticking) Shower's free, Jack.
Oh, Micki, please give me a hand with this, would you? (giggling): Look at you.
You got dirtier than we did cleaning this place.
You probably accomplished more than I did.
I couldn't find a trace of that damn leash anywhere.
Maybe it was scavengers or souvenir hunters.
I don't think so.
It was only the police and the family allowed inside.
Only them and the firefighters.
I found something while we were cleaning up the place.
Oh, Mrs.
Cox said that he died of smoke inhalation.
He had abrasions on his neck.
The coroner said that he lost his mask and he got tangled in the air hoses trying to put it back on.
All right, that about covers it.
Funeral's at 9:00.
Everybody in full dress.
Any questions? Hmm? All right now, the day shift's been chipping in to help Keith's family.
I didn't want to bring it up with you fellas but, um That's okay, Captain.
I'll be first.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks, guys.
Thank you.
There goes the alimony payment.
You still supporting Bernice? Her new boyfriend can look after her this month.
You got off easy, Aubrey.
My wife never collected alimony from her ex.
She said that getting a little "hair of the dog" was a whole lot better than money.
(laughing) Too bad a woman can't be more like your dog.
Love you with no strings attached.
A guy would really have it made if he could find a woman like that.
(garbled radio transmission) (dog whining) Kelly? Kelly? What's the matter? (whines) Honey? (panting) Your leash.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Kelly.
Kelly, get better.
Get better.
(yelps) (panting) She was fine a couple of hours ago.
She's old.
It's time to put her out of her misery.
No! Do something! Please! Aubrey, you've got to stop thinking about yourself and do what's right for the dog.
I can't-- I can't let her go! She's all I've got! We have no choice.
I'm sorry.
(Kelly groans) Easy, girl, this won't hurt a bit.
(screaming): No! (glass shattering) Aubrey, are you crazy? What are you trying to (gagging) (whining) That's a good girl.
That's a nice girl.
Nobody's ever gonna hurt you again.
I promise.
(chuckles) (register ringing) Two martinis-- seven 20-- that's JONI: Uh, Lea, I need two Spanish coffees.
Seven-forty from a 20? Twelve-sixty.
You need a break.
You should take a couple of days, and go somewhere.
I don't want to go anywhere until I get those papers from Aubrey.
Here, I'll give it to them.
What the hell's happening to me? (Kelly barking) Hey, what're you doing? What is this? What's the big deal? (barking) Where'd you learn how to do that? Nobody's gotten my slippers since Lea (barking) Look, I don't have to get up.
I got nowhere to go.
(softly growls) Keith's funeral.
(barking) How did you know about that? What? What is it? (barking) Kelly, how did you know I had to be somewhere at 9:00? You brought my paper.
Hey, hey, get out of there! Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? I killed once and you got healthy.
I killed again and you can think.
That looks great! How did you guys survive without me? We avoided fire inspections.
(chuckles) JACK: Micki? Do you know the Gibson Animal Clinic? Yeah, the one over on First? I'd really like you to go and talk to whoever's running the place now.
You think this has something to do with the leash? The article mentions abrasions on the vet's neck, just like the fireman's.
I know I'm leaping to conclusions trying to link those two deaths, but it's all we've got.
What if we could find out what the leash offers the owner? Communication with animals.
There might be something more.
Listen, Lewis listed this as a "Leash of Dreams," Australian and Aboriginal in origin.
What's that got to do with it? Well, Aboriginal tribes have always had a great affinity with animals.
And they don't distinguish between waking reality and dreams.
I'm lost.
They believe that whatever you can envision must become real, otherwise the image couldn't drop into your mind.
Then it could be making someone's fondest dreams come true.
How do we find out what somebody's dreaming? (sighs) For now, Micki, try the animal clinic.
I'm going to talk to Captain Hanlon again.
See if he or one of his men can remember something.
(sighs) Thank you, guys.
That was a nice service.
I'm sure Keith's folks appreciated it.
Now, before you go, I just wanted to let you know that I'm putting Aubrey up for a special commendation.
Glad to have you on my team.
Look, we're having a few friends over tonight.
I don't really feel like it.
Come on.
I invited somebody I want you to meet.
I'm not taking "no" for an answer.
Not anymore.
You need to get out and start seeing other women, Aubrey.
I'm still married.
I understand.
Think about it.
But be there.
Come on, I wouldn't fix you up with a dog.
Is there any chance that somebody stole that leash? You mean one of my men? No.
Aubrey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Was that the man who found the body? Yeah.
He's had a run of tough luck, lately.
His wife leaves him, he loses a buddy.
At least I hear his dog is getting better.
(Aubrey humming) (Kelly whining) (humming) When I first started going out with Lea, she loved coming over and having me cook her a steak.
You dig into one of these and I'll have you right where I want you.
Hey, hey, slow down, slow down.
They taste great, don't they? (chuckles) Careful! It's hot! (phone ringing) Slow down.
Hello? It's me, Lea.
Look, I don't want you reading anything into me calling.
But I just want the divorce papers.
We should talk about that, huh? Why are you making this so hard? Because it is hard.
Look, I'm sorry if you're hurting so badly, but I can't be with you anymore.
It's over between us, Aubrey, over.
Lea Please, I'm just not feeling well.
I'm having trouble putting things together.
Just sign the papers.
Do us both a favor.
(dial tone) (hangs up phone) You're right.
(Kelly whimpering) I don't need anybody.
(yelps) I got you.
I'm sorry Aubrey was a no-show, Tricia.
I thought he'd come.
Forget it.
If we were meant to meet, I'm sure we will.
Can I walk you to the car? It's just down the block.
(rustling) (rustling) Look, you'd better not try anything unless you're sure of what I've got in this purse.
AUBREY: You okay? (gasps) Tricia, right? Aubrey Ross.
Geez, you scared the living I'm sorry I'm late.
I have this dog that's not quite herself.
That's okay.
You want to go back to the party? Can I offer you a ride somewhere? No, my car's just down Well, let me walk you.
Just to be safe.
(Tricia gasping and choking) Are you ready for the next step? Huh? (barks) (whimpering) (gasps) Almost there.
We'll make it, baby.
Just a little while longer.
(whimpering) Yeah.
(groaning) Oh, no.
(gasping) (screams) How many more will it take? Do you know? (whimpering) Huh? I wanted Lea back, and now you've got her eyes.
I know her flesh is under your skin.
It's okay, isn't it? I mean, you want this to happen, don't you? (whimpering) (knocking) Stay here.
Don't let anybody see you.
(knocking) Stay.
Ross? Jack Marshak.
I don't know if you remember me.
I was at the station yesterday.
I'd like to ask you about the fire on Lester Street.
What about it? Well, I'm looking for something that might have survived the fire-- an elaborately braided dog leash.
(sighs) I don't remember seeing anything like that.
Uh, could we talk about what you do remember? It, it might be of a great help.
Yeah, come on in.
Oh, thank you.
Your paper.
Lovely place you have.
I got Keith out as soon as I could, but it was too late.
Yes, Captain Hanlon told me that you were friends.
I'm sorry.
What is it with this leash? Why is it so valuable? Well, it's an aboriginal piece.
Uh, it was known as the, uh, "Leash of Dreams.
" I'm not exactly sure why it was called that.
It was some connection between man and animal.
Anyway, I'm a collector, and the lady who owned the house had agreed to sell it to me.
(door handle rattling) Well, if it was leather, it probably burned.
No, I-I don't think it burned.
(rattling continues) Did you see anyone else in the house that night? Yeah, sure, there were a lot of guys.
It was a three alarm.
JACK: So anybody could have picked it up? No! Um firemen don't steal.
Look at these.
Do these guys look like thieves? Certainly not.
(chuckles nervously) Y-You have a dog, don't you? Yeah-- no, used to, not anymore.
If you don't mind, Mr.
Marshak, I'm on a graveyard shift and, um Yes, of course, I'm sorry.
Is something wrong? N-No, no, no, just a draft.
(door opens) (door closes) Kelly, damn you.
Damn you.
I told you to stay here.
I told you to stay out of sight.
What would have happened if he'd seen you? Huh? What?! (whimpers) (sighs) We've got to be careful about this.
I know you like people, but we can't risk people I don't want to lose you again.
Do you understand? (grunts) I'm sorry.
I still forget you're mostly a dog.
I'm sorry.
I was sloppy with that vet, more careful with Tricia.
I've got to finish this as soon as I can.
Leash of Dreams making my dreams come true.
(whimpering) If you're going to be her, she's probably the only one I have to kill.
(barks) MICKI: Yes, thank you.
All I know is he was trying to keep someone out of sight.
Maybe he was lying about the dog.
He was lying about something.
Gibson's assistant said he was supposed to have his dog put to sleep.
He never came in.
So he did know about the vet.
It was his dog that he didn't want me to see.
But why? I guess we're not going to know that until we figure out what he wants the leash to give him.
We'd better watch him for a couple of days.
Whatever he's after has to turn up sometime.
(line ringing) Give me three.
(garbled radio transmission) LEA: Uh, Soupy's.
Lea, it's Aubrey.
D-Don't hang up.
Aubrey, what do you want? I signed the papers.
And I'll bring them over at closing time.
If this is another excuse to No, no, no, no more excuses.
I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I know I'm doing the right thing.
(whimpers) Hey, Aubrey, are you going to sit in or what? You should have come last night.
Tricia was real disappointed.
I won't need any more blind dates, Baldwin.
Lea and I are getting back together.
(sighs) Who was that, as if I didn't know? It's Aubrey; he's coming with the papers.
Well, do you want that? I don't know.
This whole thing with him is really getting to me.
(sobbing): I feel like I'm losing my mind.
You poor kid.
Here, look, I made you some dinner.
I want you to eat, and then I want you to go home.
I don't want to be alone.
Come on, eat, it's good for you.
(sniffing) (garbled radio transmission) (dialing) Operator, I'd like to report a fire.
(alarm ringing) Where's Aubrey? Forget him.
Come on.
(sirens wailing) AUBREY: Lea? In here, Aubrey.
Where is she? She wasn't feeling well, so I sent her home.
(sighs) Well, what do you expect? She doesn't trust you.
She used to trust me, until people I thought were friends turned her against me.
Oh, grow up! Look, why don't you just give me the papers? If they're in order, she'll call you in the morning.
Well, they're not signed.
What the (grunts) (back-up warning beeping) (garbled radio transmission) Sorry, Captain.
I was caught in the john and That's all right.
False alarm anyway.
Hey! Micki, go on home and get some sleep.
I'll watch the house for the rest of the night.
You know, I'm beginning to think this is a big waste of time.
I know what you're saying.
Let's hope so.
Quiet night, huh? Yeah, I followed them to one false alarm, but other than that, he's been at the station all night.
Nothing out of the ordinary? Maybe Johnny'll have better luck.
Well, I hope we're not barking up the wrong tree.
(barks and whines) (yelping) (gasps) (crying) (screaming) Nothing at all happening, Johnny? I don't think this is making too much sense.
Look, why don't you go on home and get some sleep? Yeah, call us when you get up.
(door opening) Okay, good-bye.
Anything? No.
He's calling it a day.
Nothing's happened there for hours.
So, what's the next move? This Aubrey Ross character.
All he seems to do is go to work and come home.
He's not gaining anything as far as I can see.
And there haven't been any deaths in the last couple of days.
It seems to break what little pattern there was.
Look, maybe I'll put this leash on hold.
Go on to something with a warmer trail, huh? I'll call Captain Hanlon.
Get this place reinspected.
At least it'll be one less thing to think about.
(phone ringing through) Come on, Lea, answer.
(sighs) Maybe I should have signed the papers.
Then she would have called.
I know I couldn't do that.
I could never do that.
Well, congratulations, Miss Foster.
You're back in business.
Thank you.
I can't believe you managed to clean this place out that fast.
Can we offer you a cup of coffee? Uh, thanks, but I got an appointment with the police.
Nothing serious, I hope.
I'm not sure.
There was a party a couple of nights ago, and a woman who was there disappeared.
Who? I don't know her.
One of my men wanted to introduce her to Aubrey, but, uh, he never showed up, and she never got home.
That's terrible.
And there wasn't any reason for her to be there.
Aubrey and his wife are patching things up.
I never thought that would happen.
Captain, where does Mrs.
Ross live? Oh, I couldn't tell you.
But she works at, um, Soupy's Tavern, that little place near the station.
Nice little bar.
Bye now.
Well, bye.
Thank you.
(door chimes jangle) Jack, if that woman is dead then Aubrey could be using the leash to rekindle his wife's affections.
His fondest dream.
Rita? It's Lea.
Is Joni there? I really need to Oh, oh.
Oh, damn.
(voice breaking): Look, uh, can you come down and cover for us? Uh, oh, she's, um, not here, and I can't work tonight.
No, no.
Uh, I'll leave the key under the mat, and Oh.
Oh, God, Joni, where are you? (phone ringing) Joni? Lea, it's Aubrey.
Aubrey? I'm sorry about last night.
I was busy.
I've-I've got the papers here.
Oh, I can't I can't, I can't.
There won't be any trouble, I promise.
Joni's here with me.
She'll make sure you're okay.
Oh, oh.
Oh, tell her to stay! I'll be right there.
(whimpering) (Kelly barks and whines) She's coming home.
(growls) MICKI: Is she here? JOHNNY: No.
The woman at the bar says she left a few minutes ago.
Damn! There's something else.
What? Aubrey was supposed to bring some papers over last night.
The owner waited for her.
Today nobody can find her.
Get in the car, Johnny.
(whimpering) (knocking) Stay here and be quiet.
It's almost over.
(barks) Coming, honey.
Can I take your coat? (yelps) Don't touch me! Can I get you anything? No.
There's something wrong with me, Aubrey.
Where's Joni? She's in the bedroom.
with Kelly.
Can we just talk for a minute? No! It might be the last time we ever see each other.
Joni? (gasps) (gasping) (grunts) (groaning) Kelly needed a body, but she still doesn't have your soul.
(screaming) She's waiting in the kitchen.
(screaming) (yelps) (choking) Come back here, you bitch! (yelping) (gasping) I told you I couldn't live without you! And now I don't have to! (groaning) You're never gonna run away from me.
You're gonna stay right by my side where you belong.
(growling) (groaning) I told you I couldn't live without you.
(growling) (snarling) Kelly needs you, Lea! You got to help her out! (choking) (choking) Lie down, baby.
Lie down and play dead.
(gasping) (grunting) (choking) (grunts) (thudding) (panting) We'll check the back.
Johnny, you take the front.
LEA: Aubrey? It's okay, honey.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
(pounding at door) JOHNNY: Mr.
Ross, open up! LEA: Aubrey.
Ross! Aubrey, help me.
(Johnny grunts) JOHNNY: Mr.
Ross! (yells) LEA: Aubrey? (panting) (gasps) (grunts) JOHNNY: Hey! Hey, come on! No! Come on! No! (grunting) Come on! AUBREY: Let me go! Let me go! (crying) Let's get him out of here.
It's all right.
I've got it.
The guy was out of his mind.
He was in pain over the loss of his wife, and then pushed all the way into madness by the loss of his dog.
I think he just never grew up.
He felt incomplete without someone to depend on.
Jack, if this leash is really cursed, what did he gain from it? I don't know.
The objects we chase give people what they want, hmm? If Aubrey Ross thought he was getting what he wanted, isn't that the same thing? I think there's a lot that we're never going to understand about this one.
Let's just file it, forget it.
This is definitely over.
You brought me my slippers? And my newspaper? You're a good girl.
(loud panting) Good girl.