From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


Woman: Since time began, we have lived in the shadows of the moon and the blood of the earth.
Today we will rise, and the world will be ours, beyond dark and light, beyond fire and water, beyond dusk and dawn.
[Thunder crashing] [Thunder continues] In ye tlapoyahuac, in oc tlachipahuaz.
Aah! Aah! [Snakes hissing] Aah! [Hissing continues] Aah! Aah! Holy water? We got to do that whole holy-water business? How does that shit work? The priest takes the water, blesses the water, the water becomes holy.
I mean How does the ritual work? Uh, do I pour it over its head? I mean How the I hell should I know? It's my first time, too.
Well, what's your answer yes or no? No.
I don't believe in that voodoo shit.
It's not voodoo.
It's a favor to me and Margaret.
[Sighs] I'll think about it.
You keep looking at that thing like it's a damn holy book.
We're supposed to be finding these sick bastards.
You're a Ranger.
Rangers don't have to look for trouble.
Trouble finds them.
Come on, Earl.
Freddie: I need a real answer yes or no? Let you know after I drain my lizard.
You again.
Me again.
Regular as leaded gasoline.
Well, I'm afraid your place is the only place a man can relieve himself for miles.
I just came over from Nadine's.
I'm afraid your place was the first stop.
I thought you liked Nadine's.
She's got her boy Bubba cookin' the grill today.
I don't think that boy washes them beans very good before he cooks 'em.
Get me a bottle of hooch.
Is something wrong, Earl? Probably nothin'.
Sometimes you just get up, and you just know it's gonna be one of them days.
Open your eyes and you look and nothing but bad road.
Afraid I don't know what you mean.
Has anybody strange come by here today? Seeing how I'm stuck between no place and nowhere, the only folks come in here are the a strange ones.
I'm looking for a couple of brothers.
Name of Gecko.
Tripped an alarm over at a bank in Abilene, killed four Rangers, two police officers, took a lady bank teller hostage.
Now they're running for cover like scared jackrabbits in the desert.
Well no rabbits, no Geckos.
Just truckers and road hogs just looking for a pint and a pinch, you know? Fair enough.
I'm gonna leave you a deposit in your overnight drawer.
All right.
Have at it.
I'll get your receipt ready for you when you step out of the vault.
Thank you kindly.
[Toilet flushes] [Sighs] [Water running] 237 days.
Count 'em.
[Paper towel rustles] All right.
I guess I'll be on my way.
You didn't make a mess in there, did you? 'Cause I ain't got no time to clean up a crime scene.
I left you a few clues.
Uh Are you sure you didn't see anybody today? 'Cause I just found this - Jesus! - [Gunshot] [Body thuds] [Breathing heavily] [Clock ticking] [Sighs] [Bed creaks] [Sighs] [Sighs] To do what it takes in this here occupation, you can't have no ties.
It's all-consuming.
It eats you alive.
Back when I was about your age, I did a stint in Austin where I could only come home on the weekends for for a couple of years, see my daughter before she went off to boarding school.
Well, it was supposed to be every other weekend.
It didn't quite work out that way.
It never was a full weekend.
It was always just one day.
I added it up.
In that year, I saw my daughter 24 days.
24 days.
That's not a lot.
Total amount of time that I spent with my daughter before she shipped off was 30, 35 days.
Drive yourself crazy thinking like that.
You know what makes me crazy? I counted up the good weather days I got left.
I'm 59, and by the time I'm 80, it came out to 237 good weather days.
- Mm-hmm.
- 237? That's right.
The numbers will drive you crazy.
Are you gonna baptize my kid or not? No.
You're telling me no? Not just telling you.
I'm telling your wife.
I'm telling your baby.
Time is precious, Frederico.
Not just mine, yours and the baby's.
You see your mama? Yeah.
How often you see her? Every birthday, every Thanksgiving, every other Christmas.
How old is she? You want to know how many days you're gonna see her before she's 80? Wait.
That's not a lot, huh? Okay, you're freaking me out.
You can't have a wife.
You can't have a kid.
No ties.
But if you're gonna do it, then do this spend the time.
You add it up, you see how you're spending your life from sunup to sundown, and you make the most of that time.
'Cause it fleets.
[Engine turns over] Woman: Claimed the life of four Texas Rangers, two police officers, and are believed to have taken a hostage.
Authorities report that it's the notorious Gecko brothers who robbed a bank in Abilene just after their breakout from a Kansas State courthouse.
The search for these criminals now stretches to Texas, where a multi-agency task force is being created to establish a dragnet to snare the brothers.
Sources close to the investigation report - the Geckos made off with $30 million - [Tires screech] a sum easily generated from the oil activity in the region.
- [Engine shuts off] - You think I'm crazy.
That's not what I'm saying.
Then you think I'm stupid.
Richie, you're not hearing me.
I hear you just fine.
You think that I can't get us out of this situation, like I'm some kind of amateur.
- I brought you into the profession.
- Okay, look, will you just shut up for three seconds, please? We have a situation here.
We need to think this through.
- You got us into this situation.
- Oh, I did? You're the one with the trigger finger that's got half the state of Texas looking for us.
- Kansas isn't far behind.
- Hm.
Well, let's just turn ourselves over to the authorities, then, Seth.
- Let's just bend on over.
- [Sighs] 'Cause apparently that's how we operate now.
They teach you that in prison? Okay, listen to me.
All right? We are going to go walk into this store, pick up some provisions, and chill out until we get to Mexico, low profile.
So, please do not talk to me about side roads or safe houses, or your bucktoothed buddies that are gonna hide us, because they are not.
They'd probably make more money turning us over to the authorities than we'd ever pay them in return.
It's just you and me now.
We are it, all right? And, hey, brother that is a beautiful thing.
We did it.
We made history, you son of a bitch.
The Gecko brothers are back.
Now, come on.
Let's get some, uh, snacks.
Drinks for the road.
Some of those little sour worm things you like.
- I don't like sour worms anymore.
- What? Sugar clouds my thinking.
Well, get whatever you want.
You're a rich son of a bitch.
$30 million richer.
You mean $20 million.
We have to give 30% to Carlos, don't we? That's money well spent.
Trust me.
Do I need a key? No.
[Door opens] [Sighs] [Breathing deeply] [Gun cocks] [Gasps] [Sighs] [Exhales sharply] Nice hair.
No, really.
You've got great hair.
Well, I don't even do anything to it.
In fact, I haven't even washed it in two days.
[Chuckles] That's the best part.
The dirt and the oils give it extra body.
So I hear.
Could I get you something to drink? No.
I got it.
It's funny.
All these drinks have funny names.
Beast, demon drink, lizard water.
Whatever happened to the simple days? You know, R.
Cola was a fancy name back in my day, you know? Do you remember that drink jolt? That was a great drink.
[Smacks lips] I wish they still made that.
I'm only 21.
What's your name? Jessie.
Like Jesse James? I don't know.
Does she spell it with an I-E? Tell you what I'd like to drink.
Well? How the hell's she spell it? Don't you hate it when the refrigerator door gets all fogged up, and then you have to wait until the, uh, what do you call it Fog clears up? Why not just open the door again? 'Cause you let all the cold air out.
You're crazy.
[Chuckles nervously] Don't call me that.
[Scoffs] Geez.
I'm sorry.
I mean, you don't even know me.
I'm gonna go buy my drink now.
21 is pretty young to be a goddamn psychiatrist.
What is that, four years in medical school, another five years of residency? [Scoffs] You Doogie Howser or somethin'? You shouldn't call people stuff! You know?! It's rude! Hey, are you still going to your AA meetings, Pete? Are you still calling yourself an "dancer," Libby? I am a dancer.
Something wrong? - What's going on back there, Jess? - That guy's a freak.
- Who? - That guy.
He practically drooled all over me.
We get a lot of strange ones in here off the road.
What are you doing in a liquor store anyway? Listen, I'm telling you something, and you're not listening to me.
That guy is all messed up back there.
Okay, then.
Just give me your money and get on your way.
That's all I want from you anyway a buck-fifty.
Hey, what do you do with all those skin mags, Pete? You don't jerk off when nobody's around, do ya? Thanks, Pete.
Keep your hands out of your pockets, Pete.
He's fine.
He's gonna be fine.
Just get him to Mexico.
[Suspenseful music plays] Start the car.
Start the car.
Why, Richie? These bitches spotted me.
They said they knew who I was - and that they'd kill me.
- [Breathes shakily] We didn't say anything! We don't care who you are or what you've done.
I said shut your mouth.
She knows, Seth.
She was gonna rat on us as soon as we drove off.
Is this true? Of course it's true.
I just told you.
I'm talking to the little lady in the pink.
Are you wearing pink? - No.
- Then shut up.
Do you know who we are? Is my brother telling the truth? No! I swear! I'm Seth.
This is my brother Richie.
I just got out of prison, and Richie here busted me out.
And apparently, he can't wait to screw up more shit than he already has.
Which might include you unless you keep your mouth zipped up tight.
- Do you understand? - [Whimpers] [Vehicle approaches] Someone's coming.
Texas Ranger.
This is your moment in the spotlight, friend.
Oscar time.
Do you know what we're going to do to these lovely ladies if you do not perform? Just just leave 'em be, all right? You twitch funny, and beauty queen here - gets her face blown clean off.
- [Whimpering] Now, whoever this cowpoke is, get him out of here.
Freddie: Come on, Earl.
I need a real answer yes or no? McGraw: Let you know after I drain my lizard.
Pete: You again.
McGraw: Yep.
Me again.
Regular as leaded gasoline.
Well, yours is the only place a man can relieve himself for miles.
I just came over from Nadine's.
I'm gonna leave a deposit in your overnight drawer.
Pete: Have at it.
I'll get your receipt all ready for you when you step out of the vault.
Thank you kindly.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Are you looking to redecorate this place - in shades of red? - I'm doing what you want.
He's squatting on the throne, when he should be moseying on down the road to the next filling station, where the inbred clerk doesn't have a gun - pointed at his left nut.
- [Breathing heavily] Look, he'd see right through that, okay? Son of a bitch put my brother in the pen.
I got to play nice, or he'll know I'm steering him sour.
Get him gone, or everybody in this place will be saying their last words to the goddamn beer posters on the ceiling.
He said something about a receipt.
What did you say about the vault? W what? You said "I'll have your receipt all ready for you when you step out of the vault.
" Are you trying to tip him off? He's taking a shit! It's a figure of speech! Oh, it's a figure of speech.
Well, here's one for you you say one more thing that sounds like a code, and you're a noun with no goddamn verb, - period.
- [Toilet flushes] All right.
Now, everybody be cool.
You be cool.
[Indistinct whispering] [Wind howling] Damn it.
[Car door closes] That lawman is sellin' you out.
I'll be on my way.
Pete: You didn't make a mess in there, did you? 'Cause I ain't got no time to clean up a crime scene.
I left you a few clues.
McGraw: Uh Are you sure you didn't see anybody today? - 'Cause I just found - Jesus! [Gunshot] Whoa! Hey! Hey! Texas Ranger! [Gunshot] What the hell did you do? He said "crime scene.
" It's a figure of speech! Stop! What are you doing?! [Gunfire] Texas Rangers! Surrender and nobody gets hurt! Afraid somebody's already hurt, sheriff.
Your partner's on the floor.
That's you in about five seconds if you don't put your weapon down.
I don't think so.
Let me ask you a question, huh? You got a wife and kids, people that love you that are gonna hate seeing you all stitched together like a sock puppet in the local morgue? Then why don't you put that weapon down and come on out from behind there, hero? 'Cause us, we ain't got nothing to lose.
You you got everything to lose.
Why don't we try this again, Ranger.
Put down your gun, let us go, and we'll call it a day.
It's gonna be a long day.
Freddie: Somebody better stop the bleeding! [Coughs] Seth: It'll stop when he's bled out, - unless you're willing to give up.
- You bastard.
[Weakly] The hell are you doing out there, Frederico, letting these assholes push you around? They're not gonna leave any one of us alive.
[Groans] I taught you better than that.
Damn it.
You two lovers better knock it off.
I'd rather change the channel here than listen to your little soap opera.
You let us get in our car and drive away, and maybe, just maybe, gramps here gets to live and fight another day.
I might just decide to stay alive long enough to shoot you in the face, shithead.
Freddie: Me and Earl here are supposed to check in with our supervisors.
If they don't hear his voice in the next 30 minutes, - they're gonna wonder what happened to us.
- Seth: Is that so? Well, I guess we should probably call up headquarters right now and let them know you guys are all hunky-dory, right? I mean, we wouldn't want anybody to worry.
Or maybe we'll just take our chances.
[Gun cocks] [Groans] You ready to give up now? Don't you do it, Frederico.
[Sighs] [Sighs] I know you're trying to mess with my head, and it's not gonna work.
There's nothing wrong with me, and I won't for a second let you make me think that there is.
Are we clear? You play with me again, and I'm gonna play with you.
And you won't understand the meaning of the term until you've been played with by me.
[Both breathing shakily] Where are the girls? They're not going anywhere.
Did you kill them? No, Seth, I did not kill them.
And what are you worried about killing a couple of skirts, anyways? Quick draw here is right.
Nobody gets out of here alive.
Okay, Richard, just go watch your hostages, please.
- I'm telling you.
They wouldn't dare move a muscle.
- Yeah, how do you know? Because I asked 'em not to, and they listened.
Okay, look.
Just keep your eyes on Lone Ranger out there.
As long as he can't get to his car, he can't call for help.
If he could have done it, he would have already.
We can still get out of this thing.
I'm gonna go call Carlos, all right? All right.
That's what I like to hear.
What does it feel like? What does what feel like? Dying.
Your scrawny ass is gonna find out before the day's up.
Talk to me, Earl.
That count the number of good days I got left, I [chuckles] I miscalculated.
You didn't miscalculate.
You're gonna pull through.
Just keep counting.
Keep counting.
- Woman: Señor Gecko? - Yes, I'm holding for Carlos.
Get him on the line now, please.
Carlos is still busy.
I don't care if he's banging the first lady, okay? Get him on the line! Un momento, por favor.
Thank you.
Carlos: Yes? Carlos.
Jesus Christ, man.
I didn't realize you had a secretary.
She's not a secretary, and she hates to be called that.
Are you in Mexico? Uh, about that.
We, um we ran into some complications.
What complications? Well, first, the good news.
We have the bonds.
It just seems unlikely we're going to be able to get them to you.
Now, you said if run into any trouble to give you a call.
Well, we got some.
So, I was thinking maybe you could send somebody to pick 'em up.
Maybe pick us up, too.
We got half the state of Texas looking for us right now.
It's getting hot.
Real hot.
- Would you like me to call you a cab? - No, Carlos.
I was thinking more like a private plane or a chopper, something.
Your outfit can pull that off, right? Where are you? Someplace called, uh, Benny's World o' Liquor.
In some no-name town near McDade, I think.
I know the town.
It's empty.
Many of your rural areas have been depleted by the encroachment of high-volume retailers.
Okay, Carlos, I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about.
All I know is we're out here in the middle of nowhere, okay? There's plenty of runway right in front of me.
Well, I'm afraid all our flights are booked.
Okay, fine.
I'll, um I'll up your take.
All right? Say, uh, 40% of the $30 million.
Now, that's Jesus Christ, that's $13 million, Carlos.
How's that wet your whistle, huh? [Teeth knocking] Carlos? Stay where you are.
I will make arrangements.
Y despues, nos preparamos para el viaje a El Rey.
English, Carlos.
El Rey.
We will get you to El Rey, and you and Richard will finally be at peace.
In the meantime, - trust your brother.
- Trust him? Richie's the reason we're trapped in here in the first place.
Trust him because he sees things you don't.
What does that mean? [Crackling] Carlos? Great.
Pete: [Weakly] I got an idea.
Is that you, Pete? It's me Fred.
I know who you is.
I got a bottle of hooch back here.
Priced at, uh, $46.
It's kind of steep but you catch my meaning? I do.
[Grunts] I can't stand up and get it to you, but I can toss it over the counter.
Well, maybe Earl would like a sip of that hooch.
What do you think, Earl? You thirsty? He does, it's gonna be his last drink.
Now, my brother and I have got what you might want to call a well-coordinated evacuation on the way.
So, I don't want anybody else to die.
- Hey, he shot first.
- Shut up, Richard.
However, I also don't want some unsuspecting motorist to putter by and see a Ranger holding a gun outside everybody's favorite liquor store.
So here's how it's gonna be.
Everybody's gonna live, unless you don't surrender right now.
In which case Earl here buys the farm, and you, Rick, truly become the Lone Ranger.
[Gun cocks] Now, you're not gonna make me count to 3, are ya? 'Cause I can't count that high.
Don't you do it, Frederico.
Don't you do it.
Oh, God damn it.
Sorry, Earl.
- Hungry? - No, thank you, baby.
I got to meet Earl for breakfast.
You know how he loves that diner.
So, are we even gonna talk about this? Yeah.
Talk as much as you want.
I think he's too old.
Baby Earl's stronger than an ox.
Besides, all a godfather's got to to do is lift a little side of this fatback right here.
He's all alone.
I know.
That just means he gets to spend a little more time with her.
[Sniffs] Ooh! She is ripe.
I got to get going.
Baby, I'm not kidding around.
He's the one who's got to raise her if anything happens to us.
- He's got to raise Billy.
- Yeah.
And teach her right and wrong, make sure nothing bad ever happens to her.
That's pretty much what he did for me.
So, who better? All right.
Okay, wait a minute.
We've never had a talk like this before.
Usually a whole lot of back-and-forth, and then you win.
I know how much he loves you.
I guess that means he's gonna love Billy that much more.
Hang in there, Earl.
What the hell'd you do that for? You can't save me or anyone else in here.
I've been thinking.
Well, you better think fast.
These bastards are lookin' to make a quick exit.
I'm gonna try to get them to leave.
The hell you say.
I didn't get shot so these sons of bitches could ride off into the sunset.
Look, I know you're pissed, Earl.
But if I don't get you to a hospital, I'm gonna burn in Ranger hell.
Now, I got a plan.
But we do this my way.
[Sighs] Pete? How we doing? I'm doin'.
And I'm ready to do.
How's the old man doing? He needs medical attention.
Yeah, well, I said you could fix him.
That's all I said you could do.
Well, that's not enough.
You better knock it off, cowboy, or you're gonna die with that look on your face.
He's a handful, isn't he? Excuse me? Your brother over there.
Seems a little off his rocker.
Oh, we're gonna talk about my brother now? He's like my partner here.
He needs medical attention.
Look, if you want to get out of here without something going sideways, you listen to me.
Every law-enforcement officer in the state's got their eyes on every roadway, every street crossing, watching, waiting.
We've already cased your car.
It's burned.
Who says we're taking a car? I don't care if you're taking a hot-air balloon.
Now, what I'm telling you is I can clear you a path.
Take me to my car, and I'll put a Gecko brothers sighting somewhere near El Paso.
Throw 'em off your scent altogether.
And let you send them some kind of a code? This conversation is over.
Look, just let me save this man's life.
You don't want his death on your hands.
That's a mistake.
The only mistake that I've made is stopping my train of thought to listen to this bullshit.
He's gonna kill someone else.
I am.
Back down, Frederico.
Listen to the old man.
Now, I catch you with your mouth open again, and I'm gonna put a bullet in it.
They're spyin' on me.
What? These girls were sent here to spy on me.
You think that I don't know? Richie.
[Snaps fingers] Look at me.
We got really good news.
Carlos is sending somebody.
This Carlos guy he's from Mexico, right? - Yeah, so what? - So how's he gonna get here? He's sending a chopper across the street.
Really? This is a man with a very large operation, all right? - He's got people all around.
- Yeah? So do we these people, still here, alive, and in our way.
What the hell are we doing, Seth? - [Bottles clinking] - Just relax.
- And what? - Have a cold one.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Why wouldn't I be okay? [Cellphone rings] Talk to me.
How soon till we're sprung? Yeah, about that I don't hear any choppers, Carlos.
I can't do it, Seth.
You brought too much heat.
What we did was make us all a hell of a lot of money, okay? Some of which can be yours.
Now, you want it, you're gonna have to come and get it.
No can do, my friend.
The boss shut me down.
Boss? What what boss? I thought you were the boss.
You boys are going to have to meet us at the border.
There's a bar there not far from the checkpoint.
You can't miss it.
[Sighs] Okay, where? McGraw: Frederico You got this, old man.
Hold on.
Tell Ramona I said goodbye, all right? Ramona's been dead two years, Earl.
[Breathing heavily] $46.
02? That's a hell of a high price to pay for a bottle of hooch, isn't it? It'll be worth it.
Frederico, I may never get up off this floor.
You're gonna get off this floor if I have to carry you out myself.
That's a real nice thing that you'll never get to do.
Just like me baptizing your little girl.
If I could the answer would be yes.
You don't have to say that, Earl.
I'm all out of days, Frederico, but you still got yours.
Make 'em good ones.
[Door opens] I will.
[Door slams] You know what you're asking us to do? We have to cross the border, Carlos.
We're never gonna make it.
Carlos: Oh, come on.
We Mexicans do it all the time.
All you got to do is find the, uh, in-between spaces.
I'll see you on the other side, cabrón.
We got to get moving.
- Carlos ain't I comin'.
- Richie: I knew it.
He's your guy.
This is on you.
- Guess we do it the hard way.
- No, hey.
Look at me.
We are not killing any more people today.
You got that? McGraw: Frederico you promise me somethin'.
You kill these bastards, no matter what it takes.
Even if you have to follow them to the gates of hell, you kill them for me.
I swear on my daughter, I will.
Seth: Well, now.
Looks like it's just you, hero.
- We finish what we started.
- Shut up, Richard.
Freddie: Listen.
Listen to me.
I just want to get these girls out of here and Pete some help that's all I want.
You guys can get in your car and you can go.
Hell, you can take my car.
Ain't no one gonna stop you in that.
This is where I draw the line.
We leave this place, we're asking to get caught.
- These people need to die.
- Listen to me.
I am not going to waste my bullets, time, or energy arguing with you about this anymore.
Shut up.
- What? - They were talkin' about it earlier.
It's the price of a really nice bottle of hooch.
Actually, it refers to section 46.
02 of the Texas state penal code in regards to concealed weapons.
What the hell are you talking about? A person commits an offense if that person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carries on or about him or herself a handgun or illegal knife, especially if said handgun is not registered, and that handgun is used for protection on the premises of a fine establishment such as this one right here.
Can I please just shoot him now? Pete, go! [Gun clicking] [Grunts] [Breathing shallowly] I'll be waiting for you.
Something is coming, Richard.
I'm the only one who can protect you.
From what? [Muffled screaming] [Women grunting] Hey.
[Both breathing heavily] There's something really wrong with your brother.
[Lighter clatters] Richie.
It's me.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, Richie.
Richie, it's me.
Come on.
[Grunts] It's just you and me, buddy.
Come on, man.
We're going to Mexico.
Yeah? Come on.
[Fire crackling] Hey.
Low profile.
We were supposed to be low profile.
I know you know the meaning of that.
Get in the car.
[Sighs] [Engine turns over] [Engine revs] [Gasping] McGraw: You promise me somethin'.
You kill these bastards, no matter what it takes.
Even if you have to follow them to the gates of hell, you kill them for me.
Freddie: I swear on my daughter, I will.