Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e17 Episode Script


Take that.
Take that.
Come on.
(grunts) (laughter) (squeaking) Will you guys quit fooling around?! Here.
You're not getting out.
Bombs away! Hey, there's no jumping in this pool! (laughter) (coughing) I'm sorry.
I I don't know what to say.
Was I Was I being bad? I I'm sorry, lady.
I Oh.
I'm-I'm offended.
I You're out of here! Okay.
And you're in here.
(laughter) Hey, come on.
Come on.
Join the party.
Don't be a wet blanket.
Come on.
I think she's mad at us, Mike.
MIKE: We're in hot water now, huh?! (laughter) Hi, honey.
How's our birthday girl? WOMAN: Oh, getting a little nervous.
Okay, well, you send her down to the club.
That should give you time to get the kids over.
Okay, right.
Brock, don't give her any clues.
Me? I can't wait to see her face.
This is going to be a great surprise.
(smacks kiss) See ya, love.
(smacks kiss) Bye.
(laughs) What-What happened to you? Some drunk just tossed me in the pool.
There's three of them horsing around in there.
Okay, relax.
I'll take care of it.
Do you want me to call the police? No.
I think I can handle it.
You're getting my carpet wet.
Come on Chlorine in my (overlapping chatter) Chlorine in my You're getting chlorine in my eye.
Hey, knock it off.
What do you think you're doing? Well, uh, we were just playing water polo, and my friend here drowned my horse.
(laughter) Okay, come on out.
Lighten up, all right? Why don't Why don't Why don't you just lighten up? Take a little drink, huh? (grunts) Now, will you leave quietly? I guess so.
Ooh! (sighs) Out of the water.
Don't bother coming back.
(laughs) (laughing) Megan? Come on in, honey.
Hurry up.
Daddy's waiting.
Mom, have you guys forgotten something about today? What? (gasps): Did you have to go to the dentist this morning? (men laughing) MIKE: Hey, there goes the lifeguard.
Okay, last call.
What are we going to do? Teach that guy a lesson.
I'm gonna fix his clock.
What are you doing here? It's time for your swimming lesson.
Hey! (grunting) I-I'm calling the police.
(grunting) Daddy? (Megan screaming) (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) Micki, I know he was a good friend.
I'm really sorry.
He was more than a good friend.
How's his wife and daughter holding up? Not very well.
Helen broke down completely at the funeral.
Have the police got any leads? No.
The pool man there says that he didn't see anything, and Megan barely caught a glimpse of the killer.
JOHNNY: Poor kid.
I wish there was something I could do for her.
I can talk to her, if you want me to.
I kind of know how she feels.
Would you, Johnny? I'd appreciate that.
I don't think I'm much good to her right now.
(crying) Oh, God, Jack.
Mom? Can we go to Daddy's pool? We always used to swim on Saturdays.
Ah, honey, I don't think that's such a good idea.
I don't think that I can do that right now.
How about a hug? (sighs) I know how much you miss Daddy.
I just think it would make things worse, okay? Hey, we haven't had your birthday party.
We haven't opened your gifts yet.
I don't feel like it.
(sighs) It's all right.
Maybe later, hmm? ("What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?" plays) (tune ends) Daddy I miss you.
(laughing) Then he took us dancing.
Dog tired.
Always ready to party.
He was really something.
God, he always made me laugh.
You know, no matter what was wrong, no matter how angry I was with him.
(laughing) (crying) Micki, I don't think I'm gonna be able to get through this.
Yes, you can.
Helen, you have to.
Megan needs you.
She needs her father.
I need him.
You still have each other.
(Jack-in-the-Box playing) (music stops) Hi.
Sorry about your dad.
I know how you feel.
Somebody killed my dad, too.
Really? Really.
You wanna talk about it? I know how cold you feel when someone you love is taken away.
It's not fair.
No, it's not.
I wish the man who murdered my dad would die.
That won't bring him back.
How do you know? Megan, when I was hurting, I didn't care if other people hurt, too.
It's not right.
It just doesn't change things.
Mom? Are you still up? Mom? Mommy, I can't sleep.
(muttering) (dog barking) How did you get in here? My dad's keys.
I came to show him the present he bought me.
You scared the hell outta me! I thought somebody broke in.
What's the difference? You'd just hide and not tell anybody.
Look, I told the cops I didn't see nothing.
I don't want to get involved.
Okay? You're drunk.
Were you drunk when my dad died? Look, there were three of them.
My dad died because of you! (bottle splashes) Okay, whatever you say, kid.
(Jack-in-the-Box playing) (music continues) My dad would still be alive if you'd done something.
(music playing) You should be the dead one.
(splashing) Daddy? Megan? I knew you'd come back.
Megan, what happened? I knew I'd get you back, Daddy! You came back! Mom! Mom! I saw Daddy, he came back! Megan, what time is it? Where have you been? Daddy! He was at the pool.
He could only stay a little while.
But he was there, I talked to him! No, no, no, no, honey, you had a dream.
No, he was there! I saw him; I talked to him! He was there! Oh, Megan.
(sighs) I think we owe it to Brock's family to find out whatever we can.
(sighing): Well, should we tell Micki? No, no, no, no.
Let's keep her as far away from this as we can.
At least for now.
(grunting) (slurred banter) I think, I think, I think (horns honking) Whoa, kid! Who's this, your daughter? I don't think so.
What's your problem, kid? I know you.
Oh, yeah? Well, I don't know you.
Uh, sorry, kid, we gotta go.
Wait! Get lost! Go play in the street or something.
(cackles) (tires squealing, horns honking) Do you want a drink? No, thanks.
MEGAN: Mom! I saw him! I saw the man! Megan, what man? The one who drowned Daddy.
I saw him on the street.
He was coming out of one of those stripper places with a lady.
That is it! You are not leaving this house without my permission.
Do you understand me? It's all right, Megan, your mom's just upset.
Tell me what you saw.
He was big.
And he had black hair.
And I think his name's Mike.
It was by the mall.
Great, there's 50 places like that by the mall.
What was it called? Think, Megan, think.
He drove away in a car.
I didn't recognize him until he was leaving.
Oh, God Did you get the number of the license? No.
Mom, I saw him! Do something! Megan, we need more details.
Can you remember anything else? No, no! JOHNNY: The pool man was drunk.
The police figure he simply fell in and drowned.
Or maybe it was something else.
Look, I've been going through the manifest looking for anything that's associated with drowning.
And I came across this.
"The Drowning Sailor's Jack-in-the-Box.
" What is it? I don't know.
It was, uh, bought by The Sailor's Museum.
It could be something.
(door opening) MICKI: Jack? Johnny? Megan says that she saw Brock's killer.
Where? She doesn't remember exactly.
One of the bars on Seventh Avenue.
Did she give a description to the police? Well, she couldn't remember.
She was pretty shook up.
Maybe we can help her to retrace her steps.
I suggested that, but Helen wants to wait until she's settled down.
How's she doing? Well, she had quite a few drinks while I was there.
That's not a good sign.
No, I didn't say anything.
I guess she just wants to dull the pain.
You feeling all right? I'm just tired.
(Jack-in-the-Box playing) Megan, would you please give it a rest? Sorry.
Mom, I want Daddy to come back again.
I know.
I do, too.
But he can't.
Yes, he can.
I can bring him back.
Megan, please stop it.
I told you that was a dream.
Now, eat your dinner.
If the man who killed Daddy was caught and killed, do you think God would give Daddy back? Megan, your father is dead, and he is never coming back.
And nothing we can do will ever bring him back.
No, that's not true! That is true.
Now I know it's going to take you a long time, but would you please get that into your head? No! You don't care! Megan? Megan.
Megan, I'm sorry.
(sniffles and cries) (groans) (gasps) Megan needs you, Micki.
She's in trouble.
She needs you, Micki.
Brock?! Micki? Micki, what's wrong? Jack, I saw him.
Who? Brock.
He was here.
He was in my room.
Micki, come on.
You're having a tough time.
He-He said something about Megan being in trouble.
And-And I have to help her.
It's all right.
It's all right.
(siren blaring) (rock music plays) Don't you have a home, kid? Where's the man you were with yesterday? Get lost.
Tell me where he is.
Ignore her.
She's just some crazy street kid.
I'm at 118 Kennedy.
Don't keep me waiting.
Tell me where Mike is! Get out of my face, kid.
(car engine starting) (engine revving, tires peeling) (train whistle blowing in distance) (cat mews) (lighter clicking) (Jack-in-the-Box plays) (splashing) (muffled groaning) (screaming) Come on.
Let's go see Daddy.
(laughing) (laughing) I don't want you to use the box anymore, Megan.
It's dangerous.
But it brings you back.
I want you to throw it away before you get hurt.
Don't you want to see me anymore? Of course, I do, honey, but I can't.
Not like this.
It's not fair you died.
Everybody dies, Megan.
That's why you have to make the most of the time you have with Mom.
What about you? I'm not supposed to come back.
When I come back, it hurts other people.
They don't matter! I don't want you hurting people for me.
Don't you understand that? I just want to be with you.
We'll be together one day.
I promise.
Until then, you have your own life to live.
Right now, it's your mom who needs you most of all.
Please, don't hurt anyone else.
No, Daddy! Come back! Please! Daddy! JOHNNY: "The stripper was found dead, apparently drowned in her bathroom sink.
" What? "Police say Miss Baker, last seen "leaving The Gem strip parlor, was drunk at the time.
" MICKI: The Gem is on Seventh Avenue.
That could be the woman that Megan saw with Mike.
Jack, maybe this guy's killing anybody who could be connected to Brock's death.
Using a cursed object.
Micki, would you see if you can find out if Megan knows anything? Sailor's Museum closed a few months ago.
The curator's agreed to meet with me this morning.
I better get going.
So if you don't want any of this, I can give it to the homeless shelter.
Brock would've liked that.
I suppose you knew him as well as I did.
What is that supposed to mean? (sighs) Nothing.
Just forget it.
Maybe you've had enough of that? Megan needs you sober right now! She'll be okay.
What if she isn't? Listen, Micki, I appreciate your concern, but don't tell me how to raise my own kid! I'm only thinking of what's best for Megan.
Are you saying I'm not? I didn't mean it like that.
I I think you should go.
Helen Micki, please just go.
Just, please get out.
Megan, where have you been? I've been looking for you.
I don't like being home much anymore.
Listen, things will get better.
Your mom just needs some time.
I hate it when she drinks.
(murmurs) Listen, Megan, I I need to ask you about something.
The man who killed your father-- did he have anything with him? Like what? Like a toy box.
I already told you everything, okay? (glassware clinking) Are you drinking again? Dad never drank.
Your dad was perfect, wasn't he? I hate it when you drink.
Drunks killed Daddy.
I hate everyone who drinks.
Well, then I guess you hate me, too.
Megan, I'm sorry.
I don't want for you to hate me.
Please don't hate me.
It's just things are kind of hard for me right now, you know? It's hard for me, too, but I don't drink.
Megan! Megan? Megan, you come back here! (door closes) Megan! JOHNNY: If somebody is drowning drunks, then what do they get in return? I don't know, but they must think it's worth killing for.
What's worth killing for? Ah, the Sailor's Museum did sell the Jack-in-the-Box.
Could you guys do some barhopping? If this Mike has the box and is killing witnesses, Megan could be in real danger.
(gasps) What? Brock.
He He warned me to help Megan.
Maybe this is what he meant.
(phone ringing) Curious Goods.
Oh, yes, Mr.
It's the curator.
Yeah, fine.
You found it.
And who bought it? You sure? Uh, uh, thank you, Mr.
Oh, thank you very much.
What's wrong, Jack? The Jack-in-the-Box was purchased, all right.
By Brock Garrett.
(distant rock music plays) Helen hasn't seen her for hours, but she remembers the box.
It was Brock's birthday present to Megan.
My God, she must be looking for that Mike.
Let's get down to Seventh Avenue.
(engine turns) (rock music plays) Hey! You killed my father.
(horn honking) Oh, yeah? I saw you at the pool.
Listen, kid.
You better keep your mouth shut! Or you'll wind up like your old man.
Okay? You understand? Okay, bring it in.
All right.
Ten bucks, wash and a wax.
I'll take it from here.
Thank you.
Just go around to the side.
(Jack-in-the-Box playing) Is there a leak in here or something? Why the hell's the water coming in? (music continues) Hey! Hey! What the?! Hey, what's going on?! Hey, hey! The door don't open! (music continues) Hey! Hey! Somebody! Somebody! Hey, there's water coming in! (Mike screaming) Help! Help! (yelling) (screaming) (woman screaming) (woman shrieking) MEGAN: Dad? Daddy? Dad? You came back! You did it again, didn't you? It's okay.
He was the one who killed you.
That doesn't make it right, Megan.
I just wanted to be with you.
You can't.
Our time together is over.
It's your mother who needs you now.
No, I want You have someone in life.
As long as she's alive, you can't come to me anymore.
You found out what happened? Some guy drowned in the car wash.
Ah, thank you.
Do you think it could've been Megan? If Brock came back to me, he could come back to her.
She's using the box so they can spend more time together.
Where would they go? No idea, but Helen would know.
Come on, we've got to get back.
(door closes) Where have you been? What do you care? (Jack-in-the-Box playing) Megan, what are you doing? BROCK: Megan! Megan.
(music slows to a stop) Oh, my God.
What are you doing? She's a drunk.
Don't do it, Megan.
Stop hurting people! Put it down.
She doesn't care about me anymore! That's not true! I know this is hard for you.
It's hard for all of us, but you can't give up.
You can't give in to it! I want to be with you! Love your mother like you loved me.
Do that and I'll always be here.
Believe me.
Brock! No, Daddy.
I'm going to be with you.
I'm going to be with you again.
Megan? Helen? Micki, did you just see Megan? What? Did you see her? What's wrong? Micki, Brock, Brock came back.
I, I think she's gone to join him.
Where? The pool.
Come on.
What are you doing? If you can't come back and see me, then I'll come and be with you.
Megan, no! BROCK: Please! (Jack-in-the-Box playing) You can't do this.
I don't want to be alone.
You have your mother.
She drinks all the time.
(music stops) She loves you.
No, she doesn't.
She does.
I know she does.
And you love her.
I'm going to be with you.
BROCK: Megan, for God's sake, no! (music stops) (music resumes) JOHNNY: It's locked.
HELEN: This way! (music playing) Stop! Please, stop.
HELEN: This way! HELEN: Oh, God! JOHNNY: Jack, she's got the box! HELEN: Open the door! Megan, please! Let them help you.
Let me in! BROCK: Give her a chance.
She needs you now.
Let me just talk to you, please! (sobbing): Honey, open the door! Let us in! JOHNNY: Get out of the way! (music stops) (Helen panting) (quiet sobs) It's okay, baby.
I'm here.
It's okay, I'm here.
Shh, shh, shh, I'm here.
(sobbing) Got it? Yeah.
All right.
JOHNNY: Watch your head.
(Johnny grunting) Whew! Hey, how's Helen? Great.
She and Megan are going to the country for a few days.
That sounds like a good idea.
A change of scenery can work wonders.
I hope you're right.
Oh, Micki, they'll be fine.
You'll see.
Grief is one of the hardest things that any of us has to deal with.
It takes all the courage and faith that we can find.
Well, the most important thing is that Helen and Megan will discover how much they can help each other.
MEGAN: You came back.
I knew you'd come back.
(Jack-in-the Box playing) BROCK: I want you to throw it away, before you get hurt.
MEGAN: Come on, let's go see Daddy.
BROCK: We'll be together one day.
I promise.
Until then, you have your own life to live.
MEGAN: I just wanted to be with you.