From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Blood Runs Thick

1 It's about time.
I could eat a horse.
Anything? Just a beautiful morning in Texas.
What is this? Those are two chicken tacos.
What? That's what you ordered, right? No, I ordered chicken tinga.
This is chicken mole.
Not to mention, you put pico de gallo on them.
You do realize that mole is the sauce, right? You don't sauce the sauce, Seth, unless you have no taste buds or you fail to apply yourself.
I'm just glad it's not beef jerky and squeeze cheese.
So Five years is a pretty long stretch.
What did you do with all that time, anyway? You know You got to do the time or the time does you.
So I told some stories, heard some stories, played dominos.
You had five years to improve yourself, and you played dominos.
Is that why I risked my ass to bust you out of that prison transfer? This is what I'm talking about, Seth.
You fail to apply yourself.
If it had been me in there, I would have gotten a degree - Really? - Maybe in engineering.
If it had been you in there, you would have got shivved on your first day on account of your piss-poor people skills.
I don't need people skills.
I'm a prodigy.
Oh, really? Really? Because you pissed off everybody in the outfit.
Nobody in K.
will touch you.
Last I heard, you're living in some shack in the woods near Emporia.
I guess that's how a prodigy lives? First of all, who are you hearing that from? That Courtney love that you married for 10 seconds? - Hey! Leave her out of this! - And second of all, do not dismiss the importance of becoming self-sufficient.
Look at the world around you, brother.
It's coming apart.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, doesn't look hunky-dory at all.
Okay, see? That's 'cause you've been trapped in an 8x10 cell.
You can't even turn on the news these days without seeing some new catastrophe - of malthusian proportions.
- Come on.
And the man who cannot build his own shelter or gut his own food is just courting disaster.
What is that? Oh, this? This is my lucky blade.
I won that in a knife-throwing contest.
This is a knife? Huh.
Well, how do you open it? Is there a button? I rest my case.
So, they didn't have any horchata? - Hor-what? - Oh, come on, man.
Delicious agua fresca, - made of rice, cinnamon, and milk? - Oh, Jesus Christ.
Okay, what the hell is it with you and Mexican food all of a sudden? I mean, seriously, do you got some new broad in your life you're not telling me about? Is her name Carmen? Does she run a burrito truck? What? Seth, all I'm saying is that you need to apply yourself.
Apply myself.
Well, I'm about to apply my fist to your goddamn face, okay? Eat your food.
Just because I live in the woods doesn't mean that I can't plan a job anymore.
You should have let me plan this one.
Richard, listen to me.
Now, it is a beautiful day in the Lone Star State.
So, why don't we just celebrate my freedom and the undeniable fact that history is being made right here, right now? The Gecko brothers ride again.
- You got your balls on? - Screwed on tight.
Any son of a bitch messes with you You got my back.
Here's to getting rich and fat.
And dying in the arms of a beautiful woman.
Good morning, sweetheart.
And now, on a serious note, folks, the department of public safety has just put out an advisory for two men reportedly behind a violent bank robbery in Abilene this morning.
They're looking for two males, late 20s, wearing dark-blue suits, believed to be armed and dangerous.
Oh, come, angel band come and around me stand oh, bear me away on your snowy white wings to my immortal home Guess I should have used some of that collection money for singing lessons.
I don't think the congregation could stand it, Daddy.
So, have you decided yet? Are we going to the beach? Well, I don't likely know, Katie-Kakes.
Why, do you want to go to a beach? What else is there to do in Mexico? Well, I'm sure there's lots to do there.
They do have beaches, but they also got mountains and deserts and ruins.
So, which one are we going to? Wherever the wind takes us.
Come on.
Sing with me.
I am weak but thou art strong Yeah, right.
No, thanks.
Jesus, keep me from all wrong I'll be Who's that? Nobody.
Is that that Winthorp boy from church? His name is Kyle.
And he just wants to know when we're gonna be back.
Kyle can wait.
As a matter of fact, waiting is a fine skill for him to acquire.
Ha, ha.
Very funny.
Daddy This whole thing, it's all so sudden, don't you think? Well, I prefer spontaneous.
We're not gonna be gone too long, right? I mean, we got school.
Well, you and your brother are both exceptional students.
So you'll catch up, or you'll go back to homeschooling.
You're kidding me, right? It's my senior year, Dad.
I have homecoming and and friends and I have a life.
You certainly do, with me and your brother, right here on this R.
Good lord.
Light a match! Only gonna get worse.
And by the time we get to Mexico, this thing is gonna be running on a whole different kind of gas.
You're disgusting.
I'm awesome.
Like these guys the sacred one, the hurricane.
Can you even read that? I like the pictures.
You know that stuff is rigged, right? Yeah, but the rules are, like, way looser down there.
Also, the more of a freak you are, the more popular you become.
Well, then you're gonna fit right in.
Give me that! Give it back! "Psalm 46:1.
" Ah, man.
Give it back to me, please.
You're like a classic Freudian test case, you know that? Preacher's daughter in love with a boy who texts Bible quotes.
You write stupid Elvish poems.
And you're basically dating Dad.
Gross! Remind me again why Mom and Dad walked halfway across China to adopt you.
Hey, what's going on back there? Uh, Bible study, Dad.
So, has he told you where we're going yet? Nope.
Don't you want to know? Not really.
But this whole trip is totally schizo.
'Cause you've been so normal since Mom died, right? It's been just six months.
People get weird when someone dies.
Weird like cutting your hair off or getting drunk and stuff, not buying a junky R.
, kidnapping your kids, and running to Mexico.
All right.
We're not running.
And he didn't kidnap us.
He just needs a break.
- So cool! - Scott.
Uh, I think I hear a fire truck coming.
Well, we best get out of their way.
This is Texas Ranger Freddie Gonzalez.
I've got a ranger down, a 10-70, at Benny's world of liquor on 83.
It's Earl.
Earl McGraw.
Requesting emergency backup and roadblocks at all points due south.
Suspects are Abilene bank robbers Seth and Richie Gecko.
They're driving a black 1960s late-model Mercury Cougar.
I'm 10-80 right now.
Texas Ranger! Move over! - Are you crazy?! - Move over! All right, let's move! All right.
Damn it.
Get back in your cars.
They already passed you.
- How many cruisers you got? - Just the two right now.
Block up the 67 intersection.
Radio ahead to get someone at the 153 and 158 junctions.
On it.
Let's get these moved.
Get me my six as soon as you can.
What happened back there? Who we chasing? Monsters.
That liquor store had to be one of our top-10 best exits ever.
Maybe even top five.
The way that booze caught on fire, it was like bananas flambé.
Even topped the bank.
That liquor store was supposed to be a quick piss stop, not a goddamn Lee Marvin moment.
And we're heading straight for the border.
We got to get to El Rey before the cops get organized.
You keep talking about that place like it's the shit.
Well, that's 'cause it is.
El Rey means the king, which is how we're gonna live.
If we ever make it there.
The border's still an hour and a half away.
By the time we get there, it'll be swarming with badges.
Well, then, what do you suggest, Einstein? Lay low, ditch the heat, let the heat die down.
There is no dying down.
You just jacked it up to high when you turned that place into "The Wild Bunch.
" Lee Marvin wasn't in "The Wild Bunch.
" It was William Holden.
And every job has its necessary casualties.
No, Richard.
There was nothing necessary about what happened back there.
There was nothing necessary about what happened in Abilene, either.
What happened to you in that bank? You know, whenever I heard stories in the clink about you losing your edge, living out in the woods like grizzly Adams, I never really believed them.
Nah, no way.
My brother's not really a whack job.
- Don't call me that.
- Are you on drugs? - What? - You heard me.
What, are you tweaking? PCP? Dope? What? You know I don't go for that shit.
Then what the hell is going on with you? You were supposed to crack the vault, but you had to step away.
Why? You used to be razor sharp.
That's why you were so good with the blade.
You know, it's funny that you should mention that.
Where the hell is my knife? - I got rid of it.
- You did what?! I want it back.
Well, it's gone.
I swear to God, I couldn't tell if you wanted to rape those tellers or cut them to pieces.
Come to me.
Something's coming.
Something's coming? What? What are you talking about? Something bad, and you and the rest are just a bunch of sheep sleepwalking to the slaughter.
Richie? Richie.
Ah, shit.
You hear it, too? It's the girl The bank teller.
Remember? Where are you now? I don't know.
Somewhere on 83.
He won't tell us where we're going, Kyle.
He keeps acting like we're on vacation, but he packed all of our stuff.
It doesn't matter.
I'm coming for you.
Proverbs 3:15.
"She is more precious than jewels.
And nothing you desire can compare with her.
" You're crazy, Kyle Winthorp.
Crazy about you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll call you back, all right? Home Dad, where's your wedding ring? Oh, I, uh I pawned it to pay for the winnebago.
- You pawned your wedding ring?! - Yep.
And Danny Green gave me top dollar for it, too.
I thought about it long and hard, believe you and me, but I remember what your mother said.
"If I ever go before you do, don't sit around moping about me.
" So, you see, Kate, she would have wanted us to do this.
In a way, this is her gift to us.
Gives us a chance to explore and maybe find our way home again.
Daddy, I'm sorry.
I guess I'll never really know what it was like for you that night, and I understand you not wanting to talk about it.
I already told you what happened.
My brakes needed replacing, and I was coming around that bend off Montgomery, - and I saw a deer and I swerved and - No, that's that's not what I meant.
I meant about your feelings, about how you felt.
About what you and Mom were talking about and why you were out that night.
Well, I don't see why that matters.
Well, it matters to me.
Look, I know you like to grieve like you're alone on an island sometimes, but you're not.
We're here, too, and we have a right to know.
What the frack, Dad? Okay.
This is the last time I'm gonna say this.
I've told you both all I care to say about that night.
Now, the subject is closed.
Nothing good is gonna come out of dwelling on it.
Now, we're going on this trip, and we're moving on with our lives.
Is that clear? You're right, Dad.
I won't ask any more questions.
I'll take it from here.
Y'all okay? Look, I know you must have been scared, but did you happen to hear where they were headed? I didn't hear nothing.
That's not totally true.
You've got to forgive my friend, sir.
She's still all weirded out from the way that freak was messing with us.
I just need to know if they said anything before we got there, anything about their plans.
Seth, the normal one, he kept going into the back to talk to some guy named Carlos.
- Y'all happen to catch a last name? - No, sir.
But he seemed to be the one planning it all.
The other one, Richie, he was just psychotic.
The freak drew on us with a marker.
Hold tight.
Under the circumstances, you did the best you could, Gonzalez.
I have reason to believe that the older of the two, Richie, he's the cartel killer we've been after.
Now, hold on.
A second ago, they were just bank robbers.
He drew the same symbol we found at those crimes on those two witnesses here.
That can't be a coincidence.
If I can just get a small detail - and some extra resources - There ain't gonna be no details, - no resources.
- Sir! Sir! Come on, son.
You know I have to take you off of this.
It's protocol.
There's a reason we got protocols, rules.
Not just to protect us from others, but to protect us from ourselves.
That's not what Earl taught me.
Earl ain't here anymore.
Now, I know it hurts.
But trust me We are gonna get those sons of bitches.
But right now, you need to stand down.
Go and be with your family.
Can you do that for me? Yes, sir.
We're never gonna make it across the border if she's back there making all that racket.
Yeah, this wouldn't even be a problem if you hadn't have brought her.
If I hadn't have brought her, we would both be pink mist on the side of that bank in Abilene.
We do not take hostages for a reason.
It gets messy, like Tucson.
- That was Tacoma.
- Whatever! We should have just left her at the door.
But for some reason, you had to bring her along.
Nothing happened at that bank.
Then why did you bring her to the bathroom? 'Cause I had to piss, all right? You and your goddamn rice milk.
You came out of that john looking like Jack fucking Torrance.
I want my knife back.
Something happened in that bank, something that got you killing, and you haven't stopped since.
You can't trust him.
Now, you said something's coming? What's coming, Richard? What does that mean? Get rid of him.
You want me to kill him? Kill who? Jesus, Richie, who are you talking to? Richie.
- Stop the car.
- What? - No.
I'm not.
- Do it now! Oh, my God, Monica.
You are a treasure.
Yes, yes.
Morning, Violet.
Morning, Irma.
All right.
Happy payday, people.
There you go.
For you.
Always a happy day.
iBuenos días, Abelardo! Buenos.
Aren't you on vacation? Yeah, tomorrow.
Ah, you and Leandro must be, uh, really psyched.
You know, a whole week alone in Hawaii? Huh? Except you're not.
I am, it's just things aren't great.
Ain't that why you go on vacation? Oh, my God.
My daughter's phone.
She must have left it in here yesterday when she borrowed my jacket.
I'm telling you, Abe.
I may seem like I have it together here, but the rest of my life's iválgame dios! Between a daughter who thinks she owns my wardrobe and a son who wants a rifle and a husband who just got laid off, work is vacation.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Monica, I didn't get my paycheck.
You're gonna earn it today.
Surveillance drives.
You got something to say to me? Okay, listen up.
Now, we are here to unburden your vault of $30 million in bearer bonds that I have it on very good authority you received last night bound for oil companies in the area.
We're just gonna go ahead and redistribute that wealth in our general direction.
You people be nice about it, nobody gets hurt.
Nobody gets hurt? Lock the door.
Bring the guard.
Come on.
Very good.
Where's your cellphone, sister? In my purse over there.
- Did you pat down the women? - I did.
I always pat down the women.
- Relax.
I was a perfect gentleman.
- Are you sure? 'Cause I've seen what time in the slammer can do to a man's proclivities, and we're not deviants, Seth.
- Hmm.
- We're bank robbers.
Will you please go bust the back door so we can have an easy exit? Well, I'll be damned.
Now, there's always a choice.
You can choose right now to have this be a quaint little story you tell your friends at parties to help you get laid or end up permanently disfigured like your friend here.
Now, lucky for you all, I did my homework, and all I need right now is the vault combo.
I take it you're Mr.
Milburn? You got to be shitting me.
What the hell are you doing? It's horchata, man.
I found it in the kitchen.
Did you bust the back door? Yeah, let's hit the vault.
We can't.
You cold-cocked the guy with the combo.
All right, now plan "B.
" Check the usual Richie.
Richie, pay attention.
She's the one.
Take her.
No! Please! Aah! Hey, hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - Richie! - One of these ladies knows it.
Richie, listen to me.
Stop! I know the combo! I'll give it to you, but you got to You got to promise not to hurt anybody! Hey, you stupid shit! You could've killed us! Hey, I'm talking to you.
Don't you walk away from me! Goddamn whack job.
I'm not crazy.
Oh, so that's how it's gonna be, huh? You gonna kill me, Richie? Like you were gonna kill that teller? They were right.
You really did go soft while I was in Oh! F Hey, I'm not done with you yet! Okay, who's hungry? Come on, let's get something to eat.
You want anything? I ain't hungry.
Suit yourself.
We're at some place called Bob's Brisket off 83.
You on your way? I'll take this seat.
There's some woods behind it.
Looks like there's a service road.
I'll meet you back there.
That's pretty good.
Hand me that sauce.
Hey, it's me again.
You call a lot, guero.
Yeah, well, I still got 10 million reasons for you to answer.
- What happened now? - Richie happened.
I probably shouldn't be saying this, but Something ain't right with him.
- He is fine, Seth.
- Yeah, you keep saying that.
You keep telling me that I'm supposed to trust him, but you're not here.
Listen to me, Seth.
I didn't front you for this job.
I fronted los hermanos Gecko.
And it's a package deal.
You got that? Well, then help us get across.
Or guess what.
Neither you nor I nor him will ever enjoy any of this money.
- Do you understand what I'm saying? - Chale.
I'm working on it.
Now, wait a second, d I ran out of gas.
Hop in.
So, uh So how far are you going? As far as you'll take me.
I can get you to Bob's Brisket, about 10 miles down the road.
Oh, for a midday repast? I don't know what that is, sir, but I'm fixing to get my girl back.
Are you a religious man? Yes, sir, I am.
Jesus Christ is the one, true God.
Where I come from, there's many.
The soul chooses its God.
And it's what it does in its service that gives that soul its flavor.
- Flavor? - Oh, yes.
You never heard of that? Souls are like popsicles.
Some are sweet, some are bitter, some are strong, and some are weak.
There's a whole rainbow of kinds.
Might as well come in a variety pack.
Yeah, cherry-lime, peach-mango, banana-strawberry.
What flavor are you, Kyle? Say what? Cherry-lime.
- You said you knew the combo.
- I I swear that's right.
- At least I it was last night.
- What do you mean, "last night"? There's a chance Mr.
Milburn may have changed it this morning.
What do you mean, "changed it"? What is this, a, uh, Lando 190? Got 6 wheels, o-99 dial, 10 to 20 contact area Nothing to sneer at.
You're wasting your time.
Ah, you don't know Richie.
This one time, we pulled a job on this rock star in New York, right? He shall remain nameless for statute-of-limitations reasons.
Anyway, the safe was in Mick's studio, right? The guy has, like, an entire floor on park Avenue.
Well, he's in there 24/7, like, cutting tracks or whatever the hell he does.
And he basically only ever leaves to go bang his girlfriend in the next room, all right? So Richie sneaks inside in this giant-ass amp box, right? - Shh! - Sorry, buddy.
After, like, six hours, the dude finally leaves to go bang his girlfriend.
Set me free.
Set me free.
Turns out, the safe is on the other side of the wall from Mick's California king.
This chick is loud.
All right? I'm talking rock-'n'-roll stuff.
It's nuts.
And obviously, Richie here I mean, he needs quiet, right? He starts timing his work to their rhythm.
Set me free.
We make off with a deuce and a half in watches.
So, don't judge before you know.
Set me free.
Set me free.
Richie, are you okay? I can't work like this.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
It's my bad.
Just Just relax.
Don't talk to me like I'm a child.
Okay, we're cool.
I brought the drill just in case, all right? Now, go find some of that rice milk, take her back to the hostages, and just chill out.
I can crack a safe.
I can plan a job.
Please don't hurt me.
- You're right, you know.
- Shut up.
Cut her.
It's like he doesn't trust you.
If you know what's good for you, you'll shut your mouth right now.
Are you sure you can trust him? Cut her.
Cut her.
Please, no.
I have a family.
Set me free.
You want me to set you free? Please, I have a son and a daughter.
It's all right.
Do it.
- What did you do? - Me?! Give me that.
Shit! Well, lucky for us you busted the back door.
You didn't bust the back door.
Come out with your hands up! She knows.
Open it.
I know you can.
I'd rather watch you burn.
How the hell did you do that? Got your balls on? Screwed on tight.
Richie! Put that thing down! Why the hell would you pick that up? I thought she wanted me to.
She? What's happening to me? We'll stop.
All right? We'll stop, we'll, uh, we'll ditch the car, we'll get rid of the teller.
And whatever's going on with you We'll fix it.
Okay? Now, put down the goddamn dog, and I'll get you one of those kahuna burgers you like.
Hey, you all right? What's all this? That's the last bank footage they got uploaded before they shot the drive.
I think one of these guys is the cartel killer I've been after.
You've been after? Baby, I'm trying to get a lead here before these guys disappear into Mexico.
Half the state of Texas is sniffing them out.
What are you gonna do sticking your nose in? I'll do plenty.
That's what I'm trained to do.
Trained by the best.
Baby, I know you're all torn up about this.
But I worry about you going out there seeing red.
You're gonna get yourself hurt.
What? 512 days.
That's how long I spent with Earl.
And that's just since we've been partners.
Hell, I've known that man since little league.
He got me my first pair of cleats.
I spent more time with that man than anyone.
Including his family.
What about your family? Okay.
Oh, I know.
Come here.
You know, your daddy can be a little thickheaded.
I love you and your mama more than anything in this world, but I made a promise to Earl.
Now, that don't look right, does it, sweetie? Says here Abilene P.
found all the employee cellphones.
So whose phone is that she's holding? With a cute, little, pink, bunny case.
I thought you grabbed all the phones.
I did.
Garza? Well, if it ain't Tonto.
Where is she, you son of a bitch? She's a little tied up at the moment.
Let me make this real simple You touch her, I will personally make sure you spend so much time in the hole, your own brother won't recognize you when you get out.
Well, you got to catch me first.
What are you thinking? Did you get that, Tony? - Got it.
- Yes! Ferdinand? I'm making pot roast.
I'll be home for dinner.
Kate, come back! Where are you, Katie-Kates? Kate, w what are you doing? Kate, what the hell? You were gonna leave me, too? What's going on here? She texted him.
I saw her.
Sorry you had to drive all the way out here, son.
I do appreciate your concern for my daughter.
This is a family matter.
It's none of your business.
With all due respect, Kate made it my business.
She's downright scared the way you just packed her up and took her out of her life like that.
Now, listen, I know your family for a long time now from church, and I don't want to have to call them up on account of you giving me any kind of trouble out here.
- Go ahead.
- Daddy, don't you dare.
Call them.
Now, Kyle, you're a good boy.
Don't do anything to betray that.
You're the traitor, reverend.
What kind of man up and abandons his congregation? Abandons it? What's he talking about, Dad? He didn't tell you? I talked to my mom.
He quit the parish for good.
You said it was just a break.
When were you gonna tell us? Soon as the time was right.
But why, Dad? Why would you quit? Answer him.
Answer him, or I swear to God, I will get in Kyle's truck, and I will never look back.
If you're a man of the cloth, be it any cloth, not a day goes by that you don't look in the mirror and wonder, "am I a fraud?" What are you talking about, Dad? A Shepherd can't lead his flock if he's lost the path himself.
Are you saying that you don't believe anymore? I told you, come on.
Let's go now! Let go of her.
Young man, let go of her.
Let go of her, young man! Kyle! Kyle, stop it! Stop it! What are you doing?! What has gotten into you?! Don't let him fool you! He's my dad! I want you to leave.
Now! Fine.
So long.
You and your rice-monkey brother.
No! No! Bunch of freaks.
You deserve each other.
Let's go, kids.
Come on, let's go.
You've done good, cherry-lime.
- Got your balls on? - Screwed on tight.
Don't shoot or I'll kill her! Hey.
Here's to getting rich and fat.
And dying in the arms of a beautiful woman.
That's right.