From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e03 Episode Script


1 (Indistinct shouting) Unh! (Grunts) (Shouting continues) Come on! Ohh! (Grunts) (Shouting continues) You know the best thing about the life we lead is? No.
(Sighs) But I got a feeling you're about to tell me.
Money, of course.
The worst? Well, the price we all have to pay.
To sacrifice our loved ones.
And for what? Richie ain't nothing, and Richie ain't been nothing for a real long time.
I hear he can't even throw a knife no more without cutting himself up.
Must be a mess when he jerks off.
(Grunting) (Indistinct shouting) A life filled with exotic pleasures is nothing - (Seth sighs) - Without peace of mind.
You can have both, Seth, at El Rey.
What is El Rey? Taco stand in Baja? It is south of your border On a Mountain - Mm.
- Near the ocean.
Sounds like paradise.
I don't believe in paradise.
(Indistinct shouting) (Chokes) (Shouting continues) For people like you and Richard, heaven is not having to look over your shoulder.
El Rey offers a safety Anonymity, and protection.
Protection? Yeah.
And this protection is free? 30% of your take.
It was real nice meeting you, Carlito.
- Unh! - One of these days, that retard brother of yours is gonna get you killed.
(Indistinct shouting) Peace of mind Is something your brother needs.
He has not been well, has he? Okay, what do you want from me exactly? The world never gave you anything.
All the world ever did was take.
- So what do you do in return? - Take it back.
That's right.
We take it back.
But this time, we take it back, Seth, and keep it - (Coughs) - For eternity.
(Tires screech) I'm gonna go get us a room.
- (Car door opens) - Be right back.
(Engine shuts off) (Chuckles) Hmm.
(Chuckles) - - (Laughs) - - (Laughter) - (Bone cracks) - Ugh! Aah! Please! No, no, no! - (Flesh tearing) - (Shouts) (Growls, hisses) (Shouting indistinctly) (Cellphone ringing) (Cellphone beeps) I'm in the middle of something, güero.
This is the last time I'm gonna call you.
You want to know why? 'Cause you're gonna tell me where you set up - that border crossing.
- You sound upset.
Things not going as planned? No, Carlito, they are not.
We got half the state of Texas looking for us, and I can't cross the border with a ticking time bomb sitting next to me.
What's the matter with Richard? Look, you got a guy on the border or not? He's at the Acuña crossing.
He'll give you passage tonight.
Wait, tonight? When? 10:00.
Trust me.
Night is better.
Look, I got something I got to take care of before we cross.
Now you just tell me that you're not gonna bail on me.
Because if you bail on me, I'm gonna bail on your Mexican ass.
- You understand that? - Seth.
What? I'm not Mexican.
(Cellphone beeps) (Cellphone beeps) (Shouting indistinctly) (Growls) - (Door closes) - (Sighs) Santanico: Richie.
(Paper crinkling) Goddamn state's bigger than hell.
10:00 tonight we cross, and Miss (Muffled) Monica.
Miss Monica here goes back to her life.
Until then, you are an insurance policy, my dear.
Do you understand? - Good.
- You didn't even try and talk him down? Richard, it's 30% to get into El Rey.
Eternity and bliss drenched in the nectar of the noble blue agave.
- (Gun cocks) - Sounds like a freaking Buñuel movie.
The hell is this? That is a Budd Boetticher picture.
And it's all you're gonna get.
All right, I need thing one and thing two in case I get into a scrape.
You're not going out there.
That's crazy.
Got to ditch and switch, and we got to eat.
I can't do anything with quick draw's shriveled member.
You're not gonna need anything because Miss Monica here is the best damn teller in the west.
She knows all about customer service.
Now, what is the, uh First rule of customer service, Monica? The customer is always right.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Now, you see Me and Richie here, we are your most loyal customers.
And we only want one thing For you to sit there And not move.
Got it? You got it, Richie? Just get me a burger already.
And some, uh, sweet-potato fries.
What a day! Boy, do I feel great! I think I'll go to the mall.
(Singing indistinctly) (Man speaking indistinctly) You stay put.
- Sure, that's a fact! - (Sloop!) (Clanging) (Manic laughter) Kate: This is a bad idea, Daddy.
Scott barely has his learner's.
Scott, keep your eyes on the road.
Katey, why don't you sit back? Use that fancy phone of yours to find us the best place to cross the border.
I've been thinking a lot about what you said back there with Kyle.
It's just that we didn't know that you left the congregation for good or That you stopped believing in God.
I never said that.
(Sighs) Losing your mother's been tough on all of us.
I just feel like we need to spend some time together as a family To do some searching.
That's all.
Maybe find a new path or a new driver.
(Tires screech, car horn honks) - Watch it! - (Gasps) (Sighs) This is a bad idea.
Maybe if she'd shut her hole, I could focus.
Son, a hole is a pit in the ground.
Don't talk to your sister that way or anyone for that matter.
Daddy, all you've told us our entire lives is to trust in God.
I know.
But right now, I need you to trust in the pagan power of technology and please look up that border crossing.
You don't give up on God.
You don't give up on him because he would never ever give up on you.
Kate, I spent my entire adult life serving the lord.
I know exactly what he's capable of.
(Engine backfires, rattling) That That wasn't me.
Oh, this sucks.
Right when I started driving.
What are you doing? - I'm looking for the toolbox.
- (Grunts) It's not in here.
It's not anywhere.
I never bought one.
Maybe they got something.
All right.
You stay in the R.
Go on.
Get inside! (Up-tempo music playing) (Pool balls clatter) Get you something, darlin'? Excuse me, folks! My vehicle decided to quit on me.
I'm no expert, but it appears to be some sort of busted hose.
Welcome to the Big Kahuna Burger.
Would you like to try our special agent Utah meal? Yeah Sir? Americano (Grunts) Americano How come we never did this when we were married? Americano Woody Woodpecker: That's a fact! (Clanging) - Richie: Come on over and sit.
- (Manic laughter) This couch is nice.
You're not safe there.
(Dramatic music plays) (Door creaks) (Up-tempo music playing) Thanks for coming out, Professor.
No problem.
Austin says you've been doing some great things with this cartel-killer case.
Think I might've found them.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's part of the bank-robbery crew Gecko brothers.
Like the James Gang.
There's only two of them.
I wouldn't exactly call that a gang.
Great, so we got that settled.
I've been tracking these guys.
Been finding symbols that might have something to do with these crazy little Gods these cartels like to worship.
- Crazy little Gods? - Okay.
Before we go any further, we're gonna have to set up some ground rules, okay, Sheriff? - I'm not a sheriff.
- Yeah, and I don't spend my days looking at pictures of people with bones through their noses.
These "crazy little Gods" Are my life's work.
If I said something insensitive, I apologize.
What I meant to say was, I'm trailing two murderous thieves that killed eight men Including my mentor.
So, what makes you so certain they're connected to the cartel? A symbol that shows up at every murder.
I found it again today.
(Sighs) Something wrong, Professor? Excuse me, folks! My vehicle just quit on me.
I'm no expert, but it appears to be some sort of busted hose.
Perhaps someone here could help me arrange some sort of jury-rig to keep going - Let him call AAA.
- At least long enough for me to get it to the nearest service station.
Where'd you find this? Off my partner's dead body.
They used it on him.
Think he found it at the scene.
I guess you're the chosen one.
This is an ancient weapon used in ritual sacrifice.
It's been written about.
Never seen.
This should not exist.
So, how is that supposed to help me find these boys? Well, it lets you know who you're dealing with.
This cartel clearly worships the Vision Serpent.
They're the Waxaklahun Ubah Kan, or, in common español, Los Culebras.
- Serpents.
- Yeah.
So, what does that have to do with the eye? Well, the eye-in-hand motif appears in codices going back 3,000 years.
Represents the two most important gifts a God can bequeath on a man The ability to see and the ability to take action.
(Sighs) You can guess what kind of action this was used for.
(Up-tempo music playing) (Zipper unzips) (Snoring) (Breathing heavily) (Snores) (Coughing loudly) (Sighs) (Cymbals clang) (Door slams) (Coughing loudly) (Volume increases) (Remote clatters) Are you okay? (Train horn blaring) (Up-tempo music playing) You know, I'm not just some dipshit triggerman who screams at bank tellers to open their drawers.
I am a scientist, a master tactician.
I am a lock artist.
Oh, I I know.
- I know that.
- And this is what I do.
When something doesn't make sense, this is what I do.
I figure it out.
You know, my my son, he, um he does the same thing.
I I have two kids.
They're 17 and and 7.
My boy, Rafa, I call him my little Aubelito 'cause He's such an old soul.
He complains about the weather.
I mean, w-what kid complains about the weather? He likes to draw, too.
(Pop!) C can I see? (Pop!) (Sighs) (Johann Strauss' "The Blue Danube" playing) (Pop!) (Pop!) (Music continues) You you have a gift.
(Music continues) (Clears throat) (Door closes) - (Clears throat) - (Sighs) I didn't think you'd show up.
- Yeah, we, uh We got a little waylaid.
- We shouldn't be sitting here, okay? You're all over the news.
Are you gonna order something? Yeah, I in a second.
Now, Vanessa, I Where's Richie In the car? No, we're, uh we're laying low in a motel nearby.
Okay, now just Just listen to me, honey.
Um Plan's changed.
- Changed? - Yeah.
Plans don't change.
Isn't that what you always say? No matter what, you stick to the plan.
We meet here, we cross together.
That's how we designed it.
Yes, um But what I failed to mention is that sometimes plans get better.
What's better than you and me on a beach in Cancún? You being alive for one.
What's that? (Sighs) That's how the plan gets better.
All right, now, that's over $4 million in bearer bonds.
All right, now, you're gonna take this to Warren Pritchard at K.
He's gonna convert it for you, then he's gonna wash the money all nice and clean.
Honey, after that, you're gonna be set.
You understand? You're not gonna need a thing.
For me? Yes.
- All of it? - Every cent.
He's not even gonna charge you a fee.
I'm gonna take care of that.
Don't worry about it.
(Sighs) Babe, t that's - Right? - (Laughs) It feels like Vegas in here.
And I can hear the bells dinging.
I feel like one of those obese ladies sliding quarters into a big old plastic cup.
Just me and my fat ass, you know, swallowing up a chair.
- Well - (Inhales deeply) Wow.
- You remember our honeymoon? - Yeah, yeah.
That time I won at Keno at Keno in the Bellagio? - You remember that? - Yes, yes.
It was 4:00 in the morning.
I'll never forget it because this, uh this call girl took the table next to us.
Oh, yeah.
- She had just come down - Uh-huh.
From doing her business upstairs, and she ordered I'll never forget this She ordered a short stack of buttermilks and a black coffee.
(Chuckles) Yeah.
You remember what you said? No, no, I don't.
What did I say? You said, "I guess that's what the whores eat.
" I thought to myself "How must that feel? "How must it feel for her to walk into that cafeteria "and know that everyone there knows "that she sleeps with people for money? "How must it feel when everyone in the room knows that you're a whore.
" I guess I know now.
Vanessa, I swear I am a whore, and I am not your bitch.
You know what I am, Seth? I'm your partner, and you know what partners do? They make plans, and they honor those plans, and they stick to them.
Okay, honey, I know that.
That's not Did you forget that I cased that bank for three weeks? - Yeah.
- That I knew every teller's schedule upside down, inside out? That I knew that they would be stocking that ATM when you pushed your way in? It is not my fault that you and your brother are the most wanted fugitives in the world right now.
That is on you.
Okay, but that is exactly why that we need to cross alone right now.
Do you understand that? I baked you a carrot cake every year with real cream-cheese frosting.
- What? - I lit candles, blew them out.
Honey, I know.
I know you did.
Five times, five years.
You think all that time I was waiting for some money? I was waiting for you.
Because I love you.
(Sighs) - (Winces) - (Water running) (Sighs) You ready? (Sighs) You okay? Bet you don't use Patrón on your kids' scrapes.
The Patrón's for me.
(Chuckles softly) Santanico: She wants to be free.
She wants you.
Go sit down.
Do it now! Richie.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be nervous, baby.
It's just us.
It's just you And your little gordita.
You really want me? That is why you said that, isn't it? I didn't say anything.
Set me free, Richard.
Set me free.
Who are you? Who are you really? I don't know what you're talking about.
(Breathing heavily) Please, I don't know what you want! You're playing some kind of game with me.
You're trying to play a trick on me.
You think that I can't hear your voice inside me head, gordita?! What did you call me? (Breathing heavily) - No, no! - See that?! Games, games, games.
You think that you can seduce me, but you can't.
I didn't say anything! (Screams, crying) That's how I like it.
Santanico: She wants to be free.
She wants you.
(Crying) Why do you got to be such a byotch? I don't know.
Because he's going against everything he's ever believed his entire life? And why do you keep asking Dad about the accident? What do you care? Sometimes you sound like you think it's his fault.
I never said that, Scott.
Scott Okay, I'm sorry.
I don't know how to do this.
- Do what? - Dad is losing it.
He's not in a good place right now.
But we never had to worry about that kind of stuff because Mom always knew how to take care of him and us.
I can't take her place.
I don't know how to be Mom.
Then don't try to be.
If my kids could see me now They don't think I'm that handy.
Yeah, I'll bet the wife don't, either.
She not in the picture? She passed.
Oh, sorry.
See, there I go prying again.
My Shelby, she'd tell me up.
I'm chatting up a complete stranger when I should be minding my own business.
Well, the shape this puppy's in, I think, uh (Sniffs) It's probably best you don't share with your kids precisely how many ways from Sunday you are screwed.
- (Clatter) - (Sighs) Yeah, I'd say this, uh, little adventure you're on might be cut a whole hell of a lot shorter than you think.
(Sighs) Aah! Aah! God damn it.
God damn it! - (Clanging) - God damn it! (Clanging) What is going on out here?! (Breathing heavily) We're just trying to knock something back into place.
It's all right.
Hey, man, this puppy's got to, uh, cool off for a little while.
Why don't we head back inside, man? We'll cool off ourselves, huh? Thank you.
You and Shelby have any kids? Well We're working on it.
I don't know if I'm ready to be honest.
Hang on to her.
It's a team sport.
(Glass thuds) Vanessa: Baby, you need to understand something.
You walk out You're walking out on us.
We pulled a job We pulled a job that net $30 mil.
You know what we could do with that money? We could go get that bar that you always wanted in the keys.
That was stupid.
That place never would've worked.
Like hell it wouldn't.
It's still there, you know.
I checked.
- You checked? - Mm-hmm.
All they want's $1.
5 million.
(Sighs) Baby, we could take this money and go down and snatch it up.
I can't do that to him.
He's my brother.
- Do what? - He's my brother.
Give him $26 million? (Sighs) All right, listen to me.
Okay? There's a there's a reason that Richie was always so good at figuring out jobs and stuff for us, okay? 36 36 jobs we pulled.
Nobody could touch us.
- He's an egghead.
- Yes, he's an egghead, but that's not what I'm talking about.
All right, it's because of the old man.
He used to make Richie think, you know, keep him on his toes.
At first, it started out when we were really young, you know, stupid stuff, just, like, Richie sneaking us past him while he was asleep so we could watch cartoons, you know, stuff like that.
Then the old man would get hammered, knock us around a little bit.
Me especially.
I don't know what it is, but, uh, you know Son of a bitch had it out for me.
I guess I drove him crazy.
- That part I get.
- You see me laughing here? Richie spent a lot of time as a kid figuring out how to keep this guy off of me.
And he was real good at it.
Till one day he didn't have to anymore.
(Sighs) The old man fell asleep on the couch with a frigging lit cigarette in his hand.
Fire burned down the whole house, you know? I was asleep in my room.
Smoke got to me.
I was out.
Richie came in.
He pulled me out, okay? (Scoffs) I mean, why do you think I got this stupid thing? You told me you got drunk in New Orleans.
Well, I did get drunk in New Orleans, but Richie told me never to talk about it, so Richie saved your life.
Now you need to save his.
What if he can't be saved? I just got to get him to El Rey, and he's gonna be fine.
- My neighbor Patty, right - Yeah.
She's an R.
in a mental hospital over in Devore.
Well, I had her over for dinner one night when I could finally get Richie out of his shack in the woods.
She gave him a once-over.
She called it disassociative something or another.
She thinks he hears voices.
Let me get this straight.
You had him head-shrunk? Okay.
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna get up now, get myself and my brother a burger.
- You have a nice life.
- Seth He's not crazy.
(Crying) She was transformed by the serpent God.
Who was? The mistress.
Look, if one or both of these brothers is out there killing for these people, you got to stop thinking like a ranger and start thinking like one of your own.
- One of my own? - (Sighs) Not racially profiling here, ranger Gonzalez.
These are your roots, are they not? I'm from San Anton'.
Oh, so you know about the blood cult The one that asks its faithful to eat the body and drink the blood of its savior.
Oh, I got my wires crossed there.
What's your point? Are you a man of faith? (Mid-tempo music playing) Gonna baptize my daughter, same as I was.
This is not just a cartel.
This is a blood cult.
And the patron Saint, to put it in terms you can understand She's a very, very powerful demi-goddess.
So, who is she? Well, nobody knows her real name.
Just that she was so beautiful, the serpent God had to have her.
(Thunder crashes) He sent his faithful out to collect her and bring her back to sacred ground and sacrifice her.
(Woman screams) They threw her into a pit of snakes.
She was consumed and transformed and became a mistress of the night, a harbinger of the next realm.
So, what does that even mean? It means the killer who uses this He isn't looking for blood.
But trying to see something.
(Monica crying) Trying to see something that people like you and me Can't see.
Santanico: Look and you will see me now.
Set me free.
Come to me.
He's trying to see the other side.
(Muffled shouting) - (Crying) - (Gun cocks) (Crying) Just tell me.
Just tell me, how do you know? How did you know my name?! (Breathing heavily) Gordita.
Only my husband calls me that.
He calls me that during sex! How could you possibly know that?! How did you know?! You're back.
How's that king kamehameha? Is that the one with the pineapple in it? It most certainly is.
I may be biased, but I think it's delicious.
Let me get one of those and two native-style mahalos with sweet-potato fries, please.
Just the sandwich or the tidal wave meal? Tidal wave it.
Oh, uh, you don't, um Do you have any horchata? Yes we do.
It has a little hint of macadamia nut.
Sounds delicious.
Give me two.
- (Cash register beeps) - (Glass shattering) What the fuck?! Jesus, what are you doing?! Maybe if I start acting like a crazy loon, you'll finally give a shit! - (Shouts) - Give me that! Stupid! It was never gonna be you and me! It was always you and Richie! Honey, that's not what Don't even try to sweet-talk me.
You love your brother so much, why don't you go screw him? Look, I'm all he's got, all right?! Now, why can't you understand that?! I'm all he's got! Look, just Just go see Pritchard.
Get your $4 million, okay? Just go.
We could've been good together! We were together.
It wasn't good.
I'm not afraid of you! Stop, please.
(Exhales sharply) Please, we were just role-playing.
What are you talking about? My husband and I, we've been having problems.
We went to see a counselor, (Sighs heavily) and she suggested role-playing.
Then we went to a hotel just just like this one.
He'd be the cop, and I'd be the high-price call girl.
It cost me a fortune at Frederick's.
It was just something he wanted to do 'cause it reminded him of some Burt Reynolds movie that he loves.
I didn't know any of that.
- Yes, but you did! - No, it's just noise, okay?! I hear things inside my head, and sometimes she talks to me! - Who?! - I don't know! But if I listen and if I focus, she can show me things.
I saw you on the bed, okay? I guess I guess you were telling your husband - to call you "gordita.
" - Gordita.
It means chubby, little girl.
Leandro He calls me that 'cause he's He's always loved my curves.
It was "Sharky's Machine.
" What? The movie that your husband likes is called "Sharky's Machine.
" He was Burt.
You were Rachel Ward.
(Inhales sharply) I don't know how you did it, but it's like you saw me.
It's like It's like you saw the real me.
I see too much.
(Mid-tempo music playing) - (Glass thuds) - Daddy? Katey-Kakes? (Sighs) We were letting the engine cool down.
I can help.
Come on.
Oh, this (Slurring) This is my little girl.
She's always looking for the family toolbox - How you doing? - Trying to find ways to fix her old man.
(Chuckles) Go on.
I'll catch up.
(Chuckling) Well.
Aren't you a little young to be hanging out in here? You're a little pistol, aren't you? Now, I mapped out where all the killings happened along the border.
Maybe they'll show us Huh? Where's the knife? - What? - Did you take it? - What? - The knife.
Yeah, you, uh You wanted me to take it.
You wanted me to put it in my bag and take it to the university for some laboratory tests.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- Yeah, you did.
No, I didn't.
You're gonna tell me it belongs in a museum? Belongs to the lords of the night.
Is that some other gang I don't know about? The nine Mayan lords of the night.
They occupy the first realm.
One of them Threw the girl into the pit of snakes.
If I find those assholes, I'll arrest them, too.
(Women whimpering, crying) (Growls) (Hawaiian music playing) (Police radio chatter) Baby, not for nothing, but you best get out of here.
(Music continues) Something is coming.
Night is coming.
Doesn't that come every day? Today is different.
(Heart beating) Santanico: She wants to be free.
She wants you.
It's time.
(Coughs) - (Gun cocks) - (Breathing heavily) - (Grunts) - (Gun clicks, cocks) (Breathing heavily) - (Gun clicks, cocks) - (Crying) (Gun clicks) (Gun cocks, clicks) (Gun cocks, clicks) Freddie: Looks like a pattern to me.
It's a safe zone.
That's sacred ground.
That's precisely in the middle of the cult's ancient lands.
In the middle of that, the border crossing.
I gotcha.
(Southern accent) Hi.
My name's Lila, and I just started working over here at Bethel fidelity insurance office.
We, uh we had a little bit of a computer crash over here.
We got the hearing coming up on the Fuller accident.
That should do it.
(Sighs) (Sighs) (Engine turns over) All right.
See you around.
You have the report on file, right? Well, if you could send that over, that would be just great.
(Screams) Scott: Dad, stop! Dad, what the hell?! You all right? Oh, my God! Kate! Katey, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (Sighs) Think I'm gonna drive.
Freddie: Thanks for your help, Professor.
I got to get going.
I know you're in a hurry.
But I just realized something.
You said the bank robbers - are brothers, right? - That's right.
You know the one about the brothers, don't you? Summoned to the underworld, the place of fear.
It's in the Popol Vuh.
The Mayan Bible.
The brothers journey to the underworld to trick the Gods.
Trick them how? They beat them at their own game.
Richard, it has been a long, hard road.
But our debts are paid.
And we are finally on our way.
(Paper crinkling) Where's the girl? What the hell is she doing in here? What is wrong with you? I worked it out.
I can see now.
I can see.
Can you? And what is this? Because This doesn't look like anything that That I've ever seen, Richard.
Don't "Richard" me.
I'm gonna do a lot worse if you don't stop right now! This is not who we are.
This is not who you are.
Say it! This isn't me.
Say it again.
Say it! It is me.
Do you realize what I have been through to get here? Huh? Do you? (Sighs) It's okay.
This is all gonna be a memory when we get to El Rey.
It's gonna be blue agave Sunshine, and beaches.
Just you and me, buddy.
It's you and me.